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Kim John R.

Nate SPCM 1

Speech Plan

G-4R March 15, 2013.

Playing Games. Its more fun when outdoor and Traditional Specific Speech Purpose: To persuade listeners to support traditional/outdoor games over computer/virtual games. Attention Step: I. Did you know that a factor of obesity is due to your over-usage of the computer? Computers often factors why you have defective eyes. Playing virtual games can be an escape from reality. There are some cases of violence due to computer games. On the other hand, traditional outdoor games are games of the ancient, meaning they came long before the Philippines were colonized. Computer and virtual gamers must become aware of the possible outcome if they become addicted.


Need Step: I. Many Filipinos nowadays tend to patronize computer and virtual games over traditional/outdoor games. Due to this, our culture is being depleted due to the loss of knowledge of the traditional games. People that play virtual games are prone to some behavioural problems such as being violent, being anti-social, and sometimes creates their own world. People who tend to play virtual games tend to lose their ability to socialize thus they become unpredictable. With this they often become depressed because their expectations are not met. Virtual games basically causes, physical, mental and social problems.



Satisfaction Step: In order to utilize traditional games over virtual games, the following are reasons to do so: a. Teach the kids with the basic traditional/outdoor games, such as patintero, tagu-taguan, bangsak, sungka, sipa and many more. Let them know what its like to play physically with friends. b. Think of the people who tend to do less physical activities, traditional/outdoor games are in fact tiring but worth it. c. Try not to download virtual games in your gadget. d. Try being outside your house, enjoy the nature and play games. e. Play with your family and friends, physically and interactively. f. Maintain our culture through these games. g. Its mostly free. Visualization Step:

Kim John R. Nate SPCM 1

Speech Plan

G-4R March 15, 2013.

Imagine going outside your house, and see people playing these traditional/outdoor games in the streets. Seeing the playing, you can hear their laughter like music to your ears; you can also see a street of people having fun and interacting with their families and friends. Isnt that a picturesque scene you would want to join? Stress free, relaxing and enjoying. You may think that your too old, Im sure you wouldnt want to miss the fun! Action Step: What I am telling you now is lets choose our traditional and outdoor games and try to minimize or forget our use of these computer games and virtual games. Lets try having to interact to people physically without hiding ourselves trough the virtual world. Just always remember that these games are free, healthy and helps in social building. What more can you ask for?