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The vicious underpinnings of the malicious political process is all too obvious when charismatic politicians provide their constituents with a glorious opportunity to convert their mutual self-contempt into paroxysms of sadism and suicidal mass murder to rid the world of their evil enemies. Wherefore a war is waged for the sake of a pure race descended from the fire and ice gods; or for comrades whose conscience is cleansed in the brutal cleansing process; or in the name of a name for an object-god who loves something in order to hate something

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else; or for plain vanilla law and order under the rule of those who have not been caught yet. Indeed, convenient leaders are always cultivated by the political body to purify the followers of blood guilt by giving free rein to bloodletting blood lust that the living may feed off the dead and say, "Justice has been done to them according to our god's will." Reverting to the primitive rule of thumb, Kill strangers and save your own kind, Augustine handed Christ's sword to the political authority, justifying his misallocation with scriptural misinterpretation. Nobody can predict when Christ will return except to say it will be over many dead bodies. In the interim, mankind periodically returns to holy gambling with lives; it is a murderous ritual: the warring parties bow to the same objectgod, whose divine providence is chance--the awful conclusions are said to be god's mysterious will fulfilled. But what can be done to alleviate the boredom of the apparently peaceful interludes, when we are not following the dictates of international lawlessness or natural jungle law? The purely economic struggle is not very stimulating, especially when there is a relatively comfortable surplus to gamble with. Fighting for abstractions such as equal opportunity, equitable distribution of the proceeds, equal justice under the law, peace and prosperity, and so on, is not nearly as exciting as fighting against real enemies, our distracting personifications of self-hatred. Every good fascist and communist propagandist knows there must be a class of enemies to destroy in order to motivate people to act out their rage on one scapegoat or another. Democratic republicans would belay the rage with enough bread and circus to keep people otherwise occupied with consumption and such entertainments as violent films, absurd ideological debates, the virtual warfare of sports, gambling, and so on. Yet a much better target remains, real people who interfere with the diverting scheme: criminals. When self-hate cannot find an alien outlet, domestic crime becomes a serious problem. Of course the domestic criminals provide us with their foreign associates to wage war on: drug cartels, organized crime syndicates, terrorist organizations, et cetera. But let us focus here on the ordinary domestic, garden-variety criminal. It is difficult for a law-abiding person to acknowledge or accept responsibility for his own criminal urges except to imprison or execute criminals. The old retributive justice lets him off the hook of the new rehabilitative distributive justice that embraces mankind as a whole; to justify returning particular injury for particular injury, instead of comprehensive love for specific hates, the dogma of original sin is adopted as a good excuse for vice. Somehow, by any means, the ambiguity that a sword cuts both ways or that a coin is two-faced must be avoided; but that is easy: only a few lowly bookkeepers know that debits are arbitrarily on the left and credits are on the right, and, without both debit and credit, the books are as unbalanced as one hand clapping. Therefore a good political citizen punishes criminals at home, and when he pays taxes to a government, votes for and applauds politicians involved in mass murders and mayhem overseas, Page 2 of 6


expropriation of foreign property, exploitation of poor foreigners, sanctions killing hundreds of thousands of women and children, he is only doing his duty as an object-godfearing, law-abiding citizen. Hence during relative peace abroad and coveted prosperity at home, domestic crime is a serious problem. We are sick and tired of our responsibility to rehabilitate criminals and ourselves to boot by virtue of the rehabilitative effort. What is need is some retributive justice according to the talion principle, the old Law explicitly rejected by the genuinely new canon of Love. What can be done about crime? Cannot we employ some preventative measure, something besides a good moral education proceeding at birth? Cannot we inculcate something besides the universal law of love that makes us feel guilty for hate instead of justified by it? Indeed! Well, then, potential criminals must be identified even before a crime is committed. We must advert to the self-distracting idea of a criminal class, apply some pseudo-scientific standard, and then cleanse our society of bad genes. The lowbrowed Nazis measured a man's physical features with calipers to verify obvious criminal proportions. Since that technique has been scientifically discredited and is politically incorrect, psychological profiles and genetic testing might be employed until quackery is exposed yet again. The preventative measures fail because we are blind to the cause of crime in our selves. What are we to do after crimes are committed? Cultivate a proven criminal class in equal opportunity prisons, our crime incubators which convince us we are innocent because we seem to be free in comparison. Alas, for we do not understand that the model prison is the abstracted but visible model of our own imprisonment, fashioned to persuade ourselves that obedience to the vast legal system of organized moral crime is freedom. Yes, we need to build more prisons. After all, the world has simply grown too small for sentencing undesirables to transportation to the American Colonies or to Australia and elsewhere, where there is ample room to establish great nations pursuant to the crime of treason against the mother country. We need to accelerate "logical" or impersonal murder, to execute more criminals; and we say we do so, not for vengeance when we take the victim's vengeance into our public hands, in our fear that private vengeance or the lack of it will not suffice, but for our own protection, to insure that vengeance is done according to the ruling authority. Why, we can even forgive the condemned born-again man and love him while we kill him, thus absolving ourselves of the blood guilt, thereby perverting the very meaning of the words of the forgiving redeemer who said, Do not return evil for evil, death for death. And for our killing we can spell out the correct translation of the old injunction, "Thou shalt do no murder," meaning homicide is quite all right as long as it is not murder. Since the young are more criminal because of their raging hormones, their proximity to original sin, and the ignorance of and neglect by their parents, we should punish juveniles as adults in order to reduce their thriving on the streets; as if kids will get the message Page 3 of 6


quickly and stop rebelling against the authority that originally abused them. Random justice and arbitrary profiling will do, since we know only too well how guilty everyone is; we did not get caught. That brings to mind Mary Williams and Elizabeth Burkin, two very young girls sentenced to death in 1693 for "picking a Pocket although they denied the Fact and no evidence was found about the Prisoners." Or, in 1814, five children from eight to fourteen years of age were condemned to death for burglary and for stealing a pair of shoes. But of course we are too civilized to regress so far back in time or even to recent times in Brazil where juvenile delinquents sleeping in a church were shot to death without a trial. Nevertheless, we must profile certain juvenile delinquents and make sure they are disposed of like adults criminals. Yes, we are more civilized than that; nevertheless, we must roll the magic carpet of civilization up on the bleeding-heart liberals. We need to have a war on crime, place half of the population in prisons and have the other half keep guard, all to our great economic benefit. By the way, and please don't laugh at this true anecdote: a town that depended on income from its prison had prisoners serving 20 years for such offenses as spitting on a guard; early release for good behavior was almost unheard of. In fact, private prisons can be profitable if they are "efficient." New Protestantism, the private-capital religion, has convinced public representatives busied with lining their campaign coffers of the virtues of out-sourcing governmental services. I have grave reservations whether any of the above solutions are really solutions, whether they will dispose of man's self-destructive tendency or death instinct, especially after reviewing the long criminal record of our illustrious human race. The prison sentences seem to serve as temporary reprieves until the killing fields are re-opened, and the sole hope of the combatants is in a final apocalypse and a single messiah. It is said that a coming universal Age of Love will forego the recurrence of criminal conduct; I have my doubts about that too: as previously mentioned, I expect its forthcoming will be over our dead bodies. For there is a dark side of the prophecy, an underbelly to the highest sentiment, the presentiment of religion which has been so influential on the course of history that devout atheists unconsciously adhere to the very irrational process they denounce. It is the prejudice that universal Love can arise from hate, Life from murder, eternal Life to the self-chosen and eternal death to all the rest. Alas, it grieves me to say this, but it is as if some infernal internal war of the most horrid proportions is being waged as a heart-disease in every man; but he is blind to its origin in himself, therefore he flails about trying to cure its symptoms by killing his fellow man either virtually or literally. Not knowing his enemy, he would kill at random, just as a "cowardly" boy today wants to kill the whole school instead of the bullies who actually harass him--and everyone, in the avoidance of blame, misses the point.

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Yes, I worry about the dark side of "love", because I think unexamined love is inextricably linked to hate, so much so that we should be especially on guard when things are going seemingly well for the pigs at their troughs. I believe too many of us have dropped our ethical and moral guard; we have stopped thinking for ourselves, preferring to compulsively cite conflicting texts and ideologies smoothed over by logic-jugglers adept at dressing up fallacies in handsome, seamless clothes so they can hate and wage war on those who disagree. Hence the reasonable arguments for lawful love are set aside as foolish in favor of the sword of self-destructive, antagonistic dualism which boils down at home to "I killed her because I loved her." Whether a constructive, cooperative structure can be erected remains to be seen. The liberal structure today seems to have been built of sand, each grain of which is an individual, insignificant except as a statistical unit, whose yes or no is only relative to pleasure or pain. The mound of sand has been erected as an edifice to the siege mentality of its particles; the mound is a massive, modern panoptical prison raised according to the one-way, see-all principle. The warden cannot be seen but he can see each prisoner, so prisoners behave because the warden might be watching. Today, the wardens themselves are robots. A warden is in the home, office, church or school of almost everyone, in the form of a television or a computer, or in the form of those who have been reformed and now are full-fledged wardens without authority except to conform to a fake identity and classify as deviant and mentally ill anyone who asks embarrassing questions. For example, a model prisoner thinks he is watching TV or surfing the Web, but TV is watching him and his brainwash is being surfed. Once reformed after a long period of babysitting, our model prisoner is released with a facsimile of the model warden implanted in his consciousness; he is free to walk the streets on perpetual parole while wearing his prison habits; he is now a liberated man, a liberal. Of course, he is still in prison. The difference between the concrete prison and his virtual one is that, while in the concrete one, he cannot see the outside world, and, in the virtual prison, he can ONLY see outside: the self or subject is diminished and suppressed and our silicon switch is embedded in virtual concrete, in a sand castle. Thus is our modern prisoner a liberated man, a liberal with only a vestige of freedom remaining to him; and he would make sure others, especially conservatives, have no more of that precious liberty than him. It appears to me that this form of virtual suicide or political religion may prevail for some time; yet, since it fails to fully tame the beast because it does not actually love him, because it actually denigrates the self with a competitive policy of mutual contempt, another massive wave of violent crime will savage the world with its advanced technological means. Perhaps it will occur to some benevolently logical messiah that, if the world is not rapidly depopulated, then the multiplication of mankind will destroy it. There will be no shortage of classes of enemies to bomb. Until then, we can wage war on crime at home. I do not like my own pessimism, and I express it just to be proven wrong. Perhaps my pessimism is forgivable. Surely those who forgive condemned murderers before executing then can forgive me for my opinion that man displays a wish to die that is Page 5 of 6


about to overcome his will to live. Perhaps the Age of Love has just been delayed, and terrorists may now hasten its approach by poisoning subways, bombing buildings, and so on--there will always be terrorists to exercise the will of the timid--until the real antiChrist emerges to destroy the anti-Christian world that preaches the Sermon on the Mount and acts otherwise. Please forgive me for saying so, but I expect an outbreak of the Plague any day now. Albert Camus spoke figuratively about the Plague: the pathological agent is secreted in prosaic objects until it breaks out again in its subjects, quite unexpectedly, absurdly, without apparent cause, after a few rats keel over dead. He spoke of those everyday objects allegorically, as ciphers for the real pests, rather than incite the exterminators to even more indiscriminate killing. Please prove me wrong. XYX

Honolulu 1999

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