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escribes a system that is derived from an ancient book called THE BOOK OF FORMATION. Until now it has remained hidden, deliberately concealed in code for many hundreds of years. The JW system uses three 7th elemental, seven Spoke numerological, and Keywords: 120 22 astrological Mysticism, intimacy, archetypes to selflessness, spirituality, unconventional, intuition, 121 map out the introspection, channeling, course of reflection, the subconscious, inner various life guidance, synchronicity, unconscious, and spontaneous, flowing with the Tao, devotion, energy faith, trust in spirit, isolation, seclusion, the hidden 122 cycles. B Taurus: Generally, this is an opportune time to

G V U 70 146 71 Z I E W F A S H J 72 L T K B 145 144 X Q 73 D R C Y V

1st Spoke Keywords:


E H A 140 B W C 141 X T G Q U C S Z R J K 142 42 S V 118 43 J F L Z U L A 68 R S J T Q I 67 D V 44 91 E 20 92 G Y 143 F B G W H R I X 117 K Y Q C 116 K X 93 A I V B 45 T D 19 F 6th E Spoke 18 L H D Keywords: W 94 Z Helping others, mundane work, Y
health, domestic service, organisation, procedure, schedule, perfection, harmony, unselfishness A Aries: A time of increased self-assertion. The 'I' (or 'ego') is emphasised and empowered. Your personal relationships will possibly be effected by this shift in emphasis. There is sometimes an increased pace and/or a sense of urgency associated with this cycle/phase. This period favours sports people. E Leo: This is a time of personal creativity, and for strengthening your self image. You may have an increased awareness of your true self during this time. Formally unrealised qualities of the Self emerge into consciousness, stimulated by new life experiences and significant interactions with others (i.e. friends, colleagues, etc). These qualities sometimes require development (or maturation) in order to give them a more 'positive' 16 form of expression through the personality. J Capricorn: This is a cycle/phase that emphasises your personal life-path, and your need for independence and control. Authority figures 17 sometimes feature. Its a time when your own 112 sense of authority is 41 113 accentuated.

put your personal resources to use. There can also be an increase in your personal resources during this cycle/phase. Personal values are under the spotlight, and you might need to re-evaluate, re-prioritise, and/or learn to conserve your energies and resources. Be careful that you don't over-indulge during this period. F Virgo: Significant developments in the realms of work and service can occur during this period. Sometimes this involves new opportunities to serve others. Health issues can also arise. This is a good period for organisation and for working on technical projects. H Scorpio: This is the final minor cycle of the JW master cycle. Its a time of transformation and change. Business, finance, and sexuality are emphasised. Its a good time to conduct business dealings and manage your finances. The Moon cycle follows 69 this cycle.

Individuality, identity, the self, beginnings, dynamic, active, motivated, initiating, assertive, leadership, authority, energy, forward movement. R The Moon: The beginning of a new master cycle. This first minor cycle involves your personal foundation, emotional needs, and sense of security. (Likewise with all Moon phases.) Your emotionally-based relationships (and your relationships with significant females) may be highlighted - for example: girlfriend, wife, mother, other family members, friends, etc. Q The Sun: Generally an enjoyable period. More avenues become available for self expression. Personal popularity sometimes increases, but at other times you may feel a lack of appreciation from your peers. Its a good time for self examination and for recognising the 119 differences that exist between you and your 48 99 friends and peers. Creativity is a keyword. L Pisces: A period when the intuitive mind and psychic faculties are enhanced. 100 Wonderful synchronicities can occur. The Universe provides. Its an 47 excellent time for the musically 46 inclined. But there can also be disillusionment - i.e. 101 when illusions are dispelled by stark realities. Alcohol and drug use can also increase.

G T D E 49 125 50 U S I H C F V L Z 51 R 124 W X 123 B Q J 52 Y A

K E U R X 98 K G B Z C T Q Y W H J I 25 S V D A L

U T K 21 97 X J 22 Y C W L G B D 23 E Q F I 95 S 96 V 24 R H A

F I S Q 0 G 76 1 C X T F K Y B R W 2 V A 75 U 74 H E L3 J D Z


1 L



R H Y I J 7 4 14 90 8 E S V 15 Q A L S Z H R G I T D W U F U B 9 A C K X E C 89 B D 88 K 81 J Q Y X B Q B H 84 I Z 10 K X S F G 13 W 85 V L S F U 5th S 4th Z Spoke Y J Spoke X V E A I E S H 86 V Keywords: V K E D Keywords: U X U Z Group activities, Stability, order, I L H D B 12 Y 107 D F friends, change of 114 effort, labour, building, C direction, motion, planning, process of 11 T G K Q 40 Y J 33 dynamism, adventure, manifestation, emotions, T G R initiation of change, creativity, L foundations, security, family 32 T 39 R A 87 Q R inner child, progressive ideas, the D V Jupiter: Knowledge is a key-word Y Q J A self, egocentricity, children F C W during this cycle or phase. Thoughts 108 Z J 115 W U Mars: A period of increased energy and concerning the future, and the process of U A D C activity, and of focused will. There can be making plans for the future sometimes is featured. 56 63 G C conflict if your will is opposed by the will of others. A A time of great opportunity, generosity, and 132 139 R A 57 R J 64 V feeling of anger is not uncommon. The extra effort that L benevolence. F V Q Y B H you naturally put in during this cycle/phase will help you to B C Gemini: Communications and mental work (or activities) E T K Z I L achieve your goals. This period favours sports people. W K S are emphasised during this period. Important discussions can arise 58 65 35 D Cancer: During this cycle/phase our emotional foundations and when there is a need for information, clarification, or the expression of 111 36 S K 131 personal security are emphasised. For example, significant events can H opinions. The two currents (flowing in opposite directions around JW) initially D X Z 138 V W L manifest that involve home and family. You might find yourself in situations meet each other here and will initially produce harmony or discord T Y R 137 F S 130 C W E that challenge your self-confidence or sense of emotional security. It is A depending on the 'mental state' of the individual. Sometimes 37 C important not to panic, but rather to relax. You will find that there is conflicts require reconciliation, and decisions need to be made. G 59 E G I 66 X U no need to act out of fear or insecurity, and that things will work Networking, and travel over short distances are also G F out if you trust in, and remain true to, your Self. highlighted. Q 109 Z 110 S J K Aquarius: Keywords for this cycle/phase are Mercury: The 'Israel cycle. This cycle reflects the H T 'community' and 'technology'. Usually there is an biblical story of Jacob's struggle with an angel. X Basically, it is a time of inner and outer resolution, U 38 I increased inter-action with friends and/or The Twin Currents Inner Ring (] Earth): Physical. Physical plane.
Moon Uranus Saturn Jupiter Mars Aries Taurus Sun Libra Neptune Gemini 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Mercury Sagittarius Venus Pisces Virgo Leo Cancer Gemini
colleagues. Sometimes this is a hectic time The twin currents because of the need to communicate with of JW travel around a lot of people. the wheel in different directions. The positive (or evolutionary) current moves outwards in a clockwise direction while the negative (or involutionary) current flows inwards in an anti-clockwise direction. Thus, every minor cycle has a complementary cycle associated with it (as listed left). The two currents initially meet each other halfway through the JW master cycle - i.e. in the Gemini cycle. The evolutionary current helps to raise consciousness while the involutionary current promotes the development of the form principle.

B R J E T G A Z X 6 W U V Y 3 D K I C 5

C 55 127 K W G A Y D X T L 28 128 104 J Z 29 L Y D C R S R V 54 H G Y Z K 53 30 G E U 77 6 78 D W T I 103 H 129 Q V K Q L J Z 102 U C X V H 79 J E 31 B S B U 5 3rd A 4 Spoke Keywords: F I Q Communication, discussion and S 80 T debate, messages, scattered energies, E mental activity, perception, networking, short trips, A X F W

can be a tendency to act unpredictably and/or eccentrically. Technology, innovation, and experimentation are also key-words. G Libra: Personal relationships are the focus during this period. The way you relate with others is under scrutiny. If you desire a partner then you might attract one. If you already have a partner then relationship issues might become a focus. Imbalances and injustices are highlighted so they can be righted. T Venus: During this period our personal values become emphasised and we tend to attract the things that we desire. It is a time of weighing and measuring, and of re-evaluation. The temptation becomes great to tap into our resources (or extend our credit) in order to acquire those much-desired things. But at the same time, this is generally a period of increased prosperity.

The JW master cycle (evolutionary) spirals from the centre to the circumference in a clockwise direction. There are a total of 21 minor cycles (mandalas) and 441 phases (glyphs) in a master cycle. The key mandala at the centre of JW corresponds with the hidden elemental fire. The three rings of JW are associated with the three manifest elements: earth, water, and air. The seven spokes of JW reflect the esoteric meaning of the numbers one to seven. 2nd The centre of each Spoke mandala contains Keywords: 27 an archetype that Partnerships, cooperation, duality, one rules its cycle. The to one relationships, surrounding sensitivity, diplomacy, love, archetypes desire, resources, possessions, sub-divide 26 values. the cycle X Uranus: A period during which many into 21 exciting and unusual events are possible. Friends and 'community' are emphasised. There phases.



understanding, intellectual power, research, philosophy W Saturn: A time of serious application. A good time to work on important personal projects. Your own sense of authority appears to be a theme and might be challenged. Also, some boundaries may need to be established or re-emphasised. Some important decisions may also be required. Y Neptune: A time of introspection, meditation, isolation. A selfless or humanitarian quality prevails during this cycle. Helpful synchronicitous events can occur, and gifts given or received (usually unexpected). Its a time for dispelling illusions and acquiring a stronger grasp on 83 reality. Emotional responses can be evoked by unexpected events. Intuition is enhanced, but mental processes can be hindered. I Sagittarius: A time of 'learning and teaching'. Also its a good time for exploring 'new realms' - physical and/or intellectual. Some key82 words are: journey, adventure, discussion, debate, argument. Things sometimes seem to be exaggerated or magnified during this 105 period - that is, 34 106 'when it rains it pours'.

Y K E 133 F 134 62 A Z I D Q J R U 135 S V X 61 W 60 G C T 136 H B L

of resolving conflicts within oneself and with others. 'Communication' and 'networking' are keywords.

Middle Ring ([ Water): Emotional. Astral plane. Creative Outer Ring (} Air): Mental. Mental plane. Thoughts and ideas, opinions and beliefs, problem solving, brain-storming, communication, discussion. Z Pluto: Pluto doesnt have its own minor cycle. It governs the greater master cycle via
influence, artistic, psychic, impressionable, expression of desire, magnetic energy, attraction and repulsion.

Birth of form, physical action and activity, working with matter, substance, and material forms, structure.

the key mandala at the centre of Jacobs Wheel. It does find expression however, amongst the 441 phases of the master cycle. There can be an intensity of emotion experienced during a Pluto phase - either high or low emotions. Also, there can be a need to exercise self-control. At other times we gain power to transform ourselves and/or influence others. A process of elimination can also be experienced.

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