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Faculty of Management Sciences DBA-Spring 2012 Individual Assignment and Presentation Advance Research Methods DBA-Spring 2012 Friday 06:30 pm 09:30 pm Dr. Imran Khan (Asst. Prof.) khan.i@iuk.edu.pk 8:30am 4:30 pm Wednesday & Saturday 15 Weeks WARNING Plagiarism or hiring of ghost writer(s) for solving the assignment(s) will debar the student from the course. Submitting assignments borrowed or stolen from other(s) as ones own will be penalized as defined in Iqra University Plagiarism Policy. Bear in mind that plagiarism is an academic offence therefore copy and paste is strictly not allowed. Plagiarized assignments will not be marked and given zero. Individual Assignment: A Research Paper This assignment is a research-oriented activity. In this micro study you are required to select a topic of your interest and prepare a research paper of not more than 10 pages which includes data analysis and findings. To do this, you have to collect primary data of a sample size 30. You may adopt, adapt or develop your own research tool, for instance a questionnaire. You are required to prepare two copies i.e. soft and hard of your assignment for the fulfillment of this course. Submit these copies to your CR before the given deadline. Based on this assignment you are further required to orally report your findings in front of your colleagues and course facilitator. Presentations will be assessed at the end of the semester prior to final examination. Include the following main headings in your individual assignment: a) b) c) d) e) f) Title/topic of your research Introduction to the topic Related literature review Important sub-topics Table of contents with page numbers Problem statement

Course Term Class Timings Course Facilitator Email Availability Off Days Course Duration

g) h) i) j) k) l) m)

Research questions Methodology Data analysis showing descriptive statistics and crosstabs Merits, demerits, deficiencies or strengths of your study Conclusions and recommendations Annex or appendices if any References Submission Requirements and Advice for the Individual Assignments

Note: Please strictly follow these guidelines to submit your assignments. The following guidelines should be strictly followed for the submission of assignments. Students will be given no credits if these guidelines are not followed. Your assignment or title page should not be colored, and it should not contain Iqra Universitys logo. Formatting Conventions: 1. It is compulsory to word-process your work. It enables you to check your spelling, and if you want to make changes you do not have to start again. 2. Use 8.5 inches x 11 inches paper and print out your work on one side of the paper only, with a left hand margin of one and a half inches (3.5cm) and a one inch (2.5 cm) margin on the other three sides. This will allow for binding. 3. Print only one side, left side should be left unprinted 4. Write in font size 11 5. Use font Book Antiqua 6. Line spacing 1.5 in running text and 2 between headings/subheadings 7. Title 12 font bold 8. Topics and sub-topics bold 9. Paragraphs indented 10. Text should be justified 11. Number each page. Pagination begins with the first page of the essay and not with the title page, contents and acknowledgements which have Roman i, ii, and iii. 12. Make sure your complete title is written on the title page. 13. You need to provide a table of contents page which includes page numbers for topics/sub-topics, indicate parts if you have them, and list introduction, appendices, references etc. 14. For presentation prepare only 15 PowerPoint slides on this project. Ten minutes for presentation will be allowed. Do not insert any audio or video clip in your presentation. Submit your presentation a day before to the CR. 15. Feedback for individual assignment will be given individually. 16. Submission of soft and hard copys due date: Tuesday, April 6th, 2012 (Note: CR will not receive any assignment after the given deadline)

Note: Further sample of the aforesaid guidelines will be shown in class for your clarification.

Title Page Template

An Exploration Of Factors That Facilitate Or Hinder Refugees Motivation To Learn A Second Language

Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Management Sciences Iqra University Gulshan Campus

In the fulfillment of the course (course name) BBA/MBA Submitted to (Facilitators name)

By Your name


Note: For oral presentation prepare only 15 PowerPoint slides on this project. Ten minutes for presentation will be allowed. Do not insert any audio or video clip in your presentation. Submit your oral presentations soft copy a day before to the CR.

(This handout consists of four pages)

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