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Hasek continues to gain momentum in bid for MNCRs Chair
Collegeville & Mankato, MN, April 8th 2013: Two Minnesota College Republican chapters, SJU/CSB and Mankato State, have offered their chapters support for Andrew Hasek in his bid for Chairman of Minnesota College Republicans. Hasek has a strong base of support at SJU/CSB with former Chairman Edward Peichel, Secretary of the Minnesota College Republicans Kate Paul, and current Chairman Tyler Brown, backing Haseks bid. The SJU/CSB College Republicans Executive board offered the following statement in support of Hasek: The executive board of the College of St. Benedict and St. Johns University College Republicans endorses Andrew Hasek for Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans. We do so because we believe that his vision, determination, and charisma are conducive to growing chapters, fundraising, and effectively representing young Republicans across the state. In Mankato, Chairwoman Katie Polston and Vice-Chairwoman Katie Bobich have offered the following statement on behalf of their chapter: The Minnesota State University, Mankato College Republicans are excited to endorse Andrew Hasek for State Chairman of Minnesota College Republicans. Andrew has proven that he is an able and gifted leader through his time as Chair of University of St. Thomas College Republicans and has shown his passion through his other involvements within the party and the organization. He is a natural leader with great direction and ideas. We believe that Andrew is the best candidate to lead Minnesota College Republicans in an important building year for the party and we look forward to seeing what he is able to do when he is elected.