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Radar II-Mid Important questions

1. Explain the operation of fully coherent MTI radar with block diagram? 2. Explain the operation of amplitude comparison mono pulse radar for tracking in a single coordinate? 3. Expain the principle and characteristics of a matched filter hence derive the expression for frequency response function? 4. Write shot notes on a) Delay line canceller b) Stagged PRF c) Blind Speeds in MTI 5. Discuss about the matched filter and correlation function? 6. With Block diagram Explain MTI radar using range gated Doppler filters?

Radar Pre-final Important questions

1. Draw the block diagram of FMCW radar using side band superhetrodyne receiver and explain the function of each block? 2. What is Doppler Effect? Explain how it is used in CW radar? 3a) Explain in detail the limitations to MTI radar performance? b) Determine the radar cross section of cone sphere? 4. With block diagram explain two-coordinate amplitude comparison mono pulse tracking radar? 5. Explain in detail about the various types of duplexers and their requirements for a pulse radar? 6a) Explain about non white noise matched filter? b) How to calculate the maximum unambiguous range? 7. Discuss in detail about the matched filter receiver with necessary expressions?

Cellular and Mobile Communication II Mid important questions

1) Explain the Effect of Propagation of mobile signals over water. 2) Explain how Umbrella Pattern Antennas are used as the cell site Antenna. 3) Explain about Paging Channels. 4) What are the different techniques to utilize the frequency spectrum, give brief explanation 5) Write about Forced Hand-off?

6) Derive the expression for phase difference between direct and reflected paths.

Pre final Important questions for Cellular and Mobile Communication

1. (a)With a neat schematic block diagram explain the basic cellular mobile system. (b)Explain the uniqueness of mobile radio environment. 2. (a)Explain about the limitations of conventional mobile telephone systems. (b)Explain the following terms (a) Coherence bandwidth 3. (a)Explain the following (a) Concept of frequency reuses (b) Co-channel interference (b) Doppler spread (c) coherence time

(b)Derive the expression for co-channel interference reduction factor. 4. Derive the expression for real time co-channel interference. 5. Explain the methods for improving the coverage and capacity in cellular systems. 6. Define handoff. Explain the different types of handoffs. 7. (a) Explain how directional antennas are used for interference reduction. (b) Explain different types of small scale fading.