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Mobile Monday

Each month more than 60,000 Italians
struggle to configure their mobile phone
(Lessons in device mgt. from operators and MVNOs)

Mobile Monday Milan

October 13, 2008
Wouter Deelman
Founder/CEO Qelp

Confidential and proprietary – Summary

Top 10 “managed” devices September ‘08

Top 11 = 24.7%

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 2

Source: live data from Netherlands, Belgium, UK

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 3

Data coming from our white label self service
tool, embedded in website of mobile providers

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 4

Top 10 supported issues September ‘08

Top 10 = 85%

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 5

Different OSs and GUIs make device
management a moving target
Menu actions after receiving OTA message internet settings
Source: Qelp analysis, February 1, 2008

Apple iPhone (non-OTA) 2 7

LG KE970 4 7
LG KG800 4 8
Motorola V3 4 11
Nokia 6103 4 5
Nokia 6111 4 6
Nokia 6230 4 17
Nokia 6230i 4 4
Nokia 6233 4 5 PIN + phone reset Menu actions
Nokia E50 4 11
Nokia E61i 4 16
Nokia E70 4 10
Nokia N70 4 12
Nokia N73 4 9
Nokia N95 4 9
Samsung D900 4 11
Samsung E520 4 10
Samsung E530 4 8
Samsung E900 4 8
Samsung U700 4 7
Sony Ericsson K610i 4 13
Sony Ericsson K800i 4 13
Sony Ericsson K810i 4 13
Sony Ericsson W850i 4 13
Sony Ericsson W910i 4 14
Sony Ericsson Z530i 4 13

Confidential and proprietary2 – Summary

Window s Mobile (non-OTA) 21 6
0 5 10 15 20 25
Projecting this on Italy: 60,000* end-users are
wrestling with device settings each month…

Vodafone Wind H3G

23,000 19,000 11,000 7,000

*optimistic scenario

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 7

And 80% of end-users still do not use internet,
email, mms ….

I heard my Nokia N95

I received a new SIM card,
needs a firmware
but now MMS does not
update. How?
work anymore on my SE

What are Internet

settings for my
How do I get a new Nokia N95?
ringing tone on my
SE W800i?

I cannot send How do I reroute

email from my calls to another
HTC S710. telephone nr. using
my Samsung

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 8

Each handset is different and each new GUI
disrupts the end-user learning curve

Nokia N95 Nokia 3120 Samsung E900 HTC S710

LG KG800 Samsung U900 SE W810i Apple iPhone 3G

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 9

Network operator issues

1. 80% of handsets are sold through independent retail and web channels.
No pre-configuration possible.
2. Devices come on the market before operator testing on the network, hence
not recognized by Automatic Device Configuration, no OTA-settings
3. End-users confused when receiving settings. Some operators claim only
50% of OTA-settings first time right
4. Settings support calls are still considered 2nd level support. Calls for
support are growing too fast, needs to move to device management, self
service and 1st level support

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 10

MVNO specific headaches

1. Adding MVNO settings may require deleting

old profiles first.
2. Network operator profiles embedded in handset
firmware, sometimes conflict with MVNO settings.
3. Java applications may require adding an additional
APN, overriding the embedded operator APNs.
4. Handset SIM-lock complicates activating new user.

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 11

Enterprise issues

1. IT-department not always equipped to support mobile phones.

2. Mobile phones require 2 tot 3 times more support than PCs.
3. Better standardize on a selection of “single OS” devices.
4. For some platforms (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry) good device
management tools are available.

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 12

Customer self service is actually quite
suitable for device management

Confidential and proprietary – Summary

1. Select your device and topic
2. Get step-by-step instrucrions



Confidential and proprietary – Summary 14

Self service for device management benefits

Provider benefits
1. Increase mobile data revenues (ARPU)
2. Reduce customer support costs
3. Add-on to existing OTA-systems, increasing successful configurations
4. Any topic, any handset, any network, any language
5. Dynamic content, changes on the fly when needed
6. Comprehensive usage statistics/analytics
7. End-to-end managed service, seamless integration in website
– As iframe with HTML, Flash or AJAX
– Software as a Service: continuous platform innovation
User benefits
Great user experience
– Task-oriented tutorials
– Answers in pictures, image/text ratio 80/20
– User-centered instead of technology driven instructions

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 15

Detailed usage statistics provide
valuable marketing and support intelligence

Confidential and proprietary – Summary 16

Thank you!

(we are looking for local partners

to serve network operators and MVNOs)

M +31 6 1100 1200

Confidential and proprietary – Summary