Fan Chat with Author Nina Lane

Thursday, April 18, 2013
9:00 – 11:10 PM

Nina Lane: Hi everyone! I brought brownies.
Marisol: Hi Nina
Maria D: hi Nina!
Denise: Hi Nina
Maria D: brownies...YUMM!
LoverMichelle: Woohoo! did you bring Dean with you too?
Nina Lane: Lol
LoverMichelle: It's 9:00 PM EST, and we are live!
Marisol: oooo, Dean & Brownies - now THAT's DELISH
Nina Lane: That would have been a better offering, Michelle
LoverMichelle: Nina, just so you know, people will trickle in throughout the
chat, and you may get asked the same question more than once.
DanielleF: michelle looooves Dean!
Nina Lane: No problem. I am an open book, and I'm chatty, so we're all good
LoverMichelle: Yes, Marisol, Dean and brownies. Dean feeding us brownies.
Nina Lane: So do I, Danielle!!
LoverMichelle: Okay, ladies, have at it!
LoverMichelle: Yes, I won't lie. Dean is my fav professor.
Nina Lane: Hi Patti
Patti S: Hello everyone!! Nina I am so excited - Aroused - I cant stop thinking
about it :-0
Patti S: Hi Nina!!!
Nina Lane: Aw, thank you!! <3

Maria D: I have to say I loved Arouse and can't wait for Allure
Nina Lane: I am so anxious to get Allure out there
LoverMichelle: Nina, I have to say that the
LoverMichelle: that "solo" shower scene with Dean was one of my favs.
LoverMichelle: I'm not going to lie!
DanielleF: I was a little scared to read about a married couple, but this was
LoverMichelle: I've highlighted it and re-read it numerous times.
Patti S: Yes, besides the fact that the story was AMAZING, it was so
refreshing to have a story about grownups. And grownups that live in the "real
world" and make normal money! lol
Marisol: that shower scene was awesome
Nina Lane: Hah! I rather liked that scene myself, Michelle
Patti S: Michelle me too!
Maria D: mine too Michelle
Marisol: I agree with Patti - married couple w/ real life problems was a
refreshing read - one I couldn't put down
Maria D: they were so real to me
LoverKaren: Hello
Nina Lane: Thank you so much! I really wanted to write about a married
couple, partly because I thought it would be different in the romance genre
Nina Lane: Hi Karen
LoverKaren: Hi Nina
Yesi: Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late.
Maria D: hi Yesi =)
Nina Lane: Hi Yesi
LoverKaren: BTW Absolutely owe Yesi for introducing us to Arouse
Patti S: Yay Yesi!!
Yesi: Hi!!!!
Nina Lane: Yesi, thank you!! And nice to finally meet you
Marisol: yes Yes - THANK YOU!
Stephanie: Hi All!!
Nina Lane: That review was awesome. I'm so grateful.
Nina Lane: Hi Stephanie!
Maria D: yes Thank You, Yesi!!!
LoverKaren: I have a question is Dean real and if so where is he????????????
Stephanie: I am only 55% into this book.... I won't get any spoilers?
LoverMichelle: Yesi, paging Yesi!
Yesi: Likewise Nina!
Nina Lane: I WISH Dean was real
Patti S: So Nina was this purely something from your imagination or based on
anything real?
Nina Lane: He's real to me
LoverMichelle: Stephanie, we may have to kick you out because we have
some things to ask.
LoverMichelle: If anyone is talking spoilers, please write "spoiler" before
Marisol: Nina, did you have a muse when writing about Dean?
Nina Lane: No, it was honestly entirely based on my fertile imagination
LoverKaren: Okay SPOILER
LoverMichelle: What was the inspiration behind the shower scene?
Yesi: You are welcome! Arouse has been my greatest find ever! Seriously, I
LOVE this book!!!
LoverKaren: Sorry couldn't resist
Nina Lane: Dean was harder to write than Liv -- Liv was a breeze
LoverMichelle: NVM, don't answer that!
Maria D: What an awesome imagination
Patti S: no no no answer
Maria D: answer please
Nina Lane: Big hug for Yesi
Maria D:
Nina Lane: Shower scene -- totally my imagination and...oh, yeah, my
Stephanie: I have to say, OMG, I love this book so far. Ok , If you need to,
I'm ok with it. I just need to say, I love this book! I am feeling what these
characters say before they say it!!
Yesi: Thank you Nina! And thanks everyone for all the love.
LoverKaren: Which shower scene, Dean or Dean and Liv
Nina Lane: Both -- LOL
LoverMichelle: Dean SOLO!!!!!!!
LoverMichelle: Okay, both were great, but I'm talking the solo scene!
Marisol: Dean solo was so erotic!
LoverKaren: Yes Michelle we all know you love Solo DEAN
yesi: Okay, this will be easier on my computer vs. ipad...
Nina Lane: LOL
LoverMichelle: My gosh, I'm blushing now.
yesi: Solo shower scene was AWESOME!!!! Holy smokes!!!
Patti S: hahaha Michelle is getting dirty - wow!!
Nina Lane: I DID totally picture all that as I was writing
LoverKaren: You should blush how many times have you read that scene
Patti S: how can you not? I am picturing it now?!?! lol
Nina Lane: But it wasn't based on any personal experience. I am very sorry to
have to admit that.
yesi: Haha Patti!
LoverKaren: Okay Nina needs to blush too!
Maria D: I pictured it while reading!! Lol
Nina Lane: I have a rather vivid picture of everything about Professor West.
LoverMichelle: I was talking about the scene with Author Priscilla Glenn
tonight. I told her she "HAD" to read the book!
LoverKaren: Everything about Professor West, Love your imagination. Best
author imagination ever.
yesi: I think Michelle has told EVERYONE about that scene! LOL
Stephanie: I am going to leave since I haven't finished! That way you don't
have to worry about spoilers. I just wanted Nina to know that I haven't felt
what the characters are feeling before they say it. I love it!! Can't wait to
Marisol: Nina, did you have a muse when writing Dean?
Nina Lane: Thank you so much, Stephanie! Email me with questions if you
have them when you're done!
Patti S: Not really a question but I have to mention that I love that he calls her
beauty. I swooned every time
Patti S: Go ready and enjoy Stephanie!!
yesi: I love that too Patti!
Nina Lane: Marisol, nope -- my only muse was my imagination
Maria D: Me too Patti!! {{sigh}}
Patti S: read not ready *
DanielleF: Yeah I really liked his nickname for her
Nina Lane: Patti, thank you -- it took me a while to come up with "beauty"
LoverKaren: What inspired you to write a story that goes back and forth
between present and when the characters first fall in love
yesi: Nina, did you have any concerns that people would not want to read
about a married couple?
LoverMichelle: Beauty, Beauty, Beauty. O.M.G. how did you come up with
that name?
Marisol: I love that he calls her Beauty too ~ so romantic & erotic
Nina Lane: First it was "Livvy" which SO DID NOT WORK
Patti S: really?? it seemed so natural for him to do s
LoverMichelle: Bye Stephanie!
DanielleF: Ok, so safe to say we hate Tyler?
yesi: YES!!! Hate Tyler! Ugh!
Nina Lane: And I didn't think they were the "sweetie" or "honey" types either
Patti S: No, I didn't hate him
Nina Lane: OMG
yesi: Going after a married woman? Not cool!
Marisol: I didn't hate Tyler BUT he shouldn't have crossed that line
Maria D: I didn't hate Tyler
HBetular: I agree Yesi!!
HBetular: no bueno!!
Patti S: Thank you Maria!
Nina Lane: Whew. That
LoverMichelle: I didn't hate Tyler either.
Nina Lane: is what I was going for
yesi: Okay, maybe not hate, but I really, really, did not like him. Is that better?

Denise: Liv crossed it too
Maria D: Lol
LoverMichelle: But she was just as guilty!
yesi: Yes, she did!
Nina Lane: I thought he gave Liv something that Dean didn't, which is why
she was attracted to him
Patti S: No I feel like he was trying to help. that she seemed to give the 'green
light' to make a move.
Maria D: I didn't like that they crossed that line
Marisol: I think Tyler played an important role in Liv finding herself - she
was questioning her place in life
yesi: I like the fact that she owned up to it right away.
DanielleF: By hate I meant what yesi said, in that he went for a married
LoverKaren: I want Tyler to find a love of his own
yesi: I agree Maria.
Denise was kicked out
Maria D: me too Karen
Patti S: me too Karen, I would love his story!
yesi: Speaking of crossing the line...
HBetular: Michelle, I agree, but he should have backed off when he found
out she was married, but at the same time, she shouldn't have put herself in
those situations
LoverMichelle: Exactly. It takes two.
Patti S: exactly hoang!
DanielleF: Yeah she was asking for it
Nina Lane: I think she recognized that Tyler filled a need that she didn't know
she even had
yesi: Nina, the only thing that bothered me in the book was the kiss between
Kelsey and Dean in the locker room. Can you tell us a little more about that
please? Why was Dean so into it?
Nina Lane: Plus Dean was so distant at the time
HBetular: AHHH Yesi, the KISS!!!
yesi: Why did Kelsey say what she said after? That made me really
Nina Lane: Yesi -- I have been SO surprised by people's reaction to that!
DanielleF: yes, that bothered me, the kiss!!!
HBetular: I really wanted to hate him during that
Maria D: Yes that kiss was not ok for me even though she proved her point to
Marisol: didn't like that kiss either & not sure if I'd be cool w/ my friend BUT
she did prove her point
LoverKaren: Plus DEAN lied!!!!
LoverMichelle: Okay, crazy, but I understood that part because she was
trying to prove a point.
Nina Lane: She was trying to prove a point, and Dean was a total mess when
she did it
yesi: The kiss that caused outrage in our!
Patti S: Lied about what Karen? (Sorry I can't remember)
LoverKaren: Omitting a first wife a big NO NO,
LoverMichelle: Yes, exactly!
Nina Lane: So his reaction was anger, frustration, hurt, guilt, etc...
Patti S: Ohhhhhhhhh duh!!!!
Nina Lane: Maybe some trying to get back at Liv
DanielleF: Agreed!
LoverKaren: Lie of omission, is still a lie.
yesi: Yes, she was trying to prove a point but OMG he was soooo into it and
he was thinking he would do more if she offered it up...
Marisol: yes LoverKaren
Maria D: But he was into it too and she said she knew he'd be good! Not ok
for me! Lol
LoverMichelle: Okay, but think back to when Kellan Kyle kissed Siena. Once
he closed his eyes, he imagined Kiera and got into. #TrueStory
yesi: So not okay for me either!
Nina Lane: I think Dean was just a disaster at that point
Patti S: HAHAHAHAH Michelle - so funny! KK to save the day and make a
point! lol
Patti S: HAHAHAHAH Michelle - so funny! KK to save the day and make a
point! lol
LoverKaren: Hmm BTW honey I had a first wife, who here would castrate
DEAN! I love him but would have had his balls in a vise.
LoverMichelle: Of course.
Maria D: ButbKellan had to do that
yesi: The Kellan thing is different because he was "acting" and he was
practically forced.
Maria D: me Karen!!
Nina Lane: Totally messed up, not knowing what to do or what to think, not
knowing if his marriage was a wreck
yesi: Dean was NOT forced! He enjoyed it and Kelsey with her comment
about knowing it was good was NOT cool!
Patti S: I think he was just trying to find some pleasure or happiness. No
matter how brief or wrong it was
Maria D: def not cool!
LoverMichelle: We can agree to disagree, remember.
Marisol: I agree Nina, when men are messed up in their head they do stupid
LoverKaren: I think Dean is a people pleaser, better to not talk about stuff
than cause waves,
Nina Lane: total stupid male thing
yesi: Not with his friend though!
Patti S: And so do chicks, she did mix it up with Tyler!
LoverMichelle: Now, him not telling about the first marriage, TOTALLY
HBetular: yeah, I was so not cool with Dean's "secret" how do you go 5 years
w/o telling your girlfriend, fiancé, then wife "hey, btw, I was married once"
Maria D: secret wife is pretty bad
Marisol: agreed Patti - that's why she kissed Tyler - her head was all outta
Maria D: ex wife
Nina Lane: No, that was not cool and wasn't supposed to be -- totally his fault
yesi: Last question about the kiss... sorry... Nina, did Kelsey fully explain the
extent of that kiss to Olivia? I would not have laughed it off. Just wondering.
Marisol: they belong together & fell into a funk - throws you off
Nina Lane: But I do think his intentions were real FOR HIM, even if they
were messed up
yesi: Secret wife, not cool!!!!
Maria D: agree Marisol
Nina Lane: Yes, she did -- and she and Dean discuss it a little in Allure
Marisol: I cannot wait for Allure - my most anticipated read!!
LoverKaren: Kelsey kissing Dean I would have laughed off as Kelsey is
LoverMichelle: Exactly, Karen, that's how I felt too. It was her personality.
yesi: Okay, I wondered if it would be brought up. Thanks Nina!
Maria D: I think he thought his reasons were valid but when he tells her the
truth, he kinda sees he messed up
yesi: totally agree Marisol...cannot wait!!!
Nina Lane: The kiss is NOT an issue in Allure -- it's over, and they know
each other well enough to know it didn't mean anything
Marisol: sometimes a kiss really is just a kiss
yesi: Great! Good to know.
Nina Lane: Kelsey and Dean have also known each other for years and have
never gone down that road
yesi: Yeah, not this one Marisol...just sayin'
LoverKaren: Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. But then again only kissed one
dude in 21 years so I may not be best judge.
Patti S: So Allure - still about the Wests or do we meet others? I am just
worried about the drama that is to come!
Maria D: gotta say loved the sneak peek at the end of Arouse with the closet
and then the old lady
LoverMichelle: Yesi, go have a drink of your wine!
yesi: Haha! Me too!
Nina Lane: Thanks, Maria! I haven't figured out if she's going to reappear or
not yet
LoverMichelle: OMG, the closet!
yesi: I know! I need to calm
Patti S: yesi & her professors - she doesn't mess around
Nina Lane: LOL
Marisol: the old lady in the sneak peak ROCKS
LoverMichelle: Yesi doesn't own this professor!
Nina Lane: Yesi, I promise -- the kiss was just a kiss, really
Patti S: the old lady - SHE WAS THE BEST! lol
DanielleF: Yeah that closet scene was hot! Nice preview
Nina Lane: I swear
yesi: I do love intelligent men...that's why I am married to an engineer!
LoverMichelle: O.M.G. I need a re-read already.
Nina Lane: Kelsey made her point and she's done
Patti S: awwwwwwww
Maria D: ok gotta ask, they used condoms, why did he pull out? Was he that
scarred by his ex-wife?
yesi: Good!
Nina Lane: Totally, Yesi -- I'm all over the intelligent men
Patti S: Maria - lol
Marisol: great Q Maria
Nina Lane: Which scene, Maria?
yesi: I noticed the condom thing right away too
LoverKaren: @Nina as a very intelligent woman and a professor dish on real
academic life.
yesi: most of the beginning, he had a condom on but still pulled out if I
remember correctly
Marisol: I admit - I wasn't digging the condom usage btw H&W but I
understand why they were using them
Maria D: I think it was early in the book before Tyler's kiss but it was more
than once if I remember correctly
Nina Lane: Huh. Didn't even notice that. I guess they thought it was hotter
that way.
Nina Lane: Or I did.
yesi: I just thought it was weird for him to be pulling out and/or using
condoms when they were married
Patti S: Uh oh!! Someone is teasing us! lol
Maria D: oh ok here I'm thinking he was so traumatized by his wife tricking
him! LOL
yesi: Me too Maria!
Nina Lane: Oh, that was part of it Maria
DanielleF: Me too
Nina Lane: Liv couldn't tolerate hormonal birth control, so they just used
Nina Lane: Then when she found out about Helen, she accused Dean of not
trusting her
yesi: Speaking of his ex-wife...a few of wondered why they kept trying to get
pregnant after the miscarriage if he didn't want a baby, if she tricked the first
time, and their marriage wasn't strong?
Marisol: her accusation was kinda on point
Nina Lane: And it being part of his control thing
yesi: of us
LoverKaren: But condoms aren't 100% effective
LoverMichelle: No, and he even mentions it too in the book...about one
Nina Lane: They were really young, and the family pressure was a big part of
it. Dean was desperate to make it work, to do what everyone wanted him to do
LoverKaren: Dean just seems the type not to want the boat to rock,
something in his past?
LoverMichelle: When she didn't get her period, they talked about going to the
drug store.
Nina Lane: I don't remember the breaking condom...?
HBetular: lol, yeah i thought the whole condom thing was a lil weird. if they
really didn't want kids in the beginning, i was wondering why he just didn't get
LoverMichelle: No, it didn't break.
yesi: Thank you Nina. That makes sense.
Nina Lane: Lol
LoverMichelle: She said something about the condom not breaking or
anything. (I'm talking about Olivia and Dean).
Nina Lane: Oh -- when she missed her period?
LoverMichelle: yes
Nina Lane: Then Dean says, "Well it doesn't have to break" -- I think this has
something to do with the pulling out Yesi mentioned
DanielleF: Nina, what was your fav scene?
Nina Lane: Maybe I was foreshadowing the whole incident...and I didn't even
know it.
Nina Lane: I totally love that last scene when Liv has the panic attack at the
bookstore and calls Dean, and he runs to her without hesitating
yesi: Good question Danielle! I am curious many good ones!
Nina Lane: Then they go back to the apartment and she just breaks down in
his arms
LoverKaren: Remember this is an open forum, so don't be afraid to ask
yesi: Awww...loved that!
Nina Lane: And he is THERE
Patti S: Nina that one killed me!!!
Maria D: I LOVED that scene too!
DanielleF: I liked that scene too!
Marisol: the bookstore panic scene proved to me that despite their issues - the
bottom line is they love each deeply & will get past it
yesi: The monster slaying...that line had me swooning and tearing up all at
once! <3
Nina Lane: I admit I got a little emotional when I was writing that
Marisol: eachother*

Maria D: one of my favorite lines
Nina Lane: Exactly, Marisol - totally what I wanted to do
yesi: LOVED it!
Marisol: and you did it beautifully Nina!!
LoverMichelle: Nina, how long did it take you to write Arouse?
yesi: ^^^ yes!
Nina Lane: Oh, I love that too. I loved the way he evolved into Liv's modern
Patti S: The monster slaying is what did me in! Hook, line and sinker!
Nina Lane: I started in July 2011
yesi: I agree Marisol. There love is so strong.
yesi: LOL Patti! Me too!
Nina Lane: Aw, you're all making me emotional now. THANK YOU. I love
that Liv and Dean's story means a lot to you
yesi: their
Patti S: Their relationship, the good and bad, is why I loved this book -
sometimes, despite how great your marriage is, shit happens. It’s like from
Crazy, Stupid, Love "I love her even when I hate her. Only married people
will understand that" No matter what you always love that person
Maria D: me too Patti! Just love them <3
Marisol: Nina, I LOVED Dean & Liv so much, I had a book hangover for
nearly a week - couldn't read anything else
Nina Lane: When I finished Arouse, I told my husband, "I think this is the
best thing I've written."
LoverMichelle: I know there are at least two people in this chat who were
hesitant to read the book because it was about a married couple. Nina, would
you like to ask them any questions?
LoverMichelle: But they have since read it and loved it!
Patti S: Good for you Nina - it's amazing!
yesi: It is a beautiful love story Nina. Maria and I did a buddy read and were
in constant contact throughout. As soon as I finished I gushed to Michelle
about it and in turn she encouraged me to write a review.
LoverMichelle: I don't mean to put anyone on the spot.
Maria D: it is awesome!!
DanielleF: Lol, I'm the guilty one!
yesi: It is real life and it is relatable...that is just rare these days in this type of
genre I think.
Maria D: we could not put it down! =)
Nina Lane: Oh, the married aspect -- I know there are a lot of books about
married couples, but I didn't know of any that could also be considered
Nina Lane: Thank you so much!
LoverKaren: I think people think romance dies after you are married. Bad
stigma which your book really blast out of the water
Nina Lane: There's always the "happily ever after" at the end of romances, so
I thought it would be interested to see what happens AFTER the HEA
DanielleF: I was afraid I wouldn't get that hot and bothered feeling with a
married couple, but I loved the scenes of them meeting and getting together.
yesi: Karen, I agree! Good point!
Nina Lane: Danielle, those were SUCH fun scenes to write!
LoverKaren: DanielleF I betcha got really hot and bothered
Nina Lane: I loved how Liv was just all fluttery around him.
HBetular: Guilty! I was afraid that the major plot lines would revolve around
cheating/affairs. I'm glad it didn't go there.
DanielleF: Will there be more? I'm dying to read about their :first" time!
Maria D: I love that they were still so hot for each other
yesi: Danielle got hot and bothered QUICK!
Nina Lane: Thanks, Karen
LoverMichelle: Yes, Danielle, I agree. I want to read that as well.
DanielleF: Lol, yes I did lover karen
yesi: Didn't take much convincing after the mention of the shower scene. LOL
LoverMichelle: Did someone mention shower scene?
Nina Lane: Danielle, yes -- more in Allure
Nina Lane: First time too
Patti S: hahahahahahaha
LoverKaren: That shower scene needs to be made into a poster.
Nina Lane: And a few other times
DanielleF: Oh geez! I love shower scenes!
yesi: haha Michelle
Nina Lane: LOL
LoverMichelle: Holy heck, it's hot in here.
HBetular: LOL, yeah!! Shower scene... HOT HOT HOT!
Maria D: lol
DanielleF: Woo hoo, awesome Nina!
yesi: Will Allure be as HOT as Arouse? Hotter maybe???
LoverMichelle: See, it always circles back to the shower scene.
Marisol: I can' t wait to read about their first time **swoon**
Nina Lane: Yesi -- yes, it's hot!
LoverKaren: Make marriage sexy with Arouse!
HBetular: Marisol, I agree!!
yesi: YAY!!!!! You just made my night!
Nina Lane: hot married sex
Maria D: love it!!
Patti S: Sneak peeks???
HBetular: I loved loved LOVED, the flashbacks!
LoverKaren: Nina On a heat scale, is Allure Hotter than Arouse?
LoverMichelle: haha
yesi: Me too Hoang! Will we see that again in Allure Nina?
Nina Lane: Hmm, I don't know how to measure the scale...
Nina Lane: Yes, definitely more flashbacks. I love the back and forth between
past and present
Nina Lane: And it's really important for their relationship, to show what
they've been through together
HBetular: YAY, more flashbacks. I really hope their first time is in there...
yesi: I love that too.
LoverKaren: Will we get a hint of Dean’s upbringing?
Maria D: love the flashbacks
Patti S: Her mother doesn't make an appearance, does she?
Nina Lane: "The instant he closes the door behind us, I turn to meet his
imminent kiss. This time, there’s no need for haste or furtiveness. We shed
our coats slowly with our mouths still locked together, then he backs me up
toward the bedroom."
yesi: I would love to know more about Dean's past too.
Nina Lane: Oh, Karen and Patti....
Nina Lane: And Yesi...
LoverKaren: HOLY Hotness
yesi: Oh LORD...
yesi: HOT!!!!!
Maria D: that was HOT
Nina Lane: Dean's past is an issue, yes.
Patti S:
yesi: Thank you!!!!!
LoverMichelle: Do you have someone that you converse with about this
series, drum up fresh ideas?
LoverMichelle: Holy, hell, where did that come from?
HBetular: <3 wow!!
Nina Lane: Michelle, usually with my other books I rely on my writers group
LoverKaren: How many people in your writers group
Denise: How do you go from writing a book like Arouse to writing a book
like The Erotic Dark?
Nina Lane: But the Spiral of Bliss series I've relied mostly on editors
Marisol: how many books will the series have?
Nina Lane: 3 of us in my crit group, a lot more in my local RWA group
DanielleF: Grrrr, I have to go ladies, my husband wants me to go work out
with him! He doesn't understand my little book obsession, haha good night!
Nice chatting with you Nina, can't wait for Allure!!!
Maria D: is it just two books?
Patti S: Bye Danielle!!
Nina Lane: Thanks, Danielle! Have a great workout!
yesi: Bye Danielle!
Nina Lane: Maria, I have 3 planned for Liv and Dean
Maria D: bye Danielle
HBetular: Bye Danielle!
Maria D: YAY!!!
Patti S: 3?????????????? Yaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yesi: More Liv and Dean...YAY!!!!
Nina Lane: But I called it a "series" rather than a "trilogy"
Nina Lane: in case I end up writing more books about other characters
Patti S: leave the door open for more - works for me
Nina Lane: like Kelsey!
yesi: That probably means more angst and obstacles I correct
LoverKaren: Yes just in case you want to write more for your fans
Maria D: works for me too!!
Patti S: yesi that worries me
Nina Lane: You are entirely correct, Yesi.
LoverKaren: Love Kelsey
yesi: Of I am going to be stressing out...
Maria D: but they will get through it because their love is strong
Nina Lane: I love her too, Karen! I think she needs a happy ending.
Marisol: 3 books about them & we get to read about their first time - I'm in
Maria D: Kelsey’s story would be great
Nina Lane: Another reader told me she wants Tyler to have a happy ending
LoverKaren: She needs a whole series
Nina Lane: I don't know about that one...
Patti S: Me too Nina - I really liked Tyler!
Nina Lane: Kelsey, yes!
Nina Lane: Patti, you're one of the few!
yesi: Nope, don't really care about
Patti S: I know I know lol
yesi: Again, pass at a married woman... not cool... just sayin'
LoverMichelle: I like any man who can cook!
Marisol: i liked Tyler too
Maria D: I think Tyler should find someone too
Patti S: Yea yea yea we know Yesi
yesi: haha
Nina Lane: LOL Michelle
LoverMichelle: Haha Patti S.
Nina Lane: Liv actually understands more about that whole incident in Allure
Patti S: Imagine all the sexy chef fun they could have with food! they would
need showers to clean up. just sayin
yesi: what incident?
Maria D: LOL Patti
Nina Lane: Her kiss with Tyler
yesi: Oh
yesi: okay
Nina Lane: She understands why it happened
yesi: Maybe Tyler and Kelsey can hook up...the end
LoverMichelle: Why she kissed him or why he kissed her?
Nina Lane: Why she was drawn to him
yesi: Yes, please clarify.
LoverMichelle: got it.
Nina Lane: And what Tyler gave her than Dean hadn't
yesi: oh ok
Nina Lane: that Dean hadn't
yesi: Which was? Attention?
LoverMichelle: He taught her to cook!
Nina Lane: LOL. I'd kiss a guy who could teach me that, Michelle
LoverMichelle: And Dean didn't seem interested in the least that Olivia could
make a soufflé.
Patti S: that hurt Michelle. He just didn’t really seem interested
yesi: Good point Michelle
LoverMichelle: Yes, it was sad when she was talking about everything Dean
had but she didn't have something...something to define who she was.
Nina Lane: No, and that's part of it - she starts to realize that the "safety" of
their marriage hasn't allowed her to grow
Patti S: oh man................... I can't wait for Allure
LoverMichelle: I think that's also why she wants a child. Many women make
that mistake.
Nina Lane: Allure is partly about Liv trying to establish a sense of self
yesi: I know Patti!
Nina Lane: Which clashes in some ways with Dean's protective instincts
LoverMichelle: Just what I think...not that Olivia and I are personal friends or
LoverKaren: I was worried that Liv wasn't interested in what Dean did and
vice versa. You have to be interested in each other’s lives.
Nina Lane: That is exactly it
Patti S: You're killing us Nina!
Patti S: lol
yesi: will make for a very interesting continuation and I CAN'T
LoverMichelle: How much of an appearance will the former wife make in
Maria D: Can't wait for Allure
Nina Lane: Karen, that's true!
yesi: I already told Michelle that no one will be allowed to speak to me in this
house when Allure comes out! LOL
LoverMichelle: Which means one word answers from Yesi on PM.
Patti S: lol
Nina Lane: How do you know the former wife will make an appearance?
yesi: Ooooo, great question Michelle! Definitely curious about that.
Maria D: LOL! Yesi, I will be pm'ing you
LoverMichelle: Isn't she going to be at the conference with him?
yesi: Isn't she going to the conference?
Nina Lane: <cackle>
LoverMichelle: Jinx
yesi: Well you of course can Maria! I'll need the support...
Maria D:
yesi: you owe me a coke Michelle
LoverMichelle: Look, I just texted you the screen shot of the shower scene,
what more do you want?
Maria D: LOL!!!
Nina Lane: Hi Ali!
Patti S: what??? screen shot?? share with the group?? lol
Nina Lane: I didn't get a screen shot
Nina Lane: But I want one
yesi: Okay, debt forgiven
yesi: haha
HBetular: screen shot?!?
LoverMichelle: Yesi loaned out her book and missed the shower scene. I just
happen to have it highlighted on my phone.
LoverMichelle: I know, I'm obsessed.
Nina Lane: LOL
LoverMichelle: So, anyhow, back to the question about the former wife!!!!
Nina Lane: Oh, yes -- she does make an appearance
Nina Lane: Good call
LoverMichelle: Welcome, Ali, join in.
yesi: yes
Maria D: will she be trouble for Liv???
LoverMichelle: If your question doesn't get answered, ask again.

Nina Lane: One reader told me she hoped Liv would kick Helen's ass
yesi: Yes!!! I'd like to see that! LOL
Nina Lane: But I always thought Helen was sympathetic to a degree
LoverMichelle: I don't think Liv has it in her though.
yesi: Only if she causes trouble though...
Maria D: I'm good with that especially if she tries anything
Nina Lane: She had 3 miscarriages
yesi: Hey, if the ex messes with her man, why not?
Ali: In the next 2books will we get more about what Liv & Dean went thru
early on- in Arouse it is referenced and mentioned when counseling is brought
Nina Lane: Ali - yes! Book 2 deals with a lot of what happened in the past
Nina Lane: And the obstacles they've already overcome together
Nina Lane: Which set the groundwork for what they're dealing with now
yesi: Again...cannot wait!
Ali: Will we see Liv find her own path as well?
Nina Lane: She tries much harder to do that, yes!
Denise: How do you go from writing a book like Arouse to writing a book
like the Erotic Dark?
Nina Lane: "Except now, our lives have changed so much. I’ve changed. So
has he, even if he doesn’t quite know it yet. There’s still a long path ahead of
us, and I need to start on it by not being afraid."
HBetular: If I remember correctly, Dean's family doesn't like Liv, do we get
more into his family dynamic?
Nina Lane: Denise, I wrote Erotic Dark quite a while ago!
Nina Lane: Before Arouse
Nina Lane: And I'm still shocked that I wrote it
Patti S: Just added it to be TBR list - can't wait!
Nina Lane: Yes, definitely more about Dean's family
Nina Lane: It was originally published by a UK publisher who deals with
hardcore themes
yesi: I love that Nina!
Ali: Thx for the snippet!
yesi: Thanks!
Patti S:
yesi: Ali, there is another one further up.
Denise: How did you come up with that story?
LoverMichelle: Someone else wanted to know when the sequel to Erotic
Dark is going to come out?
Nina Lane: Arouse or Erotic Dark, Denise?
Denise: Erotic Dark
Nina Lane: Michelle, hoping for Fall 2013
Maria D: I read The Erotic Dark and thought it was really good. But was
wondering will we see a softer side to Preston
Nina Lane: Totally my imagination. The readers who have really liked ED
are the ones who recognize that it's a complete fantasy
readingisfun: In Arouse, Liv talks about how her and Dean have sex all the
time for not only the usual reasons, but also for deeply personal reasons. Will
we learn more about that? It really stuck with me for some reason
Nina Lane: And not meant to be a real depiction of the BDSM lifestyle
Denise: you have one hell of an imagination
Patti S: I have to go but Nina thank you again for your amazing work!
Eagerly awaiting more. Night all
yesi: Goodnight Patti!
Maria D: night Patti!
Nina Lane: Thanks, Patti! Have a great night!
Marisol: I have to go as well. Nina, thank you for Dean & Liv - looking
forward to more of them. Night all
HBetular: Bye Patti!!
Nina Lane: Readingisfun -- yes!
LoverMichelle: Maria, was it you who wanted to know about the next book
after The Erotic Dark or was it Christine?
Nina Lane: Bye, Marisol -- thanks!
Maria D: Good night Marisol
yesi: Bye Marisol! Night
LoverMichelle: Great question, Readingisfun
Maria D: yes I did
Nina Lane: Liv and Dean have a great sex life, but not just because they're a
hot couple
Maria D: thanks Michelle, almost forgot
LoverMichelle: Nina has agreed to keep chatting as long as y'all have
yesi: Hmmmm...interesting
LoverMichelle: thank you Nina for offering to stay longer.
Nina Lane: Their sex life is part of their whole marriage dynamic, and maybe
is part of the problem....
HBetular: Thanks Nina!!
readingisfun: gah Nina, you're killing me. I'm so excited to read the next one!
Ali: It seems they have a deep-seeded need to feel loved, connected on some
deep but also basic level. It is very interesting.
yesi: Me too! Soooooo excited for Allure!
Nina Lane: They are really a lot more alike than it intially seems
LoverMichelle: I think she's killing all of us Ali!
LoverMichelle: Nina, has your husband read Arouse?
Nina Lane: I had an editor early on tell me she couldn't understand how Liv
and Dean could ever have gotten together, just because they're so different
Nina Lane: Michelle, no!
Ali: It's all good getting a better insight into an amazing book, marriage and
the characters!
LoverKaren: Thank is why it is such a great character dynamic because they
are so different.
Nina Lane: He used to read my smutty stuff, but we've been together for so
long that it's no longer alluring
Maria D: But they saw something in each other that they needed I think
LoverMichelle: What? He hasn't read it. Hey, we've been together for a long
time, and is it bad that I want him to re-enact that "one" scene? O.M.G.
Nina Lane: exactly, Maria -- I think it's easier to see why Liv needs Dean, but
less why he needs her
Ali: I agree they saw something in one another they needed.
HBetular: Hmmm, Michelle, I wonder what scene you're talking about.
Nina Lane: LOL, Michelle. That's not asking too much
LoverMichelle: Did I mention that I read it while my husband was gone for
an entire week?
LoverMichelle: Yeesh.
LoverMichelle: it = Arouse
Maria D: LOL!!
Yesi: Lol
LoverMichelle: Will you include any of the counseling sessions in Allure?
Did they attend counseling together or separate?
Yesi: Will we see more of Dean showing he does in fact need Liv just as
Nina Lane: Yes, there is more about that!
Nina Lane: Liv goes alone at first, but they do go together in time
LoverMichelle: And you are referring to "the past?"
Nina Lane: Yesi, you will see why Dean needs Liv and why they are really a
lot alike
Yesi: Will they atten counseling again? Especially after the revelation of his
Nina Lane: No, the counseling is in the present
LoverMichelle: Oh, okay.
Yesi: Great!
Yesi: I just want ALL the Dean I can get!
Ali: And the pregnancy must factor into the counseling?
Maria D: Will he freak at first about the baby?
Nina Lane: Yes, the pregnancy is a factor -- and no, he doesn't freak!
Nina Lane: He's Mr. Fix-It.
Nina Lane: Mr. I Will Take Care of Everything
Maria D: love him <3 <3
Yesi: We trust you!
readingisfun: will book 2 end in a cliffhanger since it's part of a trilogy?
Ali: Because of his upbringing- I think that freaks him out
LoverMichelle: And we don't even know IF she stays pregnant, right?
Nina Lane: cliffhanger -- sigh.
Yesi: Hmmm....
Yesi: I wondered that too Michelle
Maria D: hmmm....was afraid to ask
Yesi: Nooooo.... Cliffhanger
Nina Lane: The second book in a trilogy is a tough one for a writer because
there has to be forward momentum for Book 3
LoverMichelle: Ugh!
Yesi: I hope at least they are together and ready to face the obstacles
Maria D: will we have a long wait btwn 2 and 3?
Peeps: If she stays pregnant!! Oooh...
Nina Lane: So not everything gets resolved. But does that ever happen in a
second book in a trilogy??
HBetular: nooo, not a cliffhanger!
Yesi: Like Arouse...if they aren't together I'll be heartbroken.
Nina Lane: I can firmly state that I am a VERY strong believer in happy
Nina Lane: Especially for Liv and Dean
Peeps: I love them together. They are one of my fav book couples! Meant to
Maria D: thank God!!
Yesi: Ok...feel a little better.
Nina Lane: Thanks, Peeps! Great name
LoverMichelle: Yea, that's all I need to hear, although I'm sure I'll finish off a
bag of Hershey Kisses with almonds during the angst.
Yesi: Haha!
Nina Lane: They do have to work for it, but it's good because they both grow
a lot
LoverMichelle: so, what time frame are we looking out from Allure to book
Nina Lane: And change a lot
LoverMichelle: You have it written, right?
Nina Lane: Which is not easy for Professor West to do
LoverKaren: Shipping Michelle bunch of Hershey kisses with almonds for
Nina Lane: Book 3 is in the summer
Peeps: Thanks@nina! I'm just annoyingly sweet as the marshmallow peeps!
Maria D: when I hear Just Give Me A Reason by Pink, I think of them and
their struggle <3
Nina Lane: Rewriting as soon as Allure is out of my hands
LoverMichelle: Oh, thank God.
Nina Lane: LOL Peeps
Yesi: Love that Maria!
Maria D: YAY!! Summer isn't too far!!
Nina Lane: Oh, Maria, that's awesome!
LoverMichelle: We'll go to 10:30 so keep asking your questions!
Maria D:
LoverMichelle: Is that time okay with you, Nina?
Yesi: Summer is good...I'll survive.
Nina Lane: I've been through several drafts of book 3 already
Nina Lane: Totally fine, Michelle
LoverMichelle: You'll survive, Yesi, you'll be re-reading.
LoverMichelle: OMG, Maria, you are so right with that song!
Yesi: Of course I will! And I'll have Allure to reread too!!
LoverMichelle: No wonder I love it as I'm not really a fan of Pink. Sigh.
Maria D: it's perfect for them!
Ali left the chat 108 minutes ago
Nina Lane: I also love that Phillip Phillips song Home for them
Maria D: yessss!! Great song!
Peeps: Yes to Philip Phillips
Nina Lane: Because that's what Dean has always tried to give to Liv
Yesi: Me too Nina!
Maria D: and they boy
Yesi: Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Maria D: and they both have demons
Peeps: Trent dabbs, inside these lines. Good song too for them
Nina Lane: OMG, Yesi -- I just thought that same thing yesterday!
Maria D: love Ho Hey too
Nina Lane: Heard it on the radio and thought, "Liv and Dean."
Peeps: Ooh, I like ho hey too
Yesi: Me too! Love that song!
Peeps: Will there be any more Tyler
Yesi: I love when music is incorporated in books.
Nina Lane: I think I'm done with Tyler, Peeps
Maria D: me too Yesi
LoverMichelle: Have you changed your thoughts anymore on casting for
Dean and Olivia?
Nina Lane: Though I mentioned earlier that some readers have wanted his
story, so you never know

Peeps: Yay. Too many complications
Nina Lane: Not yet, Michelle -- any ideas?
Yesi: Yay!!!! Best news ever! Ha! J/k
readingisfun: Am I the only one who pictured Tyler Florence from the food
Maria D: lol Yesi!
Peeps: Yes need dean ideas
Nina Lane: LOL readingisfun
Nina Lane: You know, halfway through I changed his name to Ryan
Nina Lane: But then I didn't like that it was a four-letter name ending in N
Nina Lane: Like Dean
Peeps: Haha
Nina Lane: So I changed it back
Nina Lane: Then I bonded with him as Tyler and there was no turning back
Yesi: I have a question...why did it take finding Tyler's chef jacket for Dean to
finally say they needed an official break? Just wondering...
Peeps: Awww
Nina Lane: I think that was like the final straw for him -- he finally had to
admit that he'd "failed"
Nina Lane: And for him, that is a huge, crushing admission
Maria D: UGHH hated when he found it bc she hadn't told him
Nina Lane: Especially where Liv is concerned
Peeps: Not just a kiss
Yesi: Thank you...
Maria D: that was big for Dean
Peeps: They were hanging out together
Yesi: That part broke my heart...he was just so defeated.
Nina Lane: And he tells her "I don't know what it is I'm not giving you."
Maria D:
LoverMichelle: defeated, that is definitely the correct word.
Nina Lane: Because he has always tried so hard to give her everything she
never had
Peeps: So sad and true
Maria D: he was her hero and protector
Yesi: Ok..let's move back to happy...I am officially depressed again! Lol
Nina Lane: exactly, and then he realized in that moment that she'd turned to
someone else
LoverMichelle: OMG, I'm in love.
Nina Lane: LOL Yesi
Yesi: Shower scene anyone???
Maria D: me too Yesi
LoverMichelle: Haha!
Maria D: lol
Yesi: Lol
HBetular: lol.
Peeps: Anyone have any ideas for liv and dean
Maria D: and we're back!
LoverMichelle: Okay, since we all know my favorite scene, what was
everyone's favorite scene?
readingisfun: how come at the end, nina and dean are seemingly back
together, but she hasn't moved back home?
Nina Lane: Here, Yesi:
Peeps: I need
Nina Lane: "He wraps his hand around his erection and starts to stroke
himself—the sight of which he knows very well makes me hot in two seconds
LoverKaren: OMG
Nina Lane: Happy!
Peeps: Haha!
Maria D: OMG!!! **jaw drops**
readingisfun: lol
LoverMichelle: I think a lot of husbands will be getting lucky tonight!
Nina Lane: lol
Maria D: I think you're right Michelle lol
Nina Lane: Was that against the rules??
Nina Lane: I forgot to ask if there are Chazy rules
LoverMichelle: heck no, it's your chat.
LoverMichelle: Your rules!
Peeps: What was the inspiration for King’s College?
LoverKaren: No Chatzy Rules in Lover land
Yesi: Haha Michelle!
Nina Lane: Peeps, I wanted a private college that runs in part by its own rules
Nina Lane: (speaking of rules)
Nina Lane: And where Dean can create his own niche
Peeps: Dean is going to be in trouble with crazy rich student's benefactor dad!
Peeps: Meeee tooo!
Peeps: Brat!
Nina Lane: Now HER I didn't like all that much either
Nina Lane: But every character has a reason for being the way they are
Maria D: troublemaker!!!
Nina Lane: Just sayin'
Yesi: I wondered if that would come up.
Maria D: true...
Peeps: Jessica is good though, right?
Nina Lane: Jessica is totally fine, yes!
Peeps: Whew!
LoverKaren: The location of Mirror Lake, is it modeled on the real Mirror
Nina Lane: Great student, one of the best
Nina Lane: Karen, no --
Nina Lane: Interesting you should ask, though
Nina Lane: Originally it was Crescent Lake
LoverKaren: I do my research
LoverMichelle: haha
Nina Lane: But then I realized I was incorporating a Alice in Wonderland
Nina Lane: And Wizard of Oz
Nina Lane: So there are a lot of references to both of those stories in the
Peeps: Wizard ?
LoverMichelle: Really?
Nina Lane: And Mirror Lake is a reference to "Through the Looking Glass"
Peeps: Home
Nina Lane: Looking Glass Lake was too much of a mouthful
LoverKaren: Through the looking glass
Nina Lane: Home -- Peeps, EXACTLY!
Nina Lane: Liv is trying to find her way home
Peeps: I'm from Kansas!
LoverMichelle: O.M.G. all this hidden stuff. I definitely need to read again.
Nina Lane: We should do a contest!
Yesi: I see it all now and I love it!!!
LoverKaren: But I did google Mirror Lake when making graphics,
Nina Lane: How many references can you find?
LoverMichelle: Nina, we'll have another private chat. I've got some ideas.
Maria D: Me too!! love it
Nina Lane: Great! I have been wondering if anyone picked up on that
LoverMichelle: Are you happy with the response to the book so far?
LoverMichelle: especially with the blog tour coming up?
LoverKaren: Just like Harkness in Discovery of Witches, Now us Arouse
readers need to hunt
Nina Lane: I'm thrilled with the response! I had NO idea how people would
react to the story
Nina Lane: The married couple thing
LoverKaren: The're be monsters
Nina Lane: Plus Liv not being a "kick-ass" kind of gal at first
Yesi: Karen ADOW is one of my favorite books!!!
Nina Lane: Oh, that is on my TBR list!
Peeps: But it transcends to non-marrieds.
Yesi: It is fanastic Nina!
LoverMichelle: I love Liv, and Dean, and this book. I'm obsessed, what can I
LoverKaren: Yesi where we separated at birth
Nina Lane: Thank you so much! I am nuts about both of them, and I'm so
happy that they're finding their way into readers' hearts
Yesi: One of the main things that drew me to Arouse is just that...that they
were a married couple.
Yesi: Haha Karen! Quite possibly
Nina Lane: That was set from the beginning, Yesi
Maria D: Loved ADOW too
Nina Lane: Before I wrote the first word, I knew they would be married
LoverMichelle: Because you wanted something different?
Nina Lane: It never started as a traditional romance, with them getting
married in the end
Yesi: I love that!
Maria D: I love that they were married!
Peeps: Love that it starts with them married!
Peeps: Then flash backs to single!
Nina Lane: And I just really wanted to explore this idea of a married couple
who are intensely in love and will fight for each other no matter what
readingisfun: yes, peeps, I loved that too. best of both worlds.
Maria D: it's like you said, what happens after the traditional HEA
Yesi: The flashbacks are perfect!
Peeps: True Maria
Nina Lane: So glad you liked them! I totally loved writing them
Peeps: The timing of the flash backs are perfect too
LoverMichelle: I love it having been married for 20 years, plus dating an
additional years. Now we've not gone through anything like Liv and Dean, but
marriage is hard.
LoverKaren: Loved we get the full range of emotions with Liv and Dean.
Highs and Lows and in between
Peeps: They work in with present day too
Yesi: I love it all!
Nina Lane: I kind of saw the flashbacks as a movie, in terms of pulling back
the lens
Peeps: Yep!
Nina Lane: showing them in a different light, what things were like "before",
how they got to where they are now
LoverMichelle: Okay, we need to petition for a movie now!
Peeps: Would be a great movie
Maria D: YES!!!!
Yesi: Yes!!!
Nina Lane: Yesi, you are so awesome!
Yesi: Nina who would you cast as Dean and Liv?
Nina Lane: Maria, who would you cast in a movie?
Nina Lane: LOL
Yesi: Awww, thank you Nina.
Maria D: umm me! No just kidding
Yesi: Lol Maria!
LoverMichelle: Who is the dude Yesi, the good guy?
Peeps: No leaving this chat until we do! Haha!
Nina Lane: LOL, Maria -- I'll put in the request
Maria D:
Nina Lane: I'd love to hear your casting ideas
LoverMichelle: I could see Penelope Cruz as Olivia. I don't know why. But I
see Olivia as strikingly beautiful like her.
Yesi: What dude Michelle?
Maria D: I haven't found the right Dean yet, not for lack of trying
Nina Lane: I told Michelle I'd seen Liv as a younger Sandra Bullock
LoverMichelle: that guy that we googled. The one I made the graphic of.
Peeps: Like Penelope
Yesi: I see Minka Kelly as Olivia
Nina Lane: Kind of wholesome and pretty
LoverMichelle: See, I don't see Sandra, although I love her. I don't think she's
pretty enough. But it's your book.
Maria D: Ashley Greene? Like her, pretty and natural
Nina Lane: Ohhh, interesting...
Nina Lane: What about...what's her name...
Yesi: I don't either...Liv is much prettier like Minka Kelly.
Nina Lane: The girl who was in Black Swan, but not Natalie Portman
Peeps: Milan ku is
Yesi: Mila Kunis
Maria D: Milan kunis
Nina Lane: Yes! What about her?
Maria D: Yes she's pretty
Yesi: Dean has to be perfect...
Maria D: perfect
LoverMichelle: That guy there ^^^^ click on the link
Nina Lane: Oh -- who is that, Michelle? Is he an actual person or an
anonymous model?
LoverMichelle: No, he has a name. He's actually an actor too.
LoverMichelle: My friend had her picture taken with him.
Nina Lane: He's stunning
Yesi: He is hot in THAT picture but not totally convinced.
LoverKaren: I just want to throw in a visual
Peeps: Kunis is pretty beautiful
Yesi: Eduardo Saralegui I think is his name
Nina Lane: Liv has to have long, dark hair
LoverMichelle: Just NO DAVID GANDY!!!!!
Yesi: He is hot in THAT picture but not totally convinced.
LoverKaren: I just want to throw in a visual

Peeps: Kunis is pretty beautiful
Yesi: Eduardo Saralegui I think is his name
Nina Lane: Liv has to have long, dark hair
LoverMichelle: Just NO DAVID GANDY!!!!!
Nina Lane: Crucial
Nina Lane: Now I have to look him up
Maria D: He is gorgeous
Peeps: He's beautiful, but over used
Nina Lane: oh! Why not him?
Nina Lane: Wow
Peeps: GANDY?
Maria D: no I meant Eduardo but Gandy is hot
Nina Lane: I can't stop looking at these pictures of David Gandy
Nina Lane: Had never heard of him before
Nina Lane: Wow
Peeps: He IS beautiful
Nina Lane: Is he an actor?'
LoverMichelle: David Gandy is the "other" professor so we must move on.
Maria D: Ohh yes love the Gandy Candy
Peeps: Model
Yesi: Gandy is my main man! Love him!
Maria D: lol Michelle
Peeps: Jen and Gitta love him
LoverMichelle: Yesi, who is that?
Nina Lane: Oh, good one, Yesi!
Nina Lane: LOL Maria
LoverMichelle: everyone loves him. Gandy is cast for almost every book out
there, most notably Gabriel's Inferno/Gabriel's Rapture, which has a professor.
Yesi: Pedro Soltz he is Brazilian
LoverMichelle: Pedro is beautiful.
Yesi: Thank you Nina! I think so too!
Maria D: Pedro is stunning!!
Peeps: Nina is in love with Gandy <3
Yesi: Yes he is Maria!
Nina Lane: My eyes are bugging out of my head
LoverMichelle: Vanessa Marcil for Olivia. She is beautiful.
Nina Lane: Oh, VERY good one, Michelle
Yesi: No, she is too old Michelle
Peeps: LOVE Vanessa!!
Nina Lane: a younger version
LoverMichelle: Shush Yesi.
LoverMichelle: Yes, I know, but she is beautiful.
Maria D: Love Vanessa! But she's too old saw her on GH today
Peeps: She always looks so young bc she is petite
Yesi: Thank you Maria!
Nina Lane: I still think of Liv as somewhat wholesome
Peeps: Not obvious vixen
Nina Lane: Not really sultry or anything
Nina Lane: exactly
Maria D: what about Rachel Bilson?
Peeps: Oooh!
Peeps: Bilson
LoverMichelle: Okay, I hate to say it, but I will play Olivia even though I'm
too old. I just want to hang out with Dean!
LoverKaren: Liv is every woman.
Yesi: I like Rachel Bilson!
Yesi: Haha
Nina Lane: I like Rachel too! Great call!
Maria D: You and me both Michelle
Peeps: She has the lips!
Maria D:
Yesi: Yes!
Peeps: Maria picked a winner!
Maria D: And she's wholesome but beautiful
Maria D: wooHoo
Nina Lane: Totally -- I'm looking at the pics right now
Peeps: YES!
LoverMichelle: agreed.
Nina Lane: Perfect!
Peeps: Yay!!
Maria D: i will introduce her to Dean
Yesi: Yes! Okay Rachek Bilson for Liv!
LoverMichelle: Haha!
Peeps: Now, dean....
Nina Lane: LOL
Nina Lane: I told Michelle maybe Chris Hemsworth, if he ever looks CLEAN
Yesi: Pedro Soltz...HOT!!!
Maria D: well then he's out! Lol
LoverMichelle: ^^^ This is Pedro looking like a professor indeed.
Maria D: Pedro, yes!!
Peeps: Problem with dean is you have to find a bulky FB player type and he
must look intelligent
LoverKaren: No all FB players are bulky depends on what position they play
on bulk and size.
Maria D: Jase Dean? Too young?
Nina Lane: Pedro is very hot
LoverKaren: My husband is so happy he married an football gal
Nina Lane: Dean is "lean and muscular" -- so tall and broad, but not too bulky
Peeps: PEDRO!!
Yesi: Mine too Karen! I can talk football with the best of them! Love it!
LoverMichelle: ^^^ Pedro is hot! All of his looks fit The Professor.
LoverMichelle: I'm married to a football player. Tall, lean, 7% body fat and
built. But skinny.
Maria D: Def Pedro!!!
Peeps: Whoa, Michelle!
Maria D: Sooo yummy
LoverMichelle: Look, he has a FB page too that we can stalk!
Nina Lane: Oh, wow -- great pictures!
Nina Lane: LOL
Maria D: already do!! Research purposes
Nina Lane: "Vote for Pedro"
LoverKaren: We are building the perfect man in DEAN
Peeps: Haha
Yesi: Did someone say muscular???
LoverKaren: We need a contest. Perfect Dean West.
LoverMichelle: I think we have found him, Karen.
LoverMichelle: I voted for Pedro!
Yesi: Research!
Maria D: great idea!! Post your pic for Dean and we vote
LoverMichelle: Well,maybe he needs to audition first---shower scene, of
LoverKaren: Need new graphics
Nina Lane: I love this kind of research
Yesi: Me too! I vote for Pedro!
LoverKaren: Guess what will be on our blog
Maria D: i'll "read lines" with him
LoverMichelle: Haha Maria!
Peeps: He does need to look nine years older than liv
LoverKaren: Need the Map of Power
Maria D: Pedro's got my vote too
Nina Lane: Oh, good point, Peeps
Nina Lane: That is true
Nina Lane: He is pushing 40
Peeps: The age gap is hot
Maria D: Rachel can look younger and a lil makeup can age him
Yesi: I agree!
LoverMichelle: agree!
Peeps: Haha!!
LoverKaren: Men in 40's HOT
Peeps: Totes!
Peeps: What are the other Wizard of Oz ref other than home
Maria D: Pedro is 27
Nina Lane: Michelle -- is it okay to say??
Pedro Soltz
Height 185 Suit Size 50 Collar 40 Chest/Bust 99 Waist 82 Shoes44 Hair Color
brown Eye Color green
Peeps: She always had the ability in her
LoverMichelle: ^^^ Got his measurements.
Nina Lane: Pedro is a baby, then
LoverMichelle: He's only 27? He looks older.
Peeps: The confidence in the cooking class
Maria D: make up can fix that
Yesi: Michelle you totally Rock!
LoverKaren: Well Ladies I have been sick all week, so I am going to bed.
Night all. Michelle will you turn off the sweep up and turn off the lights.
Maria D: feel better! Good night!
Yesi: Good night Karen!
LoverKaren: Michelle fix my flub in transcripts.
LoverMichelle: Yes, I think we're rapping up here anyhow. Nina takes the
award for the longest fan chat!
LoverMichelle: Which is a good thing!
Nina Lane: Bye karen!
Yesi: Yes!!!
Peeps: This has been so much fun!!
Nina Lane: An award -- yay!
Nina Lane: I have had a great time!
Maria D: Nina before we go, will the characters be the same in the erotic
Nina Lane: And the brownies are all gone
Yesi: Thank you Nina for giving us Dean and Liv's beautiful story!
Peeps: Hehe
LoverMichelle: Definitely an award.
readingisfun: thank you, nina. your books is one of my faves!
Nina Lane: Thank you so much, Yesi!
Nina Lane: And readingisfun too -- so appreciate the support and love!
Nina Lane: Maria
Nina Lane: Yes, the characters will be the same, plus a few new ones!
Peeps: This book was really great. Can't wait for the others
Yesi: Thank you! One of my favorite books ever!
LoverMichelle: top 10 list without a doubt ~ obviously!
Maria D: Thank you Nina!!! Arouse is def one of my fave books ever!!
Nina Lane: Yay, Yesi! One of my favorite reviews ever! <3
Peeps: True
Maria D: Cant wait for Allure and bk 3
Yesi: Awww...thank you.
Nina Lane: Thank you so much -- I'm so exicted to get them out there into the
Nina Lane: I love Liv and Dean dearly, but I've been living with them for a
long time
Nina Lane: And would like them to get out of my house at some point
LoverMichelle: Thank you for sharing them with us.
LoverMichelle: I'll take 'em!
Maria D: Send them to mine
Peeps: Well, thanks for sharing them
Yesi: Me too! I'll take them!
Nina Lane: Thanks for all the fun and the great questions!
Peeps: They can shack up with all of us!
Nina Lane: And all the support -- it really means so incredibly much to me
Peeps: Awww
LoverMichelle: Yes, we'll take turns Peeps!
Maria D: Thank you!! Loved chatting with you!! <3
Yesi: Great chat! Thank you again!
Nina Lane: Good night everyone - thanks so much for inviting me! This has
been a lot of fun
Yesi: Any chance we can have another chat after Allure comes out?
Peeps: So much fun! Thanks girls for hosting and Nina for chatting!!
Maria D: good night!
Yesi: Good night!
LoverMichelle: Night ladies ~ thanks everyone for coming! Be sure to keep
an eye on the tour coming at the end of the month! And then the Allure Tour
right after that!
Maria D: thank you, Michelle!!! Such an awesome chat!
Maria D: Good night all!!
LoverMichelle: Thank you Nina for being so gracious with your time!
Nina Lane: Good night, all! Big hugs all around!
Yesi: Thank you Michelle! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams of Dean
Maria D: Sweet Dreams!!
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