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(It is recommend that you put 90 weight oil on tap to protect tap for next use). It is important to make sure that the sleeves fit the driver prior to installation. These sleeves should go on and off easily. Please just tap the driver into sleeve when you get ready to reinstall the sleeves.

The following directions are for each valve cover (Only 2 Valve covers per engine) With 4 injectors on each side. 1. Remove the valve cover. (est. time 30 minutes) 2. Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connector. 3. Remove the outboard fuel injector retaining bolt which holds the injector. 4. Remove the fuel injector with a little light pressure. DIRECTIONS FOR REMOVING THE STEEL 6.0 INJECTOR CUPS 5. WATCH the video before proceeding with this installation it will help solve some anxiety as you try to install the new 6.0 injector sleeves. 6. The Injector puller has a 9/16 head and 11/16 bolt. Make sure that the 11/16 bolt is all the way at the top before beginning. 7. Place the injector sleeve remover (THE 6.0 INJECTOR PULLER WRENCH) in the injector bore. 8. Now put a 9/16 socket onto the puller. 9. Begin manually turning the injector puller (WRENCH) until it is tight into the injector sleeve. Must add a little pressure to the 9/16 wrench until you feel the puller cutting into the 6.0 injector cup. 10. Take a 11/16 inch deep well socket and Tighten 11/16 shoulder bolt on the 6.0 Injector Puller wrench CLOCKWISE downward until the sleeve is removed. 11. Make sure you watch the video before trying to take the 6.0 injector

sleeve cup off of the puller. 12. Then put the wrench into a vice using the 9/16 head only and heat up the injector sleeve cup to a dull red with a small torch for about 30-45 seconds so that it will help loosen the injector cup from the puller. (Very Important StepIF THE CUP DOES NOT COME EASILY, OUR CUSTOMERS RECOMMEND HEATING THE CUPS TO LOSSEN THE LOCKTITE THAT IS AROUND THEM. BEFORE THE CUPS WILL COME OUT. 13. There will be some smoke coming from the cup, this is the oil that was put on the puller prior to pulling the cup out of the bore. (Note: Put oil on the tap of the 6.0 puller for each injector cup.) 14. Now turn the sleeve with pliers COUNTER CLOCKWISE until the sleeve is released from the wrench. 15. Put the new sleeve into the injector bore. 16. Insert the Driver Tool into the new sleeve that is residing in the injector bore then tap the DRIVER TOOL with a normal hammer until the sleeve fits tightly into injector bore. DIRECTIONS AFTER REPLACING ALL THE INJECTOR CUPS 17. Reconnect the outboard fuel injector retaining bolt which holds the injector. 18. Reconnect the fuel injector electrical connector. 19. Restore the Valve cover. One side is finished.