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MADNESS, HERESY, The RUMOR“ ANGELS SEL Re eee) a Sagal =) =a) Foreword by Thomas Szasz Some people see visions, express disturbing views in a disturbing way, believe that they have intimations of a spiritual reality, are confused or unhappy, talk too much, and annoy their relatives. Are these people medically sick, and if so, is the appropriate treatment toimprison them, demean them, and disable them with stupefying drugs and electrically- induced brain damage? Seth Farber doesn’t think so. He has collected seven true stories of individuals insulted and injured by the mental health system, individuals who then fought back, broke free, and rebuilt their lives. Madness, Heresy, and the Rumor of Angels is a work in the tradition of Thomas Szasz, R.D. Laing, and Erving Goffman, a challenge to the delusional belief- system known as psychiatry, and a protest against its appalling crimes. “Here isthe work ofa doctor of psychology, introduced by a doctor of psychiatry — the great Thomas Szasz himself — which finally reveals that the phenomenon called ‘mental illness’ is actually human suffering during crisis. —KATE MILLETT Author of The Loony-Bin Trip “Seth Farber’s book tells us of seven nightmares, in which people who are unhappy for good reasons are declared lunatics for being unhappy, and are locked up and given drugs which destroy their ability to solve their problems.” —KURT VONNEGUT “Farber is a first-rate scholar who has written an outstanding book which makes an important argument accessible to the general public. He is in a line of dissidents who have the courage to rock the boat in a profession largely reluctant to engage in the critical task of self-reflection.” OND TC RUSS University of Maine Editor, Journal of Mind and Behavior “Every now and then a small group of individuals dares to challenge a well-entrenched presumption of the dominant culture. Madness, Heresy, and the Rumor of Angels speaks with compelling eloquence for the few who have questioned the premisses and powers of those who have defined for us the nature, care, and cure of our minds.” —PROFESSOR GEORGE ECONOMU University of Oklahoma “Seth Farber has created several new holes in the bio-psycho- ‘medical model. Patients ens ee —CARL WHITAKER, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry University of Wisconsin ISBN 0-8126-9200-4 ‘Seth Farber is a practicing 9 0000 counsellor in New York City, He has contributed to The Journal of Mind and Behavior, Practice, Inside-Out Journal, Z ‘Magazine, and National Review. Dr. Farber, who frequently appears on TV radio, is active in the Network Against Coercive Psychiatry. ISBN 0-8125-9200-4 (Paper) Open Bie: Court ISBN 0-8126-9199-7 (Cloth) 5 a Cover design by Susan Bishop Chicago and La Salle, Illinois SHH HH oo yoo > Madness, Heresy, and the Rumor of Angels The Revolt against the Mental Health System Seth Farber Open B* 9 Court Chicago and La Salle, Illinois