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RCM ACI-Builder (v5.1.0.

0) Design of RC members according to ACI318M-11

RCM ACI Builder - New Release Compatible with ACI318M-11

RCM ACI-Builder software is a flexible tool gives the structural engineers the ability to design most types of reinforced concrete members according to ACI318M-11 code. The advantage of this software is generating full detailed design output report with full formulas and illustrative figures,Therefore; RCM not only consider as a flexible tool for practical design problems, but also it is suitable for educational purposes since it guides the engineers to learn ACI code in depth.

RCM ACI-Builder Design Platform consists of the following Items: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------A. Design of flexural members (Rectangular and T-Shape Sections): A.1-Determine section characteristic under balance case, singly reinforced section & doubly reinforced section. A.2-Calculate area of steel according to applied moment. A.3-Calculate moment according to provided area of steel. B. Design of Shear under following cases: B.1- Members subject to shear and flexure only. B.2- Members subject to shear and axial compression. B.3- Members subject to shear and significant axial tension. C. Design of combined shear and torsion under both cases of compatibility and equilibrium torsion. D. Design of punching for prestressed and non-prestressed members with all column geometry cases: interior, edge & corner columns. E. Control of immediate and long term deflection for beams and slabs. F. Design of corbels and brackets. G. Control of flexural cracking in beams and one-way slabs.

H. Design of pile-caps with most general geometry cases: 2,3,4,5 & Strip-Pile Caps. I. Design of isolated footings under eccentrically and concentrically case of loading. Download Link: Code: http://www.mediafire.com/?guz43avtl3jvf8c http://ifile.it/y0tl6d4 http://www.4shared.com/zip/sJafMV0K/RCM_ACI_Builder_v5100__Design_.html

This Release of RCM allows the user to activate his copy of software by himself. How to Activate your RCM software copy: 1. Download RCM v5.1.0.0 from the link shown above. 2. Install RCM, run it, then go to help tab and select "Activate Program ..." command. 2. Follow the instructions shown on Registration window form as shown hereunder:

3. Input the data as requested in ACTIVATION FORM web page as shown hereunder.

Click here to view full size image. 4. Click "Submit form" button to receive your Activation Code on your entered personal mail. 5. Enjoy using RCM ACI-Builder. The following are some screen-shots of RCM ACI-Builder Design Forms: ============================================

Click here to view full size image.

The following are some screen-shots of RCM ACI-Builder Detailed Design Reports: ======================================================