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Your treatment team may include ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, oral, jaw and face (oral and maxillofacial) surgeons,radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Mayo Clinic doctors recommend surgery for almost all ameloblastomas. Together the team determines how much tissue to remove so that they can best prevent the ameloblastoma from returning. For some ameloblastomas, only surgical removal may be necessary. For others, doctors may recommend a different or additional therapy.

Radiationand chemotherapy
Doctors may recommend radiation or chemotherapy or both when the ameloblastoma:

Cannot be completely removed May return Is cancerous Will create an unacceptable cosmetic appearance if removed Will cause an unacceptable loss of function if removed

Mayo Clinic radiation oncologists use state-of-the-art technologies such as intensitymodulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which uses radiation beams that conform to the shape of the tumor, sparing healthy tissues as much as possible.

Othertreatmentsand therapies
When necessary, experienced facial plastic and reconstructive and oral maxillofacial surgeons can help restore the function and appearance of your jaw. Mayo Clinic dietitians, speech therapists, swallowing therapists, prosthodontists (who make artificial replacements for missing teeth or other damaged natural structures), physical therapists, and other rehabilitation specialists can help you return to normal life.

Sumber : http://www.mayoclinic.org/ameloblastoma/treatment.html