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schedule.html. New classes are added as they become available. In addition to safety education, this summer Fish and Game Conservation Officers will be patrolling the trails to detect and apprehend impaired OHRV operators, enforce speed limits, deter unlawful off-trail riding and detect machines with modified exhaust. These ongoing initiatives will help to keep the state's OHRV trails safe for all outdoor enthusiasts during the upcoming season.




APRIL 12, 2013

In New Hampshire - Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Bristol, Campton, Canaan, Dalton, Dorchester, East Haverhill, Easton, Franconia, Glencliff, Groton, Haverhill, Hebron, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, North Haverhill, North Woodstock, Orford, Piermont, Pike, Plymouth, Rumney, Sugar Hill, Swiftwater, Thornton, Warren, Waterville Valley, Wentworth, and Woodsville. In Vermont - Bradford, Corinth, Fairlee, Groton, Newbury, South Ryegate and Wells River

Summer is almost here, and Off Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) education classes are underway across the state. To operate an OHRV in New Hampshire, any person age 12 or older must have either a valid Motor Vehicle Driver's License or have successfully completed an approved Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) Safety Education class taught by volunteer instructors trained by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Time To Sign Up For OHRV Safety Classes_________________________

Northcountry News PO Box 10 Warren, NH 03279 603-764-5807 www.northcountrynewsnh.com

Additionally, all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a licensed adult when operating an OHRV, unless they are on property belonging to their parents, grandparents or On April 20th 2013 MMATVC guardians. will be putting on an OHRV Sign up soon if you or someone safety class at the Warren Town you know needs a class. There is Hall, 19 Water Street in Warren, no charge for the classes, which NH. are usually completed in a single day. Parents are encouraged to The class is open to children attend along with their children. who are 12 and over, or will turn For a current class schedule, visit 12 this riding season. Please http://www.wildnh.com/OHRV/ bring snacks and drinks for breaks. Hot dogs & burgers will be provided during lunch break In This Issue by MMATVC. Bermans Bits........................A4 Pic of the Week..........................A4 PARENTS MUST ATTEND! North Country Happenings....A5 Class size is limited. Contact Earth Talk................................A6 Larry Gafney @ (603)973-6017 Adventures of Homesteading....A7 to reserve a spot. Keeping Each Other Well.............A7 EARTH DAY - PULL OUT SECTION B -

Mount Moosilauke ATV Club OHRV Safety Class________

Hiking W/Tom & Atticus ........B1 Restaurant Guide....................B2 Real Estate .............................B3 Northcountry Cookin................B3 Letters & Opinions.................B4 Puzzles.....................................B5 Comics.....................................B6 Classified Ads.........................B7 Business Directory.........B8-B15 Church Directory.....................B8

APRIL 22nd

A very rare Northern Hawk Owl. This is a bird from Northern Canada that spent part of this winter in the Lakes Region! The Northern Hawk Owl is also known as the Canadian Owl and Hudsonian Hawk Owl. Their feathers are stiff, unlike those of nocturnal owl species. This means their flight is not completely silent. They have little fear of humans, and will attack if their young are approached too closely! A wonderful, yet rare bird to see in our region. - Duane Cross Photo (www.duanecrosspics.com)


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April 12, 2013


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April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

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Bath Public Library Presents: Jeff Warner, Music In My Pockets________

with familys gathered around the figurative hearth, participating in timeless, hearty entertainment and, almost without knowing it, learning how America amused itself before electricity. Jeff has performed widely, from large festivals in the UK, to clubs, festivals and schools across America. He plays concertina, banjo, guitar, and several pocket instruments, including bones and spoons. A native of New York City, Jeff has lived in Portsmouth, NH, since the late 1990s. He has toured nationally for the Smithsonian Institution, taught at Pinewoods, Ashokan and Swannanoa summer music programs and recorded for Flying Fish/Rounder, WildGoose and other labels. His 1995 recording, Two Little Boys received a Parents Choice Award. This program is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the Bath Public Library at 7473372 or e-mail bathlibrary@together.net.

Bath Public Library is pleased to announce an evening of music and fun. Jeff Warners, Music in My Pockets: Family Fun in Folk Music. This program will be presented on Friday, April 19th at 7:00 pm at the Bath Village School. Jeff Warner is among the nations foremost performer/interpreter of traditional music. Singing games, accessible pocket instruments like spoons and dancing puppets, tall tales, funny songs, old songs and songs kids teach each other on the playground all traditional in that they have been passed down the generations by word of mouth will be seen, heard and learned. We will revisit 1850 or 1910 in a New England town,

OHRV Operator Sentenced___________________________________

The NH Fish &Game has announced that on February 25, 2013, Brian Huckins Jr., age 22, of Warren, N.H., was convicted in the Grafton County Superior Court of Aggravated Driving Under the Influence and Reckless Conduct of an OHRV. This conviction stems from an OHRV accident that occurred on April 1, 2012, at the Route 118 Campground in Warren. Huckins was the operator of a John Deere Gator that struck an outbuilding at the campground and, as result, the victim Travis Wescott suffered serious injuries. Conservation Officers from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and prosecuted by John J. Bell, Assistant County Attorney for Grafton County. According to Bell, "N.H. Fish and Game did an outstanding job in moving so quickly and thoroughly to investigate this tragedy under a great deal of time pressure."

Haverhill Garden Club Scholorship_______

The Haverhill Garden Club will award one $500 scholarship to a 2013 graduate of a local area high school who will be attending an institute of higher learning to study Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry or Environmental Sciences. hope to use their education. A separate cover sheet with the student's name and address should accompany the essay.

Applicant also must submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator at their school stating why the applicant Students from Barnet, Bradford, would be an appropriate recipiAs a result of a plea agreement, Ryegate and Newbury, VT, and ent of this award. Other relevant Huckins was sentenced to 360 Haverhill, Pike, Piermont references will be accepted. days in the House of Correc- from and Woodsville, NH, are eligible tions, given a two-year suspen- to compete. The essay and accompanying sion of his privilege to operate a materials must be postmarked by motor vehicle; fined $2,480; and Applicants must submit an essay May 1, 2013, and mailed to: ordered to pay restitution for the of at least 400 words explaining victims medical expenses. why they chose their particular Haverhill Garden Club The case was investigated by course of study, and how they Academic Award Committee Attn: Carol Coon, Chair 131 Jeffers Hill Road I look forward to helping you Pike, NH 03780

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Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


Bermans Bits
Incessantly scouring the universe for the weird, the wacky, and the stupid so you dont have to. Greetings, and thanks for joining me for another week. First, you have to watch a commercial before you can access this weeks column. You can skip the ad in 5, 4, 3.... Next, the show must go on... after a moment of silence. A group of performing fleas scheduled to appear at a fair have perished in freezing conditions. The fleas were being transported inside a Styrofoam-protected box when the deaths occurred, said Robert Bork, director of Bavarias flea circus. The bloodsucking insects were due to perform somersaults, play football

ports the Times-News. McDaniel insists that his lessons come straight from the curriculum and that this is the first time hes had a complaint in 18 years. Dietrichs superintendent says the case is unlikely to end in Mcdismissal; a letter of by Dave Berman Daniels reprimand from the school board is more likely (why?). But McDaniel says he wont accept it. and pull mini carriages. The Ive done nothing wrong. I told show has been kept on the road, them I wont sign it. however, by parasite expert Professor Heinz Mehlhorn, who has Yeah, its that important.... A donated 50 of his own fleas to Shreveport woman is accused of stand in for the deceased per- battery after she allegedly hit a formers. Bork has acknowledged co-worker with a bottle of steak the show will be a little more sauce. Police say 30-year-old low-key but has confirmed the Lashonda Turner and 23-yearnew fleas are fit for the perform- old Heather Mattingly were ance. [The Local] working at steak house when they got into an argument; Finally, an Idaho science teacher Turner allegedly grabbed a bottle is being investigated by the state of A-1 steak sauce and hit Matover the content of his 10th- tingly in the head. Mattingy then grade biology class. Complaints allegedly punched Turner in the about Tim McDaniel by out- face. [www.azcentral.com] raged Dietrich school parents include: using the word vagina, Just saw an ad for Collaborative talking about orgasms, showing Divorce. It basically involves a video clip of genital herpes, the couples working together to and teaching different forms of be fair to both and avoid court. birth control during his class on Good idea for most (but not the the reproductive system, re- lawyers). Following a recent damning video, Mike Rice, an apparently bullying basketball coach from Rutgers fully exemplifies the Winning isnt everything... Its the only thing thing. This belief has been used by many to offset the well known sentiment by sports journalist Grantland Rice that, its not that you won or lost but how you played the game, and to the modern Olympic creed: The most important thing. . . is not winning but taking part. Those last two are how I was raised (which may explain why I am such a loser). (UPDATE Mike Rice has been fired by the school. Maybe there is hope.) A rose by any other name.... From now on, the Associated Press will no longer refer to people living in the country illegally as illegal immigrants or illegals. The term illegal immigration is still okay because, in that case, the word illegal describes an action and not a person, executive editor Kathleen Carroll explains in an AP blog entry. (By the same logic, the AP recently tweaked its style to avoid the term schizophrenic. Instead, reporters are to write of a person diagnosed with schizophrenia.)

Northcountry News Picture Of The Week

Jeanine and Spirit enjoying the last bit of snow on their East Corinth, VT fields!! Soon itll be time to get the cart out. This was a sleigh ride the day before Easter! - Jeanine Eaton If you have a photo which you think could make it as our picture of the week, let us know. Email it to ncnewsnh@gmail.com. Your picture could become our next Picture Of The Week! In a moment of pure candor, a local businessman once told me, Its all about the money. For many (most?), thats true, and therein lays the problem. Because of that, doing the right thing has fallen by the wayside. If people just did the right thing, what a wonderful world it would be. Of course, the problem is what is the right thing? Too many gray areas for too many people.... Finally, connected with the last Bit, shop around! CVS charges $150 for a monthly prescription of the generic version of the cholesterol drug Lipitor. The same drug goes for $17 at Costco. Thats according to a recent Consumer Reports nationwide survey that sent secret shoppers to 200 pharmacies that carry five blockbuster drugs: Lipitor, Lexapro, Plavix, Actos and Singulair, all of which lost their patents in the last two years. Shoppers found they could be paying as much as $749, or 447%, more for a generic prescription drug in one year at the highest-priced pharmacy, compared with the lowest. [CNNMoney] Shop around! Insurance is another area where prices vary tremendously. Later.

"The family of Estella C. Ramsay would like to thank everyone who helped us through our "long good-by". Mom had meant so many different things to so many people; and we do so appreciate the many cards, visits, flowers, foods, and the donations to the Warren Methodist Church, and your support and kindnesses in countless ways, even over this years-long process. While we are still overwhelmed by your care and concern when we lost our Dad, Dale V. Ramsay, not long ago, your helping us to so lovingly let Mom go to join him in the Light - has wrapped us in what feels like the warmest, protective embrace possible. We feel truly blessed and deeply grateful to each and every one of you; and especially for the tender care of those at the Atkinson House, at the Coos County Hospital, and Brian and his staff at Ricker Funeral Home. In Spirit, Lisa and Peter Maccini and Family Kim and Phil Conrad and Family Linda and Steve Garland and Family Cheryl and Bob Beraudo and Family"

Do you want to learn more about community gardening? How to get started? Who to work with? What are the benefits to a community?

New Community Garden Resource Guide Available_________________________

UNH Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardeners Program collaborated to bring to you this new online guide. Written by New Hampshire master gardeners Yvonne Beran, Tina Burr and Nancy Friese, and Extension Program Team Leader Charlie French, it not only addresses questions about starting and maintaining a community garden, it also shares five success stories of community gardens in New Hampshire. The guide provides information on the types of community gardens, how to organize them and a variety of additional resources to help you get started. Lorraine Merrill, commissioner of New Hampshires Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food, who wrote the foreword for the publication, says, "Community and other civic gardening projects bring people together across generations to cultivate plants, food, beauty, knowledge and relationships. Creating opportunities for children and young people to connect with and learn from elder generations builds true community. What is a community garden? According to the American Community Garden Association, a community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people. It can be urban, suburban or rural. You can grow flowers, vegetables or community. It can be one community plot, or many individual plots. You can locate a community garden at a school, hospital or in your neighborhood. There has been a marked increase in community gardening in New Hampshire that coincides with local food movements. In the past five years, more than 29 new community gardens have sprouted across the state, and the total number now surpasses 75 gardens. www.extension.unh.edu

A new publication, Community Gardening in New Hampshire: From the Ground Up, answers these questions and more. The guide is free and online at http://bit.ly/ZpKpWi New online guide

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Letters & Opinions Legal Notices Help wanted Restaurant Guide Classifieds Puzzles & Comics Business & Church director y Events
tle dog was angry and flashed out with his teeth whenever he could. Sometimes he did it, Im sure, not out of anger, but also because he was in pain. To add insult to injury he was hungry, had been crated for so long he paced in circles and didnt understand freedom, thought little of stepping in his own feces and often his hips were so weak hed fall in his urine and didnt have the strength to get up. He just lay there suffering in his own waste. Who would want such a dog? turned to July and by this time Will started to get a little stronger. He ate well, slept plenty, and learned to trust my touch. Still there were flashes of rage and I had to be careful how I handled him so he wouldnt turn on me. But by the time September rolled around Will surprised us by making it to the autumn and he even appeared to be getting younger. When October arrived we reached my original goal, which had seem absurd that first day. Will made it to the top of Pine Mountain with the help of a wheeled cart, not unlike a childs stroller. We pushed him up the dirt road, up part of the rocky and root-crossed trail, and even carried it in places. It was a grueling day and you can ask why we did it if this little dog was so far gone, even with the advances hed made? The answer was an easy one for me. I believe in the magic we find here in the White Mountains. I believe the mountains are special and that they are here for anyoneeven a little deaf, arthritic, and mostly blind dog with trust issues. There were dog experts who questioned my sanity and felt what we were doing was cruel but we did our best to ignore them. And because of that a funny thing happened that day. When I held Will in my arms while Atticus was by my side on that flat summit, that once-angry little dog who couldnt see much of the view reached out and did something hed never done to me. He licked my cheek. A simple kiss. He then lowered his head against mine and looked out with his cloudy eyes. And there we stood, just as Atticus and I have stood thousands of times. I wont pretend to know how much he could see and I dont imagine he could hear any of the bird song or the way the wind sang in the autumn leaves. But something changed that day. Will, who was mending a bit, became even younger. He grew closer to us and more appreciative. For the first time he started

For Advertising Information Call 603-764-5807 Email: ncnewsnh@gmail.com Visit Us Online At www.northcountr ynewsnh.com - Tom Ryan Photo
following us around our apart- Instead Will is busy writing the ment and wanted to be included next chapter of his life. more. Last September, Atticus and I Now Im sure there could be were invited to hike with Willem many reasons for this but my ro- Lange and the Windows to the mantic heart would like to think Wild film crew. We took them that it had something to do with for a five mile hike up Hedgehog the same magic Atticus and I and told them a bit about Will and have felt in the mountains since his redemption, which back then the first day we climbed Mount was nothing compared to what it Garfield in 2004. And why not? is now. The show aired last week You dont have to see or hear to on New Hampshire Public Telefeel love or magic or the presence vision and ratings went through of God, no matter what god you the roof while on-line hits were worship. The Abenaki Indians astronomical. The shows proknew this was a special place. So ducer emailed us and asked if did the White Mountain Artists wed like to do it again. And we who flocked here in the 1800s are. But this time well be joined along with writers like by one more. Well be taking Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Emer- Will to another mountaintop by son. pushing him up in his Will Wagon and they will capture this If Wills story had ended there it trek! would have been a fitting conclusion to his life and while we You cannot imagine how much would have missed him wed this truly thrills me. Not only have been quite happy for him does it prove that no matter how and for ourselves to have wit- bleak our prospects may seem, no nessed his redemption. But then matter how dire and dark and the unexpected happened. He hopeless, theres always a reason lasted through the winter months to go on just as Will has. Its a and now that the snow is melting perfect lesson in faith. To believe hes bouncing around not like the in what we cant see. sixteen year old who has several special needs, but like one who It also pleases me in another way. understands hes been given a Too often we think these great new lease on life. mountains we live in belong only to those with great physical abilWill can walk, but not very far, ities: to the endurance athletes, and his ears still dont work, and the fitness fanatics, and the peakhis eyes can still only see shapes baggers. But I prefer to see and shadows, but he now loves White Mountains as more univerbeing held, and Id like to think sal, just as the Abenaki did, as did he loves this life weve given the White Mountain Artists and him. He greets each day with a Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Emerdance first thing in the morning son did. To me they are beyond an enthusiastic, twisted, drunken, words and comprehension behalf-pirouette which often ends cause of how they make us feel. with him tumbling over and sprawled out on the floor like Here in the White Mountains all baby Bambi on ice. And yet he can be inspired and renewed. It gets up, dances again, falls again, is our own Eden where each and does it all with joy. woodland trail, sparkling stream, and mountaintop offers us a His body may be broken but his glimpse into vast but simple mysheart has grown strong at the bro- tery of what it means to feel the ken places. The little guy would miraculous and to feel alive fit in with a Frank Capra movie again. And were all invited to as well as George Bailey in Its experience the magic of it all. a Wonderful Life. Hes every Even a sixteen year old mostly happy ending we could hope to blind, completely deaf, once see. Except for one thing. There hopeless dog. If you doubt me, doesnt appear to be an ending in just tune in next autumn when the sight. show airs and see for yourself.

The Adventures of Tom & Atticus

Lately weve been enjoying the bridge between winter and spring by taking several adventurous hikes. There were trips up Cabot, Moosilauke, three of the southern Presidential peaks, the Moat Range, and even the simple but scenic Boulder Loop Trail. But as I as sit here writing this Im thinking instead of a hike thats yet to come.

His prospects for another chance were grim. When all was darkest, all hope had to seem lost, someone at the shelter with a big heart reached out to the New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue and let them know of this old dog and his looming demise. Death was right around the corner. The good people at NJSR swooped in and saved William. But saved him for what, you might ask. Sure, he would no longer be put to sleep, A year ago, in a state without any but what kind of life would he mountains in it, an elderly dog have and who would want to deaf, mostly blind, and arthritic adopt him? was dropped off at a kill shelter by the only family hed ever Thats about the time we heard known. (They had reportedly about him and were asked to help grown too old to take care of find him a home. And we did themselves, never mind the old ours. We understood it was only dog.) Imagine what that had to a temporary arrangement. It was feel like: to be fifteen and with simply to give him a place for the hindered senses and left in a last month or two of his life (if he strange, cold, and unfamiliar made it that long), and afford him place far away from home. Imag- the opportunity to die with digine the shock to his system, the nity. fear, the sense of betrayal. Even worse, imagine the utter hope- Before I realized how bad off he lessness. Understandably the lit- was I hoped that wed be able to get him up a simple mountain to enjoy the breeze in his face. But when I met the poor little wretch INSIDE PULL OUT I knew that wasnt going to hapSECTION B PAGES pen. He couldnt walk very far and he was in such pain and had so little trust that whenever I Restaurant Guide - B2 picked him up he tried to bite me. Letters & Opinions - B4 That very first day I wondered Notice/Help Wanted - B4 why anyone had bothered to keep Puzzles - B5 him alive. I felt the humane thing Cartoons - B-6 would have been to put him out of his misery and I wondered how Classified Ads - B7 long Id have to wait to do that. Church Directory - B8 Business Dir. - B8-B-15 Well, May became June and June

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Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


North Country dining Guide

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We Have Beer & Wine

Youre Going To All-U-Can-Eat Days! Love Our (While Supplies Last - Served Until 7:30pm) Chowder!

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Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery

Gillys Restaurant
Serving Breakfast & Lunch
With That Homemade Touch
Open Every Day M-F 6am-2pm Sat 6am-1pmSun 6:30am til Noon

322Lake St. Bristol, NH

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All You Can Eat Fried Haddock! Friday Evenings - Still Only $9.99

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2 for $22 (plus tax &gratuity) ~ Complete Dinner We deliver locally! Just ask us about it.
Karaoke 4/20 5/4 From 8-11pm
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Saturday Dinner Specials

You Could Be Here! This Size - This Spot Full Color = $25/issue 603-764-5807
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Two Restaurants Under One Roof

Just A Couple Of Our Many Tasty Breakfast Specialties...
Two poached eggs, baqutte, Romas, parmesan, Hollandaise Stuffed French Toast Texas Toast, strawberries, bananas & cream topping

Pesto Brusheta

Exit 28 Pizza

Summer Patio Area...


Or For Lunch Or Dinner Check Out These Menu Samplings!

Pigs Ear 5 Star Sandwich Smoked pulled pork, garlic buttered toast, BBQ sauce Smokeshack Sampler Ribs, Beef, Pork, Chicken Great meal for two!
Listen to music, gossip and drink Wicked Organic Joe Coffee. Made with local spring water. The area's largest collection of Classic Vinyl in NH. A splendid time is guaranteed for all

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Pizza Subs Dinners Homemade Calzones


Located At The Village Shops Rt. 112 Lincoln, NH We are closed Tuesdays Open the other 6 days from 8am-4pm til 8pm Fri & Sat
Locally Owned & Operated by Proprietors, Mary Lynn & Don Landry

Biggest Subs In Town



Mojo Headquarters 603.823.5697 Main Street Franconia, NH


We Deliver...
Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am-10pm Sunday 12-10pm


April 12, 2013

On March 21st and 22nd , the Warren Village Schools Technology Student Association (TSA) team competed for the first time at the NH-TSA state conference at the Beacon Resort in Lincoln, NH. Led by TSA teacher Julie Panus, seven WVS 5th and 6th graders attended the 2-day conference and competed in several categories including: Dragster Design, Prepared Speech, Challenging Technology Issues, Structural Challenge, Flight Challenge, and Problem Solving. Three team members placed in events at the competition. Ben P. won a 2nd place trophy for his Prepared Speech. The team of Dakota B. and Ben P. also won a 2nd place trophy in Challenging Technology Issues. And the touching tribute to a friend that passed away lead into his cover of No Expectations by the Rolling Stones as he is compelled to play a train song after that number. Can't Complain and Conservative Christian we among a host of other Todd favorites that had the audience singing along. All in all, an epic evening that will not soon be forgotten.

Northcountry News

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Mountain Beat
with Sky King
Todd Snider & Amy Cook down requests and leave them on the stage during his break, which at the Silver Center in lead to one of the many highPlymouth
In the intimate setting of the Smith Recital hall in the Silver Center at Plymouth State University, Legendary singer songwriter Todd Snider brought his own unique brand of Americana music to the stage. And as a big Todd Snider fan my high expectations were thoroughly exceeded. This magic night started with guest performer Amy Cook, an Austin based singer songwriter. Presenting an eclectic mix of tomboy toughness and elegant class, Amy worked the frets of her 75 Guild acoustic with a subtle combination of rock and roll power chords and intricate finger picking. Playing many songs from her latest record Summer Skin such as Getting to You, the sold out crowd embraced her right from the first notes as one audience member yelled out Welcome to New Hampshire. Given a choice between a Bob Dylan or Blondie song to end her set, this gathering of music lovers insisted on hearing both. I am sure we will be hearing more from Amy in the future, check out her website at www.amycook.com And then there was Todd. It seems so easy to compare Todd to other icons of the music world such as Jerry Jeff Walker, John Prine and Kriss Krisstofferson, all of who he has played with, but once one experiences a Todd Snider show it is obvious that he is like no other. The man just seems to overflow with charm and sincerity as he rambles on with stories laced with sarcasm and humor. Walking on stage flashing peace signs and sporting a mile wide grin, Todd jumped into a deep blues mode hammering away at the lower register of his Ibanez guitar, and then the conversation started. The spontaneity of his chatter made us all feel as though we were all just sitting around the kitchen table. Informing us all that he had no real set list tonight, he welcomed requests from the crowd jumping into the song while the last syllable of the request was still hanging in the air. But if that wasn't enough, he also encouraged folks to write lights of the evening as he told a few stories about one of his biggest hits Beer Run (B double E double R U N) He said he was constantly asked if he ever gets sick playing this song to which he replied that if he plays a song and you want to hear it again is the reason he loves his job.

Warren Village Schools TSA Team__________________________

Cherry picking through his extensive repertoire, we were treated to such favorites as Sunshine a twisted ballad about an attempted suicide that only Todd can pull off and have you laugh. Statistician Blues where he tells us that 60% of statistics are made up right on the spot and 82.4 % of people believe them whether they're accurate statistics or not, and of course this crowd knew every word. Play a Train Song a humorous yet

team of Joshua R. and Dakota B. staff of the WVS are proud of all won a 3rd place trophy in the the TSA team members for their Techno-Talk competition. hard work and for representing their school so well at the state The 5th and 6th graders worked conference. for several months preparing for the competition. They designed, The WVS TSA team meets on built, and tested model gliders Mondays during the After and dragsters. They also learned School Program, from 3:30about drafting, materials, engi- 5:30pm. Mrs. Panus and WVS neering, and TSA History. All are encouraging other 4th-6th the students had a wonderful graders to join the program and time competing, meeting TSA take advantage of TSAs wonstudents from other schools, and derful opportunities in hands-on, learning more about technology. technology-based learning. Mrs. Panus and the students and

NORTH COUNTRY Homes & Real Estate

Swiftwater Estates Cooperative Inc. Pioneer Rd, Bath, NH Resident-Owned Community 603-747-2155 If you are looking for a place to re-locate your mobile home, or place a new one this is the place you have been looking for. Swiftwater Estates is a 16 unit park situated on 13.17 acres in the town of Bath on town water and its own septic sysytems. The park is located in a rural area south of the village of Swiftwater, on the east side of Route 112, also known as Wild Ammonoosue Road. It has easy access to Interstates; I- 91 and I- 93, 10 minutes from local Hospital, Shopping, and Restaurants, within the Bath, Woodsville school district. Dogs and cats welcome. $265.00 per month. First and last months rent required upon approval and $100.00 Cooperative membership fee.
LISBON, NH- All the charm of a traditional New England Home- 2100 sq. ft, 10 Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, 1 baths. Entertain in the 28 x 149 Living Room with large windows very bright and airy also a fireplace which makes the room cozy, formal Dining Room, wonderful pantry with glass faced cabinets, 1st floor office, lavish maple floors, 3 bay garage with plenty of overhead storage, business opportunities with all zoning options. Lot 0.96. Excellent condition. $159,900. BATH, NH- Brilliant Log Home built in 2007. Living area 1260 sq. ft. Living Room open to Dining Area, Kitchen features center island and fully applianced, 2nd level Master bedroom suite with whirlpool tub your own sitting room and balcony, 2 additional bedrooms on first floor, main bathroom, skylights, woodstove, sheetrock interior, 6 walls insulated, full basement, 1 bay garage and storage. Enjoy Mountain Lakes. Move in condition. $164,500. HAVERHILL, NH- Country living at its best. Cedar log home features 1800 sq. ft. of quality living. Open Living Room with stone fireplace to Dining Area all with wood beam ceiling, sliders to oversize deck , Spacious loft area overlooking 1st floor, Kitchen fully applianced, First floor Master Bedroom, 2 Full baths, 2 additional bedrooms in lower level. 3 Bay garage with storage, 10.91 Acres of privacy. Home situated on a private road. Generator already installed. Dont miss out on this one. $239,500. WOODSVILLE, NH- Move in to this 2008 two bedroom mobile home with central air condition. Cathedral ceilings, open concept Living Room to Eat in Kitchen with appliances, 2 Bedrooms, 1 full bath, laundry area with washer and dryer included, portable carport, 6 x 8 storage shed, public water and sewer. Nice smaller park convenient to shopping, dining, banks and more. Owner wants action. Reduced to $32,500. NEWBURY, VT- Water and septic already installed on the 1.3 acres on paved road with power at site. Excellent opportunity to place a single or double wide home. Views into New Hampshire. $36,500.

Mobile Home Owners Wanted

Monday through Thursday 6am-8pm Friday 6am-9pm Saturdays 8am-8pm Sundays 8am-6pm

3039 Dartmouth College Hwy. North Haverhill, NH 03774 (603) 787-6241

Quality Meats - Deli - Grocery

All Meats Cut The Aldrich Way!


In the refrigerated case to the right of our deli, take a look at our Fresh Fish display. We feature Steamer Clams, Haddock, Cod Fillets, Salmon Fillets, Sea Scallops, Swordfish Steaks, Oysters and more. These are all ready for the pan, oven or the grille. Its The Aldrich Way!

139 Central Street, Woodsville, NH 03785

(603) 747-3211
www.Davis RealtyNHVT.com

Section B Page 4

Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


Nobody Asked, Just My Opinion____________________________________________________________________

There are quite a number of things that hit a nerve and truly irritate me! A number of these things deal with innocent animals, and the people who just don't get it. chain link fence, that had barbed wire on the top, to go in to an enclosed area and play with a couple of guard dogs. in, so the police shoot at the dogs, one gets hit in the leg and runs off and they spray the other one with a hose to keep him at bay. The officer scales the fence, grabs the boy, the ambulance comes and cuts the padlock and they rush the kid to the hospital, where at the time he was in serious condition. The dogs were taken to the Mass. Animal Rescue League, where they were later put down! the property? What about the kid who climbed in, jumped the fence and went on to private property? I don't get it. Is there anyone else out there besides myself that thinks this is pretty ridiculous? Or is it just me? Again, when do people become responsible for their actions? It seems in this day and age you don't. It's always someone else's fault. Sorry, I feel bad that the kid got mauled, but you know what, if he didn't climb the fence, go over the barbed wire and go on to private property - it never would have happened in the first place and the two dogs, just rightfully doing their jobs, would still be alive!

- Notices, Letters, Opinions, Help Wanted, Etc. -

Not surprising, the outcome wasn't good for the fourteen year There have been a number of in- old, nor the dogs! The dogs cidents over the past few years, started attacking him. Now but I am going to speak on one again, I'll mention that this is of the more recent ones. In fact, private property, a 6' tall chain it happened just a couple weeks link fence topped with barbed wire and two Rottweiler guard ago in Massachusetts. dogs to, well, what else, guard Okay, shall I reiterate, private I am sure you may have heard the place! property, fence with barbed wire about it on the news, but it has to do with a couple of young boys, So the 12 year old calls 911 and two guard dogs to keep peoone 14 and the other 12. The 14 while his friend was being at- ple out. year old decided to scale a 6' tacked, the police come, can't get Now, the person has had guard dogs on his property for, they Minute Taker Town of Warren, NH stated 30 years or so without The Town of Warren, NH is soliciting applications for an in- ever having any problems. Most dividual to take minutes for the Select Board meetings. The likely because most people Board meets every other week at 5pm. Duties to include at- would stay the heck away, like tending meetings and taking minutes, providing completed they are supposed to do!

mately, the animal has had to be put down just because of total ignorance. Like everything in this world, all it takes is the ignorance of a few who ultimately ruin it for the many! If I had done that when I was a kid, my parents would have come to the hospital, felt bad until they knew I was going to survive, then kicked my butt for doing something so stupid to begin with. Just sayin'. Ya, I know - nobody really asked, it's just my opinion... ~ B.E.F.

To The Editor______
How You Can Stop Gas/Diesel Tax in NH the Its simple, sign the Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire (AFP-NH) petition. Just go to our website at www.stopnhgastax.com. This will take less than two minutes and as the Honorary Chair of AFP-NH, I encourage each and every hard working New Hampshire citizen to sign the Gas/Diesel Tax Petition today and then forward this website to all your family members, neighbors and friends and encourage them to sign and pass it on. In March of 2009 the NH Democrats who held control of the Legislature tried to pass a Gas/Diesel Tax. Now three years later in a continued recession with the Democrats again in power they are back trying to saddle our citizens once again with the largest Gas/Diesel Tax ever. If HB 617 passes, which Rep. David Campbell (D) of Nashua is the key sponsor of, it will lead to a 15 cent jump per gallon or an increase of 83% in the Gas/Diesel Tax. If the current New Hampshire Gas/Diesel Tax, which already is 18 cents per gallon, was used 100% for our roads and bridges we would not be discussing this issue today. What has happened over the years is simply a diversion of the Gas/Diesel Tax funds for other programs. Since Rep. Campbell first introduced the Gas/Diesel Tax in early 2009 (which was defeated), gas and diesel prices have doubled, and now in 2013 he would like to add additional pain at the pump by increasing the tax by a whopping 83%.

minutes to the selectmen within the statutory deadline.

Estimated time commitment is approximately 3-5 hours per month. Individual should be familiar with taking minutes, Microsoft Word and email. $50 per meeting. To request an application email administrator@warren-nh.com or call (603) 764-5780.

So, is it against the law now to rightfully protect your own property? What does private property So now, this guy has two dogs mean today? who were put down, a lock that has been cut to gain access and There have been other stories in it was stated on at least one of the news over the years where the news programs that they people have jumped fences and were looking in to charging him! actually have gone in to pens at What? Charge the guy that owns zoos or wildlife refuges and ulti-

Please contact the School Secretary 764-5538 for an appointment. Deadline for scheduling is April 26th. Children turning 5 years of age by October 15, 2013 are eligible for enrollment. Please bring with you your childs birth certificate, current immunization and health records. Proof of residency required, must list parent name and street address not a P.O. Box.

For businesses that depend on diesel to operate their large trucks hauling all kinds of products and produce such as forest, farm, home heating oil and groceries just to name a few, they will see additional cost if HB 617 passes. Some truckers could see up to 15 dollars a day increase per truck which will have to be passed on to you the consumer. Remember everything we consume moves on diesel, sometimes as many as four to five times during processing before we the consumer purchase the item. In my recent testimony opposing HB 617 I said, The prospect facing New Hampshire families is not only will it cost them more to fill up their tank to drive to the store, but when they get there, everything they need to purchase will be more expensive as well. This is not the time to be raising any tax on our citizens. You can help stop the Gas/Diesel Tax by signing the petition on our website, www.stopnhgastax.com. Please do it today and ask others to do the same; youll be glad you did. Tom Thomson AFP-NH Honorary Chairman Orford, NH


April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

Page 5

Northcountry News k For The Fun Of It!


Its what The Locals Read!

F F F F Puzzle Answers Appear On Page B-7 F F F F

Trivia Test Answers

Answers Bottom Right.

1. 1917 2. A weyr 3. Advertising 4. Violetta 5. 13 Answers

6. An ax 7. The study of crop circles 8. Shirley Bassey 9. South and North Carolina 10. Franklin D. Roosevelt

(c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. INVENTIONS: When were the first canvas "sneakers" known as Keds mass marketed? 2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of dragons known as? 3. AWARDS: In what field are the CLIO awards given? 4. OPERA: What was the name of the tragic female lead in "La Traviata"? 5. MEASUREMENTS: What is a baker's dozen? 6. FOLKLORE: What tool is Paul Bunyan most often depicted as holding? 7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is cereology? 8. MUSIC: Who sang the famous theme "Goldfinger"? 9. U.S. STATES: What two states' official popular dance is the shag? 10. HISTORY: Who was the first U.S. president to appear on television?

Section B Page 6 Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


Northcountry News k For The Fun Of It!


April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

Section B Page 7

North Country Classified Ads

TOYO STOVE - Model 30, 5 to 15,000 BTUs, thermostaticlly controlled, vent pipe, 55 gallon drum and stand included. $325. Call 603-838-2458. (rts 7/05) --------------------------------------------------VARIOUS ITEMS- 2005 Ram 1500 SLT, $8,750; 2002 Kawasaki Concours, $2,950; 1999 Ski Doo Gran Tour; 1992 Yamaha Ovations; Two place trailer; Makita Comp.; Campbell Comp.; Bush 18 Volt tools; Lots more tools! All priced to go!... 603-764-9221. (TFN)

STORAGE UNITS - secure, climate controlled, affordable. For motorcycles, seasonal equipment, recreational, supplies, various sizes. Leave message. Robert Kidder 603-738-1676. (1/18)

WOW! 6 Months For Just $30!!!

JURIED STUDENT ExHIBITION Karl Drerup Art Gallery Plymouth State University April 2-20 free admission Info: 535-2614 (4/12)

$19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1888-414-1690 (TFN)

For Only $30 You Can Run Your For TELEVISION SERV. Sale Item For 6 Months! In The Northcountry DISH NETWORK. Starting at News Classifieds! No Catches, No Gimmicks, No Hidden This & Thats, Just Good Old Fashioned Value.
(20 word max./private party ads only/ single item.)

and disabled to medical appointments. If you have a few hours to donate, and a passion for helping, please give us a call. Mileage reimbursement at 55.5 cents/mile. Drivers must complete a criminal background check, a DMV check, and provide proof of insurance. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Transport Central at 855-654-3200 or 603-5364101. www.transportcentral.org

for leather and suede pieces to make crafts in my home. Interested in old shoe lasts as well. Cant pay much, but we can talk. Call Dave, 603-837-9795. (4/12)


The Only Ad That Never Works Is One That Was Never Placed!!!


Volunteers Needed
VOLUNTEER DRIVERS NEEDED: Transport Central is actively recruiting volunteer drivers to transport seniors


You Can Now Send Us Your Classified Ads Online! Go To www.northcountrynewsnh.com, Click On The Classified Ad Link And Go From There! Simple.

FAT BOBS ICE CREAM, WARREN, NH - Looking for applicants for summer help. Please inquire with Vicki at Burning Bush Home Center or call her at 603-764-9496. (tfn) --------------------------------------------------LOCAL COUNTRY BAND - Looking for Lead and Bass Players. If interested, call Bob Kent at 603-387-1918. (5/24)


Buy One Classified Ad and get a second week FREE!*
*Will Run The Same Ad once. (Classified Line Ads Only.) *Does Not Include Run Until It Sells Ads. *Private Party Classified Ads Only!

NEW ENGLAND OUTDOOR FURNACES Central Boiler wood and pellet furnaces. Save up to $1,600. Call 866-543-7589 (tfn)

Enclose This Coupon With Ad Form on this page Offer Expires Thursday, April 19, 2013 Northcountry News Warren, NH 603-764-5807

AVAILABLE 3/15/13, a beautifully renovated first floor apartment with two bedrooms, one bath, laundry room with washer/dryer. Also, large kitchen with dishwasher, granite countertops, barstool eating area, pantry closet. No pets. No smoking. Heat, electric, plowing, trash included. Rent $1,000 per month. 3103 Dartmouth College Hwy North Haverhill. Please call Dan at 603616-7536. Photos available at http://nh.craigslist.org/apa/3675285218. html. (DW-2)

WHEELCHAIR LIFT FOR SALE - for full size van or small bus. Power lift and floor. Braun Corp. Model L20 Series 03. All parts included. Very good condition. $600 or BO. Call (603) 764-5835. (tfnsh)

Northcountry Puzzle Answers

Section B Page 8 Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


North Country Church directory

warren United Methodist Church On The Common warren, NH Open hearts Open minds Open doors The people of the United Methodist Church
SUNdAY wORSHIP SERVICES SUNdAY SCHOOL 10.00 AM wORSHIP 10:00AM Pastor David J. Moore North Haverhill, NH 787-6887 WORSHIP SERVICE - Sundays @ 11am Horse Meadow Senior Center PRAYER MEETING - Wednesdays @ 6:30pm Locations vary

Please Visit Our Website For More Information...

North Haverhill, NH (603) 787-5758 www.acresofhope.net

Inspiring Words for You!

Dear Friends, Romans 9:21-23 says, Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? As we all understand, our creator is the potter and we are the clay. In Isaiah 45:9 we read Does the clay say to the potter, what are you making? The purpose and the plan of the clay is in the potters mind. And when we submit ourselves completely to His will, He will mold us to the best vessel as He pleases. But most often, we, the clay are reluctant to submit ourselves to the Masters hand. We say that we do surrender all to Him, but there are areas where we think we know the best. God cannot work in our lives when He sees a free will in our lives. Jeremiah 18: 3-4 reads So I went down to the potters house, and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him. Let God form you. He knows what He's doing! God love you all~! ~Submitted by Jeannine Bartlett

Come Visit
Adult Bible Study ................ 10 a.m. Sunday School ..................... 10 a.m. Sunday Morning Service ..... 11 a.m. Evening Service ................... 6 p.m. Wednesday Night Prayer ...... 7 p.m.

Calvary Baptist Church

20 Elm Street (603) 747-3157 Woodsville, N.H. = Pastor Dan Chamberland


A Helpful Guide To Local Businesses & Their wares!
we Are Just A Call Away! 603.764.5807 or Email: ncnewsnh@gmail.com
A Very Fair deal! Only $10 Every Two weeks! Thats Only $260 For An Entire Year! Or Opt For Color!! Only $12 Every Two weeks!

Accounting - Taxes

Animals / Feed / Grooming

Lloyd Donnellan 603-838-6622 239 West End Rd. Landaff, NH 03585

Appliances & Repair

Peter B. LaVoice Income Tax Preparation

Your Tax Man!

603-747-3613 Fax: 603-747-3287
49 Swiftwater Rd. Woodsville, NH Walk-ins & Drop-offs Welcome Call For An Appointment Today
Mobile Grooming Shop For Dogs And Cats Tattooing

Henrys Appliance Repair

Over 16 Years Of Service...


We Promptly Service All Brands

Authorized Servicer of Maytag Whirlpool Crosley GE 224 River Rd. Piermont, NH 03779

where Else Can You Advertise Your Small Business For Only $20-$24 per Month? Northcountr y News 603-764-5807

Wizard of Pawz Grooming

328 Plain Rd. Bath, NH

Serving New Hampshire & Vermont
Factory Authorized Service Provider Whirlpool Maytag Frigidaire Sub Zero Wolf Bosch Dacor LG Thermador Fisher Paykel
Don Bowman, Owner

Grooming for all your furry friends...



April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

Section B Page 9

North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Auto / Truck Care Auto / Truck Care

Building - Const. - Drywall


Where The Customer Counts!!!
State Inspections Used Car Dealer


Expert Auto - Lt. Truck Repairs All Makes and Models
Specialize in Muscle & Performance
Complete Line Of Accessories Avail.

Automotive Repairs A-Z

Chainsaws Trimmers Brush Cutters Blowers 603-764-9992

Authorized Jonsered Dealer Owner, Jeff Ames 458 Buffalo Rd. Wentworth, NH

Authorized Amsoil Dealer Official NH Inspection Station Kevin Patten - 603-764-9084

1243 Mt. Moosilauke Hwy. Wentworth, NH

At Only $20/month Can You Actually Afford Not To Advertise?

Petes Tire & Auto

Major & Minor Auto Repairs Towing Available

Pete Thompson Owner

Call Us Today! 603-764-5807

Briar Hill Road North Haverhill, NH


Stans Tire Barn

New & Used Tires
Quick Service!!
Priced To Fit Your Budget
Lost River Rd. N Woodstock, NH Daily 8am - 5pm Sat. 8am - 2pm

Famous Brand Names

Support Your Local Small Businesses!

~ Fully Guaranteed ~


Use This directory To Assist In Your Search.

Auto Detailing

Have your vehicle looking like new again - inside & out: Hand wash, waxing, windows, interior and upholstery Mark Pollock Owner


Building - Const. - Drywall

Bobs Construction
Concrete Foundations Floors Slabs Foundations Under Existing Houses Ph: 802-626-8763 Cell: 802-535-5860

Additions, Decks, Remodeling, Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Snow Plowing, Etc..

Gagnon Builder
257 Pettyboro Rd. Bath, NH

Fax 802-626-9350

Gary Gagnon

931 Buchler Rd Wheelock, VT 05851 http://bobsconcreteconstruction.com/

Section B Page 10

Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Building - Const. - Drywall Building - Const. - Drywall
Chamber Of Commerce
P.O. Box 447, Rumney, NH 03266

Serving the Baker Valley for Over 35 Years Let this be your invitation to explore the charming and unique blend of past & present, old & new, that typifies rural New Hampshire and our valley in particular. If you are planning a visit or are interested in moving to the area, contact the BVCC at bakervalleychamber@yahoo.com to request a brochure.


Visit us on the Web at:

M.A.V. Remodeling
Fully Insured Interior/Exterior Carpentry Interior Painting Kitchen/Bath
PO Box 1017 - Lincoln, NH 03251

Mark A. Vasselian 6037072615

Business Services Marketing

PO Box 872 Ashland, NH 03217

David A. Berman
Justice of the Peace
CUSTOM HOMES FROM START TO FINISH Framing Roofs Finish Decks Siding Personalized Advertising Products I guarantee I can save you money!* (*Ask for details)

Lower Cohase Regional Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 209, Bradford, VT 05033 Mark J. Nielsen - Exec. Director


For Local Information Go To

All Your Building Needs...

89 Howe Hill Road Benton, NH 03785

(603) 786-9086
bermbits@gmail.com PO Box 280 Rumney, NH 03266

Community Calendar, Business Directory, Area Maps, Information on Local Events


Catering BBQ Services

Cleaning Service

where Else Can You Advertise Your Small Business For Only $20-$24 per Month? Northcountr y News 603-764-5807


Available For All Types Of Catering

We do it all, so you dont have to! From Backyard tjsbbq4813@aol.com parties to black-tie www.tjsbarbeque.com events...


Chair Caning

Wally Morabito Wally@NCCNH.com Dennis Gilpatric Dennis@NCCNH.com

Only $10 $12 Color

Place Your Ad Here Every Two weeks!

Melanies woven Memories

Handwoven Caning Splint - Rush Seating Shaker Tape - Baskets & Minor Repairs
Tues-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-3

, LLC. Buying Selling Appraisals

Northcountr y News 603-764-5807

Competitive Pricing Quality work

Melanie Miller 802-467-1326 melaniemiller58@yahoo.com

Tel: (603) 536-2625 Fax: (603) 536-1342

64 Main Street Plymouth, NH 03264


April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

Section B Page 11

North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Computers & Service Concrete - Excavation - Trucking Electricians

Paige Computer Services

Custom Built Systems, Repairs, Parts, Accessories, Software, Training For All Your Computer Needs Hours 50 Smith Street Mon-Fri 10-6 Woodsville, NH 03785 Sat by appt. Closed (603) 747-2201 Sunday paigecs@gmail.com

Septic Systems Bush Hogging Driveways Foundations Land Clearing Sewer & Plumbing License Over 30 Years Experience

Crushed Ledge Products

Is Open
Selling Crushed Ledge Products Repair your driveway today Competitive Prices Delivery Available Serving VT & NH 7:00 4:00 p.m. M-F (802) 222-5570 107 Rock Quarry Drive Bradford, VT 05033

Concrete - Excavation - Trucking

97 Monroe Rd. (Rte 135 on the Woodsville & Bath Border) Wed., Thur., Fri. 8-5 Sat. from 8-2 Appointments can be scheduled by calling during those hours. Messages can be left any time.

where Else Can You Advertise Your Small Business For Only $20-$24 per Month? Northcountr y News 603-764-5807

Dr. Ralph M. Faluotico, Jr.


Farrier - Horseshoeing

Foundations, Floors, Slabs, Retaining Walls, Curbings & Sidewalks
Sanding & Plowing PO Box204 54 Clifford Drive North Haverhill, NH



Covering NH & VT


Roland Clifford Lic. NH 8085 VT EM-3119 Fully Licensed & Insured New and Old House Wiring Underground Service Installations Upgrade Service Installations Troubleshooting Residential Commercial No Job Too Small
N. Haverhill, NH

Also Accepting New Clients

Call Jim For Appt. 603.455.5959
Bridgewater, NH


Septic And water Systems, Cellar Holes, Driveways, Roads, Landclearing, Stumping


Complete Farrier Service Hot & Cold Shoeing

We Are Your Total Excavating Company

Maurice Horne 787-6691 Kevin 787-2378 776 French Pond Rd. N. Haverhill, NH

Warren, NH 603-764-7696

Gregory Nourys Horseshoeing

Section B Page 12

Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Farrier - Horseshoeing Fuels Gifts - Crafts - & More
Our Own Homemade Fudge Ice Cream & Gelato

Ryezak Oil & Propane

Bulk & Bottled Propane Service Home Heating Oil

New England Crafts & Gifts. Dairy Producers

Residential Commercial
1536 NH Route 25 Rumney, NH

Year Round Hrs: Winter: Jan 1 - May 31 Sat & Sun 10-5 Summer: June 1 - Dec 31 Thurs - Sun 10-5 (other hours by appointment or by chance)


430 Route 10, Piermont, NH 03779

Hair Salon & Services

Only $10 $12 Color

Place Your Ad Here Every Two weeks!

Heating Oil, Diesel & Gasoline

Joans Hair Design

Rte. 10 Haverhill, NH

24-Hour Burner Service

(For Customers Only)


W.E. Jock Oil Co., Inc.

Northcountr y News 603-764-5807
Forestry / Logging Equipment

wells River, VT 05081
Furniture Repair Restoration

Professional Care ... ...Is Best For Your Hair

Joan Wiggins ~ Stylist

Donna Clarks

Shear Animal Styling Salon & Serenity Day Spa

Hair - Massage - Pedicures Manicures - Facials - Aroma Therapy

A People Salon!
187 Central St. Woodsville, NH

Greenhouse - Plants Hardware & Home Supplies

At Only $20/$24 month Can You Actually Afford Not To Advertise?

Rt 116 Benton Rd No, Haverhill NH

Call Us Today! 603-764-5807

787-6022 Annuals, Veggies, Perennials, Trees. Shrubs, Herbs

Open 9 - 2 Monday - Saturday


Piermont Plant Pantry Greenhouses

Bedding Vegetables Plants Hanging Baskets Perennials & Mums

Wholesale / Retail
Rte. 25 Piermont, NH Abby Metcalf (603) 272-4372

Email: plants7@yahoo.com


Bush Home C g en in rn

Gas, Wood, Oil & Pellet Stoves Inserts & Furnaces Maple Suagaring Supplies Hardware, Plumbing, Lumber, Housewares & So Much More...

230 NH Rt. 25 Warren, NH 03279 603-764-9496 M-Sat 8-5 / Sun 10-2

802-222-5280 800-455-5280
Largest Marvin Integrity window and door showroom in the area.

Exit 16 on I-91, Bradford, VT

Visit our website: obiweb.com

r te


April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

Section B Page 13

North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Health Centers Maple Products & Supplies Photography - wildlife - DVD

Visitors Welcome

(603) 764-9692

Heating - Stoves - Accessories

Meat Products

Plumbing / Heating / Duct work

Home Inspections

Modular Homes

Quality Sheet Metal

Serving Central & Northern NH and VT
Residential & Commercial Building Inspections Water & Air Radon Testing
ASHI# 248268 NH Licence# 0060

Duct Work Catering to the plumbing & heating business

(802) 274-6269
PO Box 87 East Ryegate, VT 05042

Toll Free: 866-388-2692 Office: 603-787-5956 info@cbphi.com www.cbphi.com


Log Home Maintenance

Painting Staining Services

Power Equip. & Outdoor Fun

Pet Aquarium & Supplies

Tropical & Marine Fish Corals Inverts Birds Reptiles Small Animals Supplies Dog & Cat Supplies
594 Tenney Mtn. Hwy. Plymouth, NH Open 7 Days 603.536.3299 www.plymouthpet.com

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Northcountry News

April 12, 2013


North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Prescription Services Canada

RV Sales Service

Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking

405 South Main St., Lisbon Buying Copper, Brass, Alum. Etc..


FREE CAR REMOVAL Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-4

Septic Services

Property Managment & Maint.

Rentals - Tents

SPC Home Maintenance, LLC

Property Management / Maintenance Make The Call, We Do It All Nothing Too Big Or Small
Call Now To Schedule Your Spring Clean Up!

Fully Insured ~ Reliable & Fair

Over 60 Receives 10% OFF Labor

34 Lower Loop Campton, NH

Scott Colgan

536-2620 Will Return all calls...

Now Is The Time To Call About Your 2013 Wedding or Special Event!
Roofing / Standing Seam Nicholas Kendall KENDALL STANDING SEAM

Radio - Local

Specializing in Standing Seam Roofing Colors, Copper & Galvinized Steel Free Estimates

Country House Septic Services

Pumping & Septic Design

PO Box 128 South Ryegate, VT 05069

(802) 584-4065
kendallstandingseam@yahoo.com www.kendallstandingseam.com

256 Swain Hill Road Warren, NH 03279

Readings Healing Support

Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking

Senior Services

Formerly, Home For The Aged

Maplewood, A Senior Residence

14 Maple Street Woodsville, NH 03785 603-747-3493

Higher Realm
Spiritual Guidance Coach Readings Hospice Certified - Grief Support Magdrael PO Box 71 (Marsha Lorraine Downs) Glencliff, NH higherrealm01@gmail.com 603-764-9151

Archangel Intuitive

Residential Home with private rooms, 24 hour supervision, home-cooked meals, housekeeping and laundry included. A non-profit organization serving people since 1921

Real Estate


Tardiff Realty
Licensed in NH & VT
79 Union St. Littleton, NH 03561 Solutions For All Of Your Disposal Needs Servicing Residential & Commercial Customers With Curbside Pickups Containers For Cleanouts & Construction Projects Of Every Size

Lynne Tardiff LMC



Pike, NH 989-5300


April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

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North Country Business directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Services Sporting Hunting Fishing Surveying

Charlies Gun & Sport

- Hunting & Fishing Supplies - Huge Fly Selection - Gold Panning Supplies - Knives ~Snowshoe Rentals & Much More!



116 Main Street N. Woodstock, NH

New & Used Guns Bought Sold & Traded

603-745-6112 6 days 9-5

Storage Facilities


603.787.9029 OR CELL 603.454.4980


Murrays Storage Trailers

Many Sizes Available For Sale Or Rent

(uS Rt. 5) E. Ryegate, VT

Taxadermist Services
Rodney & Theresa Elmer

2975 Ryegate Road

(802) 757-8068

Conveniently Located o of Rt. 112 and Rt. 302 in Bath, NH

TWO SIZE UNITS AVAILABLE Larger Unit - 9 W x 145 +- $ 65.00 Smaller Size Unit- 60 W x 130 +- $ 45.00 ATV, Camper and Boat outside storage available call for details DAVIS REALTY OF NH & VT, INC 603-747-3211

Turkeys Fish Moose Bear Deer Coyotes All Varieties of Wildlife Mounted We know how important your trophy is to you, know matter how big or small!

1308 Loop Rd Northfield, VT www.mountaindeertaxidermy.com Timber Harvesting / Tree work


Services Stonework

Granite Work Stone Walls Patios Walkways Mini Excavating & Loader Work Fully Insured Free Estimates Donny Sharp Sr. Alexandria, NH

Swiftwater Self Storage

For Information Call


Only $10 $12 Color

Place Your Ad Here Every Two weeks!

Small Engine Repair & Service

Located at Swiftwater Estates Inc. Pioneer Dr. Rt. 112 Bath, NH Surveying

Clean, Dry Storage Bays

Northcountr y News 603-764-5807

Harry J. Burgess

Whitchers Tree Farm

u Logging u Firewood u Land Clearing u Tree Work

We Cut Wood & The Price

192 Hibbard Road Bath, NH

Phone: (603) 838-5260 Fax: (603) 838-6692

David Whitcher Warren, NH 603-764-9982

NHTHC Certified Member N.H.T.O.A.

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Pike, NH Te r r e n c e E u g e n e Paye, Sr., 77, died on Friday, March 29, 2013 at his home on Mt. Moosilauke Highway. He was born in Newbury, VT, September 5, 1935, the son of Clifton and Rachel (Ammel) Paye.

Northcountry News
He was predeceased by a daughter, June Paye in 1958; a sister, Priscilla Goche; three brothers, John Paye, Donald Paye, and Edward Paye. Survivors include his three children, Terrence E. Paye, Jr. of North Haverhill, NH, Constance Sargent and husband Orin of Woodsville, NH, and Pamela Churchill and husband Robert of Pike; seven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren; a sister, Gloria Preston of Wisconsin; a brother, Ronald Paye of Florida; and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

April 12, 2013



He served in the U. S. Army from December 11, 1952 to SepAt Terrences request there will tember 21, 1960. be no public services. Terrence worked for 22 years for the U. S. Postal Service at the In lieu of flowers, memorial conWhite River Junction Postal Dis- tributions may be made to Rosstribution Center, from 1973 to Wood American Legion Post # 1995. He loved carpentry and 20, 4 Ammonoosuc Street, Welcome Home Vietnam Vets! Held March 30th in Concord, NH. A wonderful photo from our masonry work. In his spare time Woodsville, NH 03785. local photographer, Joe McQueeney... he enjoyed playing cribbage, For more information or to sign fishing, hunting, gardening, and an online condolence please visit www.rickerfh.com gambling. He was a member of the VFW Ricker Funeral Home & Cremafrey and Michelle Schleicher, Post # 5245, North Haverhill and tion Care of Woodsville, NH is The following students in grades one stepson, William Valdes and 3-8 have earned Honors at WentRoss-Wood American Legion in charge of arrangements. eight grandchildren and three worth Elementary School for the Post # 20, Woodsville. great grandchildren. second trimester. Bill never put himself first. He Grade 3: High Honors: Henna was always happy to please his OODSVILLE Davis, Halle Kozak Honors: family and friends. He loved to Austin Chierichetti; Grade 4: drive - short or long trips were YE ARE ENTER High Honors: Makenzie Farrell, constantly on his agenda. He had Mackenzie Gray, Lucas Kozak, a great memory for places Complete Eye Health and Vision Examinations Kit Merluzz; Honors: Charles (routes) and people. He espe Contact Lenses - New Fittings & Replacements Comeau, Lilly Jackson, Alexis William Bill Brock, of 22 cially liked local history and hikVilla del Norte, Fort Pierce, FL Optical Shop Featuring Quality Frames & Lenses Thompson, Hallie Wheeler: died on March 22nd in Weston ing. After he retired he hiked Grade 5: Honors: Isabel several mountains with his two Certified Optician On Staff Thompson, Madison Weeks; Florida after a long battle with black labs. lung cancer. Bill retired after 20 Grade 6: High Honors: Cassan Appointments Available Monday Through Friday dra Gordon; Honors: Grace years of driving truck as a Local A memorial service will be held Dr. William S. Holmes and Associates Comeau, Stephen Davis, Cas- 25 Teamster. Bill was born in in July at the Warren Methodist sandra Feraco; Grade 7: Hon- Montpelier, VT on April 28, Church, Saturday July 20th OPTOMETRISTS 1941 to Katherine Booth and 11:00 a.m.In lieu of flowers, ors: Carly Merluzzi; Grade 8: Frederick Wellington Brock. please make donations to the 603-747-3190 High Honors: Reese Thompson; Bill grew up in the Orford, Pier- American Cancer Society in Honors: Brice Chierichetti 50 Smith St. Woodsville, NH mont, NH and Fairlee, VT area. Bills memory. Please check out his page at: http://main.acsevHe enlisted in the Army at the ents.org/site/TR?pxfid=1397270 age of 18 and served six years. &pg=fund&fr_id=9910 He spent the next 46 years living and working in Massachusetts. (Publishers note: Bill was a very good friend of ours and we Bill had a great sense of humor were very saddened to hear of and loved visiting with friends. his passing. With every visit to He is survived by his wife Do- Bill & Dolores house, you could lores (Wood) Brock, a brother count on two very important John and his wife Martha his things - one, you were always nephew Justin Brock and his welcomed with open arms and wife Teshama, two cousins, two, true friendship. Bill will be Sarah Piper and Kate Jackson sorely missed, and to Dee and and her husband John Hallock, family, we are thinking about two stepdaughters, Monica God- you. Bryan, Suzanne & Sierra...)

WES Honors_______




April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

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North Country Happenings...

On-Going Events
Warren Masonic Hall - breakfast from 7-9 on the first Sunday of each month. Hope to see you there. ----------------------------------------Breakfast - All you can eat, 2nd Sunday of each month from 7:30-10am at the Masonic Hall, North Haverhill, NH. $5adult; $2.50 child. ----------------------------------------The Warren/Wentworth Food Pantry, serving residents in Warren, Wentworth and Glencliff, is located behind the Warren Wentworth Ambulance Service building and is open every Friday from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. For eligibility information or to make a donation, stop by or call 764-5265. The pantry gratefully accepts food or monetary donations as well as donations of personal and household care items. ----------------------------------------Scottish Country Dancing, every Wednesday evening, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Fairlee Town Hall, Route 5, Fairlee Vermont. Cost is $3.00. All dances are taught, no partner is necessary, beginners are welcome. For more information, call (802) 439-3459. ----------------------------------------Beginner line dancing - Starr King Fellowship, Plymouth, NH. Sundays 4-5pm ($5.00 donation requested) Contact: George @ 5361179 or maloof@plymouth.edu ----------------------------------------If you have any talent at all, come join us on Thursday Evenings, Open Mic Night, at the Greenhouse Restaurant in Warren, NH. Come by to listen or join in! Junction of Routes 25 & 25-C in Warren, NH. Support our area musicians. Come join us! ----------------------------------------To find out the on-going happenings at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, NH. You can call 603-968-7194 or visit them online at: www.nhnature.org ----------------------------------------Wentworth Historical Society meets monthly, 7:00 p.m, every third Thursday, April - Dec. at the Historical Society Museum in Wentworth. Join us for historical topics and stimulating conversation. ----------------------------------------Meditation Group in the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition - Thursdays 6- 7 PM at Blissful Lotus Yoga Studio at 71 Main St, Plymouth NH. Open to new or experienced meditators of all traditions. Meditation instruction available. FREE Donations greatly appreciated. For more information: 603764-9895 ----------------------------------------The Baker's River Grange meets the 2nd and 4th Friday every month, 7:30 p.m., Grange Hall, Rte.25, Rumney. Visitors welcomed! ----------------------------------------Free tutoring for adults in the Plymouth/Bristol area - GED Test Preparation, Reading, Writing, Math, English as a 2nd Language, Basic Computer Skills. Call PemiBaker Literacy at 536-2998 for more information. ----------------------------------------Gentle Yoga - Saturdays 8:309:30; Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm at Starr King Fellowship, Plymouth,NH. Contact Darlene Nadeau 536-1179 manities Council program ----------------------------------------Turkey & Gravy Over Biscuit Supper, Saturday, April 20th from 57pm at the Bath Congregational Church, Bath, NH. To benefit Cancer - Relay for Life. Adults $10; 512 $4; under 5 free. Take-outs avail. Handicap access. ------------------------------------------Gospel Music Concert: Campton Congregational Church is happy to welcome back DAN SCHALL for an evening of wonderful gospel music. Saturday, April 27th, 7:00 PM, at Campton Congregational Church, Route 175, Campton. ------------------------------------------US Senator Kelly Ayotte Warren Town Hall Meeting at the Warren Town Hall (19 Water Street, Warren NH) on Tuesday April 30th Noon1:00 PM (doors open at 11:15 AM)


To Help With Enormous Bills For Her Late Husband Bill, a Cancer Victim

Sponsored by the Warren Historical Society For More Info: Don 603-764-9469 or Janice 603-764-9949

OPEN HOUSE 90th BIRTHDAY for LYLEMOODY SUNDAY, APRIL 21st at the WARRENTOWNHALL WARREN, NH FROM1-3pm CARDSHOWER Sponsored by the Warren Historical Society

April Events
WANTED: Model R.R. Displays, Layouts, Modules, Rolling Stock. SHOW YOUR TALENT! Saturday April 20th at Haverhill co-op Middle School, N. Haverhill, NH. Call Dick Ekwall 603-989-5543 for more info. ----------------------------------------Enfield United Methodist ChurchBEEF STEW SUPPER at Enfield Methodist Church on Route 4, Enfield, NH on Friday, April 12th from 5:00-6:30. $8.00 adults, $4.00 children ages 5-10, under 5 free. Dinner includes beef stew, salad, bread, dessert, beverages. Take-out available. ----------------------------------------Juried student exhibition - Karl Drerup Art Gallery at Plymouth State University between April 220. Free admission. Info: 535-2614. ----------------------------------------April 20th - 12,000 years Ago in the Granite State - Exploring the role of Abenaki people in our state at Joseph Patch Library - Main St, Warren - 1pm . Free and Open to the Public 764-9072. A NH Hu-

Future Events
BAKE SALE - May 4th from 10-3 at the Warren Pythian Hall. All proceeds benefit cancer patients through the Dempsey Challenge Fo rmore info call 603-764-5591. ----------------------------------------Free clothing event at the Warren, NH Town Hall on Saturday, May 4th and Saturday May 11th from 10-2. For drop off info call Donna at 603-764-9469. ----------------------------------------Saturday, May 18th. Variety Show at the Warren, NH Town Hall at 7pm. ----------------------------------------Canaan, NH Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, May 11 starting at 9am at the Village Common and all over town! Sponsored by Mt. Cardigan Fish and Game Club. Call 6030-523-771 or 523-7043 for mor info. ----------------------------------------Prouty Virtual Kyle Mooney 5K Memorial Walk in Warren, NH. On Saturday, July 13th at 7am the 5k walk will start at the Fish Hatchery in Warren, go around Lund Lane, go once around the Common, then back to the Fish Hatchery. For Preregistry, call Janice at 603-764-9949 or DOnna at 603-764-9469. Monies go to Prouty in Kyle Mooneys name. you can register online at www.theprouty.com. Click on register button and go from there. ----------------------------------------Warren Old Home Days - July 12, 13, 14th. Warren is Celebrating 250 years this seaon! Hope to see you there! ----------------------------------------Campton Area Resource Center 2nd Annual Campton & Thornton Market Day (Townwide Yard Sale/ Crafters/ Farmers Market) on Saturday August 24th from 9AM to 2PM. For more information or to register contact: Michelle Bilodeau 254-4028 or carcnh@gmail.com.

On April 26, 2013 at 6:30 PM The Warren School Board Will Be Meeting For A Workshop On School Choice At The Warren Village School Gym


RT. 10 WOODSVILLE, NH 603-747-3389 or 603-747-3380

Good Selection of Program and Pre-owned Vehicles

2012 Dodge Avenger SxT - gray, loaded, low miles.... 2012 Chrysler 200, silver, loaded, low miles... 2012 Dodge Durango Crew AWD black, loaded, sunroof,19,000 miles... 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SxT white,loaded,17,000 miles... 2011 Jeep Compass Ltd 4x4 silver, loaded, cln, 22,000 miles... 2010 Dodge Caliber SxT tan, automatic, loaded, 30,000 miles... 2010 Dodge Caliber SxT blue, automatic, loaded, 30,000 miles... 2010 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4, green, loaded, 32,000 miles... 2010 Dodge Journey SxT AWD black, loaded, one owner,29,000 miles 2009 Dodge Journey SxT AWD black, loaded, sunroof, one owner,40,000 miles... 2008 Jeep Gr. Cherokee Laredo 4x4 gray, loaded, one owner, 45,000 miles.. 2008 Jeep Gr. Cherokee Laredo 4x4 blue, loaded, 70,000 miles... 2008 Jeep Patriot Sport AWD black, auto, loaded, one owner, 85,000 miles... 2008 Dodge Gr. Caravan SxT white, stow-n-go,loaded, one owner, 78,000 miles... 2008 Chrysler Town and Country blue, stow-n-go, rear dvd, one owner, 76,000 miles 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4x4 tan, loaded, one owner, 70,000 miles... 2005 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 blue, loaded, one owner, 79,000 miles... 2004 Honda Accord Ex, gray, 5-spd, loaded, sunroof, one owner, clean....

Warren Wentworth Food Pantry News

HELPFUL HINTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS! The pantry is located under the ambulance service and is open Fridays from 1-3 PM. Helpful Hints: Eating Better on a Budget: Plan, plan, plan! Before you head to the grocery store, plan your meals for the week. Include meals like stews, casseroles, or stir-fries, which "stretch" expensive items into more portions. Check to see what foods you already have and make a list for what you need to buy
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FIND US ON THE WEB AT: www.WalkerMotorSales.com

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Northcountry News

April 12, 2013

tivists, clean tech engineers, carbon-conscious policymakers and public officials, and Average Joes and Josephines committed to living sustainably. Together, well highlight the solutions and showcase the collective power of individuals taking action across the world, reports EDN. In doing so, we hope to inspire our leaders to act and inspire ourselves to redouble our efforts in the fight against climate change. For those looking to organize an Earth Day event locally this year, Earth Day Network provides a wide range of useful resources including basic guides for organizing events at schools and universities, in libraries and within faith communities, as well as posters, reading lists and so on. Teachers can also download Earth Day lesson plans and other curricula aids for their K12 classrooms. Beyond Earth Day itself, EDN runs the Billion Acts of Green campaign throughout the year with the goal of getting billions of people to take action on behalf of the environment, whether through encouraging policymakers to consider sustainability initiatives, recycling e-waste, planting trees, going solar, and much more. So far the group has tallied over a billion individual acts of green and is working on its second billion now. Anyone can register their own acts of green via the Earth Day Network website. CONTACT: Earth Day Network, www.earthday.org. EarthTalk is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E - The Environmental M a g a z i n e (www.emagazine.com). Send questions to: earthtalk@emagazine.com. Subs c r i b e : www.emagazine.com/subscribe. Free Trial Issue: www.emagazine.com/trial.


"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Life"

Route 25 Hatch Plaza Plymouth New Hampshire 03264 603-536-3400

Earth Day Network has chosen The Face of Climate Change as the theme for 2013s celebration on April 22. According to the group, which works with 22,000 partners in 92 countries, more than a billion people will take part in Earth Day events this year - Earth Day Network live twitter feed. The idea behind the theme is to personalize the challenge climate change presents by spreading the stories of those individuals, animals and places affected through imagery. Some of the images already part of the project include a man in the Maldives worried about relocating his family as sea levels rise, a polar bear in the melting arctic, a farmer in Kansas struggling to make ends meet as prolonged drought decimates crops, a tiger in Indias dwindling mangrove forests, a child in New Jersey who lost her home to Hurricane Sandy, an orangutan in Indonesian forests ravaged by bush fires and drought, and a woman in Bangladesh who cant get fresh water due to more frequent flooding and cyclones. EDN is also including many images of people doing their part to address climate change: green entrepreneurs, community ac-

The Northcountry News is now available online! 24/7 Thats right - read it wherever you might be! whenever you wish! Read what the locals read, at:


Dear EarthTalk: What is the theme of this years Earth Day festivities? -- J. Worden, Austin, TX Organizers from Earth Day Network (EDN), the non-profit group dedicated to diversifying and mobilizing the environmental movement through planning and coordinating Earth Day activities and events around the world, have chosen The Face of Climate Change as the theme for 2013s celebration on April 22. According to the group, which works with 22,000 partners in 92 countries, more than a billion people will take part in Earth Day events this year. Leading up to April 22, EDN is collecting images of people, animals and places directly affected or threatened by climate change, as well as images of people stepping up to do something about it. Anyone can upload a relevant picture for inclusion via EDNs website. Then on and around Earth Day itself, an interactive digital display of all the images will be shown at thousands of events around the worldincluding next to federal government buildings in countries that produce the most carbon pollution. The resulting global mosaic display will also be available onlineincluding an embedded


60 Months

% 3.9




PO Box 263 Pike, NH 03780 Lois 802-439-6280 www.twinstatehs.com Serving both sides of the Connecticut Rver Brought To You By Twin State Humane Society & The Northcountry News

800 OFF

500 OFF

O f f e r v a l i d f r o m M a r c h 1, 2 013, u n t i l A p r i l 3 0 , 2 013. G e t $ 8 0 0 o f f t h e G a t o r R S X 85 0 i o f f t h e a g r e e d - u p o n p u r c h a s e p r i c e a n d $5 0 0 o f f t h e G a t o r X U V 55 0 S 4 o f f t h e a g r e e d - u p o n p u r c h a s e p r i c e. A t t a c h m e n t s s o l d s e p a r a t e l y. O f f e r s s u b j e c t t o a v a i l a b i l i t y a n d m a y b e d i s c o n t i n u e d o r m o d i f i e d w i t h o u t n o t i c e a t a n y t i m e. Ta x e s , s e t u p, d e l i v e r y a n d d e s t i n a t i o n c h a r g e s n o t i n c l u d e d a n d m a y i n c r e a s e p r i c e. S e e y o u r p a r t i c i p a t i n g d e a l e r f o r d e t a i l s . P r i c e s a r e s u g g e s t e d r e t a i l p r i c e s o n l y a n d a r e s u b j e c t t o c h a n g e w i t h o u t n o t i c e a t a n y t i m e. D e a l e r m a y s e l l f o r l e s s . Ta x e s , s e t u p, d e l i v e r y, f r e i g h t a n d d e s t i n a t i o n c h a r g e s n o t i n c l u d e d . 2O f f e r v a l i d f r o m M a r c h 1, 2013, u n t i l A p r i l 3 0 , 2013. 3.9 % A P R i s f o r 6 0 m o n t h s o n l y o n a l l G a t o r U t i l i t y Ve h i c l e s e x c l u d i n g T X Tu r f a n d P r o G a t o r. P r i c e s a n d m o d e l s m a y v a r y b y d e a l e r. B e f o r e o p e r a t i n g o r r i d i n g , a l w a y s r e f e r t o t h e s a f e t y a n d o p e r a t i n g i n f o r m a t i o n o n t h e v e h i c l e a n d i n t h e o p e r a t o r s m a n u a l . *A c t u a l v e h i c l e t o p s p e e d m a y v a r y b a s e d o n b e l t w e a r, t i r e s e l e c t i o n , v e h i c l e w e i g h t , f u e l c o n d i t i o n , t e r r a i n a n d o t h e r e n v i r o n m e n t a l f a c t o r s . T h e e n g i n e h o r s e p o w e r a n d t o r q u e i n f o r m a t i o n a r e p r o v i d e d b y t h e e n g i n e m a n u f a c t u r e r t o b e u s e d f o r c o m p a r i s o n p u r p o s e s o n l y . A c t u a l o p e r a t i n g h o r s e p o w e r a n d t o r q u e w i l l b e l e s s . R e f e r t o t h e e n g i n e m a n u f a c t u r e r s w e b s i t e f o r a d d i t i o n a l i n f o r m a t i o n . F O X i s a t r a d e m a r k o f F O X 2 . 0 P e r f o r m a n c e S e r i e s S h o c k s . J o h n D e e r e s g r e e n a n d y e l l o w c o l o r s c h e m e , t h e l e a p i n g d e e r s y m b o l a n d J O H N D E E R E a r e t r a d e m a r k s o f D e e r e & C o m p a n y . A0D030DCU1A54753



April 12, 2013

Northcountry News

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Northcountry News Parting Shot


John Clowes of Willimantic, Ct. arrives in Franconia to ski at Cannon Mt. on Tuesday, April 2nd. The 1986 Kawasaki has traveled many miles from Alaska to Key West and everywhere in between. Snow? Nah, it dont bother him! - Mickey de Rham If you have a photo which you think could make it as our Picture of the Week or Parting Shot - let us know. Email it to ncnewsnh@gmail.com Your picture could become our next Picture Of The Week!

It was pioneering British director of suspense films Alfred Hitchcock who made the following sage observation: "The Uncle Dave length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of For a portion of my childhood, the human bladder." our family raised sheep. Brenda Brendan were the wooly If you're an arachnophobe, you and parents, and each spring wed probably don't want to know that look forward to the birth of two a tarantula can live for up to two lambs. I greeted this with much years without eating a single excitement, largely because of thing. my investment in the naming If you're like the average process. American man with a job, you spend 8 minutes per day cook- One particular year we had three ing. If you're like the average little lambs born this posed an American woman who works, extra challenge to the names Id you spend 50 minutes a day spent so much time on. The first two were christened Breakfast preparing meals. and Lunch (I clearly harbored no There are four times more as- delusions about the purpose of trologers than astronomers in the these cute creatures we were tending), and the third, after United States. much deliberation: Uncle Dave. In the 1979 gubernatorial elec- This name came in a burst of tion in Louisiana, a man named youthful creativity as my uncle Luther Knox was fed up with the by that same name happened to candidates on the ballot. In order be visiting. Uncle Dave the to give like-minded Louisianans lamb was a favorite of mine (as an option, he ran for the office was and is the person), and come himself -- after legally changing the fall, its hide was tanned as his name to "None of the we completed the fall butcherAbove." ing. *** Thought for the Day: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes." -- Albert Einstein (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. health. Exercise also plays an important role, whether we hike, work out at a gym or intentionally hit the stairs several times a day. Every move we make sends our blood circulating whatever nutrients weve taken in. When we make our exhalation as full as possible, like blowing out a hundred candles, this automatically assures that well then inhale a full blast of fresh air through the nose to wake up our lungs and keep the oxygen exchange going. What we choose to do for exercise isnt as important as how we feel AFTER we exercise.

Adventures in Homesteading

by Beth Weick

came a teenager and developed a distaste for mattresses, I used as my bedroll the soft, warm, thick sheepskin that the dolls had outgrown. Its been with me in dorm rooms, tents, silosthe various sleeping arrangements Ive had for myself. And now, of course, it is in our cabin. As the cabin was completed last fall, there was no question in my mind that Uncle Dave would have to have a special spot. Yet I wasnt sure what Ryans reaction would bethe dominant dcor of our humble bedroom is Buddhist motifs and simple furnishings. Next to his Indian rug, beside our bed, I laid out my sheepskin. My concern, of course, was far from necessary. Upon climbing into the loft each night, Ryan routinely claims Uncle Dave as his favorite spot. And I agree. The thickness of the wool, even after so many years, has not diminished. Its warm when wood is not, and a soft greeting to bare feet. The sheepskins name, too, is a source of comedy, an easy source of laughter and merriment as we end the day. And yes, the real Uncle Dave will get a copy of this sheepskin tale to honor his legacy

This sheepskin, which my entire family continues to refer to as Uncle Dave, is the actual subject of this article. While young, my dolls slept on it, tucked into a corner of my room. As I beand exercise that generate robust health, regardless of whatever current researchers come up with. Heres to enjoying all aftereffects!

Keeping Each Other Well

by Elizabeth Terp

Spring check for what happens of us need to pay special attenwhen tion to the signals our bodies send out if we want to claim our Spring sets off a bunch of ques- drive to be well. What we eat tions about what to plant, what isnt nearly as important as new foods to try, what to look noticing what happens AFTER out for, and what really works to we eat. keep us healthy. Were on Daylight Saving Time again. Its Some foods get a nourishing mud season. Bulbs are poking boost if eaten with good friends up. Road cleanup is on the to do or family, whether grazed list. Its time to take wreaths through at a party that includes down and put up the egg tree. lots of hilarity, or savored with a We can micro-spike familiar friend, whether its a piece of detrails and watch our favorite wa- lectable venison, or an amazing terways magically slide their multi-course meal. What we eat, multi-mineral colored ice drapes with from high banks back into the whom we eat, the ambiance of brooks. Citrus is in and were where we eat, and what else is thinking more fruits. going on in our life, all collectively generate how we feel Weve had the winter to soak up AFTER we eat. the latest trends researchers have come up with to bring about a What were looking at is renewhealth spurt and its tempting to able, sustainable energy for our try some new diet. Now, theres bodies that we can access and an upsurge of energy to recharge control. Food is just the part that our bodies. Which is why most gets the most notoriety for

If you are looking for ecological garden design and maintenance, orchard care, or simply need some weeds pulled from your Elizabeth Terp draws on her ex- garden or landscaped housefront, periences as a School Nurse- please contact Beth via Teacher, Psychiatric Nurse b.a.weick@gmail.com Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Home Health Nurse. She welcomes your comments at PO Box 547, Campton, NH 03223, e m a i l : elizabethterp@yahoo.com, or her Keeping Each Other Well Blog: http://elizabethterp.com. Her book, Forget That Diet And Eat What You Need: The Tao of Noticing what happens when Eating, is available locally and joggles our consciousness and on Amazon.com. helps us to choose sustenance

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An airplane mechanic invented Slinky while he was playing with engine parts and realized the possible secondary use for the springs! By partially filling saucers with vinegar and distributing the saucers around a room, you can eliminate odors! It costs about 3 cents to make a $1 bill in the United States! In New York City, approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans every year! One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water! An earthquake on Dec. 16, 1811 caused parts of the Mississippi River to flow backwards!

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