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DIBS TriggerLines v2 (AAD Mods) Options

The following information is also available within the indicators property menu:
OpenHourNotes="-- DIBS GMT6 Open Hour Notes | See (DIBS) Trading Rules At: www.ForexFactory.com/showthread.php?t=86766 --". GmtNote0="Your Broker GMT Day Start = DibsOpenHour". GmtNote1="GMT-8 = 22 Standard, 21 Daylight Savings". GmtNote2="GMT-6 = 1 Standard, 23 Daylight Savings". GmtNote3="GMT-3 = 3 Standard, 2 Daylight Savings". GmtNote4="GMT-1 = 5 Standard, 4 Daylight Savings". GmtNote5="GMT 0 = 6 Standard, 5 Daylight Savings". GmtNote6="GMT+1 = 7 Standard, 6 Daylight Savings". GmtNote7="GMT+3 = 9 Standard, 8 Daylight Savings". GmtNote8="GMT+6 = 12 Standard, 11 Daylight Savings". GmtNote9="GMT+8 = 14 Standard, 13 Daylight Savings". USAHour="6AM London = U.S.A. Hour". PacificTime="6AM London = 10PM PST". MountainTime="6AM London = 11PM MST". CentralTime="6AM London = 12AM CST". EasternTime="6AM London = 1AM EST".

___OpenHour___="---> Set DIBS GMT Open Hour <---". DibsOpenHour=5

___BarMonitor___="---> Bars To Monitor (9-10) <---". BarsToMonitor=10

___Display___="---> DIBS Display Options | ShowStoploss: Displays Where To Place Your SL. | ShowDayOpenLine/ShowStopTradingLine: False = Deletes Vertical Lines On Any Time Frame... <---". DisplayNote="-- ShowWeeklyOpenLine: Displays The Weekly Open Price Line. | DeleteH4HourlyLines: Deletes H4 Chart Vertical Lines. | DeleteLowerTFHourlyLines: Deletes M30 And Lower Chart Vertical Lines... --". ShowStopLoss=false ShowDayOpenLine=true ShowStopTradingLine=false ShowWeeklyOpenLine=false DeleteH4HourlyLines=false DeleteLowerTFHourlyLines=true

___MoreTimeFrames___="---> Show DIBS On More Time Frames | To View IBs On D1/Higher Periods The DibsOpenHour Must Be Set To 0, Or Set To 0, 4, 8, Or 12 For The H4 Period... <---". ShowMoreTimeFrames=true

___BackTesting___="---> Back Testing Options | BackTest False = Only Shows Todays DIBS... <---". DibsBackTest=false BarsToBacktest="-- Amount Of Bars To Back Test (200-50000) --". BarsToCount=2000

___Alerts___="---> Alert Options | If You Set Both The PopUp & Sound Alerts To True, The PopUp Alert Will Takeover With Its Own Sound. If You Set The SendMailAlert To True It Will Takeover Other Alerts With Its Own PopUp & Sound... <---". PopUpAlert=false SoundAlert=false

SoundAlertFile="-- Alert Sound File Name | Pick A Sound File From The MetaTrader Menu: Tools > Options > Events Tab... --". SoundAlertFileName=Alert2.wav DelaySoundAlert="-- Delay Between Sound Alerts --". DelayBetweenAlerts=60

___eMailAlert___="---> eMail Alert Options | Please Check Your MetaTrader SMTP eMail Menu: Tools > Options > Email Tab And Ask Your ISP For Any Needed SMTP Info | The SendMailAlert Option Is For Time Frames Higher Than 1 Minute... <---". SendMailAlert=false eMailBuySubjectComment=DIBS Buy Trigger Alert!... eMailBuyBodyText=DIBS Buy Trigger Has Occurred, Please Check Your Forex Trading Platform eMailSellSubjectComment=DIBS Sell Trigger Alert!... eMailSellBodyText=DIBS Sell Trigger Has Occurred, Please Check Your Forex Trading Platform

___Colors___="---> Line Color Options <---". BuyTriggerLineColor=DodgerBlue SellTriggerLineColor=DarkOrange WeeklyOpenLineColor=DimGray DayOpenLineColor=DimGray StopTradingLineColor=Gray

___LengthWidthSize___="---> Length/Width/Size Options <---". LineLength="-- Length Of Trigger Lines (2-20) --". TriggerLineLength=5 TriggerLWidth="-- Width Of Trigger Lines (1-5) --". TriggerLineWidth=2 WeeklyLWidth="-- Weekly Line Width (1-5) --".

WeeklyLineWidth=1 HourlyLWidth="-- Hourly Line Width (1-5) --". HourlyLineWidth=1 PriceSize="-- Price Label Size (0-15) --". PriceLabelSize=2

___Styles___="---> Line Style Options | Styles 1-4 Only Work If You Set The Line Width To 1... <---". StyleNote1="-- 0=Solid, 1=Dash, 2=Dot --". StyleNote2="-- 3=DashDot, 4=DashDotDot --". TriggerLineStyle=0 WeeklyLineStyle=4 HourlyLineStyle=2

___Mods___="(( Mods By AAD ))".

Update history:
Update: 08/11/2008 - I added full customizable options (color, size, width, and style) to this indicator. It now also has the option to be used on any time frame when the "ShowMoreTimeFrames" option is set to True. DIBS open hours are now more specifically specified. Update: 12/05/2008 - I added an eMail alert option plus three different options to remove the day Open/Close lines. I also improved all alert notices, time notes, code/user functions, and changed the indicator name "DIBS TriggerLines v1.2a (AAD Mods)" to "DIBS TriggerLines v2 (AAD Mods)".