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Power Macintosh 7600 Series

If you need a computer that offers the Macintosh, you can install an
increased performance and expand- Apple PC Compatibility Card in one
ability for your business, regardless of the system’s PCI slots—and switch
of its size, the Power Macintosh instantly between the two computing
7600/120 delivers. With a 120-mega- environments.
hertz PowerPC 604 RISC processor Connecting your Power Macintosh
Features that you can easily upgrade to an 7600/120 computer to an Ethernet
High performance
even faster processor, the Power network is easy, because it includes
• 120-MHz PowerPC 604 processor, user- Macintosh 7600/120 gives you all the both AAUI and 10BASE-T connectors.
upgradable to faster processor when
available (up to 200 MHz)
advantages of PowerPC technology With an optional PC Compatibility
• Built-in floating-point processor and 32K cache now—with plenty of room to grow Card, you can connect both the card
• 256K level 2 cache
• Built in graphic acceleration
later. Built-in video-input capability, and Power Macintosh to a network
Communications and multimedia
high-resolution graphics, and CD- simultaneously.
• 64-bit VRAM graphics subsystem quality stereo sound add vitality to Today, more and more comput-
• Two high-speed serial ports compatible
with GeoPort and LocalTalk cables
everyday business projects. And er users are discovering the wealth
• Quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive because the Power Macintosh 7600/120 of information, communications
• 16-bit stereo audio input and output
• 24-bit composite and S-video input
optimizes the transfer of video data, it is resources, and opportunities offered
• Support for speech-recognition and text-to- an ideal system for videoconferencing. by the Internet. The Power Macintosh
speech capabilities
• Optimized for QuickTime Conferencing
The three industry-standard 7600/120 makes it easy to get involved
software Peripheral Component Interconnect in this rapidly expanding community,
Expandability (PCI) expansion slots on the Power because it comes with all of the soft-
• Three industry-standard PCI expansion slots Macintosh 7600/120 let you custom- ware you need for easy Internet access.
• SCSI connector for hard disks, CD-ROM
drives, and other SCSI devices ize the computer easily to more pre- Whether you are selecting
• Internal expansion bay for additional hard cisely meet your needs. You can find computers for a large corporation
disk drive
many PCI cards for a variety of uses, or a single-person home office, the
• Includes 10BASE-T and AAUI Ethernet
including graphics, storage, and high- Power Macintosh 7600/120 system
connectors speed networking. And if you want offers PowerPC performance and PCI
• Supports Open Transport networking
software (TCP/IP and AppleTalk) to use your Power Macintosh 7600/120 expandability giving you the versatility
• Runs most 680x0 Macintosh applications to run MS-DOS and Windows applica- you need for professional computing.
as well as applications accelerated for
Power Macintosh computers tions as well as software written for
• Reads Mac OS, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2,
and ProDOS floppy disk formats
• Runs MS-DOS and Windows applications
via optional PC Compatibility Cards
• Comes with all of the software required for
Internet access

System 7.5 software

• Makes working with different applications
consistent, so they’re easier to learn and use
• Allows easy customization of your
Macintosh to reflect the way you work
• Provides active assistance in learning new
features with Apple Guide
Power Macintosh 7600 Series
Graphics support
Technical Specifications
• 2MB of VRAM, expandable to 4MB
• Fast 64-bit data path to VRAM
Upgradable microprocessor
• Support for display resolutions of up to 1,280 by
• PowerPC 604 microprocessor running at 120
1,024 pixels
MHz, upgradable to a higher-speed processor
• 24-bit color up to 1,152- by 870-pixel resolution
when available (up to 200 MHz)
• Refresh rate of up to 75 Hz
• Integrated floating-point unit and 32K cache
• High-speed system bus (up to 50 MHz) GeoPort telephony*
• 14.4-Kbit/s modem support
Ordering Information Memory
• V.17 fax support
• 16MB of RAM, expandable to 512MB via
• GeoPort Fax and GeoPort Telephony software
Power Macintosh 7600/120 8 DIMM sockets
• Power Macintosh 7600/120 computer with • 4MB of ROM
• Speakerphone and answering-machine capability
16MB of RAM, a built-in 1.4MB Apple • 256K level 2 cache
SuperDrive floppy disk drive, an internal Clock/calendar
Disk drives
1.2GB hard disk drive, an internal • Custom integrated circuit with long-life battery
• Internal 1.2GB SCSI hard disk
quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive, and a • Internal Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive Keyboard and mouse
PlainTalk micro-phone. Includes mouse; — Accepts high-density 1.4MB disks and 800K disks • Supports ADB keyboards with numeric keypads
system software version 7.5.3 or later; — Reads, writes, and formats Macintosh, Windows, • Comes with an ADB Mouse II
Internet access soft-ware; complete setup, MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS disks
learning, and reference documentation; • Internal AppleCD 600i quadruple-speed Electrical requirements and compliance
and limited warranty. CD-ROM drive • Line voltage: 100 to 240 V AC, RMS single phase
• Expansion bay for additional 3.5-inch hard disk • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz, single phase
PC Compatibility Card Solutions • Power: 150 W maximum, not including display
Order No. M4092LL/A Interfaces
• PC Compatibility Card with Pentium • Three PCI expansion slots compatible with PCI ADB power requirements
100-MHz processor 2.0–compliant cards • Maximum current draw for all devices: 500 mA (a
Order No. M4091LL/A • Two high-speed DMA serial (RS-232/RS-422) ports maximum of three ADB devices is recommended)
• PC Compatibility Card with 586 compatible with LocalTalk and GeoPort cables • Mouse draws 10 mA
100-MHz processor • 10BASE-T and AAUI-15 Ethernet connectors; • Keyboard draws 25 to 80 mA (varies with keyboard
optional PC Compatibility Cards provide multinode used)
Power Macintosh Processor
Upgrade Card support for simultaneous network connections Size and weight
Order No. M4731LL/A (120 MHz) and • Internal Fast SCSI bus (up to 10MB/s) • Height: 6.15 in. (15.6 cm)
M4875LL/A (132 MHz) • External SCSI bus (up to 5MB/s) • Width: 14.37 in. (36.5 cm)
• Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) expansion port • Depth: 16.93 in. (43.0 cm)
Power Macintosh GeoPort Telecom • RCA phono jacks for line-level stereo audio input • Weight: 22 lb. (9.97 kg)
Adapter and output
Order No. M3127LL/C • Mini jacks for stereo audio input and output Environmental requirements
• All sound ports support 16-bit audio and up to • Operating temperature: 50° to 104° F (10° to 40° C)
Apple QuickDraw 3D Accelerator Card • Storage temperature: –40° to 116° F (–40° to 47° C)
44.1-kHz sampling rate
Order No. M4333LL/A • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
• DB-15 connector for monitor
Product specifications are subject to change. • Composite connectors (RCA phono jacks) for • Maximum altitude: 10,000 ft. (3,048 m)
Check with your Apple reseller for the most composite video input
current information about product * Requires GeoPort Telecom Adapter
• S-video input connector
specifications and configurations. • Internal digital audio/video (DAV) connector for
video compression/decompression cards
24-bit video input
• Real-time video playthrough of up to 640 by 480
pixels with NTSC; 768 by 576 pixels with PAL and
• Up to 320- by 240-pixel capture up to 15 frames
per second with NTSC
• Maximum capture size of 640 by 480 pixels with NTSC

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