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abiding acarpous accession achromatic adjudge adumbrate albino amenable amenity anaerobic anhydrous apocrypha apophasis apposite aqueduct

aquifer arabesque arachnid arrant attenuate avulsion awash

lasting, enduring, indefatigable, indissoluble [abidance] producing no fruits, unfruitful attainment of a dignity or rank, ascension [accede to throne] chromatic, color-free, having no hue adjucate, decide by judicial procedure; deem sketch, outline; disclose partially or guardedly a person lacking normal pigmentation, having white skin & hair willing to yield or co-operate, tractable; answerable, accountable niceties, comforts, facilities, convenience; social pleasantries living or active in the absence of atmospheric oxygen; anaerobe free from water, esp water of crystallization writings or statements of questionable authorship or authenticity allusion to something by denying that it will be mentioned highly pertinent, relevant, suitable, germane, cognate, apropos a conduit for water; channel, sluice, duct
underground layer of earth, gravel or porous stone that yields water

a ballet position on 1 straight leg; complex, ornate design based on flowers, leaves and branches a class of arthropods, including spider, scorpion, mite, and ticks complete, total, stark, unmitigated, unqualified, categorical reduce; weaken, emasculate, enervate, vitiate, eviscerate
forcible tearing away of a body part by trauma or surgery; the sudden movement of soil from one property to another as a result of a flood

flooded, covered in water; overflowing, numerous or rife

baffle baseboard bedlam bilge bit blas blazon blurb static device that regulates the flow of a fluid or light a molding concealing the joint between wall and floor, mopboard place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion, melee; muss lowest part of ships hull; blathers, trumpery, twaddle, dross sharp part of a tool, e.g. cutting edge of a knife or jaws of tongs uninterested due to frequent exposure or indulgence, nonchalant coat of arms; adorn or embellish; publish widely brief publicity notice on a book jacket to attract readers interest

bluster boggle bonhomie bracing brash bravura bray breezeway bruit buck butt

empty threat, bluff; blow in low, violent gusts; turbulence, confusion

hesitate, balk, dither, straddle, hover, shilly-shally good-natured friendliness; folksy, debonair, expansive, convivial invigorating, healthful, salutary, salubrious, wholesome hasty and unthinking, impetuous, rash; impudent
brilliant technique & style in performance, usu. in a showy manner loud, harsh cry of donkey; crush, grind, pound to fine consistency
roofed, open-sided passageway connecting 2 structures, e.g house & garage

to spread news of
adult male, e.g. deer, antelope, or rabbit; leap upward w. back arching

hit or push against with the head or horns; ram

caisson calipers canopy catalyze cavalier cavort chevron chiaroscuro cineast comity complaisance cord corral cosset countervail
watertight structure within which construction work is carried on under water; horse-drawn 2-wheeled vehicle carrying artillery ammunition instrument used to measure thickness, width or distances

a cover fixed or carried above a person of high rank, baldachin bring about, initiate; change, transform
chivalrous man, gentleman; mounted soldier; thoughtless, incogitant

romp, frolick, caper, gambol, frisk, disport, gallop, roughhouse

badge or insignia consisting of stripes worn on uniform to indicate rank

technique of using light and shade in pictorial representation a movie enthusiast; a film maker
social harmony, comity of nations, rapprochement, entente, rapport
disposition to comply willingly w. the wishes of others; affability, amiability

a unit of cut fuel wood = 4x4x8 feet or 128 cubic feet stack enclosure for confining livestock, horse or cattle; contain, keep pamper, coddle, mollycoddle, baby, humor compensate for, offset; act against with equal force, counteract

debark deracinate desuetude unload, disembark; remove bark from uproot; displace from one's native or accustomed environment disuse

detritus detumescence digit dingus diocesan discommode dud

loose fragments worn away from rock; debris, eroded matters

loss of erection; reduction of swelling to normal size >< tumescence

a human finger or toe

a small article whose common name is unkown or forgotten, doodad

a bishop having jurisdiction over a diocese to cause inconvenience to, trouble, incommode
bomb that fails to detonate; anything disappointingly ineffective or unsuccessful

easel eclat ecumenical edacious eidolon eleemosynary elephantine elide embrangle emote empyrean empyreal enamel encaustic enzyme epicene equable eschew evict exscind excursive exponent extemporize upright frame for supporting artists canvas great brilliance or conspicuous success worldwide scope; universal; church unity promotion voracious, devouring, ravenous, rapacious [i.e. appetite] phantom, spectre, bugbear, ghoul, of, relating to, or supported by charity massive, large and clumsy omit or slur over a syllable in pronunciation; elision; omit, miss entangle, complicate, embroil express emotion, esp. in an excessive or theatrical manner sky, heaven, paradise, firmament celestial, heavenly; sublime hard outer layer of teeth, paint for metal & wood, enamelware paint of pigment mixed with beeswax then fixed with heat biochemical catalyst having characteristics of both male & female; effeminate unvarying; steady, free from extremes, not easily disturbe to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds put out (a tenant) by legal process; expel or eject cut off, excise, extirpate characterized by or having the nature of digression, discursive proponent, advocate; one that expounds; expository to do something extemporaneously, improvise

farce feckless filly finch fission flak flange flax flint fluvial friable frothy frowsy | frowzy full-bodied fusty dramatic comedy; travesty, charade, burlesque, pastiche feeble or ineffective; careless and irresponsible young female horse <> colt; foal includes filly & colt songbird including goldfinch, sparrow, cardinal, grosbeak, canary process of splitting into parts (of cell, atom) [fissile: fissionable] anti-aircraft artillery; excessive or abusive criticism protruding rim or edge, as on wheel, used to hold it in place plants having blue flowers fine-grained quartz that sparks when struck with steel [flinty] of, relating to, or inhabiting in a stream or river; fluviatile brittle and fragile, breakable, foamy, sudsy; playfully frivolous, not serious [froth] unkempt, slovenly; having an unpleasant smell, musty having satisfying quality, rich in taste and flavour smelling of mildew or decay, musty

gab gadfly gash gasification glade gloat goldbrick gratify gully guzzle gabble, prate, belabor, expatiate, patter, yammer, rhapsodize persistent, irritating critic, a nuisance a long deep cut in flesh conversion into gas; esp. conversion of coal into natural gas an open space surrounded by woods; everglade feel or express great, oft. malicious, pleasure or self-satisfaction to shirk duty or responsibility please or satisfy, gladden glen, valley, gulch, arroyo, canyon, ravine, gorge, defile, dale drink greedily, or consume to excess

hale half-baked ham-handed hamstring free from infirmity or illness, sound, wholesome, hardy lacking adequate planning or forethought, lacking in judgment hamfisted, heavyhanded, bumbling, labored, gauche, ponderous cripple by cutting the hamstring; hinder, frustrate, thwart, blight

hanker harangue hard-bitten hard-headed harness harrow hauteur hearken hidebound hie hike homiletics honorarium

yearn/pine/thirst/crave for long, pompous speech; tirade toughen by experience, showing little emotion, hard-boiled. bullheaded, pig-headed; determined and pragmatic bring under control and make use of; utilize farm tool 2 break & even plowed ground; torture, torment, inflict hubris, superciliousness, imperiousness give respectful attention to; listen carefully, heed ultraconservative, reactionary, fusty, doctrinaire, retrogressive go quickly; hasten rise up; increase; walk the art of preaching payment for service in which fee not legally/traditionally required

illuminati immanent incogitant inculpate incursion inducement indurate inflame infuse instate invective people who profess special spiritual or intellectual enlightenment inherent, intrinsic, internal; restricted entirely to mind, subjective thoughtless, inconsiderate, heedless, inadvertent, precipitate Incriminate, >< exculpate raid, invasion, inroads, encroachment motivation, impetus, incentive harden, inure, make hard-bitten ignite, provoke; make angry or excited inspire; put into, introduce, fill with; soak in a liquid to install, to induct, to establish in office or position obloquy, vituperation, billingsgate, expletive, profanity

jape jejune jitter jest, quip; wisecrack, make mocking fun of, make sport of boring, dull; immature, childish, unsophisticated; malnutrition jittery: nervous; tic, spasm, crick, kink

kindred kink kith and kin, cognate, consanguineous; similar, like twist, curve, curl; spasm, crick

lariat leverage leviathan libretto limpid lint lissome lucubration luculent lasso; a rope to picket or tether, bind or lash grazing cattles advantage; influence; buy a company using borrowed money enormity, blue whale, giant, gargantua, whopper words sung in an opera, operetta or any dramatic musical work clear and transparent; pellucid, lucid fuzz consisting of fine ravelings and fibers of yarn and fabric flexible, supple, limber, lithe, ductile, pliant, malleable; nimble laborious study; writing produced by laborious effort or study easy to understand, limpid, pellucid, clarion, perspicuous

masquerade meet meliorism mendacious mesh miff misanthrope molding monocle morass euphemism, dissemble, dissimulate, guise, decoy suitable, proper, fitting, felicitious, apt, happy, appropriate belief that world tends to become better & human efforts can aid deceitful, untruthful, apocryphal, perjury, prevarication [gears] engage; fit, match, answer, dovetail; coordinate
donnybrook, fracas, broil, ruction, free for all, brawl, strife, affray, spat

a person who hates & distrusts mankind, misanthropy/pic a strip of wood or plaster along wall or round door for decoration an eyeglass for one eye marsh, slough, everglade, fen, bog; quagmire, quandary, pickle

naysayer nucleate one who assertively negative in attitude; skeptical or cynical to form into a nucleus, cluster

obdurate obliging obtain officious opprobrious oscillate stubbornly impenitent; hardened against feeling, hardhearted amiable, affable, good-natured, agreeable; accommodating exist, breathe, establish quidnunc, busybody, snoopy, presumptuous [opprobrium] ignoble, ignominious, inglorious, execrable [pendulum] vacillate, gyrate, flux, hover; swing, sway, undulate


presumptuously arrogant, overbearing; excessive, immoderate

palmy peep pelf pen peripatetic persecute persiflage petrography photorespiration piddling plangent pleat Pollyanna pontificate portentous posit postscript potboiler pregnant primp prissy profundity propitiate protuberant providential puckish pullet purlieu flourishing, halcyan, golden, cornucopian; relating to palm trees utter the slightest sound; appear, show up; furtive glance money; wealth or riches, especially when dishonestly acquired a female swan [cob, cygnet]
locomotory, motile, errant, vagrant, migrant, peregrine [SESSILE]

badger, harry, bait, importune; treat unfairly, discriminate banter, raillery, badinage, sally, chaff description and systematic classification of rocks [petrous] Oxidation of carbohydrates in plants during photosynthesis measly, derisory, negligible, nugatory, pettifogging, niggling, fiddling, piffling, footling, jerkwater loud, reverberating & resounding; expressing sadness, plaintive A fold in cloth by doubling & stitching the material upon irrepressible optimistic person, who find good in everything express opinions in pompous/dogmatic way, expostulate, lecture turgid, tumid, pontifical, maniloquent; foreboding; awe-inspiring presume, presuppose, postulate, conjecture, repute appendix, epilogue, coda, codicil, appendage schlock, artistic work of poor quality, produced quickly for profit abounding in fancy, wit, or resourcefulness:INVENTIVE dress up, spruce up, preen oneself, titivate righteous, prim, prude, prudish, strait-laced, priggish great depth; depth of meaning, intellect or feeling extenuate, palliate; mollify, assuage, allay, defuse, placate prominent, projectile, obstrusive, protruding, extruding lucky, fortuituos, serendipitous, opportune, fortunate impish, mischievous, jocose, waggish, playful; rascality
hen < a year old, biddy, capon; poulet, broiler, spatchcock, roaster, fryer

neighbourhood, environs; frequently visited place, haunt


chugalug, swig, swill, imbibe, nip

raffish rafter ragtime rambunctious rapscallion reconstitute reedy reflective resin retainer revue rider rive roister rubicund ruffian rumple marked by or suggestive of flashy vulgarity or crudeness, rakish parallel beams that support a roof a type of Jazz boisterous and disorderly, noisy and energetic rascal, rogue, ne'er-do-well restructure, reform; restore to former condition by adding water grassy, weedy; lissome, waif, spindly, svelte thoughtful, contemplative, pensive viscous substances of plant origin, e.g. copal, rosin & amber
servant, factotum, footman, peon, vassal; honorarium, remuneration

vaudeville, matinee, skits; entr'acte, intermezzo

a clause, added to a legislative bill, amendment, addition to a document

splinter, asunder; rend, rip, tear carouse, involve in merrymaking drunken; swagger, bluster roseate, ruddy, sanguine; claret, carmine, maroon a tough or rowdy fellow, a thug or gangster [ruffianly] wrinkle, crease, wizen, pucker, furrow, scrunch, fold

sabbatical saddle salve salvo scorch scour sequela serried shadow shale signal sinecure leave of absence to a college professor, for travel/research/rest load or burden with onerous responsibilities, debts; encumber an unctuous, analgesic healing ointment; assuage, allay simultaneous discharge of firearms as a salute; outburst go or move at an excessively fast rate rub hard with a rough material for cleansing; search thoroughly secondary consequence/result, esp pathologically from a disease Crowded; compact; dense; pressed together follow, tail, trail fissile rock formed from hardened clay, easily broken observable, marked, salient, arresting, striking a job that requires little or no work but provides a salary

slake snarl sop spiny spire splice splint squall stigmatize stouthearted stylus suite symbiosis synergic

satisfy, quench (a thirst); moderate, allay (anger); mix (lime) with water

tangle; entangle; ensnarl a conciliatory or propitiatory bribe, gift, or gesture covered with spines or thorns; difficult, troublesome, thorny a tapering roof surmounting a tower; donjon, minaret, turret join together (film, ropes, genes); to marry Material/device used to protect & immobilize a broken body part violent but brief windstorm; a short-lived commotion; cry, shout brand as disgraceful or ignominious; mark with stigmata spunky, plucky, doughty, temerarious, mettlesome, gutsy an instrument for writing, marking, or incising retinue, entourage, minions, mignons
a beneficial inter-dependent relationship between 2 types of animals/plants Cooperative interaction among groups that creates an enhanced combined effect

tamp tapestry tarpaulin tatty teal telling temporize tendinous ticklish tong tonsorial tourniquet truss pack or press down tightly by a succession of blows or taps heavy cloth woven with rich, varicolored designs to hang on walls or cover furniture; diverse mixture waterproofed canvas, to cover and protect things from moisture slushy, grubby, bedraggled; frayed, timeworn, threadbare
drake, duckling, mallard, widgeon, dipper, goldeneye, pintail, pochard, redhead, sheldrake, shoveler, whistler; greenish blue

strikingly effective and cogent (argument or criticism) avoid committing oneself, act evasively in order to gain time of, having, or resembling a tendon; sinewy sensitive, delicate & precarious; easily offended or upset, touchy a Chinese secret organization; pl. a grasping tool w/ 2 arms Pertaining to barber or hairdressing bandage, swab to check bleeding
A framework of wooden beams or metal bars to support roof, rafter

unavailing untold unsuccessful; futile, useless, bootless not telling; vast, incalculable, extreme

vestigial vindicate vista vitrify votary pertaining to the remain of a larger or more important thing absolve, exonerate, free from allegation/blame; justify or prove a distant view through or along an avenue or opening:PROSPECT convert into glass or a glassy substance by heat and fusion devotee, habitu, devout adherent of a cult, a faithful follower

weld wend windy wrangler chattel griddle gridiron griffin grist gristle grit grog guano gymkhana habeas corpus haberdasher haddock hemoglobin haggis halibut halitosis hank unite, rally, coalesce; join (metals) by applying heat [ones way] go or move along that way open to wind, unsheltered, lacking substance, vacuous; verbose a ranch hand or cowboy one who tends saddle horses personal property; a slave flat metal surface, e.g. pan, that is used for cooking by dry heat
American football; flat framework of parallel metal bars for broiling food

fabulous beast w/ head & wings of eagle, and the body of a lion a quantity of grain for grinding; ground grain cartilage in meat minute rough granules of sand or stone alcoholic liquor, especially rum or whisky diluted with water dung of sea birds or bats, used as fertilizer [humus, compost]
events or places to compete in equestrianship, gymnastics, or sports car racing

writs issued to release of the party from unlawful restraint and bring him before a court or judge a dealer in mens clothing and accessories [haberdashery] edible sea fish resembling cod, whiting or hake red substance in blood cell which combines with oxygen large Scottish sausage of sheep meat large, edible flatfishes condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath coil or loop; a looped bundle, as of yarn

hara-kiri hard-nosed harlequin harlot harpsichord harpy hashish hasp hatchback hatchery hawser

ritual suicide by disembowelment practiced by Japanese samurai tough and realistic, pragmatic, hardheaded
clown, buffoon; having a pattern of brightly colored diamond shapes

keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by quills or plectrums
voracious monsters w/ head & trunk of woman, wings of bird; shrewish woman purified resin from cannabis, smoked/chewed as a narcotic or an intoxicant

metal fastener with a slot through which door or lid can be locked automobile having sloping back with a hatch that opens upward place where eggs of fish or poultry are hatched cable or rope used in mooring or towing a ship

poncho sow tinder

blanketlike cloak having a hole in the center for the head adult female hog (or other animals e.g. bear); pig, swine, boar readily combustible material, e.g. dry twigs, grass to kindle fires

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