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1A. FIRST AND FAMILY NAME Morten Tnnessen 1B. DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH Born March 22nd 1976 in Stavanger, Norway 1C. CIVIL STATUS Married (September 25th, 2007) to Helena da Silva-Tnnessen (born Helena de Mesquita da Silva, 1981). 1D. CITIZENSHIP AND RESIDENCE Residing in Kristiansand, Norway : Norwegian citizen 1E. TELEPHONE NUMBERS, E-MAIL ADDRESSES, POSTAL ADDRESS : (+47) 9423 7093 (Norway) morten.tonnessen (Skype) : mortentoennessen@gmail.com morten.tonnessen@uis.no : Address: Kokleheia 3, 4630 Kristiansand, NORWAY 1F. CURRENT OCCUPATION : Associate Professor at University of Stavangers Department of Health Studies (Institutt for helsefag) : Researcher in an Estonian research project on human-animal relations (University of Tartu) : Various assignments for the University of Agder (UiA) and the University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway, 2009-2011 1G. BUSINESS Registered with a one-man company [enkeltpersonforetak], SPR FILOSOFEN Tnnessen (organisasjonsnummer 986 621 024), in Norway. Webpage: www.sporfilosofen.no

: 1994 : 1997 Secretary, Vest-Agder Nei til EU, Kristiansand, half a year. Accountant assistant, Tumlare Corporation, Oslo, 4 months.

: 19971998 : 2001 : 2003 : 20032006 : 20052006 : 20072011 : 2009 : 2009-2010 : 2009-2011 : 2010 : 2012

Secretary, Statens Helsetilsyn [The Norwegian Board of Health], Oslo. Group teacher (ethics), University of Oslo, spring. National secretary of Miljpartiet De Grnne [The Green Party of Norway], 5 months. Personal assistant [health care], Fet kommune. Biographer for Jens L. Seip, Oslo. Ph.D. student at University of Tartu (involved in four research projects altogether). Lecturer at University of Agder history of philosophy (Examen Philosophicum), autumn of 2009. Research assistant for the Norwegian (University of Agder) research project Multimodalitet, leseopplring og lremidler. Examiner (sensor) at University of Stavanger (Examen Philosophicum for nursing students). Teacher and examiner (sensor) at University of Agder (Philosophy in antiquity Antikkens filosofi), autumn of 2010. Temporarily employed as Associate Professor at University of Stavangers Department of Health Studies (Spring 25% position, Autumn 100% position), responsible for teaching in introductory philosophy (Examen Philosophicum) and a master course in theory of science.

3A. LANGUAGE SKILLS : CZECH Very basic : ENGLISH Fluent : ESTONIAN Basic : GERMAN Fluent (reading) : NORWEGIAN Fluent (mother tongue) : PORTUGUESE Practically fluent PRIMARY TRAINING University course, see below Up to upper secondary school University and non-university courses, see below Up to upper secondary school Up to upper secondary school University and non-university courses, private teacher; see below

3B. LANGUAGE COURSES : CZECH Basic level Charles University/SF Servis, Prague, autumn 2002. : ESTONIAN : Basic level, taught in German Tartu Saksa Kultuuri Instituut, spring 2007. : Basic level University of Tartu, autumn 2007. : PORTUGUESE : 54 hours Tartu Rahvalikool, autumn 2007. : Intermediate level University of Tartu, spring 2009 [exam not taken] 3C. PRIVATE LESSONS PORTUGUESE : 20 hours Edith Gonalves da Costa, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), summer 2007. : 80 hours Isabel Martins, Mag-RJ (Brazil), 2008.

4A. INFORMAL COMPETENCE EXEMPLIFIED BY EARLY PRODUCTIVE OUTCOME : ASTRONOMY Astronomileksikon [Encyclopedia of Astronom y], a 56 pp. publication dating back to 1993. : ECONOMIC ANALYSIS In 1994, I co-authored the first alternative federal budget [statsbudsjett] of The Green Party of Norway. : MATH, STATISTICS I`ve composed two editions of the NGO report Svart bok [Black book], an analysis of environmental disposisions in the Norwegian federal budget (1996, 1997), for Natur og Ungdom and Naturvernforbundet respectively.

4B. UNIVERSITY COURSES ATTENDED INFORMALLY : CHARLES UNIVERSITY (Prague) Various seminars in English language literature (19981999) : UNIVERSITY OF OSLO Ethology (2001) : UNIVERSITY OF T ARTU : Various seminars in semiotics and philosophy (2006) : Environmental philosophy (2007) : Doctoral seminar in philosophy (2007, 2009) : Political philosophy (2009) 4C. NON-UNIVERSITY COURSES (IN SELECTION) : One-week course on Gaia theory (with Stephan Harding, James Lovelock), Schumacher College (UK) 1997 : Four-day seminar on Deep ecology (with Arne Nss), kerya (Norway), 1998

: 19831989 : 19891992 : 19921995 : 19952003 MLI SKOLE [primary school]. HAUMYRHEIA UNGDOMSSKOLE [lower secondary school]. KRISTIANSAND KATEDRALSKOLE [upper secondary school]. UNIVERSITY OF OSLO. 2002 : Cand. Phil. (comparable to master degree, but 6 years, not 5). Includes one year of litteraturvitenskap (science of literature) and one year of religionshistorie (history of religion), in addition to philosophy. : Philosophy topics covered include epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics and practical philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and logics. : My early specializations were in environmental ethics/philosophy (supervisor: Jon Wetlesen) and in ontology (supervisor: Inga Bostad). : My hovedoppgave (master thesis), Umweltforskning og Ontologi: Skisse av en Bio-Ontologi Basert p Jakob von Uexklls Umwelt-Lre [Umwelt Research and Ontology: Sketch of a Bio-Ontology Based on the Umwelt Theory of Jakob von Uexkll] (supervisor: Nils Roll-Hansen) was mainly situated within ontology, epistemology and philosophy of biology. 2003 : Additional courses. : Social psychology [sosialpsykologi], autumn semester. : Demography and Applied demography, autumn semester. UNIVERSITY OF TARTU. 2011: Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Semiotics and Culture Studies) following doctoral defence December 15th 2011. The decision of the 10-member Council of Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics was unanimous. Affiliation: Department of Semiotics Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics Faculty of Philosophy Title of doctoral project: Umwelt Transition and Uexkllian Phenomenology. An Ecosemiotic Analysis of Norwegian Wolf Management Supervisor: Kalevi Kull Consultant supervisor: Winfried Nth No. of study book: A73648

: 20072011


2001. Outline of an Uexkullian Bio-Ontology. Sign Systems Studies 29 (2): 683-91. With Russian (" ") and Estonian ("Uexklli bio-ontoloogia piirjoni") abstract. 2002. Umwelt-forskning og ontologi: Skisse av en bio-ontologi basert p Jakob von Uexklls Umweltlre [Umwelt Research and Ontology: Sketch of a Bio-Ontology Based on the Umwelt Theory of Jakob von Uexkll]. Master thesis (hovedoppgave). University of Oslo, Oslo. 98 pp. 2003. Umwelt Ethics. Sign Systems Studies 31 (1): 281-299. With Russian (" ") and Estonian ("Omailmma eetika") abstract. 2005. Fundamentals of Modern Ethics. Pgs. 98-99 in Riste Keskpaik, Silver Rattasepp & Kaie Kotov (eds.): Vrtused ja konfliktid Keskkonnaeetikas/Values and Conflicts in Environmental Ethics. Eesti Looduseuurijate Selts, Tartu. 2008. The Statisticians Guide to Utopia: The Future of Growth. TRAMES 12(62/57), 2: 115126. Featured as additional content in Encyclopaedia Britannica (www.britannica.com). 2009a. The Nature View Held by Environmentalists: Attitudes in the Norwegian Environmental Establishment. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, volume 6 (doi:10.1088/17551307/6/7/572037). 2 pp. Also included in a digital (CD) Abstract Book from the congress, which was distributed to about 2.000 participants. 2009b. Umwelt Transitions: Uexkll and Environmental Change. Biosemiotics 2 (1): 47-64. 2009c. An Ageing Giant. Arne Nss in memoriam, The Newsletter of International Society for Environmental Ethics, 20(2) (Spring 2009): 13. 2009d. Where I End and You Begin: The Threshold of the Self and the Intrinsic Value of the Phenomenal World. Pp 1798-1803 in Eero Tarasti (ed.) [associated editors: Paul Forsell and Richard Littlefield]: Communication: Understanding/Misunderstanding; proceedings of the 9th congress of the IASS/AIS Helsinki/Imatra, 11/17 June, 2007 (= Acta Semiotica Fennica XXXIV); volume III. Imatra: The International Semiotics Institute. 2009e. The Semioethics Interviews I: John Deel y: 'Tell Me, Where Is Morality Bred?'. Hortus Semioticus, number 4 (August 2009): 57-80 (http://www.ut.ee/hortussemioticus/4_2009/deely.html). 2009f. Signs Grow But Should They? Semioethics and the Dominant Semiosis of Homo sapiens sapiens (= Meditationes Semioticae I). Hortus Semioticus, number 4 (August 2009): 81-84 (http://www.ut.ee/hortussemioticus/4_2009/tonnessen.html). 2009g. Abstraction, Cruelty and Other Aspects of Animal Play (Exemplified By the Playfulness of Muki and Maluca). Sign Systems Studies 37(3/4) (special issue on zoosemiotics guest-edited by Dario Martinelli and Otto Lehto): 558-579. With Russian (", ") and Estonian ("Abstraktsioon, julmus ja teised loomamngu aspektid Muki ja Maluca mngude nitel") abstract. 2010a. Guest aditor, along with Kati Lindstrm, of a special issue of Biosemiotics (Springer), vol. 3, no. 3; entitled Semiotics of Perception. 136 pp. 2010b. Guest editor, along with Nelly Mekivi and Riin Magnus, of a special issue of Hortus Semioticus (no. 6), entitled Semiotics of Nature. 106 pp. 2010c. Being in the World of the Living Semiotic Perspectives: Introduction to the special issue Semiotics of Perception. Co-written with Kati Lindstrm. Biosemiotics 3.3: 257-261 (online version, published April 20, 2010: DOI: 10.1007/s12304-010-9073-1). 2010d. Steps to a Semiotics of Being. Biosemiotics 3.3: 375-392 (online version, published April 30, 2010: DOI: 10.1007/s12304-010-9074-0). 2010e. Wolf Land. Biosemiotics 3.3: 289-297 (online version, published April 23, 2010: DOI: 10.1007/s12304-010-9077-x). 2010f. A Stroll Around the Worlds of Zoosemioticians and Other Animals. Book review. Semiotica issue 181 (August 2010): 317-325 (online version, published August 24, 2010: DOI: 10.1515/semi.2010.047). 2010g. Editors Foreword to the Special Issue Semiotics of Nature. Co-written with Riin Magnus and Nelly Mekivi. Hortus Semioticus 6: 1-6 (includes Estonian version, "Toimetajate Eessna"). T 2010h. The Bio-Translator Interview with Professor in Biosemiotics Kalevi Kull. Co-written with Riin Magnus. Hortus Semioticus 6: 77-103. Includes full bibliography of Kalevi Kulls biosemiotic publications. 2010i. The Global Species. New formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics 69 (Special Issue guest-edited by Ashley Dawson, Imperial Ecologies): 98-110. Featured as additional content in Encyclopaedia Britannica (www.britannica.com). 2010j. Is a Wolf wild as Long as it Does Not Know that It Is Being Thoroughly Handled? Humanimalia a journal of human/animal interface studies 2(1) (Fall 2010): 1-8 (http://www.depauw.edu/site/humanimalia/issue03/tonnesen.html).

2010k. The Legality and Ethical Legitimacy of Wol f Hunting in Scandinavia. Pp. 65-72 in the Research seminar report 52 of the Scandinavian Council for Criminology. 2010l. Da Lotman og semiotikken kom til Norge [When Lotman and semiotics came to Norway]. Cowritten with Dinda L. Gorle. Pp 258-259 in Turid Farbregd and yvind Rangy (eds.): Estland og Norge i fortid og ntid Norsk-estisk forening 25 r [Estonia and Norway past and present NorwegianEstonian Society 25 years]. Oslo: Norsk-estisk forening. 2011a. The Semioethics Interviews III: John Deely: Human Understanding in the Age of Global Awareness. Pp. 171-189 in Steven C. Hamel (ed.): Semiotics: Theory and Applications (New York: Nova Science Publishers). 2011b. I, Wolf: The Ecology of Existence. Pp. 315-333 in Johannes Servan and Ane Faugstad Aar (eds.): Environment, Embodiment and Gender, Bergen: Hermes Text. 2011c. Mapping Human Impact Expanding Horizons: Interdisciplinary Integration. Pp. 93-106 in Tiina Peil (ed.): The Space of Culture - the Place of Nature in Estonia and Beyond (= Approaches to Cultural Theory vol. 1). Tartu: Tartu University Press. 2011d. Semiotics of Being and Uexkllian Phenomenology. Pp. 327-340 in Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed.): Phenomenology/Ontopoiesis Retrieving Geo-Cosmic Horizons of Antiquity (= Analecta Husserliana CX/110). 2011e. Umwelt Transition and Uexkllian Phenomenology An Ecosemiotic Analysis of Norwegian Wol f Management (= Dissertationes Semioticae Universitatis Tartuensis 16). Doctoral dissertation. Tartu: Tartu University Press. 232 pp. Introduction available online (http://dspace.utlib.ee/dspace/bitstream/handle/10062/19250/tonnessen_morten.pdf?sequence=1, uploaded December 16 2011). Full thesis includes Tnnessen 2009b (Paper I), 2010d (Paper II), 2011d (Paper III), 2011c (Paper IV), 2010i (Paper V), 2010e (Paper VI) and 2011b (Paper VII). ISBN 978 9949199037 (print version); 9789949199044 (PDF); ISSN 14066033. 2011f. Fra by og land, mann mot mann til visjon 2040 [From city against countryside, man against man to vision 2040]. Kulturverk (online magazine http://kulturverk.com), published in three parts Nov. 131, Nov. 172 and Nov. 243. 2012. The Semiotics of Animal Representations. Co-edited with Kadri Tr. Forthcoming, Rodopi. 2013a. Umwelt Trajectories. Forthcoming, Semiotica. 2013b. Hvem er villest i landet her? Menneskets forbruk og kontroll av dyr [Who is wildest in this country here? Humans consumption and control of animals]. Co-edited with Ragnhild Sollund and Guri Larsen. Forthcoming, Spartacus forlag. 6B. TEACHING : 2001 Group teacher in ethics (grunnfagsstudenter), Institute for Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF OSLO. One term. : 2003 Facilitator of philosophical study group at Holmlia, OSLO MUNICIPALITY, consisting of psychiatric patients under rehabilitation. About a dozen encounters. : 20072008 Teacher, along with Riin Magnus and Paul McLaughlin, in the seminar Ecosemiotics and Ecophilosophy, Department of Semiotics, UNIVERSITY OF T ARTU (autumn semester). : 2009 Lecturer in the history of philosophy as part (2/3) of the course Examen Philosophicum (Ex.Phil.), UNIVERSITY OF AGDER, autumn 2010 (c280 registered students). : 2010 Teacher for the text seminar in Philosophy in antiquity (Antikkens filosofi), Department of religion, history and philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF AGDER (Norway), autumn (6 classes 3 hours). : 2011 Teacher for the seminar Semiotics and phenomenology, Department of Semiotics, UNIVERSITY OF T ARTU, spring. : 2012 Teacher (frsteamanuensis, fagansvarlig) at Examen Philosophicum, Department of Health Studies/Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGER, spring. Part of internet-based bachelor in nursing. Teacher (frsteamanuensis, fagansvarlig) at Examen Philosophicum, Department of Health Studies/Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGER, autumn. Part of bachelor in nursing.
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http://www.kulturverk.com/2011/11/13/fra-by-og-land-mann-mot-mann-til-visjon-2040/ http://www.kulturverk.com/2011/11/17/fra-by-og-land-mann-mot-mann-til-visjon-2040-ii/ 3 http://www.kulturverk.com/2011/11/24/fra-by-og-land-mann-mot-mann-til-visjon-2040-iii/

Teacher for master course in theory of science, Department of Health Studies/Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGER, autumn. 6C. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS : 2001 Jakob von Uexkll og yets Verden [Jakob von Uexkll and the World of the Eye]. Blikket (Oslo, Norway, April 21), arranged by Filosofisk prosjektsenter. : 2002 Um welt ethics (June 16). 2nd Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (Tartu, Estonia, June 14-17). : 2005 Fundamentals of modern ethics (October 28). Vrtused ja konfliktid [Environmental ethics Values and conflicts] (Tartu, Estonia, October 28-29). : 2007 : Where I End and You Begin: The Threshold of the Self and the Intrinsic Value of the Phenomenal World (June 13). 9th World Congress of Semiotics (Helsinki/Imatra, Finland, June 11-17). : Um welt transition and the Umwelten of domesticated animals (June 8). 7th Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (Groningen, The Netherlands, June 6-9). : Umwelt transition: Uexkllian phenomenology (November 9). Finnish-Estonian Semiotics . Seminar Currents in European semiotics (Tartu, Estonia, November 7-10). : 2008 Environmental problems in light of Gabriel Marcels distinction problem/myster y. Whats wrong with nature? An interdisciplinary seminar investigating human perceptions of nature and environmental change (Tartu, Estonia, January 25-26). : 2009 : Wol f Land: The Phenomenal World of Wol ves on the Scandinavian Peninsula (February 7). Presentation at the workshop The Ecology of Perception: Landscapes in Culture and Nature (Tartu, Estonia, February 6-7). : Steps to a Semiotics of Being (February 10). Presentation at the workshop Animal Minds (Tartu, Estonia, February 9-10). : The Nature View Held by Environmentalists: Attitudes in the Norwegian Environmental Establishment (March 11). Poster presentation at the IARU congress Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions (Copenhagen, Denmark, March 10-12); session 57: Culture, Values and World Perspectives as Factors in Responding to Climate Change. : On Contrapuntuality: Semiotic Niche vs. Ontological Niche: the Case of the Scandinavian Wol f Population (July 3). Presentation at 9th Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (Prague, The Czech Republic, June 30 July 4), hosted by Department of Philosophy and History of Science of Charles University in collaboration with the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies. : Estranged, Endangered, Extinct: Lessons from the Extinction of the Scandinavian Wolf (August 5). Presentation at First World Congress on Environmental History (Copenhagen, Denmark, August 4-8), hosted by The International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (ICEHO) and Roskilde University/Malm University; session 3.3: Using and abusing wild animals: Terrestrial and aquatic case studies, chaired by Poul Holm. : The Changing Imagery of the Big Bad Wolf (September 25). Presentation at the 10th World Congress of Semiotics/X Congreso Mundial de Semitica (A Corua, Spain, September 22-26), organized by Asociacin espaola de semitica and IASS-AIS; in the session Semitica de la cultura 1/Semiotics of culture 1, chaired by Jos Enrique Finol and Peeter Torop. : Mapping Human Impact: Ecological Footprint vs. Ontological Niche (October 22). Poster presentation at the second CECT (Center of Excellence in Cultural Theory) autumn conference, Spatiality, Memory and Visualisation of Culture/Nature Relationships / Ruum, Mlu ja Ilme Looduskultuuris: Teooriast (Tallinn, Estonia, October 22-24). Poster available online at http://www.ut.ee/CECT/image/CECT_II_Postrid/Morten_T.pdf. : 2010 : The Legality and Ethical Legitimacy of Wol f Hunting in Scandinavia (May 11). Presentation at the 52nd research seminar of the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (Hnefoss, Norway, May 10-12). : We the Living: The Reception of Uexkll in Norwegian Ecophilosophy (June 25). Presentation at the 10th Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (Braga, Portugal, June 22-27). : Semiotics of Being and Uexkllian Phenomenology (August 11th). Presentation at the 60th International Congress of Phenomenology (Bergen, Norway, August 10-13), arranged under the auspices of The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning.

: En kosemiotisk analyse a v norsk ulveforvaltning [An ecosemiotic analysis of Norwegian wolf management] (November 17). Presentation at the annual research seminar of SKANDULV (the Scandinavian wolf project), (Strmsberg, Sweden, November 15-17). : 2011 : Bad dog: An Uexkllian analysis of Norwegian Wolf Management. Invited presentation (February 19) at the international collaborative workshop The History, Philosophy and Future of Ethology (Sydney, Australia, February 19-21), Macquarie University. : The Um welt Trajectories of Wol ves, Sheep and People. Presentation (April 6) at the international conference Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations (Tartu, Estonia, April 4-8). : Perception and the Levels of Biosemiosis. Presentation (May 6) at the Seventh Conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (Lund, Sweden, May 6-8). : Integrated Biological Individualism and the Primacy of the Individual Level of Bi ological Organization. Presentation (June 25) at the 11th Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (New York, USA, June 21-26). : Wolf history: Agents in Hiding. Presentation (June 30) at the 6th conference of the European Society for Environmental History (Turku, Finland, June 28 July 2), partaking in the session Animal agency and environmental history three different approaches to Nordic wolves. : Two Global Species and Their Age-Old Foe: The Semiotic Eth(n)ology of Wolves, Sheep and People. Invited keynote speech (October 18) at the international workshop Zoo-Ethnographies (Uppsala, Sweden, October 17-18). : Offisiell og uoffisiell rovviltforvaltning i Norge sett med et humankologisk blikk: Hva er motivene og handlingene? [Offi cial and unofficial predator management in Norway seen from the perspective of human ecol ogy: What are the motifs and actions?]. Invited presentation (November 1) at Nasjonal konferanse om rovvilt, beitedyr og samfunn [National conference on predators, grazing animals and society] (Hamar, Norway, October 30November 1). 6D. TALKS GIVEN IN REGULAR SEMINARS (IN SELECTION) : 2001 Norra kofilosoofiast [Norwegian Ecophilosoph y]. Seminar looduse semiootikast [Seminar on semiotics of nature], Tartu, January 18th. : 2005 A dissonance in the symphony of nature: Lessons in social ontology. Tartu semiootika seminar [doctoral seminar in semiotics], Tartu, October 31st. : 2007 : Animal play. Zoosemiotics (English language), Tartu, February 1st. : Muki`s play. Animal play in its relation to (a)symmetric communication and (im)moral behaviour. Eriseminar [Supervision seminar], Tartu, March 1st. : The phenomenal world: From Plato to Uexkll and beyond. Doctoral seminar in philosophy, Tartu, June 1st 2007. : On the self, relational being and the philosophy of Gabriel Marcel. Eero Tarastis seminar on Existential semiotics, Helsinki, November 11th. : Zoosemiotics review. Eriseminar [Supervision seminar], Tartu, December. : 2009 Expanding horizons: Interdisciplinary integration. Presentation (December 4) in the seminar Methodology in the humanities, headed by Peeter Torop (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu). : 2010 : Territory vs. confinement: The Umwelten of free-range vs. captive wol ves. Presentation at Research Seminar in Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, Department of Semiotics, Tartu April 2. : More-than-human needs: The needs of the living. Lecture (April 5) in Riin Magnus seminar in Ecosemiotics (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu). : Ulovlig jakt p ulv [Illegal wolf hunting]. Presentation in the seminar series Kriminalpolitisk seminar; opponent: Professor Emeritus in criminology Nils Christie (Oslo, Norway, November 11). : The nature view and worldview of People in Rendalen municipality in the region of Hedmark. Presentation at 2nd Research Seminar in Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, Department of Semiotics, Tartu November 28. : 2011 : Det menneskeskapte kologiske hierarki. Guest lecture in the seminar kologisk-global kriminologi, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo October 19.

: The cultural semiotic of wolves and sheep. Presentation at 3rd Research Seminar in Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, Department of Semiotics, Tartu October 25. 6E. ORGANIZING OF ACADEMIC CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS : 2008 CO-ORGANIZER of Whats wrong with nature? An interdisciplinary seminar investigating human perceptions of nature and environmental change, Tartu January 25-26. Foreign presenters: Alan Costall, Nils Lindahl-Elliot, Kurt Jax, Otto Lehto, Ville Lhde. Formally arranged by Jakob von Uexkll Center (Estonian Naturalists Society) in cooperation with Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics (University of Tartu). : 2009 : MAIN ORGANIZER of the workshop The Ecology of Perception: Landscapes in Culture and Nature, Tartu February 6-7. Presenters: David Abram, Kalevi Kull, Kati Lindstrm, M.T., Wendy Wheeler. Organized as part of the research project "The Cultural Heritage of Environmental Spaces" (see below) in cooperation with the project "Neolithisation and Modernisation: Landscape History on the East Asian Inland Seas" (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto). : MAIN ORGANIZER of the workshop Animal Minds, Tartu February 9-10. Presenters: David Abram, John Deely, Timo Maran, M.T., Wendy Wheeler. Organized by the research project "Dynamical zoosemiotics and animal representations" (see below); sponsored by Estonian Green Party MP Toomas Trapido. : 2011 : MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZING TEAM of the international conference Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations (along with Timo Maran, Jelena Grigorjeva, Kadri Tr, Silver Rattasepp and Nelly Mekivi), arranged in Tartu, Estonia, April 4-8, 2011. Invited plenary speakers: Colin Allen, Jesper Hoffmeyer, Graham Huggan, David Rothenberg. : MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZING TEAM of the Oslo Minding Animals Pre-Conference Lecture event Shared Worlds (along with Rhys Evans and Rune Ellefsen), arranged in Oslo October 1415, 2011. Formally arranged under the auspices of Minding Animals International in association with Nordic HAS. : 2012 : MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZING TEAM of Arne i 100, which is to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of philosopher Arne Nss (1912-2009) January 27th 2011 in the university aula, Oslo. : MEMBER OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE of the workshop the Variations of Animal Agency: Animal Agents in the North, to be arranged in Turku, Finland April 12-13 at bo Akademi University, with the aim of producing a project plan and chart funding possibilities for a new Nordic research project on this theme. Other members: Karin Dirke, Laura Hollsten and Jukka Nyyssnen. : MEMBER OF THE ORGANIZING TEAM of Dyreetikkonferansen 2012: Dyret bak maten og mennesket bak forbrukeren [The national conference on animal ethics 2012: The animal behind the food, the human behind the consumer], to be arranged in Oslo September 21 by The Council for Animal Ethics, Centre for Development and the Environment (University of Oslo) and Minding Animals Norway, and co-founder of the conference series Dyreetikkonferansen [The animal ethics conference]. 6F. CHAIRING OF SESSIONS AT ACADEMIC CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS : 2009 : At the workshop The Ecology of Perception: Landscapes in Culture and Nature, Tartu, February 6-7. : At the workshop Animal Minds, Tartu, February 9-10. : 2010 : At the 10th Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics (June 25), Braga (Portugal), June 22-27. : 2011 : Of the roundtable Futures of Zoosemiotics (April 6), at Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, Tartu, April 4-8 : Of the roundtable The Shared Worlds of Wolves and People (October 14), at the Oslo Minding Animals Pre-Conference Lecture event, October 14-15 6G. PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH PROJECTS : 20072009 Partaking in the research project METHODS OF BIOSEMIOTICS, headed by Kalevi Kull, starting July 1st 2007; Estonian Science Foundation ETF/EST grant no. 6669.

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: 20092010 : 20092012 : 2010-2011

Main researcher in the research project THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF ENVIRONMENT AL SPACES: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN ESTONIA AND NORWAY; grant no. EEAETF Grant EMP 54 (until September 30, 2010). Personnel in the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT) semiotics research group 'Meaning-generation and transdisciplinary methodology of semiotic analysis of culture'. Research assistant of the Norwegian research project MULTIMODALITET, LESEOPPLRING OG LREMIDLER, University of Agder (until September 15, 2010). A main researcher in the research project DYNAMICAL ZOOSEMIOTICS AND ANIMAL REPRESENTATIONS; Estonian Science Foundation ETF/EST grant no. 7790. Senior personnel in the research project BIOSEMIOTIC MODELS OF SEMIOSIS; Estonian Science Foundation ETF/EST grant no. 8403.

6H. FURTHER ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENTS : 20002002 Co-founder of Ecophilosophical colloqium (University of Oslo); participating actively. : c. 2001, 2003 Organizer of public talks by Arne Nss, Oslo. : 2007 Member of International Society for Biosemiotic Studies. : 2009 Organizer of public lecture by David Abram, Tartu. : 2009 Member of Nordic Society for Phenomenology. : 2009 Co-founder of Filosofisk Forum (Agder University); member of steering group (styringsgruppe). : 2010Member of Nordic HAS (The Nordic Animal Studies Network). : 2011 Co-founder of Minding Animals Norway. Co-founder of the NGO Arne i 100. : 2011Member of Concerned Scientists Norway. 6I. RESEARCH FIELDS AND INTERESTS Current research fields : Biosemiotics, ecosemiotics, zoosemiotics : Climate change (esp. CCS; ethics of; politics of) : Domestication, early human history : Ecophilosophy, env. philosophy, env. ethics : Ontology, epistemology : Phenomenology (esp. eco-) : Philosophy of science (esp. ph. of biology) : Wildlife management (esp. wolf management)

Further academic interests : Demography : Economy (esp. historical, and future) : Existentialism : Political philosophy : Semiotics of culture, cultural studies : Semioethics; existential semiotics


A. BOOKS As author: : Tnnessen, Morten 2008. Tidsvitne: Jens L. Seips livshistorie fortalt til Morten Tnnessen [Time Witness: The life story of Jens L. Seip told to Morten Tnnessen]. Produced and distributed by Kolofon forlag, Oslo. 252 pp. : MV Bill & Celso Athayde 2010. Kongen p haugen: P innsiden av Brasils narkogjenger [The king on the hill: Inside Brazils drug gangs]. Translated from Portuguese (Falco: Meninos do trfico, Rio de Janeiro 2006: Objetiva) to Norwegian by Helena da Silva-Tnnessen and Morten Tnnessen. Oslo: Livro Forlag. 158 pp.

As translator:

B. EDITORIAL WORK Editor of NGO publications etc., c. 1992-2002 (in selection): : Grnn Kontakt (Miljpartiet De Grnne)

: KNUS (Kristiansand Natur og Ungdom) : Vegetarnytt (Norsk Vegetarforening) : Vren-p-Blindern Filosofistudentenes blad Member of the Editorial Board of the NGO publication Natur og Samfunn (Natur og Ungdom), c1995-97. Member of the Editorial Board of the academic journal Biosemiotics, 2010-. Peer-reviews conducted for Sign Systems Studies (Tartu University Press) and Biosemiotics 2009, 2010, 2011; for Semiotica 2011, for New formations 2012. Guest editor, along with Kati Lindstrm, of a special issue of Biosemiotics (Springer), vol. 3, no. 3 (December 2010), entitled Semiotics of Perception. 136 pp. Contributors: David Abram, Kalevi Kull, Kati Lindstrm, Kati Lindstrm and Morten Tnnessen, Timo Maran, Renata Sukand and Raivo Kalle, Morten Tnnessen, Wendy Wheeler, Ane Faugstad Aar. Guest editor, along with Nelly Mekivi and Riin Magnus, of a special issue of Hortus Semioticus (no. 6 August 2010), entitled Semiotics of Nature. Tartu 2010. 106 pp. Contributors: Svitlana Biedarieva; Sara Cannizzaro; Remo Gramigma; John Haglund and Johan Blomberg; Kaie Kotov; Riin Magnus and Morten Tnnessen; Patrick Masius; Nelly Mekivi, Riin Magnus and Morten Tnnessen; Silver Rattasepp; Arlene Tucker. Available online (http://www.ut.ee/hortussemioticus/). Assigned as co-editor of two book volumes in progress, cf. Tnnessen 2012 and Tnnessen 2013b in the bibliography (6A. Academic publications). C. TEXTS WRITTEN FOR NEWSPAPERS AND M AGAZINES : FREELANCE : I have conducted freelance work in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro/So Paulo), the Czech Republic (Prague), Estonia (Tartu/Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Norway and published in Norwegian as well as in English. Freelance journalism for: : City Paper (Baltic magazine) : Journalisten (Norwegian magazine) : Klassekampen (Norwegian daily) : Ny Tid (Norwegian weekly) : Ren Mat (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Ukebrevet Mandag Morgen (Norwegian weekly) : ZOBB Magasin (Norwegian magazine) Writing for/in: : Adresseavisa (Norwegian regional daily) : Aftenposten (Norwegian national daily) : Antirasisten (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Bonde og Smbruker (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Dagbladet (Norwegian national daily) : Dagens Nringsliv (Norwegian national daily) : Estlands-Nytt (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Filologen (Norwegian NGO/student magazine) : Friliberaleren (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Fdrelandsvennen (Norwegian regional daily) : Grnn Kontakt (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Kulturverk (Norwegian online magazine, http://kulturverk.com) : Morgenbladet (Norwegian national weekly) : Nationen (Norwegian national daily) : Natur og Samfunn (Norwegian NGO magazine) : NfNU (Norwegian NGO magazine)


: Ny Tid (Norwegian national weekly) : Putsj (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Roheline Vrv [Green Gate] (Estonian NGO magazine) : Sirp Estonia (Estonian national weekly) : Vegetarnytt (Norwegian NGO magazine) : Vrt Land (Norwegian national daily) : Petitist for the Norwegian daily Klassekampen 2003-2006 D. BLOGS : UTOPISK REALISME : UTOPIAN REALISM

Political blog (in Norwegian) Academic blog (in English)

http://utopiskrealisme.blogspot.com http://utopianrealism.blogspot.com

Extra Text contribution Acting as myself 1999 2003 2004 : In two Bollywood feature films Biwi No. 1 and an Indian remake of Titanic. : To the Norwegian feature film Play. : Sofisten (The Sophist). Short documentary, directed by Kikki Engelbrektson. Vipro Produksjoner.


A. ELECTED POSITIONS (IN SELECTION) As an activist: c. 1991-1998 : I have been elected to positions as leader of the board, secretary, accountant, member of the board etc. in local branches of several Norwegian NGOs, including: Miljpartiet De Grnne [The Green Party of Norway], Natur og Ungdom, SOS Rasisme and Ungdom mot EU. Ive further had elected positions partaking in the annual high-school charity campaign Operasjon Dagsverk and the political campaign Fellesaksjonen mot gasskraftverk. As a student: 2001 : Member, at INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY, UNIVERSITY OF OSLO, of Fagutvalget (The Academic Committee the student body), Fagrdet (The Academic Council) and Bibliotekskomiteen (The Library Committee). Current commitments: 2011- : Chair of Minding Animals Norway : Norways Alternative Representative in Minding Animals Internationals Board of Directors : Secretary of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (NASS) : Norways Ordinary Representative in NASS : Representing NASS (along with Luis Emilio Bruni) in the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS) : Member of the board of Arne i 100 (and webmaster http://arnei100.no) B. FURTHER VOLUNTARY ENGAGEMENTS (IN SELECTION) : c. 19922003 Participating at national general assemblies etc. of various Norwegian NGOs, including Forum for Utvikling og Milj, Miljpartiet De Grnne, Natur og Ungdom and SOS Rasisme. : 1998 A founding member of Fellesaksjonen mot gasskraftverk [The joint campaign against natural gas powered electric plants], Norway. : 1999 3 months working as a volunteer at Schumacher College (UK).


Organizer/co-organizer of several public meetings, debates, political campaigns, direct actions etc, first of all in Norway.


As an activist: c. 1995 : VEST-AGDER FYLKESKOMMUNES MILJPRIS (The Environmental Award of Vest-Agder Region, Norway). Awarded to the NGO Kristiansand Natur og Ungdom, for which I was the leader. 20.000 NOK. : Grant from THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOUNDATION, Norway (Stiftelsen Fritt Ord), for preparing and developing my debate book Utslippsfrie nye verden? [Emission-free new world?]. 50.000 NOK. : Monthly stipend from the research project BIOSEMIOOTIKA MEETODID, September 2007 to April 2008, for writing the article Umwelt Transitions. 3.500-4.500 EEK/month. : Monthly stipend from the research project THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL SPACES, starting May 2008, until September 2010. 6.000 EEK/month. : Monthly stipend from the research project BIOSEMIOOTIKA MEETODID, March to December 2009. 2.500 EEK/month. : Monthly Estonian state grant (as PhD student), starting October 2010. 6.000 EEK/month.

As a writer:


As a researcher: 20072008


2009 2010-2011


Academic activity Academia.edu: http://ut-ee.academia.edu/MortenT%C3%B8nnessen University of Stavanger: http://www.uis.no/om_uis/kontakt_oss/_tilsettkatalog/tilsettkatalog/?ans_nr=2908098 Estonian Research Portal: https://www.etis.ee/portaal/isikuCV.aspx?PersonVID=55544&lang=en http://www.scribd.com/doc/81353012/Bibliography-of-Morten-T%C3%B8nnessen Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/Morten%20T/documents Blogspot.com: http://www.theschopenhauerexperience.blogspot.com

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