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For Immediate Release


Bring your business to Missouri! - Thats the message for gun manufacturers in regulatory and tax challenged states that ban the products gun makers produce
For Immediate Release May 6th, 2013
Move to Missouri! That is the message delivered to firearms makers, manufacturers and distributors by Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America and Michael Evans, host of the Americas Voice Now radio talk show. The two activist organizations have put together a program for gun makers and equipment manufacturers to move to Missouri. Evans announced that a local businessman in West Plains, Mo. is offering to provide a no-cost lease to any gun manufacturer, accessory maker or distributor who will relocate to any one of three unique tracts of land the businessman owns. The parcels consist of 6 acres with railroad siding, 38 acres on a major interstate and 100 acres, all located in the heart of the Ozarks. The chosen tract of land would be available on a 20 year lease at no charge. Its important for the firearms industry to know they are supported by the public and states that support our Constitutional Second Amendment rights, said Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America. GOA and Americas Voice Now have banded together to support our manufacturers and offer the firearms industry the welcoming arms of a community with skilled labor, low taxes, central locale and a smiling face. Many firearms manufacturers and distributors are handicapped by regulations, high taxes and bans on the products they produce in states like New York, Connecticut and Illinois, said Michael Evans, host of Americas Voice Now. Today companies like Colt, Remington, Winchester, Armalite, Kimber, Henry and Smith & Wesson are based in some of nations most restrictive gun law states. Missouri is a firearms friendly state and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. The people of the Ozarks welcome any firearms manufacturer or distributor wishing to move here. The land is available free for 20 years. Larry Pratt is the President of Gun Owners of America, a lobby organization that fights for gun rights and preservation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution and known for his no compromise stance in the national debate over strict gun control which has included proposed bans of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammunition and magazines. Michael Evans is the host of Americas Voice Now a patriotic radio program focused on educating, informing, motivating and activating grass roots engagement of citizens to Restore Missouri and the Republic of the United States to a Constitutional foundation. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Gun Owners of America 703-321-8585
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Americas Voice Now 417-372-0686 10 Court Square West Plains, MO www.AmericasVoiceNow.org