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MARCH 20, 2013
















Vol. 2 No: 72


Italy's refusal to send back marines is 'outright unacceptable': Sonia Gandhi


The government cannot recognize the growth it sees


Montek : RBI could have given stronger signal to push growth

PAGE 7 Montek : RBI could have given stronger signal to push growth

Sham Lal Sharma deserves praise for speaking the truth.!

Sham Lal Sharma deserves praise for speaking the truth.! HIND SIGHT A t least there is


A t least there is someone in the state Congress who despite being in power has the guts to

take on the anti -nationals and speak truth in the Assembly and outside it. Sham Lal Sharma has done the Jammuites proud by raising the voice against the virtual high jacking of the Assembly by people like Engineer Rashid. It was Sham Lal Sharma who in 2010 raised the issue of discrimination in Basohli when he was attending a pub-

lic meeting. Everybody has failings Sham Lal too may have them in good

tutional debate is not only surprising but embarrassing. It must have been bitter

second fiddle to the National Conference it is natural to get agitated.

NC dismissed the remarks of Sham Lal as casual and not serious. The tragedy

measure but on one point he scores over

experience for a no- nonsense man like


party of the standing and stature-

with this State is that whenever a person

the others is the sustained displeasure

Sham Lal to watch the proceedings of

Congress has been a mute spectator on

likes Sham Lal talks about anti -nation-


issue of Afzal Guru, AFSPA and dis-

als he is dubbed as casual and non-seri-

that he has displayed over the Afzal Guru issue which has been made a scor- ing point by all Kashmir Centric politi- cal parties. The way the session of

the House going waste without any tan- gible work regarding the development of the State. In a genuine outburst of exasperation he said that it was better to

crimination against Jammu. It is here that Sham Lal Sharma deserves all praise for rising above party compul-

ous but whenever Afzal Guru and Maqbool Butt is focus of debates all Kashmir centric parties are one. Here lie

Assembly has progressed and the morti-

withdraw support to the coalition than

sions and telling the truth point blank.

the fault- lines within the State that

fying spectacle with which National

become a horrifying witness to the reg-


least he has shown the guts to sup-

instead of being closed are sought to be


Conference, PDP and fringe elements like Engineer Rashid have made hang- ing of Parliament bombing mastermind Afzal Guru the rallying point of consti-

ular commotion in the house. With PDP the largest opposition party already out of the session over matters of AFSPA and Afzal Guru and Congress playing a

port the BJP and National Panthers Party MLAs on the matter. It is irony of democratic process in the State that the ruling alliance members especially from

widened to the detriment of the integri- ty of Jammu and Kashmir as a one polit- ical identity

ty of Jammu and Kashmir as a one polit- ical identity IN IN BRIEF BRIEF Sagar


Sagar lays copy of Ordinance in the House

JAMMU: Minister for Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Ali Mohammad Sagar today laid on the table of the House a copy of the Ordinance-2012 regarding the cancellation of General Elections of Chairmen of Block Development Councils in Jammu and Kashmir.

J&K Assembly appeals people for safe passage of tourists

JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir Assembly passed a unanimous resolution appeal- ing to people of the state for "safe" passage of current tourism season and not harm- ing tourists and tourism infra- structure. "Let the members of this House bring a unani- mous contd on page 2

Cracked Srinagar CRPF attack case:

J&K Police

SRINAGAR: Police on Tuesday claimed to have cracked the suicide attack case on a CRPF camp here with the arrest of four per- sons, including an LeT mili- tant from Pakistan, and recov- ered huge cache of arms, but said investigations did not prove that the attack was linked contd on page 2

Gurucontinues to rock JKAssembly, BJP, Panthers clashwith Engg Rashid

JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was in turmoil on Tuesday after Speaker Mubarak Gul rejected a resolution seeking the return of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru's body to his family. Independent legislator Engineer Rashid told a news agency that he was informed about the rejection of the resolution through a letter by the speaker. "The letter read that he is disal- lowing my resolution. This was quite late in the night," said Rashid. "It is unfortunate that the govern- ment is behaving like a puppet of New Delhi. Heavens would not have fallen had this resolution been put through to a democratic process of ballot system March 30," he said. As the House assembled on Tuesday, Rashid raised slogans to protest what he called was a denial of his democratic right. Some legislators of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) entered into a scuffle with him. This led to more protests. Congress legislators too were on their

led to more protests. Congress legislators too were on their BJP Chief suspended for whole budget

BJP Chief suspended for whole budget session

Omar condemns derogative, aggressive posture of BJP MLA against lady Minister

B JP leader Jugal Kishore Sharma was Tuesday sus- pended from the Jammu

C hief Minister Omar Abdullah

strongly condemn the derogative

and aggressive posture exhibited

by BJP Legislator Jugal Kishore in the Legislative House today against the lady member and Minister for social welfare Sakina Itoo. "The incident that took place in the House today downs our head with shame. At one side we talk of protecting women and giving them respect and on the other side the elected representatives demonstrate such a disrespectful and aggressive behaviour contd on page 2

on the other side the elected representatives demonstrate such a disrespectful and aggressive behaviour contd on

and Kashmir assembly over his aggressive conduct towards the state's only woman minister, Sakina Ittoo. The incident took place when

Sharma, the state Bharatiya Janata Party president, challenged inde- pendent member Engineer Rashid, who contd on page 2


feet. It would be "difficult for us to be a part of this (coalition) government (with National Conference) if consti- tutional norms were thrown to winds", said Public Health Engineering Minister Sham Lal Sharma. The resolution sought the return of body of Afzal Guru, who was hanged and buried in Delhi's Tihar jail Feb 9. Speaker Gul found he unable to control the pandemonium and left his chair in huff. The ministers rushed to

his chamber and brought him back. Sharma's remarks indicate that the Congress is exasperated by the con- tinuing protests over the issue. Afzal Guru was executed after President Pranab Mukherjee rejected his mercy petition. Ever since Afzal Guru was hanged, Jammu and Kashmir's lead- ers, especially from the valley, have been pleading for the return of the body to his family. Among pandemo- nium in the Assembly Sham Lal Sharma contd on page 2

Jugal denies charge of disrespect to minister

Rana seeks BJP’s apology for Jugal Kishore’s unbecoming behavior with Sakina Itoo

A sserting that BJP will not allow State Legislative Assembly to become a bat-

I nteracting with media persons here this afternoon, Mr Rana described the incident as most unfortunate, saying the attempted assault on a lady politi-

cian speaks of scant regard BJP has for womanhood. He sought apologies from the BJP President Rajnath Singh, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Ms Sushma Swaraj and the senior leader Mr Smiriti Irani, who have been vociferously espous- ing the cause of women across the country. He castigated BJP for the contd on page 2

who have been vociferously espous- ing the cause of women across the country. He castigated BJP

tle field for anti-national and pro- separatist issues, the Party State President Jugal Kishore Sharma (MLA) also denied that he had done anything which tantamount to mis- behavior with minister in the house today. "It is unfortunate that most of the time contd on page 2

Nuclear-hit Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees

TOKYO: A project to plant 190 kilome- ters (120 miles) of Japan's tsunami-hit coast with cherry trees has begun, to welcome nuclear evacuees in three decades' time. Residents, volunteers and those who fled the atomic disaster are set to plant 20,000 cherry tree saplings in

Fukushima's coastal Hamadori region over the next 10 years, officials said. "Everyone may come back to Fukushima 30 years from now," project leader Yumiko Nishimoto, 59, said. "We want to leave local communities in a state our children can be proud of." Large areas of Fukushima were evac-

uated in the aftermath of the world's worst nuclear accident in a generation, when reactors in Fukushima went into meltdown after the plant was swamped by the 2011 tsunami. Scientists have warned that some areas may be uninhabitable for decades. Nishimoto contd on page 2

UPA buckles under DMK pressure, to bring resolution on Sri Lanka in Parliament

NEW DELHI: Wilting

would withdraw support to

human rights violations in Sri

under pressure put in by DMK the UPA today decided to bring in a resolution on

the UPA. However, the DMK has made it clear that it would reconsider its decision

Lanka. Chidambaram said the Congress Core Group, head-

human rights excesses in Sri


India supports a strong res-

ed by party Chief Sonia

Lanka in Parliament to get the crucial DMK support for the coalition to survive. According to sources the government is preparing the

olution at the UN Human Rights Council and brings a resolution in Parliament on the issue. Earlier, Finance Minister

Gandhi, had considered the two suggestions made by DMK at length. He sought to mollify Karunanidhi, saying his


Chidambaram insisted that

"statement deserves all

draft of the resolution put before the Parliament for adoption. The decision was taken after the Congress Core

the government faces no threat and that consultations have been initiated with

respect". Asked whether he was hopeful that DMK will reconsider its decision,

Group meeting; hours after DMK chief M Karunanidhi announced that his party

political parties on DMK's demand that Parliament should adopt a resolution on

Chidambaram said, "According to the media, the DMK contd on page 2

Have we Indians lost moral values? I t may be hard to swallow but the

Have we Indians lost moral values?

I t may be hard to swallow but the fact is

we Indians minus exceptions seem on a

downslide when it comes to human val-

ues. It is a sorry tale from a great civilization to a degenerate mass of humanity which is controlled by wanton passion and lust. Otherwise how would we explain the num- ber of rapes occurring daily in Mother India? Nirbhaya's gang rape galvanized a whole

decadent nation to activism but since her cruel death the rapes have not decreased. Sometimes a Swiss tourist is raped by six men or an innocent child is ripped apart by a compulsive beast. The trend of occurrence of rape is not confined to a particular area but is prevalent in equal measure from Kashmir to Kerala and from Kutch to

Kamrup (Assam). Today the world looks at us with surprise and anguish. Yesterday UK and Common Wealth countries have issued travel advisories to women tourists visiting India and have asked them to be careful. The land which proudly proclaimed -Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata (where women are honoured there reside the Gods). The common man of the country is bewildered; he has searching and probing questions. Have we lost human touch and moral values? If so what factors are respon- sible for it? How long will our daughters suf- fer from the prying eyes of molesters? Who will answer these uncomfortable questions raised by the common man?








n Criticised the attire worn

The cabinet today cleared the


by women in TV serials and


much discussed, needed, demanded and discussed

n 'Who amongst us have

criminal law (amendment)


not followed girls?': Sharad


bill retaining 18 as the age of

n "Mohabbat to ab khatam

consent for sex because of pressure from politicians, some of whom ruled that the

hi ho jaayega. Ladka jab ladki ke taraf dekhega nahi

"stricter" provisions would rob the country of romance. Today the anti-rape bill

aur uska peechha nahi kare- ga to mohabbat hoga kaise ? Sharad yadav.

was introduced in the House by home minister

Majority of MP,s absent during voting

Sushilkumar Shinde. Earlier in the day, the members stressed the importance of preventing misuse of the pro-

D espite different par- ties professing their commitment to

visions of the anti-rape bill, while opinions diverged on the proposal to keep the age of consent at 18. This remark by Janata Dal (United) chief Sharad Yadav was just one among many surprising ones at this after- noon's consensus-seeking all-

party meeting, where leader after leader seemed to betray the utmost incomprehension of terms such as "stalking", "voyeurism" and "traffick-

ing". "Mohabbat to ab khatam hi ho jaayega. Ladka jab ladki ke taraf dekhega nahi aur uska peechha nahi karega

to mohabbat hoga kaise (Romance will die out now. If a boy doesn't look at a girl or follow her, how can romance contd on page 2

making women more secure, the lower house was largely empty when the vote took place. Congress president Sonia Gandhi, her son and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and other senior min- isters were among those missing.

Sonia Gandhi, her son and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and other senior min- isters were among
Sonia Gandhi, her son and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and other senior min- isters were among

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Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 2 STUDENT AGE CONTD. 2 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013





2 STUDENT AGE CONTD. 2 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 J&K Assembly appeals resolution cutting across the
J&K Assembly appeals resolution cutting across the party affiliations and appeal people for safe passage
J&K Assembly
resolution cutting across the
party affiliations and appeal
people for safe passage of
tourism season
Not to harm
tourists, damage tourism
infrastructure and transport
carrying tourists and pass it
with thumping of benches,"
state tourism minister
Ghulam Ahmed Mir told
Assembly last night.
Mir, senior Congress
Minister in the state,
appealed to the people of
Kashmir valley for ensuring
safe passage of the season
starting from April this year.
The Minister said the
state has recorded highest
ever tourist influx in 2011
and 2012, with 13.11 lakh
tourists, including 37,000
foreigners, and 6.21 lakh
Amarnath yatris visiting
Kashmir Valley during last
tourist season.
Over 1.03 crore pilgrims
visited Mata Vaishno Devi
while 1.40 lakh, including
38,000 foreign tourists, visit-
ed Ladakh during last sea-
son, he said.
The Centre has sanc-
tioned 79 tourism projects
worth Rs 367 crore for cre-
ation of varied tourist related
infrastructure facilities in the
state during last four years
against which 62 projects
have been completed, he
Three mega projects,
including Rs 38.15 crore for
Naagar Nagar, Srinagar to
Watlab, Rs 16.92 crore for
Mubarak Mandi Heritage
Conservation Project and Rs
22.43 crore for Trans-
Himaliyan Cultural Centre
Project Leh, are also under
implementation, he said.
The government has for-
warded DPRs of Rs 150
crore to the Centre for devel-
opment of Sufi Circuit in
Kashmir, Spiritual Circuit in
Jammu and Buddhist Circuit
in Leh, which in principle
has been agreed to by the
Centre, the Minister said.
To promote adventure
tourism in the state, second
phase of Kongdoori-
Marysholder Ski Chair Lift
Gulmarg has been commis-
sioned at a cost of Rs 17.50
crore. Rs 6 crore Ropeway
Project Makdoom Sahib
would be commissioned dur-
ing coming financial year, he
The Minister said con-
struction of Rs 40 crore
Mubarak Mandi-Maha Maya
Shahbad Cable Car project
would be taken up soon after
receiving Forest, Wildlife
and Environment clearances.
He said Ropeways at
Patnitop and Shiv Khori
would also be taken up after
clearing certain bottlenecks.
The Minister said the rev-
enue of Jammu and Kashmir
Tourism Development
Corporation is expected to
touch Rs 36 crore during the
current fiscal.
fidayeens (suicide mili-
tants)," Mir said.
Two former militants,
Bashir Ahmad Mir and
Mukhtar Shah, who provided
logistical support to the
attackers, have also been
arrested, he said, adding,
another person Pradeep
Singh, a contractual govern-
ment employee has also been
there was no satisfactory
reply coming from the treas-
ury bench, the party was
forced to protest in the house
as the speaker allowed one of
the MLAs to continue raising
the issue of Afzal Guru,
Sharma said.
The BJP President, who
was also accompanied by
three party MLAs, denied
that he had used any deroga-
ing to be the custodians of
high glorious ethos, culture
and tradition of Jammu
region stoop so low where
they cannot distinguish
between right and wrong.
Women, who deserve respect
in a civilized society cannot
be belittled the way Mr Jugal
Kishore Sharma did, the
Provincial President said.
worn by women in TV seri-
als and films, inviting
protests from film actress-
turned-politician Jaya Prada,
an independent member of
ment is absolutely stable and
enjoys majority in the Lok
Sabha," he said.
"The government has a
majority in the House,"
Chidambaram said respond-
to repeated queries on the
Guru continues
tory words against NC
remarked that it was
pointless to continue support
if Guru issue is allowed to
high jack the issue. "If
Constitutional norms will be
blown to wind like this then
there is no fun to be a part of
woman minister during the
protest. "Rather she used
some words which were
unparliamentary", he said
and her husband left their
home in the town of Hirono,
Yadav said he would sup-
port the tougher measures for
repeat offenders since his
party had decided to back the
Rashtriya Janata Dal chief
Lalu Prasad too provided a
moment of levity but this
appeared an intentional effort
issue of the government's
His statement came hours
after Karunanidhi announced
that the DMK will pull out of
the government over the
Lanka Tamils issue. The
DMK has 18 members in the
Lok Sabha and the UPA with
less than 30 kilometers south
at humour. He wondered
support of the DMK has
Cracked Srinagar
and added that many NC and
Congress Ministers and
MLAs forced me out of the
the crippled nuclear plant,
whether he might be prose-
MPs in the 543-member
to execution of Parliament
attack convict Afzal Guru.
"We have completed the
investigations into the attack
and cracked the case,"
Inspector General of Police
(IGP), Kashmir, Abdul Gani
Mir told reporters here. A
former militant, Mukhtar
Shah, was the fourth person
to be arrested in connection
with the attack for providing
logistical support to the
fidayeens who stormed a
CRPF camp in Bemina in
central Srinagar on March
13, killing five jawans, the
IGP said.
Investigations had not
proved that the attack was a
revenge attack for the execu-
tion of Guru, who was
hanged in Tihar jail on
February 9, he said.
"Investigations have not
proved that this was a
revenge attack," he said. A
huge cache of arms and
ammunition was also recov-
ered, he said. "Two AK 47s
(with eight magazines), 240
AK rounds, one UBGL, 40
rifle grenades, 40 hand
grenades, two pouches, two
anti-tank mines, 12 RC's, one
map, two light bags, three
GPS devices, two compass-
es, two wireless sets, two
time bombs (charge, timer
and detonators), pencil cell
batteries and a transparent
poly - pack containing 'Made
in Pakistan' medicines and
ointment, have been recov-
ered," he said.
this coalition," Sharma said
and raising a finger on Eng
Rashid added that most of
the members in the House
are supporting anti-national
BJP Chief
was vocally demanding
the return of Afzal Guru's
mortal remains from New
Delhi. Amid their verbal
duel, Sakina told Sharma:
"You are also doing what
Engineer Rashid is doing."
This provoked Sharma
further, and he told the min-
ister that while he was talk-
ing like a nationalist, Rashid
was making anti-national
The party holds women in
high esteem and this is the
reason that the BJP has given
about 33 percent representa-
tion to women in various
committees and fora of the
party. The leader of BJP
Legislature Party Ashok
Khajuria said that it was a
black day in the history of
J&K Assembly today as
nationalist forces and those
working for welfare and
upliftment of the masses
were subjected to humilia-
tion and forcible eviction
from the house to appease
pro-separatist dispensation.
Referring to suspension of
but returned in late 2011.
She was inspired to begin
the project after seeing tele-
vision footage of cherry
blossoms in an uninhabited
evacuation zone in spring
2012. Mandatory evacuation
zones have gradually been
lifted as radiation levels have
dropped, and the area south
of the plant has generally
seen moves to repopulate
more quickly than other
areas. Cherry blossom has a
special place in Japan's
national psyche, with the
annual blooming of the frag-
ile flowers a chance for
friends, family or colleagues
to gather under the trees to
eat and drink.
cuted for acts of stalking or
voyeurism on his wife and
was assured amid guffaws
that this was very unlikely.
On the issue of a resolu-
tion moved at the UNHCR
against Sri Lanka which
Samajwadi Party chief
DMK wants India to support,
Mulayam Singh Yadav took
said that the government
the prize. He claimed people
examining the final draft
resorting to "transfer and
posting" of women at work-
places could be jailed under
the bill's provisions. Met
with a chorus of denials, he
held his ground and insisted
he could prove it.
When he showed the "rel-
evant portion" to leader of
which reached here late last
night. as a damage control
measure the UPA had rushed
three of its seasoned fire-
fighters Chidambaram,
Defence Minister A K
Antony and Health Minister
Ghulam Nabi Azad who met
Karunanidhi on Monday.
the Opposition Sushma
The talks failed and to keep
Swaraj, it left her speechless
flock together the govern-
for some time.t Mulayam
actually pointed towards the
ment hinted that it was exam-
ining whether amendments
be moved to that draft to
portion of the bill that deals
with trafficking of women.
strengthen that resolution as
Party President by the
The former chief minister
demanded by DMK.
had apparently confused
"As far as the resolution
Jugal denies
"trafficking" with "transfer".
"Ye mahilayon ke gair
the UNHCR is concerned,
are examining the final
in the current session of
state legislative assembly has
been spent on the issue of
Afzal Guru and the coalition
government has allowed
members to waste time with-
out realizing that there are
more important pressing
issues facing the people of
the three regions of the
state", Sharma said at a press
conference at party hqrs.
BJP cannot afford to
allow anti-national and pro-
secessionists to hijack valu-
able time of the house, where
people have sent their repre-
sentatives to form policies
and redress the grievances
pertaining various sections
of the people, he said and
alleged that the ruling
alliance of NC and Congress
were hand in glow to rake-up
the sentiments of the people
for their vote bank politics.
Referring about today's
development in the house,
BJP leader said that the party
MLAs wanted to raise the
issues pertaining to discrimi-
nation with Jammu province
on developmental front. As
Speaker for rest of the ses-
sion, Khajuria said that other
BJP MLAs will not attend
the house till Jugal Kishore
is asked to join the house
Two party MLAs -
Sukhnandan Choudhary and
Sham Choudhary- were also
happen)?" Yadav said.
The source said the fear
was shared widely at the
meeting. It would have con-
soled the politicians some-
what that the government has
watered down the provisions
on stalking and voyeurism,
kanooni tareki se le jana aur
gair kanooni kaam me lagana
ke liye hai. Transfer-posting
ke liye nahin (This is about
illegally taking women away
and forcing them into illegal
professions. This is not about
draft that came to us late last
night and whether amend-
ments can be moved to that
draft to strengthen that reso-
lution," Chidambaram said.
present in the press confer-
Netanyahu-led coalition
takes office in Israel
Omar condemns
making first-time transgres-
sions bailable so that these
offenders can be let off with
transferring or posting
women employees),"
against a lady member.
This deserves to be con-
demned with strongest
words", the Chief Minister
lamented and expressed his
condemnation and dismay
The new laws increase
punishment for offences like
voyeurism, stalking and acid
They provides for death
penalty - which is imposed
very rarely in India - in cases
Sushma explained. Mulayam
nodded and the rest tried to
suppress smiles.
Israeli coalition packed with
hardliners received
Parliament's seal of approval
The government was
Tuesday just two days
forced to amend the bill fol-
ahead of a landmark visit by
lowing large-scale street
protests over the December
gang rape and demands to
President Barack Obama,
with faint hopes of any
revival of the stalled peace
over the behaviour of BJP
rape that leads to death or
make the law more stringent.
talks with the Palestinians.
"The investigations have
leaves the victim in a "per-
sistent vegetative state".
Under the changes, the
minimum sentence for gang
rape, rape of a minor, rape by
policemen or a person in
UPA buckles under
DMK pressure
Knesset the Israeli
Parliament approved the new
Government led by Prime
been completed in the best
manner and minimum possi-
ble time. We have made four
member. "What kind of dis-
ciplinary action Mr Speaker
is going to take for this indis-
cipline, I leave that to him",
he said and strongly disap-
proved the behaviour of BJP
president has said that he
will review its decision if a
Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu with a majority of
arrests related to the case,"
he said.
resolution is brought before
Parliament. We take note of
votes in favor and 48
against. Netanyahu and his
Rana seeks BJP’s
authority will be doubled to
20 years and can be extended
ministers then took their
"One Pakistani national
to life without parole.Under
Mohammad Zubair alias
Talha Zaraar of Multan who
belongs to LeT was arrested
from Chattabal area of
Srinagar and was the facilita-
tor and controller of the two
shameful act and won-
dered how can the leaders
who vouch for reservation of
women in the legislature and
Parliament, apart from boast-
the existing laws, a rapist
faces a term of seven to 10
years. In the debate in the
Lok Sabha, Shailendra
Kumar of the Samajwadi
Party criticised the attire
that statement also."
He insisted that the gov-
ernment is stable and will
continue. "Let me assure
everyone that the stability of
the government and the con-
tinuation of the government
are not an issue. The govern-
oaths of office before the
House. The new Government
came after over 40 days of
tortuous coalition negotia-
tions and just two days
before a landmark visit by

Projects worth $70 billion discussed at India-Africa conclave

NEW DELHI: More than 500 projects worth nearly $70 billion were discussed

took place during the event," said Syamal Gupta, chair- man, CII Africa committee.

"I am confident that the outcomes of these discus- sions would lead to a con-

opment and income genera- tion," he said. Addressing the valedicto-

day trade target at $100 bil- lion by 2015. Trade ministers of India


during the three-day India-


said the 10th edi-

crete proposals and translate

ry session of the conclave

and Africa at a meeting held

Africa project partnership conclave that ended on

tion of the conclave would be held from March 9-11 next year in New Delhi.

into action on the ground," he said.

India's commerce secretary S. R. Rao said India and

in March 2012 had set a tar- get of $90 billion trade by

Tuesday, organizer said. Over 900 delegates from 45 countries participated in the 9th edition of the con- clave organized by the

He expressed hope that the number of participants in the next year conclave would be even higher.

Banerjee said India and Africa need to increase eco- nomic engagements in view of the global economic crisis. "The global slowdown

Africa share special relations and the government would take make all efforts to facil- itate more trade and invest- ments. India's Commerce and

"We are upwardly revis- ing the target to at least $100 billion by 2015 because I feel that it is achievable," Sharma


director General

has compelled nations to look

Industry Minister Anand

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Export-Import Bank of India. This was the largest ever participation. "There was record partici- pation. More than 1,500 busi- ness-to-business meetings

Chandrajit Banerjee said more than 500 projects from different sectors like agricul- ture, infrastructure, mining and oil and gas, valued at around $70 billion were dis- cussed during the conclave.

for new growth opportuni- ties. Within the overall decel- eration, developing nations suffer disproportionately since they are at the same time battling the challenges of poverty alleviation, devel-

Sharma met his counterparts from various African coun- tries who were here to partic- ipate in the conclave. Buoyed by the recent surge in trade, the ministers have revised upward the two-

said Monday after meeting his counterparts from various African countries. Rao said India was dis- cussing free trade pact with some African countries and group of countries, with a view to boost trade.

Probe 'atrocities' on Sri Lankan Tamils: Sonia

NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi Tuesday denounced

Congress MPs at a meeting in par- liament house here. "We are

violation of human rights in Sri Lanka," she added. "Our support for

cal rights continue to be denied to them," said Gandhi. Talking about

the "unspeakable atrocities" com-

anguished by the reports of unspeak-

their (Tamil) equal rights and equal

Indian fishermen detained or fired at

mitted on Tamils in Sri Lanka and

able atrocities on innocent civilians


has been unwavering

by the Sri Lankan Navy, Gandhi said

sought an independent and credible probe into rights abuses there. "The plight of Sri Lankan Tamils is very close to our hearts," she told

and children, especially during the last days of the conflict in 2009. "That is why we demand an inde- pendent and credible inquiry into the

since the days of Indiraji and Rajivji. "We are most pained at the man- ner in which their legitimate politi-

it was a matter of grave concern. "A permanent solution to the daily vio- lence against them is also impera- tive," she said.

Rs. 107.76 cr advanced among 7896 IGU holders in Kup


among 6969 income gener-

The District Level Review

ating unit holders followed

Committee (DLRC) meet-


the small enterprises sec-


of district Kupwara was


under which Rs. 29.64

held under



Chairmanship of District

crore among 1408 IGU holders and another Rs.

80 percent of the population






o p m


n t

27.08 crore among 1612

Commissioner, Kupwara to review the achievements made under Annual District Credit Plan 2012-13.

unit holders under services sector. It was also given out that

The Bankers, sponsoring


the district is engaged

agency officers CPD and

with Agriculture and allied

RBI representative were



present in the DLRC meet-



ing. It was given out by the Lead District Manager Kupwara that an amount of Rs. 107.76 crores have been advanced among the 7986 to generate their own

p Commissioner, Kupwara exhorted upon all the banks and sponsoring agencies to work with more zeal, coop- eration, co-ordination and synergy to achieve the goals

m e n t



e v



income generating units upto December 2012 of the current fiscal. Out of Rs.

targets of development,

progress and eradication of unemployment from the



crore targeted for the

district. He also directed the

purpose which accounts to 66.53 percent. It was informed that under Agriculture sector Rs.

concerned to create aware- ness among the general masses at village level by involving the Panchayat


crore were advanced

representative institutions.

masses at village level by involving the Panchayat 51.04 crore were advanced representative institutions.
masses at village level by involving the Panchayat 51.04 crore were advanced representative institutions.

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3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 3

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 3 STUDENT AGE STATE 3 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013





3 STUDENT AGE STATE 3 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 NEWS IN BOX Attention intending Hajj pilgrims


Attention intending Hajj pilgrims of 2013

SRINAGAR, MACRH 19: According to the Executive Officer, J&K State Hajj Committee, the submission of appli- cation forms for the Hajj 2013 has been extended upto March 30, 2013.

MLA suspended for rest of session

JAMMU, MARCH 19- Member, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Jugal Kishore, has been suspended from the services of the House for rest of the session with effect from 19th of March, 2013 on a motion moved by MLA, Indu Pawar and adopted by the House. The MLA shall not enter the defined precincts of the House till his suspen- sion is in force.

Shah takes over as Director Agriculture Kashmir

SRINAGAR, MARCH 19: Mushtaq Ahmad Shah, today assumed charge as Director Agriculture, Kashmir, from Dr. Farooq A. Lone. Officers & officials of the department gave warm welcome to the new Director and assured him of full cooperation and support.On the occasion, Shah advised the officers and officials to work with dedication and honesty for welfare and development of the farming community. Meanwhile, Agriculture Officers Association & Non- Gazetted Agriculture Employees Association accorded warm send-off to Dr. Farooq A. Lone on his transfer as District Development Commissioner, Anantnag. The speakers lauded his selfless services done for betterment of farmers, as Director Agriculture Kashmir.

Office timings rescheduled in Kashmir division

SRINAGAR, MARCH 19: According to Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, the working hours in all the Government offices and institutions in Kashmir Valley except those education institutions located within the Srinagar Municipal limits shall be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with effect from April 01, 2013.These timing shall remain operative upto ending October. Accordingly, all Heads of Departments shall ensure strict adherence to office timings.

Progressive orchardists on exposure visit to HP

SRINAGAR, MARCH 19: Under the progressive Horticulture Mission and ATMA 2012-13, 19 progressive orchardists of Srinagar district shall be visiting to various Institutes of Agriculture and Horticulture Universities of Himachal Pradesh. The exposure visit shall commence from March 21, 2013 and shall culminate on March 27, 2013.

Rs. 367 cr advanced for setting up of IG Units in Baramulla

BARAMULLA, MACRH 19: To create job avenues and to set up various income generating units, Rs. 367.15 crore have been advanced by various financial institutions in Baramulla district during current financial year. As many as 116 self help groups were established out of which 101 stands linked with various banks. This was stated during a District Level Review Committee meeting today under the District Development Commissioner, Baramulla and officers of sponsoring departments also participated. Giving details, District Lead Bank Officer said that Rs. 232.78 crore were provided under Agriculture sector, Rs. 102.75 crore under small industries sector while Rs. 31.62 crore were advanced under services sector. District Development Commissioner on this occasion stressed upon the sponsoring agencies and banks to provide all benefits of the schemes launched by the government for the people so minimize unemployment and to achieve the goal of development and progress and also aware the people about these schemes to avail the benefits of such schemes.

Awareness camp of RFFDA held at Pandach

SRINAGAR, MACRH 19: To impart and acquaint the pri- vate fish farmers of Srinagar district with the awareness about the modern techniques of fish culture, a training pro- gramme was conducted by Regional Fish Farmers Development Agency (RFFDA) at training cum demonstra- tion centre, Pandach here today.

A large number of fish rearers in private sector participat-

ed in the awareness programme. Owing to the successful propagation of Pisciculture, the beneficiaries are provided with a package of Rs. 1.50 lakh for setting up of ponds for Carp culture while Rs. 2.40 lakh are being provided for establishing trout culture. This initia- tive has been taken to provide employment avenues to the unemployment educated youth of the state.

KAS Officers Association meets to devise plan for smooth election

SRINAGAR, MARCH 19: A meeting of Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) Officers Association was held

at D.c office Srinagar to devise the plan for the forth coming election of the Association here today. Threadbare discussions were held for the conduct of smooth and fair election to different cadres of the Association. It was given out in the meeting that all members of the Association should participate in the election.

It is pertinent to mention that the last date for filing of

nominations is April 02, 2013. The last date for withdrawing the nominations is April 06, 2013. The election shall be held on April 15, 2013.

Municipal electoral rolls 2013 available at Kupwara, Handwara, Langate

KUPWARA, MACRH 19: According to Electoral Registration Officer, Municipal Committees, Kupwara,

Handwara and Langate, the electoral rolls 2013 of wards 1-

13 have been prepared in pursuance of the provisions of Rule

4 of the Municipal Committee and has been made available

at Kupwara, Handwara and Langate Municipal Committee for information of general public. The interested electors have been asked to liaison with the concerned officers from March 15, 2013 to March 25, 2013, the claims and the objec- tions can be filed from March 15 to March 25, 2013 in the Municipal Committees of Kupwara, Handwara and Langate.

Governor inaugurates 48th Annual State Art Exhibition; gives away Awards

JAMMU, MARCH 19 - N. N. Vohra, Governor, today said that Jammu and Kashmir has
N. Vohra, Governor, today
said that Jammu and
Kashmir has the distinction
of producing internationally
acclaimed artists who have
made outstanding contribu-
tions to the promotion of art.
The Governor, as Chief
Guest, was speaking after
inaugurating the 48th State
Art Exhibition and present-
ing awards at the Award
Presentation Ceremony
organized by the Jammu and
Kashmir Academy of Art,
Culture and Languages at
Kala Kendra here this
The Governor, who is the
Patron of the Cultural
Academy, hoped that the
Academy will do all that is
possible to encourage the
Referring to the
Academy's plans of organiz-
ing All India Painting and
Sculptors Camps in Kashmir
this summer, the Governor
stressed that best possible
artists should be attracted to
N. N. Vohra, Governor alongwith others during 48th State Art Exhibition at Kala Kendra, Jammu.
participate in these Camps
so that the budding artists
from J&K could get the
opportunity to learn from the
eminent personalities.
Earlier, the Governor
went around the Exhibition
and evinced keen interest in
more than 100 art creations
put up at the Exhibition.
Recording his impressions
about the Exhibition in the
Visitors' Book, the Governor
observed "I am very happy
to have the opportunity of
inaugurating the 48th State
Art Exhibition and be able to
see a large number of
impressive canvasses and
pieces of sculptures. I con-
gratulate the Academy for
putting together such an
impressive Exhibition and
trust that it shall do all that is
possible to encourage
upcoming artists".
In the Artist Category, the
Governor gave away a cash
prize of Rs. 51,000 and a
certificate each to Ms. Richa
Gupta for her work "Palm
Leaf Manuscripts" and
Tariq Ahmad Sheikh for his
work "Funeral of Hearts" in
Painting Section. In Student
Category, he gave away a

cash prize of Rs. 10,000 and

Cultural Academy, in his


certificate each to Ms.

welcome address, gave

Heena Sayal for her work "Dreams" in Painting Section and Shabir Hassan for his work "Shongith

details of the various activi- ties of the Academy and dwelt on the Exhibition. He stated that for 2011-12 State

Shahmar" in Sculpture Section. He also gave away

Art Awards, about 150 works were received and out


consolation prize of Rs.

of these 118 exhibits were

1,000 and a certificate each

selected by the Adjudicating


seven other artists.

Committee comprising of

The Governor congratu- lated the awardees and wished them many more art works in the coming time. Raman Bhalla, Minister for Housing, Horticulture and Culture, said that by organizing Art Camps and Exhibitions, the Cultural Academy provides a plat- form to the artists to demon- strate their creative talents. He assured that all out efforts will be made for the promotion of art in the State. He congratulated the

two experts from outside the State for the competition. Of these, the award winning art pieces were selected. He also gave details of the vari- ous Art Camps organized in the recent past and those planned for the coming months. Mrs. Savita Bakshi, Additional Secretary of the Cultural Academy, presented a Vote of Thanks. The Exhibition will remain open for public view- ing between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily upto March 23,


awardees and thanked the Governor for inaugurating

Prominent artists, sculp-

the State Art Exhibition and giving away the awards. Khalid Bashir, Secretary,

tors, writers and a large number of art lovers were present on the occasion.

Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Grants Passed

Digitization of land records my priority: Ajaz

1500 being imparted Patwar training, 600 to be detailed for settlement operations

JAMMU, MARCH 19: Minister of State for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation, Ajaz Ahmad Khan today said that he has devised an action plan to digitise the land records in the State. He said as a first step the records of settlement operations being held cur- rently in the State are being computer- ized. Replying to the discussion on demand of grants for the Revenue Department, the Minister said ever since he took over as the Minister Incharge, he has felt the need of computerization of land records and strengthening of revenue infrastructure in the State. He said we are all aware that the condition of land records in patwar khanas in the shape of Lathas, Fards and other records

detailed for undertaking settlement

and other records detailed for undertaking settlement said a single window system has been put in

said a single window system has been put in place for the delivery of 14 serv- ices of the Department which have been brought under the ambit of Public Services Guarantee Act. Terming Revenue as the backbone of civil administration, the Minister said the Department holds a special place in the legal history of the State. He said historic legislations like Land to Tiller, Agrarian Reforms Acts, PRC Act, Roshni Act etc. were the creation of this Department only and placed on record his appreciation for persons of vision who have held this Department ever since the times of Maharaja. Ajaz said the Department is working round the clock to mitigate the suffer- ings of the people. He said despite the

is not so good as a result of which peo- ple face difficulties in getting the extracts of their survey Nos. Ajaz said the settlement operations of 1800 villages in the State have been completed, the records have been com- puterized and submitted to the Government. He said with this the process of computerization of land records has set on and said that he is hopeful that the records of entire settle- ment of the State would be computer- ized which he said would be completed within 6-7 years. He said every village would be covered under the settlement and 600 patwaris would be specially

operations. The Minister said raising basic infra- structure for the offices and officers of the Revenue Department across the State has been his other priority. He said

Patwar khanas, Record rooms and other related infrastructure would be raised in all tehsils and nayabats. He said the tehsil offices in 8 tehsils are under con- struction while as these have already been constructed in tehsils like Lar, Gurez, Rajouri, Kulgam, Pampore, Jammu, Samba, Kathua, Udhampur etc. He said, similarly, work is apace at 20 nayabats across the State. Given the sensitivity of the issue, Ajaz said, a high powered committee headed by FC Revenue has been consti- tuted to see how the Permanent Resident Certificate (PRCs) format would be digitised to minimize faking and enable the availability of records with the Government of each person to whom such a certificate has been issued. He said a beginning has already been made from district Jammu in this regard. He

shortage of manpower, the Department has been able to settle about 99% land compensation cases of railways and 70- 80% cases of National Highway widen- ing. He said so far Rs. 480 crore has been disbursed as compensation and Centre has been approached for another Rs. 409 crore to clear all the compensa- tion cases. The Minister said the rehabilitation package for Kashmiri Pandits is being executed by the Government with all seriousness. He said revised package has been devised and so far 5000 KPs have volunteered to return back to their home and hearth. He said the Department has raised transit accommo- dations in the district headquarters of Kashmir valley where at present 915 KPs are residing. He said the Government has written to the Centre to bring Jammu migrants at par with KPs.

DDC for better traffic facilities in Srinagar city


This was stated by the

To facilitate the common

masses with better traffic sys- tem in the Srinagar city, District Development Commissioner, Srinagar today enjoined upon the traf-

District Development Commissioner while conven- ing an officers meeting here today. The meeting was informed that about 81 per-


authorities to ensure ply-

cent expenditure has been


of 10 SRTC buses during

registered against the alloca-

late hours in Srinagar city.

tion for the current fiscal.


The District Development

The District Development

Commissioner also exhorted upon the officers to ensure regularity and punctuality in their offices so that the griev- ances of the people can be redressed and the schemes launched for the welfare of people can be implemented

Commissioner impressed upon the officers to ensure judicious use of funds and attaining targets in full within the stipulated time. He also directed Srinagar Municipal Corporation authorities to ensure cleanliness and proper


letter and spirit.

sanitation in Srinagar city.

in letter and spirit. sanitation in Srinagar city. Trainingprogrammes about Pollination Management in fruit

Trainingprogrammes about Pollination Management in fruit crops held at SKUAST-K


the apple growing economy

Ten days training programme


the Valley.

on Pollination Management

The training programmes


Fruit Crops was organized

were conducted to create

by Research and Training Centre for Pollination Management at SKUAST- Kashmir, Shalimar. Meanwhile, training on "Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms and their Management in Apple Production" under the Horticulture Technology Mission Project for demon- stration of fertilizer manage- ment was also organized in view of the declining apple production resulting in loss to

awareness among the orchardists to enhance the fruit quality and yield espe- cially regarding the apple production. The resource per- sons also imparted training to fruit growers pertaining to managed pollination in apple orchardists. Pertinently, the inadequate pollinators and pollinizers have been respon- sible for 30 to 40 percent reduction in yield of apples during last decade in the Valley.

Dy CM constitutes high level committee to review Pvt. School fee structure


Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand today chaired a high level meeting which was attended by Advocate General M.I Qadri, Commissioner/Secretary to Government, Law and Parliamentary Affairs

G.H.Tantray, Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Hirdesh Kumar Singh and Addl. Secretary to Govt., School Education. The Deputy Chief Minister issued directions for constitution of a high level committee under the

Pragmatic education, transfer policies on anvil SRO 123 under review

education, transfer policies on anvil SRO 123 under review Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand chairing a

Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand chairing a high level meeting with officials at Jammu.

directed that the relevant pro- visions of the Act be also

result of promotions/retire- ment be also referred to PSC/SSB. In addition it also


amended to make it more pragmatic. Tara Chand also decided for issuing an educa- tional calendar for every aca- demic year, both for winter and summer zones. The meeting was informed that several actions have been taken during last two months which include, promotions made wherein 7 new Joint Directors, 12 Chief Education Officers, a total of 2041 Lecturers, finalization of seniority list of 1401 Senior Lecturers, 2529 Headmasters and also pro- motions of 81 PG Masters

came to fore that 4455 num- ber of posts of teachers and other non gazetted staff have been sent to SSB which have also been advertised and 581 number of vacancies of Lecturers have also been referred to J&K Public Service Commission since the Deputy Chief Minister took charge of the School Education Department. It was also decided that School Education Department shall take up the matter with Public Service Commission and Services


Lecturers. The Deputy Chief

Selection Board for fast tracking recruitment process

Minister emphasized on the


about 20,000 posts of dif-

need to speed up promotion

ferent categories are lying

process of Principals and directed that the vacancies as

vacant in the School Education Department.

Chairmanship of a retired

schools are charging any cap- itation fee and whether these institutions are indulging in profiteering. Tara Chand directed for sending the panel to the Hon'ble Chief Justice of J&K High Court for nomi- nating Chairman of this Committee. In addition, he also directed the Secretary to Government, School Education Department to

constitute a committee com- prising of prominent educa- tionists representing different sections and regions for framing an inclusive and effective education policy for the State. The Deputy Chief Minister directed for framing a transfer policy for regulat- ing transfers and postings in the School Education

Department, which should be pragmatic and will take into consideration the topo- graphical and climatic fac- tors and period spent by offi- cials in challenging environ- ment/locations. The Deputy Chief Minister also decided for reviewing SRO 123 of 2010 dealing with the private edu- cational institutions and

Judge of High Court to be nominated by the Hon'ble Chief Justice, J&K High Court for reviewing and fix- ing the fee structure for pri- vate schools in the State. The Committee will also examine whether the private

and fix- ing the fee structure for pri- vate schools in the State. The Committee will

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 4 STUDENT AGE STATE 4 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 Saroori


3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 4

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 4 STUDENT AGE STATE 4 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013





Saroori raises various issues on Tourism sector and Planining & Development department on the floor of the Assembly

JAMMU, MARCH 19: Congress MLA from Inderwal Ghulam Mohammad Saroori raises various issues on the floor of Assembly; "Tourism Sector" "Lauded govt decision for train 25000 youth in hospitality" Saroori lauded government for the decision that it would train 25000 youth in hospitality sector in next four years in Jammu and Kashmir. He demanded immediate creation of Inderwal Development authority for Chatroo,

creation of Inderwal Development authority for Chatroo, Adding that focused attention should be given to explore

Adding that focused attention should be given to explore and show case the serene beauty of Sinthan Top, Devi Goal, Bimalnag, Bhangar, Pamber, Klam Setter and demanded construction of view points, Huts along the road side from Kurya bridge to Sinthan Top; Construction of TRC'S at Gondoh, Thatri and Muugalmaidan. He stressed on for- mation of tourist circuit from Lakhanpur to Bani - Basoli to Chattar Galah - Doda to Kishtwar - Anantnag to Amarnath which will work as alternate pass to

holders on need bases; release of wages of earlier engaged casual labors; construc- tion of paying guests house in private sec- tors; construction of tourist villages at Chingam and Sarthal; Construction of cable car from Marwari to Bhangar; con- struction of Sarie buildings near Ziyarat Sharief upper Astan sharief, lower Astan sharief and Bhandarkote Astan Sharief; construction of various links for develop- ment of tourist destination in Jammu and Srinagar region. Allocation of more funds for the development of Mansar lake,

"Planning and Development Department" "Implement all Board meeting deci- sions" Saroori demanded immediate imple- mentation of Finance commission report and Swami Raj Sharma's recommenda- tion for preparation of planes. Plans should be formulated and submission of DPR'S in all sector be done on ground bases. Implementation of all decision taken during the various board meetings including opening of one PHC and 10no

Ghulam Nabi Azad. Funds should be allocated for con- struction of Chatroo Singhpora Vailoo tunnel which will be alternate route to Kashmir valley via Kishtwar Chatroo. Proper planning should be made for allo- cations of funds for districts. Separate pro- posals for allocation of funds to bad pock- et area district. Saroori demanded equal distribution of funds to the districts as released by Government of India (GOI) under task force Commission. Immediate implementation of plan of current year for

Mugalmaidan, Dadpath, Bimalnag, Singhpora, Sigdi, Kuchal, Hurna Durbeel, Chingam, Sinthan Maidan, Sinthan Top, Dhadam Dhar, Passarkote of phamber

kalam setter these areas are having natural potential of spots government should also look in to these spot.

Jammu Srinagar national highway for smooth travel for pilgrimages as well as for tourists. Saroori demanded engagement of land

Suransar, Sudmahadev, Mata Vaishno Devi, Machail Kalash temple, Sarthal Devi and others. Expansion of man power for its implementation

Sub Centers in each segments of Erstwhile Doda District which was taken during 17 April 2008 by Former Chief Minister and Union Health Minister

early completion of works identified. He demanded enhance of wages for the daily wages of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers

daily wages of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers Jugal Kishore suspended from J&K Assembly

Jugal Kishore

suspended from

J&K Assembly

JAMMU: A BJP MLA was suspended for the rest of the current session of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly after he got engaged in a heated exchange of words with a state minister, leading to the party to boycott the House. Replying to a query by the BJP member Jugal Kishore, Minister for Planning Ajay Sadhotra said that in order to decongest traffic in the Jammu city, RITES have pre- pared mobility plan of Rs 30,000 crore which is under consideration of the Government. Kishore, who was not satisfied with the reply, walked into the Well of the House amid protests as he posed more supplimen- taries to the minister. He also alleged "dis- crimination" with the Jammu region. The government, however, replied that there will be no discrimination assuring that the projects will be taken up soon and will be completed in a time-bound manner. At this, Minister for Social Welfare Sakina Itoo made some comments over the BJP legislator's demand, leading to high- pitched verbal clashes between the two. Later, several National Conference min- isters - Mohmmad Akbar Lone, Sajad Ahmed Kitchloo, Chowdhary Mohmmad Ramzan and some of its MLAs - took on the BJP MLA and jostled with him as the Speaker Mubarak Gul ordered his mar- shalling out. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah criticised the behaviour of the BJP MLA, saying that the Legislative members should refrain from exhibiting such unruly behaviour. "On one side, we say that the dignity of women should be protected, on the other hand if the elected representatives of people exhibit such type of behaviour, it should be condemned in most strong words". Angered by the action taken against its MLA, the BJP boycotted the rest of the ses- sion.

Jugal denies charge of disrespect to minister

JAMMU: Asserting that BJP will not allow State Legislative Assembly to become a battle field for anti-national and pro-separatist issues, the Party State President Jugal Kishore Sharma (MLA) also denied that he had done anything which tantamount to misbehavior with minister in the house today. "It is unfortunate that most of the time in the current session of state legislative assembly has been spent on the issue of Afzal Guru and the coalition government has allowed members to waste time without realizing that there are more important pressing issues facing the people of the three regions of the state", Sharma said at a press conference at party hqrs.

Awareness camp on marketing and planning held in Budgam

BUDGAM, MARCH 19: An awareness camp was organized by the department of Horticulture, Planning and
An awareness camp was
organized by the department
of Horticulture, Planning and
Marketing in Town Hall,
Khan Sahib today where
experts from Horticulture,
Agriculture, NHB, APEA-
DA, Temperate horticulture
interacted with the fruit
growers of the region.
The main purpose of the
interaction was to highlight
various principles of market-
ing like proper grading of
fruits, proper picking, pack-
ing and market selection
such that it ensures best
returns to the producers and
strengthens the State econo-
The experts highlighted
Officials during a awareness camp of Planning and Marketing at Budgam.
that with the application of
latest post production tech-
nology available with the
department fruit growers can
enhance the quality and shelf
life of the fruits before it
reaches the consumer and the
department is trying it's best
to reach the farmers and fruit
growers and it was one such
Various fruit growers of
the adjoining villages like
Katch, Raithan, Watrad,
Shanipora etc. were present
in the camp and sought
expert advice on various
issues like usage and amount
of fungicide and insecticide,
pruning of trees and proper
grading of fruits.
As many as 21,23,000
boxes of various fresh fruits
like apples, pears and plums
have been despatched in the
financial year from the dis-
trict, informed the District
Officer, Horticulture
Planning and Marketing.
Also fresh fruit worth Rs. 95
crores has been sold in the
year gone by.
Among others, Sub
Divisional Magistrate,
Deputy Director Horticulture
and Co-ordinator KVK were
present on the occasion.

Take note of the pain from some sections of society in J&K: Sonia

'Stringent provisions in place on land conversion'

NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday expressed satisfaction over "remarkable progress" made in Jammu and Kashmir in the last few years but emphasized the need to "take note of the cry of pain and anguish" emanat- ing from some sections of the socie- ty in the state. Addressing a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary party, Gandhi said economic development has gathered pace in the state and a number of popular training and placement programmes have been started. Rahul Gandhi had taken a delega- tion of industrialists to the Valley some time ago vowing to resolve the problem of unemployment in the state. "In Jammu and Kashmir, we have made remarkable progress in the last few years under the leadership and

personal interest taken by our Prime

JAMMU: Stringent provisions are already in place under various laws regarding conversion of agricultural land for non-agriculture purposes and a comprehensive housing policy is needed to check illegal activity in this regard, Jammu and Kashmir govern-

lot of unavoidable conversion had taken place during the past few years, he said. Despite the strong legisla- tions, there were instances where ille- gal conversion of agricultural land had taken place. This has mainly occurred due to non-existence of a comprehen-



launch of rail services

in the Valley is an example of how

much infrastructure and connectivity

have expanded


has been

flourishing," Gandhi said.

The Congress president noted that


more trusting atmosphere had been

ment Tuesday said.

sive housing policy in the state, he


the making until it was interrupted

Replying to a Calling Attention Notice in the Legislative Council, Minister of State for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Ajaz Ahmed Khan said it was a fact that strict provisions were already in place. The Land Revenue Act, J&K Agrarian Reforms Act, Prohibition on Conversion of Land and Alienation of Orchards Act were some of the laws regarding conversion of agricultural land for non-agriculture purposes. However, keeping in view develop- mental activities like construction of roads, bridges, acquisition of land for Railways and other public purposes,

said. As and when such a policy comes into force, the instances will automati- cally be checked, he added. The unauthorised conversion of agricultural land is mainly taking place in and around urban areas and its sub- urbs, whereas it is nominal in rural areas. Along the National Highway, the change of agricultural land for non-agricultural use is due to the com- mercial potential of the plot. However, compared to the quan- tum of agricultural land which has been acquired for various public pur- poses throughout the state, the conver- sion for private ones is much less.

by certain incidents and the terrorist attack on a CRPF camp in Srinagar. "Yet, we should take note of the cry of pain and anguish emanating from some sections of society there. We will continue to work for peace and normalcy and development in all regions of the state in right earnest," Gandhi said. Extending her heartfelt condo- lences to the bereaved families of the victims of the recent terror strikes in Srinagar and Hyderabad, she said these incidents show that "we simply cannot lower our vigil".

Executive Engineer caught accepting bribe


Reports said that a con-

hand wash was taken which

An Executive Engineer was caught red handed in North Kashmir's Kupwara District for accepting bribe by Vigilance Organization on Tuesday. Executive Engineer has been arrested while a case has been regis- tered against him. According to reports Vigilance Organisation caught red-handed Executive Engineer of R&B Kupwara Division, Mohammad Shafi Bhat, while accepting a bribe of Rs 5000 in lieu of passing con- tract bills.

tractor Gulzar Ahmed from Rashanpora, Kupwara lodged a complaint alleging that Executive Engineer R&B Division Kupwara was forcing him to pay the bribe for passing his pending bills. The sleuths of vigilance laid a successful trap during which the accused Executive Engineer was caught red- handed while accepting the bribe from the complainant in Kupwara's R&B office. The tainted money was recovered from his posses- sion in presence of inde- pendent witnesses and the

tested positive. Vigilance team also took some impor- tant documents in its posses- sion. An FIR 6/2013 was filed and the said Executive Engineer was sent to jail. Meanwhile, dozens of contractors in Kupwara held demos against this action of Vigilance and claimed that said Executive Engineer had become the prey of personal rivalry. "He is a nice person and we do believe a trap was laid for him to get his image tarnished," said a contractor. The protesters were later on dispersed by the police.

Electric shock causes death of PDD lineman in Yaripora, Kulgam

JAMMU, MARCH 19: Responding to the direction of the Chair, Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah today informed the House about the death of PDD Lineman (daily Wager) namely Ghulam Nabi Sofi at Yaripora, Kulgam today. The Law Minister apprised the House that as per report obtained from the concerned authorities, the Lineman (Daily Wager) Ghulam Nabi Sofi was carrying out repairs and restoration of power supply during which he received a severe electric shock. The PDD daily rated worker reportedly remained hanging for about 15 minutes but the staff on duty did not trip down the electric supply, resulting into his instant death. The issue was raised in the House by MLA Kulgam, M Y Tarigami and demanded against concerned staff for negli- gence and payment of job and ex-gratia relief to next of kin of the deceased. The Minister said that the Department has been asked to enquire into the incident and fix responsibility.

Rana seeks BJP's apology for Jugal Kishore's unbecoming behavior with Sakina Itoo

JAMMU MARCH 19: Provincial

(Jugal Kishore's) removal from the posi-

Irani, who have been vociferously

wrong. Women, who deserve respect in

For her chequered political career and

President National Conference Mr Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday strongly condemned the unbecoming behaviour of State BJP President and

tion he holds in the state unit forthwith. Interacting with media persons here this afternoon, Mr Rana described the incident as most unfortunate, saying the

espousing the cause of women across the country. He castigated BJP for the shameful act and wondered how can the leaders

civilized society cannot be belittled the way Mr Jugal Kishore Sharma did, the Provincial President said. Rana said Ms Itoo belongs to a high-


contribution to the society particularly towards women folk of the state, Ms Itoo enjoys great respect and regard from all sections of the people, he

MLA Mr Jugal Kishore with Minister

attempted assault on a lady politician

who vouch for reservation of women in


respected political family of the state

added. Mr Rana expressed his solidarity

for Social Welfare Ms Sakina Itoo in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and has sought an uncondi- tional apology from the BJP high com- mand as well as made a demand for his

speaks of scant regard BJP has for wom- anhood. He sought apologies from the BJP President Rajnath Singh, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Ms Sushma Swaraj and the senior leader Mr Smiriti

the legislature and Parliament, apart from boasting to be the custod of high glorious ethos, culture and tradition of Jammu region stoop so low where they cannot distinguish between right and

who inherits a glorious political legacy and has been winning her seat from south Kashmir despite all odds and had even fought valiantly against forces who made attempts to eliminate her thrice.

with Ms Itoo and said that National Conference will not take such an attempt of assault casually. He said the woman wing of his party has already chalked out a protest plan.

Chairman's directive

on wages

JAMMU, MAR 19: Congress MLA from Bhaderwah and former Minister Mohammad Sharief Niaz today directed the Government as a Presiding Officer to consider increase in the minimum wages of workers. During the Question Hour, Mr Niaz had agitated over the issue and demanded that the minimum wages should be increased from Rs 125 to Rs 200. When Mr Niaz was presiding over the House in the absence of Speaker Mubarak Gul and Deputy Speaker Sartaj Madni, Congress MLA from Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori approached the Chair to issue direction to the Government for increase in minimum wages. As a Chairman, Mr Niaz directed the Government to address concerns of the MLAs and raised the minimum wages of the work- ers. Rural Development Minister Ali Mohammad Sagar said Planning Minister (Ajay Sadhotra) would reply to the direction during his grants.

RRCS gives warm send off to Dr. Samoon

SRINAGAR, MACRH 19: Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Dr. Asgar Samoon was given warm send off by Regional Red Cross Society (RRCS) at a function held here today. The office bearers of the Regional Red Cross Society lauded the contribution of Dr. Samoon in providing solace to needy and des- titute in the society. Dr. Samoon always pro- vided succor to the downtrodden people of the society, the speakers informed. Dr. Samoon reiterated that accountability and transparency shall be maintained while providing relief for the rehabilitation of the effected families and it shall be ensured that deserving get the benefits of the assistance being provided to them.

Scholarships worth Rs. 2.19 cr sanctioned for 3089 students of the valley

SRINAGAR, MACRH 19: Director Social Welfare, Kashmir today convened a meeting of officers to review the functioning of the department besides the allocation of scholar- ships among students. It was given out in the meeting that schol- arships of Rs. 2.19 crore have been sanc- tioned in favour of 3089 students of different educations of the valley. Besides under pre matric scholarships, Rs. 6 crore have been released for students of minority community benefiting 30000 students. It was informed that under post matric scholarships, Rs. 1.31 crore have been sanc- tioned, Rs. 33 lakh for Specially Abled stu- dents, Rs. 35 lakh for Pahari Speaking stu- dents and Rs. 20.64 lakh for Scheduled Caste students have been sanctioned. Director Social Welfare enjoined upon the officers to implement the scholarship schemes in letter and spirit and maintain transparency in the distribution of scholar- ships so that the benefits percolate down to the deserving student.

Law Minister moves Bill to hike allowance of Legislators

JAMMU, MARCH 19: Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah today moved a Bill to amend the salaries and

allowances of Members of the Jammu and Kashmir State Legislature in the Legislative Assembly. The Bill seeks enhancement of Daily Allowance of Members from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/-. The daily allowance to the Members was last revised during 2006.

Daily Allowance of Members from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/-. The daily allowance to the Members
Daily Allowance of Members from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/-. The daily allowance to the Members

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 5 STUDENT AGE EDITORIAL 5 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 Nitesh's


3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 5

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 5 STUDENT AGE EDITORIAL 5 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013





STUDENT AGE EDITORIAL 5 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 Nitesh's Adhikaar Yatra B ihar Chief Minister Nitish

Nitesh's Adhikaar Yatra

B ihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been in the news for many things. Like every other chief minister he too deserves a niche place

in the headlines. Being rated as one of the most capa-

ble chief ministers in the recent times Nitesh knows how to put his coals and when to get more heat out of them. In the fluid political situation of the country persons like him carry enough weight age. Bihar

before Nitesh was a mess. Lallo's and Rabri's Bihar is

a lot different from the Nitesh's Bihar. A sense of sta- bility has descended on this second most populous state. Development is visible though not as rapid and consolidated as in Gujarat. To many astute observers Nitesh has no 2002 ghost to dread from. These all calculations make him a potential party spoiler for Modi within the NDA. Nitesh like a calculated politi- cian knows it too well hence his subtle diatribe against Narendra Modi was aimed to unbalance NDA's apple cart. The stakes are higher for Nitesh. He has handicaps. He is not a natural and forceful orator like Modi nor has he a great success story of Gujarat to show to the world. Yet he cannot be wished away. In India every leader of sorts wishes to become Prime Minister. Why not? If the humble farmer Deve Gowda can become Prime Minister of India Nitesh too must. His Adhikaar Yaatra has to be seen in this perspective also. Through his Adhikaar Yaatra, Nitesh said what he wanted-- Prime Minister

ki Gadhi Par Mera Bhi Adhikaar hai. He has spoken

and what he had to say and this have not warmed the cockles of the Bharatiya Janata Party's heart. The Bihar Chief Minister did not name names but the message was as loud as it could get: he would look elsewhere if the BJP was insistent on projecting Narendra Modi as the National Democratic Alliance's prime ministerial choice. Of course, in politics noth-

ing is final till it is final. Even so, it was evident that Nitesh had crossed a critical threshold in his relation- ship with his long-term ally. Not only did the Janata Dal (United) chief exude style, there was enough and more symbolism in how and where he made his speech. Nitesh flexed his muscles at a well-attended rally, not in Patna where mustering the crowds would have been easy enough, but in the Capital where the BJP and other national parties are headquartered. He flagged the 'inclusive' character of Bihar's develop- ment, thereby thumbing his nose at the BJP's much- celebrated 'development' man. And if doubts persist- ed, he dispelled them by asserting that he had better credentials to rule at the Centre, "This is only a trail-

er and it shows that Biharis are ready to rule Delhi in


Nitesh makes no bones of being cold to Gujarat Chief Minister. He has locked horns with the BJP on the issue of Modi. He has snubbed the Gujarat Chief Minister publicly on many occasions and warned the BJP against sending him to Bihar to conduct election campaigns. Yet for all that he was at daggers drawn with Modi and unlike Naveen Patnaik in Orissa, has always stopped short of breaking off with the BJP. The explanation for this lies in the fact that the BJP and the JD(U) are structurally inter-dependent in Bihar, with the former thought to contribute upper caste votes to the latter's core constituency of OBCs and most backwards. Electorally, the BJP has been a strong performer in the State, making it difficult for the JD (U) to find a ready replacement. But clearly, the moment of reckoning has arrived with Modi mak- ing no secret of his larger national ambitions. Any further silence on his part would have surely embold- ened the BJP into assuming that he was ready to bark but not bite. Perhaps the Bihar Chief Minister has learnt a thing or two from Patnaik, who broke with the BJP over the Kandhamal violence. He did this knowing fully well that the break up could benefit the Congress, which held the largest share of votes in Orissa. But Patnaik deduced, and rightly too, that going for broke can fetch blockbuster dividends, pro- vided the decision is seen to be arising from convic- tion. Not to be cowed down Nitesh seems to have decided to play the game to his choosing so why not to wage a battle for himself and Bihar. It is to your advantage if you put forth your Adhikaar.

Panchayati Raj

T he walkout in the Assembly by the Opposition on the failure of the government to introduce provisions of 73rd Amendment needs to be

visualized as an expression of genuine frustration for

without the devolution of powers to the Panchayats their effectiveness is impaired. The credit goes no doubt to the present govern-

ment for the holding of Panchayat elections after more than three decades. But for reasons best known

to the government it is dilly-dallying on giving more

powers to the Panchayats. The 73rd Amendment has provisions whereby a five years term has been rec- ommended for the Panchayat. They have been made responsible to chalk out their own plans for the development of their villages. The state government has to make Panchayats financially viable by releas- ing grant-in - aid from consolidated funds. Besides one third of Panchayat members have to be women along with attendant reservation for SC and ST Communities. The government must come clean on how it intends to implement 73rd Amendment provisions in order to make Panchayats vibrant grass root building blocks of democratic process. The absence of PDP, the largest opposition in the Assembly is a big blow to the Opposition because in absence of numbers the genuine concerns are seldom noticed.

The government cannot recognize the growth it sees

The government cannot recognize the growth it sees By ASHOK V. DESAI to 3.7 per cent


to 3.7 per cent per annum, growth of

man of few words. He rou-

rural consumption per head from 0.8

tinely utters a thousand words

to 3.4 per cent, growth of agricultur- al real wages from 1.1 to 6.8 per cent, annual decline in poverty ratio from 0.8 to 2 per cent, and industrial growth from 5.6 to 8 per cent. To repeat a point made earlier, the idea that growth rates respond instanta- neously to a change in government is naïve. Agriculture-related growth rates are notoriously unstable because of monsoons; it is astonish- ing to find a trained economist draw- ing conclusions from point-to-point rates of change. It would be tedious to repeat the further point-to-point comparisons the prime minister went on to make. He did not sit down and work out the calculations himself; they were fed to him by his economists, so this should not be taken to be a personal com- ment. But because their economics is so primitive, they have missed an opportunity of understanding what exactly has been happening. My own reading of the same figures as they read is that two decades of circa 6.5 per cent output growth when the labour force grew at circa 1.5 per cent led to labour shortage in low- wage, unskilled occupations such as agricultural work. That led to a rise in real rural - not just agricultural - wages. The rise in real wages did not raise or diversify food consumption because the government went on raising foodgrain prices; it spilt into paan bahar, packaged snacks, motor- cycles and shoes. Perhaps for the first time since Independence, rapid growth has changed the quality of life of the majority of the people in the last two decades. But the govern- ment cannot even begin to under- stand it, because it is stuck in a prim- itive theory of economic growth.

T he prime minister is not a

or so whenever scientists invite him.

He addresses them a few dozen times

a year, mostly in winter when they

get together for conferences. Admittedly, those speeches are not demanding. He never demands any- thing of government scientists, whose productivity is close to zero;

he tells them, instead, that they are great guys doing a great job, and asks them to carry on pointlessly as they have for more than 50 years. As for others, captive schoolchildren get a 15-minute speech from the ramparts

of Red Fort on Independence Day.

That apart, the prime minister is not a very communicative man, despite his enormous verbal output.

crisis as governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Conversely, the high growth under the Congress had much

How will they do it? He said they would try to raise savings, stimulate private investment and reduce the

wants growth to revive faster than it would do underlaissez faire, one has to inject demand into the economy.

agricultural growth went up from 2.9

But he was sufficiently provoked by the attacks of the Opposition in Parliament to speak twice in a month. His reply in the Upper House was

to do with the fact that the BJP refused to protect industry; as a result, industry became international- ly competitive, and experienced a

growth of subsidies - not the subsi- dies themselves, but their rate of growth. He has not been reading the reports of his economic advisory

The simplest way is for the govern- ment to run bigger deficits. But it ran up such huge deficits in the boom period that P. Chidambaram is feel-

brief and not very serious; the only interesting bits in it were quotations from Tacitus, the Roman historian of the 6th century, that he traded with Arun Jaitley. He laboriously read out the annual growth rates of gross domestic product from 1998-99 to 2012-13 to demonstrate that growth had been higher under his govern- ment than that of the Bharatiya Janata Party. This is the kind of une- ducated point-scoring school kids indulge in. Growth is not an instanta- neous function of who is in govern- ment. It is a process with leads and lags. The low growth rates under the BJP rule were partly due to a slow- down, which could be attributed to industrial overcapacity resulting from high rates of investment under previous Congress rule and Bimal Jalan's mishandling of the East Asian

spectacular boom in the initial years of Congress rule. Speaking in the Lower House, the prime minister echoed the budget message of his finance minister: do not worry, the fall in growth, the yawning payments deficit, the rise in fiscal deficit, persistent inflation - they are all transient problems; we will wave a wand, and they will van- ish into thin air. This mindless opti- mism, which he has learnt from his finance minister, beats all rational argument. It will convince those reli- gious Congressmen who think that the world obeys their leaders without question. But the prime minister was not persuasive; he was just being a cheerleader. He asserted that he and his col- leagues were fully capable of raising the growth rate to 7 or 8 per cent.

council. They give a blow-by-blow account of how growth slowed down. As I said before, the boom began when the reduction of protec- tion under BJP rule made industry internationally competitive. This happened just as the Congress took over; its first few years witnessed a spectacular industrial boom. It ended because the high investment rate led capacity to outgrow demand. There was excess supply, especially in the capital goods industry. That brought the boom to an end. If this is how growth slowed down, his recipe of raising savings, stimulating private investment and slowing subsidy growth makes no sense. Even doing nothing would be better; eventually, the surplus capaci- ty would be exhausted in some years, and investment would revive. If one

ing a bit shy about running even big- ger deficits. That is why he made a show of bringing down the deficit. The prime minister said that growth had come down all over the world, and implied that it would be improper if growth went up in India. That would, of course, not be very clever; presumably he meant that a slowdown abroad worsens our bal- ance of payments, which in turn slows down growth. Growth has fall- en by about 3 per cent a year in four years; it is unlikely that the worsen- ing of the balance of payments can explain more than half a per cent of the slowdown. He then compared growth rates of various variables in the National Democratic Alliance period and the United Progressive Alliance period:

Nation's health needs critical care

By Shiv Basant

while contribution of the

By Shiv Basant while contribution of the policy making in Nirman be rationalised to provide the

policy making in Nirman

be rationalised to provide the

I f we continue to fool

around with basic issues,

NRHM thus far has been the

Bhawan and have sabotaged

needed resources. It will

we will be jeopardising

the long-term interests of the nation and perpetuating mass poverty, illness and depriva- tion. People will surely back the right policies. The UPA Government's ambitious National Rural Health Mission was con- ceived with the laudable intent of improving delivery and accessibility of healthcare across rural India. This would

appointment of Accredited Social Health Activists in vil- lages, who as per reports are doing a commendable job. The three-tier National Health Care structure comprising vil- lage-level sub-centre, block- level Primary Health Centre and the Community Health Centre, set up on the recom- mendations of the Bhore Committee (1946) lies in ruins due to population explo- sion and failure of the State to

every move to create a cadre of 'rural doctors' for manning health sub-centres, primary health centres where medical graduates often do not wish to be posted. A large number of doctors privately admit that this is the only practical way of manning these health cen- tres. However, primary health- care does not run only by hav- ing doctors in place. You need nurses, laboratory technicians,

require a quantum jump in both Central and State expen- diture on health which should be made available by scrap- ping various non-performing and low priority schemes and raising of additional resources. Increasing tax to GDP ratio and saving every penny of worthless public expenditure are the only ways out if the nation has to provide resources for health, educa- tion and vocational training,

mean improved access, equi- ty, quality, accountability and effectiveness of public health services to rural population, especially women and chil- dren. But anybody with a nod- ding acquaintance of India's health sector knows that it suffers from both organisa- tional and resource con- straints. Manpower and resources must go hand in hand if the public health sys- tem in the country is to be revived and strengthened. Today, the only time the NRHM is mentioned in the media is when there is news of multiple-crore scams in States such as Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. The only worth-

provide matching financial and manpower resources. Instead of addressing the problems of health, manpower and financial resources upfront, the NRHM has creat- ed an elaborate web of instructions on how the increased funding to the States is to be utilised, without creat- ing a requisite planning, implementation and monitor- ing machinery at the State and District level, leading to vari- ous multi-crore scams. There has to be a proper matching of what is sought to be achieved with the resources available in hand. Otherwise, there will be a dis- aster like the NRHM.

Thanks to the Sixth Central Pay Commission, Government functionaries have become too expensive and unaffordable. While the Pay Commissions may have made common people com- fortable, but they have also bankrupted the States who have to bear the brunt of pay- ing CPC pay scales to lakhs of their education and healthcare functionaries at the village, panchayat and block level who are anyway not account- able for either being present at the place of their duty or for any quality outcomes. The least the Union Government can do is to scrap the CPCs and replace them

with National Wage Commissions with the man- date to lay down broad wage norms for various skilled and unskilled jobs in the public and private sector, to be fol- lowed as broad indicators, so that public services like health and education which are labour intensive, can evolve their own wage norms keep- ing in view their resources position. The basic malaise of the health sector in India has been the capture of the decision making process by the elite cadre. Medical Council of India and the Indian Medical Association have been exer- cising undue influence over

medical equipment and essen- tial drugs supply 24x7, 365 days a year which requires logistics management of a high order. This requires an organisational structure at the State and every district or divisional headquarter. A well-structured national health service at State, district and primary levels, staffed by a multi-disciplinary team with requisite mandate and resources should be put in place without further delay, with requisite budgetary resources earmarked by the Central Finance Commission from time to time. The Centre-sponsored and State sector schemes should

and ensure that 'demographic dividend' does not become a 'demographic liability'. Is there any political party today which is willing to include the creation of a National Health Service and bringing 'health' in the Concurrent list in its election manifesto in 2014? You cannot please all, but if you do the right thing and make all sacrifice equitably for a good cause, people ulti- mately swallow even the bit- terest pill. If we fool around with basic issues any longer, we will be jeopardising the long-term interests of the nation and perpetuating mass poverty and deprivation.

of the nation and perpetuating mass poverty and deprivation. Heroin Racket Dear Sir The involvement of
Heroin Racket Dear Sir The involvement of Olympic bronze medallist Vijender Singh in the Rs

Heroin Racket

Dear Sir The involvement of Olympic bronze medallist Vijender Singh in the Rs 130-crore heroin racket has been unfortunate. A large amount of heroin was recovered from a vehicle that belonged to Vijender's wife, Archana Singh. Vijender's acquaintance with drug lord Anoop Singh Kahlon has certainly raised suspicions over his involvement in the drug

trade. However, since the matter is in court, Vijender's role is bound to be ascertained soon. Until now, he has denied all charges levelled against him. This incident has surely dented the reputation of sportsmen

in the country. After decades of being in the shadows, India had

finally begun to make its mark on the international arena. The nation had won medals in various disciplines at the Olympics and other international events. As sportsmen from various dis-

ciplines were bringing glory to the nation, people's negative

perception of sports was slowly changing. More and more mid- dle class families had begun to send their children to play bad- minton, golf, football, etc. Sports was no more just about play- ing cricket. Non-cricketing sport stars, including Vijender Singh, Sushil Kumar, Saina Nehwal were the new generation of role models for children. Vijender's involvement in this racket has reaffirmed the peo- ple's perception of staying away from sports. This will have far- reaching consequences. It is unfortunate!

Yours Etc.

Ramesh Kumar


Woes of pensioners

Dear Sir Inordinate delay in effecting increase in the pensions of the pensioners on the part of Jammu and Kashmir government is a serious issue, which deserves immediate attention of the author- ities. Moreover, enhancement in the pension rates as per recom-

mendations of the sixth pay commission also needs to be taken into consideration at earliest since it involves a small number of senior citizens, who deserve a sympathetic view of the govern- ment. Despite the fact that the state government has ordered hike in the salaries of the employees and the officers this year besides making amendments in the salary structure of the pro- fessionals, the government failed to take into consideration the genuine demands of the pensioners. Most of the pensioners, who are now senior citizens in the society, have felt aggrieved when the state government did not take any decision on their issues. Some of the pensioners, who were able to organize themselves, have already held a protest demonstration in Srinagar seeking redressal of their demands. If these decisions are delayed by the government, the pensioners will be again forced to take to the streets creating law and order problems for the authorities. So, the government should take immediate action in this regard.

Yours Etc.

Sudesh Kumar

Akhnoor, Jammu

authorities. So, the government should take immediate action in this regard. Yours Etc. Sudesh Kumar Akhnoor,

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3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 6

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6 STUDENT AGE NATIONAL 6 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013   Italy's refusal to send back marines

Italy's refusal to send back marines is 'outright unacceptable': Sonia Gandhi


Mumbai -bound bus plunges into river, 37 killed


Sri Lanka denies cancellation of defence dialogue with India

NEW DELHI: Italy's refusal to send back the two marines charged with killing two Indian fishermen is "out- right unacceptable", Congress president Sonia Gandhi said Tuesday. In a hard hitting statement the UPA chairperson Sonia

Gandhi today said that no country should take India for granted.

In a hard hitting statement the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi today said that no country should

believed that the Italian Ambassador will renege like this," the bench had observed. As senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi appearing for Mancini and Republic of Italy Rohatgi pressed on the issue of immunity after the order extending the March

on the issue of immunity after the order extending the March COLOMBO: Sri Lanka on Tuesday

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka on Tuesday dismissed media reports about cancellation of its annual bilateral defence talks with India, where the government is facing pres- sure from Tamil Nadu-based parties to vote in favour of the US-backed resolution against Colombo at the UN Human Rights Council.

government source here

on the condition of anonymi-


recess. The source added that the talks would now be held in late April or early May on dates yet to be confirmed. The Indian media has reported that the annual defence talks would not take place for unknown reasons but hinted that the decision may have been taken in view of the current political heat

generated in Tamil Nadu over the UNHRC resolution

14 direction was passed, a bench headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir reminded him again about the undertaking given by the Italian envoy.

ty said the talks were to be

held in Colombo from 23 to 25 March. He said the official

against Sri Lanka in Geneva this week.

DMK, a UPA ally, has


The Congress president was referring to the Italian marines' case which has resulted in a standoff between New Delhi and Italy. All means must be pur- sued to ensure that the com- mitment made by the Italian government to our Supreme Court is honoured," she said. "The defiance by the Italian government on the

question of the two marines and its betrayal of a commit- ment to our Supreme Court is outright unacceptable," the Italy-born added. Meanwhile, the after Supreme Court pulled up Italy's Ambassador Daniele Mancini yesterday for reneg- ing on the undertaking given to it on the Italian marines

row and extended its order

MUMBAI: At least 37 peo- ple were killed and over 15

reports. The police are inves-

tigating whether the driver of

restraining him from leaving


country, asserting he can-


The order barring the

injured when a Mumbai-


bus was drunk at the time

reason given by Indian

been irked by continuous


claim diplomatic immu-


envoy from leaving the country was extended to April 2 when the case will

bound private luxury bus plunged into a river in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri dis-

trict on Tuesday morning. The bus fell into the Jagbudi River near Khed in Ratnagiri district at around 3.30 am when it was on its way back

the accident, as per initial

reports. Several foreigners were also travelling in the bus and one Russian national has been rescued so far. Bodies

37 passengers have been

recovered so far have been



authorities was that the Defence Minister was required to remain in New Delhi at the time to answer any queries in Parliament. The Indian authorities

training provided in the state

for Sri Lankan troops. This forced New Delhi to locate some of the training else- where. India, which voted in favour of the US moved reso-

nity, Italy today snubbed

India saying that it is violat-

a convention on diplo-

matic immunity. "You went to Italy after giving an undertaking. We never expected and we never


again come up for hearing. The court had said, "The per- son who has come to this court as petitioner, we don't think he has any immunity."

came back with mid April dates which the Sri Lankans

lution last year, has come under increasing pressure


from Goa, police said. The bus was on its way to Mumbai on the Goa-Mumbai highway when it fell off the bridge after the driver of the bus lost control, as per

kept at Khed municipal hos- pital. Rescue operations are still on and the bus is being retrieved from the river, which has dried up almost, police said.

were not able to accommo-

from Tamil Nadu to force


No claimant for PM's post in BJP: Uma Bharti


UN political

date due to the long Sinhala/Tamil New Year

America to make the new resolution stronger.

chief travels

GWALIOR: Senior BJP leader Uma Bharti today said there is no claimant for the post of the Prime Minister in her party. "There is no claimant for the Prime Minister's post in the BJP, where anyone who is capable can be cho- sen by the party's parliamentary board,"

Bharti told reporters.

the BJP, where anyone who is capable can be cho- sen by the party's parliamentary board,"

to India,

Beni skips CPP meet, says will continue to remain in party

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma,

Verma had not attended the Congress Parliamentary



No plan to lower juvenile age from 18 to 16 years: Govt

Jeffrey Feltman, the UN

under-secretary-general for political affairs, has left for

in the line of fire for his con-

Party (CPP) meeting this



the United Nation

Bharti's remarks come in the wake of the debate about who would be BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate for the next Lok Sabha elections. On the rape of a Swiss national in Datia district on March 15, she appreciated

the efforts of the police to arrest the accused

the case. Atrocities are taking place against



week-long visit to South

demands for lowering the juvenile age, government on Tuesday made it clear that it has no intention to lower the juvenile age from 18 to 16 years. "There is no proposal

to lower the juvenile age

Convention on the Rights of the Child which India has ratified. Further, Section 16 of the

Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act,

2000 prohibits death penalty

troversial remarks against Mulayam Singh Yadav, on Tuesday skipped a key meet- ing of the Congress Parliamentary Party after he was snubbed over it. Beni Prasad today

morning leading to specula- tion that he might be con- templating quiting Congress and warming up to other par- ties like BSP ahead of the next Lok Sabha elec- tions. "I am

Asia, which includes stops in Nepal, India and

Pakistan, an official said. "He will be in Nepal from March 19-21, where

will meet senior officials


women all over the world which is because of the change in thinking of the people and

administrative weakness, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister said.


ical parties, representatives

the government and polit-

from 18 to 16 years under the Juvenile Justice Act,"


juvenile, Singh said.

There has been apprehen-

said that he will continue to remain in the party and

said that he will continue to remain in the party and just leaving for the Cabinet

just leaving for the Cabinet meeting," he remarked, indi-


Telangana JAC to go ahead with 'Sadak Bandh'


the diplomatic corps and

Minister of State for Home RPN Singh told Lok Sabha. There have been demands for lowering the juvenile age after the December 16 gang- rape of a girl in Delhi as one of the five accused was a juvenile. There has been apprehension that the juve- nile, who allegedly was the most brutal of the five accused, may go scot free

due to his juvenile status. The Minister said the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has opposed low- ering the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 years as well as the death penalty based on

sion that the juvenile, who

allegedly was the most bru-


scot free due to his juve-

nile status. The Minister said


Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has opposed low- ering the age of juvenile

from 18 to 16 years as well


the United Nation Convention on the Rights of

the Child which India has ratified. Further, Section 16


and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 prohibits death penalty to juvenile, Singh


the Juvenile Justice (Care

death penalty based on

National Commission for


the five accused, may



civil society to discuss the peace process," Eduardo del Buey, the deputy UN spokesman, said here. Feltman will be in India March 21-23 and in Pakistan March 24-25, del Buey said, adding that dur- ing his stay Feltman "will meet with senior govern- ment officials and other

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) Tuesday vowed to go ahead with the Hyderabad-Kurnool highway blockade Thursday even as police said that the protest lacked permission. JAC convenor M. Kodandaram said they would stage 24-hour 'Sadak Bandh' to demand the immediate

hood for Telangana, the JAC would have postponed the protest. The JAC plans to stop vehicles entering Telangana from Rayalaseema region through Kurnool- Hyderabad highway, which is part of the Bangalore- Hyderabad highway. It has called for protests at several places from Shamshabad on the outskirts

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), Bharatiya Janata

is not resign-

cating his con-

ing from the Cabinet.

tinuance in the


Union Cabinet.

Party (BJP) and Communist Party of India (CPI) will squat on the highway, cook food and stage cultural pro- grammes. Meanwhile, police have clarified that there was no permission for the protest.


L jhooth bool rahe hein. Hum jeevan bhar Congress mein rehenge. Jo log bol rahe hein unko bolne do (People are



C o n g r e s s General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi had yesterday made the party's displeasure clear over Verma's remarks clear

lying. I will remain in Congress all my life. Let people say what they want to

by saying it has "taken this issue very seriously". Verma had also said he stood by his










g a r

interlocutors to discuss the countries' wide-ranging

Superintendent of Police D.

carving of a separate

of Hyderabad till Alampur in

Nagender Kumar told

cooperation with the United


say," Verma said here. The Minister was asked if he was

statement that Mulayam allegedly had "terrorist


Telangana state. Releasing wall posters for 'Sadak Bandh', he appealed to peo- ple to change their travel plans in view of the protest. He said if the state assem- bly had passed a resolution urging the central govern- ment to grant separate state-

Mahabubnagar district, a dis- tance of 160 km, from 9 a.m. March 21 to 9 a.m. March 22. The protestors also plan to blockade the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad. Activists of JAC and vari- ous political parties including

reporters that criminal cases would be booked against those participating in the protest. JAC had originally

Nations and issues of inter- national concern". The sen- ior UN official will then travel to Doha, Qatar March 26-27, to lead the UN dele- gation to the Summit of the League of Arab States, reported Xinhua quoting del Buey.

considering quitting the Cabinet or the Congress party in view of the party disapproving his comments against Mulayam.

links". He had also ruled out stepping down following the SP leader's demand, saying, "Has he made me a Minister?"

plan to stage the protest on Feb 24 but postponed it fol- lowing twin bomb blasts in Hyderabad Feb 21.

China's Xi unveils 5-point formula to improve ties with India


BEIJING: Unveiling a five- point formula to improve relations with India, China's newly elected President Xi Jinping on Tuesday said the resolution of the boundary dispute between the two sides

"won't be easy" and pending its final settlement "peace and tranquillity" should be

Manmohan Singh next week

the sidelines of the BRICS

(Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in his first con-

tact with top Indian leader- ship after his inauguration. He said China sees its ties with India as "one of the most important bilateral relation- ships". "The border question



border areas and prevent the

strategic communication and


Govt unduly favoured Robert Vadra in land deals: BJP


border question from affect- ing the overall development of bilateral relations," Xi said. The new President was replying to a question on what policy the new Chinese

leadership will pursue towards India and whether

keep the bilateral relations on the "right track". "Second, we should harness each other's comparative strengths and expand win-win cooperation in infrastructure, mutual investment and other areas," he said.

said India and China


JAIPUR: Rajasthan Assembly on Tuesday witnessed chaos after opposition BJP alleged that government had unduly favoured Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra in land deals in the state. BJP members stormed into the well as charges and counter- charges were exchanged between ruling Congress and opposition over the issue and members from both sides got aggressive but stopped short of a fight after Parliament Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal intervened. Trouble started in Question Hour when BJP whip Rajendra Rathore asked about land purchase in Bikaner and Jaisalmer by North India IT Park Pvt Ltd and details

Rathore and other BJP members created uproar and accused the Congress of unduly favouring Vadra. Congress members also started shouting slogans against BJP and alleged that lands in bor-

areas were sold during the rule of the previous BJP govern-

ment. Amid vociferous protests, government chief whip Raghu Sharma shouted at BJP whip Rajendra Rathore which annoyed





maintained on the border without affecting the overall ties.

The 59-year-old Xi, who took over as the head of Communist Party, President and military chief, complet-

ing a rare triad of power, sent clear signals of boosting bilateral relations with India and expressed his keenness to meet Prime Minister

complex issue left from

history and solving the issue won't be easy. However, as long as we keep up friendly consultations, we can eventu- ally arrive at a fair reasonable and mutually acceptable set- tlement. Pending the final settlement of the boundary question the two sides should work together and maintain peace and tranquility in the



there would be any change in its position on the border issue. India asserts that the border dispute covered about 4,000 km, while China claims that it confined to

should strengthen cultural ties and constantly increase the mutually expanding friendship between the two countries. The Chinese leader said the two countries should

Some BJP legislators, including Rathore, moved towards the ruling party's benches and challenged Sharma, which led to heat-


arguments. Parliamentary affairs minister intervened and

about its directors. Revenue minister in his reply said the compa-

requested the BJP members to go back to their seats. The oppo-


purchased 254.47 acre lands in Bikaner and did not purchase

sition members obliged, but pandemonium continued for around 20 minutes. Leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria asked

land in Jaisalmer.

about 2,000 km to the area of

expand coordination and col-


members to maintain decorum and the House came in order.


He said Vadra was in the Board of Directors of the company, following which Rathore asked the minister to provide informa- tion about whether other companies in which Vadra was director

had purchased lands in Bikaner. When the minister said it was not part of the listed question,

During Zero Hour, the opposition demanded from the Deputy Speaker to appoint a committee of the House to probe the allega- tions against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of favouring his rela- tives in mines allotment in Jodhpur.


Arunachal Pradesh, which it refers as Southern Tibet. Unveiling his five propos- als, Xi said that first China and India should maintain

laboration in multi-lateral fora to jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and tackle global challenges.









NAGPUR: Nirmal Kumar,

from the country's premier

park outside the IIM cam-


"When I needed more funds, I contacted Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. The access was easy, and Modi was keen too. I requested his presence at the inauguration too and he obliged. He allotted funds and designated a senior bureaucrat to ensure we got the money," says Kumar.

generated, and we can

break even. We have formed

trust, which pays my

salary and also 21 of my col- leagues," he said. Kumar is

managing director of the





union urban development secretary has written to all

Kumar's analysis is that a day's income for an


physically challenged IIM

pus. He assured them free

Ahmadabad graduate would have been comfortably placed in a Multi National Company but he thought otherwise. He has started a success story which today is creating waves in the coun- try.

Nirmal manages a fleet of ten thousand auto rick-

shaws in Gujarat that earns him a comfortable Rs 45000

management school. Kumar was in the city on Sunday to speak at the TIECON meet on promoting entrepreneur- ship. Kumar comes from a modest background, with the family based in Siwan district of Bihar. His father is employed as a primary schoolteacher. Kumar was overcharged by an auto while coming back to the

newspapers and an health- cum-personal insurance cover, for which he spent his own money. In return, they only had to give an under- taking that they would charge proper fares. The idea clicked, and the next tranche of funding came from some companies

the states to emulate the model. Kumar, who also wants to expand, recently

autorickshaw driver does not go beyond the minimum wage of Rs250, after all

met Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit with plans for the national capital.

expenses and vehicle main- tenance is taken into account. Nirmal


Nirmal Foundation.


Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. The access was easy, and Modi was keen too. I requested his presence at the inauguration


drivers, and developed the brand 'G Auto'. The drivers got benefits like subsidized health care and education for their wards, besides the

insurance. Today, revenue comes from mixed sources, including government, cor- porate as well as advertise- ment. "The vehicles carry ads,

from which sizeable revenue

"Even now, anyone flout-

the rules loses the bene-

fits and membership of G Auto. But we also fight for the drivers if the cops wrongly harass them," he says.

Auto was voted second

the SMART Mobility

Awards by the University of




Michigan on transportation solutions. Recently, the


Use of technology has enabled better monitoring of the vehicles through GPS. The vehicles also have com- puterized meters, which cannot be tweaked, says

Foundation's system ensures they get more trips with the help of the call centre facili- ty. The volumes compensate for the low margins, he said. Wen asked whether he


Gujarat. The companies

too and he obliged. He allot- ted funds and designated a senior bureaucrat to ensure we got the money," says Kumar. With funds, Kumar

happily agreed since the


month. Haggling with an

expenditure also accounted for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activi-

Kumar. Like a radio cab,

regrets not having chosen

autorickshaw driver over fare changed the course of life for this physically chal- lenged, 2008 batch graduate

college from a restaurant. He felt cheated, and the idea for a business came to him. He entered into a deal with the auto drivers who

customers can request a G auto from a call centre or through a free mobile phone app.

the beaten path, Kumar says, "Today, my batch mates want to emulate me, but it is not the other way round."

ties, he said. "When I need-


more funds, I contacted

increased the facilities for

way round." ties, he said. "When I need- ed more funds, I contacted increased the facilities
way round." ties, he said. "When I need- ed more funds, I contacted increased the facilities



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& ECONOMY 7 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 Xi Jinping hopes for better ties with US India,

Xi Jinping hopes for better ties with US

India, Egypt signed seven key pacts

Six Marines killed in blast at army depot in Nevada: US

BEIJING: Chinese

President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China is ready

term perspective, the rela- tionship will continue to advance and bring more ben-

NEW DELHI: In a bid to deepen ties and strengthen economic bonds, India and

Egypt's successful transition would be an important model

the region and the world,"


The seven agreements signed included an MoU in the

field of cyber security, setting

Another MoU facilitates sharing of information, meet-

RENO: At least Six US Marines were killed and eight wounded when a mortar exploded during a live-fire training exercise

at an Army munitions depot in the Nevada desert, military officials said.

60-millimeter mortar


The Hawthorne Army Depot is a 147,000-acre storage facility for ammu- nition and other equipment being taken out of service and a training facility for Special Operations forces preparing to deploy to the

ings between enterprises, tech- nology transfers and to pro- vide consultation services to enhance the abilities of busi- ness enterprises of India and Egypt. A letter of Intent con- cerning launch services of the Egyptian Nano Satellite EGY- CUBESAT-1 on board the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), was signed between Antrix Corporation, the commercial wing of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and the Egyptian

work with the US to


"advance cooper- ative partner- ship" between the two coun- tries.

efits to the two peoples. "I attach great importance to China-US rela- tions, and am will- ing to work with

tries. efits to the two peoples. "I attach great importance to China-US rela- tions, and am

Egypt on Tuesday signed seven key pacts including one on cyber security after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi held bilateral






the US side to jointly advance the cooperative


Middle East. The facility is made up of hundreds of buildings spread over more than 230 square miles. An official told KRNV- TV in Reno that the explo- sion Monday night was an accident unrelated to the ammunition that is stored at the military facility near the small desert communi- ty of Hawthorne, about 140 miles southeast of Reno. In Washington, Army spokesman George Wright says he as yet had no details on the explosion.

remarks while

talks. The two leaders also agreed to enhance cooperation in defense and in international

forums like UN. "President Morsi and I have just concluded extensive

and very productive discus- sions We agreed that his visit, at an important juncture for Egypt, offers us a great oppor- tunity to renew our relation- ship and take it to a different

level of engagement and coop-

eration," Prime Minister Singh said after concluding talks with Mursi.

Prime Minister Singh said after concluding talks with Mursi. said. On his part, Mursi called Singh

said. On his part, Mursi

called Singh a "noble brother"

and said his visit shows that Egypt is keen to cooperate with India. The Prime Minister said he

Mursi agreed to foster pro-

ductive partnerships in socio-



up of a Centre for Excellence in IT (CEIT) in Egypt's Al Azhar University, cooperation in the field of protection of intellectual property rights and prevention of illicit traffic of

antiquities besides others. The MoUs was also signed

exploded in a tube at Hawthorne Army Depot as Marines were preparing to fire it, the officials said.

The injured were taken to two hospitals. Stacy Kendall, a spokeswoman for Renown Regional Medical Center, said that it was treating eight people wounded in the blast, three in serious condition and five in fair condition. She said that the injuries included traumas and frac- tures.

meeting US


Secretary Jacob

Lew, who is visiting Beijing.








partnership," Xi said. Lew congratulated Xi on

president hailed the

fruitful outcome of bilateral relations in the past 30 years, with the results greatly bene-

fiting the two peoples and

promoting peace and stabili-


becoming China's president. He called on the two sides to enhance cooperation on economic and strategic issues facing the two coun- tries and properly manage

National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS). The two leaders also exchanged views on a range of regional and interna- tional issues. The Prime


in the Asia-Pacific region

their differences.

well as the world. China-US relations bear great interest and there are


As the world's two biggest economies, the US and China have special

Minister said both countries share interest in peace and sta-


bility in the Gulf, West Asia and the North African region. "I conveyed our steadfast support to the Palestinian cause and expressed our deep appreciation for the role


also differences, Xi said, not- ing that so long as the two sides treat the bilateral ties from a strategic and long-

responsibilities in maintain- ing a strong, sustainable and balanced growth globally, he added.

Expressing admiration for the courage and sacrifices of the people of Egypt in usher- ing in a new era of democracy, Singh said India has offered to

share its experience as Mursi

economic development pro- grammes, skill development, higher education, agriculture and health care. "We also

agreed to enhance our defense exchanges and cooperation,"

to identify a number of core areas which would be the focus of cooperation. These include e-governance and e- education, IT and electronics hardware, sharing of experi-

Pope celebrates Mass to inaugurate his reign


bless a disabled person. He wore plain white vestments and black shoes, in contrast to the luxurious red loafers that attracted attention under Benedict. The ceremony conduct- ed from an altar on the steps of the huge basilica was also been shortened to two hours after a three-hour service in 2005 when Benedict began his papacy. The Mass formally installs Francis as the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. In the six days since his election, he has referred to himself only as Bishop of Rome, the

Francis inaugurated his



played by Egypt in trying to forge unity between the Palestinian groups and work towards a peaceful resolution of this long standing issue," Singh said.

Pakistan 'anti-corruption' cleric to boycott elections

ISLAMABAD: A populist Pakistani cleric who has gen- erated mass protests to demand sweeping political reform will boycott the forth- coming general elections, The polls, expected by mid-May but for which no date has yet been set, will mark the first democratic transition between two civilian governments in Pakistan, where the military remains powerful after staging three coups. "This is just an election of money, might and manipulation. That is why I decided my party should not

the Centre for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan, more than 60 percent of the outgo- ing cabinet and two thirds of its outgoing federal lawmak- ers paid no tax in 2011. Under the constitution, lawmakers should have "a good character", be "saga- cious, righteous and non-prof- ligate, honest". They should also be disqualified if they, their spouse or any dependents default on the payment of gov- ernment dues or utilities. "My struggle is a reformist

"ably leads his nation in build- ing strong institutions and frameworks for democracy, social justice and inclusive economic development". "I am convinced that

"The agreements that we have signed today are a clear manifestation of our desire to

impart a new dynamism to our relationship," Singh said.

ences in the creation of Technology Parks and IT clus- ters, and strengthening the cooperation between ICT companies in the private sector among others.

papacy with a Mass in front of hundreds of thousands of people and foreign leaders in St. Peter's Square on Tuesday with a simplified rite that fuelled hopes for change in the scandal- plagued Roman Catholic Church. Francis, the first Jesuit pope, has already put his mark on the papacy, aban- doning much of the baroque pomp of his predecessor Benedict and signalling that he wants a Church whose

first priority is the poor and disadvantaged.

Obama to host African leaders

WASHINGTON: As part of his efforts to build and strengthen relationships with Africa, US President Barack Obama would host leaders of four African countries Sierra Leone, Senegal, Malawi and Cape Verde at the White House on March 28, his press secretary has said. "The five leaders will dis-

cuss strengthening democrat- ic institutions across sub- Saharan Africa, and building on Africa's democratic progress to generate

and building on Africa's democratic progress to generate increased economic opportu- nities and expanded trade and

increased economic opportu- nities and expanded trade and investment," the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said. Obama looks forward to welcoming President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, President Macky Sall of Senegal, President Joyce Banda of Malawi, and Prime Minister Jose Maria Pereira Neves of Cape Verde to the White House on Thursday, March 28, he said.

The US has strong part- nerships with these countries based on shared democratic values and shared interests, he added. "The visit of these four leaders underscores the strategic importance the President places on building partnerships and substantive engagement with sub- Saharan Africa, and our com- mitment to working with strong and emerging African democracies," Carney said.


stopped frequently to

position from which his authority flows, and hinted he plans to reduce Vatican centralism and govern in consultation with other bishops.

take part," said Tahir-ul Qadri,

religious moderate who has

written a fatwa against terror- ism and suicide bombings. According to a report from


movement struggle. Sometimes you don't achieve

the result within a couple of months, or one year, two years -- you have to struggle for a long time," said Qadri.

greet some of the hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the sprawling square, kissing babies and getting out at one point to



Montek : RBI could have given stronger signal to push growth NEW DELHI: Planning Commission
Montek : RBI could have given
stronger signal to push growth
NEW DELHI: Planning
Commission Deputy
Chairman Montek Singh
front for the next three
months, then one can say that
the economy will be back on
He explained that the tar-
geted USD 1 trillion invest-
ments in infrastructure for the
Ahluwalia on Tuesday said it
could have given a more
robust signal to the industry.
"This (rate cut) is a signal
and I have to say that it is in
the right direction", he said,
while addressing an
Assocham conference.
"We are looking at it with
unhappiness. We feel, the sig -
nal should have been
people would
say that the signal should have
been more robust than 25
basis points", Ahluwalia said
while commenting on RBI's
decision to cut short-term
(repo) rate by 0.25 per cent to
7.5 per cent to boost growth.
higher growth trajectory in the
long run. He opined that the
USD one trillion investment
targets in the infrastructure
sectors with half of it coming
current Plan period would
mean a debt component of
USD 700 billion debt compo-
nent and the financial institu-
tion would have to think on
"I am glad that RBI has
signaled continuing reduction
from private sector, for the
12th Five Year Plan (2012-
financing all of that.
On the criticism over pub-
of the rate," he said, adding the
macro economic situation has
started turning around for the
better. According to
Ahluwalia, if everything goes
well on the economic growth
17), is an ambitious number.
As per his assessment, the
investment in infrastructure in
12th Plan could be USD 900
billion with half of it coming
from private sector.
lic private partnership (PPP)
projects, he said user charges
are very crucial for these proj-
ects but those should be
imposed in a transparent man-

AIR launches services on social media

NEW DELHI: To carve a niche for itself on the social media, the All India Radio (AIR) has launched live streaming of its Urdu service, FM Gold on YouTube and an android based mobile phone application of for its news service. The services were launched by the Information and Broadcasting Minister, Manish Tewari. Speaking on the occasion, Tewari said the advent of AIR on social media plat- forms was an important step in enhancing its outreach across the country.

important step in enhancing its outreach across the country. With the use of social media, people

With the use of social media, people could now access the content of AIR in any part of the globe, he said. The statement added that the android based mobile application has been devel- oped for accessing News sto- ries from the AIR News

Network. Tewari said that apart from catering to news and information needs of audi- ences both domestic and external, this innovative tech- nology would enhance the profile, content and reach of its national and regional bul- letins in regional languages in the audio form. The integration with mobile applications would address the communication needs of the youth and the audience that followed new technologies, the statement said.

NTPC to start construction for thermal power plant next year

B H U B A N E S W A R :

July this year," Soin said


Optimistic of completion of land acquisition for its 1600 MW Darlipali Super Thermal project in Odisha, India's

adding once the company takes possession of 69 acres of private land, it can launch construction.

Stating that NTPC's pres- ent installed capacity in east- ern region was 3,460 MW, Soin said it would increase

largest thermal power produc-

Stating that NTPC propos-

substantially when the new


NTPC on Tuesday said

es to invest Rs 12,850 crore

projects are commissioned.

construction for the Rs 12,850

crore plant could be launched during the second half of

for Darlipali super thermal project, Soin said Odisha gov- ernment would get half of the

He said the 460 MW Talcher Thermal Power Station with its high perform-


"About 1200 acres of land had already been acquired by the company in Sundargarh district so far as against the total requirement of around 1700 acres," Regional Executive Director of NTPC,

electricity generated at the plant, for which coal linkage has been assured. The 1600 (2 X 800) Mw plant would be fed by Dulanga coal mine allotted to the company and water will be provided from Hirakud

ance has generated more than 96 percent of plant load fac- tor, highest ever since its inception, providing one of the cheapest thermal power to its beneficiary. Declaring NTPC's propos- al for foraying into renewable


S Soin, said.


energy sector, Soin said the

Stating that NTPC is set to invest about Rs 30,000 crore for three major projects in Odisha, he said "The company expects the administration to hand over 338 acres of government land and 34.5 acres of forest by

Apart from Darlipali, NTPC proposes to invest about Rs 12,000 crore for another super thermal power plant at Gajmara in Dhenkanal district and over Rs 5,000 crore for expansion of Talcher Thermal Power

thermal power producer intends to set up a solar power plant at Kaniha in Odisha. While the capacity of the proposed solar plant could be about 15-16 MW, its cost was yet to be worked out, the NTPC regional Ed said.

Delhi's per capita income rises to over Rs.2 lakh


after DMK pulls out of UPA

NEW DELHI: Delhi's per capita annual income has risen by nearly 16 percent to Rs.2.01 lakh in 2012-13

has risen by nearly 16 percent to Rs.2.01 lakh in 2012-13 MUMBAI: The BSE benchmark sensex

MUMBAI: The BSE benchmark sensex Tuesday, plummeted 285 points to close at two-week low level of 19,008 after the government's key ally DMK withdrew support amid a weak global trend, even as the RBI cut repo rate. After a higher start at 19,378.61, the sensex dropped below 19,000 level before ending 285.10 points

over the previous fiscal, said the government's Economic Survey. According to the sur- vey tabled on Tuesday


the Delhi assembly,

lower at 19,008.10, a level last seen


capita income rose from Rs.1,73,686 in 2011-12 to

on March 5. The NSE index Nifty shuttled between 5,863.60 and 5,724.30 before ending lower by 89.30 points to 5,745.95. Financial and interest sensitive stocks were major losers and pulled down the benchmark to suffer its biggest sin- gle day loss in last three weeks. The banking index fell 1.97 per cent to 13,209.63.

Rs.2,01,083 in 2012-13. The national average is Rs.61,564. "The per capita income reflects the availability of ample employment opportunity in the city and satisfac- tion level of the residents," said Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who presented the Economic Survey. The Delhi government's outstanding debt has reduced from Rs.30,140 crore in 2010-11 to Rs.28,308 crore in 2012-13, stated the survey.

SBI gets Rs 3,004-cr capital from govt

MUMBAI: Country's largest bank SBI on Tuesday said it has received Rs 3,004 crore from the government as part of the recapitalization plan of the state-run banks. Post-infusion, the share holding of the government in the bank has increased from 61.58 to 62.31 percent. According to the bank, the government infused the money through subscribing to preferential allotment of 1.29 crore equity shares at the issue price of Rs 2,312.78 per share. "We are confident that with this capital infusion, we will meet the capital adequa-

cy requirement prescribed by Reserve Bank," State Bank of India (SBI) said. Earlier, SBI Chairman Pratip Chaudhuri had said that the bank was likely to attain a tier-I capital of around 10 percent by the end of the fiscal with capital infusion from the govern- ment along with accrual of profits. Government plans to infuse around Rs 14,000 crore in state-run banks this fiscal to boost their core cap- ital ratios as they prepare to comply with the Basel-III guidelines, which will start from next month.

Ministry forms panel to draft PPP framework

NEW DELHI: The Government has constituted a panel to formulate a policy on public-private partnership

source added. The panel to be serviced by Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDI)

framework with State-owned

will "devise a PPP policy

CIL as one of the partners to increase coal output. The development comes close on the heels of Finance Minister P. Chidambaram stat- ing in his Budget speech that there was a need to devise such a policy to reduce the country's increasing depend- ence on imported coal. "In pursuance of the announcement in the Union Budget 2013 regarding Public Private Partnership (PPP) pol-

icy framework with Coal India (CIL) as one of the partners, a


increase production of coal," the source said, adding, "The committee shall give a report within a month." The Finance Minister dur- ing his Budget speech said in the medium to long-term the country should reduce its dependence on coal imports and one of the ways forward was to devise a PPP policy framework. TCIL, which accounts for over 80 per cent of the domestic coal output,

order to




constituted," a

missed its production target last fiscal and produced only

source in the Coal Ministry said.

435.84 million tonne (MT) against the revised target of

The nine-member commit-

447 MT. India's coal imports,

tee chaired by Coal Secretary S. K. Srivastava has represen-

which shot up to 100 million MT from April to December

tatives from the Finance, Law

last year, are likely to reach

and Justice Ministries, the


MT by FY'17.

tatives from the Finance, Law last year, are likely to reach and Justice Ministries, the 185
tatives from the Finance, Law last year, are likely to reach and Justice Ministries, the 185

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 8 STUDENT AGE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 MISC 8 Smriti


3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 8

Page 1 qxd 3/20/2013 1:38 AM Page 8 STUDENT AGE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 MISC 8





AM Page 8 STUDENT AGE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013 MISC 8 Smriti Mehra leads in Hero

Smriti Mehra leads in Hero Women's Golf

Smriti Mehra leads in Hero Women's Golf PANCHKULA: Smriti Mehra got off to a great start

PANCHKULA: Smriti Mehra got off to a great start in the sixth leg of the Hero Women's Golf Tour at the

has already won two titles this

fifth, sixth, 11th, 12th and 15th. Her double bogeys came on the first and fourth holes and the solitary bogey on the


Panchkula Golf Club on Tuesday, taking a six-shot lead over Ankita Tiwana, Gursimran Badwal and Vani Kapoor after the first round. The veteran golfer, who

season and leads the Order of Merit 2013, scored a par 72 in the first round to open up a comfortable lead over Ankita, Gursimran (A) and Vani, who are tied at second place with first round score of six over

Ankita carded three birdies on the fifth, 12th and 14th whereas ani had four birdies on the 10th, 11th, 13th and 16th. Amateur golfer Gursimran, who is tied second with Ankita and Vani after the first round, carded three birdies on the fifth, eight and 16th holes. All three will have their task cut out tomorrow if they want to close the gap with Smriti. Fifth leg winner


Neha Tripathi had a disap-

Smriti had two double bogeys in the first four holes but steadied herself from there on to sink five birdies on the

pointing day on the greens and is laying tied eighth with Pallavi Jain with a round one score of 82.

birdies on the pointing day on the greens and is laying tied eighth with Pallavi Jain

Punjab beat J&K by 43 runs in T20

JAMMU: Punjab today reg- istered a fine 43 runs win over Jammu and Kashmir in the North Zone Twenty20 Tournament for Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy at Tata Energy Research Institute Oval, Gurgaon in Haryana. Earlier, Punjab won the toss and decided to bat first they set a target of 147 runs for the loss of nine wickets, which, in reply, J&K could not chase and bowled out for 103 in 19.3 overs. Inder Singh and MS Gony contributed 23 runs each

while Gurkeerat Singh made highest 27 runs. From J&K, Ram Dayal and Raman Dutta shared three wickets each while RSmSambyal claimed two. Later, chasing a target of over seven runs per over, J&K could not maintain the required run rate and bowled out for 103 runs in 19.3 overs. Fayaz Ahmed remained top scorer with 34 runs while Bandy and Ram Dayal contributed 26 and 21 runs respectively. MS Gony and S Koul claimed three wickets each from Punjab.

Commerce, Mathmetics, MCA enter QFs of Carrom

JAMMU: Departments of Commerce, Mathematics and Computer Sciences today sailed into the quarterfinals stages of the Carrom event in

failed to report on the second

1: Rupali Gupta bt Sagorika Chadha; Nitu Devi lost to Suvidha Gupta; Rupali and Ritu Sharma beat Sagarika and Suvidha. B A D M I N T O N :

the ongoing Inter- department (women's) sports meet of uni-

Department of Law beat The Business School 2-0:

versity of Jammu (JU) at Gymnasium Hall on the cam- pus. However, likewise open- ing day yesterday, most of the teams in all the four events

day today resulting into most of the matches ended in walkovers. The Detailed Results:

Upasana Gupta bt Sagarika Chadha 21-09; Heena Sharma bt Manasvi Gupta 21- 13. The Law School bt Department of Library Sciences 2-0: Deepanshi Isher bt Gurmeet Kour 21-04; Antra Pandit bt Deepika Gupta 21-04. Department of

Priya Sharma bt Madhvi


Physics and Electronics beat

Department of Physical Education bt Department of Mathematics 2- 0: Jyoti beat Panmeet Kour 11-04, 11-06; Sandeep Kour beat Urvashi Bhatt 11-07,11- 09; Law School got walkover Department of Urdu; The Business School got walkover Department of Commerce. CARROM: Department of Commerce beat The Law School 2-0: Syed Farhat beat Priyanka; Pratibha Heer beat Raveena. Department of Computer Sciences beat Library Sciences 2-1: Rinkal Charak beat Priyanka; Babi Choudhary lost to Mitika; Rinkal Charak and Priya beat Mitika and Deepika. Department of Mathematics beat The Business School 2-

Department of Psychology 2- 1: Razia Thakur lost to Dhanvir Kour 15-21; Jagrita Sharma bt Samriti Mandwol 21-19; Razia-Jagriti bt Samriti-Dhanvir 22-20. Department of Statistics beatDepartment of Commerce 2-0: Ankita bt Pratibha 21-15; Ruby Sharma bt Rohana Wahid 21-09. CHESS: MCA beat Department of Statistics 2-0:

Rajput; Dhriti Chandan bt Palak Kapoor. Department of Library Sciences beat Department of Commerce 2- 1: Priyanka bt Syed; Abida Shabnam lost to Mansi; Mauri bt Priyanka. The Business School beat The Law School 2-0: Divy bt Richa Suri; Heena Nargotra bt Vibhuti Narania.

2-0: Divy bt Richa Suri; Heena Nargotra bt Vibhuti Narania. For More Details Contact: Shamsher (Chief
For More Details Contact: Shamsher (Chief Advisor) Ph:- +91-9419797242, +91-9018192949 I-League:
For More Details Contact:
Shamsher (Chief Advisor)
Ph:- +91-9419797242, +91-9018192949
Churchill win 3-0
against Air India
MAPUSA : Churchill
Brothers went top of the I-
League table with a 3-0 demo-
lition of Air India at the Duler
Stadium on Tuesday.
Brazilian midfielder
Roberto Mendes da Silva
opened the scoring with a sev-
enth minute penalty and then
Gabonese striker Henri
Arnaud scored once in each
half to take Churchill Brothers
to the top of the table with 42
points, two ahead of East
Bengal with a game in hand.
Churchill got off to an
encouraging start when Steven
Dias won a penalty in the sev-
enth minute. BChurchill got
their second in the 22nd
minute when Lenny
Rodrigues sent a delightful
through ball that pierced the
rival defence.
Badminton Association of
India (BAI) has announced
Sporty Solutionz (P) Ltd as
the Marketing and Event
Partner for the prestigious
India Open Super Series for
the next three years.
The 2013 edition of the
tournament, with a prize
purse of USD 200,000, will
be held at the Siri Fort Indoor
Sports Complex here from
April 23-28.
BAI President Dr Akhilesh
Das Gupta said the associa-
tion with Sporty Solutionz is
a step taken to make the India
Open Super Series one of the
most successful badminton
tournaments in the world.
"The partnership will take
Indian badminton to greater
heights. The India Open
Super Series has made a spec-
tacular impact in raising the
stake of the sport in the coun-
try," Dr Gupta said.
"We hope the tie-up with
Sporty Solutionz will push
the benchmark further and
help badminton catch the
imagination of the youth in
Delighted with the associ-
ation, Sporty Solutionz CEO
Ashish Chadha said, "We are
honored to come on board as
the marketing and event part-
ners for the next three years.
We thank BAI and will strive
to deliver a successful 2013
India Open Super Series and
for the years to come."
Sporty Solutionz are also
the Commercial Partner for
the upcoming USD 1 million
Indian Badminton League.
for the upcoming USD 1 million Indian Badminton League. CHIEF-EDITOR, PUBLISHER, OWNER: Rohit Singh Rana,

CHIEF-EDITOR, PUBLISHER, OWNER: Rohit Singh Rana, C.E.O.:Pawan Rathore, DY. CHIEF EDITOR : Vikram Singh Shan, Administrative Head Jammu: Vikram Singh Bhandari, Bureau Chief Kashmir: Allayee Faizan, LEGAL ADVISOR: Advocate Ashok Parihar PRINTED AT JK PRINTING & PUBLICATIONS, SUJWAN, JAMMU TAWI. For Contributing articles mail us at callme.ranasahib@gmail.com, editor.studentage@gmail.com. For Complaints, Querries or Advertisement Contact us: 0191-2580342 Address: Sector-12, H.No-12 Nanak Nagar, Jammu (All disputes are subjected to the exclusive jursisdiction of Jammu District courts only.)

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