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The Bluebonnet The Newsletter of Texas College Democrats February 2013 Two Anti-LGBT Education Bills in the
The Newsletter of Texas College Democrats
February 2013
Two Anti-LGBT Education Bills
in the Texas House
“Guns on Campus” Bills Alive
“Sequester” Threatens Hundreds
and Well
of Thousands of Jobs
Freshman Representative Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) has
filed a bill with the intent of making student organizations
on campus more exclusive.
The proposed legislation, HB 360, states that requiring
religious organizations to accept a member regardless of
“status or beliefs” is unconstitutional.
Senators and Representatives in the Texas Legislature
continue to file a host of bills related to concealed carry
on campus. Rather than address the skyrocketing costs of
tuition and fees at Texas universities and colleges, Repub-
licans in the Legislature seem more focused on partisan
The first part of the Congressional sequester, a series of
across-the-board budget cuts that will remove $85 billion
from federal agencies, is slated to take effect on March
In effect, this would make campus groups more exclu-
sionary and less open. It is a thinly-veiled attack on reli-
gious LGBT individuals as well as an all-around offensive
Texas College Democrats continues to reiterate its call for
bipartisanship in the House and Senate. These bills, from
HB 706 to SB 182, fall very short of reaching any sort of
bipartisan support.
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released February
26th highlighted that a majority of Americans are
opposed to the measure. The proposed cuts would
eliminate roughly 750,000 jobs.
The bill would deny all public funding to universities that
would require organizations to accept members regard-
less of “race, gender, and sexual orientation”.
From the text of these bills, it appears as if the contents
are nothing more than the result of heavy lobbying
efforts and misguided politicians. Texans need funding for
higher education, not an increased presence of lethal
weapons on our campuses.
These intense sequester proposals come at the hands of
an out-of-touch Republican-controlled House. President
Obama has attempted to reach across the isle for a
balanced cut/revenue approach — but to no avail.
Another bill, proposed by Republican Representative
Drew Springer of Muenster, would reduce state funding
for schools that offer any benefits to domestic partners.
Springer says this is in line with what he perceives as
most Texans’ views on homosexuality.
TCD has named opposition to concealed carry on campus
one of its primary objectives for the current legislative
session. It is TCD’s position that these bills represent a
minority of Texans who believe colleges are a place for
guns. The vast majority in the state are opposed to these
Speaker Boehner and his caucus members have made it
abundantly clear that they will not budge on the issue.
The GOP remains adamant on a sequester that will cut
hundreds of thousands of jobs so as to save their buddies
a slight tax hike.
The bill, HB 1568, comes after Pfluergville ISD voted to
allow domestic partnerships to be acceptable for insur-
ance benefits.
As for now, Texas College Democrats calls on the Legisla-
ture to support higher education funding. Student loan
debt is at an all-time high and it is the state’s job to ad-
dress this looming crisis, rather than resort to partisan
TCD joins in unison with other Americans to oppose these
drastic proposals. A common-sense, bipartisan solution is
necessary to avoid fiscal disaster. These sequester cuts
represent the most partisan agenda in a generation. It is
up to the House Republicans to decide between their
Springer does not hide his intentions — openly admitting
that the point of the proposed legislation is to remove
any LGBT influence in public schools.
Texas College Democrats rejects these
Student loan debt stands at a towering $966 billion in early 2013.
Graduating seniors will be facing much bleaker economic prospects
than did their parents. With that in mind, why does the Legislature
choose to focus on campus concealed carry?
The Food and Drug Administration will not be exempt from the 2013
sequestration. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has hinted
that the agency would take a big hit with the proposed cuts. The
agency has estimated it will have to cut about 2,100 food safety jobs.
This could potentially lead to less-safe food being distributed.
Students had their voice heard last year.