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Stage 5 English: Area of Study - Conformity

Assessment Task One: Extended Response Date Due: Thursday, 4th April (Week 10) Weighting: 20% Form: Written extended response
A student: 1 present an argument about a literary text based on initial impressions and subsequent analysis of the whole text 5 a understand and use the language of argument, eg the use of logic, evidence, refutation, ellipsis, irrelevance and circumlocution, and analyse how it affects responses 5b formulate, develop and express their own ideas and beliefs creatively, thoughtfully, positively and confidently on issues such as sustainable patterns of living 5c understand and analyse differences between opinions and reasoned arguments, differences in shades of opinion and inconsistencies 5d evaluate the ways inference, point of view, figurative language and alternative readings can be used creatively as strategies for responding to and composing spoken, written, visual, multimodal and digital texts beyond the literal level 7 explore and reflect on personal understanding of the world and significant human experience gained from interpreting various representations of life matters in texts 9a understand and apply appropriate metalanguage to reflect on their learning experiences 9b understand the learning purposes, specific requirements and targeted outcomes of tasks

Task: You are to develop an extended response in a minimum of 500 words that answers the question, Is conformity the key to success? In your answer you will be marked on your ability to: Use evidence from at least TWO texts studied in class. Use language of argument Structure an effective response Reflect on your own and others written work and provide effective feedback

The task will be split into stages so that you can develop your writing skills. It is important that you focus on reflecting and improving throughout the task as this will be the key to succeeding in your assessment and forms a significant part of the marking criteria.

You will be marked in the following forms on the following dates:

In your books Step One, Two, Three due Week Seven Step Five Due Week Eight

Teacher observation Step Four due Week Seven Step Six due Week Eight. Published hard copy Step Seven due Week 10, Thursday 4th April

Step One: Formulating a thesis (1 mark)

Outcome 5b

You are to answer the question Is conformity the key to success? with a single sentence statement. This is where you come up with the idea that will form the basis of your response.

Step Two: Developing arguments (2 marks) Outcome 1 & 5c Identify three supporting arguments that support your statement that are demonstrated by texts you have studied. What are your key questions about conformity and success? Which texts answer them?

Step three: Writing an introduction (3 marks) 5a & 5b


Create an introduction using your thesis and supporting arguments. Connect each sentence using theme-rheme (subject-object). The theme of the sentence is the subject, what the sentence is about. The rheme is the extra information about your theme.

Step Four: Workshopping your introduction (3 marks) Outcome 7 & 9a You will be marked on the quality of your reflection in this section. Present your introduction to the class or the group. Discuss your use of: Theme/rheme Arguments Thesis statement Rhetorical devices Strengths/weaknesses of your introduction

Step Five: Developing the Body (4 marks)

Outcome 5a & 5c

For each argument develop a paragraph using SEXY (Statement, explain, example, your opinion) or TEEPEE (Topic sentence, explain, example, purpose, elaboration, evaluation). See Resource One for a way of structuring paragraphs this will be explored in class.

Step Six: Workshopping the body (3 marks)

Outcome 7 & 9a

Peer marking. Use the attached criteria to mark a fellow students body of their essay. You will be marked on the quality of the feedback you give to others. You will be marking them on their use of: Connectives Theme-rheme Arguments and supporting evidence Punctuation and cohesion

Step Seven: Final copy including a conclusion (4 marks)

Outcome 1, 5a & 5b

Combine your introduction and body and write a conclusion that summarises your points. Your conclusion needs to identify a specific element of all your arguments. Use this element as the theme of your conclusion.

Essay writer: ______________________________ Essay marker: _________________________________ Criteria

Use of evidence

Limited evidence or reference to texts studied

Use of evidence from a text studied that supports the arguments Some use of the language of argument

Use of evidence from at least two texts studied that supports the argument Consistent use of language of argument including inference, point of view, figurative language A structured essay with some links between paragraphs and an introduction and conclusion. Well-structured sentences. Evidence of use of theme-rheme and some connectives.

Use of evidence from at least two texts studied that effectively supports the argument Effective use of language of argument including inference, point of view, figurative language

Use of the language of argument

Limited use of the language of argument

Structure of the extended response (paragraphing and cohesion)

Limited evidence of structure. Some confusing sentences and no connection between arguments.

Contains all the elements of an essay including an introduction, conclusion and is written in paragraphs. Some confusing sentences, some use of themerheme. A thesis with some supporting arguments

Well-structured essay with coherent links between paragraphs, an effective introduction and conclusion. Evidence of use of theme-rheme and strong connectives. Coherent sentence structure.

Quality of thesis and arguments

Limited evidence of a thesis or supporting arguments

A clear thesis with effective supporting arguments

An original and thoughtful thesis with thoughtful supporting arguments

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