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TTh 6:00 7:30

Portfolio for ASL 2

Submitted by: OCAMPO, PEARL MARIE A. Submitted to: Vincent Theodore Balo TTh 6:00 7:30

I. II.

About the Author Compilation (Arranged by Dates) a. Assignments b. Quizzes c. Test papers

III. Reflection Paper

Benjamin Franklins once said, Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. As a future educator myself, I will live up to his words. Why did I even mention that quotation when it is hardly connected to the subject Assessment of Student Learning where one learn how to measure the central tendencies or make various graphic organizers. Perhaps. Perhaps not. In the aforementioned course, I learned new things that are beyond the course description because it was showed by the professor. He portrayed a lot of hows and whys inside the classroom every evening, however, there is no greater effect of learning than to demonstrate methods and techniques in assessing a learner. This portfolio, for example, is one of the assessment tools a teacher can use. And he enacted it by assigning it to us. We had group reporting and rubric-making, using it in order to judge performances. Also, some of the assessment tools are too idealistic to do, but it would never stop me in using those innovative things that will be modified in my time. True to Franklins adage, if one is involved then one will surely learn. In this half-semester, I am bombarded with various activities that would aid me in the future. My greatest experience was to do the things we have learned by paper. This course taught me proper classroom management, the impartiality of being a teacher and of course, how to properly assess the students using several tools. In this subject, my teacher showed me and surely, to my future students, I shall show you as well.


A checklist for preparing a dance number: Directions: Check either YES or NO according to the statements given. Statements 1. All members of the group have the same attire. 2. All the members of the group wear uniform expressions with regard to the music choice. 3. The members showed readiness. 4. All members are actively executing the dance steps. 5. The group has synchronization. 6. There is a graceful transition of the dance steps. 7. The beginning and ending have the same energetic impact. Note: Greetings Mr. Balo! I believe this output is a group work but alas, I failed to attend your class when my classmates made this. I vividly remember the reason for my absence. I was required to attend the COMELEC orientation and I had an excuse letter in my hand during that time yet again failed to show you. I know that without an excuse letter, I am not exempted. And so, I deeply apologize, sir. For that, I just had to do my own for the reason of completing the compilation list. Thank you! YES NO


Reliability Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get the same result repeatedly.

Validity is the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure. It is vital for a test to be valid in order for the results to be accurately applied and interpreted.