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1. Sales Manager

Managing a team of Business Development Executives. Driving 5 Lakhs Fixed + sales target through the team. Incentives

Specialization in Marketing & Finance. Good communication skills. Mumbai , Delhi Candidates with previous work NCR or Anywhere experience will be preferred for this in India role. Specialization in Marketing & Finance. Good communication skills , to deal Mumbai , Delhi with Corporates and senior NCR or Anywhere Management. in India Specialization in Marketing & Finance. Good communication skills. Mumbai , Delhi Basic Understanding of international NCR or Anywhere trade. in India Mumbai , Delhi NCR or Anywhere in India

Sales Manager 2. Aspira

Identify and manage the relationship with Corporates for the Corporate Salary product & wealth management services. Understand the need of the corporate and recommend suitable products

5 Lakhs Fixed + Incentives

Relationship Manager Acquire Customers who are dealing in International Trade , & 3. Trade & Foreign Foreign Exchange Customer Exchange

5 Lakhs Fixed + Incentives

Relationship Manager 4. Business Banking

Acquire and manage the business relationship with Small and medium businesses.

5 Lakhs Fixed + Incentives Specialization in Marketing & Finance. Good communication skills. Ability to understand Balance Sheet , credit proposals , recommend financial products to SMEs. Mumbai , Delhi NCR or Anywhere in India Specialization in Marketing & Finance. Good communication skills. Ability to understand Balance Sheet


Sales ManagerMortgages

Acquire and Manage Retail Homeloans and Loan against Properties, through Direct channel /Indirect Channels.

5 Lakhs Fixed + Incentives

gd topics. about ING. ING Vysya Bank (Kannada: . . ) is a Bangalore-based private bank

with retail, wholesale and private banking platforms formed from the 2002 acquisition of major stake in Indian Vysya Bank by Dutch ING Group. This merger marks the first between an Indian bank and a foreign bank.[3] Prior to this transaction, Vysya Bank had a seven-year old strategic alliance with erstwhile Belgian bank Banque Bruxelles Lambertwhich was acquired by ING Group in 1998. The bank has total assets of INR 487.28 billion as on June 30, 2012 and operates a pan-India network of over 1,000 outlets (including 527 branches) servicing over two million customers.[4] ING Group, the highest-ranking institutional shareholder, currently holds a 44% equity stake in ING Vysya Bank, followed by Aberdeen Asset Management, private equity firm ChrysCapital, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup, respectively.[5] ING Group also maintains a 1

presence in India through shareholding in ING Vysya Life Insurance Company and ING Investment Management (India). http://www.ingvysyabank.com/pdf%27s/INGVysyaBank_MARCH2012.pdf Q 3 PROFITS-CEO- mr. shalendra bhandari

profile briefing Sales manager..

The sales manager job description is a common request at www.salescareersonline.com. Typically, sales managers direct a company's sales program. They assign sales territories, set goals, and establish training programs for their sales representatives. Sales managers may also advise their sales representatives on ways to improve their sales performance, achieve goals and obtain expected quotas.

Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service. 2) Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts. 3) Direct and coordinate activities involving sales of manufactured products, services, commodities, real estate or other subjects of sale. 4) Determine price schedules and discount rates. 5) Review operational records and reports to project sales and determine profitability. 6) Direct, coordinate, and review activities in sales and service accounting and recordkeeping, and in receiving and shipping operations.

Sales manager (aspira)..

Source new Corporates which qualify the product norms * Complete relationship documentation including ROF and KYC of signatories * Open first set of employee accounts 2. Relationship Handling * Maintain relationships with the Corporates and a smooth handover to Relationship Team after the prescribed timelines * Ensure first salary upload in the relationship/accounts sourced by himself/herself 3. Point of sale Cross-sell * Do point of sale cross-sell. E.g. credit cards, SOE, Mabile Banking etc. in first set of employee accounts * Give the leads to service manager if there is any requirement of any other cross-sell

Relationship Manager Trade & Foreign Exchange.. Preparing detailed credit files for approvals at the various credit committees, through in-depth analysis of companies and industries, focusing on financial, business and overall credit risks Presenting credit proposals to the credit committees and addressing queries/concerns raised there-in Ensuring minimum TAT for clients with regard to sanction and execution Preparing credit analysis in accordance to prescribed ING Vysya standards and in line with the Credit Policy norms and other Regulatory and Internal guidelines Addressing queries raised by Risk to their satisfaction Ensuring no pending reviews Ensuring smooth execution of sanctioned credit lines and security documentation in line with regulatory and internal guidelines. This will be done by supporting Credit Administration Cell through effective liasioning between Credit Administration and clients Efficient maintenance of company files and ensuring proper audit trail Undertaking regular on/offsite monitoring (QIS Analysis, conducting regular unit visits, etc) to track developments therein and judge their financial health Tracking covenant compliance to prompt early warning signs Tap new business opportunities with existing and new clients/ recovery of processing fees etc



How to Deal with High Oil Prices? Good afternoon all of you as we know that we are suffering from oil price hike and all are want to resolve this problem but it's really can happen that we overcome on this situation in my point of view there are some problems that never can be finished oil price hike is one of them because no one is responsible for this situation neither government or nor us because it is a uncontrolled situation of economy we can not finish this problem we can only apply some habits in our daily life which could reduce this problem like 1) we can use public vehicle 2) we can turn off our vehicle while traffic. I know this things are very normal things but it's hard to follow them if we follow this type of thing in our daily routine probably we can overcome of this situation. Thank you. Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise? MNC's are playing main role in India. The MNC'S are giving lot of opportunities to the students and people. By the improvement of these companies, we can reduce unemployment problem in our country and economy rate also increase. MNC'S not only providing jobs they developing the needs of the people in rural areas. That means providing medical care, development of education facilities and also developing transportation facilities. Lot of disadvantages also there but benefits are more when we compare than. In my opinion it is better to develop MNC's in our country. MNC's Providing us Good Salary, It has standardized our economy, it parroted western culture to our Indian culture, reduced unemployment, all the benefit which MNC's creating is looking good if we see from the front But from the back.

An Engineer who is earning 7,000 just 10 years back is earning 50,000 now, it motivate the employee to spend more, Opening of Star Hotel's will increases, Many Automobile Industries like manufacturer of different bike's, Car's of foreign company will placed their business in India, The Percentage of Bike Holder's & Car Holder's when compared to last 10 years has increased 4 time's. The more the number of bike's & car's running on the road, the more the demand for petrol & diesel, As usual the demand for Petrol & Diesel Prices rises. For breathing in this world, we need basic necessaries like food, Water, Air. If diesel price's rises Transportation cost for distribution of agricultural product's increases, it is increases all the retail & whole sale trader's will increase the price's, the hotel owner's will increase the price, this will affect our economy structure and result's in Inflation. An employee of MNC will earn more and can able to pay more rent & can purchase an apartment & site with high value, here again the demand from the engineer's for purchase of site's & apartment increase's, this will result's in increase in price of land and apartment. Hardly, there are 5% of the employee's depended on MNC's, the inflation of price's these 5% employee's creating on economy will be suffered by all 100% of the population. Air is contaminating due to more utilization of vehicle's, ozone layer's are getting affected by utilization of air conditioner & fridge in MNC's to large extent. Small hole's in ozone layer's unfit to filter the heat from the sun which may result's in direct sun light to the earth which create's global warming. Many Necessary product's such has Soap's, Shampoo's, detergent's, different kind of clothe's which fit's for the standard's of MNC Company employee's which may result more manufacture of product's with new design's will destroy the purity of drinking water, as the factories will disburse the wastage's to river water or to the drainage may be but that will sorely mixed up with the water releasing for agriculture and drinking water. More utilization of computer's in MNC's result's in many health problem's to employee's after crossing the age of 30 years. Whatever the employee's saved has to spend to recoup their health. If it continuous, our next generation will survive only for 40 years due to contaminated air, water, food etc. We are indirectly destroying our-self by inventing lot's of thing's which make's our work easier & faster, but the same technology which is affecting our basic necessaries like food, water, air etc. Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? In my point of view we cannot say that Indians are less Quality conscious because every individual have their own concept of acquiring it. Some people wants to acquire large quantity while some want to acquire a good quality product even the quantity is less. The most important thing is that people should be aware of what quality is actually. I would like to make a note that Indians are not much conscious about the quality of a product. They just get attracted to the ads and buy the product if they like it, blindly. ! Its not a problem for the ones who are economically high in standard but it matters for the ones who strive for a day meal or the ones who cannot really afford it. And they are forced into a situation to buy low quality product. They cannot be

blamed for this but what I feel is if the good quality product is at affordable price for lower middle class people, then am damn sure people of India would choose the best quality. Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad Hello! Everyone in my point of view if any company want long term success and profit it depend only Ethics values of organisation. Mean that every member of an organisation fellow the Ethics value for the success of an organisation. Basically ethics is the moral principal and values which determines the path for yourself as well as society. The main objective of any business is profit and profit can't be earn without the trust of customer toward us. May be unethical practices can provide you instant profit but can't give you long term remain. For example 2G scam, common wealth scam, satyam scam etc. Is the result of unethical practices. Without the ethics a person is like a body without soul. TATA is known for trust because he always follow ethical practices once the adoption of unethical practices can eat all your goodwill so the key element behind any organization's success is ethical practices. It is important for every business to work ethically if they want the long term profit, if they are in the market just for the survival for the short term they can earn it unethically for example satyam have opted unethical behavior after that they completely lost the market. On the other hand to build trust among consumers is important to developed through ethical practices only. There are so many examples in which companies have tried unethically practices and they all went in vain like enron, satyam etc. Ethical practices and behavior is important for long term relationships, to grab market share, maintaining goodwill, brand image, to have joint ventures, to take credits for short term in the market for all these it is important for the company to follow ethical behavior. Is the Consumer really the King in India? Yes, I do agree with the statement "Consumer is king in India". The profit of any goods producing company solely depends upon its usage by the consumers. So the company try its best to woo the customers, and a normal human nature is to 'impress the boss' and thus it totally signifies the statement. And now a days, we have lots of brand producing same goods, so its oblige on the companies to provide the goods in according to the needs, requirements, and the type of the consumers it is targeting, thus it is totally visible that the planning or developing of any goods revolve around the consumers. So we can say that 'yes consumer is real king in India'. Hi according to my opinion in India customers are the real kings because the competition in Indian markets are high so every time the companies are making their products according to the consumer wish. When the competition is high among the companies then they try to attract consumers to improve their sales and at the same time consumer can demand for their products because they have many other options i.e, the companies which produces same product required by the consumer. Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad? Commercialization of Health care can make it more cost-effective, more accessible and can improve quality of service. WHO reports show that most of the civil hospitals/government hospitals in the country do not have proper equipment and facilities and the ratio of number of beds to population of that city is very low for each of them. Increased accessibility is the major benefit of Commercialization. I am agree with all the points mentioned above that commercialization is good

because it lead to good health care facility but the main problem is that it leads to increase in cost and poor people can not afford. AS we know Government is spending money on hospitals but the money is not able to utilize properly so in my opinion that money should be utilize properly so that poor people can also have better health care facilities. Some strict rules should be made so that money can be spend on right thing not on self benefit. This will lead to proper facilities in government hospital also. Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month? Be it a company or an individual, Strategy is a way to achieve the goal. In everchanging conditions or dynamic market, strategy of using Scenario Planning helps us improve our competitive position based on each and every move of the competitor. In my point of view, process of developing strategy is continued from the very first day when you think to do business. Now it's success is solely dependent on the prudent market strategy which you adopted and then onward sustain in the market you must have capture the interest of community of your target market. And it's only possible when probe the desire of people and share of your peer competitors in the market, control the operational cost of your product, development in the product marketing and so on by every moment, is the chain for growth of any business in a long run. That's called business strategy which is required changing in itself at every step for successful business. Is the Patents Bill Good for India? Yes the patent bill might be good to country & the world as well but it has several side-effects on the developing nations. Developing nations lack funds 2 carry out research on their traditional knowledge. Developed nation with their capital research traditional knowledge of a developing nation & then commercially exploit it by taking a patent based on that traditional knowledge. Yes the patent bill might be good to country & the world as well but it has several side-effects on the developing nations. Developing nations lack funds 2 carry out research on their traditional knowledge. Developed nation with their capital research traditional knowledge of a developing nation & then commercially exploit it by taking a patent based on that traditional knowledge. Through patent law, the inventor will have a recognition and right over his product. So, this inspires them and also many people to invent something useful. Patents are good not only for India, but for the whole world. Every individual who contributed something original to the society must get his due recognition whether in India or elsewhere. In country like India, where 50% of the population are still illiterate, we need to bring about awareness in the matters of patents. And each one of us need to know, how patent laws can affect a country and how we fought cases concerning patent rights of Basmati rice, neem and turmeric. Many of our natural resources or indigenous products of our farmers can be at stake, if we are unaware of patent rights. Is the Business of Business only Business? If business is about long term then pursuance of profit should not be the only objective rather satisfaction of stakeholders which also involves society. If even companies do CSR activities for branding they are serving to the society in a way which is a win win situation for both sides. To focus on long term growth, companies should broaden their view and think beyond profit objective only. Before discussing I would like to get your attention to one incident which is happent kerala, ther is actualy a hill station and most of the people living there are labours of

tea plants, most of the children of them are causing mental disability. Only reason for that is the pesticides used in the plants. Due to the hike of mental disable children the company had built a special school, so can we call it as social commitment?This is the reality, what they really have to do is stop using of that pesticide but what they really do is helping people after causing serious issues. Now the business of business become a business. Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth After getting the job in this sector person have full job security and no tension of loosing job. , This is the reality that most of the person who get government job they are intelligent and hard worker but after getting the job in the government sector they become lazy and they don't work properly. I think 100% job security is the problem for the government sector performance. In comparing with the private sector there is not much burden of work not much competition no target of the performance, unfortunately this type benefits and security reduce the performance of the government servant performance and make them corrupt, as taking bribe and incongruous behavior with the General people. I agree public sector gives job security 100 %. The person who is working in a public sector is not lazy but is more intelligent than other. Most of the time people working in a public sector mark their attendance in their office and then come to their home and run their own business because they know nobody is their who care about that they came or not. So by this they earn from both side. That is why everyone wants to go in public sector because their income is fix. Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse Capitalism and Socialism are two opposite economic environments. Each economic environment has its own flaws in aggregate view, but a good economic environment is one which has less flaws when compared to other. Difference: Socialism is complete control of government over individual and capitalism lets an individual to his free will. This clearly implies that socialism is a breach of human rights and freedom thus having no scope for the word independence in a socialistic nation. To ensure human rights we must employ capitalism. Problem with capitalism: There are problems with capitalism too. Individuals can thrive natural resources, the increase in the gap between rich and poor. Solution: Natural resources are those which belongs to everyone. So government should control the areas which are essential for survival like food and medicine. Government should give subsidies to those who are really poor. A developed country is a country in which citizens are well developed. So it is a chance given to citizens to develop or not. If citizens are reluctant for development, government can't develop. When government is giving subsidies poor people are very happy to live like poor. So it is left to the poor whether to leave their poverty by working or not. If they can't work, government is still giving them subsidies, they can use the previliges but they must not remain in poverty so long. And finally government should give equal opportunity to both rich and poor. It should not concern more about rich or poor. Both should be equal before government. The most important of all that government must do is to educate its citizens about their rights and law. Socialism + Democracy is joke but Capitalism + Democracy is an act of preserving human rights. Indian system (mixed economy) is a good system but it must be more

capitalistic to be excellent. I think the two main problems with India are uneducated poor and the delay in taking decisions in government. I am uninterested in commenting on nations but here is fact. China is now facing sex ratio problems. The ratio of women : men is deminishing due to its policy one or none. How can a Business get rid of the Bad Name that it has earned? In my opinion life is a mixture of good and bad, happy and sad, friends and enemies, success and failures. What I want to say is for every problem there is a solution, if a company gets bad name. Yes I am pretty sure that it will takes lot of time to recover (get good name) rather than to get bad name, First it had to collect the reasons for that and employees plays a vital role in developing a company and it's business. Even it is success or failure they must share. So knowing the customer needs and providing products which will fulfill those needs may be the better way to get rid of bad name. sharing my points below : 1. First Of all it needs to find the actual reasons behind it. 2. It may involve multiple persons & various issues (Who did it & why did it ? ). 3. Then we need to find out how much impact it has on outsider world, & how much it effected the org (i.e. estimate the long term & short term impact, In case of major impact a larger scale of re-shuffle of governing body needed ). 4. Start to fix d situation. 5. Need to sack or get rid of d corrupted people. 6. Need a better planning so that this type of situation never arises in future. 7. Strong Laws & regulations need to be constructed, violation of which should leads to highest level of punishment. 8. Actually in practical world lots of Sacrifice, hard-work ,patience , discipline , dedication & determination needed to awake from a lost battlefield. Government Pumping Money into the Economy is not the Solution for our Economic Problems Pumping of money in economy indirectly speaks extra money. Extra money comes from people in rural areas. Because all the peoples of India are in rural areas. They spend their life on cultivating crops. So in that way our government encourage them like provide more quality subsidy and provide fertilizers for less cost. So we increase our growth. I would like to share my thoughts on this subject, First I would like to ask one question, What Govt need to pump money in economy, the answer is obviously because of less liquid cash in the market, now why this cash is not sufficient because our many politician people earned money from black business and they deposit money into outside the country like Swiss bank, and this is the main reason our govt now facing the problem of liquidity in cash, secondly now a days many people use plastic money instead of hard cash and that is also the reason like all hard cash money is hidden and no one can ready to spend it. So my conclusion on this topic is definitely pumping money into economy is not the solution but yes if our govt can concentrate on increasing new business and giving maximum job opportunity to the young crowed. INDIA is based on agricultural so yes 75% population is belong to village area and they are depend on farm and cattiness so govt has to launch some scheme or package which helps them and ultimately its effected to all nation.

That's all from my side, thanks you so much for giving me chance and please rectify me if I am wrong. Is the Budgeting Exercise of any Use? In my point budgeting exercise useful to raise GDP of our country, Budget is prepared to future growth and reduce the expenses. So the overall budget decided growth of India. But the fund has not properly utilized in Indian country, all benefits are not properly reached by people, so there is no growth in our country. Corruption is main reason, the government and people has to follow the rules and regulation strictly then only we can avoid the corruption. Here budget is not merely concerned with only union budget. Simply budget means the planning about the distribution, utilization of the resource. Like on the household level, if there is a limited resource of money and lots of spending need, in that case if we don't plan the the allocation of resource, the it will be difficult to manage the spending and saving. In the same way, if union budget is not exercised properly, then country can be affected by economic crisis. Budgeting is done on the basis of need and requirement of the individual sector to achieve the target gdp of the country, and the proper development and fulfillment of the human resource. So the vast and democratic country like India, a proper planning of the public money is needed through its proper budgeting. Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped? as per my opinion Government Should Give Subsidy on Agriculture but Government need to work on The channel to provide Subsidy to farmer. because the Current Channel to serve the Subsidy is not properly reach to Farmers .only 25% is reach to farmer & remaining 75 % Subsidy is Utilized By the Mediates Large Percentage of Farmer have less land also illiterate & less Educated ,there are a lot of Obstacles to reach the Subsidy the Another benefit of Subsidy is that Subsidy in cash basis which Generate More employment as well as increase Satisfactory level in to the beneficiary & also At percent time Agriculture passing from a challenging way that is to providing the Food all the population which is increasing very fast. we have Limited Source( Agriculture Land),that by we need to farming with modern Agriculture technology to adopt the Modern technology which is Very Costly for Small & marginal Farmer so they Need Financial(Subsidy) from Government Agriculture role in Country GDP is 18% So this is the Big Nos & Also need to Boost in The way of Subsidy According to me the answer to this question is partly "yes" and partly " no"depending upon the type of farmers being talked about. Govt should give subsidies to only the small and marginal farmers who engage in agriculture for subsistence and are really in need of financial assistance to make their ends meet. On the other hands government should refrain from granting subsidies to the farmers engaged in large scale farming and those having huge amount of funds at their disposal. It's a welcome step on part of the govt, to grant subsidies to the poor farmers in order to prevent the gap between haves and have-nots from widening. Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies? Earlier my POV was, the difference between Indian co's and MNC's are that Indian co's follow the same old architecture of working 9 to 5, doing the same kind of work again and again, not doing something different to get pace with markets and other MNC's and most importantly Growth.

But If you see the facts and figures, how Indian companies have changed their trends. Even they are working very hard and also doing many things different like giving chance to young talents, hiring from Tops B schools and other good colleges. Regarding timings and job security, only thing matter is the "Work", so If you work for either MNC or for govt co's, no need to hamper for job security. I am not going against MNC's as they are fulfilling the needs of us, providing employment to our friends, brothers and sisters. And most importantly, It is very tough to get government job as compared to MNC job. As we have seen how the MNC companies follow there business strategies and how they are effective to control any problems and how they are using Indian man power to save there cost. So this is the good learning for us to make our county companies to that level and use the same planning like MNC. In future time should come that we should outsource to other countries. Advertising is a Waste of Resources I think advertisement good for public because every company try to promote his product through advertisement then if company does this activity then company will provide good quality because company don't want to give low quality product if company give low quality product then it is loss their market because company spread there information. So advertisement is good its aware for public of adopt quality product. Hi everybody! nice to see so many views regarding the topic. I do agree that advertisements is kind of wastage of resources. Though its essential for launch and success of any product, but the money spent on it is enormous and waste. Because these days, companies try to promote their products using celebs in ads. Not only that people are misguided and lured into using the products which their favorite stars or celebs use. Also there are certain ads which are not to seen by children. They tend to affect their tiny minds. Children are future pillars of a nation, and they are affected by violence in the media. Children, these days are obstinate and ask their parents to provide things what they see in ads. Advertisements must show the quality and originality of the products, should be done in a way that does not affect the social harmony and peace. Privatization will lead to Less Corruption Whether you are in private or government domain its persons self discipline which can change the fate of society. People if take pledge that they will not take or give bribe for their self interest only than we can say we have overcome it & change will be visible automatically in the society. Privatization may minimize the corruption for few month or years, because corruption rises due to the economical falls whether of the country or enterprise. Enterprise or big rich people try to maintain their brand status in society or market. So when they feels that coming months or year their might be economical falls (mostly few years before the election time). They hide some money to maintain their status which is the seeds for the corruption and its roots spread when they share that amount with the other people to hide


these corruption. These corruption might add to the economical falls in the country and even in the global market. So with the privatization, a better managerial strategies should also be developed to handle the economical falls of the country or an enterprise. Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan? I strongly feel that we should implement some tough decisions and needs to reform our foreign policies with countries like Pakistan. Pakistan as a nation has failed to curb terrorism and is thus declared as a failed state (A country where government agencies like ISI continue to perpetuates cross border terrorism across various states of INDIA and the rest of the WORLD). It is a high time that we should indulge in bilateral dialogues with Pakistan and make a very strong, effective move against this menace. Hello! Friends according to me India should not break the relationship with Pakistan. If we today break the relation, for how long we would be against to each other. Common friends rather breaking the relationship we should ponder how the Pakistan too become a terror free country, so that it would not be danger for other countries also. We are all human before being the element of our country. Use of Force by Banks to Recover Loans In My Opinion. This is a Wrong way to use Force by Bank to recover Loans. Because There Are Different types of Peoples in India According their Profession. Some Peoples Are Good Business Man, Some Are Employee, Some are Farmer & Other Are Poor & unemployment. First of All. If a Person Do not Repaying their Loans Payment, a Bank Should Know About Why He/She is not Repaying their Loan Payment. If His Condition is Critically So A Bank Should Create A Settlement letter to recover their Loans. If After the Settlement Letter, Person do not repay their Bank Loan Payment. Then A Bank Should Send a NOTICE to a Person Who take the Loan as Legally. If After that He/She is not able to Pay Their Loans Payment. Then A Bank Should Create A Legal Notice That If A Person Have Son/Daughter, if He/She is above Age Or Under Age of 18, Then He/She Would Fulfill His Father/Mother Loans Payments Time To Time. If His Son/Daughter Will Not Repay Their Payment then Company Will Take A Strict Action Against Him/Her. & A Bank Will be Liable To Seize His/Her Whole & any type of Property Legally. Hi Friends, According to me three types of people are exist in India. One who are able pay their loan and they are even paying on time 2nd thosse who want to pay loan but they are not able to do because of some financial problem And Last one are those who never want to repay their loan. So I Think Bank should be careful when they are giving Loan to people. And bank should give much more time to 2nd type of people to pay their loan before taking any strong action But immediate take strong action against 3rd type of people. Skilled Manpower Shortage in India I'm agree with this fact that although India has no dearth of manpower but it is largely unskilled. It is due to our education system which focus on rote learning and passing exams. There is lack of practical training and skills needed to get a job. This point has proved by various studies that about only one-fourth engineering graduates are capable for jobs. This trend will only broke when there will be application based learning.


I think that India doesn't have a shortage of skilled manpower the only thing that India lacks are opportunities, best platform, better compensations for our skilled persons that's the reason why most part of our skilled manpower resides in other countries other than India. The blames of this doesn't goes to the education system it goes to the government who are not utilizing their revenues in building better career aspects for our skilled persons. There must be a organized scrutinizing systems in order to acquire or know peoples skills and use them to improve India image from developing country to develop country obviously by providing better opportunities and salary that these people deserve. Technology Creates Income Disparities I think technology has actually created income disparities. The best example is computer which is also one of the reasons for the disparity. Proficient in computer means you need to b acquianted with each and every language. The persons adroit in these languages are always preferred in any IT company and hence provided with high income than those who have just a basic computer knowledge and got a job in small sectors. One more example that I would like to set is the private institute be it a coaching institute or retailing sectors. In coaching classes, the technology has enabled the students present in some state, to view their teacher and his lectures delivered in some other state. For which the institute has to charge more from their students to compensate for their extra expenses. That has also created more income disparities between the these lavish institutes and conventional institutes. Another instance is the various kinds of equipments that hospitals are using and therefore it actually adds to their income because they have to charge more for any operations or any examination treatment like x- rays etc. Although the technology has always proved beneficial to everybody. But on the same floor, it has created income disparity. In our economic matters, there is an excessive tendency towards the thinking rather than doing. The problem with our countrymen is we give a lot of importance in understanding things but not so much for implementing what we have understood. Here the situation is like these because in India its very common and an strategy of politicians that at the time of election they all made promises related to make progress in various fields including economy but after the elections they forget their promises and also they don't know how to implement their own promises. Hi Friends, According to me India is a democratic country. Thinking before doing is really essential and good. If we do something before thinking may be harmful for us. But too much thinking and not doing anything is completely useless. Lots of bills are pending to pass but government always says we are thinking but result is zero. Every cloud has a silver lining Clouds are generally dark. But still there seem to be a silver lining around them. So everything and everyone in this world possess both positive and negative. How positive or negative they may look, the still have the other shade in them. But it is up to one's own attitude how he would ultimately emerge into-either a good one who ultimately emerges as a responsible citizen like the cloud which results in showers and make the people happy, or the other one like a cloud with no purpose and just passes by. Hello friends, I really support this topic, its a very beautiful fact. Everyone says that only your shadow remains with you but when darkness comes even your shadow leaves you. It means during the time of challenge if you learn how to stand alone, you will get success in every walk of life. Talking about the people who are suffering from fatal disease, Death is certain, you may get it today or some other day. Just


learn what best you can do during that time to make yourself happy and how you can fight with your disease. Rather being victim of problem start facing problem. Your life will change. Is disinvestment really that good for India or is a rethink in order? Hi Friends, Now today's is the time of competition. Everyone is part of this competition. Private sectors are growing very fast to compete with them public sector are coming forward and result is public and private sector partnership is growing. Private sectors are making the stratgic plans and public sector are investing money in them for public growth. That is good but government should keep on eye the whole procee means private sector may not create monopoly for that process should be in favor of people not for big and rich people. Disinvestment is good if we talk about India because of following reasons-. 1) Government will generate funds spontaneously if needed. 2) It will help poor in long run because government do disinvestment only in the hope of generating good returns which will be used for the improvement of the country in upcoming budgets. 3) As private owners will run the business it will be helpful for the infrastructure also as India's infrastructure is very much depends on private companies. 4) New technology will be used which will reduce the wastage of resources, presently which is not there in government comp. Are co-operatives relevant in today's globalised environment? Hi Friends, According to me co-operatives are still relevant in today's global environment. India is a developing country. Their are two types of co-operatives exist in our country. First those who work for their their economic growth and second those who work only for their people welfare and child labor etc. NGO's come under second one. India more than 35% people are living under the poverty line they don't know their rights even. In this case the co-operatives who are working only for people welfare help them. Now the public and private sectors are working together for the company growth that is really essential for our country. Hi Friends, According to me co-operatives are relevant in today's globalization. India is a big country more than 35% people are living below the poverty line they are uneducated also. They even don't know their rights also. So in our country two types of co-operatives are exist one who think for their own profit others who think only for people welfare only. NGO'S work for people welfare, help to remove the problems like child labor etc. In co-operative world people are working together to achieve goal in same direction. It also help to improve the confidence in people and also help to remove corruption, monopoly etc. Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses. Hi Friends, I would like to share my views on this endless topic. According to me India is a developing country. For their growth they always need help from other country. Everything in small quantity or in limited quantity is not dangerous but addiction of anything is really harmful. E. G. If we get sick doctor gave us medicine to recover soon but if we take medicine on regular basis means digestion, sleeping etc. We will addict of that which is really dangerous for health. Similarly we have seen that some outer countries completely dependent on other country. In that case country rural on other country. So Foreign aid little bit is good but addiction is really harmful in my view. Here I would like to say as in India if we are the hosting country it is must to be a holding country in this regard. As it is a developing country it needs financial as well


as technological aid from foreign countries to build its roots. To support fdi less than 50 %should be allowed and by this foreign means will be well utilized in our development. Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption. Its true privatization has less corruption, it because of good management. Owner of company want to lead in whole market in same way if government don't wants to lead in global they give more priority to his party then his country. That's by they come forward to save his leader. Peoples are so busy in his family and they don't have a second for his country and consequent of it corruption. Corruption one among the crucial problem now the society is facing. Everyone has his own view on corruption. Somebody says its because the people are corrupted. But the thing is corruption starts when peoples are not provided with the rights to overcome it. Consider a democratic country like India. Here we can express our thoughts. We can form a group. But the law is if such groups are found doing mischief things the group has to be banned. Here the politicians are utilising it. They ban such groups by saying they are misbehaving the government law. So they are to be suppersed. A clear example of it is facebook. The are misusing the laws that are provided. Reforms have to grow up. Yes, its high tine that the Govt should take some steps. In our country politicians make promises and then after getting elected try to keep their position secure. Reforms necessarily include taking some bold steps but our lame Govt is not ready to take it. Their myopic mission is affecting our national interest. Now we are in a situation of huge crisis and GDP rate is below 7%. Some bold steps like implementation of GUST, Direct income tax bill is required and Lokpal bill is also utmost important. In a hugely populated country like India implementing Lokpal bill its not a easy task but it will surely reduce the black money. How many of us cote the exact amount for any real estate while registration. So So in-short I am saying that reforms have to grow up and its our duty as well for the govt to see whether the implementation of the proposed reforms is going in a proper way or not. Globalization vs. Nationalism Hello friends. At first let me tell you what globalization is? Globalization is a platform where many nations come together and share their ideas, views, represent their values and ethics, have trade and business, share and gain knowledge. Globalization is not only important but it is the need of time especially for developing countries such as India. On the other hand, nationalism is the feeling what we feel for our nation, culture and values. If we don't have this feeling of nationalism then how can we represent our nation globally. Hence, these two are different but related terms. Economic freedom not old fashioned theories of development will lead to growth and prosperity Today is the era of globalization and liberalization where Indian establishments are in competition with some of the best international players. This has been possible because of the free market policies set by the Indian government which helped India become one of the strongest economies if the world ever since the License Raj Era of '90. During the License Raj era, entrepreneurs were not allowed to start organizations thanks to extremely cumbersome legal procedures and the entire decision making power was in the hands of the bureaucracy which was extremely corrupt and


narrow-minded. Also since there were very few private players and since competition was hardly present, there was no incentive to develop higher quality products and innovate. But during the post '91 period, India has seen a number of much needed economic reforms focusing on economic freedom, free trade policies, foreign investment in the form of FIIs and FDIs, which has helped India develop and become a market for international trade and business. Providing economic freedom is necessary to promote entrepreneurship, which has been one of the mainstays of the Indian economy. This has led to the establishment of several private players like the Tata Group, WIPRO, Birla, MAhindra & Mahindra, KIngfisher, Infosys, e. T. C. All of which are competent players in the international market and are flag runners for Indian economic growth. Hence I believe that it is important to give economic freedom rather than following old-fashioned theories of development. Should businessmen run the finance ministry? Hi Friends,According to my view Running a business or running a country is completely different.A businessman can think only for their own profit.He couldn't think for country.A finance minister think for a normal people.He take decision after recognize all fields not only economy fields.A finance minister will take decision after taking experience from all fields like PWD,Education etc.A finance minister has a responsibility to think for whole country.A businessman can think for profit if he will take wrong decision in their business that ruined their money only it doesn't effect others but if a finance minister take wrong decision it effects whole country or we can say "NO RECAP" for their wrong decision. Should important services like transport be left to market forces?. I believe that there should be a certain amount of private ownership for the basic services like transport, electricity e. T. C. There are tremendous needs for development of infrastructure in our country and there is a huge fiscal burden on the government because of this. India is currently able to contribute only 4% of its GDP to infrastructure development, compared to countries like China, where 9% of GDP is spent. This is where the private sector can come in and contribute to infrastructure development in the form of partnerships with the government. We have all seen the public-private cooperation during the development of the $400 million BAngalore international airport where the government partnered with Siemens and a Swiss group for its construction and maintenance by means of equity partnerships and because of this the government had to support only 18% of the total expenditure. I believe that there are lots of room for development for our basic services. Electrification has been a big burden for the government because of rising population and the present condition of the central and state electricity departments are poor. Rural electrification has also been a big problem in implementation. Also in the transportation sector, an infusion of private investment and technology will help in the modernization of Indian railways, faster development of roads and this combined with government monitoring to ensure that the citizens are benefited the most for these ventures, is the ultimate solution for our much-needed infrastructure development. However they should not be completely left in the hands of the free market, as majority of India is below the poverty line and doing so may result in high prices for


the basic necessities which the majority may not be able to afford. Hence close government monitoring of the prices is needed so that every common person may have the freedom to live with dignity and pride. SO I believe that there should be a certain amount of private ownership for the basic services like transport, electricity e. T. C. Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies? I m agree with all of you. But if MNC company now try to business in our country then why we go there. They see money and manpower in India but it is un utilized. So the only problem is there is every thing available in our country we have to find. HI FRIENDS, In mine opinion MNC are far better than Indian companies. As we think level of competitions are more in MNC rather than Indian companies. If a person just getting govt job letter of it's life he doesn't grow as his thought become limited. (making corruption, bribes). As we think we can establish and grow in MNC's are there is transparency. I better to take MNC. What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies. Let me define "scam". Scam is irregularity - by a single or group of people - in public resource (money, land, license, food, medicine etc) for their own needs. Before moving to the cause of scam, its effects and treatment by regulatory bodies. I would like to ask to question to all my dear spectators that How many of us haven't given bribe (not even a single time) for fulfillment of our own desire ? I think everyone has. Another question. How many of us has voted without taking money from party worker or without any influence of caste and religion ? You will get countable no. Of people who has not taken note for vote or has given vote without coming under influence of caste or religion. There is the problem and there itself is the solution. Before pointing to finger towards others we should correct our self. Some or the other way we are the culprits of this curse. We as individual should take step where ever we find corruption. Now talking about the regulatory bodies. 1. Most important point is the regulatory body should be an independent body (Like SC and EC) , otherwise it will not take much time to become a handful key for government to treat for their own benefits (like CBI). 2. There should be a quick channel (like website. One of my friend has suggested already) to launch such complaints. 3. The complaint launched should have a verification team (like a third party verification to tackle false complaints) which should submit their report within 15 days of time. 4. After its been verified, the complaints should get approved by this verification team and it should be processed further for investigation team with a time line based upon the size of issue. Please note that, this all steps are to be carried through website with mail triggering at each step to maintain transparency. 5. Investigation team should start their work immediately as soon the complaint is approved, and daily progress should be registered on site. If govt. Really want to eradicate corruption they should come up with such kind of ideas. And being a true citizen of a country we should bring changes in our views also to step ahead. One more point, corruption can't be eradicated 100% but at least by 60 to 70 percent. Because there may be huge chance that member of regulatory body them self are corrupt. But I am very much sure that it will reduce by huge


margin as compare to current situation. Trade can help the poor? Hi All, According to me trading definitely help poor. Because India is a big country. A very large percentage people in India is come under poverty line. Even govt. Couldn't provide standard of jobs to everyone. Jobs in private and public sectors are limited. But with help of trading people can improve their standard of living. They manage themselves in society. Best point in trading is that not of very educated people is required. Little bit educated even uneducated people also do that. If they get little training they can be good trader. Trading not only help people to improve their standard of living but getting tax from that also help in our economy growth. Trading is definitely good for poor people and also improve their standard of living. Hai friends I agree all the above discussion, in my opinion trade can help the poor people because of the educated peoples have the lot of opportunities to do the job. But in the case of poor people if we can consider our country most of the peoples are the illiterates they don't have opportunities to do the jobs. Actually trade basically buying and selling this could be inter country or intra country it not requiring any qualification to do the job it requiring only minimum knowledge to the work and capability for the management. The world which is the responsible for rich and poor peoples. And the difference b/w the literates and illiterates with out considering all these trade only give the the opportunities for the poor persons. The trade only weapons to fight against the unemployment. Trading will result the increasing the gross GDP growth of an economy. And also the trading we are providing job opportunities for the others and the finally unemployment can be reduced by the trade only. Thanks for reading patience. Water resources should be nationalised According to me the water resources should be nationalized because water is the most important part of life for every human being living on this planet. We are looking for life on mars also but with the availability of the water this shows that water is very important for us to live our life. If water resources are nationalized then there will not be any conflict between the peoples as India is a place of diversity. The authority of water should be given into the hands of the central government and as there is the department of electricity there should be a department of water. Where people can sit together and make decisions regarding the supply and usage of water in the country and there should be a water meter and water bill for every house as there is a electricity bill. The process of water harvesting should be made compulsory so that water can be conserved. Water is the right of every human being but in India it has been violated by some people so if water gets nationalized this violation done to people in urban villages can be abolished. It has some disadvantages too such as corruption, increased waste product in water by industries will make it polluted, fighting for probational land around the side of river banks etc. But at the same time it has got the advantages, which will help in the growth of the nation with increase in the productivity. Are Co-operatives Relevant in Today's Global Environment? Yes co-operative sector plays an important role in today's environment, co-operative sector means group of members come together & make a team & run the business. The members are raw material producers ex : hand loom, fishery, diary products comes under co-operative sector. Such sectors decreases the unemployment rate, they come out with good quality products at cheaper price to the customers, which will contribute to decrease in the food inflation.


Government of India has taken several inattentiveness like providing financial assistance, & credit facilities to the co-operative sector, conducting programs wherein they will educate the member & provides complete information relating to the particular field. Indian villages - our strength or our weakness? My opinion is villages are playing major role in India. Before the we are independence, in India villages have lack of facilities but now villages are still in development compare with before independence. Villages are backbone or strength to the India why means. 1. Villages are having gorgeous role in India tourism. 2. In case of agriculture, agriculture plays a key role in our GDP. 3. In India some large scale sectors also established in villages. 4. Every one needs to live our life we take some energy it comes from many forms one of this is. Crop. This crop is growing by the former's in villages. Now a day's former's are going to the. Daily work instead of growing the crop because of them has lack of facilities like due to. Lack of power, finance problem, water problem. Finally my opinion is villages are backbone to the India and in India villages more number of families depends on the agriculture. So the government have a responsibility to provide the water, finance and power facilities. Space Missions are a Wastage of Resources for a Resource-Starved Nation like India Hello Friends, I would like to patronize the people who said that space missions are not a wastage of resources. I would like to provide a solid exposition for this statement. Space is not an encumbered subject to study, it has no defined boundaries, There are a lot more things to be explored. And space is just not mere squandering which leads to nothing. Space research has many pros which outweigh its cons. 1) We can expect to find water on Mars, which would open a new era of life for humans. Moreover because of the global warming we cannot rely on the conjecture that earth is going to survive for million more years, and if we do not have any other option we would seriously be in a predicament. So space research and alternate options for life seems a pretty good rationale for spending on space research. 2) As of poverty, Unemployment and other problems, These can be tackled by getting rid of corruption as our leaders have blocked money more than what we spend on space research. So to ameliorate things we have to uproot corruption. Moreover the govt is ready to provide enough help to the poor, but the help is not able to reach the impoverished sections of the society only because of the corrupt. 3) Also, Space research gives as a social stature in the world of cut-throat competition. It will make the world see that we are capable of creating avant-garde inventions.


4) As many of you have already mentioned, Space research helps in weather forecasting, thus making us less prone to the damage of the most hazardous disasters. It will assist us in saving millions of lives and resources worth millions. 5) It is important for us to know about our universe. Example. Because now we know about the sun and its properties, we can avoid sunburns. Now we know about rotations and revolutions, we are able to set our standard times. So when we interpret the above information we can clearly make out that space research is advantageous. It provides us with a great array of other resources. Satyam Scandal would Impact Foreign Investments in India Hi friends ! This is a wonderful topic to discuss upon. Yes, it's true that the Satyam Scandal has brought a lot of disgrace to our nation. Certainly, the foreign investors would think twice or thrice while investing huge money in our country. In our childhood days we have definitely listen that a dirty apple makes the other apple dirty too under the condition that they are in same basket. Same thing applies over here, Satyam scandal hamper the image of other companies which are operating in India. Yes friends. Satyam scandal, such a stain for India. Foreign invester loose trust on idian companies cz of this satyam scandal. But according to my point of view, when ever one thing published in the news paper, the effect of that is being live in human being jst for a week. At this day, 22nd feb, 2012. No one cares about satyam scandle, even they forget the name also. So, my meaning to say is, forget the past and live in present. Yaa this thing is also for the foreginors. Indian economy is not affected by this scandal, and this true, no one cares what happend in the past. Indian economy suggest the higest values of sensexs, gold, silver. Today sensex is 18500. What this suggest?is there a recession time?no ofcource not. So, forget satyam, focus on present. Thats it. Thnks. Private Participation in Infrastructure is Highly Desirable Well friend, as we know very well that fiscal deficit of the country is going to be 5.6% in 2012 announced by kotak. It means government debt is incresing day by day, and this government debt is increasing day by day due to these corrupt politician who is doing such a big scam like satyam scam, 2g scam, . Etc. And we also know it very well that in infrastructure we need a lot of investment and Indian government has not such amount to invest in infrastructure so definitly private parties involvement is necessary. And those involvement should be ppp (public private partnership). It means government will provide them fascility and they will invest the money. Because for any developing country to be a developed country basic need is trade and without infrastructure trade is impossible. So private participation is required. Developing Countries need Trade, not Aid Developing countries play a major & vital role in the trade market, it is beneficial to the country in all the means like in economy & in the development of the country. Every time a country cannot go for a aid, it should start developing on its own, so TRADE is the only means & the way through which the country can be successful in its FUTURE. Trade is better than aid because trade improves the efficiency of a country since there are some products which may be being found in the developed countries but not in the developing ones therefore I will go for trade and not aid.


Definitely trade is better than aid as the aids given in form of funds are not utilized properly for development and large sum of money goes inside the pocket of ministers. But with the trade any developing country can be benifited in two ways one it will get money for growth and development and secondly it will abridge the gap between a developing country and developed country. Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries I don't accept this statement. In our INDIA, people have talent but lack of guidance, lack of resources, they are not going forward and mainly now a days, young students are addicting to drugs and other bad habbits. They are not showing interest on nation development. They fall in enjoyment of western culture. In my view. Students are not showing interest on development of nation. Just they want money and they want enjoyment. I'm not considering all the students. Some students are obedient so that still we are living. According to me one thing is clear that increase in density of population leads to raise in poverty of that country. But there is still one more factor that leads to raise in poverty, i.e. unity among the people and their interest in improving the economical conditions of our country. Indian Economy: Old Wine in New Bottle! Hi freinds, according to me India is growing economically well, but what is hepening that we pepole are not doing our own job in good manner i.e. self responsibility. Beside blaming to other just see inside how much we are shouldering our resposiblity, everybody running behind the money. Rationialisation on growth no body is giving attention. If we stop black marketing, give proper eductation to the villagers to know about their right. Stop export items which more in demands in our country import essential commodity. India's economy has suffered mainly for our political leaders, they are worstly corrupted and did'nt join the politics to help our nation but for them. They can not make firm decisions to improve our economy rather they prefer babri masjid, godhra or recent assam-mumbai riots. All parties have their strong vision in this sector not in economy. We don't have the strength to hold all the nation in one stand. We are divided and polarised and therefore not stable. For good economy we need a very good social understanding and devotion. We only see our profit not as a whole nation or people. If we overcome this then only India can become a real healthy superpower in economy. Otherwise it will also grow but not as a whole country but for certain people. Commons will be where they are. Is Globalization Really Necessary? Well, globalization a word which describes a movement with harmful effects on the whole world. Most people think its a helpful movement because the media only shows it's advantages and never shows it's disadvantages. Anyhow, globalization slowly destroys the cultures, the languages, and it stop us from thinking differently. globalization divides the whole world into three groups : The rich people, the middleclass and the poor people. The rich people : are the people who created this movement in order to collect money from the middle-class people, it's like they just make their wealth grow up more and more. And those people pay no tax and do none of the hard work. The middle-class people : are the people who thinks this movement is perfect and they are trying to be rich. Anyway those people do all the hard work and pay all the tax. And this kind of people includes me and you.


The poor people : are only there to scare the middle-class people. What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population? Population is an asset to a country but only when that population is literate and young enough to work and take challenges. As in the case of the United States we can see that the country is not overpopulated but their working force is of comparatively older age, around 39 years, so they need a younger population. On the other hand average age of Indian population is about 22 years which is certainly a boon to the country but the bulk of this young population is illiterate which makes it useless. I think that the biggest reason behind the so much population of India is poverty and illetrecy. Because poor people thought if they will have more children then their children will support them when they will become young because more children will earn more. And due to illetercy the village person thought if they have more children then everyone will affraid from them and no one will take mess from them. And other reason is marriage in childhood because in India many person get marry in their childhood so obviously they will have more children. So our government should make such type of rule such that no one can get married before 25-30 years and no one can have more than two children. Then we will be able to control the population. Banning of Trade Unions will be Beneficial in Growth of the Economy Trade union is an association for protecting the socio-economic condition of the workers through collective action. Trade union is the important players in today's industrialized world. The Industrial relation atmosphere depend heavily on trade union activism. Workers may have various issues related to the work and it is not possible for the management to reach each and every workers. So, if the Trade union is banned, then the workers won't be able to put their problems which may result in the dissatisfaction in doing work, resulting in the loss of profitability of the company. So, instead of banning trade union, if the relation and approach should be changed. That may result in healthy relationship between the two in an effective and productive manner. Trade union is a weapon of the disrupted workers. Whenever industrial authority tortures workers to work inhumanly and deprive them from their financial support, helpless workers will be speechless audience due to social and financial impact of the management authority. Growth of economy does mean growth of garner of country with people from different sectors. If workers are deprive of their financial justice, their children will suffer from lack of nutrition, education etc. Food, cloth, home is man's primitive demand. If they deprived of it, they can not work most efficiently. Then also industrial product will be less than the previous. So growth of economy will be victim of it. We also keep in mind that workers are not like commodities sold in the market. They also have their right to protest against injustice. Besides growth of economy does not mean only growth of the financial garner of country as well as people from the upper rank of society. It is because government of the the people, by the people, for the people. If people from different sectors can live with sufficient financial support, then manpower can be utilized better for the growth of economy. Why can't India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors? India has a huge amount of trained manpower and resources. So, the only problem of India being the leading country in manufacturing is its lack of infrastructure and the non-cooperation of the government. A BPO or an IT company merely needs a


few computers, few small rooms and huge amount of manpower, not necessarily has to be trained. They could be trained in a month. Whereas manufacturing companies needs small but highly trained manpower, skilled labour, expensive machinaries, Huge infrastructure. So, this requires huge amount of investment. Lots of hurdles in the Indian government and public sectors discourage high amount of investment to flow in the country. Corruption, inefficiency in every sectors of the government, elongated process time of applications etc. Are the key issues for disinvestment in the country. Indian political leaders and policy makers are also reluctant about manufacturing industries because they may be providing better economic development to the state but the IT companies provide more mediocre, stereotype jobs which is very much necessary to increase the vote-bank. IT companies don't want brains and innovative ideas, they only want a few 'overqualified clerks' to work for them at a 'cheap' rate. So, they outsource their work to developing countries and exploit the young Indian brains leaving them in a 'still developing' country. The only way to enhance Indian Economic and Technological scenario is to stress hardly on manufacturing industries as they can provide the necessary growth for the country. We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India Considering the village aspect, More than 60percent of the villages lack the basic amenities like sanitation, proper education, health facilities, provision of safe drinking water and probably what not. In such a scenario what we need is pure drinking water and not the presence of MNC giants like coke and pepsi. I still remember my grandmother saying to me, what a healthy life they used to lead in a village. Everything they consumed was pure and unadulterated. But the things have changed now (at least in the cities). Nothing pure is available and the consequence is deteriorating heath of people all over the nation. But I am sure that even today there will be some villages in some remote corner in the nation free from adulteration and my only request is let us not affect the healthy lives of people living in those villages because ultimately these people will help us to increase the figures of life expectancy and reduce the figures of infant mortality rate. (as the health of city people is adversely affecting these figures). Let these villages be free from the dominance of coke and pepsi which has left the health of the city people ruined. Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India I think creating regional blocs is something we really don't need now and don't have to do now. We are alredy divided in a wide range. It was britishers who started the trend of "divide and rule" and now our very own politicians are taking it forward. The point is we all know that what politicians are doing with our country. We cannot change them or lets say there basic instict for greed. But what we can definately do is we can change our society by putting our never ending contribution against corruption and all the odds that really really need our attention. To summarise I would say regional blocs are a very big threat to our country if we are welcoming it, but it is really not a threat if we are confident about ourselves and our beleif in unity. Stand united. Stand strong. Should the public sector be privatized? If you want the building and upkeep of public infrastructure to be in the hands of private interests consider the following:. 1) It'll be more expensive than if it was publicly done.(For profit enterprise).


2) Lots of information about upkeep and infrastructure will not be available to public scrutiny. (Non-democratic). 3) Access to private facilities can be restricted. So think about roads. If a private company builds roads, they could require that people who use their roads have special tags, or pay tolls to use it. Failure to do so would mean restriction of access. Also, how would road construction be paid for? How would you know how much of that money is being wasted? How much would be necessary? Who would benefit from the creation of new roads, and who would pay the price for lack of access? The government should take care of infrastructural needs because costs can be kept down, and building and maintenance is kept in public hands, and therefore democratic in nature. Take the same scenario for any public service. How would schools be effected by privatization? How would poor people be able to afford a decent education? How would standards be made? Would certain kinds of information be censored or distorted in a private school? (Say like the theory of evolution. ". Isn't it. !