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TIME SERIES Time series of raw or processed observations of a variable, and/or inputs and outputs from numerical models comprise an essential part of most projects in the water sector. In its simplest form, a time series is basically a list of date-value pairs. However, much more information is needed in real life applications. For example, it is essential to know whether a value represents a measurement at an exact time, or whether it represents the average or accumulation since the previous time step. An error in unit handling can have potentially disastrous consequences. Moreover, when working with observations it is important that data quality information be associated to the time step. Attaching entire metadata sheets with information about (for example) the instrument used to measure a variable, or geo referencing of time series may greatly increase the value of an information management system. Finally, when working with stochastic methods, each time step may not be represented by a single value. However, a range of equally likely values, and management, processing and analysis of such time series in a system that was not designed for it, can indeed be very complex.

The Time Series Manager provides the MIKE CUSTOMISED user with advanced functionality to manage, process and analyse time series. CHALLENGE

Time series management is a lot more than just the dates and values


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Import from a range of file formats, and linking to external repositories Easily accessible time series charts and tables Quality flagging of individual time steps User -defined time series metadata sheets Support for time series with multiple values in each time step (ensembles) More than 60 tools are available for analysing time series, and the toolbox can easily be extended Provides functionality for geo -referencing time series when combined with the MIKE CUSTOMISED GIS Manager Provides functionality for analysing and processing of time series in a spreadsheet environment when combined with the MIKE CUSTOMISED spreadsheet Manager Time series data and tools can be accessed from the MIKE CUSTOMISED Script manager

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THE TIME SERIES MANAGER The time series manager was not only designed to address the abovementioned issues but also to keep track of how changes happen throughout the lifecycle of a time series. It includes a functionality to create, edit and plot time series, as well as a vast list of tools to analyse and process time series. TIME SERIES IMPORT Time series can be imported from a range of external file formats and the system is easily extended to include new formats. Linking to data in external repositories is supported, and a powerful example is the option to make time series from DIMS available in the Time series manager. Linking to OpenMI compliant data sources is also supported. Once time series have been imported, they can be organised in a folder-like tree structure that fully supports ‘cut’, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’. CHARTS AND TABLES Time series can be edited in tables and visualised in time series charts. The charts are highly customisable and support a range of different chart types (line, columns etc.), templates, multiple x and y-axes, ‘copy to clipboard’ and ‘export to common graphics formats’.

TIME SERIES AND GIS When combined with the GIS manager, it becomes possible to associate a time series to a map feature (for example, a point representing a climate station). Time series that are associated to map features can be accessed by clicking a feature in the map. Moreover, when statistical tools are applied to geo-referenced time series, the result of the calculation may optionally be visualised on the map.

TIME SERIES AND SPREADSHEETS When the time series manager is combined with the spreadsheet manager, entirely new options for editing, charting, processing and analysing time series become available. Time series can be accessed and analysed from a spreadsheet using simple spreadsheet functions. When combined with the built-in spreadsheet options for conditional formatting, charts, buttons and drop-down lists, entire dashboards for monitoring time series, or new interfaces for complex time series tools can be built in the spreadsheet manager.

TIME SERIES TOOLS Time series can be processed and analysed using more than sixty time series tools that are currently available in the toolbox. This includes tools for:
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calculation of simple as well as advanced statistics performance of a range of statistical tests extreme value extraction frequency analysis quality assurance and processing. SCRIPTING The time Series Manager API is fully documented and can be accessed through the MIKE CUSTOMISED Script manager.

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Tools for generating and analysing stochastic time series having multiple values in each time step are available in the toolbox as well. New tools can easily be added to the toolbox either through scripting or by adding new tools to the system toolbox following a well-documented procedure.

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