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Anthropometry To start with, have you ever meet a bone detective?

I have been learning about one in math class and her name is Dian France and she Anthropometry bone detective. Anthropometry means the study of measurements and proportions of the human body. Overall, the plan of us learning about anthropometry is to be able to measure certain bones and use those measurements to calculate height. People that were involved in this were Mrs. Schwarz, 5 other teachers, and 14 classmates. The main thing that Mrs. Schwarz wanted us to learn was how to use math to calculate a person height. First, on day one we watched a video about Dian France the bone detective and it showed us bones and what anthropometry means. After that, we measured the length of our radius bone on our arm to the nearest half inch. To measure your radius you measure from your elbow to your wrist. My radius bone measurement was 8. Once we got all of the information we found of the mode, (the number that occurs the most) median, (the middle number) range, (the highest number minus the smallest number) and the mean (all the number added together dived by how much numbers there are) of the classes radiuses bones. Our class results were the mode was 8.5 the median was 8.5 the mean was 8.3 and the range was two. On day two, we checked if we got our median right then Mrs. Schwarz showed us an example of an anthropometry graph. On the graph, the X was the length in inches of our radius bone and the Y was the height of us in inches. The line on the graph shows the average. Next, on day three we measured our tibia, humerus, and radius to the nearest half inch. To measure your tibia you measure from the bottom of your knee to your ankle. However, to measure your humerus you measure from the dent in your shoulder to you elbow. My tibia was 59.85, and my Humerus was 62.8. The predicted height for me was my tibia was 59.85, and my humerus was 62.8. Out of all of the formulas, the radius formula worked out the best for me. Nicks height was 60.5 so his

was .5 away from mine. The height results for me were to that close to the teachers heights and the Radius formula worked the best. On day four, Mrs. Schwarz gave us a piece of paper that had each of the each of the teachers radius, tibia, humerus, and height. We used the formulas to get there actual heights and we subtracted them with their estimates. After we got all of our answers, we wrote them on a paper to remember them. To end with, the main thing Mrs. Schwarz wanted us to learn from this project is to be able to use math to get someones height. I really enjoyed this project but what I liked the most from this is that we got to work with other people. Usually, we do not get to work with people on project but it was very fun that we got to on this one. One thing that was difficult for me is when I had to use the formulas to get the measurements. Some advice I have for a forensic scientist is to make sure you do your work right and measure right.