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Que1- Bringout the qualities of Jimmy Wells as a policeman ?

Ans- One duty is more significant than personal longing on reading the story After Twenty Years devised by O. Henry we came to know that there are two prominent character name Jimmy and Bob who were brought up like real brokers in their Childhood. Thus, there was tree friend ship between both of them. Jimmy the man of tall and attractive personality wanted of serve his country because of patriotic feelings. On the other hand Bob was ambitious and wanted to go western country so that the might earn money to pass his life in Luxory. So they promised to see each other after twenty years in the same restaurant named Big Joe Brady at 10 Oclock on the same day after making the fortune. After a long period of twenty years Bob came to the same place at same time. Jimmy Wells also wanted to see his friend so he had reached the same place and same time in the uniform of a policeman. This incident shows that their friendship was not only true but also firm. Being a true friend and duties policeman Jimmy Wells uniform his role very well in the story. In the eyes of Jimmy, Bob like criminal wanted by chikago police must be arrested. No matter that he himself did not arrest Bob but got him arrested. He arranged another policeman of his height to do the above job. This incident shows that Jimmy was not only true friend but also a duties policeman. Jimmy Wells who was the man of handsome personality was totally fit in the frame of a policeman. He was a man of word. Inspite of being bad weather Jimmy Wells continued his march on the peaceful road of the city of Newyork. In his way he checked all the doors of shops situated on the way. Nothing was escaped from his eyes. He paid respect to his profession and law because it was his moral duty to get Bob Arrested though he was his best friend. Thus , in brief, the sense of his duty as a policeman and as a friend is highly appreciable. We learn a useful lesson from the story that ones duty is more significant than personal longing.


Que1- Bring out feelings and qualities of Sanku ?
Ans- On reading the lesson The Gold Watch written by Ponjikkara Raphy we came to know that Sanku was

gentle, generous, sky, poor , loving and unhabitual thief. Sanku was a poor labourer who worked in a factory where he got only one rupee a day. He used to barrow money from different sources. He was in debt to five rupees at fund office while he had to pay four and half at the store. In this way the needed amount was more than his payment so he was always worried and struggling from poverty. His needs were before him. One day when he was about to go to his factory his wife said to him, Listen , you must buy some ointment for the child Sanku asked. How many paise worth of ointment ? at his his wife said,: At least 13 paise worth Hearing this Sanku began to walk with bent head. This incident shows that he was gentle and a man of shy nature. When Shanku was going to purchase balm his wife said, Please bring two bananas, the baby starts crying at night and I have no milk to give him This statement shows that his needs were before him while he had no other source of income. He thought of solving his problems by stealing the gold watch of his factory engineer as it would give him more than 15 cents. He was not a habitual thief, his problems forced him to steal the watch. He was a man of loving nature because of it he stole the watch for the good of his family. Sanku was a man of patience when he had stolen the gold watch his patience pricked him. He was afraid of being caught, punished and publicly rediculated . so he put back the watch on the table. Thus, in nut shell, Sanku was poor, loving, gentle, a man of conscience and the victim of circumstances.

Summary of The Selfish Giant

The story is about a giant who everyone says is very selfish. All the children played in his garden while he was away for about 7 years. When we got back, he was very selfish and told all of the children that they couldn't play in his garden. In order for the children to stay out, he made a barrier and a warning sign, so they wouldn't come in. Now, the children couldn't play anywhere. They tried playing in the road, but it was very dirty and lots of rocks were in the road. In his garden, it was always winter though. The selfishness and the winter might have been related because sometimes people say you can be cold hearted if you are mean. Then, one day, he heard something outside of his window and when he looked outside, he saw branches of trees and he saw the most amazing thing he had ever seen. He realized how selfish he had been, but when he went outside, the children ran away and it turned back to winter. He saw a little boy trying to get up a tree, and he helped him up the

tree and then he let all the children play in his garden. They played with him every day until evening and then he noticed the little boy in which he loved was never seen again. Then, he saw the little boy and he ran to him, but he got to a tree and he got angered and asked who has hurt the tree. He saw the little boy and the little boy said to him if he let him play in the garden, he would take the giant to paradise. Then, the next day, the children found him dead covered in blossoms on the ground. The little boy had taken him to paradise and the giant finally figured out that he shouldn't be selfish after all.

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