dLux MediaArts 2014 Touring Program

writers & curators. partnership development between public and private sector. We aim to develop partnerships which contribute to new opportunities for digital media practitioners locally and particulary in remote and disadvantaged communities through social media and softwares technologies. . games for smartphones and GPS triggered episodic narratives. to present projects ranging from screening of single channel video art to multi channel video and sound installations. committed to supporting the development. We work with a range of artists. Our program and activities include research into emerging technologies and media arts practices.About dLux MediaArts dLux MediaArts is one of Australia’s key screen and media arts organisations. curation and touring of digital media arts exhibitions and digital skills development. engagement and experience of contemporary screen and digital media culture.

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Aphasia APHASIA is an immersive installation by collaborating artists Darragh O’Callaghan and David Sudmalis. 4x8m • Sound and light control • Ability to suspend 3x4m lightweight tape installation David Sudmalis Darragh O’Callaghan Venue to pay return freight + travel & accom for 1 dLux installer $2800 +GST Optional 1 day Artist workshops with David Sudmalis . sound. An emotive soundscape composed by David Sudmalis pervades the space. The term “aphasia” comes from Greek. contributing to the transportive atmosphere which is further enhaced by an infusion of rising fog. occasioned by injury or disease to the brain. 12 participants Learn how to change the ambience of your environment through creating your own sound piece. Includes • • • • • • Fog machine & fluid supply Quadraphonic sound component Single channel projection Entry installation (red door) Hanging installation Signage & banner Exhibition essentials: • Isolated room . Aphasia implies the multi-sensory. A large scale rectangular matrix of magnetic tape suspended from the ceiling immerses viewers creating a separation from the everyday world. to incite contemplation. as well as her dreams.min. APHASIA consists of multiple components. bringing together their practices in photomedia. music and performance. . and refers to a medical condition that presents as difficulties in language ability. Capture unexpected melodies and rhythms from your surroundings and manipulate them into an experimental symphony. APHASIA conflates the worlds of reality and fantasy opening up new spaces of possibility. Soundscapes and Experimental Symphony Max. Paired with this is a projected video work depicting a symbolic landscape. This work was inspired by was letters written to Darragh by her father. sculpture.suitable for upper secondary students to adults $970 + GST * + facilitator travel and accom.

The Garden of Forking Paths Curated by Neil Jenkins The Garden of Forking Paths exhibition draws together notable historic and contemporary computer games created by artists. Tell Your Story in a Virtual Environment Max. Jaron Lanier (USA). . Make your own 3D Shooter Max 8. 12 students Participants will be encouraged to tell their own story through the media of interactive 3d environments (computer games). Includes • Games on original playback devices • Themed exhibition design • All equipment • 2 installation staff • Education Kit Exhibition essentials • Minimum 120 sqm floor space • Abililty to light control Tale of Tales (Belgium). students Using the ‘Layar’ augmented reality browser and the physical environment of your [city/ town/regional centre] participants will create a competitive adventure game with a difference.suitable for upper secondary students to adults $970 + GST * + facilitator travel and accom.Game Engine’ participants will learn the basics of building a computer game from scratch and by the end of the workshop will have a working game and the skills to further develop it. Anne Fontaine (AUS) / Mike Pelletier (Canada). Using the popular unity game engine participants will create and share virtual worlds that explore who they are. Thompson and Craighead (UK) and Guillaume Reymond (UK) $4500 +GST Venue to pay return freight + travel & 2 nights accom for 1 dLux installer Optional 1 day Artist workshops with Andrew Burrell . Michael Nyman (UK). Nina Pope / Karen Guthrie (UK) Andy Deck (USA). including some on the original computers they were programmed for. students Using the popular ‘Unity . The presented pieces span the last three decades—from Jaron Lanier’s 1983 Commodore 64 game ‘Moondust’ through to ‘Tale of Tales’ 2009 release ‘The Path’—a period which has seen incredible advances in technology and the birth of the information age. Laurie Anderson (USA) with Hsin-Chien Huang (Taiwan). Geocaching adventure Max 8. All of the pieces in the show can be played by visitors. and will invite an audience/players to explore their environment augmented with narratives presented via mobile device.

SCANLINES scanlines is a major survey exhbition featuring a range of significant artists from Australia’s media art heritage. Kathy Smith. Includes • • • • • 12 artworks Interactive design 2 day workshop Equipment dLux installer • • • Exhibition essentials: Between 50-75 sq or running metres Light controlled space Internet connection Kurt Brereton. dLux workshops are designed to cater to a range of skill levels utilising a variety of everyday devices including mobile phones. $4500 +GST Venue to pay return freight + travel & 2 nights accom for 1 dLux installer Includes 2 day companion Workshop . Sue Healey. scanlines traces the influences of one generation to the next and encourages the viewer to draw connections between historic and contemporary works. Stephen Harrop. Daniel Mudie Cunningham. Leon Cmielewski. video. The exhibition explores how these have changed over time with a strong education focus and is the springboard for a series of optional curriculum linked workshop modules. scanlines incorporates work by fourteen exhibiting artists. Additional workshops $970 + GST * + facilitator travel and accom. Soda_Jerk. Featuring film. Mark Titmarsh and John Tonkin. Josephine Starrs. iPads and laptops. Janet Merewether. Daniel Crooks.suitable for upper primary students to adults The workshop will demonstrate and explore ways to mimic. use and share the digital and analogue techniques used by exhibiting artists. Kate Richards. • Animation • Editing • Re-mix • Video Collage • Sound • Recontextualisation • Filming Workshops may include: . and interactive CD-rom. Works in the exhibition are created using a range of techniques. Stephen Fearnley.

suitable for upper primary students to adults Additional workshops $970 + GST * + facilitator travel and accom. this workshop aims to expand ideas of both the process of film-making and the audience’s perception of video. iMovie for Kids No prior experience necessary. This exhibition can be the source of an ongoing and varied program with no time limitations. where galleries are able to curate their own vision and where viewers are free to engage with the works in their own time with their own smart device. film and cinema. Discover takes to watch one. As a group we will write points of interest in your local surroundings a simple script. 12 students Feel like all image making is high-tech. Upper primary to mid high school students. A flexible exhibition. Each MICROVID is a vignette of daily life . $2800 +GST . for viewing on mobile phones or tablets. film and edit using iMovie. 2 groups of 6 Low-Tech Film Making Max. high cost? Learn how to make films using mobile In this workshop learn the ins and outs of devices with everyday technologies and iMovie and make a film in about the time it materials to publish to the internet.MICROVIDS MICROVIDS is an entire single channel video exhibition kit in a box.a series of observations and recordings created since 2008. and people and tell stories. cast the actors. group activity. students By learning basic stop-frame animation techniques. Experimental Film making Max 12. Gary Deirmendjian has created a growing archive of 60+ short video works accessible through QR codes which link to youtube. MICROVIDS makes gallery walls permeable and creates opportunities for dialogue about what constitutes an exhibition and artworks. story board and learn how to capture the environment the action. Includes • • • • Table-top box with QR codes for 60 video works Two tethered viewing devices Catalogue essay Choice of two facilitated workshops with dLux mobile Lab equipment provided Exhibition essentials: • Reliable 3G network or WIFI • Dedicated table and seating area for viewing works Gary Deirmendjian Venue to pay return freight + travel & accom for 1 dLux facilitator $2800 +GST Includes 2 day Artist workshop .

image couresty of Michael Reid $2800 +GST $2400 +GST Public Program • One night presentation and 2 day workshop Additional costs: • Extra workshop faciltator $700 .VideoSCAN Developed as a public program to support video art exhibitions videoSCAN is a one night presentation and two day workshop. there will be a 2 day workshop. BYO 2011 digital animation. What is Video Art? Together we will try and uncover some of the answers to this question. 6:00min. The audience will be actively encouraged to participate in a lively discussion led by the presenters and in relation to excerpts of contemporary and historic video artworks. Joan Ross: BBQ this Sunday.essential for groups larger than 10 Venue to pay travel & accom for dLux facilitators • Includes • 2 presenters for evening • 1 presenter to faciltate the workshop • Equipment . Works will be selected to match your current exhibition and will demonstrate a range of video art making techniques and conceptual approaches. The workshop is aimed at teachers and arts practitioners and is an opportunity to learn media art making techniques and to conceptualise and contextualise video artworks through a hands-on experience. Leading on from the evening presentation. stereo sound.

There is an option for you book workshops which will be facilitated by the Curator of the exhibition. easy to use and can be accessed at home. This is a great way to include local artists in the gallery program and to generate local interest in the show. indoors or out for any time period. DIY guides are provided for community members who wish to be considered for the exhibition. For examples of previous works that appeared in the touring exhibition (Un)seen Sculptures. workshops and guided sculpture tours.com We have developed (Un)seen Sculptures as a community engagement program consisting of an exhibition. Your community members can be trained to create their own Augmented Reality (AR) artwork which may be included in the exhibition. With the aid of a free Augmented Reality Browser app artworks will appear on the screen of the mobile device as if they had been superimposed on the landscape. Price includes use of dLux Mobile Lab equipment. Participants will using tools & applications that are free. Prior to each exhibition there will be a callout to people in your region to create their own virtual sculpture and submit it for possible inclusion in the exhibition. visit the website www. This exhibition offers many fantastic public program opportunities such as regular guided tours lead by your specially trained gallery volunteers. a sculpture walk composed entirely of virtual 3D works that have been placed at specific geographic locations around your gallery. Your audience can visit these locations and use an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet to view and interact with these works. if you will. . As part of the interaction with the work. It will begin with an overview of the history of the medium. INCLUDES: • • • Curated exhibition of Augmented Reality sculpture Site specific location of virtual artworks Opening night guided sculpture walks with the Curator • • • • Training workshop for staff and volunteers on tour delivery Local call out document for you to circulate to your community Warren Armstrong curator venue to pay travel & accom for dLux facilitators $4500 +GST Optional 1 day Artist workshops with Warren Armstrong • suitable for upper secondary students to adults . Participants will view and discuss some of the more notable recent works in the field. text or other online components. From students. 12 students $970 + GST + facilitator his session ventures into the fascinating world of mobile augmented reality where artists use online tools and smartphones to “embed” virtual sculptures in the “real world”. to the general public. artists and/or teachers seeking professional development.Max. It can be offered at entry level or as a masterclass.(Un)seen Sculptures Curated by Warren Armstrong Imagine. An (Un)seen Sculptures exhibition can be tailored to any venue. Workshop content can be tailored to suit your community.unseensculptures. people may also be able to hear sound/musical compositions or view images. Augmented Reality techniques will be demonstrated and particpants will be guided thorugh making their own mobile AR art.

creates a viewer activated virtual environment in the gallery and surrounding region.Game Engine’ participants will learn the basics of building a computer game from scratch and by the end of the workshop will have a working game and the skills to further develop it. In an included workshop. Come and explore! IUXTA consists of an immersive interactive projection. the order of the nodes rearranges and the sequence in which stored audio fragments are played back changes. Geocaching adventure Max 8. Using the app’s ‘add node’ function anyone can generate additional audio nodes. students Using the ‘Layar’ augmented reality browser and the physical environment of your [city/ town/regional centre] participants will create a competitive adventure game with a difference. it becomes populated with more nodes. As more people in your region access the network. which when paired with a custom mobile application developed by the artist. Each time an individual logs into the app. students Using the popular ‘Unity . Includes • • • • • • • Projector and game controller Mac Mini 2 x tablets Site specific audio Speakers One day workshop Installation training Exhibition essentials: • Isolated room . Make your own 3D Shooter Max 8. Once visitors have accessed the network in the gallery they are encouraged to take the app to other locations around the region. .IUXTA IUXTA is participatory augmented reality network that has been evolving across the world. and will invite an audience/players to explore their environment augmented with narratives presented via mobile device. Andrew Burrell will work with participants to collect original sounds from their environment and insert them into the network for others to hear. 4x4m • Sound and light control • Internet connection Andrew Burrell $2800 +GST Venue to pay return freight + travel & accom for 1 dLux facilitator Optional additional 1 day Artist workshops with Andrew Burrell .min. The audience will encounter and navigate a virtual network made up of nodes. A node is symbolised by a green sphere and represents a sound bite. Viewers are invited to participate and contribute to a growing local narrative.suitable for upper secondary students to adults $970 + GST * + facilitator travel and accom.

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