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Research Report on
Chinese Gold Market
under International
Financial Crisis, 2009

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Research Report on Chinese Gold Market under International Financial Crisis, 2009

In 2007, the gold yields in China were 270.491 tons, exceeding the big gold producing country
South Africa for the first time and becoming the biggest gold producing country in the world.
Chinese gold mainly came from three parts: producing gold from the gold mines, non-ferrous
metal smelting enterprises, and the gold smelting enterprises. In 2008, the gold yields in China
reached to 282.007 tons, up by 4.26% of 2007. The top three yield regions were Shandong, Henan
and Jiangxi respectively, totally accounting for 46.4% of the national yields. In 2008, Chinese gold
industry realized the profits of 12.4 billion Yuan (1.77 USD).

During 2003 to 2008, the average annual growth of Chinese gold yields was 7.6% as well as the
average annual growth profit of 41%. China averagely added more or less 700 tons of gold
reserves annually, realizing exploration increased reserves exceeding the production consumption
reserves in the gold industry for successive years. China has been the biggest gold producing
country, yet not the strongest gold country. From the part of comprehensive strengths, there are
large differences between Chinese gold enterprises and the international level.

Chinese people have the tradition of storage and investment in the precious metal. Gold become
the first choice for investment and collection because of the special features.

In 2008, the international gold investment demands including ETFs, gold bar and gold coin
increased by 64% compared with 2007, equally increased by 15 billion USD. In 2008, the average
gold price in the world was 872 USD per ounce, up by 25% of 2007.

The gold demands in China were robust, increased by 18% in 2008, the leader of the gold growth
demands in the world. In 2008, the total gold demands in China reached to 395.6 tons, including
326.7 tons for the personal ornaments and 68.9 tons for retail sale investment, up by 68 tons of the
last year.

In 2008, Chinese gold trade market was very hot, gold becoming the new investment hotspot. In
2008, the accumulative gold transition value in Shanghai Gold Exchange totaled 868.387 billion
Yuan (124 billion USD), increased by 174.84% over the previous year.

Under the circumstances of unprecedented international financial crisis, economic depression and
the worries about the inflation in the future, the investors recognized the advantages of possessing
gold, reproving the core investment feature of the gold support value. The present market
conditions affected the expenditure in the personal ornaments, but the gold purchase volumes
increased sharply out of the investment purpose. The international economic depression and the
instability of Chinese economy influenced most Chinese families, which could not get rid of in a
short period. It was predicted that gold, the special asset, would receive more attentions from
Chinese people.

Because of the growth demands for the gold, the gold price increased by about 150% over the
previous ten years. In China, although the gold investment awareness had strengthened for
Chinese people, there were still great gap compared with the international level. So far, the gold

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Research Report on Chinese Gold Market under International Financial Crisis, 2009

amount per capita in China is only 4 grams. Compared with the 25 gram of gold amount per capita
in the world, there is huge development space for Chinese gold market.

This report analyzes Chinese gold market supplies and demands etc, making the investors have a
profound understanding of the present situation in Chinese gold market and the gold prices trends
in Chinese market and the affecting factors so as to discover and master the investment
opportunities, avert the risks of gold price fluctuation and obtain investment benefits.

More following information can be obtained in this report:

- Production Situation of Chinese Gold Industry
- Demands of Chinese Gold Market
- Development Environments of Chinese Gold Market
- Gold Price Trends in China
- Influences of International Financial Crisis on Chinese Gold Industry
- Investment Hotspots of Chinese Gold Market
- Factors Affecting the Development of Chinese Gold Market
- Development Trends of Chinese Gold Market

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