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Pastor’s Address By Eu Hong Seng

Moving forward in Faith
in 2009...................................2

Meeting the Needs................3

M any Christians have a flawed under- Genesis 6 tells the tragic story of the de-
standing of faith. They think for God cline of humanity into sin. But God’s grace
to answer their prayers they need “great triumphed – He saved Noah (Gen 6:8).
faith”. This is not entirely true. The key is In Noah, his faith manifested itself in real
the object of our faith, not just how much works. James 2:26 says, “For as the body
or little is our faith. A person can have little without the spirit is dead, so faith without
faith to walk on thick ice but he is safe; an- works is dead also.”
other person can have great faith to walk on
thin ice and he still drowns. Noah built an ark be-
We must ensure that the (Hebrews 11:6) cause he believed in God.
object of our faith is the But without faith it is Every swing of his axe
Lord Jesus Christ and His impossible to please Him, said “faith.” Every felled
Word, not ourselves. for he who comes to God tree declared “faith”. Ev-
must believe that He is, ery strike of his hammer
Workers’ Conference............5 In our everyday life you and that He is a rewarder proclaimed “faith”.
exercise faith without re- of those who diligently
True meaning of Christmas...
alizing it. You get in the seek Him.7 By faith Noah, Faith will make you
car and drive on faith. You being divinely warned of work today. Faith is not
don’t know if you’re going things not yet seen, moved something for the past;
to make it to your destina- with godly fear, prepared for “just trusting” in Je-
tion alive or not, but you an ark for the saving of his sus for salvation and not
go. You have faith that the household, by which he trusting Him for anything
food you buy that is grown condemned the world else. It means that every
365 Camp...............................6 by strangers is not harm- and became heir of the day you continue to trust
ful, so you eat it. You have righteousness which is Him and that you contin-
faith that the doctors you according to faith. ue to manifest the fruit of
see are competent, so you your faith: caring, shar-
put yourself in their hands. ing, witnessing, helping,
If you did not have faith, giving, performing good
if you did not trust others and act on that works, etc.
My Hope.................................7 trust, you wouldn’t be able to drive, eat,
(Personal Testimonies) or get help in times of sickness. Faith has You cannot dispute that faith is vitally
Kids Alive: practical expressions. important in the life of the Christian. It is by
VBS Japanese experience faith that you are saved; you are justified;
Yet, so many believers have so little faith cleansed, and look forward to the return of
in God. I say this because I am hard pressed Jesus. Faith is where you please God, and
to find evidences of their faith. We see that live your present life in dependence upon
faith made Noah work for God. One of the Him.
evidences of faith as gleaned from Heb The faith that saved you also requires
11:7 is that faith works for God. you to have manifestations of it by way of
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2 Moving forward in Faith in 2009 FAMILY Jan 2009
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works (Eph 2:9). Without the expression of real and practical faith, your
I would like to ask you these questions: “What has faith spiritual life would be very lethargic - maybe even dead?
changed in your life? What are the evidences of faith in Let’s enter 2009 with faith!
your life? Is faith growing in your life?”

Moving forward in Faith in 2009

By CHAN SAI CHOK personally experienced how God solid foundation of a daily personal
blesses in return when I increased relationship with Him. As we do it,

T o attempt great things for God, my giving for various church proj- depending upon the enabling power
we need great faith and must ects. I have seen how God fulfilled of His Holy Spirit, we will be able
take positive steps to see the plan His promises in Malachi 3:10 for my to profess more and more, that “ I
unfold other than just sitting down business and personal life when I CAN TRUST GOD” and am willing
to pray. I believe God will give us gave in faith. to move forward in faith. God cannot
necessary skills, resources, support work miracles for us if we choose to
network and strategies if we dare to We know that God is trustworthy. do nothing. Everyday is a miracle in
move forward in any faith venture. He is absolutely sovereign over progress.
We require confidence to make big every event in the universe, and
steps forward and this confidence He exercises that sovereignty in an Malachi 3: 10 : “Bring all the tithes
needs to be built up through small infinite wise and loving way for our into the storehouse, that there may
steps of success. own good. We can trust God. He be food in My house, and try Me
will never fail us nor forsake us. The now in this, “Says the Lord of hosts,
For example, FGT members who question is whether you are trusting “If I will not open for you the win-
have given RM10K for Jericho land Him fully NOW? dows of heavens, and pour out for
purchase, should now attempt to you such blessing, that there will not
give 10 times or 100 times more for To grow in our ability to trust God be room enough to receive it.”
the EDC or Hebron project. I have in times of difficulties, we must lay a

Sunrise Service on 1st Jan 2009

The prayer theme for FGT in 2009 is ‘The Year of Faith’. Breakfast served after service
Many gathered to pray for the church.
FAMILY Jan 2009 Meeting the Needs 3

Meeting the Needs of the Hungry

By KATHY LIANG fed, healed, and rebuked the cor- sometimes even teach them English.
rupt leaders of the temple. Jesus was Q: Do you still face problems with

O n 12th October 2008, FGT

Manila (the sixth church to be
planted within the year), was inau-
there to meet every need and even
correct every sin that could destroy
the government authorities with
regard to your work?
C: Since we moved to a new place
gurated at Las Pinas, a small city Since FGT began its feeding pro- within the same area, we have not
located within Metro Manila in the gram in Las Pinas on 25th October, faced any problems with the authori-
Philippines. The church has been set we have had the opportunity to not ties. However, we still need to be
up to reach out and meet the needs only feed the children who come careful and build good rapport with
of some of the poorest and marginal- from poor homes, but also to share them so that they can understand our
ized groups of people in the sprawl- the Gospel with these kids and their Christian work.
ing suburb of Metro Manila. Pastor parents. We have been able to de-
Noel Dieazmo shares his personal velop deeper relationships with the Q: What’s the greatest challenge
experience pioneering FGT’s out- community and even do bible studies faced in Bokale?
reach program in the Philippines. with these families in their homes. C: There are a lot of challenges.
“It’s been a great privilege to help As a result of this outreach, we get We reach out to the poor who went
the church reach out to people who more than 70 worshippers show- through Cyclone Nargis, many of
are on the very heart of our Lord ing up for our Sunday services each whom have lost their loved ones. We
Jesus with the Gospel. But when week! offer listening ears to the survivors,
people are hungry and all they can Although we do struggle with giving words of comfort and hope to
think about is how to feed their hun- budget constraints to do this work, them, and try to find practical ways
gry families, they can get confused God has somehow touched the hearts to help them rebuild their lives and
about the love of God that we’re of His people to provide the neces- homes. For example, by distributing
sharing. sary food and school supplies so far. food supplies and installing a water
In fact, I find the church members pump to provide fresh water for the
are now more committed and seri- people. We help them because God
ous in serving. In November, we will loves them and it has opened the
embark on another outreach program doors for us to share the gospel and
whereby doctors and nurses will pro- faithfulness of God.
vide free consultation to the poor.
I praise God for giving us the Q: How can members of FGT sup-
privilege of running these outreach port you?
programs as I know by doing this, C: Firstly, we need your prayer. Sec-
Full Gospel Tabernacle Manila the community in Las Pinas truly ondly, you can consider supporting
at Las Pinas will know that God is alive and loves us financially so that the funds can
them in real and practical ways!” be used to continue this work in the
long term.
Meanwhile, we also caught up with
Chin Chin, wife of Pastor Peter
Cung to find out more on how the
work of God is going at FGT Yan-
gon, Myanmar.

Q: How many children are you car-

How can the God of love let them ing for presently?
suffer and be hungry? The church in Chin Chin (C): We still have 25
that kind of situation must respond children. They all stay with us in our
practically. We cannot ignore it, as house and both Peter and I are like
Jesus also did not ignore the needs parents to them. We try our best to The children shelter in FGT Yangon.
of the people. He did not just preach provide them with basic needs and
and teach the Word of God, but He feed them with the word of God, and
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4 CAREmart FAMILY Jan 2009

Except that most of us will then paper, milo, tea, coffee, toilet paper.
CAREmart be detached from the cause. We
will drop our money into the collec-
• Provide feedback through our
By Tan Chin Chin tion bag for ‘whatever it is that the • Give Caremart gift vouchers as
church needs the money for’. We birthday gifts.
A s I write this, Caremart has been
in operations for 2 months! It
has been a very busy time getting
may not remember that there is this
family who is not doing well, this
• Bless someone in need with Care-
mart gift vouchers instead of cash.
person who just got retrenched, that • ‘Lose’ your change i.e. donate your
the shop stocked up, sourcing for
other person who needs 3 jobs to remaining change to Caremart.
cheaper suppliers, looking for work-
make ends meet. FGT’s vision to do Finally, the
ers, training workers, ironing hitches
good works is for everyone to take best way to
in the computer system, checking
a personal interest, feel the pinch help if you
prices from hypermarkets/other mini
that the poor feels and chip in. “Sikit really want
markets, testing the security system,
sikit jadi bukit”. If each person chips to do good
getting feedback, calling people to
in a little bit, we would have more to works is to
take CNY orders, doing stock take CAREmart gift voucher
help the poor. buy ALL
We have also talked about doing your
Have you visited Caremart?
relief work during disasters. With a groceries from Caremart. We can-
Caremart needs the support of the
license to purchase controlled goods, not compete with the hypermarkets
whole church to be successful. That
we have the capability to purchase when they are having a sale. Hyper-
means you and me. Not just 10 or 20
more rice than we can from shops. markets sell some products at a loss
people. Wouldn’t it be better to just
Running Caremart gets us a step to attract customers who will buy
collect money every month and give
closer to our mission of doing relief other items at a higher price. But
it to the poor? Pastor just needs to
work in the future. anyway, here’s the math. If you typi-
make an announcement every month
More importantly, with a physical cally spend $200 a month on grocer-
for the collection. That would be
presence, anyone can walk into the ies, even if you have to pay 10%
easy. In fact, that would also be more
shop and we have an opportunity to more, that means $20. Why let $20
convenient. Faster. More efficient.
reach out to the different groups of hinder you from doing good works?
More flexible. Less troublesome.
people right in our neighborhood. So, pop by Caremart. We are open
Less sweat.
So how can you support Caremart? 8am-6pm daily. On Fridays, we
There are so many ways: open till 8pm and on Sundays from
• Volunteer your time to man the 12:30pm-6pm. You can also order by
shop. Volunteers help us minimize phone (8024-3501) and just pick up
cost so that more profit is channeled your goods!
for the poor. For those who are supporting us,
• Help distribute flyers in the neigh- thank you so much!
• Share and ask your friends to buy Matthew 5:16 - Let your light so
from Caremart. shine before men, that they may see
• Ask if your office would purchase your good works and glorify your
their supplies from Caremart e.g. Father in heaven.
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FGT Yangon, Myanmar.
25 children currently live
with Pastor Peter and
Pastor Chin Chin.

The 1st Water Baptism

Ceremony was conducted
on 8th Feb 09 with
Pastor Peter and Pastor
Wah Lok.
FAMILY Jan 2009 Workers’ Conference 5

Strong Ties and Foundations

By YAM PHUI YEE by the strength of our devotional
life,” he reminds us. Pastor Noel Diezmo from FGT Ma-
Nurturing godly friendships and Many things may hinder our devo- nila and Pastor Peter Ngun Za Cung
building a strong devotional life are tional life - even our church ministry from FGT Yangon share updates
essential for every Christian. In the and familiarity with the Bible, if we about the outreach work they have
Workers Conference on Nov 14, are not careful - but we must build been doing in their communities:
speaker Tan Beng Teong encourages a solid foundation and gain spiritual from running feeding programme to
us to develop godly friendships, like strength to overcome the demonic installing a water pump to provide
Jonathan and David in the Bible. and worldly forces that oppose us. fresh water for the people. Tan Min
Here’s how to do it: Ser from the English Ministry in
“All God did was bringing Jonathan FGT Johor Baru requests for prayer
into David’s life but they have to 1. Bible Reading: read it with devo- that God will bring an increase to
cultivate the friendship,” says Beng tion; looking for new manna daily their congregation.
Teong. Godly friendships cannot rather than an occasional chunk of In closing, Pastor Hong Seng adds
be built on law but on grace. Still, ‘cake’; read with a daily goal; asking that it is important for us to remem-
we must use our words carefully to God to speak to us; read with a plan; ber the vision of the church is to
avoid miscommunications, he adds. and read with an attitude of medita- plant churches, so it is our duty to
tion and prayer. pray and encourage those on the
Pastor Francis Gnanasekhar from 2. Prayer: set a time, place and list of field. FGT is exploring the possibil-
FGT Chennai then speaks on build- items to pray. ity of starting more churches both in
ing a strong devotional life. 3. Worship: worshipping God daily and out of Malaysia.
“Our spiritual strength is determined changes our personal life.

True Meaning of Christmas

FGT’s annual Christmas Dinner pastors in bright green with flowers man. He did this through the singu-
welcomed hundreds of families round their neck? Most of all, I en- lar act of sending His Son to us as
for a special night of music and joyed dinner time with my friends the Savior of the world.
worship on a wet Saturday night and guests because you know, it’s Who knows! The Holy Spirit may
on December 20. Yet again, it was just like one giant family dinner at bless me with the greatest Christ-
an event that was enjoyed by all the ‘Church you can call Home! mas gift of all -- the salvation of my
as there was plenty of good food, Yap Chin Fui: I parents.
music, warm fellowship and even was really quite Mr Chong Ah Loon (Huai Yaw’s
the Word of God. Here’s what some eager as this was Dad, non-believer): It was a great
FGTians and their guests who at- the first time my night and the presentation was good
tended the dinner had to say: mother accepted with fabulous food especially the
my invitation. roast pork!
Tan Meng Yoe: I’m so glad I
The performances Chin Fui invited her as
this year by Juwito it opened the
and Patrick were opportunity for her to mingle with
wonderful, and the my Christians friends such as Mrs.
kids danced admi- Cheng, and my cell leader’s family.
Meng Yoe rably to the huge The Christmas Dinner was great
crowd, and the as it helped my mother who is a
Hawaiian theme certainly added a non-believer to recognize that the
party atmosphere to the whole day. true meaning of Christmas is about
I mean, how often do you see our “God” showing good will toward
Huai Yaw’s Parents and Kids.
6 365 Camp FAMILY Jan 2009

365 Camp : A Place of Change

By CHIN CAE ME to find God, reconnecting with Him while for others, it
became simply a moment to learn to love ourselves for
365 Camp 2008, God is Able: Survive, Thrive or Revive, the first time.
was not just another camp, another gathering of teenag-
ers excited at the prospect of being away for four days in In the midst of fun, food and fellowship during the four
Port Dickson. We had come, excited and curious, to the days, there were also the still and quiet moments where
Place of Change. The campsite was different. The people many of us opened our hearts and minds to the Word of
were different. Our dorm-mates were different. But in God. When it was first announced that there would be
the end, we realized that The Place of Change wasn’t (optional) morning prayer everyday at 6 a.m.(!), laughs
about the campsite or the people after all – it simply was and gasps echoed through hall, but at our first morn-
the place where God was bringing us to, individually and ing prayer, there were about 60 people and as each day
as a 365 Student Ministry, to believe that God is indeed progressed, more and more came! It was amazing to see
Able to use us to change the world. youths, from the sleepy-eyed to the wide-awake, rising
Our camp speaker, Ps. Terry before it was light to pray. From the young to the (err)
Appel came with a message old, we brought our prayers before God, united.
to challenge, inspire and en-
courage. He asked us on the After this sojourn to the Place of Change , we look
first day: “Is Jesus enough forward to the great transformation and great things that
for you?” a phrase we will God will do in and through us in the year to come!
not easily forget. It was a
hard-hitting reminder that
Jesus is all we could ever
need. Ps. Terry helped us to
come to accept ourselves for
who we are, “be comfortable
in our own skins,” in his
words, because God loves
and accepts us – warts and
all. Then he challenged us
to believe that “God is Able” to work powerfully in us
and through us. For some, the altar calls became a time

FGT 28th Anniversary celebration on 4th Jan 2009

Cell leaders Lay Keng, Peng Lum,

Raymond and Abel step up to pray. Ps. Hock Huat leading prayer and

Hebron collection for 2009,

a good year ahead.
FGT Choir “The Voices”.

What does “MY HOPE” mean to me?

By JULIE TEOH participate and be a part of it. It’s a
‘family thing’. It is also more effec-
FGT once again held the My Hope tive because some non-Christians
Christmas Outreach Program during may not be so comfortable in a
the Christmas season. This year, we crowd, but they may be more open in
had 48 homes participating from the a home setting.”
English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malay-
sia, and Tamil works, with almost (This is Bernard & Esther’s second
300 people hearing the gospel mes- time participating in the My Hope
sage. In total, 67 committed their Program, the first time last year as
lives to the Lord during this outreach hosts, and the second time this year
season, 27 of which were directly as in helping at the event hosted by one
a result of My Hope Program. Let’s of their cell members.)
see what ‘My Hope’ means to some
of our fellow FGT’ians: Sarah Tan: “We ordered pizza in From left : Judith and Piao
and after a time of ice-breaker games
Esther Tan: “It’s a good opportunity and watching the DVD, Ps Jenny Judith Chan: “Bringing friends
to invite people to hear the gospel shared a testimony and gave an in- together during Christmas is a good
during Christmas time... in a more formal altar call. It’s a good program idea. It’s a blessing to be host, to
relaxed, informal, and cozy family to have because the movie is easy to open our home, and bless others.”
environment... especially for non- follow and helps people understand
Christian friends who may not be why it’s great to be a Christian.” Khoo Hsien Piao: “Sharing my tes-
as open to attending church directly (This is Sarah’s first time participat- timony during the My Hope program
yet.” ing in the Children’s My Hope Pro- reminds me of where we’ve come
gram, hosted at Thomas & Christi- from and brings us back to the true
Bernard Tan: “The video shown for na’s home, and overseen by Ps Jenny meaning of Christmas.”
this year’s My Hope program offers and Sis Tyan Min.)
a good and meaningful story and (This young couple has participated
testimony. The localized content is Yuen Yoke Ping: “The My Hope in the My Hope program four times,
more effective because people will program is a good start for non- twice as hosts last year, attending
be able to identify with it more believers. It’s about practical life. one held at another church member’s
easily. There’s a movie that portrays similar home, and as hosts again this year.)
experiences that all of us may go
through... ie the difficulties of life...
and our own hard-heartedness, and
how God uses His power to soften
the hearts of people to come to know

Piao sharing his testimony at his home

during My Hope
From left : Esther Tan, Sarah Tan and
Bernard Tan.

The My Hope program enables the

entire church, and every church
member, not just the leaders, to
participate together as a family in
reaching out to the lost and also in Yoke Ping - first time participating
helping to hosting the event. It’s not in My Hope
just the leaders but everyone can
8 Kids Alive! FAMILY Jan 2009

VBS: The Japanese Experience

By CHEN CHEE HOONG Our daily programme com-
prised of live worship sessions
A total of 170 students by the Kids Alive! band, audio-
from Subang Jaya, video presentations and quiz
Puchong, Bukit Ke- times by our delightful Pilot
muning, Petaling Jaya, Jenny as well as sharing ses-
Damansara and Kuala sions with Samurai-“teachers”
Lumpur gathered in in the classrooms. In addition, once a day, the students
Wisma Eagles from the were treated to a humorous sketch by Mr. Terriyaki and
1-3 December the flabbergasted Tour Guide. Many of their
2008 for the antics on stage sent the students laughing in
annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) programme stitches. In addition on Day 2, all the students
which caters to students from 5 to 12 years old. and teachers were whisked away to Sushi King
Many of our children brought their friends from in Sunway Pyramid for an exclusive half-day
school for VBS. hand-on sushi-making (and eating!) session.

This year’s theme was The FGT Vacation Bible School programme is an ex-
on “Responsibility” tremely exciting event for both the students and helpers.
and as it featured Japan However, all these would not have been possible if not,
and its unique culture, for the ninja-“army” of volunteers comprising of the
we saw by far, the larg- youths, young adults and many mothers who sacrificed
est intake of students their time and effort to make sure everything runs like
for VBS in the his- clockwork. Thank you so much to everyone for a truly
tory of FGT. When the unforgettable VBS in 2008!
students arrived on the first day, they were greeted with
chimes of “Ohayo!” by demurely clad teachers and help-
ers, all charmingly donned in summery yukata costumes.
Next, as they walked up the stairs, their eyes were drawn
to the many pink blossoms, cartoon characters and cute
origami that were placed along the pathways. Here and
there were placed traditional Japanese toys and colourful
parasols for the students to admire.

Merry Christmas to our Prime Minister

On 25th December 2008, the children’s church were given the honour to perform a song item to our country’s Prime Minister,
Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and his wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah. After waiting patiently for the arrival of the Prime Minister,
the children sang two songs, namely Gospel in a Nutshell and Feliz Navidad with great excitement.

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