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Jumaidil Awal


Jl. Sultan Alimudin Gg. Beringin No. 66 Samarinda

E-mail: jumaidilawal@yayasanbungabangsa.org Phone: +6285250312277


TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal 2 Samarinda

July 1993 June 1994

Elementary School
SDN 060 (now 024) Samarinda Utara (now Sungai Pinang)

July 1994 June 2000

Junior High School

SLTPN 1 Samarinda

July 2000 June 2003

Senior High School

SMAN 1 Samarinda

July 2003 June 2005

Undergraduate Degree

September 2005 June 2012

Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mulawarman University


Alif Privat
Private Lesson Teacher

July 2006 January 2007

I taught two students: a Junior High School student and a Senior High School one. After leaving the company, I continued teaching them until the next academic year. I taught them almost all kinds of subjects, from Mathematics to Arts, from Physics to Civics.

LPK Hawari
Private Lesson Teacher I taught Mathematics for one private class.

July 2007 August 2008

SMK Madina
Science and English Teacher I held two Science classes and one English class.

July 2008 January 2010

Primagama English

July 2010 October 2011

I held ten classes spread in three branches during the first semester. Entering the second semester, I was promoted to Permanent Trainer by the Kadrie Oening Branch. There, I didn't
Jumaidil Awal 1

only teach but also supervise and train other Trainers. I was also the TOEFL ITP Test Supervisor there in spite of the fact that the branch never held any TOEFL ITP test.

Private Lesson Teacher

January 2007 Present

I teach primarily English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry to students on various levels of education ranging from third-grade to undergraduate. I also teach English for TOEFL preparation informally, not bound by formal MoU whatsoever, to several graduate and doctoral degree students of Mulawarman University.

Bunga Bangsa Islamic High School


January 2013 Present

I teach Chemistry and Physics. I am also responsible for Chemistry and Physics Laboratory management.


TOEFL ITP Test Supervisor for Primagama English Kadrie Oening Presenter in The Fifth International Symposium on Computational Sciences (ISCS) 2012


I have a strong interest in education and technology, especially web development and opensource software. I enjoy helping people understand difficult matters faster and more comprehensively. I love learning and exploring the basics of complicated subjects. Idea generation and problem solving are two most essential elements I need to keep my interest in a particular work. As for my research interest, I'm strongly interested in inorganic and computational chemistry. I'm very eager to continue my education in Japan. I'm particularly interested in conducting a research on ionic liquids for energy-related purposes.


Rahmat Gunawan, Computational Chemistry Professor, +6281-221-468-324, rahmat.gunawan@gmail.com.

Jumaidil Awal