Book of Love for Little Souls

" I search for a saint, a soul on fire who will spread that fire to the ends of the earth. Not a saint on surface, but in the depths of his soul. A saint whose life is ruled by gentleness, renunciation and humility; an ardent generous soul, electrifying the crowds by his faith and his love."
Love is your shield against the darts of the evil one.

I am the Fruit of the Immaculate Conception. Blessed the Womb that bore the Word made flesh. And blessed are those who give birth spiritually to the Son of God by their practice of charity and observance of His commandments.
I am Love and Love cannot be overcome.

Can you fulfill your mission without suffering? To be a little soul is to radiate love. Give Me your suffering. It is beneficent dew for souls in peril.
Do you anticipate the desires of others in order to help them?

Do you bear malice for the harm done to you?
Can you make efforts to give yourself to others?

Do you center everything on yourself?
Are you able to give your God the part that belongs to Him in everything you receive?

In joy and suffering, do you say thanks?
Are you truly able to abandon yourself into His arms?

Never forget that you cannot abandon yourself except through Me. Offer yourself and Love will work on your little soul, will engrave it and fertilize it for your sanctification and for the good of all souls.
Rest on Me in your difficulties. I am always intervene according to the necessities of the hour. Let nothing, sin excepted, trouble your heart.

May My little souls show their generosity in the work of salvation and uphold it for the love of Me.
Pray to My Mother often: O Mary, holy and sorrowing Virgin, pray for us and have mercy on us, sinners ( three times.)

Accept what I wish for your sanctification. What can you do, other than to give Me day by day all that you feel, all that you fear, all that you hope for, all that I do not tell you yet, so that above all, you may live by faith and hope?
The purity of the Gospel must be seen in all your actions. To each and all, be love and mercy. May your Master's intense charity appear in your love.

You should be models of tenderness, for the souls of men hunger and thirst after justice, and still more after love.
Draw from the Source of all grace and give freely that which I, your God, give to you so liberally.

Watch your great Friend living in His divinity; watch Him suffering in His derided humanity. Will you share it with Him?
Joy can blossom through suffering.

Fidelity in the midst of trials calms them and produces strength to support them.
Meditation on sufferings prove their usefulness in the

saving of souls, and thereof is born a holy joy that no one can wrest from you.

What matters your suffering your faults? If you really love Me, everything will disappear in My infinite love for you.
Make more use of My sacrament of Penance, can you approach the Purest of the pure without being purified from your faults?

The priest is a man of God. Treat him with respect and prayerful affection.
I am not to be found in modern activism. I am in the humble and prayerful soul.

To live in Me is to save the world.
Bear witness to God by your behaviour and your piety.

Look at Me in My priests and realize their noble mission.
I ask everyone to respect holy places, to venerate My holy Name, to maintain fraternal charity, to pay honor to the Immaculate Heart of My holy Mother, to have faith in My love and hope in My succour. He who hopes in Me will never be disappointed.

Do not live as strangers to one another, but as brothers. Be good to one another. Love each other in My love. May the suffering of your neighbor be your suffering and his joy your joy. Weep and rejoice with him. Help one another. Know how to guess that someone is suffering so that you can console him.
If love is not vivified by a firm and constant will, it will never be other than a poor dependent love. Yes, dependent on fervor which is not always given. If a soul waits for that fervour before he really loves, his love, very superficial and very imperfect, will remain at the

mercy of unfortunate circumstances and will always be an obstacle to his advancement.

You learn to love and to suffer in My school... to offer yourself to overdo your generosity although your weakness remains. Through you I console and invite souls to a greater intimacy with Myself.
You are like a bud grafted on My divine Heart.

Proclaim aloud your faith and your love, especially when eternal Truths are disputed in your presence. Foolish is he who, knowing the law of God, keeps silent, more especially if his silence is interpreted as approval by those who seem to violate this law with impunity.
Love demands renunciation and sacrifice, renunciation of comfort, sacrifice of self interest, detachment from created things. Do not be afraid of what Love asks of you. According to the degree of your love, give all you can give to Love, without keeping to yourself those things which I teach you personally. Without love there is no radiance and without radiance there can be no love. Be patient and merciful. Let the most exquisite charity rule all your actions, however small .

Welcome with tenderness those who weep. Bind up the wounds of this poor humanity. Never remain indifferent to suffering. it is I who call and implore for the one who suffers.
It is such a simple thing to abandon yourself into My arms. The saints have practiced this at such a cost. Will you try to imitate them for the love of Me and with the help of My Grace.

Fear represses love and prevents it from diffusing all light. Be children of Light, speak in My name.
Fear not, I am with you and I remain with you.

To please Me, do not be afraid of displeasing the world.
The heart is the seat of all passions; that is why the hearts will be stricken (The lord spoke of His divine Justice.)

Without love there is no salvation.
Doubt destroys faith and paralyzes every virtuous action.

I invite you to make the hard ascent towards perfection. Without effort on your part, where would your merits?
Why are you troubled? I am in the midst of you.

It is disobedience to the fundamental laws of the Holy Church which leads to an inevitable weakening of devotion among the faithful.
It is painful for your God to find among some of you the spirit of criticism, resulting in a lack of charity.

Do you see that soul? She does a great deal to give Me greater glory. How much more perfect and beneficial if her devotion were not marred by a secret pride. And that other one, so dear to me, whose silence synonymous with perfection, notwithstanding her human weakness. She reveals her love by placing at the service of her brothers the abundance of graces My Heart bestows on her. A third seems to give freely but alas, the spirit of ownership mingles with her apostolic work.
The devotion to My Heart and to the Immaculate Heart is expressed in an intense and all-embracing love for the propagation of My kingdom on earth.

You will find your God much more easily if you learn once again how to listen to the song of birds, the murmuring brook, to discover nature in its beauty and majesty.

Do you think sufficiently of those who are hungry? Have you enough confidence in Me? Why are you so busy looking for temporal things. Do you surrender your will to Me in specific cases? Seek first My kingdom, and you will lack for nothing.

Do not forestall My help by seeking it too eagerly. It will come all in good time.
Take My hand, close your eyes, let yourself be led.

I wish you to be where you are, misunderstood but hidden in the Heart of your God. Your love will be your cross. Your love for me will be your sanctification and that of many others.
(Reason for Our Lady's tears.) I wept over the horror of the present world. I wept over the folly of the peoples who themselves forge the weapons of their destruction. I wept over the ingratitude of my children. HOME:

It is not by the spirit of ownership nor by the abundance of earthly goods that Family will radiate but by modesty, charity, and spiritual riches of its members. It will be Love's little cenacle. Those who dwell there will show themselves true disciples of My Heart. In tranquil meditation, carefully avoid all dissipation of the mind, avoid all scandals, bitterness and cliques. Greediness at table which is an outrage to the misery of starving people is taboo. The hours consecrated to prayer will be then more profoundly spiritual. Charity, the gift of grace will shine forth in each and all. Let the spirit of poverty reign among them. To have what is necessary does not mean having too much. Any spirit of domination should be eliminated by all. The leader will be the servant of all. He should have constant care to create an atmosphere of fervor, humility, and love among those confided to him. He will only use his authority with moderation and

comprehension, never trusting to his own lights. Dissension, distrust and pride will give place to peace, joy, and love. The fruits of love are peace and charity. Love rules only by charity. Let him carefully avoid all that might hurt his brother. Little ones are content with little. May words flow from the abundance of heart, and may each action bear the imprint of My Spirit. I rejoice in the soul of the poor man, but I withdraw from the proud and those who persecute others. Gentleness and humility are fundamental rules for everyone. My child (the head of family), I impose on you the charge of making My Will respected.
I am not the master of love. I am Love. Love is stronger than hatred. Love will conquer the world.

You must suffer the absence of your God. it is necessary.
The simplest is the best. Let your heart speak and tell Me all that worries or pains you.

Only the select few love Me. Alas! The masses do not really belong to me.
Is it not rather your own glory that you are seeking? Remain hidden.

Do not worry about your imperfections. Each day I efface them with My Blood. You are guided by My Spirit.
To give Me ( the Holy Eucharist ) to a hardened sinner is a sacrilege.

One act of repentance is the gate through which I hasten to the wounded soul.
I give you the marvels of Heaven to contemplate.

Your love is more necessary than excess of activity. Do

not seek for anything except what I wish to give you. Love Me and I will give you more and more love.
Confidence produces love and love produces holiness. Love is made up of renunciation and sacrifice. He who loves Me belongs to himself no longer for he is given up entirely to love.

Keep always present within you the sense of others. Open the way before your God who comes. Your labors and your fatigues are the ransom of My love.
Your thoughts take the direction of your desires. Pray and watch that they may be holy.

Fidelity to Grace requires serious efforts in order not to succumb to temptation.
Zeal is harmful only when it is profane.

Glorify yourself in your miseries. Glorify Me in supporting them.
Let them take refuge in the shelter of My divine Heart and in the all-loving heart of My Mother, where the enemy cannot reach them.

Seek for what pleases Me. Seek repose in the silence of contemplation. Seek ardently after contemplation. Take courage. Aspire after these desires for perfection without being caught up in what are only vain dreams.
Today children are often victims of the moral degradation of those who should give them the example of innocence, of piety and of humility; yet they scandalize these little ones by their infamous conduct.

The cruelty of hearts closed to the grace which is knocking at their door.
My beloved, consent to give yourself up body and soul to

Love. I am hungry and I thirst. Love Me.

I am Love, and at the same time contradiction. You will only possess Love by accepting contradiction. Contradiction between your good and bad inclinations. Contradiction supposes many interior struggles. Love is only to be had at this price.
I am expecting you to offer Me your sufferings, more precious to Me than gold or incense.

Your prayer is an act of faith. Your hope is an act of love. Your charity is love at work in your soul.
I draw My glory from your infirmity.

Be fully conscious of your weakness, of your vulnerability but also of My help in all the circumstances of your life. Think of Me. May the certainty of My love for you help you to realize Love's work in the souls confided to you. Creatures are present only to remind you that I remember you very particularly and that I have a special love for you.
I desire you to mistrust yourself in order to draw nearer to Me. Have confidence. Seek only My love and all that draws you to Me.

Humiliations never exceed human strength if one takes refuge in Me to support them: then, all is grace for the soul which thus conquers its weakness.
I only ask your love for souls to be saved.

I ask you to accept for My love the words which have wounded your heart. In all humility, endure it for ever. To love your God is to love souls and to endure the demands of His love. True love of souls rests in the full acquiescence to grace. How can you preach and give love to others if your soul has not been enkindled by My love?

Do not think yourself superior in love to anyone else, for you know nothing of the intimacy and intensity of My love in any particular soul. Do not judge by appearances; rather try to discover in each one Love's deeply abiding presence. Sometimes it pleases Me to humiliate you so that, in the consciousness of your nothingness, you may love Me all the more.

Give to souls what I give to you. Do not discourage them by demanding of them more than they can give according to the degree of their devotion. Be a source of consolation to everyone. Consider your mission as being of the greatest importance. In a suffering soul your God is weeping, and waiting for a loving and understanding heart. I have chosen you so that by My grace you may preserve and protect the enfeebled faith of suffering souls in order to help them bear the cross. Never withdraw from the demands of My love: translate it into actions. What are words without actions? If you are hard on yourself, do not impose on others your own way of looking at things, but be always ready to pacify, encourage, and love.
Let he who is in distress meet his God in you by your loving and vigilant presence and by your compassion. Uphold the weak and the poor, especially those who are poor in spirit. Make them understand how much I love them.

What self-seeking there is even in the holiest thing!
Do not impose yourself on others but let them impose themselves on you; let them come to you, you whom have magnetized by My grace and My love.

I give you still more love because in spite of your suffering, you are faithful.
Do not worry about what your desires might be, but rather about what Mine are.

The true defenders of the Faith are those who preach by

their example of holiness and self-surrender.
How can you ever, at any time, desire something that is not Me?

Your thoughts take the direction of your desires. Pray and watch that they may be holy.
Keep always present within you the sense of others. Open the way before your God Who comes. Your labor and fatigues are ransom of My love.

You ask Me for a sign to prove the reality of your mission. Scrutinize your soul. Signs are not lacking.
Trust and abandonment are proof of your love.

Pray for them (the youth). Offer Me sacrifices. I promise you to save good number of these children.
(About a person with difficult character.) Where would be your merit if you were not tempted, and if you did not come victorious out of temptation.

Shining in the pure light of My divine love, such is the soul in a state of grace.
When solitude is lacking, isolate yourself in your heart. Think of Me as I think of you. One can faithful to prayer in so many ways.

Your fidelity is required in everything.
My Presence in you, felt or not, is real. Live in My Presence by all the fiber of your being. Do not be afraid of your weakness. They are mine. I have taken everything upon Me. When you cannot love Me with feeling, love Me with your will.

Do not worry about your imperfections. I have taken them upon Myself.

Confidence produces love and love produces holiness. Love is made up of renunciation and sacrifice. He who loves Me belongs to himself no longer, he is given up entirely to love.

Turn your thoughts away from the things of this world. Seek Me in all things...Take care not to attach yourself to anything else ( besides Love). Your desire to love Me is holy and I will fulfill it according to your wish. I want you to be entirely at the service of others as far as I inspire you.
If I correct you, it is for your good ... know that humility is a virtue which I particularly value.

My child, holiness does not consist in being, but in accepting not to be. I alone sanctify and without Me all effort is in vain. I go and I come. I give and I take away. I raise up and I humiliate. Humiliations are necessary. I exalt and I abase. The soul is annihilated under My blows and it is then that I persuade it to enter upon the road of holiness, and I take possession of all the powers of its being. Do not be diffusive in the use of vain words, but recollect yourself and be assured that it is thus that you will find Me. Do not be sad because of your imperfections. Have confidence in Me for I love you. According to your desire, I will increase in your soul the capacity to suffer for love of Me.
You must be as faithful to prayer as you can be. On your fidelity depends the fate of other souls.

(After seeing the movie Passion of Christ on 03-07-04. My Jesus, what should I have done had I really been present at Your grievous Passion?) That depends on the feelings you would have experience at that time. You see, My child, there is no one so blind as he who does not wish to see. Already at that moment I was suffering for you. I knew you and you were in My Heart. Then it was that I begot you in the bloody Sacrifice of the

In praying for others, you are praying for yourself. The good you do to them, you do also to yourself.

( Lord, what do You wish of me? ) I wish you to obey My inspirations immediately and lovingly. Give Me this proof of your attachment, then I will give you something else. I will gather up all that remains in you that is vain and superficial. Be calm, levelheaded, thoughtful. Your soul must be continually watchful. Remain before Me like a small clear flame, as an offering of love.
All except the riches of Heaven is nothing, all is vanity.

Give Me your sadness, I will change it into joy.
Love covers you with its shadow and produces a new humanity in your soul.

To pray is necessary: to pray without ceasing.
What I want of you is the total gift of yourself. You must cooperate in the work for the sanctification of souls. You must forget the selfish and self-centered " me " which still dwells in you. You must sacrifice yourself to this work. You must listen to the voices of millions of people in distress in the world, and then only will you love Me with that love you desire so much and which the saints have known.

( How can I practice mortification and penance? ) By a just measure adapted to your environment.
Do not seek to know what tomorrow will be. Be faithful to grace and abandon yourself unreservedly. Pray, pray incessantly for all your brothers. Be gentle and humble of heart.

I never refuse My help to those who ask Me with humility. Before speaking, learn to listen and reflect.
Have you given Me all? Give Me your fear and I will make it into heroism.

You do not tell Me often enough that you love Me. I have such need of love.
You love Me with your humanity certainly. But this love, it is I, and it effaces all your imperfections.

(Lord, save all Your children.) I cannot save them against their will.
I will take care of you and all those you commend to Me. Do not worry about anything. I will provide for all your needs. I trace the sign of the cross on your forehead, on your lips, and on your heart.

Give Me much love ... You will never give Me enough. Pray much for your brothers, never cease praying. All must be done by love and in love. Do not seek to know, do not seek to understand. Love, that is what your God asks of you. Can one always prevent oneself from hurting those one loves?
Prove your love by acts of submission, of abandonment, offering and thanksgiving.

When you suffer too much, come to My Heart.
Have confidence in Me.

The Holy Trinity has established His dwelling place in you. Be attentive to this Presence.
Everything should be done in love. If I ceased to love, I would cease to be God. The more generous you are, the more it (love ) will increase.

The world longs for peace, but pride works havoc.
Practice humility, My child. It is a virtue which is particularly dear to Me.

The little attentions you pay Me are balm to My wounds.
My child, your desires are realities. Let each moment of your life be a continually renewed offering to My divine love.

You no longer belong to yourself. Go where I inspire you to go. I am with you. I will multiply for you the occasions of giving yourself to others. You must go as far as the total sacrifice of yourself to Love.
It calls for heroism to be truly little.

Love Me much, forget your sufferings. You know that when you are hurt, I am hurt before you are.
My child, feelings have no value unless they originate in true love. They are not, however, indispensible to the development of the interior life. Sometimes a soul has an over-abundance of feelings without quite knowing how. To others I give the unction of My spirit, for without this, they would be retarded in their advance toward Me.

Do you want to please me? When you remember Me in the middle of a disedifying conversation, withdraw without making yourself noticed. I do not wish you to exteriorize yourself uselessly.
Banish all anxiety from your heart. Have confidence in Me. Look at Me. Would My Sacrifice have been in vain? No. Fear nothing. I did not come for the just. You have never been so near to My Heart. But at this moment you are not receptive.

I have created in you a permanent state of prayer. Even when you are not thinking of Me, you remain united to Me

by all the fibers of your being.
The time has come for you to give. It is the proof of your love, love which gives and which asks for nothing. Draw from My riches. If you only knew!

Do not attribute too much importance to what passes. All that is of the world is vain and of no importance to Heaven. Never neglect holy things for those that are profane. These bring only trouble and confusion.
Recollection is not found in tumult, in the sound of drums. This music is profane and displeases Me immensely. I yield Myself only in silence and in prayer.

Know My child that humility obtains everything from Me.
I am all weakness towards you. Do not ask why: you would not understand> Profit by this time that is given to you to save souls by fidelity and by your love. May the joy that you give Me change into blessings for you and those you love.

Maintain contact by ardent aspirations of love. Give unreservedly.
Obey the inspiration of the moment and do not worry about anything. Be attentive to My Voice in the silence of your heart. Believe in My love for you.

Be at the disposition of everyone. Take on yourself the care of others.
If you do not possess joy in yourself, act as if it were there. If you feel impatient, make contrary acts.

It is when I seem far off that I am near, and that I am teaching you. I will fill the void in your heart. Be faithful. You must not be afraid.
You should make your personal problem second place,

make use of everything, good and bad, remembering the one and forgetting the other.

Never exact yourself. I alone can exact and abase. Be attentive to My voice.
Be humble and loving. Tell Me again and again that you love Me. I am never weary of listening to you. Draw upon My riches. Do not fear importuning Me. Ask for yourself and for others. I am rich, very rich. Love obtains everything from Me.

Would you love Me by loving them. Would you love Me by serving them.
Sin causes the loss of man. Love saves him. Love is the road to Heaven. Pardon has the power to attract gratitude. Gratitude attracts love.

What have you to offer Me? Nothing is lost: a single sigh to me bears fruit.
Look toward Heaven, your heart is no longer on earth.

How greatly you console me for the ingratitude of others.
Look around you at the ravages of pride.

Offer your Communion for that soul.
If you speak of goodness, tenderness, renunciation, gentleness, etc, you will be answered by mockery. Speak of scandalous gossip and you will find impassioned and attentive audience.

Let yourself be led where I wish you to go.
I should like to see you become more and more destitute. If you wish to belong entirely to Love, you must renounce everything which could bring excessive earthly joy.

I wish no other state for you than that in which I have placed you. One sanctifies oneself everywhere. I like to have My place everywhere.
You shall have all the love you desire and all you can possibly support.

Only a few seconds, a simple look of adoration and I renew you entirely.
He who possesses love, possesses Heaven.

Be faithful each day to the rendezvous of prayer.
Love does not bring only joy. It is especially in suffering that love lives most.

Let your sweetness and amiability reveal Me to all.
The smaller you are, the more you will know the joy of loving, of giving and forgetting yourself. Be eager for the riches of Heaven. The plenitude of love is not of this world.

It is in weakness that I reveal My strength. To doubt My mercy is to offend Me gravely. Doubt kills love. It hurts Me very much when someone knows his misery and grieves over it. But to love it and put all one's trust in Me is a state of perfection which especially attracts Me.
My Spirit speaks to your spirit and My Heart to your heart.

You will be the love that is humble and boundless. You will be the love hidden in little souls.
Your maxim for today: accept this day's little annoyances with a smile.

What will remain of all that they covet? After their death, what bitter regrets they will have. Alas, it will be

too late. And I love them passionately. What sadness!
Look at your neighbor with the eyes of your God. See in him only the good residing in every soul.

To divulge our secret would affect our intimacy. I take care of your interests. Take care of Mine. Heavenly favours must be paid for dearly. How are you going to pay Me? Be eager for perfection. Desire Heaven with all your soul. Your love will be in proportion to the immensity of your desires.
Few think of Me.

Your maxim today: be sparing with words, rich in love. Love will dictate your conduct.
You live in the world as if you were of the world. But you are no longer of this world.

I am tenderness unrecognized.
Your maxim for today: be joyful in love.

Offer Me everything, refuse Me nothing.
Mortification is the salt of devotion. Without this condiment, devotion will become insipid and tasteless.

Let every moment of your existence pass in praising, glorifying, and serving your God. Offer your little sacrifices to Love without calculation. This time is given you to use for your sanctification. Be patient and merciful towards your neighbor and towards yourself. (Sinner: What did I offer the Lord today?) Walk fearlessly in the way of sacrifice.
Mortify your eyes.

It is not exactly you whom he loves; rather, he loves Me in

When two people love each other in My sight there flows between them a constant exchange and abundance of spiritual riches.

With what delight I take possession of your soul each morning.
(Sinner: I thought of the difficulty in finding time for prayer today.) Our intimacy will not be affected by that. I compensate. I compensate.

(Sinner: I had taken a piece of cake which nobody wanted. I was not very anxious to have it.) That is why it is of no importance. Practice the virtue of detachment.
Exterior noises can disturb recollection. However, what matters is to make your heart keep silence.

Suffering has no hold on love. The more one suffers, the more one loves. The more one loves, the more one suffers. Suffering and love are one. Sanctify your brothers by loving the Lord your God with all your heart. Ask holiness for yourself. Shine, shine ardently on those around you.
(Sinner: Lord, how can I not accept sufferings to love You while seeing You carrying the Cross alone for us? May I plunge voluntarily into the abysm of sufferings which also is the abysm of love, where love can express itself to the fullest. When one is in love, one glows. When one is in love with God, one radiates, the kind of radiance which pushes darkness away.)

There are so many preoccupations in your soul today that I can scarcely find a place there.

(Sinner: My Lord, my God, I love You.) It is not the courage to practice mortification that is necessary but love.

( Sinner: For the love of You, O Lord ….) I cannot ask everyone to renounce all earthly joys. From you, the little child of My Heart, I demand knowing that My demand will be well received.
(Sinner: O Lord, all what I have is Yours, totally Yours.) My Mercy has to shine out in you.

(Sinner: I commend my whole being to You, O Lord, like clay in the Potter's Hand.) I allow that sorrow so that you should not believe yourself an angel on earth. ( Sinner: My Lord, I accept the crosses You send, for love sometimes comes in the form of crosses. Your Love for sinful me does come in the form of the Cross.)
Do not be alarmed, whatever happens to you. Abandon yourself. Have confidence in Me. ( Sinner: If the Lord leads me to dark valley, His Will be done.)

The more one finds out about Him, the more one loves Him. The more one loves Him, the more one wishes to love Him. The more one wishes to love Him, the deeper one sinks into the immensity of His divine Love, until one is entirely lost in it. (Sinner: My Lord, I wish to love You as I am humanly capable. The Lord: No greater love than laying down one's life for his Friend.)
Wisdom speaks in you. It has been given to you for conversion of many souls. Love what is humble and little. Detest pride in all its forms. (Sinner: All the knowledge I have which edifies souls come from the Lord. There is no merit in it except servitude.)

Fight pride by acts of humility and love. You are holy only by My holiness. Nothing in you belongs to you. In this life there will always be temptations to conquer. I often put to the test those whom I love and who love Me.
(Sinner: Muscles can be harnessed into steel by exercises; virtues can be acquired by confronting bad tendencies and overcoming them. Holiness is the Divine attribute, not of natural state of man who has lost his original innocence since Adam. Conquering one's self is the greatest lifetime quest which will last a lifetime. The trials from the Lord will no longer be burdensome for humble souls.)

(The Lord talked about the denial of faith due to communist persecution.) That will remain graven in their hearts like a rankling wound. But I am not angry at them. (Sinner: Why was the Lord not angry at them? Did Peter denied Him three times? Those often become the greatest lovers through many tears of sorrow.)
What can be done against wickedness of men? The only remedy: prayer.

The birds concern with the present moment only.
I speak better in the silence. My words are love.

Do something to please Me, will you? Keep a watch of yourself.
Do you not know that I love you? And you know there is no emptiness in you. It is only the semblance of emptiness.

Do not regret that which I now give you but rarely. Regret rather the evil done to Me.
Better one holy soul than one hundred mediocre. What is the good of throwing ballast overboard for the benefit of those mediocre souls if in so doing the hearts of My

little souls are wounded.

The law of love is the only law which can save you. ( Sinner: What is the law of love, Lord? The Lord: The law of love is more than the absence of evil. It is the spark that inflames your heart with the love of Me.)

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