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Experts Academy Presents The $10,000,000 Case Study:

How to Share (And Monetize) Your Advice, Content and Expertise with the World

by Brendon Burchard

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To those who believe in the value, beauty and service in sharing their voice with the world.

Writing and money-making. To many, that phrase seems akin to oil and water. After all, writers are supposed to be broke, forced to choose between what Neil Gaiman calls making things up and writing them down versus getting a real job. But what if I told you I made $10,000,000 in 12 months as a writer and educator? And what if there was an entire industry of people making millions of dollars from their writing and wisdom? Well, its true, and for revealing these things, Ill likely be drawing a big target on my back. Publishers, writers and content creators are suspicious of money-talk and moneymaking endeavors (except when you use the word startup around them, and mostly because people in startups dress way cooler than we lonely writers). Alas, Im going to talk about a topic which many people quickly judge: making money, a lot of it, and much of it online. Worse, Im going to frame this conversation in the artswriting, specificallyand in the field of education. Making money, arts, education. Presented together, these things may feel strange to you now, but by the end of this post, youll find that in the modern economy, they are no longer odd bedfellows. The creating, organizing, and sharing of valued content the very things writers do bestis what drives todays economy. 1
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Yet writers are seen as separate from the economy and business at large. Why? The answer, I believe, is that writers have traditionally been myopic about their knowledge and content, and thus pigeonholed into being broke. Im here to suggest that writers can, and ought to be, millionaires. If wealth is measured by how much value one adds to society, then why shouldnt writers be wealthy? Before we get to the money, allow me to be a hand-wringing writer. (There are no other kinds). I worry about what people think when I start teaching all this money stuff, since Im known more as the motivation make a difference guy than the get rich guy. As a general introduction: I dont really care all that much about money because I never had it growing up. My family really struggled financially; though truth be told, my parents were so abundant with their love that I thought the world positively glowed. I can recall caring significantly about money only twice in my life. There was the time when my first entrepreneurial endeavorlaunching a new book landed me in bankruptcy. I was so broke from following all the traditional writing advice out there that I had to move into my girlfriends apartment. The place was so small I used our bed as a desk for all my notes and bills and research. One night, I watched my lady crawl under the covers, trying not to disturb me or all the paperwork I had laid out on the bed. Seeing her sleeping under the weight of my own bills, my problems, motivated me to focus on making real money for the first time in my life. The second night I ever cared about money happened a few years later, after I had made it. (I did the very things Ill share in this post). That night involved another bed. In that bed, my dad was dying of leukemia, and he was lying there in hospice worrying about what would happen financially for my mother after he passed. I remember walking into

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the other room and writing a very large check, made out to my mother, and bringing it back to Dad. The relief on his facehis knowing that everything would be okay for mom for as long as she livedmade me, for the first time in my life, appreciate wealth. That night, I knew that money mattered not just for what it gives us but for what it can give others, and I was thankful I had learned to make it. Ive loved writing and sharing good content with people all of my life. The money part came later when I realized how to monetize all that good content that helped people. I share all this to qualify all the money-talk Im about to go into. I just wanted you to know me. Ive fought for my art and wrote when I was making nothing, and I still would today, if I had to. The only thing Ive really done with my money is give it to my family or charity, build a good business to share my message more broadly, and take a bunch of fun trips around the world with friends.

A Million-Dollar Story
My first book effort, launched as a self-published book way back in 2001, didnt go so well financially. By 2011, though, I had learned all the different ways to monetize what I know without getting a job. I learned that knowledge was just content and that content is very profitable and powerful in the marketplace. And I learned that content could change lives. So, I decided to write a book on that topic and put it to the test in the mass market. Everyone asked: Why write a book in this economy?theres no money in books anymore and publishing is dying, they said. Huh.

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Well, heres what happened: I wrote and launched The Millionaire Messenger in just five weeks. On the sixth week, the book hit #1 on the New York Times, #1 on Amazon, #1 on BarnesandNoble.com, and #1 on the USA Today paperback bestseller lists. This was all done without a major publisher (I used a mid-tier publisher I love, called Morgan James), or any major media or publicity whatsoever. In fact, I had never been interviewed about the book, ever. Within 60 days of publication, I had around $1,000,000 in backend sales from content related to that book. Within 90 days, I did another $4,000,000 in sales or so. Around 120 days later, I signed a $2,000,000 book deal with Simon & Schusters Free Press. I would do another few million in content sales in the next six or seven months, clearing $10,000,000 by one year of publication. The best part is, I was just helping people with what I had learned. There are many reasons this sounds crazy and so many people would discount these results. Some might say, Well, you were teaching about wealth with all that millionaire stuff, so of course you made money. Some would also say perhaps it was all lucky timinga helluva good title during a downtrodden economy. These would be good reasons except for the fact that: (a) Ive also made over a million dollars in genres unrelated to wealth or business (both in fiction and personal improvement), and 4
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(b) while I am no doubt grateful and blessed by all this, Ive been told that raw luck rarely strikes twice at the multi-million-dollar level (especially for non famous and rather plain individuals like myself). Here are the stats from this last go-round: On May 15th of this year, I launched my new book, THE CHARGE: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive. Its the best thing Ive ever written, despite the fact I was struggling through a brain injury when I wrote it. By midnight of May 16th, I had just under $2,000,000 in backend sales on content related to the book from the launch and other promotions. By May 27th, the book was a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller and a #2 New York Times bestseller. The best part of all this is that my promotions simply involve putting content that really adds value and helps people out there. Better yet, Im helping people whether or not they ever bought my book. The promotions for the books, which Ill tell you about in the steps below, add just as much value as the book itself. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people didnt buy my book, but were inspired by related content I released for free. Around ten thousand people who didnt buy the book did buy some kind of content from me along the way. This is one reason that my approach really resonates with writers; because Im still giving away plenty of free content, but Im building a business by monetizing some of it too. (Oh, those startup kids with the cool kicks would be proud). Heres the four steps to make it all happen.

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1. THINK LIKE APPLE Build an Integrated Product Suite

How did Apple ascend to the #1 company in the world? We all give rightful credit to Steve Jobs and team, of course. As a business strategist, though, I cant call individuals the strategy that made it happen. The strategy, which can be replicated, was in the creation of what Ive coined as an integrated product suite. (Somehow Ive become well-known for this phrasea writers dream). The iPod didnt make Apple #1. Nor did the iMac, iPhone, or iPad individually. What created the most successful brand and business in the world was the fact that all these products were similar in some way, they were tied together by a single platform (iTunes), and they added such distinct value to the end user that the user wanted all of them. Simply, Apple has a series of great products that are connected by theme and platform, that escalate in price, and that serve a similar customer ambition. I call this an integrated product suite and its the strategy Ive used as a writer to make it. As a writer, Ive no more focused on just the book than Apple has focused on just the iPod. I created an integrated product suite, and I believe all writers should follow suit if they hope to fully monetize their content and knowledge. In the content world, you have over a dozen ways to add new value and make money with what you know. You can create books, ebooks, audio programs, DVD programs, live webinars, recorded webinars, live webcasts, online video courses, teleseminar series, live events/experiences, mastermind programs, coaching programs, consulting services, certification programs, keynote speeches, gift items, online blogs, online magazines, and mobile apps.

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Consider the following options to understand where the monetization of content can take place: Option A: You write a business book and sell it for $20. Thats your entire business. You sell 15,000 books in one year and youve grossed $200,000. Option B: Same deal as Option A, but you create more products and programs that are distinct in value and escalate in price, all the while helping your fans and readers gain deeper levels of insight or mastery. For example: You also create a 6-disc audio training program on how to start a business, and you charge $197. You sell 100 of those per month, equaling $19,700 gross per month ($236,400 per year). You also create a more advanced business training program, say a $997 online video course on how to optimize and generate more revenue. You enroll 30 people a month in that program and youve grossed another $29,910 per month ($348,920 per year). You also take people even deeper with a yearly $1,997 live seminar training event. You get 100 people in a seminar room and thats another $199,700 per year. Together with Option As results of $200,000, youve now grossed over a million bucks in this example. ($1,085,020 to be exact). This integrated product suite approach is what resulted in all the numbers I shared with you earlier. When I sold my books, for example, Id also offer special reports, audio programs,

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online courses, and live event tickets at some point in my communication with my customer. I just happened to sell a whole lot more than the numbers I illustrated above for you. (Disclaimer: This is all illustrative, and youre not guaranteed to earn any money by reading this post or trying anything I recommend. Guarantees of income are illegal and stupidespecially because I dont know you, and if I did, Id likely guess wrong anyway, based on my past experience hiring an incapable contractor simply because I liked her accent. As Dr. Phil and all the lawyers so rightly remind us, you alone are responsible for your results in life). If this kind of product escalation sounds crazy, consider that youve probably willingly done it already. You bought the iPod at around $200 bucks, then the iPhone at $500, then the MacBook at $2,000. All these things add up and suddenly, Apple is #1 in the world. This makes sense in the business world. Somehow, in the writing world, though, people often get very ruffled by all this. Writers worry about creating all this extra content to sell. I personally find this amusing, since after all, creating content is the writers muse. If Im asking writers to do anything unique, its in elevating their content to a more valued and actionable categorytraining. In this way, Im asking writers to be more thoughtful educators, what I call entrepreneurial experts. Writers are smart and they should get paid for their intelligence. The easiest way for that to happen is in arranging their content together in such a way that it helps others advance in their lives or business. I guide writers to ask themselves, What do I know and what advice do I have

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based on my lifes story or career that could help others shorten their learning curve in their life, business, or any activities that are important to them? Thats the million-dollar question. If you dont know something that can help peopleand Id bet you most certainly do then your job is to go out and research a topic until you can. Of course, some fiction writers hate this idea and say it doesnt apply to them; that its more amenable to nonfiction writers. This is true in some ways, but from a business and content-creation standpoint, thats just being myopic and unimaginative. When I wrote Lifes Golden Ticketa parable about second chancesI had to get inventive about the backend of the book. I ultimately created a live experience based on some of the themes of the bookand I held the event in an amusement park circus tent. J.K. Rowling has turned her writing into other monetizable content as well, from movies to gifts to, yes, an amusement park at Disney. (By the way, who wouldnt pay $997 all day long to hear J.K Rowling teach an online course on plot development?). This isnt just the musings of a lucky millionaire. An entire industry has existed for decades doing this and in many cases, even better than I do. When you see Wayne Dyer or Suze Orman on PBS teaching from the stage and offering their DVDs for sell to benefit public television, thats the expert industry at work. When you see David Bach on the Today Show talking about personal finance and referencing his website, there it is again. Tony Robbins and all his events and coaching programs? Same deal. Dont worry, you dont have to be famous like these people. (Spoiler: these people be9
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came famous because of their books, products, and programs). Any topic you can possibly imagine has been written about and monetized with backend programs, just as Ive shared. I know home organizers killing it telling people how to organize homes; quilters turned writers and educators teaching people how to quilt; piano players turned experts teaching others to play the piano; writers turned experts teaching others to create; strippers turned experts teaching women towell, you get the idea. Cynics often dislike integrated product suites, suggesting that price escalating is absurd or hurtful to consumers and especially students. Well, then I suppose we should do away with getting MBAs or doctorates, as those are certainly higher-priced training programs too, right? I agree with cynics on one count, though, and its that a lot of content in the how-to space isnt all that good, and that some students in the industry dont apply what theyve been taught. But again a parallel rebuttal is needed: Most college programs are terribly outdated too, and according to the New York Times, only 50% of college graduates land a job related to their degree[1]. Most college graduates I know are not using their degrees at all, and dont plan to. But does this make education any less worthwhile? I would argue no. Who are we to judge how people choose to learn and what is right for them to act on? Ive learned a lot of things in life that I dont act on or utilize on a daily or consistent basis - that doesnt diminish the value of what I have learned nor the teacher.

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All I can do is insist that anyone following my advice here does it with excellence and integrity, focusing on giving great advice and creating great content that serves people. I hope you will too. Another concern I often hear is how hard it must be to create products. That was true decades ago when we didnt have all this great tech to facilitate easy content creation and commerce. Today, its easy. Ive taught tens of thousands of students enrolled in Experts Academy how to do this stuff. Heres some simple things Ive done: Heres a step-by-step on how Ive created two highly-profitable products. Product Creation Example #1: The $197 Audio Course 1. Purchased Rode Podcaster USB Microphone. ($229 on Amazon). 2. Plugged it into my Macbook. Opened Garageband, which comes free on Mac. Pressed red record button. 3. Walked around living room in my boxers, talking extemporaneously into microphone following a simple outline for what I wanted to teach. I recorded six 1-hr sessions in one weekend. (Each CD of a 6-disc audio program holds about 60 minutes of audio). I exported the audio into MP3 format and emailed them to an audio editor I got on eLance for $50. 4. I emailed final MP3s to Disk.com (a product manufacturer and fulfillment house). They emailed me a design template for a 6-disc audio program. 5. I got a designer from eLance to create a design from that template (cost $200). They emailed the design back to Disk.com. Product=done. 6. I created a video and website to sell the program. I shot the video with a simple HD camera and posted the video on a site built in under two hours using Kajabi.com (they have a bunch of templates and checkout pages for about $99/month; Optimize Press is another easy option for WordPress users

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and about $97 total). I used Paypal to accept money. Done. Product Creation Example #2: The $1997 5-Week Online Course 1. I bought an HD video camera. (Today I like to use fancier DSLRs like Cannons 7D, but at the beginning it wasgaspa Flip video camera). 2. I bought a flipchart. 3. I stood in front of said video camera and next to said flipchart, and I taught stuff. I broke the content up into five lessons or modules, with basically 1-3 hours of teaching for each module. 4. I posted all the videos in a membership site. (I used Kajabis membership site software). I also hosted a live Q&A call each week where I took questions on a conference call with all the students. Thats pretty much it. (Ill get to marketing later.) If theres any magic to what I do, its that I do my homework and I know what Im talking about. I do research, I get results, I interview others, and I report it all in an organized and creative way. Content gathering. Organizing. Creative expression. Isnt that what writers do? I offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and you should too. I hope you can see that the benefits of creating integrated product suites for your fans and readers outweigh any concerns any critic or I could ever come come up with. The more helpful content you give to your audience, the more their life is enriched. Why simply tease them with random or overly broad ideas in a blog or book and never give them the more detailed how-to information theyd need to truly advance?

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People want continuing education and training. They want mastery. Every writer knows this. Their fans want more and they ask for it all the time. I say, give it to them and build a business with an integrated product suite while doing so. Apple did it and theyre not exactly having to force their products down peoples throats.


What prevents most writers from earning income isnt the quality of their content, its their aversion to what they think is marketing. I emphasize think because most writers are operating from an out-dated understanding of what actually constitutes marketing in the modern era. Today, marketing is essentially creating and sharing valuable content, something writers excel at. Heres what marketing an integrated product suite can look like: 1. You create three pieces of phenomenal content people will absolutely love. These can be written articles, webinars, special reports, videos, or a mixture of all three. I personally recommend these content pieces be video training as video resonates better (and is shared more often). The video can either be direct-to-camera (you talking to the camera and teaching), or screen-capture presentation based (you can use software like Screenflow to record your voice narrating your Powerpoint or Keynote slides and kick the recording out as a movie file). Writing a series of blog posts is fine too. 2. You drive people to a page where they have to register with their name and email to receive the three pieces of phenomenal content. This is usually

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called an optin or squeeze page. Once someone enters their information, they are taken to a page where they get the first piece of content/training. Theres no sale, just awesome content. Over the next few days you send them the remaining two pieces of content, which they absolutely love because thats what they registered for. For tech, you can use pretty much any email provider (I like iContact) or shopping cart software to make this happen via autoresponders (Office Autopilot, 1shoppingcart, and Infusionsoft are all good options). 3. A few days after they receive all three pieces of content they registered for, you send them an email directing them to a sales page with marketing copy or a sales video that essentially says, Hey, if you liked that free content I just gave you, Ive got this other program that goes even deeper. Heres what it is, heres how it will help you, heres why its different, heres why its a great value, heres why you should buy it now. This process is what I call a value-to-sale sequence, or value sequence in short. (A guy named Jeff Walker created what he calls the Product Launch Formula, which basically pioneered this process online). This sequencing works because you added a lot of value to people through the three free content pieces, then you offered something for sale. In other words, you gave before you asked. Thats the new world of business: its not ask and you shall receive, its give and you shall receive. This strategy is basically how I launched my two New York Times bestselling books as well all my popular online training programs. Its how I do almost all of my marketing, and its led to millions of dollars in sales.

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(This is where I practice what I teach and now say, Gee, if you liked this post and want to learn more, attend Experts Academy!).


Once you have a value sequence online, the next step is to get as many people to see it as possible. The best way to make that happen is to have people who already have large audiences drive their people to your site, either because (a) they flat-out like you, (b) they want you to guest-post or collaborate on something, (c) they get paid to, or (d) a combination of a-c. The most effective strategy Ive found for driving a ton of traffic and moving a ton of books is affiliate marketing. Basically, you aim a bunch of friends and influencers to promote your value sequence on a predetermined date, called launch day. Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate link so that you can track their traffic. (For the tech on affiliate tracking, you can use almost any decent shopping cart system these days including Office Autopilot, 1shoppingcart, or Infusionsoft. Note: I am not compensated in any way to recommend these providers nor any of the products in this post). Why would affiliates mail their subscribers for you? First, because they know your content rocks and their people will be interested in it. Second, because if their people opt-in to your value sequence and end up buying anything, then youre going to give them 50% of the sale as affiliate/referral compensation. Yep, you pay them for the referral.

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Affiliate marketing is my favorite traffic strategy because its win-win-win: you get a new audience referred by someone they trust, the audience gets great content from you, and the affiliate looks good to their people for sending them to cool stuff and also gets compensated for any referral sales. Other strategies for getting traffic to your sites include SEO, paid search, guest posts, major media appearances, traditional ad buys, and co-promotions with major sponsors. Personally, Id take affiliate marketing strategies over anything else and its been the secret weapon in all my launches. [See my book The Millionaire Messenger for the emails I send to my promotional partners].


Writers and entrepreneurial experts get paid only when people are seeing and buying their content. For this reason, its important to be prolific and stay out front by creating, posting, and promoting good content that people enjoy. That should go without saying, but youd be surprised how many people tip their toe in the content world and then walk away. Like any career, the more you learn and experiment, and try and fail and stick to it, the more you end up succeeding. Along the way, some fast tips: 1. Create content that engages and inspires you personally, or dont create it. 2. Focus on writing content that connects with peoples hearts and also moves the needle for people in their ability to succeed. The rest is noise. 3. Great writers broaden peoples perspectives by offering their own personal

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journey coupled with solid research. So live an awesome life and be a disciplined student. 4. Never let your small business make you small-minded. Just because youre starting out at something doesnt mean you shouldnt have grand ambitions to share your voice with the world. My first efforts were small, but I kept at it and it paid off. 5. Stop to listen to constructive criticism, but walk briskly past the jaded, cynical, and rude. 6. Care. The more you do, the more you feel alive and the more your audience believes in you, buys from you, follows you, and shares your work. 7. Read. A lot more. Remember, people are paying for perspective. Heres what I believe: Your life story, your knowledge, and your messagewhat you know from experience and want to share with the worldhave greater importance and market value than you probably ever dreamed. Use your knowledge and content to help others succeed, and in the process you can build a very lucrative business and a profoundly meaningful life. That was my message with The Millionaire Messenger, and thats the secret to becoming a wealthy writer too. Write. Help people. Make money. Share your message with the world. Brendon

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BRENDON BURCHARD is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive. He is also founder of High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the worlds most comprehensive marketing training for aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. For these works, Brendon is regularly recognized as one of the top business and motivation trainers in the world. (Inc. magazine, AndersonCooper.com, ABC, and more). Brendons books, videos, newsletters, products, and appearances now inspire two million people a month worldwide. His books have been #1 bestsellers on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon.com bestseller lists. Brendon was blessed to receive lifes golden ticket -- a second chance -- after surviving a car accident in a developing country. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations find their charge, share their voice, and make a greater difference in the world. Brendon is regularly seen on public television, and he has been in media appearances on Anderson Cooper, ABC World News, CBS News, Oprah and Friends, NPR stations, The Wall Street Journal TV, and other popular outlets like SUCCESS magazine, Inc.com, Forbes.com, FastCompany.com, and the Huffington Post. As one of the most in-demand trainers of our time, Brendon has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, David Bach, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Tim Ferriss, and more. His clients include entrepreneurs and executives from 60+ countries and his advice and training has been sought by Accenture, Alcoa, Amazon.com, The United States Naval Academy, and 34 of the top 50 universities in the world. Mashable recently named Brendons Twitter account @brendonburchard as the #1 must-follow account for daily inspiration. Brendons recent online marketing campaigns have set records in publishing, online product launches, and live video broadcast revenue. He has become the go-to marketing advisor for many of the most successful companies and celebrities in the world. Anderson Cooper calls Brendon an expert in helping people hone their message and get the word out about important causes and ideas that can change the world.

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