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America Is Now Communist

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said the governmental firing of the CEO of General
Motors turned him into a "sacrificial lamb". The White House asked Rick Wagoner to
step down as a precondition for government aid.

Get used to it. Wagoner was no sacrificial lamb; he was merely the first to fall
in the huge government take over of the entire American economic system. It is no
longer capitalistic, but it hasn't been for decades. Now it is no longer even the
"pretend capitalism", called the "mixed economy", that we have had for decades.
Now it is communist.

Communist? Why not socialist? Socialism is when the government controls industry.
Communism is when it also owns it. Now the government owns it, and the government
is not listening to We, the People.

Why should government listen to We, the People? It has no reason to. It can now do
what it wants. But first it had to ignore We, the People, pleading with Congress
not to pass the bail out; then pleading not to give money to Detroit; then
pleading not to pass the stimulus package; then pleading not to pass the budget
that was filled with over 8000 earmarks. We couldn't plead with them not to
monetize the deficit by printing $1 trillion out of nothing, because we were not
told about it until the last minute.

No, Rick Wagoner was the first, but he will not be the last. The Obama
administration now controls the entire American manufacturing and marketing
machine, and it intends to set the agenda for the post-capitalist world by
determining what products We, the People wish to buy, ought to buy, and can buy.

Do you think this opinion goes too far, that it can't or isn't true? Treasury
Secretary Timothy Geithner said "the market will not solve this", meaning the
country's economic mess cannot be fixed the old fashioned way, by the very
mechanisms that have worked for the last 400 years.

Geithner said the US needed to target reckless risk-taking with "better, smarter,
tougher" regulation. (March 27, before Congress) At that same time he also said,
"To address this will require comprehensive reform, not modest repairs at the
margin, but new rules of the game."

However, we now have the same administration who actually forced bail out money on
banks who didn't need it and said no, and who now find they cannot easily return
it, firing the CEO of a major manufacturer.

"The centrepiece of the reform package -- and the only element presented in any
great detail -- is a proposal for a new 'super' regulator to provide enhanced
oversight of all systemically important firms -- be they banks, brokerage houses,
other financial services firms, hedge funds or insurance companies."

But many critics say it won't end there, that in the future any business sector
that gets itself into trouble in such a way that would create financial
difficulties for other sectors, would come under the "super" regulators clutches.

I have no doubt that is what will happen, because that is the historical story of

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