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Medical Students Quiz

=================== Encircle the letter of the best single answer: 1. All are correct for measles EXCEPT : A. The incubation period is 8-12 days. B. Infants are protected for at least 4 months after birth. C. Koplik spots are pathognomonic for the disease. D. Immunoglobulins are protective if given upto 7 days after exposure. E. Measles vaccine is indicated for exposed children. 2. All of the following are correct causative organisms for the corresponding disease EXCEPT: A. Measles Robeola virus. B. German measles RNA virus. C. Scarlet fever Gp B strept. Toxin. D. Roseola infantum herpes simplex virus. E. Erythema infectiosum parvovirus. 3. The following is correct for Rubella: A. Incubation period is 10 days. B. Patient is infectious for 10 days after onset of rash. C. Infants with congenital rubella secretes the virus in urine for a year. D. Transplacental antibodies are not protective. A. Immunoglobulins has no role in protection. 4. All are recognized complications for Scarlet fever EXCEPT : A. Pancreatitis. B. Otitis media C. Pneumonia. D. Meningitis. E. Arthritis. 5. All of the following are correct incubation periods EXCEPT: A. Measles 10 days. B. Rubella 2-3 weeks. C. Mumps 2-3 weeks. D. Scarlet fever 7 days. E. Chicken pox 11-20 days. GOOD LUCK