Katie was tempted to head straight home but she couldn't fix her own arm, it left Jason

who was still at work and Marcy would only fret so she trudge towards Jason's apartment after swinging by the pharmacy to grab some painkillers. Around three thirty Jason appeared at the top of the stairs looking drained, he seemed to lose what was left of his colour when he saw his baby sister. "Do I have to ask" Jason questioned causal as he headed to his sister and helped her to her feet. When Katie hissed in pain Jason stepped back and stared at his sister, a new spark a lightened it self in his eyes "what happened" Jason demanded as Katie sighed and grabbed the painkillers once more and popped the lid off "I was attacked in the park, I need help and I don't want to go to the hospital or any one else" Katie said coolly and straight forward. She decided to be in no mood to mess with her brother’s protective nature. Jason let a small growl slip from between his lips, but he said nothing more and fished his keys out of his pocket and opened up the door while Katie managed to dry swallow a painkiller and recap the bottle. Jason allowed Katie to walk in before he shut the door and helped her gingerly take the jacket off, frowning with concern when she winched in pain "you know Danny is here, you could of woken him up" Jason pointed out as Katie shook her head and attempted to pull her jumper sleeve up but hissed "there's a shirt in my room, put on and I'll get the first aid kit"

Jason ordered as Katie nodded and headed into Jason's room while her brother watched her with concern for a few moments before heading to the kitchen. Katie hissed when Jason dabbed her tender arm with disinfect "so what attacked you" Jason asked gently, pushing back a few loose strains of hair back. Katie was swamped in his shirt but she had to wear it other wise it meant sitting in her bra or pushing up her jumper and causing a grating against her skin "all I saw was this black creature, maybe a lion or Jaguar" Katie stated before she stiffened "a Jaguar, but bigger. Jesus it was a wereJaguar" Katie declared but she yelped when Jason held her arm "sorry, it's the moon" he declared as Katie gave him a look, she would of pulled back if she didn't want pain webbing up her arm "don't worry, I’m not going to chew on your arm any time soon" he assured as Katie rubbed her forehead with her free hand "it's not that I’m worried about, tonight was a warning. By hanging around the club I’m getting close" Katie admitted as Jason gave her a look and threw the ball of cotton wool on the table "yeah" Jason muttered as he stood and walked around the table "maybe your getting a little too close. Katie, I know that you can handle your self but if your right and it was a were-jaguar then you have some big players on your back" Jason pointed out as Katie rolled the sleeve down "nothing I can't

handle" Katie assured as Jason wrung

his hands and lowered

his gaze "I want you to back off" Jason ordered as Katie raised her eyebrows in disbelief then let out a small chuckle "you wanted me on this thing, you wanted my help" Katie pointed out causing Jason to fold his arms "I know but I think I made a mistake, it's getting too dangerous for you to be around" Jason declared his voice levelling out "yeah, well it's all apart of the job. Look Jason if I went running every time things got a little too dangerous I would be out of a job" Katie told him as she stood just to get some ground with her brother "I don't get any say in your other cases but I do get a say in this one, I got you in to this one and now I want you out of it" Jason ordered before Katie took a deep breath. Slowly she walked around the table and walked over to him "look Jason, I love you your my big brother. I always listen to what you have to say I always do and always will but back off" Katie ordered as Jason stared at her with his good eye "you’re not going to run my life, work and personal. you get to have a say but other than that I will do whatever cases I want and I will do what I want and nothing you do will make me change that" Katie ordered as Jason lowered his eye, Katie reached up and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a look "at least tell me how far you are on this case" Jason pleaded as Katie cocked an eyebrow "has Julius given you clearance" Katie joked but Jason

simply gave her a look "I have lead, it's not strong enough for me to take to Julius nor do I think it would be wise to tell him either" Katie stated as Jason frowned then nodded causing Katie to sigh and smile gently at her brother. "Thank you very much and I will see you later" Katie stated as Jason held on to her arm "stay the night, at least" Jason requested but Katie shook her head "I can't, got work to sort out. This isn't going to stop, the killings it ritual so it will keep happening you know that" Katie pointed out as Jason stared at her before nodding slowly. Katie left without another word. When she got home she changed into something more comfortable and then made her self comfortable on the sofa and began going over everything, Jamual was not a werejaguar, he was a werehyena. What attacked her was something different but hopefully not different from the donator of the jaguar hair left at Steven Clifton's crime scene. The sudden ring of the phone startled Katie back to the real world, she walked over to the phone but stopped when the machine picked up. "Miss Ions pick up, we need to speak" Julius voice was firm and just a tad pissed off. Katie walked towards the bedroom after the phone clicked off, she wasn't in the mood to deal with a pissed off werewolf, there would no doubt be some words exchanged none of which would leave either side mellowed out.

Katie showered as best as she could with her arm, and when the hot water did manage to miss the areas where she wasn't sore or tender she didn't really want to be ripped away from it, but somehow she did and she quickly got changed in to some night sweats that hadn't been washed for the best part of two weeks but she needed more comfort at the moment, quickly by passing the bed in order not to gravitate towards it. Propping her self in the arm chair she grabbed her notes and added quickly to the long list of things that had to go into a case report. A few minutes went by when a sudden tapping at the door startled Katie to almost falling from her chair. Groaning loudly she clambered to her feet and threw the notes on the table before tromping towards the door when there was another tapping at the door "ok, ok. It's only four thirty in the goddamn morning" Katie said loud enough to be heard outside her door, but there was another tapping sound and she grabbed hold of the door knob and yanked the door opened to see a stern looking Danny, Katie would have been more worried if he didn't look tussled from sleep "you didn't think to go back to the club" Danny snapped before he stormed into Katie's apartment leaving Katie to raise her eyebrows before turning to look at Danny "come in, it's not like it's four thirty in the morning" Katie snapped as she closed the door and folded her arms to look at Danny who had stopped as far as her sofa "I woke up to find Jason

pacing the apartment. He told me you were attacked by a were creature after coming out of the club" Danny stated as Katie shrugged and raised her eyebrows "and, do you just enjoy storming into peoples home" Katie questioned lightly but Danny held his stern gaze "You told Julius you had a chance of finding the killer and then you were attacked, what aren't you telling us" Danny demanded as Katie lowered her gaze "I'm telling you everything" Katie declared but Danny took a step forward "your lying and I don't even have to be a were to know that" Danny snapped as Katie looked up and stared at him "ok, I have a theory" "which you don't seem to be sharing" Danny grinded as Katie nodded "yes, I have my reasons which I think are good enough" Katie told him causing Danny to tilt his head "if I told you on the day of a full moon I know you would let your beast take over and it could get what could be a innocent man killed or worse..." Katie lowered her gaze "you" Katie stared at the floor for a few moments before she looked up to see Danny staring at her gentler "and it isn't because I don't trust you" Katie assured before she headed straight towards the sofa. She collapsed down into the sofa once more while Danny took his time to walk around the chair and sank into it, he stared at the ground for a few moments before looking up at Katie "so you won't tell me" Danny asked as Katie smiled slightly and shook her head "no, I won't" Katie agreed as she settled into the sofa and felt her eye

lids growing heavy "I could use my powers to make you tell me" Danny pointed out gaining a lazy smile from Katie as her eyelids drooped but she stared at Danny as though studying him "but you won't" Katie pointed out with certain, Danny grinned at her. Slowly her eye lids drew together and Katie felt her self losing the fight to keep them open. She blinked one last time and this time her eyes stayed closed, the last thing she remembered was something warm being pulled over her and the door being shut.

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