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Frequesnt Asked Question on IVT Training

1.] What is basic IV therapy training? The Intravenous Therapy Program is primarily designed to ensure safe practice in Intravenous Therapy to uphold quality nursing practice. This program will enhance the nurses attitude, knowledge and skills in the delivery of their expanded role as intravenous nurse therapists. Through their knowledge of the nursing process, their holistic approach to patient care is enhanced and their clinical competence is achieved.

2.] Who can participate in IVT therapy training? - Registered Nurses, with valid and current PRC license card; - Certified IV Therapists who were not able to renew their IV Cards for more than five (5) years from date of issuance; - Previously trained registered nurses who were not able to accomplish the required IV injections within 6 months from the date of their last training. - Non-nursing health related professionals and technicians (MD, Post-graduate Medical Interns, Medical Technologists, Pulmo-tech, Registered Midwife) may attend the ANSAP IV Training program for nurses including the practicum. They will not be required to accomplish the required IV injections. They will not be issued an IV Therapy card but will be issued a Certificate of Attendance to the Training Program. - Non-health related professionals are not eligible to attend the ANSAP IV training program.

3.] Why should I be an IV therapy certified nurse? The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173) stipulates that the administration of parenteral injection is in the scope of nursing practice. ANSAP believes that the certification of IV therapist will be continued for several reason, paramount of which is safe nursing practice. Moreover, a registered nurse enrol in IV therapy training because most government and private hospitals prefer registered nurses who are IV therapy certified.

4.] Why should I train with an ANSAP-accredited IV therapy training hospital or provider? A registered nurse should enrol in an ANSAP-accredited IV therapy training hospital or provider because ANSAP is the nursing organization mandated to administer and accredit basic IV therapy training for nurses. (PRC-BON Resolution No. 08, series of 1994; and PRC-BON Protocol Governing Special Training

on Administration of Intravenous Injections for Nurses)

5.] Where can I register for IV therapy training? One can register for IV therapy training in any ANSAP-accredited hospital or provider which offers basic IV therapy training. Always verify if the hospital/provider is ANSAP-accredited.

6.] How can I register for IV therapy training? Registration for IV therapy training depends on the ANSAP-accredited IV therapy training provider. Either by personal visit, phone call or online registration.

7.] Why are slots for IV therapy training hard to find? Slots for IV therapy training are difficult to find because of the increasing number of registered nurses and the growing demand for IV therapy trainings. IV therapy training providers are advised by ANSAP that participants should be limited to not more than 50 participants unless there are enough IV preceptors to follow up their individual return demonstration.

8.] Are the IV therapy training schedules listed on IVT Hub the only schedule available? No, the current list on IVTeam Philippines Hub are not the only IV therapy training schedule available nationwide. There are other hospitals or providers that offer ANSAP-accredited IV therapy trainings. IVTeam Philippines Hub gathers information on IVT schedules from different sources (i.e. ANSAP office, directly from hospitals or from contributors).

9.] What are the requirements when I register for IVT training? Entrance requirements for Basic IV therapy training include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree; a registered professional nurse, with a current license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

10.] I just passed the recent nurse licensure examination and have not yet obtained the PRC license card, can I still participate in IV therapy training?

Yes, a nurse can still enrol in IV therapy training provided he can show the claim stub from PRC bearing his registration number as a registered nurse. However, depending on the hospital discretion or IV training provider, a PRC license card may be required.

11.] How much is the training fee? Training fee for basic IV therapy training ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 2,700. In some hospitals, the training fee is waived for their own staff nurses.

12.] Why are training fees of IV therapy training differ from each hospital? Training fee varies depending on hospital's discretion. These fees are utilized for the costs on the use of venue, supplies, honoraria for facilitators, coordinators, speakers, lecturers and preceptors as well as lunch and snacks for the participants.

13.] What can I expect when I attend the basic IV therapy training? The Basic Intravenous Therapy Training consists of discussions of concepts in intravenous therapy and demonstration of skills in access-related situations. It consists of 24 hours didactic lectures and practicum utilizing Procedures I-IV checklist as the framework for providing safe IV therapy practice. Aside from the return demonstration of the IV therapy procedures, there are pre-test, post-test and evaluation of the course.

14.] What are the procedures that I am expected to perform in the practicum? After the didactic phase of the IV therapy training, each participant is required to show competency in the following procedures: - Initiating and maintaining peripheral IV therapy infusions - Administering IV drugs - Administering and maintaining blood and blood components - Preparing and maintaining Total Parenteral Nutrition - One-on-One IV insertion under the direct supervision of a trainer/preceptor

15.] How are we graded in the basic IV therapy training? Each participant will be rated accordingly: Didactic (Pre-test, Post-test) - 50% Practicum (Return Demonstration) - 50% 16.] What if I fail in didactic and practicum

Passing a removal examination may be required for the participant.

17.] What is the 6+6+2 requirement? ANSAP requires the following case completion of 6 cases of initiating/maintaining peripheral IV insertions; 6 cases of administering IV drugs; and 2 cases of administering and maintaining blood and blood components.

18.] How long should I complete the 6+6+2 requirement? A registered nurse must be able to complete the 6+6+2 requirement and submit these to the ANSAP office within 6 months after the IV therapy training.

19.] What if I fail to complete the 6+6+2 within 6 months? Failure to do so would require the participant to undergo the 3-day basic IV therapy training again.

20.] Where can I complete the 6+6+2 requirement? A registered nurse may complete the case requirements in the hospital where he underwent IVT training; where he is currently employed; or in a hospital which offers case completion duty.

21.] I am not yet employed in a hospital, where can I complete the case requirements? If not currently employed as a staff nurse, one can complete the case requirements in the hospital

where he underwent IVT training or in a hospital which offers case completion duty.

22.] Can I complete my case requirements in different hospitals? No, a registered nurse must complete the case requirements in one hospital only and not in different hospitals (i.e 2 IV insertions in Hospital A, 4 IV insertions in Hospital B, etc.).

23.] Do I pay an additional fee for the completion duty? Some hospitals require a minimum fee (ex. Php 500) for the case completion duty.

24.] What is the prescribed IVT Accomplished Requirements form? The prescribed IVT Accomplished Requirements format by ANSAP or the respective ANSAP-accredited hospital is the form where the 6+6+2 cases should be written. It must be duly signed by the trainers/preceptors who witnessed the completion; and the chief nurse wherein the registered nurse has undergone the completion.

25.] Where do I file for my IV therapy license? The successful participant must submit to ANSAP office or the hospital where he underwent IV therapy training the requirements for initial issuance of IVT card.

26.] Where is ANSAP's office located? The ANSAP office is located at the 4th floor of the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP), along Quezon Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City.

27.] What are ANSAP's telephone numbers? ANSAP office can be reached by phone at (02) 497-8071 or through the Lung Center of the Philippines trunkline at (02) 924-6101 to 20.

28.] What are the requirements when I file for my IV therapy license? The following are the requirements for initial issuance of IVT card: a) Certificate of Attendance of the participant. (Photocopy and Original); b) Accomplished IV Requirements of the participant, duly signed by the chief nurse. Failures may start accomplishing their requirement only after passing the removal examination; c) Two (2) pcs. of 2x2 ID picture; d) Photocopy of current/valid PRC card (front and back); e) Processing fee 29.] How much is the processing fee? Processing fee of Php 400, if filed directly with ANSAP. An additional fee of Php 50 may be required if the requirements were filed with the hospital /IVT provider which offered the IVT training. 30.] When do I get my IV therapy license card after filing the requirements? Processing of IVT Card takes 4-6 weeks after submission of requirements at the ANSAP office. Call the ANSAP office at Tel. Nos. (02) 497-8071 or (02) 924-6101 to 20 for the availability of IVT card.

31.] How long is the validity of my IV therapy license? The IV Therapy Card is renewable every three (3) years for all IV Therapy Nurses, Trainers and Preceptors.

32.] What are the grounds for cancellation of license? The IVT nurse card can be cancelled or suspended when PRC license is not renewed; any violation of the Nursing Law (R.A. 9173); IVT Nurse card is not renewed for more than 5 years from the date of issuance. The Registered Nurse must undergo the basic IVT training; and when there are violations in the Standards of IV Therapy practice.

33.] What are the requirements for IVT card renewal?

Renewal shall require attendance to IV-related Updates equivalent to 24 CEU (Continuing Education Units) as approved by ANSAP OR (for trainers/preceptors) as lecturer/resource speaker on an IV related Updates or in IV training Programs approved by ANSAP. Processing fee of Php 400 for renewal of IVT nurse card.

34.] Where can I enrol for IVT-related updates? A certified IVT nurse can enrol in IVT updates offered by ANSAP-accredited hospitals or Aesculap Academy Philippines.

35.] What if my IVT license has lapsed and I need to renew it? A certified IVT nurse can attend an IVT refresher course offered by ANSAP-accredited hospitals or by Aesculap Academy Philippines. However, if IVT Nurse card is not renewed for more than 5 years from the date of issuance. The Registered Nurse must undergo the 3-day basic IVT training.

36.] I lost my IVT license, how can I apply for a replacement card? Replacement of lost IVT Nurse Card (supported with an affidavit of loss) may be obtained from the National ANSAP office after submitting its corresponding Certificate of Training or a certification of the Trainer, stating the place and dates of the training attended and a photocopy of the official list of participants of the IV therapy training attended.

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