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Branding Sarlait McCrea

Sarlait McCrea is a 2nd year student studying as a designer and creative woodworker. She describes her way of working as: exploration of concept, composition and structure. Through concept led design she aims to promote engagement and intrigue between artifact and audience. This is carried across: Business Cards, Stationery, Tools, Paper and online Portfolio. I want minimal bold branding, which insinuates my interest in exploration of experimentation in process led driven design development and manufacture. Although minimal it needs some kind of personal and playful easily recognisable hook or theme Sarlait McCrea

Sarah Roberts Brief 1 Branding Sarlait McCrea 1/5

Sarlaits Typeface
The typeface is the foundation of Sarlaits brand. I created a full upper case typeface including: alternative characters, numbers and glyphs. The plain version of the typeface is used a body copy for the majority of the brand. The alternative character version is used as the logo and headers. This version is used as a pattern applied to all of her branding to emphasised Sarlaits exploration process driven design.

The inspiration came from studying agricultural and exploration symbols. Sarlait wanted a modern simplistic brand, looking at geometric typefaces helped inform my decisions. I chose to create an upper case font because Sarlait preferred the format, function and aesthetics.

s(*rlAit m)crea

Aa B Cc D E e F f G g Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm N Oo Pp Q Rr sTt u Vv Ww Xx y Zz 1234567890.,@*&(

Sarah Roberts Brief 1 Branding Sarlait McCrea 2/5

Stationery and Tools

This includes: Business Cards, CV, Letterhead, Pencils, Notebooks, Desk Tidy, Apron, Rulers and could be applied to any of her working tools.

Business Cards
We felt like it was important to create business cards of a high quality to show that Saralit is very much interested in processes. Two variations were made: using her logo and the other the alternative character exploration pattern. Her info on the back is screen-printed teal to contrast the Crannes Lettra, Frost white 270gsm stock.

Other Stock
For everything else we have printed with the Fedrigoni Woodstock 110 and 270gsm (Uncoated, recycled, pulp-coloured papers). I chose this to add the grain back into Sarlaits designs; it creates a great contrast having a simple design printed black onto textured, wood-grain stock.

Sarah Roberts Brief 1 Branding Sarlait McCrea 3/5

Portfolio Publication
As a second year Sarlait will be adding to her portfolio before graduation, the binding of her printed work needs to be adaptable. For this I used brass-binding screws. The contents: curriculum vitae, explanation of her design process and selected projects. Sarlait believes the process of working is just as important as the final outcome.

The Grid
The layout for the portfolio is very structured and has the same rules as her paper branding. The same typefaces are used, pairing garamond with the Sarlait McCrea typeface, mixing the old with new. The photographs and segments of the typeface are placed in flowing grids to show Sarlaits process driven way of partaking in a brief. The art direction for these was to not give too much away, adding to the concept of exploration, creating mystery and interest. Text is kept at a minimum. Small icons are used to explain her final outcomes.

Sarah Roberts Brief 1 Branding Sarlait McCrea 4/5

Web Presence
The icons and minimal use of text inform the design for her current website. A very simple and easy to navigate online portfolio is exactly what she wanted. Sarlait herself can manage this, so she can add more work at a later date.



Title: Bird House Wendy House Material: Tanalised Timber Description: A bespoke play piece commissioned to be installed in Thorp Perrow Arboretum, Bedale, North Yorkshire.

Title: Seat? Material: Birch Plywood Description: A multifunctional and intended modular prototype exploring repetition as structure leading to function.

Material: American Ash Description: A sculptural form whos function in to trigger intrigue through exploration of composition, colour and process.

Sarah Roberts Brief 1 Branding Sarlait McCrea 5/5