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Mobile Monday


Mobile Monday Italy

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User Experience
Some thoughts on how to
improve it
24.11.2008 Mobile Monday Milano

Simo Säde, CEO, Etnoteam Finland Oy

Mobile Monday Italy

Etnoteam Finland Oy

The leading usability and user experience consulting company in Finland.

• Established in 2001

• Employs over 25 people, revenue € 1.5

million (2007) and some € 2.0 (est. 2008)

• Belongs to Value Partners Group, which

is based in Italy and has offices in 12

• Value Partners Group employs ~ 3000

people worldwide, with a turnover of €
290 million

• Etnoteam works in several countries and

has an international partner network.

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential

What is User Experience?

• There is not yet any widely shared definition for user

experience. Current draft for the ISO definition is

A person's perceptions and responses

that result from the use or anticipated use
of a product, system or service.
ISO DIS 9241-210 (ex-13407)

• The overall experience of using or consuming a

product or service that covers its user interface and
usability as well as other experiences and emotions
that might emerge also in the long run. - Wikipedia

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential

What is User Experience?

• Concept
• Functionalities
• Content
• User interface
• Usability
• Service chain
• (Exceed) expectations
• Brand
• Novelties
• Coolness, etc. etc…

• -> The wholeness affects

user’s personal 

Mobile Monday Italy

Confidential 4
What is User Experience?

• Situated, context dependent

• Dynamic

• UX is seen as subjective, dealing with

psychological issues like affects,
emotions, cognition, values, and

• User experience happens before,

during, and after using the product
• Expectation
• Experience
• Judgement

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential

How to create products with great UX?

• User-Centered Design (UCD) is the product

development approach which ensures the
product suits to its users’ needs

• Not based on technology, but on users’  
needs, capabilities, and desires. UCD has
three main requirements
 Involve users in product development
 Visualize the ideas
 Iterate

• Simplified process:
 First interview the users to get requirements
 Design
 Usability test the prototype with users
 Fix the design

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential 6

Measuring the quality of UX

• Why measure? For setting and reaching • Must be measured also in early phases
targets  It is easiest to evaluate user experience
 User research for requirements with a real product, on the market
 Measuring against reqs to guide design  However, it would be most important to
measure the UX in the early phases of
product development - in order to be able
• The existing process of usability testing to influence the final outcome
can be used for UX evaluation  At that point, the various product elements
are separate or not there yet

• How to measure?
 For instance interviews, focus groups, think-
• The proper toolkit for UX evaluation
aloud in usability tests has not yet been developed. In order to
evaluate user experience, one has to
 Understand what UX is
 Define metrics or key aspects of UX that
can be measured
 Develop methods for gathering data for the

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential

Case example – Measuring UX of a mobile device

• Simultaneously with usability testing

• Different test scopes and phases

• Early concept feedback  (First time usage) usability tests

• Various product ideas were validated • Concentrated on usability of the
with users product
• Presented with low-fidelity mock-ups, • With PC and embedded prototypes
scenarios, etc.
 Long-term usage study
• Out-of-box test • The product was given to the users to
• The appearance of the product, box, try for a longer period of time
manual etc. was tested • Several interview rounds
• Concentrated on Wow effect and take-

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential 8

Thank you for your attention

• Thanks to Virpi Roto/Nokia Research

Center for valuable insights
• Thanks to my colleagues Marju Kettunen
and Sanna Lagerström at Etnoteam

Mobile Monday Italy Confidential 9