Mar 2009

Vol 47

Our commitment: To train and disciple Paraguayans to impact their nation for Christ.

Project Updates!
Micro Enterprise Projects
We wanted to inform you of the following donations received for our Christmas projects: Chickens Seeds Farm Tools Mosquito Nets Warm Blankets Bibles Total $942.51 $155.18 $113.14 $189.26 $381.24 $212.85 $2385.59 $2385.59 We are going that to work through churches with the and APEP evangelists are associated

Bible Project
We’ve raised $3,030 for the Bibles to date! Unfortunately, we’ve had to enter “PLAN B” on this project since our 10,000 free Bibles are no longer available, (we don’t know why). We got a great deal from the Paraguayan Bible Society on a Bible for $2.45, so that brings us to a total of 1,216 Bibles that we were able to buy.

Chicken House $391.41

(Association of Evangelical Pastors in Paraguay) to distribute the Bibles. We will ask the churches to give a very small token donation, so they don’t take more Thank you so much to everyone who gave for these projects. We are so grateful for so many people who care about Paraguay! We are working on our distribution plan, so stay tuned for pictures and stories within the next two months. We are really excited about this project coming together. We are so thankful for your sacrifice than what they really will distribute. The idea is not to give the Bibles to Christians who already own Bibles, but to people who have yet to own their own Bible (unfortunately, we do have some Christians without Bibles in our churches).

Can You Help Us?
We are going to be in the States this summer and we need an economic and reliable vehicle. Do you have a car to spare that you would be willing to loan us from MayMay-August?

to get the Word of God into Paraguayans’ hands. We look forward to giving Here’s Timmy with the Bibles you an update on the actual disbursement of the Bibles and sharing lots of pictures next month.

We can’t wait for 1,216 more Paraguayans to have the Word of God touch their lives!


Norberto & Julie Kurrle Radio Alternativa Obligado, Itapua, Paraguay Tel: 595-717-20306 Skype ID: kurrles Internet phone: 765-997-1709 Email: Blog: You can send financial support to: Missionary Ventures Intl. *Kurrles* 5144 S Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32809 Or give online: (Kurrles)
Also Serving as SAMS with Global Missions and the Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN

Prayer Focus
• • • • • • • For a loaned vehicle while we are in the U.S. For the delegation of ministry tasks while we are in the States Our furlough preparations this May-August. We need a new afternoon D.J. We really need to sell our Suburban. Our first youth concert on April 4. Julie starts her women’s small group on Mon.

Want to Know More About Paraguay? Missions? The Kurrle family? Get the lowdown here:

• We bought 1216 Bibles to distribute! We raised $2,385 for Paraguay Projects ($942 came for chickens!) Thank you! • We hope to move into our (partly) finished home by May! •

Auction to Benefit Radio
Here is one of the items that we will be auctioning to benefit the radio station and its events. It is a genuine leather thermos for cold water and includes a matching guampa (cup) and bombilla (straw). This beautiful artisan work is hand detailed and painted. Starting bid is $0.99 $1.00. Bidding increments are Email us at

This is a silent auction. to let us know your bid. We will update bids weekly on our website. Bidding will end on May 9 at 12:00 p.m. donations will be tax-deductible. We will either hand deliver or mail you your gift when we leave for furlough. Watch for all our auctions on our website, Passion for Paraguay: All

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