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The Peoples Benefit Party of Canada

Bringing about social progress through positive change.

Karungi Asiimwe Isabella Davies Claudia Oriano Meandra Provencal


Take the Pledge to Change. Canada is a growing and changing environment. It has a constant need to evolve, to better its policies and strategies in order to accommodate the needs of its people. The Peoples Benefit Party is dedicated to bettering lives - of all lives, from the youngest to the oldest, from the richest to the poorest. The PBP does not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or income levels. As leader of the Peoples Benefit Party of Canada I promise you change positive change for a positive outcome in the world. If I am elected I will bring you an honest and transparent government whose purpose is to help and care for Canadians of all walks of life. If I am elected I will bring families the support they need, through social programs and government funding. I will crack down on bills such as Bill C-10 that threaten the safety and the livelihood of Canadians through their mindless aggression. My dream is for a better future for Canadians. Together we can make a difference. Together we can take the pledge. A vote for me on March 27th will be a vote for change.

Claudia Oriano
Leader of the Peoples Benefit Party


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Crime and Rehabilitation

4|PBP Crime rates across Canada have been decreasing, and the Peoples Benefit Party wants to keep it that way. We believe that rehabilitation and incarceration would help decrease crime rates further. When looking at the table below, we can see that crime rates seem to be highest among youth of 17 to 20 years of age. Taking this into account, the Peoples Benefit Party will focus the majority of our resources for rehabilitation on Canadas youth, especially those from 17 to 20, and distribute the remaining resources to the people most in need.

Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Uniform Crime Reporting Survey. By focusing on the rehabilitation of criminal offenders, especially youth criminal offenders, we hope to: Further decrease the number of criminal offenders above the age of 24 by decreasing the number of repeat offenders. As part of the rehabilitation for less severe crimes, they will be involved in helping the community, and we hope they will carry out this trend when they leave. For more severe crimes, we hope the rehabilitation will prevent them from continuing their criminal acts when they leave. Decrease overcrowding of prisons With the education they received during their rehabilitation, we hope that they will have a more broad understanding of the world, and be able to get a job when they come out.

Economy We know the economy has taken its toll on Canadians over the past few years, but, as the charts show, unemployment rates have been decreasing, and Canadas GDP has been

5|PBP increasing. The People Benefit Party wants to help relieve Canadians of their continued struggles with the economy. We are focusing on helping all Canadians: young people trying to gain employment, families trying to balance their jobs and their childrens school or day care, and retirees or those close to retiring who are worried about their pension plan and financial stability.

We know it is hard to find a job directly after graduation from post-secondary, and we recognize the important role that Canadas youth plays in our economy. These are the Peoples Benefit Partys plans to ease the transition: Ensure rises in minimum mimic inflation Reduce taxes on small business, because they create close to half of the new jobs in Canada Increase the number of paid internship opportunities that enable Canadas youth to gain experience and new skills while giving them a smooth transition from post-secondary to the job market Create and expand upon transit systems that enable people of all ages a fast and affordable means of transportation. We plan on gaining the resources to do so by increasing the tax on gas, which will encourage people to convert to public transit. Create an Innovation Tax Credit to encourage new innovations Create a Job Creation Tax Credit to encourage job creation We recognize that finding a way to balance your funds and time as a parent is a difficulty many Canadians are faced with. The Peoples Benefit Party plans to relieve some of the stress Canadian families might be feeling by doing the following: Lengthening maternity leaves Increase accessibility to child-care by creating more child-care centers across Canada and making them more affordable Increase Canadas affordable housing units Increase accessibility to energy efficient options to lessen the toll on our environment and to lower your monthly electricity bill Since the age requirement for Canadas pension plan has increased, the plan should compensate for it. The Peoples Benefit Party is committed to improving the years after retirement for Canadians by:

6|PBP Increasing the benefits of Canadas Pension Plan Encourage people to invest into their own personal pension plan earlier in life that will make their retirement easier

Healthcare Healthcare is essential in Canada and around the world. The Peoples Benefit Party wants to ensure that Canadas healthcare system is accessible and helps to maintain and improve the health of Canadians. Some of the issues regarding the health of Canadians are: accessibility to care, care for seniors, and the increasing obesity rates. To improve upon these issues, the Peoples Benefit Party would do the following: To address inaccessibility, whether it be related to finances, location or insufficient amount of facilities and facilitators, we would do the following: Cut emergency room waiting times by opening and advertising for more clinics Decrease ambulance fees Invest in training for more family doctors and nurses and the construction of more hospitals

To address the inadequacies of care for seniors, we would do the following: Improve upon senior residential areas to make them more desirable Expand and improve upon home care services to Canadian seniors We also support the decriminalization of marijuana, the taxes that we gather from this will help us to fund some of our other ideas

To address increasing rates of obesity, we would do the following: Promote goal setting for daily physical activity in primary and secondary schools Promote healthy eating by serving healthier foods in school cafeterias Encourage elite athletes to become involved with Canadas youth and serve as role models to promote exercise


Source: Statistics Canada. Measured adult body mass index (BMI) by age group and sex , household population age 18 and over excluding pregnant females, Canada (excluding territories) (CANSIM table 105-0507). Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 2009.

Foreign Policy As Canadians, we play a large role on the world stage. With such a diverse and multi cultural country, Canada is designed to build peace keeping and act as peace keepers around the world. We take pride in our land and natural resources. Our plan is for Canada to rise to its potential and take control over its future within its self and with other countries globally. Shown in the chart is the increase of global warming, Canada takes a large part in the renewal process of our environment by cooperating globally to ensure a brighter future for our planet. The Peoples Benefit Party of Canada thinks globally, our plan is to: Play a lead role in achieving a new international agreement to avert catastrophic global warming and ensure that Canada meets its climate change obligations. Enable Canadian pharmaceutical companies to export generic versions of life-saving medicine for people suffering from HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and other diseases in the developing world; To end Canadas combat involvement in Afghanistan, and we will bring our troops home. In its place, we will commit to Aid and development program focused on women, youth and children; regional diplomacy; the rule of law and human rights; institution building and humanitarian assistance. To Focus Canadas military on defending Canada; providing support for peacemaking and peacekeeping around the world; and assisting people facing natural catastrophes, including floods, earthquakes, forest fires and others around the world and at home

8|PBP Education The population with a higher level of education is more likely to be employed as shown in this chart. This is why the Peoples Benefit Party of Canada is committed to ensuring Canadians will have a fulfilled education plan. We are also committed to early childhood education being affordable and accessible. We realize this is in the hands of our education system therefore we must make changes to accommodate these needs. Our plan: We will make post-secondary education more affordable by directly attacking skyrocketing tuition costs with a designated $800 million transfer to the provinces and territories to lower tuition fees, We will increase the funding in the Canada Student Grants Program by $200 million a year, targeting accessibility for Aboriginal, disabled and low-income students, in particular; The creation of integrated, community-based, child-centered early learning and education centers that provide parents with a one-stop shop for family services.

9|PBP Environment

To uphold our commitment to an environmentally friendly The Peoples Benefit Party is Canada, we will committed to raising awareness about re-introduce legislation to ensure that Canada meets our environment and its condition. The the long-term target of reducing our greenhouse gas PBP believe that sustainability and emissions action is a necessary response to global hold corporations responsible for their environmental warming, greenhouse gas emission and actions by implementing a carbon tax, this will limit pollution. The funds from the carbon tax will be directed irresponsible environmental practices. towards efficient renewable energy alternatives It is time to take action against the apply strict rules and regulations concerning our natural causes of climate change, before it is resources too late. Canada can no longer afford work to support nations-developing and developed, in their to ignore the climate crisis; Canadians efforts to reduce green house gas emissions and advocate must advocate proactive measures and environmental awareness invest in environmental education and awareness. Canadians lobby government. Warmer must be aware of the climate crisis we are in, and must temperatures and declining rainfall will understand their role in the solution reduce crop yields, increasing conflict, promote individual carbon foot print awareness and provide famine, disease, and poverty. This will alternatives and solutions. cause increased instability in some of provide affordable incentive for Canadians and corporations the most vulnerable nations. The well to support environmental efforts. being of our environment is related to the well being of our economy, healthcare, and global responsibility. We will invest in efficient and clean technologies at to help developing countries preserve biodiversity, curb deforestation, and aid them in further developing their nations in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable ways. Canadas current government has halted international agreements that they once committed to. The Peoples Benefit Party is in favor of creating binding contracts with other countries that hold each party accountable for carbon and greenhouse gas emission. We believe that it is crucial to invest in energy alternatives and explore various methods for energy production. The Peoples Benefit Party promises to put pressure on countries that contribute most to the climate crisis such as China, the United States, India, and the European Union. We believe in investing in the future for our children, our earth, and Canada. We are committed to a cleaner, pollutant free environment.

The Peoples Benefit Party Believes In protecting our natural resources and recovering them sustainably In engaging Canadians in the fight against climate change Protecting forests and biodiversity Protecting the oil sands Canada is a key player in manufacturing and natural resource extraction. The Peoples Benefit Party believes it up to us to lead the way and take action by being environmentally responsible.

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Immigration Many immigrants come to Canada with hopes of better opportunities and a better future for themselves and their families. The Peoples Benefit Party believes in supporting immigrants and advocating their rights. We believe immigration is an economic, social, and political advantage. The Peoples Benefit Party will work to support new immigrants by funding social programs that help with settlement and employment. We think it is crucial that the Canadian government regulates immigration, for the benefit of all Canadians. The peoples benefit party is opposed to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, we believe it is unjust to bring immigrants in on work terms while making it difficult for them to become Canadians, immigrants are willing to work for minimum wage which inevitably undermines the Canadian labor market. This exploitation is damaging economically as most new immigrants who are here temporarily support the economy minimally because most of their earnings are sent to their country of origin. The Peoples Benefit Party believes legitimate immigrants in Canada should be granted citizenship, and should integrate into Canadian society rather than being isolated from it. We believe we should recognize foreign professionals, and continue to encourage diversity no multiculturalism.

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The Peoples Benefit Party is not in favor of Bill C-50 Bill C-50 Will evaluate the Humanitarian and Compassion application at their discretion, which would lead to issues with family reunification. This could lead to an increase in social problems. Will encourage undemocratic country labeling, which will give priority to certain nations for no reason other than the country of origin Will not ensure that refugees who have met the strict requirements will be accepted