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Parents Guide to JEE 2014

--- Ensuring Quality JEE Preparation For Your Child ---


IIT-JEE through the years

IIT-JEE is the only engineering entrance exam which keeps on

springing surprises for students.

IIT-JEE pattern has changed several times and students need to

keep themselves updated to crack it.

In 2013 the pattern changed again. It will be conducted in two

phases: IIT-JEE mains and IIT-JEE advanced

Around 13,00,000 students appeared for IIT-Mains in 2013 out of

which only 1,50,000 will get selected to appear for IIT-JEE advanced.


What Parents Should Know About JEE 2014

JEE Mains 2014 similar JEE Mains 2013 will be an Online test

too. JEE Advance 2014 could again be subjective as per the new suggestions from IIT-B; Are you able to keep yourself up to date with new surprises from JEE every year? The proposal also states that the descriptive questions would be in the form of fill in the blanks or complete the following Current pattern of JEE Advance that involves 2 tests of 3 hours each with only 2 attempts per question allowed. So as to crack JEE, parents should consistently monitor their childs performance. It is a joint effort by the Teacher, Student and Parent.

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Facts about JEE and other Engineering Entrances

Out of 5,20,000 students who appeared for IIT-JEE 2012, only

10,000 (less than 2 %) made their dream come true.

Out of 10,00,000 students who appeared for other engineering

entrance examinations, only 15,395 (about 1.5 %) got admission in

top 20 engineering colleges.

JEE preparation for two years costs nearly INR 2,10,000/student for

coaching classes in a batch of 120+ students.

The average ROI of 200%+ on your JEE tuition fees if your child

gets into top 20 colleges after the first two years of job. Lifetime ROI is limitless.


How JEE preparation helps your child?

IIT-JEE is the toughest exam in Asia. Cracking JEE secures admission in the top engineering colleges of India Once your child is ready for the toughest, he/she can easily crack BITSAT/ VITEEE/ WBJEE etc. Develops analytical and reasoning skills

Covers the syllabus of school and board exams thoroughly, in detail. The JEE is based on the CBSE portion.
Based on only conceptual knowledge, which provides him/her an extra edge for future exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE etc. Its a lifetime investment in your childs future. Majority of JEE aspirants have gone ahead to perform relatively better on other entrance exams in life. Even if your child doesnt intend to go to IITs, BITs and NITs, or has plans to go abroad; the JEE preparations/he undergoes will prepare him/her to tackle 4 years of engineering with ease and keep your child ahead of the pack.


Ingredients of Quality Preparation


NCERT textbooks for all the three subjects and reference books. Whichever book you refer ensure that you complete it. Referring to multiple books in a half-baked fashion doesnt help Atleast 50 sectional quizzes and 10 mock full length papers.

Get hold of notes prepared by IIT students or Alumni.

Maintain class notes for revision


Experience of the teacher helps structure the course and channel your childs energies in the right direction. Provides exhaustive discussion on each test paper and homework problem. If the teacher is an IIT student or alumni, then you can take advantage of his/her experience of cracking the JEE.


A parents role starts right at the selection of an effective coaching class. 30% of students dont clear the JEE simply because they attend low quality classes!

Any childs JEE preparation is half baked without the right push and motivation from the parents. So this role is utmost important.
Parents play a major role to ensure the right diet, study habits and consistency.

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What kind of coaching classes are available?

Full time Group Coaching such classes provide hostel facility

and mess along with classes, like several institutes in Kota. Group coaching. No parent invigilation and 100+ students in each class.
Live & Online Classes Coaching taken online from your home

via internet. One-to-one class. Personalized attention.

Live & Online Classes Doubt clearing sessions for student who

are enrolled in Group Coaching or Self-Studying. One-to-one class.

Integrated program with schools Schools provide facilities for

preparation of entrance exams in school hours. Group coaching and 50+ students in each class.

Online coaching vs. Other coaching

Online Coaching Individual attention Full time coaching/ School integrated coaching Group coaching (each batch having 100+ students) hence no individual attention possible Course altered according to group of students who may or may not have the same pace of understanding as your child. At least 25% of time wasted in travel General doubt sessions which are driven by time limit rather than content, a two hour doubt session may just solve 4 questions which your child already knows. Moves at a standard pace irrespective of whether your child is coping up or no. Parent invigilation not possible. Parent teacher meeting If your child is not coping up, most classes will seggregate him/her into another batch. There is a special toppers batch.

Properly structured course which can be flexibly modified according to your childs needs

No time wasted in travel Individually targeted doubt sessions to tackle your childs weak areas Highly flexible to students learning capacity why wait if the child can learn faster? Parents can keep full track includes parentteacher meeting online. Possible in parents busy schedule Full attention to student is provided.


Keeping Parents up to Date

Spanedea Keeps Parents up-to-date with:
One-to-one online parent teacher interactions
Parents can listen to classes and keep track of the

quality of teaching.
Timely parent feedback and discussions during

biweekly parents teacher meeting.


Who are our teachers?

Quality of faculty decides the probability of your childs success on JEE, hence we have:
IIT students - who have cracked IIT-JEE and are currently

pursuing engineering in an IIT, keeping up with the current trends of IIT-JEE.

IIT Alumni - who have passed out from an IIT Non-IIT Students - who have cleared IIT but joined other

renowned Institutes like BITS Pilani etc to pursue engineering in the field of their choice.
We believe the best guide for your child will be the one who has travelled the same path of success. Talk to an IIT student now: http://www.spanedea.com/page/contact
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Try a 1 hour Trial Class for FREE

- We guarantee satisfaction even in our Trial Class!
Try 1 hour trial class with our experience faculty in any subject. You can sit with your child to understand the uniqueness of our coaching

and ensure the quality of education.

After the class, you can discuss and customize the course according to

the need of your child.

We believe in 100% productivity during this trial class we will be

covering relevant portion so that we use the 1 hour productively.

Get detailed feedback from our facultys observation of your child.
Sooner you start the easier it will be to achieve what you desire.
Apply for a Free Trial Class Now: http://www.spanedea.com/courses/registration/iit_jee?type=SPANEDEA_CATEGORY_PAGE
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Parent Resources Online

For JEE syllabus and current pattern please visit

http://www.iitb.ac.in/jee/ or
Contact us anytime at +91-22-40226087 & +91-8080025432 You can visit us anytime at


to check our teacher profile and their courses.

Check the List of Recommended Reference Books on http://blog.spanedea.com/?p=132



About Spanedea

Spanedea provides one-to-one classes to students preparing for JEE. All

teachers on Spanedea are either IIT students, alumni OR have been preparing
students for 10+ years with a high success rate.

Spanedea was founded in 2011 by IIM Bangalore 1998 batch alumni Sanjay Bhadra, Nitin Bansal and Rajat Sharma.

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