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Walid Sonji Lebanon Beirut Tel:916-01-660063 Mobile:03/139149 mews03@hotmail.


Walid Sonji
Walid Sonji , mews03@hotmail.com

Job Target: Health, Safety & Environmental Officer.

Education: - Bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Beirut Arab University. (2001) Lebanon. - Master of Science from Stuttgart University (2006-2008) Germany. Experience: 01.09.2001 - 01.09.2002 Lebanese Army, Logistic brigade. 01.10.2002 01.02.2005 Jubali Bross , electric diesel engines sales & maintenance (F.G Wilson Authorized dealer of Perkins Diesel Engines, Scat rack, Tsurumi drainage pumps) ,Lebanon. Duties and Responsibilities:

-Emphasize product features based on technical knowledge of product Capability and limitations
- Assign, co-ordinate and review the technical work of the department or project Teams. - Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities and operations of a Maintenance department. - Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and Technical work performed in the department. 7.10.2010 till now Saccal Company as Supervisor. Lebanon. Health, Safety & Environmental knowledge : inspection & reports, construction site transport safety, dust control on concrete cutting saws, safe erection, risk concepts, essential health & safety worksites safety policy, incident reporting, first aid, heat stress & stroke, emergency response procedure, personal protective equipments, dropped objects, work at height , crane safety, ladders, Scaffolding, excavation & trenching, barricades & signs, lifting & rigging operation, electrical safety, lockout & tag out, tool & equipment, vehicles & heavy equipment safety, ignition sources, fire welding & cutting, chemical handling for hydrogen sulphide, confined space , slip & trip , lifting operations & lifting equipment regulation, whole body vibration, safety of pressure systems, pipeline safety regulation, bulk storage of acids, dangerous liquids & gases, storage of flammable liquids in tanks, protecting public, safe use of compressed gases in welding, flame cutting & allied process, safe handling of combustible dusts, avoiding danger from underground services, health & safety in roof work. Health and safety law Origins of health and safety law, Common law liability and workplace injuries, Health and safety at work the principal legal requirements Enforcement, Health and safety and industrial relations law. Health and safety management Safety management and policy Investigation, reporting and recording of accidents Health and safety monitoring, major incidents and emergency procedures, Health and safety training and communication, cost of accidents.

Accident prevention Principles of accident prevention Safe systems of work. The working environment The organization of the working environment, Temperature, lighting and ventilation, Welfare amenity provision, Cleaning and hygiene. Occupational health and hygiene Toxicology and health, Occupational diseases and conditions, Occupational health practice, Noise and vibration, Dust and fumes, Radiation and radiological protection, Personal protection, Occupational hygiene practice, Prevention and control strategies in occupational hygiene ,Manual handling, First aid. Human factors and safety at work Human factors and safety, Ergonomics, Stress. Safety technology Work equipment, Fire, Lifting machinery and equipment, Pressure systems, Electrical safety, Construction safety, Mechanical handling, Dangerous substances, Specific processes and activities, Reasons for Crane Accidents and Preventive Measures, Types of Cranes Generally Used in the Workplace, Analysis of Eight Hazards Common to Most Cranes, Crane Safety Programs. Legal Requirements, Approaches to Maintenance, Maintenance Intervals, Maintenance Personnel Attributes, Training and Assessment, Information for Maintenance, Inspection during Maintenance, Maintenance Records, Management Review of Maintenance Records, Site Issues for Maintenance, Spare Parts, Maintenance Facilities and Equipment, Approaches to Thorough Examination, Management of Thorough Examination, Competent Persons Attributes, Training and Assessment, Developing the Defined Scope of Thorough Examination. Reports of Thorough Examination, Management Review of Thorough Examination Records, Practical Issues for Thorough Examination (Best Practice in Depots), Practical Issues for Thorough Examination on Site, Lifting Accessories. Work at Height, Example of a typical Safe System of Work for Thorough Examination Activities, Example of a Defined Scope of Thorough Examination for a Mobile Crane, Sample Document Covering Maintenance and Thorough, Examination Issues for Mobile Crane Users, Typical In-service Maintenance Schedule, Daily Pre-use Checks and Weekly Inspections, Example of a Lift Accessory Register, Example of the Use of Key Performance Indicators for Maintenance, Example of the Use of Key Performance Indicators for Thorough Examination, Supplementary Reports and Tests Supporting Thorough Examination, Qualifications and Assessment of Maintenance Personnel.

Management skills: Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers, Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policies. PC Skills:

MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Project.

Languages: very good English. Arabic (native language). Good German language.