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74 Kallista Rd.

QUEENSLAND Rochedale South

QLD 4123
BUSHWALKERS Email qldbwc@yahoo.com
CLUB Phone No (07) 3341 7509

Newsletter August 2002

Venman Bushland

Club News
Insurance Slide Show Tuesday 3rd September
Insurance has certainly been in the news recently and here is the Carl and Michelle Row who completed a 7,300 kilometre trek
situation as it now stands for our Club. through Scandinavia will be showing slides of their epic journey at
The club is covered for Personal Accident and Public Liability our General meeting on Tuesday 3rd September starting at
Insurance under the following terms. 8:00pm. It is expected that the slide show will take 1½ hours.

Personal Accident. The General meeting will be shortened but there will still be time
to put your names down for walks before sitting down and
Renewal with the same policy conditions but with an approximate watching this fascinating show.
10% increase in premium. This results in an Insurance charge per
member of $2.60. There will be no charge and I am sure you will be enthralled.
Public Liability. NOT TO BE MISSED

The previous Insurers did not offer to renew and only one other
Insurer was willing to offer public liability but with greatly reduced Leaders Training Day Saturday 17th August
conditions. The details of this are as follows: There will be a Leaders Training day on Saturday, 17th August at
Limit of Liability is $10,000,000. 40 Parkroyal Crescent, Regents Park. It will start at 12.00 midday
with a BBQ. There will be informal talks about common problems
The Insurance charge per member will be $4.00, a 50% increase.
facing Leaders plus a formal talk about medical emergencies.
The following activities will be insured:
The Club would like to thank everyone who has lead a walk.
Bushwalking, Bicycle Touring, Track Clearing, Canoeing, However there is an urgent need for the burden to be taken off
Leadership and Navigation Courses, Scouting reccies and the few, plus to add variety to the types of walks offered.
previewing trips, Liloing, and Swimming.
This Training Day will be suitable for members who are yet to
The following activities will NOT be insured: lead a walk and the more experienced leader.
Canyoning, Caving, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Abseiling, Ring Steve on 3800 3963 to let him know you’re coming and
Rafting, Skiing and any other activities above the snow line. share the experience.
As a result of the above, the Club will no longer be offering any
walks which involve ropes, rock climbing or abseiling. Hopefully
these activities may become available some time in the future as
the situation eases. New Members

Membership Frank Bowling Peter Pink

Membership is still only $20 per year. Visitors pay $5 per walk to Cathie Duffy Masters Ghislaine Salter
the Club to cover Insurance and other costs. Any such monies Melanie Niblett Robert Thoroughgood
paid are taken off the membership fee if the visitor joins the Club.
Adrian Nuojua
Due to Insurance demands, a visitor must become a member on
the 3rd walk.
Number of financial members 101

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General Information Special Coming Events

Meeting Place Federation Pilgrimage 2002

General Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at YHA BUSHWALKERS invite you to attend Pilgrimage 2002.
the East Brisbane State School, corner of Stanley Street and Venue: Camping at the Kenilworth Showgrounds.
Wellington Road, starting at 7:30pm. (Hot showers and toilets available)
There is parking within the school grounds off Wellington Road. Date: 6th-7th-8th September
Consult a street directory as there are a number of one-way
streets in the area. Cost: $20 singles - $30 families
(under 5’s free, children up to 16 yrs)
BYO Camping Gear, cups, plates, chairs etc.
Equipment for Hire
There will be walks in the surrounding area, suitable for all ages
The Club has a backpack (suitable for use as a day or through
and fitness.
pack) for hire at $5.00 per week.
QBW is also looking at purchasing further equipment in the near Pilgrimage Program
future. Any suggestions for equipment to buy would be Friday night, Sign on for walks
appreciated. Also any person who has surplus equipment and Supper provided.
would like to donate or sell to the Club, please contact Steve
Moyle on 3800 3963. Saturday Walks start from 0730hrs.
Some of the walks are: ·Snake & Chinaman
Creeks, Kenilworth Bluff, Little Yabba Creek,
Pack Liners for Sale Mount Allen, Mount Beerwah, Kondalilla
The Club has purchased a quantity of pack liners from VicWalk Falls,·Summer Creek.
suitable for through packs. They are 2 metres by 0.9 metres in a Walks may be repeated Sunday, if there is
bright orange colour. enough interest.
The packliners can double as an emergency bivvy bag and have
helpful information printed on them. Saturday Night: Boot Handover and speeches.
Bushdance with The Bushland Boogies
They are available from the Club for $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. (bushdance will be held outdoors)
Supper provided
Management Committee
Sunday: Test your bush knowledge (Trivial Pursuit) over
Secretary Patricia Kolarski 3341 7509(H) a BBQ breakfast, followed by Games (for all
Treasurer Linda Hellmuth 3395 0754(H) ages).
Outings Secretary Barbara Makepeace 3245 2186 (H) Bushwalking flea market to be held Sunday
Membership Officer Danuta Gur 3345 3971 (H) morning.
Social Secretary June Greenaway 3863 4865 (H)
Training Officer Trevor Davern 3357 9939(H)
Editor Richard Kolarski 3341 7509(H)
Great South West Walk
Beginning September 22nd, 2003

Other Voluntary Positions Even though this walk is not yet for another year, advance notice
is given so that members may make any preparation necessary.
Equipment Officer Steve Moyle 3800 3963(H)
Supper Convenor Margaret Smith 3886 3342(H) The Great South West Walk (GSWW) is a very underrated great
Federation Reps (2) Richard Kolarski 3341 7509(H) walk of Australia that was developed as a project by a local
Leonard Lee 3801 1999(H) school with community groups and Portland Aluminium.
FMR Reps (2) Trevor Davern 3357 9939(H) The walk begins and ends in Portland, Victoria and traverses
Richard Kolarski 3341 7509(H) through Cobboboonee State Forest, Lower Glenelg National
Campsite Monitors Barbara Makepeace 3245 2186 (H) Park, Discovery Bay Coastal Park and Mt Richmond National
Richard Kolarski 3341 7509(H) Park.
Gary Woodward 3245 2695(H) GSWW is 250 km in its entirety and took me 12 days to walk in
David Haliczer 3879 8334(H)
January 2001 but it was very easy and 250 km isn't as daunting
when there is no place on the walk above 300m, the track is well
graded and easy to follow, and every camp site has a toilet and
From the Editor water tanks. I never needed to carry more than 2 litres at any one
Thanks to all who submitted articles and photos.
GSWW is divided into 4 sections - a 70 km forest section which
This and past Newsletters are available for download at our includes heath communities (rich in wildflowers) and Manna gum
website in pdf format at www.geocities.com/qldbwc. (favorite of Koala's); a 50km river walk including a magnificent
The deadline for articles for the October Newsletter is 24/09/2002 limestone gorge section; a 70 km beach section undisturbed by
4WD's and people with dogs (I didn't see a soul and I was
walking at peak time apparently!); and lastly a superb 50 km
headland walk.
FOR SALE Features along the walk include limestone caves, an extinct
Garmont Boots NZ size 7½. volcano, sink holes, isolated beaches, aboriginal work shop sites
Very little use. $100. and middens, Australia's only mainland seal colony, Australia's
Phone 3863 4865 only mainland gannet colony, whale watching, blow holes, a
petrified forest, lighthouses (and tours if interested) and stacks of
MSR Whisperlite Stove. wildlife (I counted 3 emus, heaps of wallabies and kangaroos, 7
Used only twice. Sell for $80.00 echidnas, one friendly tiger snake, several seals, and lots of birds
Phone Richard 3341 7509 including black swans, petrels, gannets, albatross, gulls, etc).

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the yahooing, laughing and clapping. Some did struggle to keep
the ball in the lane, whilst others scores were up in the 100s and
having even more fun.
Most improved players from the 1st to 2nd games were Patricia,
Lynne C, Danuta and Tony, going from low scores and in some
cases up to the 100s. Lynn N had scores of 119 and 124 and was
having a great time. I suspect she’d been secretly training. There
was friendly rivalry (I think) between Paul and Bob. Top scores
were Tim (118 and 141), Trevor (105 and 131), and Bob (123 and
129). Paul and Gary were up there too but I don’t have their
Everyone had a great time and some stayed for a drink and to
calm down after all the excitement.
Thank you to all those who came and made it such an enjoyable
night. June
Sea cliffs of Cape Bridgewater along the GSWW.
Twelve days of walking is made easier with a hotel or motel stay
on the 6th day, food being able to be sent ahead to be collected
on the 6th day, a kiosk on the 10th day and a nice café on the Coming Socials
11th day. To get to the walk, a return plane trip to Melbourne is
needed followed by a return trip to Portland by train and bus so Planetarium Friday August 23rd
there is no need to worry about leaving cars around.
We meet at the Planetarium at 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start.
I am aiming to set this walk next year during school holidays $10.50 each or if we get ten people or more it will be $9.00. It is a
starting 22nd of September. A limit of 8 people will be needed so 45 minute show and I’ve been told it’s very good.
that we can be flexible with camp locations along the way. This is
a great walk and I am only too happy to be doing it again. I know After, we could go to the Summit Café for a warm drink and some
12 days of walking seems daunting but it is easier than most of star spotting, maybe.
the walks we do in that no part of the walk is really strenuous and Rocksports Logan Saturday August 31st
there would be plenty of time along the way to relax and take long Gary Woodward is taking this event.
sleepy breaks!
Please contact him on 3245 2695.
For more information ring David Haliczer on 3879 8334(H)
Coffee Night Wednesday September 18th
Patricia is taking this event at Coffee Club, Springwood.
Please contact her on 3341 7509.
Past Socials
Dinner Friday October 25th
Bike Ride/Walk Sun May 26th Venue yet to be decided.
Due to lack of numbers, this was cancelled. I am prepared to put Christmas Social November 30/December 1st
it on again in October if there is interest. Ewen Maddock Dam, Landsborough has been booked. There are
Coffee Night Wed June 12th beds in cabins and also camping. A deposit is required when
booking the cabins. There are toilets, showers, hot and cold water
15 ladies turned out on a cold night to the coffee Club at Wilston. and a kitchen. Also a beautiful lake and canoes can be hired.
We farewelled Suzanne’s single days. She married Stan on June There are walks nearby.
22nd. This the first marriage in the Club of 2 bushwalkers.
Congratulations to the happy couple. We will have dinner together with everyone contributing
something. There is also a dress up theme. This year it is
Breakfast & 4 Bridges Walk Sat June 29th Western gear. Last years Hippy party was great fun.
Nine of us enjoyed breakfast at California Café with ten on the Please let me know if you are interested in any of the coming
walk heading across Story Bridge. It was fairly cool but we events. June Greenaway 3863 4865.
warmed up as we continued our walk across Goodwill Bridge and
up to Victoria Bridge.
We had a short break below William Jolly Bridge before walking
across it to the city. Six walkers had peeled off at different stages Past Walks
of the walk with four of us continuing up to the Valley - about 12
kilometres. It was nice walking alongside the river and interesting
Mt Barney B/C 29th March to 1st April 2002
to see all the changes happening around the inner city.
Seven eager people arrived on the Thursday night at our
Thank you to all who came along.
campsite at Zakopane near Mt Barney. The plan was to do a
Surprise 50th Get Together For Richard Fri July 19th through walk on the Friday and Saturday and then day walks on
I felt Richard has done so much for the Club that it would be nice the Sunday and Monday.
to have a surprise birthday get together. Unfortunately the weather was not obliging and on Friday
Twenty-eight of us enjoyed a night at “Celebrations”. I think and morning it was raining and very overcast. At 10.00am when the
hope it was a nice surprise for Richard. He had balloons, a cake rain stopped (temporarily), we cancelled the through walk and
with sparkler, cards and pressies. There was plenty of food to planned instead to do some day walks.
select from on offer, so everyone made the most of the buffet. We decided to go up Mt Maroon on the Friday as only a couple of
Thank you to all those who came. us had done it before. We drove round to the start and began the
steep walk up. Fortunately it was not very slippery and we were
Ten Pin Bowling at Milton Fri July 26th able to go at a fairly fast pace. We had lunch on top of one of the
Lots of yahooing and music greeted us all as we rocked up to the three peaks of Mt Maroon. All members were eager to go to the
ten-pin bowling. After much hesitation by several members in other two peaks, and this was quickly accomplished in a fairly
their ability to play, we were soon in the swing of it and adding to short time.
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saying for three years he has been doing this now, and he goes
four mornings a week, from North Brisbane, and scales five of the
Glass House mountains each morning, including Beerwah,
Tibrogargan and Ngungun. The thought of doing all this before
work made my eyes water. Actually the thought of doing it at all
made me a little ill).
Tibrogargan is a short steep walk with some exposed rock
scrambling, but Steve was prepared with ropes to ensure
everyone felt comfortable should they need it. From the top the
views are stunning. The group opted to explore a ridge and caves
on the front side and had morning tea on top. Then it was down
again and off to Ngungun.
Ngungun is an easier climb with no steep exposed rock, but with
views equally as stunning as Tibrogargan. We had lunch near the
top and headed back down.
The Glasshouse Mountains are great walks with a bit of
Mt Maroon everything and rewarded with wonderful views. Thanks to Steve
for his organisation and leadership, but I will show him where
The views from the very top of Mt Maroon were limited by the
Wildhorse Mountain is one day.
overcast weather, but it vindicated our decision not to go up Mt
Barney as the entire top half of Barney was in cloud.
That night it again rained heavily but stopped by the morning. Mt Venman Bushland D/W 21st April 2002
Ernest was on the list for today and after driving to Yellow Pinch A walk with some challenges faced our group one Sunday
we began the walk. We took a compass bearing just before going morning at Venman Bushland, which is the closest National Park
off the dirt road to take us to the gully that led up onto the to Brisbane. A few early risers joined us for breakfast with some
mountain ridge. A stiff, steep scramble to the top rewarded us curious wallabies looking on.
with great views of Mt Barney and the surrounds. We had lunch After breakfast it was down to business…the beginning of the
while Wayne did some running repairs on Evelyn's boot; the sole track started at the picnic ground and soon we were into the
was coming away. We came back down a different way which we rhythm. Checking our map at every turn we made our way down
hoped would not be as steep but was anyway. the gravel track under the forest canopy. Passing one of the
Sunday turned out to be a rest day as there were not enough creeks we heard a large "plop" but could not sight the
walkers. Monday we started to do an exploratory of Isolated Peak intruder….who or what?
but Frank pulled out after about an hour as he was having trouble The park is interlaced with tracks and you need to make sure you
with his leg. The two remaining walkers decided to continue. get a map from the information sign in the picnic area carpark or
Checking the map, compass and GPS frequently we found a you could be going round in circles or just have a very long, long
ridge which seemed to be going in the right direction. After some walk…..
scrambling and false turns we made it to the top of Isolated Peak.
We both felt elated at this accomplishment. After lunch we did The initial part of the walk was taken out of a new book entitled
some more exploring of the surroundings and then returned the "National Park Bushwalks of the Great South East" however, we
same way. added our own diversion to make this a more interesting 5-5 ½
km walk on this glorious day.
I would like to thank all who came along. Richard
The walk gave us a good overview of the park with creek scenery
and open forest. The challenges of steep hills did not daunt our
Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Ngungun D/W 7th April 2002 hearty crew. Much good conversation and camaraderie….
After two cancellations because of rain, it was great for Steve The friendly red-necked wallabies, a trail of "itchy" grubs, some
Moyle to finally get the chance to lead this walk up both Mt fresh horse droppings, and a lone cyclist, however no koalas
Tibrogargan and Mt Ngungun. were sighted.
In no time at all we were back at the starting point. How pleasant
was that. As Bob says "the group makes the walk" and that was
true that morning…
Thanks to one and all for a great s t r e t c h o f t h e l e g s.
Note: Horses and cyclists are not permitted in the national park.
Horse riding and cycling are allowed in nearby Neville Lawrie
Reserve, Burnett Park, Ford Road Conservation area or Daisy
Hill State Forest. Bob & Danuta
Did you Know - The park was named after Mr. Jack Venman who
recognized the need to retain such areas of environmental value
and agreed to gazette his property as an environmental park in
1971 and then as a national park in 1994. He lived in his original
Twelve of us meet at the township of Glass House on Sunday the homestead until his death in December 1994. His biography "A
7th of April, with beautiful clear skies and the hint of coolness we Tribute to Jack Venman" containing many historical photographs
look forward to in autumn walks. was launched in December 1998.
The Glass House Mountains are the remnants of volcanic activity,
with a rich aboriginal mythology associated with their existence. Mt Superbus D/W 27th April 2002
Steve gave us all an outline of this and we preceded on to
Tibrogargan our first climb. Interestingly for those who climb After having walked up Mt Superbus, at 1375 metres the highest
these peaks occasionally, you may have seen a guy there who peak in S-E Queensland several times, I had thought the summit
runs up and down them. Well while we got ready in the car park, was where the rock cairn and logbook were. However on
checking with the GPS, the summit was still another 600 metres
the runner set off and we passed him coming down, just as we
began to scale the first rock ledges on our way up. away and a closer examination of the map confirmed this. This
walk was planned to reach the true summit of Mt Superbus.
(This guy Rob, came on our Mt Lindsay walk recently, and was
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headed Back to O'Reillys via Lyrebird lookout, completing a
circuit of a large part of the western escarpment.
A well-deserved coffee was enjoyed by all at Canungra.
Thanks to those who helped the newer people on the walk and
thanks to all for a great day. Steve Hill

Rainbow Beach to Freshwater T/W 18-19th May 2002

An early start from Brisbane ensured we were walking before
10.00am in almost perfect weather. Along the beach from
Rainbow Beach the sea was very calm with little or no wind.
Fortunately, the beach traffic was light.

13 of us started at Teviot's Gap and after a short walk along a dirt

road we began the ascent.
The track was well defined but rocky and steep in places. We
stopped on one steep section for morning tea and a well-earned
rest. There were no views of the surroundings except about 5
minutes from the rock cairn plus an occasional glimpse through
the trees.
On reaching the rock cairn we plotted a compass bearing to the
summit. With Dave Haliczer leading the way, we passed through
some beautiful rainforest till we reached a plateau with several
Morning tea along the way and a quick dip for Ray and Paul
"bumps". After scouting around for a few minutes we decided one
before we headed across the beach track to the exposed coast
bump was higher than the others and declared it the summit and
just north of the Cherry Venture wreck.
had proceeded to have lunch.
Lunch followed by ice creams from the van at the wreck before
After checking the map we decided to return to the rock cairn a
the long tiring slog down the beach to Freshwater. Most of us
different way. We took a bearing to an old logging road and then
were footsore by the time camp was reached.
followed it back to return to just below the rock cairn. We began
the descent and headed for Boonah for afternoon tea. Hot showers and a companionable meal beside our tents used up
the rest of our energy before an early night.
Thanks to all who came and this trip so enjoyable. Richard
Great weather again in the morning as we headed inland beside
Lake Freshwater and along the fire trail to Poona Lake for lunch.
Border Ranges to O’Reillys T/W 4-6th May 2002
A couple of us lunched at the turnoff, resting our feet that were
It had been raining the day before and it was gloomy in Brisbane still suffering from the sand walk the day before.
as we drove down to the Border Ranges early in the morning. On
We then headed across to the old telegraph track above the
arriving at the start of the walk, though it was overcast, the coloured sand cliffs and back to the cars at Rainbow Beach.
decision was made to do the throughwalk. We quickly donned our
packs and began the walk hoping for fine weather. A quick drink then the long drive back home.
Two hours into the walk the rain commenced and soon we were Thanks to Barbara, Bev, Paul, Ray, Dave, and Gareth for sharing
soaked to the skin. Leeches were plentiful and a constant a great weekend. Patricia
The track along the escarpment was fairly straightforward except Mt Lindesay D/W 26th May 2002
at one spot where we spent about half an hour trying to find it Where do I start to tell you about this walk? It is rated L99, that
again. Mercifully the rain stopped in the afternoon as we reached should have been a big enough warning, and perhaps why I kept
our campsite at Point Lookout. The tents were quickly put up, and asking myself all day “Why am I here?”
just as well, as it started to rain again.
The pain is the lasting memory of the day – pulling myself up
The rest of the afternoon was spent drying ourselves off inside steep slopes using tussocks of grass and then up a steep section
the tents and pulling off the myriad leeches. It was not a pleasant of loose soil and rocks in the rainforest holding on to tree roots
night as it continued to rain, leaving us all downcast. and vines. Going down was worse; there was nothing to hold on
Morning came and it was still raining. We decided to abandon the to or to stop the slipping and sliding. My clothes are fit only for the
rest of the walk and to exit via Christmas Creek. A steep downhill bin; I was black from head to toe. Being wedged into a crevice
walk and a mobile phone call to our driver to let her know and with back against rock and feet against rock, I didn’t know how to
soon we were into dry clothes heading back to Brisbane. go up or get back down but finally I managed to wriggle my body
so that I could get a handhold and keep going.
A special thank you to Patricia, our driver. Richard
So why did I do it? - To see the full moon setting and the first rays
of the morning sun hitting Mt Lindesay as we set out on our 10
Morans Falls D/W 12th May 2002
hour walk and then to see the moon rising as the sun was setting
We set off from the O'Reilly's carpark and headed on the graded as we finished the walk. To sit wedged on a ledge feeling as
track to Python Rock, where we got some great views to Morans though I was on top of the world looking over Mt Barney, Mt
Falls and Castle Crag. We headed back to the road, and onto the Ernest and Mt Gillies was breathtaking. To share laughs and
graded track. After more spectacular views at the Falls, we chuckles with friends while waiting for my turn on the rope to
headed up the Red Road to Balancing Rock, and out to Castle climb up or abseil down amid fantastic views made all the pain
Crag. worthwhile. The promised reward of a shared Snickers at the
After lunch back at Balancing Rock we headed to Moonlight Crag. summit was the best of all. It was the best chocolate I have ever
From here great views were had to where we had come from. We eaten.

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A huge thankyou must go to Steve Turner from K2 who assisted
Steve Moyle with the ropes. Without the two Steves I would never
What is the minimum amount of food
have made it to the top. that I need on a walk?
Those to reach the top:- Steve Moyle, Steve Turner, Trevor Many enthusiastic walkers have often asked me this question,
Davern, Gary Woodward, Linda Hellmuth, Barb Makepeace and which I will attempt to answer based on an analysis of metabolic
Rob (friend of Steve Turner). requirements. This article will not present menus or recipe ideas,
Paul Makepeace decided early in the climb that rock climbing but rather nutritional indices which you will then need to apply to
wasn’t for him, so he waited patiently with our gear at the base of your own requirements and tastes. It will require you to look at the
the cliffs. I have to admit that the others breezed through this composition of foods that you might like to carry, and adjust
walk, hardly raising a sweat. I was the only one suffering. Thanks quantities accordingly.
everyone for a memorable day and especially Steve Moyle for I must emphasize that these are basic metabolic requirements to
leading this walk. Barbara Makepeace provide you with fuel for a walk of 2-3 days. They will not provide
you with a nutritionally balanced diet or adequate roughage for an
Illinbah Circuit D/W 9th June 2002 extended walk of a few weeks. They also do not account for any
particular medical dietary requirements.
There were seven people on this walk including myself. We
started the walk bright and early (7.40am) at the Binna Burra The main components of our diet can be classified biochemically
information centre and headed around the circuit anti-clockwise. as proteins, carbohydrates, or fats. Another important component
The eight or so Kilometres to the first creek crossing were pretty is the part that is usually not digested and which adds to the bulk
uneventful, I don't think the wildlife was even awake yet as there of our faeces ie roughage.
was hardly a noise in the surrounding bushland. I will refer to the quantities required for the average person as
The first creek crossing was pretty easy; we stopped for morning grams per kilogram of body weight per day.
tea on the bank first. At the second crossing John Morris decided Carbohydrate is the best source of energy for a walk. The amount
to do the gentlemanly thing and get his feet wet in order to help of carbohydrate required as fuel will depend on the exertion of the
the rest of us keep ours dry. Either that or it was too painful for hike. The amount will range from 5 gram/kg/day for a light walk
him to watch the first couple of us inching our way across the up to 30 gm/kg/day for a strenuous climb. While we can store a
stepping stones. We continued on, stopping for lunch at a sunny limited amount of carbohydrate from the night before, it is best to
clearing by the creek. I was amazed that such a relatively easy (if provide this fuel continually during the exertion. Any excess
long) walk could have such a diverse range of scenery. intake of carbohydrate will be converted into fat. A snack every 4
Apparently there were 12 creek crossings, (although we counted hours would be ideal. An oatmeal breakfast and a damper for
13??) over a 16.4 km track. We knew we had the last crossing during the day would meet this requirement.
right as there were about 20 wooden sticks propped up on the
Protein can be used for repair of tissues and as a source of
other side (everyone must travel in the same direction). We energy. The energy derived from protein is roughly the same as
decided to do a side trip to the Gwongoorool Pool and watched
that derived from carbohydrate. However, metabolism of protein
the biggest eel I have ever seen lazily swimming around. The as an energy source creates a greater need to excrete
walk back to the cars stretched everyone out a bit, until we all
nitrogenous compounds in the form of urea, which then requires
regrouped to look at a 2m Python on the side of the track. Seven more water. The minimum protein requirement for repair of
hours after we left we were back at the cars.
tissues is 1gram/kg body weight/day. A small tin of tuna or two
Everyone had a good day, and of course the mandatory coffee eggs would provide enough daily protein for an adult. The protein
stop was made at Canungra. Jenny is best consumed at night, when it will be available for tissue
repair and not burned for energy.
Fat provides twice the amount of energy provided by protein or
carbohydrate, but is also the most difficult to burn as energy. High
Damper Recipe fat snack foods are usually just deposited as excess body fat.
Unless you are especially lean, it is probably easier to simply
The ingredients can be varied to suit individual tastes burn your own body fat, rather than carry fat in your pack that
once eaten simply gets transferred onto your body weight.
• 1 ½ cups self-raising flour
Adequate roughage enables us to form and pass bowel motions
• 1 cup oats (or muesli or similar) comfortably. This can make a considerable difference to our
• ½ cup crushed macadamia nuts (or sultanas or chopped comfort on a through walk. The best roughage comes from leafy
crystallised ginger) green vegetables or from fibre in whole grain cereals. Such
vegetables are more valuable than fruit on a walk.
• 1 teaspoon baking powder (Most self-raising flour rises
very poorly) If you want to travel really light, then a daily multi-vitamin
supplement and a fibre supplement powder can be obtained from
Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl the pharmacist.
• 1 tablespoon honey (or brown sugar or fig jam) Beverages such as tea or coffee should be consumed only when
• 2 tablespoons peanut butter (or tablespoon virgin olive additional fresh water is available as they have a diuretic effect
oil or margarine or butter) and will actually deplete the body of water an hour or two later.
Similarly, concentrated soup powders have a high salt content
Add the butter and honey and work through the mixture
and will cause extra body water to be excreted.
• 1 cup milk (or less as required)
If salt depletion is a concern in hot climates, it can best be
Add milk while mixing slowly until a doughy consistency is replaced by the use of a dilute re-hydration fluid such as
achieved “Gastrolyte” or “Glucolyte” available from the pharmacist. The
Place on greased or non-stick baking tray powder can be added at half the recommended strength to the
drinking water. Do not use concentrated “Sports” type drinks that
Glaze with milk may actually steal water from the bowel.
Put into moderately hot oven (215°C fan forced) Remember that these are suggested minimum requirements only.
Bake for 20 minutes then reduce heat to 200°C) Individuals will need to determine their own energy requirements.
Can be eaten dry or with butter Frank Bowling The difficult part is to convert these principles into a palatable
Venite ac capite! Frank Bowling
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