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Aridoamerica was the north area. some of which became allies with Spain to take them down. Cinthia Reyes. and a chemical engineer who has chosen to become a teacher. potatoes and tomatoes. Olmecs. was a Spanish conqueror who led in the fall of the Aztec Empire. white and bearded. who is said to have taught science to Mayans.” you are right! One important detail that is questioned sometimes is why weren’t the Spanish attacked when they first arrived this continent? One hypothesis says they looked like Vikings. The strongest group living there was the Chichimecas (which is a náhuatl word for barbarian or uncivilized).cinthiareyes. Another hypothesis considers a prophecy of the return of Quetzalcóatl (also known as Kukulkan by certain groups). Nevertheless. clear up some of our misunderstandings. Thank you. Aztecs and others. Therefore I present to you a very short review of what happened in this area prior to this famous date and afterwards I will explain what happened with this battle. Although. She has also been Chair of Mensa Mexico for two terms and served as our International Liaison during Reno’s 2012 AG. The Aztec Empire was ruling the Mexicas area and also had other enemies. interventions and more negotiations with countries like the United States of America. the Spanish indeed vanquished the Aztecs and took the cultural and astronomical legacy of Mesoamerica down as well. (Continued on page 4) 3 . Cinthia! — Anna Wright Cinthia Reyes Mexican history is filled with negotiations. She is a delightful. energetic young woman. if you are guessing “Mexican” and “Mexico” comes from “Mexicas. the Mexican territory was split in two areas: Aridoamerica and Mesoamerica. cocoa. some of our commemorated dates are subject to confusion outside of the country. corn. Much of the written material was destroyed. And yes. Spain and France. hopefully. had a very rich pre-Columbian history featuring famous sedentary and developed groups like the Aztecs (also named Mexicas — it sounds sort of like mechjias) and Mayans. who had been long time visitors to the continent. a man-shaped god represented as tall. Hernán Cortés. Unfortunately for everyone in this area. I met Cinthia three years ago at the Denver AG. Before Christopher Columbus discovered America (from the European point of view) in 1492. Europe gained some fancy things from Mesoamerica: like the sewage system idea (which was pretty well implemented here). I asked her to write a few words to help us understand the Cinco de Mayo celebration I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce one of my favorite friends from Mensa Mexico.“Cinco de Mayo” in Mexico Cinthia Reyes (www. dry and mostly nomadic. and I believe this may be the case with the 5th of May. Mesoamerica in contrast.

taking the very president as prisoner to force him to accept Texas as non-Mexican territory. rice and Mediterranean products.S. 1810). Napoleon Bonaparte had invaded Spain. Mexicans are taught in school that the war was meant to make an independent country from Spain. 4 . gained more than half of the Mexican territory and paid a symbolic amount to Mexico to recover from war. The Mexican territory was the first one to begin a war “of Independence” (16th of September. the people living in Texas expressed their desire to become independent from Mexico.A.S. 1821. Although. bulls. Mexico accepted the territorial conditions of its northern neighbor in exchange for peace. (Mexico is actually not the real name of the country. the first intention was actually meant to change the political organization but remain at the service of Spain. The U.S. This concept has been debatable. and Mexico (in 1848). Several years and struggles later between the U. religion and brought cows. it’s just for short and to avoid confusion with the U. forcing King Carlos IV and his son to abdiAn extra bonus detail in my story: this is the original Mexican cate the throne in faterritory as in 1821. date of Mexico is considered to be the 27th of September. The U. Our country was then named: Estados Unidos Mexicanos and became independent from Spain. It is said that Brazil was given to Portuguese as a mandate of a Catholic Pope (Alejandro VI) who “cut” the map in two parts to give each of the Empires a geographic part. horses. They imposed language.(Cinco de Mayo continued from page 3) The Spanish rule over the now Latin America and part of the United States territory lasted long. and not just for internal reasons. though. The the black-segmented line which unites at the east of Paseo del official independence Norte with the red one. also wished to expand its territory and invaded Mexico. The current Mexican territory is delimited by vor of Napoleon.S.) During the time of the dictator Mexican President Santa Anna.

0 Unported license by Sodro Cedeño. On the 5th of May. as president. 1910.84-85. Benito Juárez. Mexico had been in internal and external battle since 1810.Siglo XXI Editores. Santa Anna’s period was not peaceful. He actually was Austrian but represented France. led the right wing. Basado en Zorrilla. Spain and France. breaking the treaty. Yet the French were defeated that day in that battle.  http://fr. Sierra Moncayo. We do have a military parade in Puebla that day and it’s an official day off in the whole country. According to French Wikipedia. they (France) could help it develop and become the first industrialized region of Latin America as well as a Catholic empire allied to France — capable of competing against the U. The French. and he left a bankrupt state with external debt to France. England and Spain. Mexico lost the war against France anyway and we had a French Emperor: Maximiliano I.And at last we get to the 5th of May event. Ignacio Zaragoza. France had clear intentions of establishing a French empire in Mexico (or what was left of it!). and by the way. who would become president eventually (and a new dictator). pp. ed. was kind of liberal and tried to help Mexicans. and with clear intention of taking over the country. María Julia (2010) Atlas conmemorativo 1810. 5 . Porfirio Díaz. ed. one of the most glorious armies of the time (hardly defeated besides Waterloo). Earlier. the Mexican General. ISBN 978-607-03-0141-4. It should not be confused with our independency and it is not the most important date in our civic calendar. Porrúa. were not alone. The four countries signed a treaty in hope that Mexico could afford paying them back again as soon as possible. This struggle required money.S.wikipedia. and stopping the Anglo-Saxon and protestant expansion along the American continent. But. Reynaldo. But. The 5th of May is commemorated in Mexico probably because it’s inspiring to recognize the Mexican army’s capacity to defeat one of the most dreadful armies of the time. (1977) Historia de las relaciones entre México y los Estados Unidos de América 1800-1958. it is almost certain that it has become far more celebrated as a party outside of the Mexican territory. It’s a kind of “David and Goliath” symbol where the weakest faces and defeats (temporarily) the strongest. Luis G. This caused a new military invasion fromçaise_au_Mexique Image with Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. Conservatives supported and accompanied them. The French military forces arrived at Port of Veracruz and headed towards the capital city. Mexico was outnumbered and had fewer resources. The story doesn’t end there. declared that Mexico could not continue to pay them back. once order could be restored to this land. México. 2010. México pp-208-209. and at that time was still split in two main groups: those in favor that Mexico should be driven by an external country (the conservatives) and those against that idea (the liberals). faced the French in Puebla.

any genre. .000 to choose from. Constance Black Jo Sherwood Kelly Smith Reno Reno Reno Reno Reno Incline Village Reno Reno Carson City Spring Creek Sparks Welcome and Welcome Back! John Scanlon ¡Hola! idos. Bien Ven Incline Village Reno Reno Reno Yerington Jerri Campbell Gary Campbell Elizabeth Hecklin George Johnson Northern Nevada Mensa wishes to thank Grassroots Books 660 East Grove Street Reno.Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! May 1 5 8 8 20 23 23 24 27 29 30 Heather Dorsey-Hirt Mary Weber Joseph Van Alstyne Kevin Foley Ellen Hendricks Howard Beckerman Karin Dixson Frank Baird. More than 10. Limit one/person from any promotion in a calendar year. 6 Thanks! Show this paragraph for a free unstickered book. NV 89502 (775) 828-2665 For donating their space for Mensa Admissions Testing. Jr.

but I do love opera. was a wonderful and caring mother.  Annemarie McTaggart 7 . and when the war came in the 40s she was able to find employment with the Seattle Health Department.” — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross What talent would you most like to have? I wish that my voice had been larger so that I could have been an opera singer. as my father was able to get a residency in Seattle. This was sad. Wisconsin. what’s the one thing you would bring? My volume of the complete works of Shakespeare and a Bible. Because she was a woman. I did have a good career as a singer of German Lieder and French songs and am now quite happy playing the piano. if I could afford to live there. she could get no work as a doctor because she was a woman. So she had her five children. What is always in your refrigerator? Yogurt. graduating from medical school in the late 1920s. When we moved to Seattle. as if it was the only one we had. so she ended up doing all the work while holding my father's practice together (he was in the service) and raising her children. They normally had three doctors but all three were in the service. She was a doctor. If you could live anywhere in the world. If you were stranded on a deserted island. Favorite quote: “It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we will begin to live each day to the fullest. Who is your real-life hero? My mother.Meet a Mensan by Ashley Cullins Meet Annemarie McTaggart. where we eventually lived. she ended up as Superintendent of Medicine for the Seattle Public High Schools and served on many boards and in many helping capacities in several organizations. she couldn't get a residency at any other hospital so they had to give her one at Marquette University in Milwaukee. a Mensa member since 1966. She did an excellent job in everything she was involved in. and she is my ideal. After the war. where would it be? Paris.

e.. 4. (Well. Olbers’ paradox — the one that says the sky should not be dark... female whose mitochondria we all carry. we’re even closer related. 3.5 billion years ago the proto-earth was hit by a planet the size of Mars.. the final frontier. And not just because it’s mainly alcohol. 200.. researchers for the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) recorded a mysterious sound. Ain’t science fun?) Can you spot the fake stories? 1. Because the satellites that make up the system are in orbit. In 1997. three thousand) years ago there lived the Most Recent Common Ancestor... The GPS system has to adjust itself for the Theory of Relativity. read “in line with current theory” for “true” — these may be all false by the time you read this. much louder than the loudest noise any animal has been known to make. If you get scared by stories of things hitting the earth. According to extensive genetic research. loud enough) to be heard by hydrophones 5000 km apart. brace yourself: the current theory of where the moon came from is that somewhere around 4.. 5. 6. Whoops. hence the name.000 years ago in Kenya there lived “Mitochondrial Eve. well. A scientist at NOAA said he believed it was from some sort of animal.” And yet. Without that adjustment. Best guess says it was from a remote part of the South Pacific. making her the “mother of us all. The noise in question rose rapidly in frequency over a minute while being “of sufficient amplitude” (i.” a woman. because if the universe is infinite any point in the night sky should have the light of a star — is part of what prompted the theory of “dark matter. part of which coalesced via gravity into our satellite. 2. and therefore subject to much less gravity. your location would be about 10 km off each day. by Travis McCord Below are 10 interesting little science stories.. In the middle of our galaxy is a massive cloud of organic compounds which has scientists very excited. one ancestor of every single person on earth — this despite the fact that he had about 50 million contemporaries. 8 ... despite it being much. wait. they run a tiny bit faster than clocks on earth. They were using a hydrophone setup derived from equipment used to detect Soviet submarines. It also has traces of a compound called ethyl formate — which happens to be what gives raspberries their flavor. but not all of them are true.Puzzle Page Science. by about 38 microseconds per day. Needless to say this left a huge mess. Which would mean the center of our galaxy includes about 10 billion billion billion liters of something close to raspberry rum.” Something out there has to be absorbing light energy. it was only 3000 (that’s right.

Try to avoid sneakers and shoes with rubber soles. NNM Yahoo group. and eventually settled on “Cosmic Latte. please feel free to contact me at . wear them. NNM Facebook group.. 10. Current theory says those two facts are related. and boom. After jokingly saying they were looking for a name for the color. No partner is necessary. The tallest wave ever recorded on earth was a tsunami (boosted by a big chunk of a mountain falling into the water) that hit Alaska in July of 1958. Climate scientists go down to Antarctica to drill holes in the ice. They take the ice from those holes and go over them millimeter by millimeter to check out the temperatures and air composition in the past — since the ice down there never melts. at 7 p. If you haven’t already done so you can renew your Mensa membership online at www. There were 5 deaths. and that it was enough to achieve critical mass. they got several suggestions mailed in.. which flattened forests in Siberia in 1908. Any questions. brilliant ideas. which leads to speculation that something — say. their studies show that the amount of CO2 in the air is not just at a recent high.m. 9. or just want to say hi.000 radiation levels measured immediately after the blast are consistent with a uranium blast. I look forward to hearing from you!  9 . You may have heard that uranium is so volatile that you just need to get enough of it together to get a reaction — that's how atom bombs work. plus 40 stories. suggestions. the seismic event measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale measured at about the same time — somehow brought two uranium-rich rocks together. or someone was doing atomic theory many years before anyone we've heard May 2. A team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins university has determined the “average color” of the universe. After surveying over 200. Wear comfortable clothing that does not inhibit your movements.” 8..  Answers on page 26 Membership by Sandra Lackovic The Mensa membership year begins April 1 and ends March 31. and adding the light gathered together. Wear shoes that will stay on your feet and pivot easily: thin leather soles are ideal for this. You may also have heard of the Tunguska Blast. If you have a pair of tango shoes. they came up with an average color that is a very light beige. concerns. Among other things.7. Either that. Its height was recorded as 1720 feet — the height of the Empire State Building. Cost is $10. Join your Mensa friends at our newest event: Let’s Tango! Have you ever wanted to learn this beautiful and sensual dance? Then join us for a beginning tango lesson at The Ballroom of Reno on Thursday.. but is in fact the highest it’s been in over 100. they can go very far back.mensa.000 galaxies. but they are not necessary.

Another has it that he adopted the Celtic form of dress favored by the Scots and Irish of wearing a short tunic that left his legs bare. giving the Scots warmth during winters. Farming became verdant. named Magnus Barelegs (sometimes called Magnus Barefoot) had a surprise in store. A black stone was discovered that actually burned. Magnus Barelegs. This infuriated Haakon and he began to amass an invading army. The national flower of Scotland isn’t observed as such merely because of its attractive purple color. Viking. a part of the Irish Sea. One of Alexander III’s nobles. The Vikings from Norway were able to occupy the Shetland Islands. Haakon refused just as he had refused when Alexander II previously had offered. resulted in a bargain struck to avoid a battle that promised much bloodshed. He brought more than 150 longships from (Continued on page 21) 10 . the Earl of Ross launched an attack on the Isle of Skye. Thus. work their way down the Scottish west coast and take over the Hebrides Islands and make incursions into the Kintyre Peninsula. the Orkney Islands. The etymology of the word means. the Vikings took the tactic of beaching their boats a few miles away from protected harbors and conducted sneak attacks from behind the unsuspecting villages. roughly. As the Scots had their harbors fortified against direct attacks of Vikings boldly sailing their longboats directly into the Scottish harbors. The Vikings would be allowed to lay claim to an area that they could circumnavigate with one of their boats in a day’s time. A Norwegian king. The eleventh and twelfth centuries in Scotland came to be known as Scotland’s Golden Age. The isthmus is located at a place called Tarbert. He had one of his hardy crews portage a boat across the narrow isthmus and laid claim to the entire peninsula. Coal was a primary source of energy there for a long time afterward. a long inlet that cut almost all the way across the peninsula to a very short isthmus (less than a thousand yards) that led to the Firth of Clyde. The Vikings soon discovered that the Scots had planted plots a half mile thick of Scotch thistle. One confrontation between the Scots at the northern end of the Kintyre Peninsula.From the LocSec by Bob McAllister Conclusion of “The Celts” Along with the new Irish (Scoti) visits came the incursions of the Vikings. (History has it that he was called Barefoot because he emulated the Irish practice of riding barefoot. “carry/ drag-boat. There was little strife in an otherwise harsh place.” Eventually the Vikings had made incursions as far as the Isle of Man where Magnus became King of Man. The barelegged warriors approached the death of a thousand cuts to their exposed legs well before making any headway. King Alexander III approached the Norwegian King Haakon (also Haco) and offered to buy the Hebrides (the Western Isles) from Viking occupation. He sailed a boat up Loch Tarbert.

ravens.m. Contact Sandra at . exit at Damonte Ranch Parkway and drive EAST. glaciers.m. Your contact is John . 2540 Sutro St #1. distance and direction of the target and intercept it with a stream of pellets from a May 19. June 15. Reno.S. on Thursday.. Turn LEFT onto Rio Wrangler. Multi-Dimensional Physics Practical Exercise (Involving Shotguns and Clay Targets) 11 a. Follow Rio Wrangler onto the access road and into the shooting facility (We're up on the hill above you). Wear comfortable clothing that does not inhibit your movements. May 4.sagehillclays. She’ll show the slides and tell you some of the best stories after the potluck. at Grassroots Books. New Location: the Clubhouse at Skyline Villas. NNM Yahoo group. Gun rental $25) 11 . Potluck at 6:30 p.mensa. at 7 We are all smart Reno. by Richard Arbib May 11. No partner is necessary. Mensa Admissions Testing: First Saturday from 3-5 p. whales. Turn LEFT onto Steamboat Parkway. May 2. speaker at the Washoe Valley home of Bob. RSVP (helpful but not required) at . and disasters.S.m. Along the way she took or collected photos of America’s wild and stunningly beautiful state. Directions: .m. Mensa Programs: Second Saturday at 6 p. (Trap or Skeet: $8/25 targets. Contact Mindy Hsu: Testing@northernnevada. New Event: Lets Tango! Join us for a beginning tango lesson at The Ballroom of Reno. 660 E. She told passengers stories about Alaska’s fascinating history and its bears. until ? Sage Hill Clay Sports.Events and Activities: May 2. Forest Service aboard the Alaska Marine Highway ferry the Columbia. but can we apply our knowledge of ballistic trajectories and time in a real-world setting? You simply say “Pull!” and a clay target is thrown into the air. Sporting Clays: $45/100 targets.. volcanoes. Our speaker will be from the Audubon Society. Speaker: Loren MacArthur worked for five summers as a seasonal ranger for the U. Grove St. Your goal is to quickly evaluate the Contact Richard Arbib Calendar@northernnevada. NNM Facebook group. Reno June 1. 7 p. Pot Luck dinner. http://www.m. at the Reno home of Loren.m. Cost is $10. (775) 851-1123. speaker at 7:30 p.mensa. 7370 Desert Way. Directions: From U.

m.'s Brewhouse.m. Combined with Supper Club this month. May 15.m.m. Dinner at the Chocolate Bar. Lunch Bunch: Fourth Tuesday at 11:45 a. Opera. (866) 821-9996.m. June 22. Reno For more information or to offer suggestions for future dinners contact Sandra. Join us for games at Sandy's place in Incline Village. June 25. Reno.m. The opera that conquered London in Handel’s time comes to the Met in David McVicar’s lively production. Virginia Street.m. June 18. in keeping with the Hispanic theme of this Neva-Mind. Wild River Grille. May 25. Let's head to Hi Point Coffee and Café. May 28. David Daniels. Handel’s Giulio Cesare. Reno 12 Contact Don or Laura . 11 N.J. Century Riverside. B. Baroque specialist Harry Bicket conducts. you could select a spicy Cinco de Mayo lunch. June 29. Bring food and/or drinks to share. 5 p. Sierra St. 13999 S.m. . 6:30 p. May 21. Reno. Reno Contact Barbara or Sandra. 2707 S. Reno. Space is limited so please RSVP for address and driving instructions to NNM Facebook group. 853-7575 was picked by Natalie Sera. sings the title role opposite Natalie Dessay as Cleopatra. Last opera of the season. 6 p. 6 p. Sushi Lovers — Not Just Sushi! Everyone is Welcome! May 21. Reno. 95 N. It will be held on May 28 and.peppermillreno. Oceano at the Peppermill Reno Hotel Casino. Sushi Pier 2 Contact Sandra or NNM Facebook group. new production. Oceano at the Peppermill Reno Hotel Casino. www. Extensive seafood menu set in a dramatic undersea environment. The world’s leading countertenor.More Events and Activities: Dinner and the Opera: Wednesdays at 5:00 p. Supper Club: Third Tuesday at 6 p. Games at Tahoe: Saturday 4 p. Reno. Sierra St. or NNM Facebook group. Voted Reno's Best Seafood by the Reno Gazette Journal.

June 1. 4:30 to 8:30 p. May 4.May 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed 1 May Day Thu 2 New Event: Let’s Tango! 3 Fri Sat 4 Game Night at Joe’s & Mensa Testing 11 Mensa Program & National Train Day 18 5 Cinco de Mayo 6 7 8 9 10 12 Mother’s Day 13 14 15 Dinner and the Opera 16 17 20 19 Skeet/ Trap Shooting 21 Supper Club & Sushi Lovers 28 Lunch Bunch 22 23 24 25 Games at Tahoe 26 27 Memorial Day 29 30 31 June 1 Game Night at Joe’s & Mensa Testing Game Night at Joe's Place: First Saturdays. Potluck. Contact: Joe . 13 .m.

etc.) But. Clever and wise Crawling bug that infests homes Desert canine Diner who eats not with the neighbors. the hidden words below are so commonly used in the English language that we sometimes forget that they came originally from Spanish 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Also called cherry pepper American animal that takes it's fortress with it. sombrero. Biscayne is one. Use the clues to identify these words first.Spanish to English by Anna M. taco.) 14 Answers on page 26 . Wright Everyone knows a few Spanish words (fiesta. (Also a popular 60's TV show. Spellings can go in any straight line direction and overlap too. then find them in the puzzle. but the neighbors Do you remember when Dan Quayle had trouble spelling this vegetable? Dried meat treat 10 Favorite food espoused especially by Mensans 11 Freshmen often line up for meals here 12 Gold rush exclamation.WordSearchMaker. www. T O T N E Q O M C H H L G U E R R I L L A O I S T A M P E D E Y O S E N O L A B A V R O A B C S F T Y K R E J V I R N L A A E L A B I N N A C K O K L H N G D L K F V S A C E G L E B Y O T A T O P N O W I I Y G Y O W A N O J D E C M I G G N A M D F D K A A T A A O I R F A R Z T D T A B R L O N C R M K N O Q S V A P O A C A R K E A R R U Q R G E C P N G Z A N T D M O G V V T C A O E F O N P E I O T N P O A C R R B T Y C R F L N G L Y B H B O C T J G H D A L N A O O E L L Y O T A M O T C O Z C T T L B A R R A C U D A V A L M L L M O I P L A T I N U C O L A T E X H W R U C M A C N M M E N L T M H Copyright © 2008 Anna Wright.

13 Grain storage location 14 Green gemstone 15 Herb that's usually associated with Italian cuisine. 16 Horse that needs to be tamed. If I were a house. greens and shades of rust. 31 Town square (or 5-star NY hotel) 32 Twister 33 Warrior who uses stealth and surprise as main tactics 34 When the cattle go wild 35 Where the hands tend the “dogies” 36 Wild horse native to Nevada Cover Credits: Loren MacArthur On the cover: The Don Quijote school in Guanajuato. The alcove I photographed was bright yellow and blue softened by the green shades of the foliage. — Loren MacArthur 15 . where I studied Spanish. blues. often mistaken for silver 21 Narrow space between mountains 22 Not a cigarette or a Tiparillo ® 23 Partial or complete prohibition of trade 24 Pipe filler 25 Red vegetable that's actually a fruit 26 Southwest Indian tribe famed for it's fierce warriors 27 Tasty mollusk that's larger than a clam 28 That large slab of concrete in your yard. you can check out the colors on the net version. blazed with the colors of Mexico — bright yellows. oranges. I’d be bright blue trimmed in bright green living in a beige neighborhood. If you receive the Neva-Mind in black and white. 17 Huge storm from the Atlantic 18 It's a small boat 19 It's cousin is a crocodile. I miss the bright colors of the houses I passed every day walking to school there. 20 Metal with atomic number 78. 29 The slammer 30 This fish has a long jaw with powerful teeth.

My group was sent to study the issues surrounding migration because of the hostile climate for migrants on Long Island. Our mission on return was to share the experience and knowledge we gained with our communities in an effort to increase understanding and ease tensions. justice. and sustainable economies in the Americas. Matias Romero. as part of a “Witness for Peace” delegation funded by the Hagedorn Foundation. 2011 16 . It was an amazing life-changing experience! by Sandra Lackovic Parade as part of a celebration of the many native cultures. Mexico. in October 2011. Witness for Peace is an organization that supports peace.Postcards from Oaxaca I traveled to Oaxaca.

2011 Mural in support of migrants. Oaxaca 2011 17 .View from Paulina hostel. Oaxaca.

four-color brochure that cost in excess of $75. But tucked into this exchange will be one critical question: “can you write him a big check?” For a gold scam. not gold bullion. Here are the four stages of their frauds: The Front: Things typically begin with an advertisement Buy Gold in a newspaper or an infomercial on TV. Simkin Imagine an entire room full of con men whose only job is to convince their victims to write them big checks. explain in general terms how terrific his product is and 1-800-123-4567 how lucky you are to have called today — they have only one or two memberships left. for example. and often personable individuals who commit fraud for a living. or cell phone kiosks. he might casually say “Mr.000. who will brochure.The Boiler Room Scammers by Mark G. Is that a problem for you?” If you say “yes. But even single males are susceptible to such tactics — for example. For example. What they want is always the same — your money! And they know how to get it. completely glossing over the fact that he might be selling gold coins. These are the boiler-room scammers — those well-organized. For most scams. fast-talking. because they’ve lost money in the stock market and are seeking better returns elsewhere. you’ll talk to one of these con artists. he may even act a little rude. extolling the The Safest Investment virtues of whatever product they’re selling —see the adon Earth! vertisement for gold included here. for example. vending-machine routes. indicating. It’s better than money!” Widows are particularly susceptible to such pitches because their husbands made all their investment decisions. the brochure arrives quickly and the con man calls back. He’s especially likely to wonder out loud why you are not jumping at the chance to buy this amazing investment today — what’s the matter with you? 18 . The scam artist will also ask you if you are ready to buy now. Smith. if you tell him you think gold is a safer investment than stocks. The Drive: Sure enough. and attempt to tailor his pitch to your particular interests. He will also ask personal questions about you and reveal personal facts about himself.” he’ll hang up as quickly as possible. he’ll say “No one has ever lost money buying gold. we have a minimum investment requirement of $10. If you ask yet additional questions. He’ll also ask for your phone number so that he can call you back after you’ve read it. and “safety” is important to them. If you call that 800 Call now for a free number.” he’ll ask for your address and send you an amazingly slick. that such questions are trivial or that he’s already answered them. he’ll enthusiastically reinforce some of his earlier points. What they sell varies — for example. mutual funds. oil and gas leases. If you say “no.000 to print.

and they’ll carefully read from a script. for example. Mauri will be sorely missed. They aren’t the customers they pretend to be. and repetitive calls to the company are deflected or never answered.  We were all saddened by the news of the loss of Mensa member and dear friend. He helped us create the Mensa for Kids! pages and contributed the always inquisitive character. if the scam involved franchising. this requires him or her to liquidate 401k plans or other assets. the company is out of business. Outsmarting the Scam Artists (New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons. In short. This would probably be important to you. When asked. But even if it’s still in operation. The Close: This final phase of the fraud occurs when the victim agrees to invest with the company. Mauri was great at sharing unusual tidbits of information and always had a cheerful thing to say to everyone. We dedicate this issue to Maurice Pollack (1929 .The Singer: The one question that a scammer cannot easily deflect is a request to speak to other customers. 2012). your lawyer may discover fine print in your contract that says. Reno.. Mark G. The gold coins or vending machines never quite get delivered. and will appear to randomly pick the names of other customers for you to call. that you agree to buy gold coins at huge markups and or that you realize some of the coins may not even be authentic. But the individuals you’ll get to speak to are all “singers” who work for the scammer’s organization. Geronimo Jones. the scammer will act as though he is delighted to fulfill the request. Anna M. Wright. there is a good chance you’ll never hear from them again. singing the praises of the company and bragging about all the money they’ve made since signing up with it. Often. Simkin is a Professor of Information Systems at the University of Nevada. or even to take out a second mortgage — tasks for which the organization has inhouse specialists. Inc. Maurice Pollack. Before you can hire a lawyer and file a law suit. you’ve been scammed — big time! For further reading: Doug Shadel. friend and editor 19 . for example.2013). And once they receive your check or wire transfer.

both the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture as well as the World Health Organization have developed lists of conditions treatable by acupuncture.Ac). as well as Chinese Herbal Medicine. when Western Allopathic Medicine became the standard of medicine throughout the world.Ask the Doctor by Dr. allergies and respiratory issues.html The training of acupuncturists is worth understanding. generally undergo a 300 hour course in addition to their medical school and residency training. peripheral neuropathy. or Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM). Physician 20 . practitioners of TCM generally practice Acupuncture and Moxibustion. on the other hand. of course. tobacco and substance abuse. rheumatoid arthritis. What are some ailments acupuncture can ameliorate? Does it hurt? Answer: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of therapeutic modalities that were first developed over five thousand years ago. Up until the last century. http://medicalacupuncture. they are. etc. due to its traditional use as primary and specialty medicine. and the common cold or flu. migraine headaches. patients in my acupuncture clinic are seen for conditions such as low back. neck and joint pains. Branches of TCM include Acupuncture and Moxibustion. While they cannot prescribe Western medications or make Western Diagnoses. the various branches of TCM are together able to treat most common medical conditions. and Bone setting. on any given day. In the Western hemisphere. well trained in all aspects of TCM. including both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. Chinese Massage. In addition. Herbal Medicine. Massage. the modalities of TCM functioned as the sole primary and specialty medical care for Asian populations throughout the Orient. which requires additional studies in Chinese Herbology. This initial course enables them to practice Medical Acupuncture. and inflammatory bowel disease. Acupuncture can also be effective in treating many other chronic systemic conditions. and are generally designated with the title of Licensed Acupuncturist (L.4 years of graduate level studies at a facility accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). but not the full range of TCM. For instance. Today. Physician acupuncturists. Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD). anxiety / depression / stress. For the sake of completeness. There are two broad categories of acupuncturists: Non-physicians trained in TCM and Acupuncture as well as physicians trained in Medical Acupuncture. non-physician acupuncturists are trained to understand Western Allopathic Medicine. such as multiple sclerosis. non-physician acupuncturists attend 3 . digestive disorders. In the United States. infertility. Howard Chen Question: I know you are trained in the art and science of acupuncture.

not just in Europe. He briefly married a French princess. Reno. Against counsel of his Dr. What has gone on before is in large part forgotten. People have lived their lives at the edge. vulnerable while still at sea. would be caught in the eventual onslaught of early winter storms. a fellow of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.S. Alexander III’s wife and two sons died unexpectedly. retreated to Norway and his son. negotiated a payment for the territories of Man. Pain from acupuncture needling is generally minimal. If needle pain develops after needle insertion. Http://www. please inform your acupuncturist. The Scots’ council of nobles found themselves without a ruler.acpuncture. but Alexander III became separated from his guards in the storm. I recommend seeking a nonphysician acupuncturist. The English promptly turned on the Scots. For those patients who have multiple medical problems and who take multiple medications. Haakon wasn’t all that successful maintains a list of acupuncturists in the U. but worldwide. anyway.  Ask the Doctor yourself: Email editor@northennevada. I recommend seeing a Medical Acupuncturist. but is dependent on needle location.  (LocSec continued from page 10) Norway and stopped briefly at an Orkney island where he had hoped to recruit more. His horse arrived home the next morning. Alexander III stalled Haakon’s forces with negotiations that were engaged so that Haakon’s fleet. they did not drown. feeling defeated by the fates. both categories of practitioner are acceptable. Much of what we do today will be forgotten tomorrow. the would-be invaders unnervingly experienced a total solar eclipse. They turned for assistance and direction to their trusted southern cousins and friends. Kintyre and the Hebrides and then joined Haakon back in Norway. A lot of it is even he and two bodyguards saddled up and rode to a ferry to cross the very large Firth of Forth. Alexander III found himself at the Edinburgh Castle after conducting business of state and found that an exceptionally wild storm had arrived. His body later was found at the foot of cliff.  21 . And all that we know is what the victors of those strivings have recorded for us to believe. and Medical Director of Preventive and Integrative Medicine Services at Renown Health. For healthier patients who are more interested in general wellness and Chinese herbs. leaving him with no heir to his kingdom. Against all odds. Thousands of years have passed and humanity has fought its way to the here and now.acupuncturists generally achieve medical board certification through the American Board of Medical Acupuncture. An acupuncture treatment generally lasts between 30 and 90 minutes and is usually done in a relaxing environment where you may rest or sleep. They galloped on. rider less. One night during a storm. Yolande. King of Man Magnus Barefoot. insertion technique. This succeeded and Haakon.mensa. And that’s a whole bunch more of history. the English. with whom he hoped an heir might be gained. as they set sail. There has been almost continual strife. Some. and type of needle used. I’ve written about this to show that an incredible amount of effort has gone into history. In selecting an acupuncturist. Howard Chen is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

nationalgeographic. http:// kids. Back to the Future? Build your own “hoverboard” with plywood and a leaf blower. Computer Zone All links are from National Geographic. an introduction especially for kids.Mensa for Kids! (and kids at heart) by Maurice Pollack and Anna Wright Dining Out Mexican Style: Rearrange the letters to spell these Bugging the places/find/mexico/ 22 . Then use the numbered letters To decode the message below. How much do we really know about the Mormon cricket? https://www.

) 2. He married the next afternoon Jane Seymour. But seeing a third. And. Anne of Cleves was number four. Billed and cooed to keep alive. I did not learn this poem in elementary school. But one day Henry felt depressed. and out she went. paper. He swore to cherish her all his life. 1881 . Geronimo Jones Henry the VIII (by Eleanor Farjeon. and a good job too. what do you think is meant by the phrase “Hopped the twig”? How does that relate to the poem’s theme? Rock. straight from Spain But when his love for her was spent He got a divorce. Anne Boleyn was his second wife. The executioner did the rest. But after one year as his bride She crept into her bed and died. Research project:. Catherine Howard. Maybe you did. 1. Her portrait thrilled him to the core. The first he asked to share his reign Was Kate of Aragon. he wished instead He chopped off poor Anne Boleyn’s head. scissors. what does “Bluff” King Hal mean? (Hint: It’s not the same as in today’s English language. Answers on page 25 23 . But when he met her face to face Another royal divorce took place. Piedra. papel. which was rather soon. In the first line. number five. tijeras. Sixth and last was Catherine Parr Sixth and last and luckiest far For this time it was Henry who Hopped the twig. and a couple of Annes.Hi. in the last line. I think that it is very funny.1965) Bluff King Hal was full of beans He married half a dozen queens For three called Kate they cried the banns And one called Jane.

Treasurer: Carole Preisach.: Seconded Unanimous approval Lockhart: Motion to adjourn Wright. Past LocSec: Ed Hanley. A. Wright. 1st Vice-Secretary: Ken Wright. standard operating procedure.: Motion to approve. Wright.: Seconded Unanimous approval Member Preisach. 2nd Vice-Secretary: Gerry Lockhart. Also present were Membership Chair: Sandra Lackovic. A.m. K. J. — Kenneth Wright 24 . C. Neva-Mind Editor: Anna Wright. Lackovic: Request permission to publish calendar events in community calendars accessible by the general public (where appropriate) in order to facilitate public interest and recruitment.: Seconded Unanimous approval 9:12 p.m. No motion necessary.Notes from Your ExComm: April 14. A.: Discussion regarding $25 testing payment received from American Mensa national Bangkok Cuisine South. A. C. Preisach. Appointment stands. A.: Will coordinate for open dates and publish when scheduled. Preisach. Program Chair: Richard Arbib and Member John Preisach. McAllister: Second Unanimous approval McAllister: Appointment of Gloria Dondero Pedro as NNM Ombudsman (AKA Mediator/Arbitrator) Discussion of position responsibilities. Wright.: Move to pay Grassroots Books $25 (one time only) as a gift for allowing NNM to use their facility for testing. 2013 Minutes of 08-893 April ExComm meeting: Present were LocSec: Bob McAllister. with condition of protecting all members personal data.: Request calendar entry for skeet shooting event date to be decided. Wright. Meeting convened 8:56 p.: Motion to make payment for guest speaker meal when meeting is held in a restaurant. Wright.

Wow. just because I could. rvc8@us. 25 . and then I volunteered to organize some events. and intellectual stimulation. good conversation. I hope your Mensa experience is a good one. which is the information related about the queens in the Mensa for Kids! answers: Dining Out Research: “Bluff” means portly or fat. and on several levels. which may provide some good ways for the tech-loving crowd to reach out and stay in touch. Then I sat back and lurked. and member discounts via the American Mensa website (www. “Hopped the twig” means to die. met the man who is now my The Bulletin and local newsletter? RGs and AGs? The Mensa Foundation (MERF) and its research and scholarship programs? My membership means a lot to me.From the RVC by Debra Reiger What does your Mensa membership mean to you? Opportunities to meet and socialize with other smart people? Access to games. Everyone was friendly. and have had many years of fun. enjoying the Bulletin and my local newsletter. Have a great month. and along the line I made friends. Some were shy. and was delighted to join. a little shy about actually participating. it was because I had read a magazine article about Mensa which listed test scores that would provide “prior evidence” to qualify. So I dusted off my old ACT scores. Debra Reiger. When I joined Mensa in the 1980s. Eventually I took a deep breath and went to a local event — wow. but there was so much interesting conversation! So I started going to events. Keep an eye out for social networking opportunities being developed by our national organization. some were talkative. Active or articles.mensa. sent them in.mensa.

uk/science/2009/apr/21/ hallmarks is that it doesn’t interact with space-raspberries-amino-acidslight at all. The sound known as “The Bloop” 9: True. Mitochondrial Eve: Wikipedia: Global Positioning System Mitochondrial Eve. Wikipedia: Giant impact here in town does some of this research. ice calving. Wikipedia) for then go out of the visible range. strangely enough: http:// cause of gravitational effects.) hypothesis Wikipedia: Ice core 4: Tunguska blast on a comet impact. Current theory blames the ancestor: http://www.5: False. Wikipedia: Bloop Wikipedia:1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami Puzzle Page answers: Spanish to English answers: pimento armadillo key savvy cockroach coyote cannibal potato jerky chocolate cafeteria bonanza silo jade oregano bronco alligator cigar tomato patio hoosegow barracuda O I R F A R Z T D T A B R L O N C R M K N O Q S V A P O A C A R K E A R R U Q R G E C P N G Z A N T D M O G V V T C A O plaza tornado guerrilla E F O N P E I O T N P O A C R R B T Y C R F L N G L Y B H B O C T J G H D A L N A O O E L stampede ranch mustang L Y O T A M O T C O Z C T T L B A R R A C U D A V A L M L L hurricane platinum embargo Apache canoe T O T N E Q O M C H canyon H L G U E R R I L L A O I S T A M P E D E Y O S E N O L A B A V R O A B C tobacco S F T Y K R E J V I R N L A A E L A B I N N A C K O K L H N G D L K F V S A C E G L E B Y abalone O T A T O P N O W I I Y G Y O W A N O J D E C M I G G N A M D F D K A A T A A M O I P L A T I N U C O L A T E X H W R U C M A C N M M E N L T 26 M H . Many. one of its www. many thanks to the “Font of All which means light tends to red-shift and Human Knowledge” (i. tence of Dark Matter is speculated be1: True. Wikipedia: Olbers’ paradox astrobiology 6: True.stat.000 years. Most recent common 7: False. including the The exisnice basic articles on these Wikipedia: Error Analysis for the 2: True. Wikipedia: Cosmic Latte is now believed to have been Antarctic 10: True. Olbers’ paradox is real. (Desert Research Institute named Theia.html 8: True. The other planet has been 400. Some records go back as far as 3: True. papers/CommonAncestors/ Wikipedia: Tunguska event NatureAncestorsPressRelease.. but it’s explained by the universe still expanding.yale.

Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers World Gathering (Conference) DISCLAIMER Mensa as an organization holds no opinions. including the newsletters of recognized local chapters. All statements of fact contained herein. All material published in the Neva-Mind. as well as legal or medical advice. All views and opinions expressed in the Neva-Mind are those of the individual writer or the editor. may be reprinted in other official Mensa publications. and should not be relied upon without consultation with and confirmation from other appropriate and reliable sources. 27 . Northern Nevada Mensa Publication Recognition Program Regional Gathering (Conference) Regional Vice-Chair Special Interest Group Service of Information. Proper credit to the author and publication must be included in any reprints. with the exception of expressly copyrighted material.Mensa-Speak What are we saying? AG AMC AML ExComm LDW LocSec M/Ms MERF MIL NNM PRP RG RVC SIG SIGHT WG Annual Gathering (Conference) American Mensa Committee (National Elected or Appointed Officers) American Mensa Ltd. are neither confirmed nor denied by Mensa. (National Office Employees) Executive Committee (Local Elected Officers) Leadership Development Workshop Local Secretary (Local President) Mensans Mensa Education & Research Foundation Mensa International Ltd.

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