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Power Transformers and Reactors for Power Generation and Transmission Networks


Cover Image: An insulation level already ahead of its time: single phase auto-transformers 500 MVA 765/400/20 kV in operation since the early 80s for EDELCA. Venezuela

Generator transformers 100 MVA 275/13,2/13,2 kV for AGL, Hallet power plant. Australia

Our expertise extends to all levels from generator transformers to reactors to HVDC or phase shifter transformers and beyond.

AREVA T&D Your Global Partner for Power Transmission Solutions

AREVA T&D, your global specialist in energy transmission, is one of the world leaders for transformers, auto-transformers and reactors. Our expertise extends to all levels from generator transformers to reactors to HVDC or phase-shifting transformers and beyond for all your needs with strong references up to 800 kV and 2750 MVA. With ten power transformer factories on four continents and a presence in over 100 countries, AREVA T&D is there when and where you need us.
> A world leader in transformers for over 100 years
A pioneer in this field, AREVA T&D has transformers operating in all the major power networks around the world. We have supplied all types of transformers and reactors with the highest rated power and voltage levels possible. Examples of some of our key installations around the world include single phase shunt reactors with ratings of 765 kV - 110 MVAr for the HYDRO QUEBEC network in Canada; HVDC converter transformers rated at 234 MVA - 400 kV for an Indian HVDC link; single phase auto-transformers with ratings of 525/460 kV - 250 MVA for the FURNAS network in Brazil; three-phase 765 kV - 245 MVA generator transformers for a DYNEGY power station in the USA; or singlephase 525 kV - 375 MVA step up transformers for nuclear power stations in China. With our experience, we offer you the best solution to meet your needs and requirements, and the same top class level of quality from each of our ten power transformer factories.

> Broad technical expertise built on strong Research and Development

Our R&D laboratories are dedicated to power transformers; our central technical department and its 40 senior R&D engineers are always in the lead for innovations in the power transformer and reactor domain. AREVA experts have mastered the analysis of complex phenomena to design and manufacture the safest transformers for your network. Examples of topics under development and in constant evolution are partial discharge monitoring and diagnostics, scientific calculation for transformer modeling and applications in transient behavior, frequency response analysis, as well as dielectric system development for validation of innovative insulating structures up to 800 kV. We work on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and our goal is to seek constant progress.

CAD at drawing department.

Finite Element Analysis (Electro-static study). - HVDC Converter Transformer.

Regions of impulse voltage stress (Voltsp /m).

Regions of DC voltage stress (Voltsdc /m).

> Guaranteed global quality

The AREVA quality management program goes beyond the ISO 9001: 2000 qualification and our power transformer design and manufacturing sites are able to offer you reliable products that require minimal maintenance. At AREVA T&D, we have a worldwide concept of quality that guides our design and production techniques. This is complemented by an intensive program to implement standardized software and production rules in all our plants. Our central technical management team guarantees the highest expertise implementation in all our factories. You can expect the same world-class level of quality in all our power transformer facilities and from all our engineers throughout the world. More than 55 transformers of different designs have successfully gone through short circuit testing, and most of our transformers and reactors have long surpassed their life expectancy and are still in service. The quality of our design as well as the manufacturing processes and controls have been validated by time.

> We deliver what we promise

All our factories are equipped with the most modern, high-performance testing equipment available and some are also qualified as certification centers. When a transformer leaves the AREVA T&D factory for your site, you know that every step has been taken to ensure its quality and reliability and that the performance meets your specific requirements.

> AREVAs innovative monitoring solution

The MS 2000 is recognized as the most accurate monitoring system in the world, taking advantage of AREVA-wide technical expertise on transformer design, operation and maintenance. MS 2000 guarantees you a reliable electrical power supply while reducing your maintenance expenditures and managing your transformers life cycle. It offers continuous transformer supervision, early detection of incipient fault for condition-based maintenance, as well as knowledge of remaining transformer life. Flexible and modular, MS 2000 can be specified on new transformers or retrofitted on transformers already in service. All our transformers above 100 MVA are pre-equipped for monitoring.

Three phase 765 kV 245 MVA generator transformer during lightning impulse test for Dynegy. Rolling Hill power plant. USA

We work on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Three phase transformer 120 MVA 220/63/10,5 kV for SONELGAZ. Algeria

> A broad spectrum of support and maintenance services

AREVA T&D professionals manage your project exceeding standard contract commitment: from the specification of your needs through the optimization of the equipment life. We offer a large spectrum of services which are supported by our technical experience for transformers and their equipment: oil analysis in AREVA laboratories, on-site assembly supervision, commissioning, training, site diagnostic, preventive maintenance, retrofitting and repairs. AREVA T&D has over 15 globally based service centers around the world, which bring our technical expertise closer to you. We are there when and where you need us whether its for routine maintenance work or emergency situations.

From the conception to the commissioning of your projects, we help guarantee the overall reliability of your network with a local presence throughout the world.

Transformer during erection on site under AREVA supervision. Sydney South. Australia

Shipping of main transformer package.

Commitment leads to success.The first 800 kV transformer produced in our Brazilian plant. Single phase combination with booster 765/ 512/69 kV 680 MVA for FURNAS. Brazil

Land transportation of main tank.

> A real commitment to promote and support the environment

At AREVA, sustainable development is a keystone of our industrial strategy for achieving profitable, socially responsible and environmentally respectful growth.
We believe that all design and manufacturing companies should take an active and responsible role towards protecting our planet. AREVA T&D subscribes to the United Nations Global Compact principles for environmental protection, as well as health, human rights and labor standards. We voluntarily seek to guarantee and maintain a greater environmental responsibility through the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technology. Our concern for the well being of the environment is taken into account from the conception of our products: using a continuous improvement approach, we select the most appropriate components and materials whenever possible for the construction of our units.

Hermetic transformer 80 MVA 110/20 kV with ONAF cooling for ENERTRAG-Energiebau GmbH, Nechlin. Germany GENERATOR TRANSFORMERS: The Generator Transformer is an essential element of all nuclear, thermal or hydraulic power stations. Generator Transformers are step-up transformers with delta connected LV windings energized by generator voltage while star connected HV windings are connected to the transmission lines. This type of transformer is constantly faced with voltage changes either due to load rejection or switching operations, followed by generator over excitation. It must also maintain the ability to withstand over-loads, this means that winding gradients must be adjusted and cooling capacity must remain sufficient. The high rated current involved requires absolute control of the magnetic field inside the tank to avoid localized overheating of associated metallic parts. All of these situations are taken into account during the design process of your specific unit. Generator transformers require very specific know-how, production equipment and testing capabilities as high or very high voltage and rated power are often required. We have designed, manufactured, tested and delivered generator transformers with the largest rated power for many power stations, among which: 550MVA single-phase units, 20/400 kV 1100MVA three-phase unit, 27/415 kV 245 MVA, three-phase units, 18/765 kV

INTERCONNECTION OR NETWORK TRANSFORMERS: The most common transformer in the networks, the Interconnection Transformer, step-up or step-down transformer, connects the network at different rating voltage levels and is designed to handle all the specified requirements of each individual network. These transformers offer galvanic insulation between primary and secondary networks and offer high adaptability to expected levels of performance and/or site conditions. The design and rating of tertiary windings, couplings and arrangements will be adapted to your specific needs. Our customized design will adjust to all specific physical constraints such as transport limitations. The design of magnetic circuits with two return unwound limbs can answer height limitations, while the final choice between threephase or single-phase units can be guided according to your priorities.

Our specialties for Power Generation and Transmission Networks:

Transformers >> Generator Transformers >> Interconnection or Network transformers >> Auto-transformers >> HVDC Converter Transformers >> Phase Shifters >> Transformers for SVC Reactors >> Shunt Reactors >> Series Reactors >> Smoothing Reactors

Generator transformers require very specific know-how, production equipment and testing capabilities as high or very high voltage and rated power are often required.

Three phase auto-transformer 315 MVA 400/220/33 kV for Uttar Pradesh Power Corp. Ltd. Agra. India

AUTO TRANSFORMERS: Compared with interconnection transformers of equivalent power flow, the auto-transformer presents a lighter and a more economically optimized solution. Auto-transformers have non-disconnected windings, meaning that there is no galvanic insulation between the interconnected networks. Characteristically for complex regulation arrangements they impose a total mastership of dielectric phenomena. Designs for constant flux regulation at high voltages or booster schemes are part of the AREVA T&D mastery. For many years we have been supplying very high rated auto-transformers such as single phase up to 500 MVA and very high voltage up to 765 kV for networks all over the world.

HVDC CONVERTER TRANSFORMERS: High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems allow the transmission of energy over long distances and are also solutions for interconnection of networks with different characteristics and frequencies. The HVDC converter transformer, an important element of these systems, transforms the AC supply voltage from a three-phase network to the required converter bridge input voltage and compensates for voltage drop through onload tap changers. Direct voltage components, superimposed on the AC ones, appear during service and factory testing, and induce high levels of stress on the valve windings connected to the rectifier bridge. The design and manufacture of HVDC converter transformers requires a fine mastery of insulation structure. The high harmonic content of the load current also demands a very specific knowledge of thermal design. We are the experts in this field and have HVDC converter transformers installed in Europe, India and Canada with ratings including 310 MVA and voltage levels up to 500 kV.

Three phase HVDC converter transformer 310 MVA 230/112 kV (insulated to 500 kV DC) for Manitoba Hydro. Henday Converter Station. Canada

Single phase auto-transformers 250 MVA 500/230/36 kV. For SMEPC. Yanggao Substation. Shanghai. China

TRANSFORMERS FOR SVC AREVA T&D Static VAR Compensators provide an elegant and flexible solution when improvements of power system efficiency and control of the reactive power balance of the network are made imperative by environmental considerations (for example, the construction of new transmission lines or the location of generating stations). The SVC Transformers are used to connect SVC equipment to transmission lines. These transformers combine the complexity induced by DC components -- even if moderate -- with high levels of harmonic and rated currents. Again, mastery of insulation structure, thermal behavior and magnetic field distribution are all part of the know-how infused into all AREVA T&D SVC transformers.

SVC transformers 150MVA 115/14.6kV for Northeast Utilities Glenbrook substation. USA

PHASE-SHIFTING TRANSFORMERS: As High Voltage network systems are connected with each other at several points, the necessity of controlling the flow of energy increases. Classical voltage regulation without phase shifting is no longer sufficient for these situations. For this reason, phase-angle regulating transformers are necessary. Phase-shifting transformers are divided in two families: PST with one active part or PST with two active parts. One active part permits independent phase angle and voltage regulation and is suitable for a limited voltage and power level. For higher power and voltages, a PST with two active parts is ideal. Quadrature boosters offer economical solutions when limited phase-shifting angles are required with voltage variations. For larger phase angle regulation, constant modulus phase-shifting transformers offer independent voltage modulation from phase angle values. The use of Phase Shifters is always a special case in which design criteria vary from one customer to another based on individual network specifications and requirements. As these transformers generally have large ratings with heavy units, the manufacturing limits as well as the transport constraints must be taken into account. Some of our major references for European interconnections are the constant modulus type phase-shifting transformers with two active parts offering no load phase shifting angles of +/-21.4 for a voltage level of 225 kV with rated power of 312 MVA and +/-10 regulation for a voltage level of 400 kV with rated power of 1180 MVA.

Phase-shifting transformer combination 315 MVA 225 kV in cells for EDF Pragnres substation. France

Quadrature Booster 2750 MVA 400/80 kV for National Grid Company plc High Marnham. UK

AREVA experts have mastered the analysis of complex phenomena to design and manufacture the safest transformers for your network.

SHUNT REACTORS: Shunt reactors are used to increase the stability of your networks and to maintain an economically acceptable level of insulation on networks with long transmission lines between power plants and consumption areas, especially if these lines are low loaded or buried. Indeed, shunt reactors compensate the capacitive load of energy transmission lines and are solutions for: maintaining an acceptable voltage whatever the load, limiting transient over voltages induced by switching or sudden load decrease, decreasing line losses by capacitive current reduction. Our know-how and experience in the field of shunt reactors with air gap cores magnetic circuits, provides our reactors with low vibration and noise levels. Our latest generation tools for the design of shunt reactors allows optimized design for magnetic field distribution that provides safe behavior. Our manufacturing sites are equipped with the necessary testing means for shunt reactors, which means supplies of important power levels at the requested high voltage rating. Shunt reactors can be single- or three-phase according to your requirements. Our references include single-phase units up to 800 kV - 110 MVAr and 400 kV 125 MVAr. We have also supplied 275 kV - 250 MVAr three-phase units that are currently in operation on all five continents.

SERIES REACTORS: Series reactors are used in series connection as current limiting devices to reduce fault currents to required levels. Series reactors can be single-phase or three-phase and construction can be unshielded, non-magnetically shielded or magnetically shielded. Special attention is paid to the core/coil clamping system. Extremely large ratings require expertise to satisfactorily contain problems presented by the stray magnetic fields. Our experience in this field covers reactors with throughput rating up to 2000 MVAr.

SMOOTHING REACTORS: Smoothing reactors are used in HVDC transmission systems to reduce the flow of harmonic currents and transient over currents in the DC system. Their two functions are: To compensate voltage ripple at the 12-pulse converter bridge. To decrease the short-circuit current in the DC link. Their insulation is based on the same special design as transformer. The smoothing reactors we design and manufacture are oil filled reactors. As opposed to the dry type ones, they offer a low level of electromagnetic radiation outside the tank. However, to protect the environment -- and particularly the motors, relays and switchgear -against magnetic flux density effects, a magnetic shield is placed against the internal wall of the tank. The Smoothing Reactors benefit from the same measure as the HVDC transformers to ensure that they will withstand short-circuit stresses. The clamping structure of the active part is reinforced in order to conform with those requirements.

Left: 110 MVAR, 765 kV single phase shunt reactor for Hydro Quebec. Chamouchouane substation. Canada Right: Smoothing reactors with rated current 1850 A, 270 kV for IFA 2000 HVDC link France/England


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With manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries and a sales network in over 100, AREVA offers customers technological solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. The group also provides interconnect systems to the telecommunications, computer and automotive markets. These businesses engage AREVA's 70,000 employees in the 21st century's greatest challenges: making energy and communication resources available to all, protecting the planet, and acting responsibly towards future generations. AREVA's T&D division is an active player around the globe. It designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of equipment, systems and services for all stages in the transfer of electricity, from the generator to the large end-user. www.areva.com

AREVA T&D Worldwide Contact Centre: http://www.areva-td.com/contactcentre/ Tel.: +44 (0) 1785 250 070


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