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SYBEX Supplemental Material

Icewind Dale: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets

by Chris Avellone

Updates and Corrections

Copyright 2000 SYBEX Inc., 1151 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA 94501. World rights reserved. No part of this publication may be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or reproduced in any way, including but not limited to photocopy, photograph, magnetic or other record, without the prior agreement and written permission of the publisher.


The following is an update for Sybex s Icewind Dale: Official Strategies and Secrets. Most of the material presented here consists of additional strategies that should make your exploration of the frozen north a little easier. Page numbers are inserted to make it easier for you to follow along in the guide. General Comments: First off, be sure to download the Icewind Dale patch. It s just been finalized, and is available on the official Website: www.interplay.com/icewind There were a number of people missed in the Acknowledgements section of the original game manual: ART Jeff McAteer QUALITY ASSURANCE QA Project Supervisor Cory Nelson QA Senior Tester Eric Fong QA Testers Amy Avery Marc Droudian Josh Grant John Hoover Billy Iturzaeta Michael Los Asher Luisi Adam Parker Ismael Quijano Galacio Ramirez

Chapter One: Winter s Call: Getting Started

(Page 15) The cheats were scheduled to go into the patch, so they cannot be found in the release version of the game. Again, be sure to go to www.interplay.com/icewind to download the patch. Please note that some of the game s designers post strategies on the official Website as well, so feel free to refer there for additional tip and tricks.

(Page 9) For Icewind Dale cheat editors, visit the Interplay message boards http://feedback.interplay.com/icewind and do a search for Cheat, Cheats, Editor, or Editors and follow one of the links. There are a number of editors floating around as well as other players who will volunteer to hex edit your characters for you. As always, be careful when you cheat, as hacking certain items or stats may cause problems in the game.

Party Creation
(Page 9) It s a good idea to have one single-classed cleric and one single-classed mage in every party. This allows you the opportunity to use some of the higher level spells at the end of the game, which can make life a lot easier. Fighter/mages make a good multi-class combination because you can pause the game, take your armor off in the middle of a battle, cast a spell, and then put it back on again. Voila! You have a warrior who can spit fireballs when needed.

Try to mix up your characters alignments and races. As you can see from the Items chapter, there are a lot of items that only specific races and characters with certain alignments can use.

Starting the Adventure

(Page 17) Before you start adventuring, go to the Gameplay submenu on the Options screen, and make sure the Maximum Hit Points per Level button is switched on. There is no penalty for this, and if you forget to switch it on now, you ll regret it later. Next, make sure that all the auto-pause features you want are switched on. I find the Detect Traps and Party Member Injured ones to be the most useful.

Leveling Up
(Page 17) After a good rest, it s sometimes a good plan to stick around in areas where monsters respawn. Lingering on the Vale of Shadows main map with the yetis, or in the Myconid Caverns in Upper Dorn s Deep is a great way to level up your characters. Spending a few hours cleaning out these areas again and again can give your characters a nice experience point boost.

(Page 17) If you restart a level and kill boss monsters a second or third time, you ll sometimes notice they don t always have the same type of treasure they carried originally. This is because some monsters in the game (usually bosses) have a random treasure item assigned to them as soon as the level is loaded. If you don t like the item, you can always reload a saved game before you enter the level in question and then try your luck again. A good place to practice this is on the first floor of the Ruined Mill in Kuldahar Pass, where the orc leader s goodies should change with each reload. When selling loot, it will soon become apparent to you which ones will fetch a good price at stores. Axes, shields, and short swords are usually only worth one or two gold pieces, but items like bows and two-handed

swords are worth at least 10 to 15. When choosing which loot to leave and which to take with you, dump the cheap stuff. If you want to sell these smaller items later on, dump them into a container so they won t disappear. Over the course of the game, you ll accumulate a lot of unnecessary potions that should be sold if you re not going to use them. The only exceptions are potions that increase electrical resistance (useful near the endgame, but almost nowhere else), potions of speed (also useful for the endgame, or if your mage doesn t have Haste in his spellbook), and any healing, anti-poison, or anti-disease potions. Your mileage on this may vary, but priest scrolls are almost always worthless. I would typically sell them for cash as soon as I arrived back in town.

Inventory Management
(Page 17) Healing potions, along with others that cure poison and disease, only work when used by the wounded, poisoned, or diseased. Make sure you spread these potions out among all party members if you load them onto only one character, you ll lose access to everything if that individual becomes incapacitated (whether by being confused, turned to stone, and so on).

Buying and Selling

(Page 17) The character with the highest Charisma rating should be initiating conversations with shopkeepers and should be moved to the leader position. These party members will always get the best buying and selling prices. One tip: A mage with a high Charisma statistic and a Friends spell will be really successful when haggling with a merchant. Don t buy and sell from temples. Most of the other stores in the game will give you much better deals.

(Page 17)

When you must rest, sometimes it helps to do so in a confined space. If wandering monsters appear while you re resting, only one or two will actually appear close to your party, giving you more time to get into a proper formation to defend yourselves. The rest will appear on the other sides of walls or moved a distance away from your party since the game engine can t fit them all into your party s location.

Spell Tactics
From the middle of the game onward, consider casting the following stack of spells on your characters before entering combat: (Page 102 for Mage Spells, page 118 for Priest Spells) Bless (Priest spell, level 1) Prayer (Priest spell, level 3) Emotion: Courage (Mage spell, level 4) Emotion: Hope (Mage spell, level 4) Haste (Mage spell, level 3) Haste is the big combat winner of them all, but the others make your Armor Class so low that it s almost impossible for your enemies to hit you, much less hurt you. You can supplement the above with a number of other spells, including Protection from Evil 10 Radius (Priest spell, level 4), Defensive Harmony (Priest spell, level 4) -- this spell can run out quickly, so save it for last), Recitation (Priest spell, level 4), Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (Priest spell, level 5), and so on. If any of your party members can summon monsters, make sure you summon them before you cast any of the above spells, so they ll gain the benefits, too. Often, a group of five or six summoned monsters with the spells above on them are more than a match for most critters they come across. If your players jump in on the action and support the summoned monsters, then you ll tear through opponents like a hot knife through butter. Summoning is what can turn the tide in your favor. Keep in mind that elementals are immune to most normal weapons, so you can send them into areas to kill everything and they won t take any damage. As a general rule, the priest and druid summoning spells tend to last longer and are more reliable than the mage equivalents. Goblins and skeleton archers and soldiers are good for restocking your arrow supply if you get any archers when you cast Animate Dead (Priest spell, level 3) or Monster Summoning 1 or 2 (Mage spell, level 3+).

As a further bonus, skeleton archers summoned with Animate Dead occasionally have fire arrows. Under no circumstances should you waste an Identify or Knock spell without having them in your spellbook. Reload the game immediately if your scribing attempt fails. As a final note, Stinking Cloud (Mage spell, level 2) and Fireball (Mage spell, level 3) make for a great spell combination, as the first will knock out your opponents and the second will kill them. While they re out cold, monsters make excellent targets for area effect spells.

Chapter 2: Bestiary of the Dale

Creatures of the Dale
(Page 20) Many creatures were added at the last minute to further balance out certain game areas. Most make brief appearances and are never heard from again. Here are the stats of those creatures. Also included are updated stats for creatures listed in the strategy guide.

Hit Points should be 92.

Armor Class should be 34. Hit Points should be 24. THAC0 should 17. Attack damage should be 3D6 (C).

Beetle, Fire
Attack damage should be 1D4 (P).

Black Ice Knight (New)

The best way to defeat these creatures is by using fire-based weapons and spells. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 2 120 9 1D12 (S) 2 None 100% cold resistance, 50% fire resistance 7,000

Bronze Sentry (New)

These animated suits of armor put up a tough fight as they are very resistant to most forms of attack. Try using weapons that deal crushing damage, like hammers and clubs, for best effect. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses 3 60 10 1D8 (S) 4 None 120% fire resistance, 80% missile resistance, 50% electrical, slashing, and piercing resistance, 25% magic resistance 5,000


Cryshal Sentry
THAC0 should be 7. Defenses should be 100% cold resistance, 25% acid resistance, 50% fire resistance, +2 magic weapon required to damage, immune to spells and effects that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death.

Drow Spellsword (New)

These deadly drow can cast priest spells as well as use a sword. Concentrate your attacks on these creatures first when confronted by a group of drow as they will bombard your party with spells. Using mundane ranged weapons such as slings, crossbows, and bows are quite effective. Don t bother using magic, as spells are likely to bounce due to the drow spellsword s high magic resistance. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 6 60 13 Long Sword +1 2 Mage spells levels 14 66% magic resistance 3,000

Drow Vanguard (New)

A drow with a crossbow makes a very unpleasant opponent. Running to within melee range and then using your fighters to hack them to pieces is the quickest and surest way to rid yourselves of these enemies. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 0 88 12 Light Crossbow with Bolts of Biting 2 None 68% magic resistance 3,000

Elemental, Fire
Attack damage should be 1D8 (C) + 1D4 fire damage.

Elf, Warrior (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 3052. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance.

Elf, Cleric (Shadowed)

Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 1,4001,700.

Elf, Mage (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 31. THAC0 should be 19. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 1,750.

Number of attacks should be 2.

Giant, Cyclops
THAC0 should be 7.

Giant, Frost
XP should be 7,0009,000.

Goblin (Shadowed)
Hit Points should be 1824. THAC0 should be 1516. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 750800.

Goblin, Elite (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 1927. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance.

XP should be 850950.

Golem, Iron
Attack damage should be 4D10 (C).

Armor Class should be 3. Attack damage should be 1D6 (P) + 1D6 fire. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance and Boots of Speed.

Lizard Man, Shaman

XP should be 650.

Lysan (New)
When encountered, Lysan will summon yetis to her aid as well as try to cast Hold Person on your party. Ignore the yetis and use your archers to prevent her from successfully casting spells. Then rush your melee characters forward to quickly dispatch her. Be careful, as Lysan is very proficient with that morning star she s carrying. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 2 67 16 2D4+1 (C) 1 Priest spells levels 14 100% cold resistance, +1 weapon required to damage 700

Myconid, Blue
XP should be 750.

Myconid, Red
XP should be 1,750.

Myrkul s Sending (New)

Myrkul s Sending is a pretty tough foe. This fight is made even tougher by the Hold Person trap at the entrance to the room. Attempt to sneak in with your thief to disarm the trap first and then just run everyone into the room to cut him to shreds. Make sure that all your party members are equipped with +1 weapons or higher, and try casting a few defensive spells like Bless or Prayer to further enhance your odds of winning. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 3 48 8 1D4 (C) 2 Bad Luck (THAC0 1, Morale 1) +1 weapon required to damage, 100% cold resistance 600

Neo-Orog, Avenger (New)

By the time you encounter this creature, you should be of sufficient level to defeat it with ease. Simply attack on sight with any weapon in hand. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 23 3135 1215 1D10 (S) 1D8 (S) 11_ None None 270750

Neo-Orog, Chieftan
Armor Class should be 2. Hit Points should be 85.

THAC0 should be 13. Number of attacks should be 2_. Defenses should be 10% resistance to all forms of attack.

Neo-Orog, General (New)

Here s another easy kill. Eliminate these neo-orogs on sight with whatever your party has equipped at the time. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 3 65 12 1D10+1 (S) 2 None None 2,000

Neo-Orog, Marauder (New)

No special attacks, no special defenses, and no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Just kill these monsters with whatever weapons are handy. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP 13 4254 1215 1D10 (S) 12 None None 4201,500

Ogre (New)
Ogres are big, nasty, and strong. Your first encounter with one will not be a pleasant experience. Unless you have exceptionally strong fighters, the best tactic you can use when you first meet up with an ogre is to attack and run. Equip all your party members with ranged weapons and lure him and his companions out one at a time. Your characters are able to move slightly faster than them, allowing you to move to a safe distance, fire a couple of rounds, and then move off before the ogres can come within melee range.

Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses XP

5 31 17 2D4 (C) 1_ None None 270

Ogre (Shadowed) (New)

Basically, this creature is the undead form of the ogre. Using your clerics ability to Turn Undead is the best way to deal with shadowed ogres. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses 5 50 12 1D10 (S) 2 None Immune to spells and effects that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death, 100% cold resistance 1,050


Orc (Shadowed)
Hit Points should be 2130. THAC0 should be 1516. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 750800.

Orc, Chieftan (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 40. THAC0 should be 11. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 1,200.

Orc, Elite (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 29 32. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 850-900.

Orc, Shaman
XP should be 35.

Orc, Shaman (Shadowed)

Hit Points should be 35. Defenses should include 100% cold resistance. XP should be 1,100.

Salamander, Frost
XP should be 2,0004,000.

THAC0 should be 17.

Shadow, Lesser
THAC0 should be 16.

Skeletal Mage (New)

These undead mages can be a real threat when encountered. They re usually found standing in large rooms surrounded by many of their friends, making it difficult for your party to safely approach. Attack and retreat is the best option. Try to lure most of their allies out of the room so that the mages defenses are reduced. Then cast as many protective spells on your party as you can and rush the magic-wielding foes. Armor Class 7

Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses


21 19 1D6 (C) 1 Mage spells levels 13 100% cold resistance, 50% slashing and piercing resistance, immune to spells and weapons that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death 500

Skeleton, Armored
Hit Points should be 854.

Skeleton, Burning (New)

This is one skeleton that goes out with a bang. When killed, it explodes into a fiery inferno, dealing out the effects of a Fireball spell to anyone within range. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses 5 40 15 1D4 (S) 2 Explodes into a Fireball 100% cold resistance, 50% slashing, piercing, and missile resistance, immune to spells and weapons that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death 1,500


Soul (Shadowed, Shattered, and Severed)

Hit Points should be 50, 51, 45. Attack damage should be 1D10 (S), 1D10 (S), 1D20 (S). XP should be 1,100, 1,200, 1,400.

Spectral Guard (New)

For the most part, spectral guards are completely invisible. The only way they can be seen is by the odd bits of armor and weaponry that are attached to their ethereal bodies. Although they don t have much in the way of Hit Points, these monsters are very hard to hit. Low level party members wielding common weapons could have a tough time. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses 4 10 16 2D8 (S) 1 None 100% cold resistance, immune to spells and effects that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death, +1 weapon required to damage 500


Spectral Knight (New)

Arm your party members with +1 weapons or better and hack these suits of armor to pieces. Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses 7 40 15 2D4 (S) 1 None 100% cold resistance, immune to spells and effects that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death, +1 weapon required to damage 100


Tarnished Sentry (New)

These guardians are extremely tough. Consider using the spell Haste on your party s melee fighters and then closing to pound the tarnished sentries into scrap metal with hammers and clubs.

Armor Class Hit Points THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses


3 60 10 1D8 (S) 4 None +2 weapon required to damage, 120% fire resistance, 80% missile resistance, 50% electrical, slashing, and piercing resistance, 25% magic resistance 6,000

Tower Archer
Hit Points should be 6588.

Troll, Ice
XP should be 65175, 1,000.

Troll, Snow
Defenses should be regeneration and 50% cold resistance.

Wight, Cold
Hit Points should be 31.

Worg (Shadowed) (New)

Worgs are giant, semi-intelligent wolves that served as steeds for the goblins that attacked the Seldarine Hand. Now they run in wild undead packs through the ruins of the battlefield. Where there is one worg, there are surely bound to be more. When shadowed worgs are encountered, form a defensive line and attack them with both melee and ranged weapons. Concentrate your attacks on one worg at a time to quickly pare down their numbers, being careful not let them surround you. Armor Class Hit Points 5 28

THAC0 Attack Damage Number of Attacks Special Attacks Defenses


16 1D8 (S) 1 None Immune to spells and weapons that cause fear, poison, petrification, confusion, charm, sleep, hold creature, and instant death, 100% cold resistance 850

XP should be 420-1,000.

Yeti, Chieftan
Hit Points should be 58. XP should be 2,000.

Yuan-Ti, Elite
Attack damage should include Bow 1D6+1 (P).

Chapter 3: Tools for Survival

(Page 60) Towards the end of making Icewind Dale some tweaking of weapons was needed to better balance the game. Here is a list of some of the updated stats, as well as some new items added at the last minute.

(Page 64) Misery s Herald was changed to a +3 weapon. Damage is now 1D6+4, the enchantment level is now 3, THAC0 is now +3, +4 THAC0 vs. elves and +5 damage vs. elves.

(Page 66) The statistics for this new weapon are as follows:

Nym s Dagger

1D4+2 (P)



(Page 67) Redemption was changed to a +4 weapon. Damage is now 1D4+5, enchantment level is 4, THAC0 is +4.

Missile Weapons
(Page 68) The price for Blinding Darts +2 was changed to 50 GP and they now have a 25% chance to blind a target. Hammer Darts now cost 10 GP.

(Page 74) Erevain s Broad Sword should have a damage of 2D4+2 and a price of 5,000 GP. The Sword of Days should have a damage of 1D6+3 (P).

(Page 78) Black Swan Armor should have +1 Charisma listed in the notes section. Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 should have an Armor Class of 0. Studded Leather +1/+2/+4: Shadowed is also usable by rangers.

(Page 80) Stats for this new item are listed below:

Elven Sewn Boots


+5% cold resistance

Bracers and Gauntlets

(Page 80) The new Elven Sewn Gloves are detailed below:

Elven Sewn Gloves


+5% cold resistance

(Page 81) See below for information on the two cloaks added to the game:

Elven Sewn Cloak Shadowed Cloak

3 5

350 1,000

+5% cold resistance +15% to Stealth skill, usab thieves only

(Page 85) Details of the two magical shields added to the game follow:

The Argent Shield (medium shield) The Mystery of the Dead (large shield)

5 20

15,900 10,000

+3 AC, +25% ma by elves and half+4 AC, +1 AC vs immune to Finger Kill spells

Priest Scrolls
(Page 92)

One priest scroll was added to the game after the manual was completed:

Cure Disease


The price of ancient armor should be 400 GP. Voice s Bones were removed from the game. The following items are new:

Bardic Horn of Valhalla Black Knight Broken Armor Conlan s Key Dead Cat Flaming Oil Jester s Bag of Holding

1 0 20 0 10 0 0

8,000 1,200 400 0 0 300 0

Summons berserkers (on day), usable only by bard Summons a black knight charge) Target receives 2D8 fire save vs. breath for half d (Once per day) Percent Item 04 Elixer of Health 58 Dagger 912 Grease Scroll 1316 Skydrop Gem 1720 Arrows +1 (20) 2124 Potion of Intox 2528 Cure Light Wo Scroll 2932 Sunstone Gem 3336 Flaming Oil 3738 Bolts +1 (20) 3940 Oil of Speed (C 4144 Antidote 4548 Elven Healing 4952 Darts (10) 5356 Aquamarine Ge 5760 Potion of Heali 6164 Throwing Dagg

Krilag s Badge Note to Kerish Note to Krilag Supply List White Bishop

0 0 0 0 0

0 7 7 0 1,200

6568 Potion of Infrav 6972 Water Opal 7376 Silver Ring 7780 Arrows (20) 8184 Dead Cat 8586 Bullets +1 (20) 8788 Potion of Invul (Cursed) 8992 Flame Arrow S 9394 Cure Critical W Scroll 9596 Potion of Mirro 97100 Mummy s Tea Quest item Quest item Summons a cleric (one c

(Page 98) Kaylessa s Ring should give +15% Stealth, not +15% Strength.

Chapter 4: Sorceries and Prayers

Mage Spells: Level 3
(Page 108)

When the effects of a Haste spell wear off, your party members will become extremely fatigued. If possible, rest your characters after using it.

Chapter 5: Easthaven
Winter s Cradle Tavern
(Page 134) Don t worry about the fight with the fire beetles in the cellar of the Winter s Cradle, as they won t fight back when you attack them.

Town of Easthaven
(Page 134) Don t sell anything to Everard at the Temple of Tempus, even though he has a store. You can get a lot better deal from Pomab, believe it or not. Be sure to pickpocket Everard for his healing potions (save the game first in case you get caught). Almost no one else in town is worth robbing for anything. The goblins down by the fishing hole in the southeast corner of Easthaven can now path-search their way around the cliff face, so you can t pick them off from a distance anymore without them chasing you down. Be careful here. The goblin marshal here is wearing splint mail, so you don t need to buy it from Pomab s Store if you don t want to. You can only rest in the Snowdrift Inn here. Resting on the main map is not permitted.

The Caravan
(Page 138) A talented thief has a chance to sneak up on the orc guarding the cave here, and can actually backstab him before he can run inside. For parties that want every last experience point the game has to offer, a thief can make sure that this orc doesn t escape.

The Orc Cave

(Page 139)

If you can, kill the ogre in the southwest cavern before he can gulp down the healing potion he carries.

Chapter 6: Kuldahar Pass and Kuldahar Valley

Kuldahar Town
(Page 149) If you want to get to the world map quickly, you can leave town from the right and left sides of Kuldahar you don t have to exit from the eastern side. Don t bother pick-pocketing the normal residents; they don t have much on them. The only juicy targets in town are Arundel (he has a Ring of Free Action), Orrick the Gray (tons of cool items just waiting to be plucked), and Oswald Fiddlebender at the Airship (lots of helpful potions). Just be sure to save your game before trying anything illicit like this. You ll notice that there is a house just to the south and a little to the west of the House of the Bleeding Rose that cannot be unlocked. It seems like it needs a special key to open. Don t be concerned about getting inside, as there s presently no way to do so. The game developers set this special house aside for possible future exploration.

The Evening Shade

(Page 152) The storeroom isn t the only room with containers on the second floor. Drag the cursor over the nightstands to see if they hold anything of value.

Conlan s Smithy
(Page 153) Prices for selling items will go down the more items of a certain type you bring Conlan s Smithy, so don t be surprised if your yeti pelts aren t

bringing in as much as you d hoped. At rock bottom, they should fetch about 20 GP.

Tower of Orrick the Gray

(Page 155) This may leave a dark stain on your conscience, but it s okay to kill Weenog, Orrick s little goblin helper. Neither Orrick nor the townsfolk will care (there s no reputation hit, either), and in addition, Weenog has a Magic Missile scroll on him that s kind of hard to resist. Orrick s store usually changes when you advance to a new chapter (though it stops doing so after Upper Dorn s). Make sure you buy all the new spells you need from him as soon as you get enough cash.

House of the Bleeding Rose

(Page 156) Don t sell anything to Calliana, even though she has a store. You can get better deals from Gerth and Conlan the smith.

Chapter 7: The Vale of Shadows

Vale Ice Cave
(Page 166) If you can t get all of the chests in this cave to open, don t worry about it. They ll all unlock automatically after you defeat Lysan later on. Also, it s best if you enter this cave and kill the four or five yetis inside before Lysan appears here later on. Otherwise, the yetis will vanish, and you ll lose the experience points you could have gotten by killing them. Lysan will auto-initiate dialogue with your party from a distance when you first enter the cave on Kresselack s mission. When she does this, say Farewell as soon as you can (don t ask her what she s doing here, just say you re leaving), then have your party members surround her and then

speak to her again. This allows you to be close to her when the fighting starts, giving her no time to get off any spells.

Kresselack s Tomb, Level One

(Page 168) The key from Crypt Two opens Kresselack s Tomb, not Crypt One (there is no key in Crypt One). There is a Sleep trap on the sarcophagus in the northwest tomb (G10). Since skeletons spawn in not long after it goes off, be careful or you ll wind up in trouble. If you can t disarm the trap, have an elf open the sarcophagus (they re immune to Sleep spells). The northwest tomb is where the game turns around, as inside is a Haste scroll. This is one of the most valuable spells in the game. You ll want to cast it on your party as often as possible, as it cuts down on travel times and doubles your entire party s attack rate. Monsters will soon learn to fear you. You can no longer lure Mytos out of the northern hall; he will automatically initiate dialogue at a distance with the first person to open the door to the hall.

Temple of the Forgotten God, Ground Level

(Page 178) The uglies in the exit chamber (K4) on the first level may move around. Watch out for verbeegs hiding behind the corners of doors when you run into rooms. Acolytes tend to cast Dispel Magic before attacking you,; so don t rely on your power up spells too much before going into combat. They also enjoy casting Entangle and Static Charge on anyone they can see, so keep any Insulation or Absorption potions handy.

Temple of the Forgotten God, Treasure Chambers

(Page 179)

Watch out for traps in the central treasure chamber corridor, especially right when you enter there s a trap stretched across the path right in front of you. In addition, some of the chests (L1) are also trapped. Take care when opening them. Grease, Web, and Entangle work great in the eastern corridor (L2) where the acolytes and verbeegs will make their final stand. If you can freeze them in place, your archers and crossbowmen will make short work of them.

Chapter 8: Dragon s Eye

Dragon s Eye Exterior
(Page 183) Most of the ice trolls will be in visual range as soon as you enter the map, so there s not much point to playing it cautious; just kill them as quickly as possible.

Lizard Man Caverns

(Page 184) Be sure to save the flaming oil you get off the shamans for the trolls on the next few levels, as it ll make killing them a lot easier. Lisspen will not follow you out of the chambers to initiate a conversation. He will stand in place and begin speaking to you from a distance.

Caverns of Talona
(Page 187) When you encounter trolls, be sure to keep a close eye on your archers and crossbowmen, as they ll keep attacking a troll after it s fallen down, wasting arrows and bolts without doing any damage. As soon as a troll falls, have bowmen target another enemy immediately, and then have another character use fire or acid on the fallen troll.

Make sure you snag the items in the beetle nest (C2). The two weapons that you ll find there (a battle axe +2, defender, and a long sword +2, confusion) are two of the best weapons available from here on out. There aren t any trolls in the rocky corridor (C13), so relax when travelling through that area.

Presio s Domain
(Page 190) Scattered amongst the cold wights and blast skeletons are now skeleton archers. Watch out for them if your party starts getting pelted with arrows. If you turn any of the undead of this level, be careful about following them to finish them off. There are a lot of disease and poison traps scattered about on the wooden platforms, and if you follow the undead without checking for traps, you might end up walking right into them. Presio s chests and containers are very well guarded. Not only are there two Glyph of Warding traps right in front of the chests and the barrel in her chambers, but there are also traps on the containers as well (Disease, Death Fog, and another Glyph of Warding). Make sure all your other characters are safely out of the way before your thief approaches the containers, or they might be hit if a trap goes off. Watch out for the Glyph of Warding trap right in front of the entrance to the fourth level of Dragon s Eye. It s stretched out right in front of the door, making it almost impossible to move around.

The Eldathyn Temple

(Page 192) Having party members who are storming the summoning chamber use spells or potions that make them immune to Hold Person can t be stressed enough. If one or two of your party members end up paralyzed, the yuan-ti priests will have a great chance at wiping you out.

The Vaults of the Yuan-Ti

(Page 196)

The chests in the extreme northwest chamber (F4) on this map are all trapped (usually with Fireball and Cloudkill spells). Make sure that the rest of the party is moved well enough away from the person opening a chest if they re trying to disarm the trap (or are just trying to force it open), or else other party members will be injured as well. You can no longer lure the High Torturer out of his room (F8); he will auto-initiate dialogue at a distance with the first person to open the door to the hall. You can also no longer lure Yxunomei out of her room (F13). She will strike up a conversation at a distance with the first person to open the door to her lair.

Chapter 9: The Severed Hand

Severed Hand, Level Two
(Page 206) A label on the map of this level featured on page 206 needs to be changed. The C4 in the southeast corner of the map should be C6, designating another container.

Severed Hand, Level Three

(Page 207) Before exploring this level, have your party members use potions or spells to protect against fire attacks. If you can t do this for everyone, just try to assist your front line fighters. The burning skeletons are difficult to spot at first, and can really tear apart a party with their Fireball attacks if they get close enough.

Severed Hand, Level Four

(Page 209) The map for this level printed on page 209 should have an extra E10 in the room with Telanis (E3), just to the right of the stage (the vases there

contain some items). The E10 in the northern-most chamber (just to the left of the E6 stairs) should be replaced with an E11.

Corellon Tower, Level 2

(Page 211) An extra G4 should now be placed on the table immediately to the northeast of the eastern-most G4 on the map shown on this page (making two G4 tables in the eastern half of the room).

Solonar Tower, Level 1

(Page 214) You won t get a reward item from Denani for giving her the holy water if you aren t playing the patched version of the game. It s a cool item, so it s in your best interests to get the patch at http://www.interplay.com/icewind/index.html

Labelas Tower, Level 2

(Page 222) Watch out when you enter the center room on this map. The doors to the other rooms will open automatically shortly after you enter, and a group of wizards and shadowed warriors will rush out and attack you.

Chapter 10: Upper Dorn s Deep

The Myconid Caverns
(Page 229) Note that the ettins and myconids in this area will respawn, so keep your guard up every time you enter this area (or when you rest in this area).

These creatures are worth a fair amount of experience, so you can use this area to level up if you wish.

Upper Dorn s Barracks

(Page 234) There are two changes to the personnel in this area. In the forge room in the northeast chamber is a drow sorcerer and some drow vanguard soldiers, making it a little tougher than most of the other rooms on this level. The second change is the number of orog generals. They are mostly concentrated in the western half in the barracks, in the small circular room just south of the room with the round table (F5), and in the southwest conference chamber. Keep an eye out for them. They re a lot tougher than normal orogs. Make sure you loot the drow soldiers for their magical weapons. They ll help build up your cash reserve when you sell them at stores.

Umber Hulk Labyrinth

(Page 236) You can no longer lure Krilag (H5) away from his campsite,; he will autoinitiate dialogue at a distance with the first person he sees.

Gear Room
(Page 238) The location of the trap in the Gear Room has changed. It is no longer the large flagstone north of the corpse, but the two flagstones just to the southwest of the large flagstone.

The Great Forge

(Page 238) Norlinor (J3) is actually at the top of the stairs, not the bottom.

The Tiers of the Dead

(Page 239) The key that opens the door to the Hall of Heroes is not on Terikan s body. It is actually in the coffin directly north of the K3 label on the map. The coffin is not trapped, so snag it and run if you have to. You also no longer receive any experience points for killing Terikan until you permanently destroy him in the Hall of Heroes.

The Hall of Heroes

(Page 241) The bronze guardians are actually bronze sentries. See the entry on Chapter 2: Bestiary of the Dale above for more.

Chapter 11: Wyrm s Tooth

Wyrm s Tooth Glacier
(Page 246) A few summoned fire elementals with Haste spells on them can dispatch the snow trolls here pretty easily.

Museum of Dugmaren
(Page 249) Beware walking too close to the frost salamanders on this level. Even when they re neutral, their frost aura can damage anyone who strays too close or talks to them. In the fourth paragraph of page 250 is some incorrect information about how to obtain experience points through a series of quests on this level. There is a complicated experience point quest pattern operating here, involving Kerish (C1), Vera (C8), the Listener (C7), and Gareth (D1, in the basement), but if you play it right, you can make out like a bandit. The best

way to get experience points out of the VeraListenerKerishGareth quadrangle is by doing the following: 1. Accept the mission to kill the leader of slaves from Kerish. Do not talk to Vera yet. 2. Go to Gareth, listen to his story, and discover that he thinks Vera is dead. Talk to him until you discover that the slaves need to obtain a key from Kerish to escape. 3. Go back to Kerish, tell him that the leader of the slaves is dead, get the XP for this, and then ask him for the key. 4. Find the Listener and accept his mission to find out what the noises in the corridor are. 5. Locate Vera, then talk to her enough so that you know her name. 6. Go back to the Listener. Tell him that the sounds he heard were nothing and collect more XP. 7. Head back to Gareth. Tell him that Vera is safe and enjoy another experience point bonanza. 8. Give Gareth the key and prepare for battle. 9. Fight your way back to Vera, and tell her that the slaves are safe. Wrap up the whole episode with even more experience points.

Chapter 12: Lower Dorn s Deep

Lower Dorn s Deep Entrance
(Page 257) Keep in mind that there is a group of tarnished sentries by the entrance to the gemcutter s house. Arm yourself appropriately before heading to that area.

The Greater Forge

(Page 263)

You cannot pickpocket Ilmadia, since she auto-initiates dialogue as soon as she senses you.

Marketh s Palace, Level Three

(Page 267) None of Marketh s chests are trapped, so don t worry about opening them. Don t forget the small footlocker at the base of Marketh s bed (it s easy to miss).

Ascension Cave
(Page 273) Evil characters can wipe out every friendly thing in Upper Dorn s (gnomes and the merchants in the refugee camp), the Severed Hand (which isn t worth it save for a little gold), and Kuldahar before hitting Ascension Cave, since you ll never have a chance to return there when you reach the endgame. Of course, if you want your characters reputation to remain sterling, don t do this. Poquelin s speech is dangerous because all of your timed spells can run out while you re talking to him. Try to get through it as quickly as possible (or reload a save game after you ve heard it once, then just challenge him immediately to combat the next time through). Poquelin can summon blind minotaurs, boneguards, frost salamanders, earth elementals, and myconids to his aid. Try to kill him first rather than deal with his cronies.