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A sample of students will be asked to participate in a survey on campus.

They will be asked some basic personal information as well as their opinion about proposed tuition increases indicate the level of measurement Nominal Ordinal, interval, or ratio.

I)______students asked their class rank: senior, junior sophmore, freshman Ii)____Students asked to indicate their major area of study Iii)____Students are asked what year they are born IV)____reports indicate that tuition increase is inevitable. Students are asked to indicate what percentage they think tuition will be increased . V) ____ The increase in tuition is reported to be used to increase resources for students and to attract quality facuilty. Students are asked to indicate whether they agree or disagree with this. 2. Before premiering a blockbuster movie at a theater test screenings are done before hand. A small number of selected theaters are chosen geographically throughout the country. Each theatere chosen is suppose to be a representative of theater goers in the area. Everyone is interviewed when the movie is over. Identify the type of sampling used in this example. a. cluster b. simple random c. stratified d. systematic e. convient 3. The frequency table wbelow shows a number of days off in a given year for 30 police detectives Days Off 0-2 3-5 6-8 9-11 12-14 15-17 Frequency 10 1 7 7 1 4

Construct a frequency polygon. Use the Class midpoints for the horizontal scale. Does the result appear to be normal distribution. Why or Why not ? 6. The following is a list of 25 measurements. 12 13 12 18 14 16 14 11 17 17 16 19 18 16 15 14 13 18 17 15 15 17 14 11 19

Calculate the mean and standard deviation How many of the measurements fall within one standard deviation of the mean? Choose the correct answer a. 18 b. 16 c.25 d. 13

Construct and interpret a box plot as specified. 7) The weekly salaries in dollars of 24 randomly selected employees of a company are shown below. 310 580 1000 320 600 1200 450 650 1250 460 700 1300 470 710 1400 500 840 1720 520 870 2500 540 900 3700

a. find the five number summary b. construct a box plot c. According to the graph is the data positively skewed, negatively skewed, or roughly systematic, briefly explain. 8.) If you pick a card at random from a well shuffled deck, what is the possibility that you get a face card or a spade? a. 11/26 b. 1/22 c. 25/52 d. 9/26

9) You are dealt two cards successfully without replacement from a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability that the first card is a king and the second is a queen. Explain your answer as a simplified fraction. a. 13/102 b. 4/663 c. 2/13 d. 1/663

10.) Suppose 1 card is selected at random from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. Let a= event of queen is selected b=event a diamond is selected Determine P(B|A). a. 0.077 b 0.019 c. 0.308 d. 0.25

11. Consider the given discrete possibility distribution . Find P (X less than or equal to 4)

X p(x)

0 .30

1 .25

2 .20

3 .15

4 .05

5 .05

a. 0.95

b. 0.10

c. 0.90

12. A car insurance company has determined that 6% of all drivers were involved in a car accident last year. Among the 12 drivers living on one particular street, three were involved in a car accident last year. If 12 drivers are randomly selected, what is the probability of getting three or more who were involved in a car accident last year. A. 0.507 b. 0.027 c.0.031 d. 0.973

14.) The weekly salaries of teachers in one state are normally distributed with a mean of $490 and a standard deviation of $45.00. What is the probability that a randomly selected teacher earns more than $525.00 a week. a. 0.2177 b. 0.7823 c. 0.2823 d. 0.1003

15.) A pizza delivery chain advertises that they will deliver your pizza in no more than 20 minutes from when the order is placed. Being a skeptic you decide to round up a few friends to test and see if the delivery time is actually more than 20 minutes on average. For the seven friends who record the amount of time it takes their pizza to be delivered, the averages 22.7 minutes with a standard deviation of 4.3 minutes. Test the claim at 0.05 level of significance. a. State the null and alternative hypothesis

b. Choose the appropriate test and calculate the test statistic c. find the critical - value. d. draw a conclusion and interpret. 17. A sports researcher is interested in determining if there is a relationship between the number of home team and visiting team wins and different sports. A random sample of 526 games is selected and the results are given below, use the p-value to test use a=0.01.

Football Home Team WinsWins Visitor Team Wins 39 31

Basketball 156 98

Soccer 25 19

Baseball 83 75

a. Determine hypothesis b. Calculate the test statistics c. Determine the p-value d, Draw a conclusion