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Vol II * MAY 2009 * Issue V

Meditation leads to Ultimate Flowering

Introducing various Masters & Dimensions of Spiritual Sojourn


Sant Kabir Jiddu Krishnamurti

Guru vs no Guru
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Bhakti Saints
Meera, Sahajo, others
linear. This gap between the two is qualitative in
EDITORIAL nature and therefore cannot be measured in terms
of any time scale.
This month we enter the eternal dilemma of Guru
verses no Guru. Sant Kabir is the greatest exponent Both Kabir and Krishnamurthy are two enlightened
of the path through a guru. He insists that one ones. And lived in completely different worlds!
Thus there can be no comparison. A rose is a rose is
cannot reach without the help of a guru.
a rose. There can be no comparison between a rose
Jiddu Krishnamurti however emphatically declares and a lotus. Both have their separate identities. This
is reflected through the beauty, color, fragrance and
that one does not need a guru. Both these masters
the aura that surrounds the two flowers. The two
are right. It depends on whom the message is
have grown separately. Yet still there is one thing
addressed. There are those who can reach on their common between the two. The two have
own – they are the blessed few. The majority of blossomed and thus attained to fruition. And also
mankind needs the help of a guru. One can go on the two have blossomed from one common source
groping in darkness for eternity without the the earth. The soil and the fertilizer was the same
guidance of a guru. for the two. Yet still the two have blossomed
differently. What is more important is inner
We present the path of these two great masters and blossoming. Both Kabir and Krishnamurthy have
try to bridge the two extremes. blossomed and have attained to fruition. This is
Our way remains that of individual inclination –
The two cannot and can never be compared. They
whatever path appeals to you then that is the way
have expressed their views and experiences in
for you. Know that all ways leads to the same similar language and in an identical manner. Both
experience. Kabir and Krishnamurthy are like two streams that
run parallel. And yet still at times they meet one
We also celebrate the birth, enlightenment and
another thus defying the law of parallel running.
Samadhi of the Buddha. Such are many intersections when both meet and
then move along their own individual ways.
We continue to promote our mantra of meditation.
Through this issue our effort is to take you through
such interactions of two distinct thoughts and

KABIR & KRISHNAMURTI One thing that is common between the two is their
revolutionary approach. Both are nontraditional.
And iconoclastic as well! Both are non dogmatist
and insist on no dogma or creed. Yet still with the
passage of time the followers of Kabir have

trange, yet still not, is the theme of this issue
of MEDITATION TIMES as chosen by the encaged his teachings as creed, dogmas, and sects.
Chief Editor Swami Anand Neelambar and So far this has not happened with Krishnamurthy.
the entire editorial team. Although Krishnamurthy is our contemporary yet
still his teachings carry the ancient wisdom that is
Though Kabir and Krishnamurthy are separated blended with modern thought. This brings
from one another by almost 500 years yet still there aliveness and vitality to ancient teaching. It is like
is no difference in their states of awareness. This presenting old wine in new bottle. With this we
quantitative span of 500 years between them is will proceed in the current issue.
How shall I cross without a boat?

The ocean is vast and infinite

How can I cross without a boat?
No shore I see beyond the yonder horizon
Just a vast infinite ocean with no limits
How shall I cross without a boat?
Who is there to guide the weary seekers
Beyond the further shore?
What support is in the offering
to help one cross without a boat?

Oh weary traveler
Just hold on the floating logs
That is the grace of the Lord
So shall you cross the ocean.
Just hold on to the feet of the guru
And he will lead you across to the further shore
His Nama is the only support you need
To cross the vast infinite ocean.
Sing his glories evermore
So shall you cross the ocean.

Swami anand neelambar

Life’s Innocent Questions
Life’s innocent questions has left me astounded
The mere simplicity of the rhetoric has left me filled with awe and wonder.
Such deep truths revealed with child-like gestures
Who can fathom the depths and profundity of such innocent questions?

From where have you come?

To where do you go?
Why are you here?
How long shall you stay?
Will you return?

These simply questions has left me astonished

I myself know not
What answer shall I give to the seekers,
Who pass my way?

To smile one must first cry

To live one must first die
To love one must first fear
To trust one must first fail

This is that, that is this

I am that that is this that.
I am He and thou art that
I am You and You are me
The question is the answer
The answer is the question.

Swami Anand Neelambar

Each day many queries come that require the Until this happens soul keeps on assuming new lives.
response from Taoshobuddha. Some are personal in Soul remains yoked to mind and its quagmire.
nature. Others are cosmic in nature. Response to such
Remember both body and mind is not separate from
questions can benefit the seekers world over.
one another. It will be better to say that man is body-
In the mean time you can visit scores of videos on mind. When something is taken through the body
www.youtube.com and www.totalbhakti.com the tag affects the mind. And whatever happens to the mind
is ‘taoshobuddha’ body responds to it religiously.

So too you can log on www.scribd.com tag Soul remains encaged in this body-mind mechanism.
‘taoshobuddha’ for many scripts and previews. You It cannot free itself from this. The relationship
can send a query to taoshobuddha@gmail.com or between soul and the body-mind mechanism can be
make a comment on www.scribd.com understood with an example to a coconut. When the
coconut is young the white jelly remains stuck to the
As your query reaches Taoshobuddha response will
inner shell of the nut. You cannot remove the jelly
start happening.
without breaking it. And when the coconut is dry! No
Now the questions for this month. more youngness it becomes ripe then you can
separate the whole ripe jelly without breaking it.
Question 1: It is said that when man dies, his soul Something like this happens between soul and the
leaves him for the next body. Soul accompanies body.
mind with its inherent samskaras. Is the soul
conscious of its spiritual state? Is Maya working When soul is ripe there is a complete discontinuity
on soul too? with the body-mind mechanism. At this stage one
gets the first experience of Satori or Samadhi.
Patanjali explains the types of Samadhi sabeej (with
First this is to be understood that man exists at three seed) and nirbeej (seedless).
planes. These are the body, mind and the soul in the
same order. Mind is the connection between body Is soul conscious of spirituality? Yes indeed. Soul is
and the soul. Body is invisible soul and soul is the embodiment of God in finiteness. That pulsates
invisible body. each finite moment to attain to its full glory. Soul
cannot manifest itself as long as one is within the
Soul is imperishable. It is eternal. However you are influence of the mind. Mind refers to emotions,
not aware of its presence. In certain fleeting moments feelings, thinking, dogmas, conditionings etc.
you experience soul. Mind is conditionings, dogmas,
beliefs etc. The soul has no form, color, creed, religion Soul is not inflicted by maya. Since it is total
etc. All these things exist at the level of the mind. This awareness at times it uses maya as a tool to veil the
creates divisions. When someone dies the soul being cognition from the ordinary consciousness.
eternal remains unaffected like the drop on a lotus
Sri Aurobindo sings in epic Savitri:
leaf. Plup it slips from the leaf and dissolves into the
lake. Mind lives on. On the dumb bosom of this oblivious globe,
Although as unknown beings we seem to meet.
Mind lives on like unfulfilled desires, emotions etc.
Our lives are not aliens nor as strangers join,
Mind is the disease. It creates divisions. In the
Moved to each other by causeless force!
moments of death mind enters the new body. Mind
The soul can recognize its answering soul.
has to attain to the state of no mind or beyond mind.
Across dividing Time and, on life’s roads
Absorbed wrapped traveller, turning it recovers So nobody can be independent and nobody can be
Familiar splendours in an unknown face! dependent. Independence and dependence are both
aspects of the same coin called ego. A real person is
neither of the two. A real person simply does not
Only this much for now!
exist as a person. He has no boundaries. He exists as
God, not as a person.
TAOSHOBUDDHA On one hand the ego creates separation. And on the
other hand it creates anxiety, and fear -fear of death.
The fear of death comes out of the ego, otherwise
Question 2: Why does Ego becomes bar in there is no death. There has never been death. Death
spiritual journey? How one can be aware and exists not. If I am one with the whole then how can
remove it or transform it? death exists? The whole has never died. The whole
has always been here and the whole is going to
The ego is one of the most fundamental problems remain here always. The ocean never dies. Only
man has to face. The ways of the ego have to be ripples and waves come and go. Once the wave thinks
understood rightly otherwise you will never be able ‘I am separate from the ocean,’ then it will have great
to get rid of it. And until you get rid of the ego there is anxiety. Then death is inevitable.
no possibility of meeting God. It is the ego that
functions as a barrier between you and reality. It is on the way. It is coming. And the fear and the
anxiety are there. But if the wave knows that ‘I am
The ego functions as a barrier because it is one of the not separate, how can I die? To die you have to be
most unreal things possible. The ego is a fiction. It is separate. If I am one with the ocean, whether I am
not a reality. It is maintained by conditioning, like a wave or not like a wave does not matter. That
hypnosis and a thousand and one props. It is a fiction which exists in me is the ocean. It has been there
because existence is one. It can have only one center, before me, it will be after I am gone. In fact, I never
not millions of centers. came and I never went, it was just a manifestation of
the universe. Only then death disappears and birth
What is the ego? The ego is the idea that ‘I am the too. Otherwise the ego creates the fear that ‘I am
centre of the universe.’ ‘I’ cannot be the centre of the going to die’ and there is a constant trembling in the
universe but everybody has the idea that ‘I am the heart.
centre of the universe.’ And the second part of the ego
is: its separativeness. It is a fiction that separates you You can never be at ease with the ego. Your anguish is
from the totality. It gives you the idea that you are your ego and nothing else. If you feel the boundary
independent, and you are an island. And in reality then you are limited. Then your limitation gives you
you are not. Existence is a vast infinite continent. pain, and anguish. Then you want to become big. Just
There are no islands. You are not separate and you see the mechanism of the ego. First the ego makes
are not independent either. you feel small. It creates a sort of inferiority that ‘I am
so tiny against such a big world; I have to be big - big
And remember, when I say you are not independent I in money, and big in power. I have to be the president
do not mean that you are dependent. The very idea of or the prime minister or the richest man of the world,
dependence is an outcome of ego. There is nobody to or I have to become Alexander the Great, or
be independent and there is nobody to be dependent. something.’ The ego makes you feel limited and
We live in interdependence. Interdependence is nobody likes limitation. Then the desire to become
mutual existence. We are parts of each other. We are bigger arises. And you go on becoming big but the
connected to one another. The trees, the rocks, and bigger you become, the more egoistic you get.
the rivers are all penetrating you. And you are
penetrating the rivers and the trees and the rocks. See the absurdity of it. The bigger you become, the
more egoistic you are. You start thinking ‘Now I am
The farthest star is connected with you. And when somebody.’ And the more egoistic you become, the
you blink your eyes you change the quality of the smaller you feel. It is paradoxical: the bigger you
total existence. All is infinitely interconnected, become, the smaller you feel. And again and again the
interwoven. Nobody is separate from one another.
desire arises to become bigger. With the ego nobody night, when the whole world has fallen asleep and
can become big. It is impossible. everything is silent, you will become more afraid.
Now you are absolutely alone. Everybody has fallen
Only by dropping the ego does one suddenly become asleep. Even the traffic has ceased. Now there is
big. It is wrong to say one becomes big. One becomes nobody. If the ghost comes you are left alone. Even if
infinite really. Because then you do not have any you scream nobody is going to hear you now. Now
boundaries. Then if there are any boundaries to you will be more troubled. And a small rat passes by,
existence those are your own boundaries and there or just a bird flutters outside in a tree, or a dry leaf
are none. Existence is un-bounded. It has no moving on the road in the wind that is enough! You
possibility of ending anywhere, neither in time nor in can lose all your consciousness.
space. In both dimensions it is infinite, and it remains
infinitely infinite. And there was nothing from the very beginning. You
created the whole thing. You got into an idea and the
But do not start dropping the ego. You cannot drop it idea became a reality. Now you cannot fight with this
because it is a false not a fact. If you start dropping it ghost, you only have to see whether the ghost is or is
you will create another fiction. And the fiction is that not. You only have to understand. You have to see the
you have become egoless. If you start dropping it, and mechanism how the idea of the ghost is manipulating
you become humble. Then you practice humility, you you. It is just an idea. It is all your idea.
will become egoistic again but in a totally new way.
You will start thinking ‘I am the most humble man in Exactly the same is the case with the ego. The ego is a
the world, the humblest.’ ghost. It is unreal. Utterly unreal! But it has been
deeply rooted in you for certain reasons. First, the
This is how the human ego functions. You cannot society needs it. Without creating a kind of ego in you,
drop it. Because it is not! How can you drop it? You you will be dangerous. Through the ego you can be
can drop something if it exists. You cannot fight with manipulated. Just think if you do not have any ego
it. How can you fight with something which is not? nobody can frighten you. It is almost impossible. You
You cannot kill it either. How can you kill it when it is can only be frightened through death.
That is why Jesus was not frightened, also Mansur
Then what can one do? One can only understand. One was not frightened. Many Sufis have been killed.
can look into the mechanism of it. You will come to When Mansur was being crucified, one hundred
know how this whole fiction works. Once you have thousand people had gathered to see. And somebody
looked into the fiction through and through, from one asked because he was laughing, laughing like crazy --
corner to another, from A to Z, it is not that you drop somebody asked, ‘Mansur, have you gone mad? You
the ego in that very insight the ego disappears. In fact, are being crucified, why are you laughing? This is
to say that it disappears is not right it was never death. Are you not aware of the fact?’ And Mansur
there. You come to realize that you believed in a non- said, ‘That is why I am laughing. They are killing
entity. It was not there from the very beginning. somebody who is not. That is the whole
ridiculousness of it. That is why I am laughing!’ It is as
It is just as if you stay in a room and somebody has if somebody is killing a wave. Maybe the wave
told you that there is a ghost in the room. Now you disappears, but how can you kill a wave? It will be
cannot sleep. It is not that the ghost is there, it is the there in the ocean. It will still be there. It will be
idea that there is a ghost and if you fall asleep there absolutely as it was before. Only the form is not there,
may be some danger. The ghost may jump upon you. but form does not matter. Mansur says, ‘They are
May sit upon you, or drink your blood or something trying to kill somebody who is not there in the first
else. Ghosts are always unreliable people. One never place, and that is why I am laughing.’
knows what the ghost will do. You cannot sleep. In
fact you cannot afford to sleep. Many Sufis have been killed and they accepted death
with such joy. From where do that joy and that
The more sleepless and the more tired you become, courage come? It is not the courage of a soldier. No! It
the more you will believe in the ghost. It is is not at all. It is the courage of a man who has come
proportional because the weaker you are, the to realize that there is no ego that ‘I am not, so how
stronger the ghost becomes. In the middle of the can you kill me?’ The courage of the soldier is
different from the courage of a saint. The courage of laugh at the whole idea. ‘Why first? Why me first, why
the soldier is a well maintained courage. Deep down not others? What is wrong if somebody else comes
he is afraid. Deep down him goes on trembling like a first?’
small child. But he has been trained to be brave for
years. In the army he has been trained to be brave. A Small children do not see the point because they still
soldier’s bravery is a trained attitude. It is his habit to do not have crystallized ego. A small child can come
be brave. But deep down is the suspicion. Deep down from the school and happily declare to the house, ‘I
is the fear. Even the greatest soldiers feel fear. It is have failed again.’ He has not yet been poisoned. But
quite natural. sooner or later it is going to happen. How long can he
survive without being poisoned? The whole system of
The difference between the brave soldier and the education is a subtle trick to create the ego. Hence so
cowardly soldier is not one of fear. The difference is much competition and ambition is there. Be the first!
only that the brave soldier goes into the war, into the Come at the top of the list. Be a gold medalist.
front, into death, into fire, in spite of the fear. The
coward cannot go. He escapes. But the fear is there in And this goes on and on. It does not end with school.
both. The brave man just has an idea of bravery. He It continues beyond school. Even old people are
has been conditioned. His ego has been strengthened hankering for rewards, awards, Nobel prizes, and
in such a way that he has to remain brave. It is things like that. They are still childish. Once the idea
against his ego to escape. It is against his ego to run has entered into your bloodstream that ‘I am’ then
away. Otherwise he goes on shaking like a leaf in a everything is possible. You can be made afraid that if
strong wind. you do not do this you will lose. And if you do this you
will profit. If you do this you will succeed, otherwise
The courage of a saint is totally different. It has you will fail. With the idea of the ego, fear of
nothing to do with the courage of a soldier. He knows punishment and greed for profit become possible.
he is not, so how can you kill him? He knows there is This whole society exists in greed and fear. Once a
no death because there has never been any birth. He child has learned the ways of greed, then for his
has dropped the fallacy of birth so the fallacy. Death whole life he will be rushing after money or power or
disappears. He has dropped the fallacy of the ego so prestige. He will be losing his whole life in something
all other fallacies also disappear. All other fallacies absolutely non-essential. Money is not important,
hang around the basic fallacy of the ego. remember, money is important because you have got
the idea of the ego.
And how does one drop it? Just by seeing into the
ways of it, how it comes. You pull it out from one side, Many may people drop money, or they may renounce
you push it out from one door and it comes in from money it is simply ego trip. In India it happens that
another door, from the back door, in a subtler form so people renounce their money and they think they
you cannot recognize it. The society needs the ego, have renounced something really essential. It is
otherwise people will be uncontrollable. The state nothing. Money is secondary. One never loves the
needs it, otherwise people will be so rebellious and money for money's sake. Instead one loves the money
people will be so authentically themselves, that it will for the ego's sake. You have one million dollars, your
be next to impossible to create slavery, to create ego feels puffed up. And now you can renounce one
these automatons you see walking on the roads, million dollars and you can go to the Himalayas but
working in the offices, factories, this and that. It is a you can still feel puffed up with the idea that ‘I have
political stratagem. renounced a million dollars. Many people have a
million dollars but how many renounce them?' Now
And it is utilitarian too. You have to refer to yourself you are getting still higher. The very idea that very
in some way. It will be confusing if you start using few people can renounce such a lot of money with
your name to refer to yourself. First the society needs such ease will make your ego a little bigger. So those
to create an ego in you because only then it can who renounce have very subtle egos.
manipulate you. Then it can manage you, very easily.
How does it happen? Once the ego is created, it If you are a president of a country and you renounce
becomes possible to manipulate the child. Then you it and you say, ‘Now I am going to become a
can tell him that he has to come first in the class. If he sannyasin and I will go to the Himalayas and
has no ego you cannot create ambition in him. He will meditate’. Sitting there in a Himalayan cave you will
still enjoy the idea that nobody has ever done that Still there is the third way. It is that he can start using
before. You renounced being president of a country psychic energy as power. He can become a miracle
so you are the greatest monk in the world. The ego monger. There are great energies in the psyche. They
has come, following you like a shadow. It will be there can all unfold. And when you start moving into deep
in your Himalayan cave as well. You cannot escape meditations they start unfolding.
from it so easily. The real spiritual man will not use them at all
because he knows that that will be a trap and that
It is a subtle phenomenon. It needs much awareness trap will bring you back into the mire of the world. A
to drop it. Just by running away you cannot drop it. real spiritual man never uses any power. If miracles
How can you run away from yourself? And this sometimes happen around a real religious man they
mechanism is inside you, it is not outside. If it were happen on their own. He is not the doer.
outside, you could drop it. But it is inside you, it has
become part of you. It is your very style. You have A man came to Jesus, touched his garments, and was
lived with it for so long that you do not know how to healed. He wanted to thank Jesus. He was thankful, he
live without it. So whatsoever way you choose to live, had been ill for years and the doctors had said that
the ego will remain there hiding behind it. there was no remedy for him and now he is all right.
He could not believe his own eyes. He fell at the feet
The society needs it, the state needs it, the parents of Jesus to thank him and Jesus said, ‘Man, you need
need it, the leaders, and the politicians need it. The not thank me at all. Thank God. In fact, thank yourself
priest also needs it. In fact everyone needs the ego. it is your own faith that has healed you. I have
Only you do not need it. Only you become miserable nothing to do with it.’
because of it. Only because of it do you miss the
kingdom of God. This is the quality of the real spiritual man. If
something happens he is not the doer. Yes, miracles
So you have to be very, very alert, otherwise the happen but they are not done. And when a person
whole society and the state and everybody is starts doing them he is no longer spiritual. He has
conspiring. They want you to have the ego. You have fallen to the status of a magician. Now there is
to decide whether you want to go into this trip or you nothing of spirituality left. Just as people want to
do not want to go into this trip. You have to see what show their money he wants to show his psychic
you have gained up to now by going into this trip. powers. But the showman is there. So he is as much
What is your gain? What joy has arrived? What bliss part of the show business as anybody else. Around a
has happened? You can change. You can become the spiritual man miracles happen, real miracles.
other-worldly person. Who is not really so other
worldly? You can say, ‘In this world there is nothing, Around a really spiritual person real miracles
this world is all nonsense. Death comes and happen. People transform, change, and people start
everything is taken away. I will seek some eternal attaining new spaces of being. People start moving
power.’ But it is still power. ‘This world’s money is into new dimensions of joy and life and eternity.
not very significant. I will seek some other kind of People start being more loving and more
treasure which is eternal, and will remain with me compassionate. People start blooming. Fragrance
perennially.’ Then again you become an egoist with arises. People start dancing. Their heart for the first
new names spiritual and, miraculous power. time pulsates with celebration. These are real
miracles. People start feeling that God is, people start
There are three ways that the so-called spiritual man trusting that God is. People start becoming aware of
can fall into the same trap again. Either he becomes who they are. People start losing their sleepiness.
very knowledgeable then he has the ego that ‘I know Their eyes start opening. People become whole, no
and I know much more than anybody else.’ Or he can longer divided within or fragmentary. Instead they
become an ascetic. He can torture himself. He can be are integrated. These are real miracles. These
masochistic with himself. He can fast. He can start certainly happen.
committing a slow suicide or he can tell the world, ‘I
am the greatest mahatma. Look I have renounced all, But they are not done. Nobody is doing them. If
even my body.’ somebody is there to do them ego still exists. And
with the ego, the world comes in. With ego, comes in
all darkness. So you have to be alert. Nobody will be
in favor of you dropping your ego. Your wife will not be against it because everybody's interest is that you
be in favor, your husband will not be in favor, your remain egoistic. Even people who teach you to be
children will not be in favor because once the egoless! If you really drop the ego they will not feel
husband drops the ego he has no ambition, so the very good, because then who are they going to teach
wife will not feel good. The wife wants you to go on to be egoless? Even the priest who goes on teaching
and on earning money, purchasing bigger and bigger you to be egoless will be disturbed if you really
houses, having more diamonds, more gold, more become egoless. He will not like the idea at all.
money in the bank, bigger insurance policies and all
that. I have heard about a dog who was a kind of preacher.
He used to preach to other dogs of the town that God
If you lose the ego your ambition disappears. Then has made the dog in his own image. ‘Look,’ he used to
you are concerned with ambition no longer, and then say, ‘even the word “dog” is just made of the same
you are not driving yourself mad any more. Of course letters as God. Just see. It is God in reverse. Just a
you will be healthy, but who bothers about a healthy question of changing the direction and the dog can
husband? You will not have ulcers, that are right, but become God.’
wives are not interested in whether you have ulcers
or not. They are interested in having a bigger house, And it appealed to other dogs. Only one thing was
two houses one in the country, one in the city. They difficult. He was very much against barking. Priests
are more interested in you having a yacht and things are always against some-thing which is impossible to
like this. They are more interested in you having stop. Now it is impossible for dogs to stop barking.
power and prestige and pull. This would be too much against their dog nature.
They enjoy barking. Barking is their joy. This is their
You will not have ulcers once the ego disappears. poetry, their dance, their celebration. When they feel
Ulcers will disappear. Ulcers are the footprints of happy, what else can they do? They bark. When it is
ambition. You may not have cancer any more. The the night of the full moon, they bark. Full moon night
cancer may not be possible at all because cancer is is a great celebration for dogs. They go almost mad. It
chronic anxiety. When anxiety becomes too much for is beautiful what else can they do?
the body to absorb it starts moving towards death!
The body starts creating situations where it can die He was against barking. Priests are very, very
easily. Cancer is an effort to die. Things have become cunning in finding things which you cannot drop.
unbearable, now there is no point in living. You want They have found sex. You cannot drop it. They are
to die. Cancer simply shows your will to death. You against it. They have found taste. You cannot drop it.
may not be courageous enough to recognize it but They are against it. They have found all those things
your unconscious is helping you to die easily. That is which are difficult for you to drop. They are against
why there is no cure for cancer. The man has really them. You are not going to drop them and they will go
lost his joy of life. He has lost his joy of life in futile on preaching to you, ‘Drop them!’
He preached day and night. Wherever he found a dog
But wives are interested in bigger things. And the barking he would immediately go and start
husband is also interested that his wife should be preaching. The dogs were tired of it although they
beautiful. Not that he loves his wife; she is a show- knew that he was right. It is useless to bark, they also
piece. He takes her around. He can brag around that knew it, and there was no need to convince them. And
he has the most beautiful wife in the world. He does he was very logical.
not care for her a bit. He may not have seen her face
for many years. She is something that helps his ego. But one day they decided: ‘Our leader has grown so
The ego feels very hurt when you start moving with old and we have never given him any joy, at least for
an ugly woman, naturally. ‘So this is what you have one night we should not bark.’ It was the great
got?’ There is no other interest; not at all in the leader’s birthday so they thought, ‘This will be a good
person of the woman, only in the personality and that present. Let him be happy at least once. Tonight we
too for worldly ends. are not going to bark at all.’ They all decided.
It was a full moon night and it was very difficult. It
This is how things are. So if you start dropping your was almost impossible. They were just lying down in
ego nobody is going to support you. Everybody will dark holes, holding themselves somehow. Probably in
yoga postures! Repressing, and the more they were And then out came the leader and started teaching
repressing, the more the bark came to their throats. them again that this was not good. It is only because
of barking that we are not kings of the world,
And the leader went around, and he looked, and not a otherwise we would be the kings of the world. Just
single dog was barking. He became puzzled. What has this one thing is destroying our potential.
happened? It was going to be a surprise gift, so
nobody had told him. What has happened? Have dogs Priests who go on telling you to drop your egos will
really changed? Then he became worried. ‘Then what not be very happy if you drop ego. Because the
will I do? If they have really stopped then my whole moment you drop your egos you will be beyond the
business has gone. Then what am I going to do?’ He control of the priest! So you will have to move into
went around. He trusted dogs’ natures; they would this direction alone, all alone. Nobody will be helping
bark. He knew them very well. His whole life he had you and everybody will be against you.
been teaching and nobody had stopped barking. But unless you understand that the ego is your hell
Sometimes he would find a few disciples who would you cannot be blissful.
stop for one or two days and then they would escape.
They would say, ‘This is too much. We do not want to
go to God. Please let us remain dogs.’ MEDITATE OVER THE DIALOGUE BETWEEN HASAN
But what has happened? A miracle! He went around
and around and he saw that dogs were not even A PARABLE:
visible and nobody was barking. And he could not
teach. And it was getting late, it was the middle of the HASAN CAME TO RABIA ONE DAY WHEN SHE WAS
night, and for the first time he himself felt a great SITTING AMONG A NUMBER OF ASPIRANTS, AND
In fact, it had not been felt before because he had to WATER YONDER, AND SITTING UPON IT CARRY OUT
talk so much morning, evening, night that there was
no energy left to bark. For the first time he had not
found a single disciple to teach. RABIA SAID, ‘IF YOU WISH TO SEPARATE YOURSELF
The energy accumulated. And a great urge to bark COME WITH ME SO THAT WE MAY FLY INTO THE
arose. He was surprised because he had not barked AIR AND SIT THERE TALKING?’
for many years. He had almost forgotten how to bark.
A great thrill came to him. And he decided, ‘No dog is HASAN SAID, ‘I CANNOT DO THAT, FOR THE POWER
here why I should not try? What is wrong in it?’ And
all such thoughts come to everybody. ‘Once it is okay.
It cannot be such a sin. Not all dogs are going to hell.’
He knew that it was natural, but he had lived such an RABIA SAID, ‘YOUR POWER OF REMAINING STILL IN
unnatural life, the life of a priest. THE WATER IS ONE WHICH IS POSSESSED BY FISH.
So he went into a dark corner in a street and started BY A FLY. THESE ABILITIES ARE NO PART OF REAL
barking. The moment he started barking, suddenly TRUTH. THESE MAY BECOME THE FOUNDATION OF
there was a great explosion all over the town. All the
dogs started barking. Everybody was boiling within.
And when they saw that one had broken the vow they DEFINITELY NOT SPIRITUALITY.’
thought that it was somebody from amongst
themselves and they could not think that the priest Question 3: I would like to know the methods for
would do this. That was impossible. They had known meditation. Also during meditation how to keep
him for years. Somebody had broken the vow so the inner feelings away, and what we should
there was no need to repress any more. The whole
concentrate upon, sometimes my heart recites
town exploded into barking. It had never been like
that! the name of god, is it ok? Kindly give me details.
A real master cannot teach you meditation. However, that has not been locked unattended for a long time.
certainly in his presence you can catch meditation. In Spider web, cockroaches, rats etc all have found home
his presence something begins to happen. in that space. Now you decided to clean the room one
day. The first thing in this regard is to bring light to
I am reminded of an anecdote from the life of
the dark room. And as soon as you turn on the light
Michelangelo. Michael was a sculpturist. He used to
all that was hidden will expose itself. This is what
spend time by a shop. At the back of the shop lay a
happens when one begins meditation.
huge piece of marble. For the shop keeper it was a
nuisance. While in conversation with Michael he The more you grow in awareness such thoughts and
mentioned of disposing off this piece of marble. emotions will begin to be less.
Hearing this Michael expressed the desire to get the
I have 42 video meditations on You Tube .com and 24
on TOTAL Bhakti.com. these can be reached by using
Hearing this shopkeeper got elated. He not only the word ‘TAOSHOBUDDHA’. Choose one meditation
agreed to give Michael the piece instead offered to and listen to that every day at a specific time. My
transport the marble piece to his home. Michael voice will create grooves in your consciousness. DO
started working on the piece of marble. Therein he not pay attention to the words. Just allow the voice
carved the sculpture of Jesus and Mary. The body of and the subtle presence work within. Do this for a
Jesus was brought down from the cross and it lay on period of 14 to 21 days and then let me know. Then
the lap of Mary. It was indeed a very lively sculpture. we will enter the next step.

When the sculpture was ready he asked the Only this much for you for now!
shopkeeper to visit his place as Michael wanted to
Question 4: I want to practice meditation. I am
show the shopkeeper something. So the shopkeeper
50yrs.Lot of things are coming in the mind. How
visited Michael. Tears began to flow from the eyes of
to eradicate them and go for deep silence so, that
the shopkeeper. So he enquired from Michael how he
I do not require any body for loneliness.
could create such a beauty out of the stone.
Mind is the disease. You cannot overcome the mind.
The reply that Michael gave is the response of a
Certainly you can go beyond mind. You are seeking a
master. No ordinary person can give such a reply. space within. This is meditation -the ultimate in
Michael said, ‘The sculpture was hidden in the marble healing.
piece. I did nothing to create the sculpture. I simply
chiseled out the superfluous marble that was hiding Begin with a simple technique.
the manifestation to the sculpture.
Stand by the side of a busy road where cars or people
Such a reply only a master can give. are passing. Observe one car passes in front of you.
Then there is a gap. Then another car passes. Or
So too all I can do is chiseled out all that is sometimes two cars pass side by side. Between two
superfluous in you. Only then the real you can shine cars passing thare is a gap. By nature you tend to
in its full splendor. I cannot answer your questions. focus on cars not on the gap. Now change the gestalt
Like a master I can only answer the questioning keep your attention on the gap between two cars.
This is the gap when there is no noise or car passing.
mind. So that one day this questioning mind can
There is utter silence. This silence or emptiness is
dissolve and real you comes on the surface. your being. You have to connect to this space.
However because of the noise of the minds and
Be aware of thoughts, feelings arise within you. When
thoughts impeding the mind you become unaware of
light is thrown in your being all the ugly and dark these gaps. And eventually you become completely
corners become lighted. And in that all the hidden oblivious of this inner space. This space gets
things begin to surface. Your mind is like a dark room encroached upon by thoughts.
This technique will make you aware of the gaps Question 5: Which is your date of Enlightment?
between two thoughts. When you start observing the
cars or people passing by in a busy market place Each one of you is a Buddha. Some have blossomed
slowly and slowly you will start becoming aware of others are on the way.
the gaps. You will realize that these gaps are getting
longer. Something is beginning to happen in your To say that one is enlightened is wrong because there
psychology. This is the beginning of meditativeness. is nothing but enlightenment alone. It is like placenta
wherein we float.
First you become aware that there is a space of which
you are unaware. And then you start creating this Yet still there has to be a day and a time when
space within you betwen two thoughts. actually such an awareness dawns on an individual. It
is in such a moment of serenity that one experiences
The process has begun. It will take between 14 to 21 that he is no more a body. There comes a
days for the process to take strides in you. discontinuity between body and the being. This is the
moment when existence pours into you in its
For doing this choose one spot, one time alone and wholeness or totality.
then follow this strictly. This will create an insatiable
quest in you. I still remember the hour and the day. It was
midnight of May 12th 1972 when I was still in India.
All my sites can be reached by searching Another time I will narrate the happening. Now from
'taoshobuddha'. 1981 I am living in Trinidad, West Indies.

Two of my books are available worldwide from You can also download a monthly e magazine free for
steringpublishers@gmail.com download from www.scrib.com

1. Meditation the way to self realization Only this much for now!
2. The secrets of bhakti
Only this much for now!

God has to be freed from all concepts of personality. Personality is a prison. God has
to be freed from any particular form; only then he can have all the forms. He has to be
freed from any particular name so that all the names become his.

The priest is a businessman; his whole effort is to exploit people in the name of
religion. He oppresses people, dominates people, and of course he goes on saying, “It
is for your own sake.” He makes people afraid of hell and greedy for heavenly joys.
This is a psychological trick. He knows people are afraid, he knows people are
greedy, so these are the two things that he goes on manipulating: fear and greed. And
this is done by all the priests of all the religions in all the traditions all over the world.

OSHO – Isha Upanishad


Hadhrat Faqir Maulawi Jalalluddin Ahmad Ar-Rowi

Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Uwaisi

'Ufiyallahu 'Anhu Wali Walidaihi

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim

Nahmaduhu Wa Nusolli 'Ala Rasulihil Karim, Amma Ba'du;

INTRODUCTION ‘The Uwaisiyah Order in Tasawwuf provides

directly the reflexes of ENLIGHTMENT without
apparent contact thus rendering meaningless the
We praise Allah! And we pray to Him! May His
barriers of time, distance and space.’
blessings be upon His Beloved Prophet, Hadhrat
Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammad Mustafa It is beyond my capacity to explain it in detail but
Rasulullah Sallallahu Ta'ala 'Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa let me share some of the knowledge and
Ashabihi Wa Barik Wa Sallam! And may Allah's understandings regarding this rare path with all
blessings also be upon the Prophet's family, his my readers in the light of the Prophethood and
companions and to those who follow him with from the sayings of the Masters who has passed
good presence till the Day of Qiyamah. AMIN…. through this sacred path.

This humble and poor slave of Allah, Jalalludin HADHRAT UWAIS AL-QARANI
Ahmad has been requested to write some words RADHIYALLAHU 'ANHU
regarding the Naqshbandiyah Uwaisiyah Sufi
In a Hadits Qudsi recorded by Hadhrat Abu
path which, according to Hadhrat Shah Waliyullah
Hurairah Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, May Allah be
Ad-Dehlawi Rahmatullah 'Alaih was the most
pleased with him, the Holy Prophet Muhammad
distinguish Sufi order in the Muslim world. As
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said
Hadhrat Syeikh Maulana Abu Anees Muhammad
speaking from his Lord:
Barkat Ali Qaddasallahu Sirruhu mentions in his
book Virtues of Hadhrat Khwajah Uwais Al-Qarani
Radhiyallahu 'Anhu,
"Allah, Exalted and Mighty is He, loves of His regarding that person who will intercedes this
creation the God-fearing, the pure in the heart, Ummah,
those who are hidden, and those who are innocent,
"He is a slave amongst the slaves of Allah."
whose face is dusty, whose hair is unkempt, whose
stomach is empty, and who, if he asks permission The Companions asked,
to enter to the rulers, is not granted it, and if he
"We are all Allah's slave, but what is his name?"
were to ask for a gentle lady in marriage, he would
be refused, and when he leaves the world it does The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
not miss him, and if he goes out, his going out is Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,
not noticed, and if he falls sick, he is not attended
to, and if he dies, he is not accompanied to his "His name is Uwais Al-Qarani."

grave." The Companions again asked,

The Companions asked him, "Where is he now?"

"O Messenger of Allah, how can we find someone The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
like that?" Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,

The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah "He is in Qaran."

Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,
The Companions then asked,
"Uwais Al-Qarani is such a one."
"Has he meets you before?"
The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam once said in The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
his Hadith, Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,

"There is a man at Qaran called Uwais, who on the "Not with his physical eyes but he has already
Day of Resurrection will intercede for a multitude seen me with his spiritual eyes."
of my Ummah (community), as many as the sheep Then, the Companions asked the Holy Prophet
of Rabi'ah and Mudhar." Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah
In another Hadith, the Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam what had prevented
Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu from joining
'Alaihi Wasallam said, the group of Sahabah?

"Amongst my Ummah, there is a man whom his The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
intercessions will benefits a large amount of people Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,
from my Ummah as many as the hairs of the sheep "There are two reasons, firstly because of his highly
from the tribes of Rabi'ah and Mudhar." intoxicated condition in love with Allah and
The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad secondly due to his following of my Syari'ah
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam once said (religion) i.e. the responsibility to serve his mother.
His mother is a believer and too old with blind
eyes. He works as a shepherd and with his earnings Sufi has no living Syeikh to guide his journey but
he spents for his mother." he is guided by Allah Ta'ala or His Prophet-Saint
Hadhrat Nabi Khidhr 'Alaihissalam. This kind of
The Companions asked,
spiritual connection has no limitations in time and
"Is it possible for us to see him?" space and it is well known as Nisbat Uwaisiyah.
Anyone who is a true believer can practice this
The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad
system but only a few people who really know and
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said to
understand about it.
Hadhrat Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu,
He lives during the Prophethood era but due to
"You will never see him but 'Umar and 'Ali will see
some responsibilities to serve his mother, he could
him. His entire body is covered with hairs. On his
not spend most of his time away from her. Even
left palm there is a sign as big as a Dirham that
though he had not seen the Holy Prophet
looks like leprosy but it isn't. When you meet him,
Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
send my salutation from me to him and tell him to
Wasallam physically, but he has seen the light of
pray for my Ummah. Amongst the Awliya (saints)
spiritual reality of Muhammad in his insight. The
of Allah there are the Atqiya (the most pious), and
scholars have categorized him as the greatest
he is the best."
Tabi'in i.e. the greatest follower of the companions
Addressing to Hadhrat 'Umar and Hadhrat 'Ali of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
Radhiyallahu 'Anhuma, the Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam but the Holy Prophet
Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam himself had treated
'Alaihi Wasallam said, Hadhrat Uwais as one of his Sahabi (companion).
He does meet with some of the companions such as
"You will see him. He is a lowly man of medium Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Umar Ibni Al-Khattab and
height and hairy, on his left side there is a white Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Ali Ibni Abi Talib Radhiyallahu
spot as large as a Dirham which is not from 'Anhuma.
leprosy, and he has a similar spot on the palm of
his hand. When you see him, pass on my greeting Due to his love and strong intention to meet the
and ask him to pray for my Ummah." Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu
'Alaihi Wasallam, his name entered the list of the
The name Uwaisiyah is related to Hadhrat companions. The Holy Prophet Muhammad
Sayyidina Uwais Ibni Amir Ibni Jaz Ibni Malik Al- Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam was
Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu (died 37 AH/ 657 CE). informed about his strong desire to see the Holy
He was the pioneer of the Uwaisiyah spiritual Prophet but since his mother need his full attention
system which focusing on having a spiritual and constant care, he could not get much
connections with the Holy Prophet Muhammad opportunity to visit the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam or other Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam in the Holy
prophets and saints who had passed this worldly City Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. His mother
life, or the saints who are still alive but residing was a blind old lady and need supervision by him.
very far and difficult to reach without meeting
them physically. In many occasions, the Uwaisi
Once he requested his mother for a leave to go to Wasallam asked Hadhrat 'Aishah Radhiyallahu
the Holy City Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah to visit 'Anha,
the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
"Did you see Uwais?"
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. She permitted him to
go to the Holy City but warned him to come back Hadhrat 'Aishah Radhiyallahu 'Anha replied,
She said,
After hearing this, the Holy Prophet Muhammad
"You have my permission to go, see him once and Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam went out of
come back straight. If the Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi the house and called his companions to come at
Wasallam is at home, you may meet with him and him quickly. When the companions reached the
if not, come back without delay." Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu
'Alaihi Wasallam, he asked them to look at his face.
Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu made a
So, everyone looked at the Holy Prophet Sallallahu
journey of three months on foot, from Yemen to the
Alaihi Wasallam face.
Holy City Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. When he
reached the Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam Then, the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
house, he knocked the door and Hadhrat 'Aishah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,
Radhiyallahu 'Anha, the Prophet's wife and Mother
‚'Aishah Radhiyallahu 'Anha has seen Uwais
of the believers opened the door. She told him that
Radhiyallahu 'Anhu and therefore, she has been
Hadhrat Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam
forgiven. As I see 'Aishah Radhiyallahu 'Anha, I
was in masjid.
have been forgiven. And you have seen me,
Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu remembered therefore you are all forgiven."
his promise to his mother and said to her,
Subhanallah, what a dignity Allah Subhanahu Wa
"Please convey my salutations to my Beloved Ta'ala had bestowed upon Hadhrat Uwais Al-
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. Kindly Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu that the Holy Prophet
inform him that Uwais came from Yemen but did Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
not find him at home and is returning back to Wasallam himself gave his respect to Hadhrat
Yemen, since he does not have permission from his Uwais Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu.
mother to meet him in the masjid."
The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
When the Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam look towards Yemen
Sallallhu 'Alaihi Wasallam came home from the and said,
masjid, he found the radiance of Hadhrat Uwais
"The fragrance of our friend is reaching us."
Radhiyallahu 'Anhu in his house. Hadhrat Aishah
Radhiyallahu Anha explained, what had happened The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
and thus conveyed the salutations of Hadhrat Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,
Uwais Radhiyallahu Anhu. The Holy Prophet
Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
"Uwais will come back to Al-Madinah Al- where they found Hadhrat Uwais were praying
Munawwarah to meet me, but we will not meet under a tree with camels grazing around him. They
physically, for I shall then be united with my Lord." approached him and greeted him, saying,

The Holy Prophet Hadhrat Sayyidina Muhammad "As-Salaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa

Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam had Barakatuh."
mentioned his name many times before he passed
Hadhrat Uwais cut his prayer short, and when he
this worldly life and had instructed his companions
had finished it, returned their greeting. They asked
to find Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu
'Anhu present his blessed cloak to him and to
request prayers from him for the forgiveness of his "Who are you?"
He replied,
It is mentioned in the stories of the companions
"A herdsman of camels and a hired workman for a
that the search for Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani
Radhiyallahu 'Anhu has been made since the time
when the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah They said,
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam mentioned about his
name and dignity but he could not be found. Even "We do not ask you about your tending of animals,

during the Caliphate of Hadhrat Abu Bakar As- nor about your being a hired worker, but what is

Siddiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, there was no traces of your name?"

Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu. He answered,

Only during the last days of the Caliphate of
Hadhrat 'Umar Al-Khattab Radhiyallahu 'Anhu he "Abdullah (Slave of Allah)."
was found. They said,
According to the Hadits, when people from Yemen "All the people of the heavens and the earth are the
came to the Holy City Al-Madinah Al- slaves of Allah, but what is the name in which your
Munawwarah, Hadhrat 'Umar Radhiyallahu 'Anhu mother named you?"
will asked them if they know about Hadhrat Uwais
Ibni 'Amir Radhiyallahu 'Anhu? Some of the people He said,
from Yemen know about him and his whereabouts.
"My name is Uwais. O you two, what do you want
Hadhrat 'Umar Al-Khattab and Hadhrat 'Ali Ibni
from me?"
Abi Talib Radhiyallahu 'Anhuma set out a search to
find Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu They said,
and they went to Yemen accompanied by Hadhrat
"Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam once spoke
Bilal Radhiyallahu 'Anhu and finally they found
to us about Uwais Al-Qarani. He gave us a
him at the Mount of 'Arafat when someone told
description of the bluish-black colour of his eyes,
them about his location.
and he told us that he has a white mark under his
Hadhrat 'Umar and Hadhrat 'Ali Radhiyallahu left shoulder. So please show us if you have this
'Anhuma then went quickly to Mount 'Arafat
mark, for then it is you for whom we are "As-Salaamu 'Alaikum Ya Amir Al-Mukminin. And
searching." you, O Ali, May Allah repay you with goodness for
this Community (Ummah)."
Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu then bared his
left shoulder, and they saw a white mark. They They said,
then embraced him and kissed him and said,
"May Allah repay you for yourself and your
"We declare that you are Uwais Al-Qarani, so ask goodness?"
for forgiveness for us and may Allah forgive you."
Having received the blessed cloak, he went away to
Furthermore, they said, a corner at some distance, placed the cloak in front
on the ground and prostrating, he prays,
"The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam had ordered them to "O Allah the Almighty, I shall not wear this
pass on his greeting to you and to request you to honourable cloak until You have forgiven the
pray for the forgiveness of his Ummah." Ummah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam."
He answered,
As he took long in prostrating, they thought he
"I cannot even forgive myself or one of Adam's
might have died. When they reached near him, he
children. But there are on land and in the seas
raised his head from prostration and said,
believing men and women, Muslim men and
women, whose invocations to Allah are answered. "Had you not come here, I would not have raised
Indeed you are worthier than I am for this my head from prostration until I had the glad
supplication" tidings of forgiveness of the whole Ummah. Even
then Allah the Almighty has promised to forgive as
They replied,
many sinners of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet
"Surely this is so. We certainly supplicate but please Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam as much as the hairs of
you pray as per the will of the Holy Prophet the sheeps of the tribes of Rabi'ah and Mudhar."
Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
Then Hadhrat 'Umar Al-Khattab Radhiyallahu
'Anhu said to Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani
Then he said, Radhiyallahu 'Anhu,

"O you two, you know about me and I know about "Your place is here until I return to Al-Madinah
my state, but who are you?" and may Allah have mercy upon you. Then I will
bring you help from my provision and some of my
Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu 'Anhu answered,
clothes. This has been the meeting place between
"This is the Commander of the Faithful (Al-Amir you and me."
Al-Mukminin), Umar ibn al-Khattab, and I am Ali
But Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'anhu answered
ibn Abu Talib."
Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu stood up
straight and said,
"O Commander of the Faithful, there will be no (prostration). He often spent his day praying in
other meeting place, in the knowledge of Allah, addition to the compulsory worship.
between you and me, but this one. So tell me, what
Hadhrat Rabi' Ibni Khathi Rahmatullah 'Alaih, a
should I do with your provision and what should I
famous Tabi'in reports,
do with your clothes? Do you not see that I am
wearing a woollen gown and a woollen wrapper, "One day I went to meet Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani
so when do you see me tearing them? Or do you Radhiyallahu 'Anhu. I saw him busy in his Fajr
see that my sandals are worn out and torn? When (early morning) prayer. I waited for him to finish in
do you see me out wearing them? Between your order meeting him. Having finished his prayer, he
hand and mine there is a higher barrier which got engaged is Tasbih and Tahlil and remained so
cannot be crossed by a weighty person, so leave continuously until Zuhur (early afternoon) prayer.
these things, and Allah will have mercy upon you." Likewise, this lasted further until 'Asar (late
afternoon) prayer and from 'Asar to Maghrib
When Hadhrat 'Umar Radhiyallahu 'Anhu heard
(sunset) prayer. Then I thought he might have a
these words, he struck the ground with his stick
recess in order to break his fast, but he remained
and shouted out at the top of his voice,
busy in Zikir (remembrance) and litanies until 'Isha
"O would that Umar had not been born by his (late evening) prayer and then to the Morning
mother and that she had been sterile!" Prayer. Three days passed by this way. He slept on
the fourth night for a short while and ate a little.
He had converted into Islam during the lifetime of
Then he occupied himself in Istighfar (litanies
the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
seeking forgiveness of Allah the Almighty) thus
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. He is well known
uttered this words,
amongst the Sahabah and the Sufis for his deep
love and affection towards Allah Ta'ala and His "O Allah the Almighty, I seek Your refuge against
Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah the sleeping eye and stomach full of food."
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, the practice of Zuhud
When Hadhrat Rabi' Rahmatullah 'Alaih witnessed
(ascetism) and piety. He is the Sultan of the hidden
all this, he returned and said to himself,
servants of Allah. He is the beacon light for the
seeker of spirituality. He is the elixir of the intense "This is enough for me."
devotion to the Holy Prophet Muhammad
He lives in a village called Qaran in Yemen. He was
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam.
a noble and very pious person. He denied all kinds
He is honoured with the title of Nafs Ar-Rahman of worldly ornaments and always keeps himself far
(The Soul of the Compassionate). He reached the from the crowd of people. Some of his people
stage of the beloved of the Divine. He spent most of consider him as a mad man due to his appearance.
his time in solitude, fasting during the day keep He ate only a few dates for fasting during the day
awake the whole night. Normally he stood in and if he has more dates than what he needed, he
Iqamah (standing posture) for Solat (prayers) one gave it to the poor as Sadaqah (charity).
night, spent the next night in Ruku' (kneeling
Physically, he was a man of weak physique, middle
posture) and spent the next night in Sajdah
height, slightly off-white color, wide shoulders,
heavy beard, black eyes, sights concentrated at the stated in the traditions that had he heard the Holy
place of prostration, a domineering round face and Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam injured his
unruffled hair often covered with dust. He wore a blessed teeth in the Battle of Uhud.
completely worn out khaki dress that consisted of
Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu said,
two garments, a blanket made of the camel hair and
a pair of trousers. He had on palm of his left hand a "When I came to know about the two teeth of the
white mark of the size of a Dirham. Holy Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam having
been sacrificed, I broke and took out one tooth first.
His usual dress was a cloak with many patches of
Having done this I realized that only Allah the
cloth on it. He also has a blanket made of camel's
Almighty knew it well, but perhaps that might not
wool. His physical appearance looks untidy which
be the tooth that had broken. Hence I broke
makes him ridiculed by the children and the adults.
another, still another, thus breaking them all one by
That is why most of his time he keeps himself far
one." Thus Hadhrat Uwais Radhiyallahu 'Anhu
away from the people because in that way, he
broke all his teeth and was bestowed this martawa
could be near to Allah in solitude.
or the benediction as embodiment of his love for
The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah the Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam often said to his
"I receive the breeze of Mercy (Nasim Al-Rahmah)
from the direction of the Yemen." 1. I searched for honor; I found it in service to the
creatures. I searched for leadership; I found it in the
The Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
creatures' welfare. I searched for humility, I found
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam also said,
it in truth. I searched for the source of pride; I
"The most superior man amongst the generation of found it in Faqr (poverty). I searched for a valuable
the Tabi'un is Uwais. Whoever amongst you meets relationship in the Hereafter; I found it in Taqwa
him must try to seek his supplication for (fear of Allah). I searched for highness; I found it in
forgiveness." Qanaah (contentment). I searched for peace; I
found it in Zuhud (piety).
His love towards the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam is so great 2. He who believes in three things has Hell nearer
that he always keeps himself in practicing the to him than his jugular vein; they are voluptuous
Sunnah (ethics) and love to follow the Holy meals, expensive dress and companionship of the
Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi rich.
Wasallam. He is extinct in the Holy Prophet
3. Peace is in solitude.
Muhammad Rasulllah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam.
He was completely absorbed and drowned in the 4. It is imperative on you to guard your heart.
Light of Muhammadi. Let us see what he had done
5. You need to safeguard your heart, that is, save
in proving himself as a true believer and unparallel
your heart from the thought of everything else.
follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. It was
Keep your desires under control of your heart and 15. My Rabb's remembrance is most exalted, His
not vice versa. sayings are most true, His is the most truthful
statement, His is the most beautiful writing of all.
6. When you sleep, regard death nearer to your
head and when you wake up regard it in front of 16. My advice for you to follow is to emulate the
you. Almighty Allah's Book, the Holy Al-Quran, the
way of the good and to send Salawat (salutations)
7. Do not regard a sin something ordinary, rather
to the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah
regard it something extraordinary. This is the
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam.
reason you commit sins. If you regard a sin
something inferior, then you will also regard Allah 17. I only wish that I start the prayer and spend the
the Almighty inferior. night in one Sajadah (prostration) and lost control
of myself, recite repeatedly Subhana Rabbiyal A'la
8. It is regretted at the hearts that are in doubt and
(Glory be to our Lord Who is Most High).
do not seek advice.
18. If someone who is praying is hit with a bar and
9. He who recognized Allah the Almighty, he
has not felt it at all, this act will be demonstrative of
recognised everything and nothing remained
the humility of his prayer.
hidden from him.
19. If someone worships Allah the Almighty to the
10. Wahdat (Unity of Godhead) is nothing except
extent of the Heaven and the Earth, Allah the
Him comes in thoughts.
Almighty will not approve of his worship until the
11. Allah the Almighty writes recompense as many worshipper has complete belief in Him.
times as Muslim men and women for he who seeks
20. O Allah, You created me when I was not worthy
forgiveness of the true Muslim, men and women.
of mention; and You provided for me when I had
12. He who has no wealth to give away in Sadaqah nothing; and I wronged my soul and sinned and
(charity) should seek forgiveness of true Muslim, confess my guilt. If You forgive me, that will in no
men and women. This is his Sadaqah. way augment Your authority. You can find others
to punish besides me, but I can find no one to
13. Hadhrat Abu Darda Radhiyallahu 'Anhu
forgive me but You. Truly, You are the Most
reports having heard the Holy Prophet
Merciful of those who show mercy.
Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
Wasallam as saying, "He who prays twenty five or 21. The best and blessed way of belief in Allah the
twenty seven times daily for forgiveness of true Almighty: Leave alone and do not worry about that
Muslim men and women will be counted amongst which has already been set aside for you and whilst
the people whose prayers are met with and who praying turn your mind off the world just as he
are the means of livelihood of people on earth. does so at the time of his death. This state is
enjoyed only when the human being regards death
14. Hidden invocation is better than visiting and
nearer to him than his jugular vein. If this is the
meeting because Riya (show off) might enter in the
state, then the man would be the one who believed
latter two.
in Allah the Almighty completely. Then his prayers
would be accepted and become one who would Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Isa (Jesus) 'Alaihissalam and
have the honor of nearness to Allah the Almighty. Hadhrat Shah Bahauddin Naqshband Rahmatullah
Hadhrat Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf Tsani Syeikh
Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi Rahmatullah 'Alaih
The Masters of the Naqshbandiyah Sufi Order are received the spiritual power through the spiritual
Uwaisis because they received the Faidhz i.e. the connection with Hadhrat Shah Bahauddin
overflowing of the spiritual blessings and the Naqshband and Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Ali
spiritual presence of Masters before them. Hadhrat Karramallahu Wajhahu. Hadhrat Syeikh
Khwajah Abu Yazid Bistami Rahmatullah 'Alaih Sharafuddin Ad-Daghistani Rahmatullah 'Alaih
received the spiritual blessings from Hadhrat Imam was raised through the spiritual guidance of
Ja'afar Sadiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu through the Hadhrat Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq
Uwaisi System by meditating the spiritual presence Radhiyallahu 'Anhu and the Holy Prophet Hadhrat
of Hadhrat Imam Ja'afar Sadiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu
at his shrine. Similarly, Hadhrat Khwajah Abul 'Alaihi Wasallam.
Hassan Al-Kharqani Rahmatullah 'Alaih took
Hadhrat Syeikh 'Abdullah Ad-Daghistani was
spiritual guidance from the spiritual presence of
guided spiritually by Hadhrat Sayyidina Uwais Al-
Hadhrat Khwajah Abu Yazid Bistami Rahmatullah
Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, Hadhrat Sayyidina
'Abdul Khaliq Ghujduwani Rahmatullah 'Alaih,
Hadhrat Khwajah 'Abdul Khaliq Ghujduwani Hadhrat Shah Bahauddin Naqshband Rahmatullah
Rahmatullah 'Alaih spirituality was raised up by 'Alaih and Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Ali Karramallahu
the spiritual presence of Hadhrat Sayyidina Nabi Wajhahu.
Khidhr 'Alaihissalam, Hadhrat Sayyidina Uwais
Hadhrat Syeikh Nazim received the spiritual
Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, Hadhrat Sayyidina
guidance from Hadhrat Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi
Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu and
Rahmatullah 'Alaih and Hadhrat Syeikh 'Abdul
Hadhrat Sayyidina 'Ali Karramallahu Wajhahu.
Qadir Al-Jailani Rahmatullah 'Alaih of Chistiyah
Hadhrat Shah Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari order.
Rahmatullah 'Alaih , the founder of Naqshbandiah
path, was raised by the spiritual presence and
guidance from Hadhrat Khawajah 'Abdul Khaliq Uwaisiyah is a form of spiritual connection and
Ghujduwani Rahmatullah 'Alaih, Hadhrat Uwais transmission with any of the Prophets or Saints in
Al-Qarani Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, Hadhrat Sayyidina past or present. The spirits meet in the world called
Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, Hadhrat 'Alam Al-Arwah (The World of Spirits) which is
Sayyidina 'Ali Karramallahu Wajhahu and from the beyond 'Alam Al-Ajsam (The Material World).
Holy Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad Rasulullah Whoever gains the spiritual connection and
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam. spiritual knowledge from the deceased Master, is
called Uwaisi. The spiritual connection with the
Hadhrat Khwajah Ubaidullah Ahrar Rahmatullah
Friends of Allah is as powerful and effective as the
'Alaih was raised by the spiritual guidance of
physical connection. The Uwaisiyah spiritual establish the spiritual connection. Then one should
system focuses on having a spiritual connections sit still in Maraqba (contemplation) and focus on
with the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah that particular spiritual personality with sincere
Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam or other prophets and love and affection. One should give his full
great saints who had passed this worldly life, or the concentration focusing on the abstract image of that
true saints who are still alive but residing very far particular spirit of the saint or prophet and imagine
and difficult to reach without meeting them that there is a flow of light coming from the upper
physically. The Uwaisi Sufi has no living Syeikh to side to that particular spirit, and then imagine that
guide his journey but he is guided by Allah Ta'ala the light overflow from the heart of that particular
or His Prophet-Saint Hadhrat Nabi Khidhr spirit to one's heart and keep that vision in mind
'Alaihissalam. This kind of spiritual connection has until one feels drowning in that condition. With the
no limitations in time and space and it is well grace of Allah the Almighty, the spiritual
known as Nisbat Uwaisiyah. connection will be established and he will gain the
spiritual benefits from that particular spirit such as
Reminiscents of Maulwi Jalaluddin
spiritual guidance, knowledge, power and
Ahmad ar Rowi blessings.

Once, this humble and poor slave of Allah was at When I heard about this, I think that it would be a
the Khanqah Sirajiah, Kundiyan Sharif, Mianwali, great opportunity for me to try it and build the
Pakistan attending the Suhbah with my Syeikh, spiritual connection with all the Masters in the
Hadhrat Khwajah Khwajahgan Pir Piran Maulana Naqshbandiyah Mujaddidiyah Silsilah. But first
Khan Muhammad Sahib Mudda Zilluhul 'Ali in of all, I think maybe it will be good if I have the
the month of Ramadhan in the year 1999. During spiritual connection with Hadhrat Imam At-
that time, the elder diciples of Hadhrat Syeikh were Tariqat Shah Bahauddin Naqshband
reading the Malfuzat (Sayings) of Hadhrat Qutub Rahmatullah 'Alaih because I love his Naqshband
Rabbani Shah 'Abdullah Ghulam 'Ali Dehlawi Tariqat (Sufi Path).
Rahmatullah 'Alaih and he mentioned that to
So, at that night, I did as what I have heard from
establish the connection with any of the Masters in
the Malfuzat of Hadhrat Qutub Rabbani Shah
the spiritual path in Uwaisi method, one must take
'Abdullah Ghulam 'Ali Dehlawi Rahmatullah
ablution perfectly and offer two Raka'ah Nafil or
'Alaih. After I finished all the procedures, I put
Hajat prayer. After completing the prayer by
myself in Maraqba the whole night concentrating
uttering Salam, one should pray to Allah, may He
upon the blessed spirit of Hadhrat Shah
bless the intention to build the spiritual connection
Bahauddin. [SUBHAN ALLAH!]
with His saints. After praying, one should recite
Istighfar twenty five times, Surah Al-Fatihah with When I slept, a vision came to me in my dream that
Bismillah once and Surah Al-Ikhlas thrice and send I saw the spirit of Hadhrat Shah Bahauddin
the rewards through one's intention to the Holy Naqshband is focusing his Faidhz flowing upon me
Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi until I felt that all the cells and nucleus in my body
Wasallam and also send it's reward especially to is uttering the word Allah! Allah! Non stop! In that
the particular prophet or saint whom he want to dream, I feel the whole part of my body is shivering
while uttering Allah! Allah! It could not stop and May Allah forgive this humble and poor slave if
then I cried out loudly in that dream, "O my what has been written here is not appropriate for
Sheikh, what had happen to me? Why the whole the public? My hope is that by understanding the
part of my body couldn't stop uttering Allah life and sayings of Hadhrat Uwais Al-Qarani
Allah?" Suddenly the vision stops and when I woke Radhiyallahu 'Anhu will encourage us to love him
up in the morning, I can still feel the vibration in and love the path he invented and thus, to develop
my heart, veins, muscles and cells are still sounding the Uwaisiyah spiritual system in our daily life so
the word Allah Allah. At that time I was doing the that our spirit will always be guided by the true
regular Zikir on Latifah Nafs. After I finished my Spiritual Masters. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
regular Zikir I went to meet my Syieikh Hadhrat forgive all my sins and all the sins of all Muslim
Maulana Khan Muhammad Sahib and tell him men and women till the day of Qiyamah.
everything what had happen to me from the
Wallahu A'lam Bissawab Wa La Haula Wa La
Quwwata Illa Billah.
Then he said,
I, Taoshobuddha Naqshbandiyah Mujadadiah wa
"Ma Sya Allah, May Allah Ta'ala bless you." Mazaharia confirm all that our brother Hadhrat
Faqir Maulawi Jalalluddin Ahmad Ar-Rowi
Then he taught me how to do the Zikir in the
Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Uwaisi has written about
Latifah Qalibiyah i.e. in the subtlelities of the four
the teachings, path and the Sheikh. It was at my
elements: Air, Fire, Water and Soil. It is also known
request he had agreed to write this for the wider
as Sultan Az-Zikir. From that time, my
seekers along the path. He is the international
understanding about the Uwaisi system had
contributor in the monthly e magazine
brought me to love and gain Faidhz from all the
‘MEDITATION TIMES’. This union has the
Past Masters of this highest Sufi Order and all the
blessing of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Holy
Masters from other Sufi Order as well, especially
Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
the greatest spirit of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
Wasallam and the sheikhs of the past and those
Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam even
who are yet to come.
though I am residing far in the East. Allah Taa’la’s
qudrath is not confined to any place or time. This is ALHAM DIL ALLAH WA RABBOOL ALMIM!
nisbete gaib.
Mysticism is the experience that life is not
Indeed, the Faidhz of spiritual light is from Allah
logic. That life is poetry! That life is not
Ta'ala that He bestows it to the Holy Prophet
syllogism! That life is a song. Mysticism is the
Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi
declaration that life can never really be known!
Wasallam and then to the Sahabah, and then to
It essentially remains unknowable. One can
those who follows them till the Last Day. Anyone
only live it. And also be it.
can try to establish this kind of connection if they
intended to have the spiritual relationship with any Taoshobuddha
prophet or saint spiritually. Give your love and
Leaves from a Sufi Heart
attention to the saints and for sure they will love
you and pay their attentions towards you. volume I I





All purpose flour (Maida) 1 cup

Water to knead dough
Oil 4tbsp
Salt to taste
Ajwain (optional) 1/4th tsp.
Baking Soda (optional) one pinch


Potatoes (boiled, peeled & diced) 4-5 medium

Green Peas 1/2 cup
Green Chilies (finely chopped) 1-2
Ginger (crushed or finely chopped) 1/2tsp
Cumin seed whole 1tbs
Coriander finely chopped1tbsp
Few chopped Cashews (optional)
Few Raisins (optional)
crushed coriander seeds 2 Tbs
Salt to taste
Red chili powder to taste
Dry Mango powder( Amchur or anardana) (optional)* 1/2 tsp.
Cottage cheese 2Tbs

Note: You can use chaat masala, or tamarind pulp (the only problem is that tamarind
pulp will turn the mix dark)



1. Mix all the ingredients (salt, oil, Ajwain, baking soda) well except water.
2. Add a little water at a time.
3. Pat and knead well for several times into soft pliable dough.
4. Cover it with moist Muslin cloth and keep aside for 15 minutes to allow it to settle.


1. Heat oil in frying pot. Add cumin seed and crackle these. Add chopped ginger,
and chillies. Sauté for a few mins.
2. Now add diced potatoes. Mix well and cook for a few mins.
3. Add all dry masalas (salt, chili powder, mango powder, and mix well.
4. Add green peas, cashews and raisins and mix well.
5. Add coriander and keep aside.


1. Divide the dough into 16 equal portions

2. Roll one portion at a time into a 5"-6" diameter circle.
3. Divide it into two parts by cutting diagonally into two semi-circle.
4. Now take one semi circle and fold it like acone using water to the straight edge.
And then fold to form a cone. This requires a little experience. It is very easy to
learn or.
5. Place a spoon of filling in the cone and seal the third side using a drop of water.
6. Heat oil in a Kadhai a shallow wok like pot and deep fry till golden brown (fry on
a medium flame).
7. Serve Samosa hot with chutney of your choice
8. Green coriander, mint or mixed chutney, tamarind chutney.
(May 12, 1895–February 17, 1986)

J iddu Krishnamurthy is an Enlightened Master.

A contemporary of our time! Brought up in
western ways and mannerism and attire even
Jiddu is recognized as a well known writer who
spoke on philosophical and spiritual matters. He
spoke on psychological revolution, the nature of
after enlightenment Jiddu remained a suave well the mind, meditation, human relationships, and
dressed, elegant gentleman. Alike contemporary how to enact positive change in society. Jiddu
enlightened ones Jiddu did not adopt the attire of stressed the need for a revolution in the psyche of
an ascetic. Yet still his inner being was soaked with every human being and emphasized that such a
the fragrance of the dissolution with the whole. revolution cannot be brought about by any
With pleasant expression, and a beaming glow on external effort be it religious, political or social.

As early as 1889 Helena Blavatsky, founder of the

Theosophical Society, had told certain of her
students that the purpose of Theosophy was to
prepare humanity for the coming of the Lord
Maitreya (an incarnation of Buddha), the World
Teacher for the Aquarian Age. After Blavatsky's
death, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater
considered it their task to carry on this work, part
of which was the preparation of a disciple who
would serve as a vehicle for the Teacher when He

Jiddu Krishnamurthy came from a family of

Telugu-speaking Brahmins. His father, Narianiah
Jiddu, was employed as an official of the then
colonial British administration. Krishnamurti was
very fond of his mother, Sanjeevamma, who died
when he was ten. His parents were second cousins,
having a total of eleven children, only six of whom
survived childhood. They were strict vegetarians,
and were known to throw away any food that the
‘shadow of an Englishman had crossed’.

Jiddu was born on May 12, 1895 in the small town

of Madanapalle in Chittoor District in Andhra
face Jiddu explained the most intricate questions
Pradesh about a hundred and fifty miles north of
that life posed with dexterity and deep insight of a
Madras. As the eighth child, who happened to be a
master. Anyone who just happen to catch a mere
boy, he was, in accordance with common Hindu
glimpse of Jiddu cannot just pause to listen. With
practice, named after Sri Krishna.
Jiddu ushered a new era in inner journey.
In 1903, the family settled in Cudappah, where the Society at the time. Both Leadbeater and Annie
Krishnamurthy during a previous stay had Besant needed to groom someone to be a ‘vehicle’
contracted malaria, a disease with which he would for an expected World Teacher and incarnation of
suffer recurrent bouts over many years. He was a Buddha to set the wheel once again in motion.
sensitive and sickly child; ‘vague and dreamy’ he
It was in April of 1909 that J. Krishnamurthy was
was often taken to be mentally retarded, and was
discovered on a private beach in Adyar near Adyar
beaten regularly at school by his teachers and at
River by Leadbeater. During his forays to the
home by his father. Several decades later,
Theosophical estate's beach at the nearby Adyar
Krishnamurti reminisced about his state of mind
River, Leadbeater had noticed Krishnamurthy
during childhood: ‘No thought entered his mind.
(who also frequented the beach with others).
He was watching and listening and nothing else.
Leadbeater was amazed by the ‘unique aura he
Thought with its associations never arose. There
had ever seen, without a particle of selfishness in
was no image-making. He often attempted to think
it’. This strong impression was notwithstanding
but no thought would come.’ Writing about his
Krishnamurthy's outward appearance, which,
childhood and early adolescence in memoirs he
according to eyewitnesses, was pretty common,
composed when he was eighteen years old,
unimpressive, and unkempt. The boy was also
Krishnamurthy described psychic experiences,
considered ‘particularly dull-witted’. He often had
such as ‘seeing’ his sister, who had died in 1904,
‘a vacant expression’ that ‘gave him an almost
and also his mother, who had passed away in
moronic look’. Leadbeater remained ‘unshaken’
1905. Another aspect of his childhood was his
that the boy would become ‘a great teacher.’
bond with nature that continued throughout his
life: ‘...He always had this strange lack of distance The pure aura of the boy attracted the attention of
between himself and the trees, rivers and Leadbeater and he thought that this boy would be
mountains. It wasn't cultivated.’ the new world-teacher. An organization was
created to celebrate the followers of this new
Krishnamurthy’s father Narianiah retired at the
leader. Leadbeater choose Jiddu, his brother
end of 1907, and, being of limited means, wrote to
Nityanand and a German boy. The three were
Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical
subsequently raised under the guidance and
Society, seeking employment at the Theosophical
protection of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.
headquarters estate at Adyar. Even though an
observant orthodox Brahmin, Narianiah had been Pupul Jayakar, in her biography of Krishnamurti
a member of the Theosophical Society since 1882. quotes him speaking of that period in his life some
He was eventually hired by the Society as a clerk, 75 years later: ‘The boy had always said, 'I will do
and he moved his family there in January, 1909. whatever you want'. There was an element of
Narianiah and his sons were at first assigned to subservience, obedience. The boy was vague,
live in a small cottage that lacked adequate uncertain, and woolly; he did not seem to care
sanitation and which was located just outside the what was happening. He was like a vessel, with a
Theosophical compound. As a result of poor living large hole in it, whatever was put in, went through,
conditions, Krishnamurthy and his brothers were nothing remained.’
soon undernourished and infested with lice.
Following his ‘discovery’, Krishnamurthy was
Leadbeater was aware of Buddha’s coming back taken under the wing of the leadership of the
after 2500 years as Maitreya to set the wheel of Theosophical Society in Adyar and their inner
Dhamma in motion again. He needed to prepare circle. Leadbeater and a small number of trusted
someone for this event. Both were the leaders of associates undertook the task of educating,
protecting, and generally preparing after, within the Theosophical Society and without,
Krishnamurthy as the ‘vehicle’ of the expected in Hindu circles and the Indian press.
World Teacher. Krishnamurthy (or Krishnaji as he
Mary Lutyens, in her biography of Krishnamurthy,
was often called lovingly) and his younger brother
states that there was a time when he fully believed
Nitya were privately tutored at the Theosophical
that he was to become the World Teacher after
compound in Madras.
correct spiritual and secular guidance and
The family later came to know of the plan. During education. Another biographer describes the daily
all this time, Krishnamurthy had developed a program imposed on him by Leadbeater and his
strong bond with Annie Besant, and came to view associates, which among other things included
her as his surrogate mother. Apart from his early rigorous exercise and sports, tutoring in a variety
close relationship with his mother, this was the of school subjects, theosophical and religious
first of several important and intimate lessons, yoga and meditation, as well as instruction
relationships that Krishnamurthy established with in proper hygiene and the ways of British society
women during his lifetime. His father, pushed into and culture. Unlike sports, where he showed
the background by the swirl of interest around natural aptitude, Krishnamurthy always had
Krishnamurthy, sued the Theosophical Society in problems with formal schooling and was not
1912 to protect his parental interests. After a academically inclined. He eventually gave up
protracted legal battle Besant took custody of university education after several attempts at
Krishnamurthy and his brother Nitya. As a result admission. He did take to foreign languages,
of this separation from his family and home, eventually speaking several (French and Italian
Krishnamurthy and his brother became extremely among them) with some fluency. In this period, he
close, and in the following years they often apparently enjoyed reading parts of the Old
traveled together. Testament, and was impressed by some of the
Western classics, especially Shelley, Dostoyevsky
And they began to claim. This was disturbing the
and Nietzsche. He also had, since childhood,
plans of Annie Besant. So she carried both Jiddu
considerable observational and mechanical skills,
and Nitya away from Adyar to England. There he
being able to correctly disassemble and
was exposed to a comparatively opulent life
reassemble complicated machinery.
among a segment of European high society. And
they continued their education abroad. In spite of His public image, as originally cultivated by the
his history of problems with school work and theosophists, ‘...was to be characterized by a well-
concerns about his capacities and physical polished exterior, a sobriety of purpose, a
condition, the fourteen year old Krishnamurti was cosmopolitan outlook and an otherworldly, almost
within six months able to speak and write beatific detachment in his demeanor.’ And in fact,
competently in English. ‘...All of these can be said to have characterized
Krishnamurthy's public image to the end of his
The Theosophical Leadership in 1911 established
life.’ It was apparently clear early on that he
a new organization called the Order of the Star in
‘...possessed an innate personal magnetism, not of
the East, in order to prepare the world for the
a warm physical variety, but nonetheless emotive
aforementioned ‘coming’. Krishnamurthy was
in its austerity, and inclined to inspire veneration.’
named as its head, with senior Theosophists in
However, as Krishnamurthy was growing up, he
various positions. Membership was open to
showed signs of adolescent rebellion and
anybody who accepted the doctrine of the coming
emotional instability, chafing at the regimen
of the World Teacher. Controversy erupted soon
imposed on him, and occasionally having doubts symptoms worsened, with increasing pain,
about the future prescribed him. extreme physical discomfort and sensitivity. Also
there was total loss of appetite and occasional
From the time Krishnamurthy and Nitya were
delirious ramblings. Then, he seemed to lapse into
taken to England for the first time in April 1911
unconsciousness. Actually, he recounted that he
and the start of World War I in 1914, they also
was very much aware of his surroundings and
visited several other European countries, always
while in that state. He had an experience of
accompanied by theosophist chaperones. After the
mystical union. The following day the symptoms,
war, Krishnamurthy (again accompanied by his
and the experience, intensified climaxing with a
brother) embarked on a series of lectures,
sense of ‘immense peace’.
meetings, and discussions around the world
relating to his duties as the head of the Order Of ‘..I was supremely happy, for I had seen. Nothing
the Star. In 1922, Krishnamurthy and Nitya could ever be the same. I have drunk at the clear
travelled from Sydney to California on their way to and pure waters and my thirst was appeased. ...I
Switzerland. While in California they lodged at a have seen the Light. I have touched compassion
cottage in then relatively secluded Ojai Valley, which heals all sorrow and suffering; it is not for
offered to them for the occasion by an American myself, but for the world. ...Love in all its glory has
member of the Order. At Ojai, the brothers also intoxicated my heart; my heart can never be
met Rosalind Williams, the sister of a local closed. I have drunk at the fountain of Joy and
Theosophist, who eventually became close to them eternal Beauty. I am God-intoxicated.’
both. For the first time the brothers were without
Similar incidents continued with short
immediate supervision from their Theosophical
intermissions until October, and later eventually
Society minders. They spent their time in nature
resumed regularly, always involving varying
hikes and picnics with friends, spiritual
degrees of physical pain to mark the start of ‘the
contemplation, and planning their course within
process’, accompanied by what is variably
the ‘World Teacher Project’. Krishnamurthy and
described as ‘presence’, ‘benediction’, ‘immensity’,
Nitya found the Ojai Valley to be very agreeable,
and ‘sacredness’, which was reportedly often felt
and eventually a trust, formed by supporters,
by others present.
purchased for them the cottage and surrounding
property, which henceforth became Several explanations have been proposed for the
Krishnamurthy's official place of residence. events of 1922 and ‘the processes’ in general.
Leadbeater and other theosophists, although they
It was in Ojai, in August 1922, that Krishnamurthy
expected the ‘vehicle’ to have certain paranormal
went through an intense, ‘life-changing’
experiences, were mystified by the developments,
experience. It has been simultaneously, and
and were at a loss to explain the whole thing.
invariably, characterized as a spiritual awakening,
Krishnamurthy himself told Pupul Jayakar about
a psychological transformation, and a physical
the process many decades later in 1979: ‘It was
conditioning. Krishnamurthy and those around
possible that the pain and what took place was
him would refer to it as ‘the processes’, and it
necessary as the brain was not ready. Traces of
continued, at very frequent intervals and varying
immaturity remained; the brain cells were not
forms of intensity, until his death. According to
large enough to receive the Energy. When the
witnesses, it started on the 17th, with
Energy comes pouring in and the brain is not
Krishnamurthy complaining of extraordinary pain
capable of holding it, then that Energy feels it has
at the nape of his neck, and a hard, ball-like
to polish it up. It may be its own activity.’ The
swelling. Over the next couple of days, the
‘process’, and the inability of Leadbeater to explain others to weep; but if they do, I know what it
it satisfactorily, if at all, had other consequences means.
according to biographer R. Vernon:
In the next few years Krishnamurthy's new vision
‘The process at Ojai, whatever its cause or validity, and consciousness continued to develop and
was a cataclysmic milestone for Krishna. Up until reached a climax in 1929, when he rebuffed
this time his spiritual progress, chequered though attempts by Leadbeater and Besant to continue
it might have been, had been planned with solemn with the Order of the Star. Krishnamurthy
deliberation by Theosophy's grandees. dissolved the Order at the annual Star Camp at
...Something new had now occurred for which Ommen, the Netherlands, on August 3rd, 1929
Krishna's training had not entirely prepared him. where, in front of Annie Besant and several
...A burden was lifted from his conscience and he thousand members, he gave a speech saying
took his first step towards becoming an individual. among other things:
...In terms of his future role as a teacher, the
‘You may remember the story of how the devil and
process was his bedrock. ...It had come to him
a friend of his were walking down the street, when
alone and had not been planted in him by his
they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and
mentors...It provided Krishna with the soil in
pick up something from the ground, look at it, and
which his newfound spirit of confidence and
put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the
independence could take root.’
devil, ‘what did that man pick up?’ ‘He picked up a
Finally, the unexpected death of his brother Nitya piece of the truth,’ said the devil. ‘That is a very
on November 11, 1925 at age 27 from tuberculosis bad business for you, then,’ said his friend. ‘Oh, not
after a long history with the disease, at all,’ the devil replied, ‘I am going to help him
fundamentally shook Krishnamurthy's belief in organize it.’
Theosophy and his faith in the leaders of the
I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you
Theosophical Society. According to eyewitness
cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any
accounts, the news ‘...broke him down completely’.
religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I
He struggled for days to overcome his sorrow,
adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally.
eventually ‘...going through an inner revolution,
Truth, being limitless, unconditioned,
finding new strength’. The experience of his
unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot
brother's death apparently shattered any
be organized; nor should any organization be
remaining illusions, and things would never be the
formed to lead or coerce people along a particular
same again:
"’..An old dream is dead and a new one is being
And also:
born, as a flower that pushes through the solid
earth. A new vision is coming into being and a ‘This is no magnificent deed, because I do not
greater consciousness is being unfolded. ...A new want followers, and I mean this. The moment
strength, born of suffering, is pulsating in the veins you follow someone you cease to follow Truth.
and a new sympathy and understanding is being I am not concerned whether you pay attention
born of past suffering - a greater desire to see to what I say or not. I want to do a certain thing
others suffer less, and, if they must suffer, to see in the world and I am going to do it with
that they bear it nobly and come out of it without unwavering concentration. I am concerning
too many scars. I have wept, but I do not want myself with only one essential thing: to set man
free. I desire to free him from all cages, from all
fears, and not to found religions, new sects, nor ‘All authority of any kind, especially in the field of
to establish new theories and new thought and understanding, is the most
philosophies.’ destructive, evil thing. Leaders destroy the
followers and followers destroy the leaders. You
Following the dissolution, some Theosophists
have to be your own teacher and your own
turned against Krishnamurthy and publicly
disciple. You have to question everything that man
wondered whether ‘...the Coming had gone wrong’.
has accepted as valuable, as necessary.’
Mary Lutyens states that ‘...After all the years of
proclaiming the Coming, of stressing over and over Krishnamurthy returned all monies and properties
again the danger of rejecting the World Teacher donated to the Order of the Star - including a castle
when he came because he was bound to say in Holland and around 5,000 acres (20 km2) of
something wholly new and unexpected, something land - to their donors. He subsequently spent the
contrary to most people’s preconceived ideas and rest of his life holding dialogues and giving public
hopes, the leaders of Theosophy, one after the talks across the world on the nature of belief,
other, fell into the trap against which they had so truth, sorrow, freedom, death, the apparently
unremittingly warned others.’ eternal quest for a spiritually-fulfilled life, and
related subjects. Following on from the ‘pathless
Jiddu had denounced all organized belief, the
land’ notion, he accepted neither followers nor
notion of gurus, and the whole teacher-follower
worshippers, seeing the relationship between
relationship, vowing instead to work in setting
disciple and guru as encouraging the antithesis of
man absolutely, totally free. Mary Lutyens notes
spiritual emancipation - dependency and
that he never actually denied being the World
exploitation. He constantly urged people to think
Teacher; when asked, he insisted that the question
independently and clearly, and invited them to
was irrelevant. In correspondence with Lady Emily
explore and discuss specific topics together with
Lutyens, who was distressed over the ending of
him, to ‘walk as two
the Order and its World Teacher Project, he
friends’. He accepted gifts
remarked: ‘You know mum I have never denied it
and financial support
[being the World Teacher], I have only said it does
freely offered to him by
not matter who or what I am but that they should
people inspired by his
examine what I say, which does not mean that I
work, and continued
have denied being the W.T." When a reporter
with lecture tours and
asked him if he was the Christ, he answered "Yes,
the publication of books
in the pure sense but not in the traditional
and talk transcripts for
accepted sense of the word." From that time, he
more than half a century.
began to disassociate himself from the
Theosophical Society and its teachings and There is much more to say. And in fact if I continue
practices, despite being on cordial terms with the purpose of this issue will not serve. We are to
some of its members and ex-members throughout follow the framework of this issue as instructions
his life. from the Chief Editor so that there is no deviation
from the actual theme. However I certainly assure
Krishnamurti would only refer to his teachings as
you I will come back with more on Jiddu
‘the’ teachings and not as ‘myhu teachings. His
concern was always about "the" teachings: the
teacher had no importance, and spiritual authority ONLY THIS MUCH FOR NOW!!!
was denounced.

iddu frequently spoke on various topics being, I am bringing about a barrier, a
throughout his life after enlightenment. division between you and me, namely the
The most important of his talks centered observer. That is, knowledge, in relationship,
on the following subjects. in human relationship, is destructive. That is
knowledge which is the tradition, the
KNOWLEDGE memory, the image, which the mind has built
Krishnamurti constantly emphasized the right about you that knowledge is separative and
place of thought in daily life. But he also therefore creates conflict in our relationship.’
pointed out the dangers of thought and ‘The brain has been trained to record for in
thought process when it becomes knowledge that recording there is safety, security, a sense
that acts as a calcified projection of the dead of vitality; in that recording the mind creates
past. According to Krishnamurti, such action the image about oneself. And that image will
distorts our perception and full understanding constantly get hurt. Is it possible to live
of the world we live in, and more specifically, without a single image about yourself, or
the relationships that define it. Because of about your husband, wife, children, or about
this one cannot live HERENOW. Some the politicians, the priests, or about the ideal?
excerpts: It is possible, and if it is not found you will
‘How is the mind which functions on always be getting hurt, always living in a
knowledge? And how is the brain which is pattern in which there is no freedom. When
recording all the time? To see the importance you give complete attention there is no
of recording and not let it moves in any other recording. It is only when there is inattention
direction? Very simply: you insult me, you that you record. That is: you flatter me; I like
hurt me, by word, gesture, by an actual act; it; the liking at that moment is inattention
that leaves a mark on the brain which is therefore recording takes place. But if when
memory. That memory is knowledge that you flatter me I listen to it completely without
knowledge is going to interfere in my meeting any reaction, then there is no center which
you next time – obviously. ... Knowledge is records.’
necessary to act in the sense of my going ‘The brain is the source of thought. The brain
home from here to the place I live; I must is matter and thought is matter. Can the brain
have knowledge for this; I must have – with all its reactions and its immediate
knowledge to speak English; I must have responses to every challenge and demand –
knowledge to write a letter and so on. can the brain be very still? It is not a question
Knowledge as function, mechanical function, of ending thought, but of whether the brain
is necessary. Now if I use that knowledge in can be completely still. This stillness is not
my relationship with you, another human
physical death. See what happens when the of escaping fear and yet at the same time
brain is completely still.’ sustains fear.’

Fear and Pleasure MEDITATION

Fear and pleasure were lifelong themes in his Krishnamurti used the term ‘meditation to
public talks. The following is an excerpt from mean something entirely different from the
his talk in San Diego in 1970. practice of any system or method to control
the mind, or to consciously achieve a specific
‘Fear is always in relation to something; it
goal or state. He dealt with the subject of
does not exist by itself. There is fear of what
meditation in numerous public talks and
happened yesterday in relation to the
possibility of its repetition tomorrow; there is
always a fixed point from which relationship ‘A mind that is in meditation is concerned
takes place. How does fear come into this? I only with meditation, not with the meditator.
had pain yesterday; there is the memory of it The meditator is the observer, the sensor, the
and I do not want it again tomorrow. Thinking thinker, the experiencer, and when there is the
about the pain of yesterday, thinking which experiencer, the thinker, then he is concerned
involves the memory of yesterday’s pain, with reaching out, gaining, achieving,
projects the fear of having pain again experiencing. And that thing which is timeless
tomorrow. So it is thought that brings about cannot be experienced. There is no experience
fear. Thought breeds fear; thought also at all. There is only that which is not
cultivates pleasure. To understand fear you nameable.’
must also understand pleasure – they are
‘You know, in all this there are various
interrelated; without understanding one you
powers like clairvoyance, reading somebody’s
cannot understand the other. This means that
thought – which is the most disgusting thing
one cannot say ‘I must only have pleasure and
to do: it is like reading letters that are private.
no fear’; fear is the other side of the coin
There are various powers. You know what I
which is called pleasure.
am talking about, don’t you? You call them
Thinking with the images of yesterday’s siddhis, don’t you? Do you know that all these
pleasure, thought imagines that you may not things are like candles in the sun? When there
have that pleasure tomorrow; so thought is no sun there is darkness, and then the
engenders fear! Thought tries to sustain candle and the light of the candle become
pleasure and thereby nourishes fear. very important. But when there is the sun, the
light, the beauty, the clarity, then all these
Thought has separated itself as the analyzer
powers, these siddhis – developing various
and the thing to be analyzed; they are both
centers, chakras, kundalini, you know all that
parts of thought playing tricks upon it. In
business – are like candlelight; they have no
doing all this it is refusing to examine the
unconscious fears; it brings in time as a means
value at all. And when you have that light, hypnotism of words, images, hopes, and
you don’t want anything else.’ vanities. All these have to come to an end,
easily, without effort and choice, in the flame
‘Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life-
of awareness.’
perhaps the greatest, and one cannot possibly
learn it from anybody, that is the beauty of it. EDUCATION
It has no technique and therefore no authority.
When you learn about yourself, watch Krishnamurti founded several schools around
yourself, watch the way you walk, how you the world. When asked, he enumerated the
eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the following as his educational aims:
jealousy-if you are aware of all that in 1. Global outlook: A vision of the whole as
yourself, without any choice, that is part of distinct from the part; there should never be a
meditation.’ sectarian outlook, but always a holistic
‘Man, in order to escape his conflicts, has outlook free from all prejudice.
invented many forms of meditation. These 2. Concern for man and the environment:
have been based on desire, will, and the urge Humanity is part of nature, and if nature is not
for achievement, and imply conflict and a cared for, it will boomerang on man. Only the
struggle to arrive. This conscious, deliberate right education, and deep affection between
striving is always within the limits of a people everywhere, will resolve many
conditioned mind, and in this there is no problems including the environmental
freedom. All effort to meditate is the denial of challenges.
meditation. Meditation is the ending of
thought. It is only then that there is a different 3. Religious spirit, which includes the
dimension which is beyond time.’ scientific temper: The religious mind is
alone, not lonely. It is in communion with
‘Meditation is the emptying of the mind of all people and nature.
thought, for thought and feeling dissipate
energy. They are repetitive, producing THE WORLD CRISIS
mechanical activities which are a necessary
part of existence. But they are only part and According to Krishnamurti, many problems in
thought and feeling cannot possibly enter into the world such as poverty, war, the nuclear
the immensity of life. Quite a different threat, and other unfortunate circumstances,
approach is necessary, not the path of habit, have their roots in our thinking. In his view,
association and the known; there must be as we live and behave according to our
freedom from these. Meditation is the thinking so wars and governments are also a
emptying of the mind of the known. It cannot result of our thinking! We each have our own
be done by thought or by the hidden particular beliefs, conclusions, and
prompting of thought, nor by desire in the experiences, to which we cling, thereby
form of prayer, nor through the self-effacing isolating ourselves from others. Self centered
activity is expressed outwardly as nationalism human being living in this world has to do,
and religious intolerance, creating a world what is his role?’
divided, in which we are willing to kill for the
“The present crisis is different because we are
sake of belief. Understanding our relationship
dealing not with money, not with tangible
with the world crisis is necessary to
things but with ideas. The crisis is in the field
understand ourselves.[108] Some excerpts:
of thought, of ideas, of intellect. Before, evil
‘If you are not at all concerned with the world was recognized as evil, murder was
but only with your personal salvation, recognized as murder, but now murder is a
following certain beliefs and superstitions, means to achieve a noble result. You justify
following gurus, then I am afraid it will be the wrong means through the intellect. When
impossible for you and the speaker to intellect has the upper hand in human life, it
communicate with each other. We are not brings an unprecedented crisis. The other
concerned at all with private personal cause of this unprecedented crisis is the
salvation but we are concerned, earnestly, extraordinary importance man is giving to
seriously, with what the human mind has sensate values - to property, to name, to caste,
become, what humanity is facing. We are to country.’
concerned at looking at this world and what a



rishnamurthy’s influence is so interpreters has so far prevented any
immense that it cannot be measured individual or group from claiming to
objectively. His lasting influence is represent continuity, or a unique
hard to gauge in an objective way. There is understanding, of his philosophy.
no organizational or other entity based on his
Krishnamurti himself remarked in 1929, at
philosophy, whose progress can be measured.
the dissolution of the Order of the Star that
His insistence that there be no successors or
he was not interested in numbers, stating: "If Because of his ideas and his era,
there are only five people who will listen, Krishnamurti has come to be seen as an
who will live, who their faces have turned exemplar of those spiritual teachers who
towards eternity, it will be sufficient.’ disavow formal rituals and dogma. His
conception of truth as a ‘pathless land’, with
However, there exists, anecdotal and other
the possibility of immediate liberation, is
evidence suggesting that interest in him and
mirrored in teachings as diverse as those of
the teachings has not abated since his death.
Bruce Lee , Barry Long, and the Dalai Lama.
Many books, as well as audio, video, and
computer materials, remain in print and are In India, with its long tradition of wandering
carried by major online and traditional ‘holy’ men, hermits, and independent
retailers. The four official Foundations religious teachers, Krishnamurti attracted the
continue with the maintenance of archives, attention (and occasionally the unwanted
dissemination of the teachings in an admiration) of large numbers of people in
increasing number of languages, new public lectures and personal interviews. He
conversions to digital and other media, was, and is presently, considered a ‘great
development of websites, sponsoring of teacher’ by such diverse religious figures as
television programs, and with organizing the mystic Ramana Maharshi, the spiritual
meetings and dialogues of interested persons teacher Anandamayi Ma, as well as figures
around the world. According to more well-known to the West such as Osho.
communications and press releases from the Spiritual teacher Vimala Thakar met with
Foundations, their mailing lists, and Krishnamurti in 1960. This meeting changed
individuals' inquiries, continue to grow. The her life. Although Krishnamurti had a special
various schools and educational institutions tenderness for the true Sanyasi or Buddhist
also continue to grow, with new projects monk, his criticism of their rituals,
added alongside their declared goal of disciplines, and practices was devastating.
holistic education. There are also active
As was also often the case elsewhere,
unofficial Krishnamurty Committees
Krishnamurti additionally attracted the
operating in several countries.
interest of the mainstream religious
Since his death, biographies, reminiscences, establishment in India. He was friendly, and
research papers, critical examinations, and had a number of discussions with, well
book-length studies of Krishnamurti and his known Hindu and Buddhist scholars and
philosophy have continued to appear. leaders, including the Dalai Lama. Several of
Cursory (and necessarily incomplete) these discussions were later published as
examination of internet search traffic and chapters in various Krishnamurti books.
group discussion forums indicates that
Twentieth-century gnostic philosopher and
among similar topics, interest on
occultist Samael Aun Weor praised
Krishnamurti remains high.
Krishnamurty's teachings, stating that his
‘inner spirit’ was a ‘highly realized Buddha’, Regarding this measure of influence or
although he questioned his handling by the success, the last, and only, definitive public
theosophists and its effect on his spiritual statement belongs to Krishnamurti himself.
development. In a dismal prognosis, delivered 10 days
prior his death in 1986, his words were
Any discussion of influence, however
simple, and emphatic: ‘NOBODY’ – among
expansive, deserves to be weighed against
his associates or the world at large – had
Krishnamurty's own measure of success i.e.,
understood Krishnamurty, his life, or the
whether individuals really understand, and
therefore ‘live and breathe’, the teaching.

ENLIGHTENMENT – according to Dogen, and I agree with him absolutely –

no effort on the part of the water that the moon has to be reflected. There is
no commandment that has to be followed, no doctrines that have to be
practiced; no yoga postures ... so that the moon can reflect itself in the water.
There is not even a desire, not even a longing ... not even a faint longing.
And the same is the situation on the part of the moon – the moon has no
desire to be reflected. Both are desireless, but the reflection happens on its
own accord. So does enlightenment. Just in a silent, peaceful consciousness it
suddenly reflects your buddhahood.

Enlightenment is just your naturalness. This is the great contribution of Zen.

All other religions are belief systems, Zen is not. All other religions will ask
you to believe in God, in heaven, in hell. All other religions will have a
thousand and one beliefs. Zen has no belief system. Its whole effort is to
discover your natural self, which is covered with the dust of all kinds of
good intentions, of beautiful thoughts, of great beliefs. All that dust has to be
cleaned off. And then you are left alone in your naturalness.

OSHO – Zen Master Dogen

Kabir is not categorized as a Sufi or a Yogi alone. He is The essence of Kabir is contained even in his name.
all of these. In fact Kabir belongs to his own category. The word KABIR DAS comes from two words KABIR
Kabir is the pole star of Indian Spiritual Horizon. If and DAS. Etymologically kabir, has an Arabic origin
Indian spiritual horizon is aglow it is because of which means the ‘great’. And the latter half ‘dasa’ has
Kabir. Out of him evolved many paths, traditions, its roots in Sanskrit the language of masters, sages
sects etc. and Rishis of ancient India. The word ‘dasa’
etymologically means ‘slave’ or ‘servant’. What an
In fact the entire Bhakti movement pulsates the ensemble is Kabir. The totality of man’s inner being.
essence of KABIR. The paths of Nanak and Mira This name was not chosen purposely. It just
evolved out of Kabir. He is revered by Muslims, happened. And thus the name reflects a deep cosmic
Hindus, and Sikhs. He stands as a unique, saintly, yet plan. Kabir is widely acknowledged as one of the
very human, bridge between the great traditions that great influences of the Bhakti movement in North
live in India. Kabir says of himself that he is, ‘at once India.
the child of Allah and Ram.’


Many legends are associated with the birth of Kabir. his foster parents. One thing is again clear that
Amidst all these legends one thing is certainly clear ultimately none is father or mother. Parents are
each is born innocent devoid of any religion, tradition simply the door for the child to be born into the
etc. When a child is born he is innocent. Inner sky is world and thus continue the soul’s journey. The
clear. Nothing is written. Consciousness is fresh weaver took the vulnerable child under his care and
pulsating with TOTALITY or WHOLENESS or COSMIC following the traditional manner, gave him the name
ESSENCE. Like a fresh breeze he comes into the of 'Kabir', meaning 'the great one'. Even at a young
world to get contaminated by the essence of the age, Kabir displayed enormous spiritual talent.
world and its dualistic phenomena. Only a rare being
maintains his innocence and cosmic essence from He was born in Varanasi or Banaras, in India,
birth until the end of the journey. Kabir is the probably around the year 1440 (though other
embodiment of this innocence and cosmic essence. accounts place his birth as early as 1398), to Muslim
parents. He was as is widely acknowledged born in
All the legends that are associated with the birth of Year 1398 A.D. It was nearly 71 years before the
Kabir reveal this truth and the essence of human advent of Guru Nanak. Kabir Panthis the followers of
existence. As per the historical events of Kabir, he Kabir say that he lived up to the age of 120 years and
was born in 1398 AD. It is said that he was found give 1518 as the year of his death. However relying
floating on a lotus leaf in a pond in Banaras by a on the research of Hazari Prasad Trivedi, a British
Muslim weaver. It is also said he belonged to a Hindu Scholar Charlotte Vaudenville is inclined to lend
Brahmin and so on. But even later no such claim of credence to these dates and has proven that 1448 is
his parentage was made by anyone. And Kabir was probably the correct date of Saint Kabir's demise.
left to be raised and brought up by the weaver Niru as Saint Kabir 1398 A.D - 1448 A.D.
Kabir lived almost fifteen Century after Christ. This Kabir combined with his own mystical nature and
was characterized as a time of great political produced synthesis which is the distinctive religion
upheaval in India. As is true of many contemporary of Kabir. Bhakti movement in Medieval India is
responsible for the many rites and rituals associated
religious teachers, very little reliable information
with the worship of God by Hindus, Muslims and
concerning Kabir's life is available, though there is no Sikhs of Indian subcontinent. For example, Kirtan at a
dearth of legend gathering around him. Kabir's life Hindu Temple, Qawalli at a Dargah by Muslims, and
was centered on Kashi. Kashi is the most ancient city singing of Gurbani at a Gurdwara are all derived from
on earth. Shankar gave the message of Bhaja the Bhakti movement of medieval India (800-1700).
Govindam here. Buddha gave his first sermon in this ‘The word bhakti is derived from Bhakta meaning to
city. Tulsi Das composed the famous Hindu epic Ram serve, honor, revere, love and adore. In the religious
idiom, it is attachment or fervent devotion to God and
Charit Manas on the banks of holy river Ganga in this
is defined as ‘that particular affection which is
city. The city is also called Banaras or Varanasi. generated by the knowledge of the attributes of the
Adorable One.’ A Tale of Mystical Love!
Legend has it that he was actually the son of a
Brahmin widow who abandoned him because of At the height of Mughal power, India saw a
social prestige and never claimed him. Kabir was remarkable fusion of Islamic and indigenous
found by a Muslim weaver named Niru, who adopted traditions, giving rise to a rich composite culture.
the boy and taught him the weaver's trade. Kabir This was reflected in all fields, including art and
architecture, dress and food habits and even in
never had any formal education. He was only trained
religious forms and beliefs. One of the best
in daily routine like way of life. From the early representatives of this confluence of traditions is the
childhood he engaged in the trade along with his Sufi-Bhakti movement, a form of personal piety that
father. challenged the hegemony of the religious orthodoxy
and crusaded against caste and community divisions
It is not clear whether he ever married. However and meaningless ritualism.
tradition gives him a wife named Loi and two
In fifteenth century, Banaras was the seat of Brahmin
children. His caste was that of Julaha and from his
orthodoxy and their learning center. Brahmins had
sayings his caste's hereditary occupation is weaving.
strong hold on all the spheres of life in this city. Thus
On the basis of modern research, it seems quite
Kabir belonging to a low caste of Julaha the weaver
probable that Kabir belonged to a family of non-
clan had to go through immense tough time of
celibate yogis converted, not long before and to a
preaching his message. Kabir and his followers would
considerable degree superficially to Islam. From the
gather at one place in the city and meditate.
writings of Kabir it seems that his knowledge of Islam
Brahmins ridiculed him for preaching to prostitutes
was slight. In his poetical compositions as sayings or
and other low castes. Kabir satirically denounced
Bani there is abundance of Hatha yoga terminology
Brahmins and thus won hearts of people around him.
and a thought structure which bears obvious
There is no doubt that single most famous important
resemblance to Nath Yogis.
person from the city of Banaras today is none other
Kabir occupies a very significant place in Bhakti than Saint Kabir. Such has been the situation with
movement. Bhakti movement was started by Hindu almost all the masters.
saints while Sufi mysticism by Muslim saints in
medieval India (1200-1700). Kabir immensely Kabir through his couplets not only reformed the
contributed to the Bhakti Movement and is understanding of common villagers and low caste
considered a pioneer of Bhakti along with Ravidas, people but gave them self confidence to question
Farid, and Namdev. His concept of love as a path of
Brahmins. It was 100 years after him that Tulsidas
suffering is an obligation to the Sufis. These and other
elements from Nath tradition, Bhakti and Sufism, broke the hegemony of Brahmins by writing Ram
Charit Manas, a poetical composition narrating the deeds. What can the helpless road do, when the
life of Sri Rama at Banaras which went against the traveler does not walk understandingly? ‘What can
tradition of Brahmins. Kabir was in fact first person one do, if, with lamp in hand, one falls in the well?’ ‘Or
to go against Brahmins and be so successful. Banaras goes astray with open eyes! Discern ye now between
was ruined by an attack by a Muslim invader Timur good and evil.’
Lang or ‘Timur the lame’ during his time. Kabir also
It is not surprising that Kabir's satire was brought to
denounced Muslim priests and their rituals of bowing
bear not simply on the vices and weaknesses of men
towards Kaaba five times a day. Because of open
but reached through and beyond them to the very
condemnation of established and popular religions,
system themselves. It was the authority of Vedas and
Kabir became an object of the wrath of both Hindus
Quran that more than the authority of Brahmin or
and Muslims in and around Banaras. Kabir travelled
Qazi which Kabir attacked. He rebelled against the
in and around Banaras to preach his message.
pretension of resolving by the means of books or by
Kabir believed in self-surrender to God through way of authority, the mystery of human conditions
Bhakti. The Kabir Panthis follow a life of singing the and the problem of liberation or Moksha. He spent his
praises of God, prayers and a simple and pure life of last 40 days living in a place Maghar where it was
devotion. Kabir recommends ceaseless singing of believed that if you die you will born as a Donkey in
God's praises. He virtually suggests withdrawal from next life.
the world. He is against all ritualistic and ascetic
Kabir advocated ahimsa or non-violence. His doctrine
methods as means to salvation. It is true that Kabir
extends even to the non destruction of flowers.
refers to some yogic terms in describing the
meditational and mystic methods of the yogis. But, ‘The life of the living you strike dead and you say
there is no ground to suggest that he himself your slaughter makes it dedicated. It is blood
recommends the yogic path. In fact, far from haunting you and those who taught you.’ ‘They fast all
recommending yoga, he is quite strong in day, and at night they slaughter the cow; murder on
condemning ascetic or yogic methods, and says that one hand, and devotion on the other; how can this
yogis, in their meditations, become prey to Maya. please God? O! Quazi, by whose order doth thou use
thy knife.’ ‘When you declare the sacrifice of an
Kabir propagated ‘Where there is mercy, there is
animal as your religion, what else is sin? If you regard
strength, where there is forgiveness there is He.’ ‘The
yourself a saint, whom will you call a butcher?’
man who is kind and practices righteousness, who
remains passive in the affairs of the world, who ‘The goat eats grass and is skinned, what will happen
considers creatures of the world as his own self, he to those who eat (goat's) meat?’ Do not kill poor jiva
attains the immortal Being; the true God is ever with or creature; murder will not be forgiven even if you
him. Kabir suggests inward worship and hear a million Puranas. Among the fifty
remembrance of God. For him, true worship is only commandments laid down for the followers of Kabir,
inwards. Put on the rosary inward. By counting vegetarianism is one of them. For Kabir, moral life
beads, the world will be full of light. He clearly involves adherence to ahimsa.
suggests moral discrimination between good and bad

Meaning is no more relevant in the world of beauty. And what to say about the world of
meditation? – no meaning, only significance. That’s why those who have experienced
have remained silent, or have spoken only to indicate to you the path to be silent

Zen Master Dogen - OSHO

Kabir’s view on woman cannot be understood on the refuse of the world.’ She is considered to be a hurdle
surface. If you look at the surface you will find Kabir in the path of the spiritual progress of man. He spoke,
very derogatory of woman folk. This has led many ‘woman ruins everything when she comes near a
hasty ones to draw a conclusion. To understand Kabir man; Devotion, salvation and divine knowledge no
and his views on woman you will have to go to the longer enter his soul.’ His views, about woman are
very essence of Kabir. also evident from all his vehement attacks against
maya. Almost everywhere he links maya to a woman
Out of the masculine energy evolved the tradition of
who is out to entice and entrap man, and destroy his
Guru Nanak as sikh religion. And Kabir’s feminine
spiritual life. Such views about woman from a
energy evolved as Mira, Sahjo Bai and the entire
married person are, indeed, quite uncommon. The
feminine effect in Bhakti. Not only these Chaitanya
cosmological views of Kabir give a clear clue to his
Maha Prabhu and the entire Hare Krishna movement
world view. He finds Niranjana to be the creator of
is the outcome of this energy of Kabir. the world; maya or woman. And this woman stands
When you look at the views of Kabir on woman you between man and god. She is there to entice him
will find strange phenomena. Accordingly in common away from Him.
with all monastic, ascetic or otherworldly sects, Kabir
At the time Kabir came on the spiritual horizon it was
does not think well of women. The hymns of Kabir
male dominant society because of the orthodoxy of
are full of tirade against them. Woman is
the Brahmins.
characterized as ‘a black cobra', the pit of hell and the


But early in his life Kabir became a disciple of the stepped on Kabir and he chanted Ram Ram this is an
Hindu Bhakti saint Ramananda. It was unusual for a expression of his mistake. Instead of saying sorry he
Hindu teacher to accept a Muslim student, but said Ram Ram. Saying this he wanted to rush for
tradition says the young Kabir found a creative way morning ablution because he was touched by an
to overcome all objections. untouchable one. Kabir took Ramananda as his guru.
Still Ramananda did not accept him as his disciple
Kabir always wanted to become a disciple of and insisted on taking a bath since he touched an
Ramananda a well known master of the time. untouchable. At this Kabir asked a question. And
However, since he was a Muslim, it was next to further said before you go for a bath you must answer
impossible for him to get initiation from a Hindu. So, my question.
he took recourse to a trick. Ramananda used to pass
through steps reach to the bathing ghat for his pre- Kabir wanted Ramananda to answer the question,
dawn ritual ablutions every day. Kabir, one morning ‘You want to take a bath because you touched an
lay on the steps that led to the ghat in such a way that untouchable. You did not touch me. You simply
Ramananda stepped on him. Shocked at this incident, touched my body. Is man a body or soul? And if man
he chanted 'Rama! Rama! Kabir said that since he had is soul then it cannot be untouchable because you did
received teachings from him, in the form of the words not touch the soul. Soul is eternal. Body will perish.
'Rama! Rama! He was Ramananda's disciple. This What then is more important the soul or body.’
story has many versions. However one thing is Hearing such question from someone whom
certainly clear Kabir became the disciple of Ramananda was rejecting because he was
Ramananda. To explain this incident in all its essence untouchable Ramananda had no answer. Ramananda
I have explained it in many ways. One such could not reply Kabir. Seeing the intelligence he
explanation I give for your understanding of the accepted Kabir as his disciple. Another significant
orthodoxy of the Brahmins. When Ramananda thing happened. Kabir became enlightened even
before Ramananda became enlightened. Impressed was equally disdainful of professional piety in any
with the intelligence of Kabir, Ramananda took him form. This earned him the hatred and persecution of
as his disciple. the religious authorities in Banaras. Nearing age 60,
he was denounced before the king but, because of his
After his bath in the early light he noticed that on the Muslim birth, he was spared execution and, instead,
back of the little one's hand was written in Arabic the banished from the region.
name Kabir. He adopted him as son and disciple and
brought him back to his ashram, much to the He subsequently lived a life of exile, traveling through
disturbance of his Hindu students, some of whom left northern India with a group of disciples. In 1518, he
in righteous protest. died at Maghar near Gorakhpur.

Not much is known about what sort of spiritual There is a legend associated with Kabir’s his funeral.
training Kabir may have received. He did not become Kabir's disciples disputed over his body, the Muslims
a sadhu or renunciate. Kabir never abandoned wanting to claim the body for burial, the Hindus
worldly life. Instead Kabir choose to live the balanced wanting to cremate the body. Kabir appeared to the
life of a householder and mystic; tradesman and arguing disciples and told them to lift the burial
contemplative. Kabir was married, had children, and shroud. When they did so, they found fragrant
lived the simple life of a weaver. flowers where the body had rested. The flowers were
divided, and the Muslims buried the flowers while the
Although Kabir labored to bring the often clashing Hindus reverently committed them to fire.
religious cultures of Islam and Hinduism together, he


Kabir is considered to be one of the greatest poets as well as mystics ever born on Indian spiritual horizon. He
believed that human beings are equal and being one with God is the ultimate aim of every individual. His love
and devotion towards the Supreme One clearly reflects in his poetry. The Holy Guru Granth Sahib contains over
500 verses by the Kabir. The verses or dohas of Kabir are still read by people with awe and admiration.

The hallmark of Kabir's works consists of his two line couplets. These two line compositions are known as the
'Kabir ke Dohe'. These reflect deep mystical understanding of the poet saint. Kabir used the method of paradox
or ulatbans to explain the most intricate matter in simple language. Only a Kabir can say such things as; fish has
climbed the tree, or there is fire in the ocean.


Kabir believed in the Vedantic concepts of atman. He always advocated the Impersonal Aspect of God or
Nirguna the formless and therefore, was against idol worship. According to Kabir all human beings are equal
and the caste system imposed by the society that is so widely prevalent in our country is fallacious. He said that
true guru is the one who can be attained through direct experience. The common ways of realizing God, like
chanting, austerities, etc, are worthless.

Everybody is imitating somebody else, everybody has become a carbon copy of somebody else,
everybody is almost like a broken record that has been used for centuries. Nobody has newness,
freshness – one’s own originality.

Zen Master Dogen - OSHO

He is one of the medieval Indian saints of Bhakti and work recorded in 1604 A.D. in Guru Granth Sahib by
Sufi movement whose compositions figure in Sikh Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth guru, and preserved
Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. From among all of inviolate since, two other collections exist - Kabir
them, Kabir's contribution is the largest, 227 Padas in Granthavali, and Bijak. In his poems, he was quick to
17 ragas and 237 slokas. Under each raga or musical tell the illustrations of moral and spiritual truth in the
mode marking a section of the Holy Book, Kabir's happenings of day to day life, and many of his similes
hymns appear at the head of Bhagat Bani, a generic and metaphors are very striking.
name for the works of contributors other than the
Gurus. There is presence of a substantial number of Some of the most famous Shabads of Kabir from
Kabir's verse in the Sikh Scripture. Also Gurbani are
chronologically he is the predecessor of Guru Nanak, 1. Gagan Damama Baajooh pariho nishaan-e-
founder of the Sikh faith. This has led some Western
ghao, khet jo maandyo surma aab jujhan ka
scholars to describe him as the forerunner of Sikhism.
tao, Sura so pahchaniye jo lare deen ke het,
Some have even called him the preceptor of Guru purja purja kate marhe kabho na chhade khet.
Nanak. There is, however, ample evidence to prove
that Guru Nanak and Kabir had ever met their Guru Granth Sahib recognizes many saints of the
periods of time in fact do not coincide. Kabir's Bhakti movement of medieval India. Kabir, Farid,
compositions do figure in what are known as Namdev are the
Goindval Pothis, anthologies of the hymns of the saints belonging to
Gurus along with those of some of the Bhaktas this movement
prepared in the time of Guru Amar Das-Nanak III or which swept across
the master at the third lienage. They were included in the North India
the Guru Granth Sahib as well. But this happened from 1100 A.D. till
much later when Guru Arjan, the fifth in spiritual line 1600 A.D. When
from the Founder, compiled the Holy Scripture. Fifth Guru Guru
Besides his own works and those of his four Arjan dev ji
predecessors, he entered in it hymns of some saints compiled Guru
and mystics, Hindu and Muslim, Kabir was one of Granth Sahib, he
them. decided to give
some recognition
Kabir composed no systematic treatise; rather his to the saints of Bhakti movement that is the reason
work consists of many short didactic poems.Quite that Guru Granth Sahib contains verses of such saints.
often these are expressed in terse vigorous language In some cases Guru Granth Sahib is the only voice
in the form of Padas, Dohas, and Ramainis as various remained for such saints over the years.
forms of poetry in Indian languages. In addition to his


The Sufi brotherhoods that arrived in South Asia Sirhind, played an important role in the revival of
from the Middle East and Central Asia had already strict Islam in the Mughal Empire and, indeed, in the
been influenced by the pantheistic traditions of Punjab.
South Asia, and in some cases the result was theist
fusions or Unitarian views of God. It is, however, Kabir remained a link between Hindu Bhakti and
important to point out that some Sufi orders were Islamic Sufism or mysticism, which had gained a
quite conservative such as the Suhrawardi and large following among Indian Muslims. Sufis mystics
Naqshbandia. They had a strong presence in the also believed in singing hymns and in meditation
Punjab. The Naqshbandi Sufi, Sheikh Ahmad al under guidance of a leader. They welcomed non-
Farooqi Ahmed Sirhindi Mujaddadi Alif-Thani, who Muslims in their hospices. Sikhism drew inspiration
lived during the 16th century and is buried at from both Bhakti and Sufis.


It is said that the teachings of Jiddu had nothing from. Thus one gets busy in developing virtues one
but the way of negation. As a result many find the after the other. Jiddu on the other hand gives an
teachings easy to understand. Jiddu speaks of no altogether different perspective accordingly he
guru, no belief, no organization, no authority, no says:
discipline, no scripture and many such other
The man who cultivates virtues is not virtuous….
negations. People who came to Jiddu left all these
In virtue there is freedom, not in becoming
and did not feel better. No belief became another
belief. No organization became another
organization. In place of no authority Jiddu became One may wonder if in virtue there is freedom then
a new authority. Jiddu’s approach is fundamentally why becoming virtuous takes away freedom. One
psychological. His enquiry is not what to do and generally assumes that if virtue is freedom the
what not to do instead why does one do this and becoming virtuous should equally lead to freedom.
why does not give up that. Here Jiddu is asking a very subtle question of being
virtuous and becoming virtuous. Being and
This is a deeper aspect of the teachings of Kabir
becoming are two subtle aspects of his teachings.
and Jiddu. This does not mean that they are
Being is the quality and becoming is an attitude.
identical. Both differ significantly. They have
Attitude belongs to the outer dimension, while
followed their own line of thinking. Yet still
moving along their own ways there are moments being belongs to inner dimension of the person.
when their approaches intersect. These meeting To be virtuous and to practice virtues are two
points are quite interesting. Such points are worth completely different things. In fact they are
an enquiry. contradictory. By practicing virtue one does not
become virtuous. In fact such practice inflates the
Kabir is both traditional and nontraditional. He has
ego of the man. It will make one even more self
heavily condemned the traditions through his
centered. Behind all practices of virtue there is a
compositions. Jiddu on the other hand is totally
motive. When there is motive behind doing
nontraditional. Thus both are somewhat similar
something better than the other to achieve
and yet still different. And this makes it even more
happiness, to become self controlled it cannot be
virtue. Virtue is a reward in itself. To be virtuous
Jiddu has dealt with problems of life with the air of and to strive to become virtuous are two different
negativity. Yet still his teachings are not negative things. It is in the cessation of activity of becoming
in nature. In fact his teachings are positive in virtuous that one is really virtuous. Truly indeed it
nature and their contents. Often it is said that is against all canons of religious and so called
Jiddu brushes everything aside but then does not spiritual tradition and discipline. In all the
give anything positive to work upon or hold on. religious disciplines the aspirant is asked to build
Most of the masters have spoken on the virtue after virtue in his character. To build virtue
significance of virtues as a positive base to work one after another is considered as the central
theme of all spiritual disciplines of both east and Jiddu continues that there is only one virtue and
the west. In one of the poems Kabir says: one vice. This is the presence of ‘I or EGO’. When
ego dissolves one enters a virtuous life. All efforts
O teacher, what am I to do? When I conquer lust of self improvement are made by the self itself.
then anger increases. When I suppress anger, Thus the so called self improving is nothing but
greed comes up. When I triumph over greed then strengthening ego. In meeting the challenge fully
and totally and without creating an interval
delusion crops up! When delusion is low then
between challenge and the response one creates a
pride raises its head. When pride is eliminated climate in which problem can find no substance. In
then envy and jealousy surfaces! When I say that I the above composition Kabir says that it is
have conquered all the six vices then all of them verbalization which gives a fresh air to the
come back again and again all one by one. How am problem. In fact it is verbalization that sustains it.
I to be free from all of these attachments?
The question arises: how to stop verbalization? It
This is the translation of a beautiful composition of does not matter whether one struggles against a
Kabir. problem or against its verbalization. The struggle
still remains. And this involves time. If time creates
disorder then such creation of disorder still
AbxU maya tjI n ja$
persists. And then we are caught in the same
igrh tj ke bStr ba<xa bStr tj ke )erI whirlpool.

kam tje se k&aex n ja$ k&aex tje te< lae-a It is therefore important to understand the time.
Time denotes a movement from one position to
lae- tje Ah<kar n ja$ man bfa$ sae-a another. This linear movement from one position
to another is called time. It does not matter if it is
mn bEragI maya tjI zBd me< surt sma$
rapid or slow. But this movement has no reality. In
khE< kbIr sunae -a$ saxae gm ibrle pa$. one of the compositions Kabir says:

One who sees the nature of the mind is above time.

In this composition Kabir is pointing to a very
To such a person time does not affect.
pertinent and relevant psychological process.
Jiddu says that such attachments of life one cannot
This is a profound truth that Kabir has spoken of.
get rid of gradually in course of time. Jiddu further
With the advent of Albert Einstein physical science
explains this:
is beginning to realize. Time has no independent
existence. It is the observer who creates time. And
If there is any interval of time between challenge
therefore time varies according to the position
and the response, that interval creates the
that the observer takes. Time is therefore the
problem. Whether I am investigating the cause or
creation of observer’s angle of perception. So
trying to resolve the cause, the interval has already
when you change the angle or gestalt of perception
created the problem.
time scale changes. There is no time per se.
If the time from here to there or from one position
You cannot remove vises and weaknesses one by
to another is fictitious then problem has no reality.
one. This is what Kabir emphasizes. They go
Remember it is the angle of perception that
instantaneously, not in the duration of time. This is
creates the problem. This is the reason Kabir says
what Jiddu says in his statement and Kabir sings in
‘stay still where you are’. This is the only relevant
his composition. This is not what the religious
advice that can be given for the psychological
traditions speak about. We are told that the
problem that one faces in life. All human problems
removal of weaknesses is a long process that
are psychological in nature not physical. In the
entails arduous efforts spread over a life time or
cultivation of virtue the effort and emphasis
perhaps many life times.
remains on movement from one situation to
another. The problem is neither movement from
one situation to another nor defining here or A virtuous life is free from all motivation of good
there, instead it is actual movement. and bad. This is what Kabir says, ‘Stand still where
you are.’ In such a state all movements cease.
The usual way of spiritual life requires the change Remember each movement has a motive behind
in the pattern of behavior. It is this that constitutes when it is consciously engineered. But when there
the movement of spiritual or religious life. This is no movement how can there be progress?
movement is frustrating. This requires
tremendous effort with ceaseless resistance. All movements in life are the movements of
Therefore the so called spiritual life is full of these becoming or being. The movement of becoming
resistances as these are considered to be the requires gathering more and more to itself. This is
outcome of one’s will. an exquisite movement. Often this is called
positive movement. However in reality it is a
Remember true religious or spiritual life is not movement of self assertion or self –acquisition.
changing one’s pattern of life or behavior. It is This is the concept of the mind that lies at the very
concerned with motivation. If the motivation root of becoming. When this is a conscious effort
remains unchanged and only the behavioral then it moves towards a preconceived goal or
pattern changes then it is like changing the pot not effort. Any virtuous life based on this is a
the dirty water contained in it. This is what Kabir movement from known to the modified known. On
alludes in the poem: ‘what am I to do, because its own mind cannot get out of motivation. Mind
when I conquer anger lust remains’. In your so goes on substituting one motive with another.
called virtuous life there is an effort to suppress Therefore the so called virtuous life remains a
one behavior pattern for the other. However all modified continuity. There is no fragrance of
suppression evokes its own problem which is even freshness. This remains stale.
When you are free from all motivation then inward
As far as motivation is concerned both good and journey begins. But mind finds it difficult to
bad are alike. There is no qualitative difference understand. Without motivation mind sees no
between the two. These are two sides of the same incentive. Mind finds life without motivation and
question. Mind always thinks to renounce good or incentive stagnant. The New Testament says –
bad then what. Once again you are faced with the ‘Look at the lilies in the field – they toil not nor do
same question or the same paradox. The they spin’. We are further told by the same source,
cultivation of virtue requires effort of the self to ‘Even Solomon in all his glory was not half as
continue. It appears as if virtue is a favorable glorious as these lilies.’
ground to inflate the ugly self. Thus to be virtuous
by a willful effort is in fact to perpetuate the evil Have you ever wondered from where did this
under the disguise of so-called good. Jiddu says: glory come? They toiled not nor did they spin.
Lilies have no conscious effort look good glorious
Virtue is not denial of vice as is considered. Virtue or grand. Wisdom of the mind can say this is all
is a state of being. And being is not an idea. A man about lilies but not the man. It is not realized that
who cultivates virtue is not virtuous….Self interest the glories of becoming are nowhere near the
cannot cultivate virtue. It can only perpetuate glories of being. Mind always wonders can such
itself under the mask of virtue, under the cover of glories be seen in the life of a man.
virtue there is still the activity of the self.
Shankar says – ‘The highest state is the natural
Virtue is not opposite of vice. Had it be so than state.’ This is not the outcome of the mind. The Zen
spiritual life would be a mere play of the teaching say: ‘You can become only what you are.
opposites? And such play is self defeating. And you You cannot be what you are not. To become what
go on moving in the same ring. This is window one is very strange. In one of the songs Kabir sings:
dressing where the same rotten stuff is displayed.
It is not like substituting good for bad.
The positive beingness can blossom only in the soil
saexa shj smaix -lI
of negative. But for growth soil must be free from
sa<$ te imln -yae ja idn te< surit n A<t clI all weeds and overgrowth if the positive is to take
root. What is meant by the soil being made
Aa<o n mU<dU kan n rU<xU< kaya k:q n xarU< negative? It is where the mind is emptied of all
concepts and ideas. All that is of the mind-or what
Ouale nyn mE< h<s h<s deoU suNdr rUp inharU< mind has conceived has to be put away. Then
khU< sae nam sunU< sae suimrn jae kDu krU< sae pUja alone you can come to real positive experience.
Positive and negative are not opposed to one
igrh %jaf @k sm deoU< -av imqa^< dUja another. There is a relation between being and
becoming. The two are not unrelated. Negative is
jh< jh< ja^< sae$ pirkrma jae kDu krU< sae seva the soil or the ground for the positive or flowers to
blossom. Therefore the teachings of Jiddu are not
jb sae^< tb krU< d{fvt pUjU< AaEr n deva negative. They are positive. Jiddu is only preparing
zBd inrNtr mnuAa rata miln vcn ka TyagI the soil or the ground for the negative to grow or
flowers to blossom. Mind only sees the beginning.
^Qt bEQt kbhu< n ibsrE @sI tarI lagI And out of haste cannot wait to see the
blossoming. In a similar expression Kabir sings:
khE< kbIr yh %Nmin rhnI sae prgt kir ga$
I have woven a sheet with much care and labor. I
suo duo ke #k pre prm suo teih me< rha sma$.
have woven sheet to a man who called himself
spiritual. He wore it but immediately soiled it. The
Kabir says the experience of Samadhi is really spiritual one wore it and gave it back as
spontaneous and natural experience. I do not close clean and unsoiled as it was when it was given to
my eyes nor do I plug my ears. With open eyes I him.
see His beauty and splendor too, with smile on my
face. Whatever I say is His name. Whatever I hear
is His name. And whatever I do is my worship and HInI HInI ibnI cdirya
my adoration. For me my home and the garden are Kahe kE tana kahe kE -rnI
not different. The place where I am engaged in
performing my duties is also the place desolate kaEn tar se ibnI cdirya
and lonely. Beyond the dualities of pain and
pleasure there is joy. #<gla ip<gla tana -rnI

You may wonder how one can attain to this su;mn tar se ibnI cdirya
experience. The joy of being is greater than the AaQ k<vl ds croa faelE
pleasure of becoming. In nature we see seed
becomes a plant; bud becomes a flower; plant Pa<ac tTv gun ibnI cdirya
becomes a tree. Even in human beings child
becomes a grown up. Then how one can deny this sa<$ ke sIyt mas ds lagE
process of becoming? This process is at the very
Qaek Qaek ke ibnI cdirya
root of evolution. Remember there is a difference
between natural process of becoming and the Saae cadr sur nr muin AaeFI
conscious one. The natural becoming has its roots
in the beingness of life whereas conscious AaeFI ke mElI kInI cdirya
becoming has its roots in the mind and its
activities. Mind works out of concepts. Each das kbIr jtn se AaeFI
concept has a motivation in end and goal. These
Jyae< kI Tyae< xir dInI cdirya.
ends and goals are formed by the mind. Mind lives
in purpose. Mind never does anything without
Motivation good or bad soils the cloth of life. With may wonder if being and becoming related to one
motivation there can be no real spirituality. The another? Yes indeed. It is the relationship of the
mind must be cleaned of all motives. Bhagwad Gita unknown and the unknowable. The positive which
speaks of the nature of a spiritual man. ‘He who forever is unknown is received by the soil which is
has put good and bad aside or One who is beyond negative. From the unknown evolves the known.
the heat and cold – beyond duality?’ The known completely devoid of all that is known
is truly the negative soil out of which the positive
Jiddu says: virtue is born. The so called spiritual man soils the
garment that he wears because of the conscious
If the mind is seeking result however noble and and unconscious motivation.
worthy, if it is concerned with becoming, it ceases
to be extensive and infinitely pliable! It must be If you are indeed to grasp the essence of the
the unknown to receive the unknowable. relation between the being and the becoming you
must explore the ground where they meet.
The unknown receiving the unknowable is the true
nature of virtue – the nature of spiritual life. You


Enlightenment cannot be anything else other than entertainment ... universal

entertainment, a laughter that knows no bounds, no limits. You laugh, and the trees
laugh, and the cuckoos laugh, and the clouds laugh, and the stars laugh, and the
laughter goes on spreading ….when the mind is gone you are just like a small child.
Laughter will arise without any effort on your part. At least I am a break from the
whole past, and in the future I want my people to be laughing buddhas. Serious ones
we have seen enough of, they have not been able to transform humanity. Let us try
another direction – of nonseriousness.

Acceptance is a gratitude towards existence. Anything that you don’t accept means you
are blaming existence. In all your prayers, and in all your prayer houses, what are you
doing? You are asking God, just like a beggar, “Give me this, give me that.” You don’t
trust existence, you demand. Demanding is not a quality of religious consciousness.
Hence the real religion has no way of praying. It only lives, and lives in such a way that
the very life becomes a gratitude.

Meditation, perhaps, is the only alchemy that can transform a beggar into an emperor.

Zen Master Dogen - OSHO

maekae kha< FU<Fe bNde mE tae tere pas me<

na mE devl na mE< msijd na kabe kElas me<

na tae kaEn ik&ya kmR me< nhI< jaeg bErag me<

oaejI haey tae tur<tE imilhaE< pl -r kI tlas me<

khE kbIr sunae -a$ saxae sb Svasae< kI Sv<as me< .



Where do you seek me? Seek me not yonder!

I am not far from you!
Not in the mosque, Not in the Kaaba, or in Kailas seek
Also I am not in rituals and ceremonies
Also not in austerities or practice of yoga!
If your search is genuine you will find me this very moment!
Kabir laments! O seekers I dwell in the breath of breaths!!!

Kabir is the confluence of Bhakti and Dhyan.

It is when Bhakti attained to Dhyan that manifestation or embodiment is Kabir.

kbIr -iKt AaEr Xyan ka smagm hE,

kbIr Agr Xyan kI praka:Qa hE tae -iKt kI Aivrl g<ga -I.

Both Bhakti and Dhyan are two wings for the inward awareness of understanding and inner oneness.
journey. Bhakti and Dhyan are two doors to reach the When you sing the compositions of a person like
inner sanctum. If you start the journey through Kabir you can immediately get connected to his
Bhakti and when Bhakti attains fruition you will find being. This can happen only when your heart is open
you have attained to Dhyan. So too if the journey to the subtle presence of such a being.
begins through the door of Dhyan at the inner door
you will find the embodiment of Bhakti waiting for Kabir is an enlightened master. He has known that
you. All the compositions of Kabir are soaked in the which is. Not only that his entire being is soaked into
such awareness. His each breath, his heart beat Instead in the open spaces not covered by mind’s
pulsates with such awareness. These are not the edifice! There alone you find reality in its glory. In
ordinary words. Through these words the very being statistical average mind finds nothing. In the barren
of Kabir overflows. These words are spontaneous soil of the mind one finds nothing but mathematical
overflow while Kabir was engaged in his daily calculations. Therefore seek not the reality in the
routine. Being in the world, and being a part of daily deserts of the mind. There one finds no oasis. It is to
household work when hands are busy weaving the be found neither in reason nor unreason. If reason is
cloth such compositions the field of an alert and
happened. To an ecstatic active mind then unreason
Kabir each thread and each is the field of a dull and
thing and being is soaked in Both Bhakti and Dhyan are two sloppy mind. Both reason
such a presence. He sees and unreason belong to
wings for the inward journey.
nothing but his beloved that the realm of the mind and
he had known as Rama all Bhakti and Dhyan are two doors its functions.
around. There is oneness
both within and without.
to reach the inner sanctum. Mind knows not the gaps
Kabir is ecstatic. There is between reason and
harmony. He is flowing with unreason. Know this void
all that is and is the very essence of this cosmos. Only as your inner space. However mind regards such
a Kabir like one can overflow totality through voids as identical with nothingness. There is a
whatever he does. fullness of the void which the mind is unable to
perceive. Blavatsky in her ‘Voice of the Silence’ says:
Kabir was illiterate. Engaged in his daily work while ‘The right perception of existing things, the
the fingers were moving through wharf and woof knowledge of the non-existence.’
Kabir used to spontaneously sing. No proper training
of music. Yet still all his compositions are musically Right perception does not lie in the network of
arranged. There is rhythm, and meter. No one is structural understanding. It is found outside all
doing anything to look after the rhythm and meter. It logical systems created by the mind. This alone has
seems the unknown and the unknowable is taking been accepted by the physical science as perception.
care of each syllable as it overflows out of an ecstatic
Kabir. Mind thinks that intellect alone can reveal to man the
mysteries of life and nature. Still there is something
Now let me take you into the actual composition. greater than intellect know this as intelligence.
Intelligence is far grater intellect. Intelligence is the
Kabir says that which is – the unknown and integration of love and reason. Intelligence is the
unknowable or reality is not to be found in the spontaneous perception of men and things.
magnificent edifices build by logic and reason.

maekae kha< FU<Fe bNde mE tae tere pas me<

na mE devl na mE< msijd na kabe kElas me<

na tae kaEn ik&ya kmR me< nhI< jaeg bErag me<

oaejI haey tae tur<tE imilhaE< pl -r kI tlas me<

khE kbIr sunae -a$ saxae sb Svasae< kI Sv<as me< .

Only this much for now!

BUDDHA is the godliest and the most godless man in the whole history of man.



INTRODUCTION TO BUDDHA these two polarities is incredible. It is

unbelievable, but it has happened. Buddha is the
These PRAJNAPARAMITA HRIDAYAM SUTRAS richest human being who has ever lived. He is rich
belong to the seventh temple as Buddha calls in the sense that all the dimensions of life are
these or the seventh plane of consciousness. fulfilled in him. He is not one-dimensional.
These are declarations of someone who has
entered the seventh temple, the transcendental There are three approaches towards truth. One is
- the absolute. That is the meaning of the the approach of power, another approach of
Sanskrit word, PRAGYAPARAMITA or the beauty, and the third is the approach of grandeur.
wisdom of the beyond, from the beyond, in the The scientific approach is the search for power. It
beyond. It refers to the wisdom that comes only is said ‘knowledge is power’. Science has made
when you have transcended all kinds of man very powerful, so much so that man can
identifications - lower or higher, this worldly destroy the whole planet earth in just a flash. For
or that worldly. the first time in the history of consciousness man
is capable of committing a global suicide, a
collective suicide. Science has released
This May month is unique in many ways. It was on tremendous power. It is continuously searching
the full moon of this month Gautam Siddhartha for more and more power. This too is an approach
became BUDDHA THE ENLIGHTENED ONE when towards truth, but a partial one.
he was forty years of age. Forty years later again
on this day Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. Then there are poets, mystics, and people with the
aesthetic sense. They look at truth as beauty.
This month one year ago on full moon a Jalaluddin Rumi, Omar Khayyam, MahaDevi
Naqshbandi Sufi Sheikh Omkar Nath attained to Verma, Rabindranath Tagore and others, are the
Samadhi. one who think that beauty is truth. They create
new sources of beauty through art etc. The painter,
I love Gautam the Buddha even more than I love the poet, the dancer, the musician, they are also
myself. He represents totality. GAUTAM BUDDHA approaching truth from a totally different
is like the highest peak of the Himalayas, like dimension than power. A poet is not like the
Gourishanker –the abode of Shiva. The peak of scientist. The scientist works with analysis, reason,
consciousness! He is one of the purest beings, one and observation in the outer world. The poet
of the most virgin souls, one of the very rare functions through the heart. He is irrational. Trust
phenomena on this earth. and love is his way towards truth. He has nothing
to do with mind and its reason. A vast majority of
The rarity is that Buddha is the scientist of the religious people belong to this second dimension.
inner world - scientist of religion. That is a rare The Sufis, the Bauls all belong to the aesthetic
combination. To be religious is simple, to be a approach. Hence so many beautiful mosques,
scientist is simple - but to combine, synthesize
churches, and cathedrals, temples of Ajanta and being is his proof. However such is not the case
Ellora all were created by religious people. with Buddha. You may not be at all in harmony
with his heart. You may not even believe him. You
Whenever religious activity predominates, art, may not look at the proof he is. Certainly you will
music, and painting is created. The world becomes have to listen to his argument. He has both the
a little more beautiful. It does not become more proof and the argument. He himself is the proof of
powerful, instead it becomes beautiful, lovely, and what he is saying, and that is not all. If you are not
worth living. ready to look at him he can force you, he can
convince you. He is a rationalist.
The third approach is that of grandeur. Moses,
Abraham; Islam's Prophet Mohammed; Krishna Even an atheist like Bertrand Russell, who was,
and Ram -- their approach is through the purely logical, has once said, ‘Before Buddha I start
dimension of grandeur. the awe that one feels feeling hesitant. With Jesus I can fight.’ He has
looking at this vastness of the universe. The written a book ‘Why I Am Not A Christian’. It is a
Upanishads, the Vedas, they all approach the world great argumentative book. It has not yet been
of truth, through grandeur. They are full of replied to by Christians and his argument still
wonder. It is unbelievably there, with such holds. But before Buddha he suddenly feels
grandeur, that you can simply bow down before it hesitant. There he is not certain of his ground.
in reverence nothing else is possible. One simply Buddha can convince him on his own ground.
feels humble, reduced to nothing. These are the Buddha is as much an analyst as Bertrand Russell.
three dimensions ordinarily available to approach You need not be a religious person to be convinced
truth. by Buddha. This is his rarity. You need not believe
at all. You need not believe in god, or soul,
The first dimension creates the scientist. The anything else but still you can be with Buddha.
second approach creates the artist. And the third, And being with him by and by you will come to
the prophets and masters! The rarity of Buddha know the soul and the god as well.
consists of this. His approach is a synthesis of all
the three. And not only has a synthesis instead had No belief is required to travel with Buddha. You
it gone even beyond the three. He is a rationalist. can come with all your skepticisms. He accepts and
He is not like Jesus or Krishna. He is absolutely a welcomes. He invites you to ‘Come with me.’ First
rationalist. Einstein, Newton or Edison cannot find he convinces your mind, and once your mind is
any flaw in his reasoning. Any scientist will be convinced and you start travelling with him. Then
immediately convinced of his truth. His approach by and by you start feeling that he has a message
is purely logical, he convinces the mind. You which is beyond mind. He has a message which no
cannot find a loophole in him. reason can imprison. Therefore first he convinces
your reason.
I have heard of a famous atheist, W. C. Fields. One
day his manager came into his hotel room and was Buddha's religion is super-rational. Yet still he is
shocked to see him reading ‘The Holy Bible’. not against reason. This has to be understood in
Shocked at this gesture the manager said, ‘what the very beginning. It has something to do with the
the hell are you doing? I thought you were an beyond, super-rational. Buddha is not against the
atheist.’ The reply of Fields is beautiful. He replied, rational. His supra-rationality is in tune with it.
‘I am just looking for loopholes and The rational and the supra-rational are continuity.
inconsistencies, in the Bible.’ This is the rarity of Buddha.

However you cannot find even a single loophole in Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘Surrender to me.’ Buddha
the Buddha. Yes, you can look for loopholes and never says that. He convinces you to surrender.
inconsistencies in Jesus, there are many. Simply Krishna says, ‘Surrender to me, then you will be
because Jesus believes, trusts, he has faith. He is convinced.’ Buddha says, ‘Be convinced first, then
childlike. There is no argument in him. The proof surrender comes like a shadow. You need not
exists but there is no argument for it. His whole worry about it. Do not talk about it at all.’ Because
of this rational approach he never brings any Whatsoever I say will have to pass through your
concept which cannot be proved. He never talks mind. For one year you just be silent so that you
about god. can drop the knowledge. When you are empty,
whatsoever you want to ask I will answer, I
Once H. G. Wells has said about Buddha, ‘He is the promise you. ‘While he was saying this, another
godliest and the most godless man in the whole monk, Sariputta, who was sitting under another
history of man.’ Indeed He is most godly and most tree, started laughing. His was a mad laughter.
godless. You cannot find anyone godlier than Maulingaputta must have felt embarrassed. He
Buddha. All others simply fade before him. His enquired, ‘What is the matter? Why are you
luminosity is superb and unique. His being has no laughing?’ Sariputta replied, ‘I am not laughing
comparison, yet still he does not talk about god. about you, I am laughing about myself. One year
Buddha has never talked about god. Many think ago this man deceived me as well. I had come with
that he is an atheist. No he is not. He has not talked many questions but he asked me to wait for one
about god because there is no way to talk about year, so I waited. And now I am laughing because
god. All talk about god is just nonsense. those questions have disappeared. He goes on
Whatsoever you can say about god is going to be asking, to bring those questions! but I cannot bring
false. God is unknown and unknowable and those questions. They have disappeared as water
therefore nothing can be said. Other seers also say vapors dry in heat. Therefore if you really want
that nothing can be said about god, but at least your questions to be answered, ask now, do not
they say that nothing can be said about god. wait for one year. This man is really deceptive.’
Buddha is really logical. He will not say even this,
because he says, ‘Even to say that nothing can be Buddha introduced many people, millions of
said about god, you have said something’. If you people, to the inner world, but in a very rational
say, ‘God cannot be defined,’ you have indeed way. This is simple. In the process of inward
defined him in a negative way. If you say, ‘nothing journey first you become a receiver. Attain to
can be said,’ that too you are saying. Buddha is silence, only then communion is possible, not
strictly logical. He will not utter a single word. before at all. Buddha never used to answer any
metaphysical questions. He was always ready to
Buddha is not an atheist but he never talks about answer any question about methodology or
god. That is why I say he is a rarity. He brings tariqat. However he was never ready to answer
many people to god. He brought more people than any questions about metaphysics.
anybody else has done. Millions of people were
brought to become godly in his presence, but he This is his scientific approach. Science believes in
never uttered the word and not only god, but even method. Science never answers the ‘why’. It always
soul, or self. He has no theory about it. He simply answers the ‘how’. ‘How’ leads to methodology or
says, ‘I can show you the way how to go in. You go tariqat! If you ask a scientist, ‘Why is the world
and see.’ He says, ‘Buddhas can only indicate the there?’ he will say, ‘I do not know. But I can answer
path, they cannot provide you with a philosophy. how the world is there.’ He will not answer ‘Why is
You are there, go in and see.’ the water there?’ But he can say how the water is
there. He can give you the method, the ‘how’, the
I have heard. Someone came to Buddha. He was a mechanism. He can show you how to make water,
great scholar, was known all over the country. but he cannot show you why.
Maulingaputta was his name. He said to Buddha, ‘I
have come with dozen questions and you have to His approach is very different from other atheists.
answer them.’ Buddha responded, ‘I will answer, Theists require you to believe. Buddha says, ‘How
but you will have to fulfill a requirement. For one can one believe? You are asking the impossible.’
year you will have to be with me in total silence, Listen to his argument. He says if somebody is
and only then I will answer. I can answer but you doubtful, how can he believe? If the doubt has
will not receive my answers because you are not arisen already, how can he believe? He may
ready. Also whatsoever I say you will misinterpret repress the doubt. He may enforce the belief. But
because your inner sky is full of interpretations. deep down like an undercurrent doubt will go on
flowing. Sooner or later the belief is bound to reminds me of something. And as soon as this
collapse. There is no foundation to it. From the remembrance overwhelms I am bound to allow
very beginning there is doubt. And on the the overflow.
foundation of doubt you have raised the whole
structure of your belief. Have you observed? PRELUDE TO HEART SUTRA
Whenever you believe, deep down there is doubt
like an undercurrent. The sutras belong to the seventh. These are
declarations of someone who has entered the
For those whose faith is natural, and spontaneous, seventh temple, the transcendental - the absolute.
there is no question of faith. They simply believe. That is the meaning of the Sanskrit word,
They do not know even what belief is. Look at PRAGYAPARAMITA or the wisdom of the beyond,
small l children, they simply believe. But once from the beyond, in the beyond. It refers to the
doubt enters, belief becomes impossible. And wisdom that comes only when you have
doubt has to enter. It is part of growth. Doubt transcended all kinds of identifications - lower or
makes one mature. You remain childish unless higher, this worldly or that worldly.
doubt has penetrated your consciousness. Without
doubt you remain immature and will never come Each one of you is a Buddha within. Buddhahood is
to know what life is. You start knowing life only by your essential nature and also your fruition as
doubting, by being skeptical, and by raising well. However this Buddha within is fast asleep. I
questions. Faith comes by destroying doubt by know the Buddha within you. Therefore I salute
argument. Just as one poison destroys the other the Buddha within you. You may not be aware of it,
poison so too one doubt destroys other doubt. This you may not have ever dreamed about it - that you
is Buddha's way. He does not say believe. He says are a Buddha. Remember nobody can be anything
go deep into your doubt. Go to the very end, else. The Buddhahood is the very essential core of
unafraid. Do not repress. Travel the whole path of your being. It is not something to happen in the
doubt to the very end. And that very journey will future. It has happened already. It is the very
take you beyond it. In the process a moment comes source you come from. It is the source and the goal
when doubt starts doubting itself. That is the too. It is from Buddhahood that we move. And it is
ultimate doubt. When doubt doubts doubt it. That to Buddhahood that we move. This one word,
has to come if you go to the very end. You first Buddhahood, contains all - the full circle of life,
doubt belief. You doubt this and that. One day from the alpha to the omega.
when everything has been doubted, suddenly a
new, the ultimate doubt arises. And you start But you are fast asleep. You do not know who you
doubting doubt. This is tremendously new in the are. Not that you have to become a Buddha alone,
world of religion. And then doubt destroys doubt, but only that you have to recognize it. You have to
and faith is gained. This faith is not against doubt. return to your own source. You have to look
Instead this faith is beyond doubt. This faith is not within yourself. A confrontation with yourself will
opposite to doubt. This is the absence of doubt. reveal your Buddhahood. The day one comes to
Buddha says you will have to become children see oneself; the whole existence becomes
again, but the path has to go through the world, enlightened that very moment. It is not that a
through many forests and thoroughfares of doubts, person becomes enlightened. How can a person
arguments, and reasoning. And when a person become enlightened? The very idea of being a
comes back home, attains back to his original faith, person is part of the unenlightened mind. It is not
it is totally different happening. He is not just a that I have become enlightened. The 'I' has to be
child. He is an old man, mature, experienced, and dropped before one can become enlightened. So
yet childlike. how can I become enlightened? That is absurdity.
The day I became enlightened the whole existence
With this as I could not contain myself from this became enlightened. Since that moment I have not
overflow. The very name Buddha does something seen anything other than Buddhas - in many
to my being and like an intoxicated one I start
overflowing irrespective of the place or person. It
forms, with many names, with a thousand and one a Buddha. I know it may look presumptuous at
problems, but Buddhas still. Buddhas within! least from your level of understanding. It may also
look very hypothetical for you. You cannot trust it
Therefore I salute the Buddha within you. It is to totally. That is natural. I understand it. Let it be
this inner Buddha that Gautam Buddha addresses. there, as a seed alone. The seed may be planted by
Again it is to these Buddhas within that Osho someone. And then it may start growing. Around
overflowed. It is to these Buddhas masters, and that fact many things will start happening.
sheikhs go on addressing. And I am immensely Remember it is only around that fact will you be
glad that you and Buddha within you surround us. able to understand these sutras. They are
The very fact of your turning the pages of this immensely beautiful and full of energy. Though
overflow is the beginning of the recognition. The very small, very condensed, yet still these are seed
respect in your heart for such an overflow, the love like.
in your heart for a living buddha, is respect and
love for your own Buddhahood – your essential But with this soil of understanding and this vision
nature. The trust in a living buddha is not trust in in the mind, that you are a Buddha - a budding
something extrinsic to you. It is the self-trust. By Buddha, things just have to be put in the right
trusting a buddha you will learn to trust yourself. order. A little more awareness is needed. A little
By coming close to a buddha you will come close to more consciousness is needed. The treasure is
yourself. Only recognition is needed. It is like an there. You have to bring a small lamp inside your
unlit candle coming in contact with the lit one. The house. Once the darkness dispels you will no
moment the unlit candle comes closer something longer be a beggar. You are a Buddha, a sovereign,
jumps from the lit one and lights the unlit one. an emperor that very moment. This whole
kingdom is yours and it is just for the sake of
The diamond is there. Only you have forgotten asking; you have just to claim it.
about it. Maybe you have never remembered it
from the very beginning. But you cannot claim if you believe that you are a
beggar. You cannot claim it, or even dream about
There is a very famous saying of Emerson. He says claiming if you think that you are a beggar. This
‘Man is God in ruins.’ I agree and I disagree at the idea that you are a beggar or an ignorant, or a
same time. The insight of Emerson has some truth sinner, has been infused in you from down
in it. Man is not as yet what he should be. There is through the ages that it has become a deep
a fading possibility, maybe. The insight is there but hypnosis in you now. This hypnosis has to be
a little upside down. Man is not God in ruins as broken. To break it I start with: I salute the
Emerson says. Instead man is God in the making. Buddha within you. This is a devise to keep you
Man is a Buddha in seed form. The seed is there. It reminding while I am working within you for such
has to grow first before it can blossom any an understanding.
moment. This requires just a little effort, just a
little help. And the help is not going to cause it to To me, you are a Buddha. All your efforts to attain
happen. It is already there! Your effort is only to enlightenment are ridiculous if you do not
going to reveal it to you. The help to unfold what is accept this basic fact. This has to become a tacit
there, hidden needs your effort. It is a discovery, understanding, that you are it! This is the right
but the truth is already there. The truth is eternal. beginning. This has to remain like an
undercurrent. Otherwise you will go astray. This
Listen to these sutras because these are the most is the right beginning! Start with this vision. And
important sutras in the entire Buddhist literature. do not be worried that this may create some kind
Hence they are called The Heart Sutra. It is the of ego - that ‘I am a Buddha.’ Hindus say ‘AHAM
very heart or the being of the Buddhist message. BRAHMAASMI’. Do not be worried; because the
whole process of The Heart Sutra will make it
But I would like to begin from the very beginning. clear to you that the ego is the only thing that does
From this point only does Buddhism become not exist. Ego is the only thing that does not exist!
relevant? Let it be there in your heart that you are Everything else is real.
There are teachers who say the world is illusory That is the meaning of the Sanskrit word,
and the soul is existential -- the 'I' is true and all PRAGYAPARAMITA or the wisdom of the beyond,
else is illusory, Maya. Buddha says just the from the beyond, in the beyond. It refers to the
opposite. He says only the 'I' is untrue and wisdom that comes only when you have
everything else is real. And I agree with Buddha transcended all kinds of identifications - lower or
more than with others. Buddha's insight is very higher, this worldly or that worldly. You are not
deep and penetrating. Nobody else has ever identified at all. There is only a pure flame of
penetrated into those realms, depths and heights awareness with no smoke around it. This is the
of reality than Buddha. reason Buddhists worship this small book, this
very, very small book. They have called it The
But start with the idea, with this climate around Heart Sutra - the very heart of religion, the very
you, with this vision. Let it be declared to your core.
each cell of the body and each thought in your
mind. Let it be declared to every nook and corner The first temple, the physical, can correspond to
of your existence, that ‘I am a Buddha!’ And do not the Hindu map with the Muladhar chakra. The
be worried about the 'I'... we will take care of it. second, the psychosomatic, corresponds with
One Naqshbandi Sufi Raghuber Dayal used to say Swadhisthan chakra. The third, the psychological
man ultimately becomes what one believes to be. corresponds with Manipuri. The fourth, the
In the beginning this is a game. However soon it psycho-spiritual temple relates with Anahatta
becomes a reality. Try to pretend that you are mad chakra. The fifth the spiritual temple corresponds
or you stammer soon it will happen. with Vishudha. The sixth, the spiritual-
transcendental, relates with Agya or the third eye
Remember ‘I’ and Buddhahood cannot exist center. And finally the seventh, the
together. Once the Buddhahood becomes revealed transcendental, corresponds with Sahasrar – the
the ‘I’ disappears. It is just like darkness thousand petal center. 'Sahasrar' means one-
disappears when you bring a light in. thousand-petal lotus. That is the symbol of the
ultimate flowering. Nothing has remained hidden,
Before I take you into the sutras, it will be all has become unhidden, manifest. The thousand-
necessary to understand a little framework, a little petal lotus has opened. The whole sky is filled with
structure. This will help in understanding the its fragrance, beauty, and its benediction.
In the modern times a great work has started in
The ancient Buddhist scriptures talk about seven search of the innermost core of the human being. It
temples. Just as Sufis talk about seven valleys, will be good to understand how far modern efforts
Christians talk about seven churches and Hindus lead us. It was Pavlov, B.F. Skinner and the other
talk about seven chakras, Buddhists talk about behaviorists who went on circling around the
seven temples. physical, the muladhar. They think man is the body
alone. In the process they get too much involved in
1. The first temple is the physical, the first temple, they get too much involved with
2. The second temple is psycho-somatic, the physical, and forget everything else. These
3. The third temple is psychological, people are trying to explain man only through the
4. The fourth temple is psycho-spiritual, physical, the material. This attitude becomes a
5. The fifth temple is spiritual, hindrance because they are not open. When from
6. The sixth temple is spiritual- the very beginning you deny that there is nothing
transcendental, and other than the body, then you deny the exploration
7. The seventh temple and the ultimate - the itself. This becomes a prejudice.
temple of temples - is the transcendental.
A communist, a Marxist, a behaviorist, an atheist
The sutras belong to the seventh. These are all believe that man is only the body. And thus
declarations of someone who has entered the their very belief closes doors to higher realities.
seventh temple, the transcendental - the absolute. They become blind. And the physical is there, the
physical is the most apparent; it needs no proof. can happen. But what 'new' can happen? All the
The physical body is there, you need not prove it. things that we go on being occupied with are
Because it need not be proved, it becomes the only nothing but toys to play with.
reality. That is nonsense. Then man loses all
dignity. If there is nothing to grow in or to grow The science, technology and all that the modern
towards, there cannot be any dignity in life. Then world has provided you with is nothing but sugar
man becomes a thing. Then you are not an sticks, toys to play with. Modern science has given
opening. Also nothing more is going to happen to you comforts of telephone, television and so many
you. If you are a body: you will eat, and you will other beautiful things for you. And you play
defecate, and you will eat and you will make love around a little bit. Then again you get fed up. You
and produce children, and this will go on and on, are bored, and again they go on searching for new
and one day you die. This is mechanical repetition toys for you to play with. This state of affairs is
of the mundane, the trivia. How can there be any ridiculous. It is so absurd that it seems almost
significance, any meaning, and any poetry? How inconceivable how we go on living in it. We have
can there be any dance? got caught at the first rung. And remain at this
rung for lives.
Skinner has written a book, Beyond Freedom and
Dignity. It should be called Below Freedom and Remember that you are in the body. But you are
Dignity, not beyond. It is in fact below. It is the not the body. Let that be a continuous awareness
lowest standpoint about man, the ugliest. There is in you. You live in the body. And the body is a
nothing wrong about the body, remember. I am beautiful abode. Remember, I am asking you to
not against the body, it is a beautiful temple. The become against the body. Or that you start
ugliness enters when you think this is all. And denying the body as the so-called spiritualists have
there can be no transformation. done down the ages. The materialists go on
thinking that the body is all that is. On the other
Man can be conceived of as a ladder with seven hand there are people who move to the opposite
rungs or steps or a structure with seven stories. extreme. And they start saying that the body is
However you get identified with the first rung. illusory. It ceases to exist! Therefore destroy the
Then you are not going anywhere. And the ladder body. In doing the illusion is destroyed, and you
is there, and the ladder bridges this world with the can become real indeed.
other. The ladder bridges matter with God. The
first rung is perfectly good if it is used in This other extreme is a reaction. The materialist
relationship to the whole ladder. If it functions as a creates his own reaction in the spiritualist.
first step it is immensely beautiful. One should be However both remain partners in the same
thankful to the body. Body is the temple of the business. There is no difference. The body is
unknown. But if you start worshipping the first beautiful. It is real. The body has to be lived. The
rung and you forget the remaining six, you forget body has to be loved. The body is a great gift of
that the whole ladder exists and you become God. Not for a single moment be against it. Also not
closed, confined to the first rung. Then it is no for a single moment think that you are only it. You
longer a rung at all. Remember because a rung is a are far bigger. Use the body as a jumping board to
rung only when it leads to another rung. A rung is transcend to the other realm.
a rung only when it is part of a ladder. If it is no
longer a rung then you are stuck with it. Hence, The second temple is: Psychosomatic, or
people who are materialistic are always stuck. Swadisthan. Freudian psychoanalysis functions
They always feel something is missing. They do there. It goes a little higher or deeper than Skinner
not feel they are going anywhere. They move in and Pavlov. Freud enters into the mysteries of the
rounds, in circles, and they come again and again psychological a little bit more. He is not just a
to the same point. They become tired and bored. behaviorist. Still he never goes beyond dreams. He
They start contemplating how to commit suicide. goes on analyzing the dreams. The dream exists as
And their whole effort in life is to find some an illusion in your consciousness. It is indicative
sensations. They feel only then something new and symbolic as well. It has a message from the
unconscious to be revealed to the conscious. But For psychoanalyst everything becomes perversion.
there is no point in just getting caught in it. Use the If Freudian analysis succeeds then there will be no
dream, but never become the dream. You are not Kalidas, or Shakespeare, or Michelangelo, or
the dream. Mozart, or Wagner, because everybody will be
normal. These are abnormal people. These people
And there is no need to make so much fuss about are psychologically ill, according to Freud. The
it, as Freudians go on making. Their whole effort greatest are reduced to the lowest. Buddha is ill,
seems to be moving in the realm of the dream according to Freud, because whatsoever things he
world. Try to understand this message, and there is talking about, they are nothing but repressed
is no need really to go to anybody else to analyze sex.
your dream. If you cannot analyze your dream This approach reduces human greatness to
nobody else can, because your dream is your ugliness. Beware of it. Buddha is not ill. In fact,
dream. And your dream is so personal that nobody Freud is ill. The silence of Buddha, the joy of
else can dream the way you dream. Nobody has Buddha, the celebration of Buddha is not ill. It is
ever dreamed the way you dream. And nobody will the full flowering of wellbeing.
ever dream the way you dream. Therefore nobody
can explain it to you. His interpretation will be his But to Freud the normal person is one who never
interpretation. Only you can look into it. And in sang a song. Who has never danced? Who has
fact there is no need to analyze the dream. Simply never celebrated! Never prayed! Never meditated!
look at the dream in its totality, with clarity, with And never done anything creative is just normal.
alertness, and you will see the message. It is so He goes to the office, comes home, eats, drinks,
loud! There is no need to go for psychoanalysis for sleeps, and dies but can never leave a trace behind
three, four, five, seven years. of his creativity. This normal man seems to be very
mediocre, dull and dead. There is a suspicion
A person who is dreaming every night, and in the about Freud that because he himself could not
day is going to the psychoanalyst to be analyzed, create as he was an uncreative person. Freud was
becomes by and by surrounded by dreamy-stuff. condemning creativity itself as pathology. There is
The first becomes too much obsessed with the every possibility that he was a mediocre person.
Muladhara, the physical. The second becomes too
much obsessed with the sexual. Because the The mediocre mind is trying to reduce all
second - the realm of psychosomatic reality is greatness. The mediocre mind cannot accept that
nothing but sex! The second starts interpreting there can be any greater being than him. This
everything in terms of sex. Whatsoever you do, go hurts. Entire psychoanalysis and its interpretation
to the Freudian and he will reduce it to sex. of human life is revenge from the mediocre.
Nothing higher exists for him. He lives in the mud. Beware of it. It is better than the first. Yes, it is a
He does not believe in the lotus. You bring a lotus little ahead of the first, but one has to go, and go on
flower to him he will look at it and reduce it to the going, beyond and beyond.
mud. He will say, lotus is nothing just dirty mud.
Has it not come out of dirty mud? If it has come out The third is psychological temple. Adler lives in the
of dirty mud then it has to be dirty mud therefore. world of the psychological, the will to power. It is
Reduce everything to its cause, and that is the real. at least something very egoistic, but at least
something. Alder is a little more open than Freud.
Then every poem is reduced to sex, everything But the problem remains, just like Freud reduces
beautiful is reduced to sex and perversion and everything to sex, Adler reduces everything to
repression. Michelangelo is a great artist? Even his inferiority complex. People try to become great
art has to be reduced to some sexuality. And because they feel inferior. A person who tries to
Freudians go to absurd lengths. They say become enlightened is one who feels inferior.
Michelangelo or Goethe or Byron, all their great
works of art which bring great joy to millions of And when Buddha attains fruition he has no ideas
people, is nothing but repressed sex. of superiority. He bows down to the whole of
existence. He has not that idea of holier-than-thou
at all. Everything is holy, even the dust is divine. certain harmony within yourself so that you can
No, he is not thinking himself superior. And he was ride on that harmony. You can ride on that horizon
not striving to become superior. He was not feeling of harmony and go far away from your ordinary
inferior at all. He was born a king. So there was no reality. Yoga can comprehend all that. This is the
question of inferiority. He was at the top from the sixth.
very beginning. There was no question of
inferiority. He was the richest man in his country Now comes the seventh layer or rung - the
and the most powerful as well. There was nothing transcendental. Tantra, Tao, Zen. Buddha's
more to be attained. He was one of the most attitude is of the seventh -PRAGYAPARAMITA. It
beautiful men ever born on this earth. He had one means wisdom that is transcendental, wisdom that
of the most beautiful women as his beloved. All comes to you only when all the bodies have been
was available to him. crossed and you have become just a pure
awareness, just a witness, pure subjectivity.
But Adler would go on searching for some
inferiority because he could not believe that a man Unless one reaches to the transcendental, he will
could have any goal other than the ego. It is better have to be provided with toys, sugar candies etc.
however better than Freud, a little higher as well. He will have to be provided with false meanings.
Ego is a little higher than sex. But not much higher!
A few people remember God habitually. Others
The fourth is psycho-spiritual, or anahatta, the remember God professionally. A priest remembers
heart center. Carl Gustav Jung, Assagioli and others professionally. He has nothing to do with God. He
penetrate that realm. They go higher than Pavlov, is being paid for it. He has become proficient.
Freud and Adler. They open more possibilities. However no one seems to remember God in deep
They accept the world of the irrational, the love. A few people invoke his name when they are
unconscious as well. But they do not confine miserable. But no one remembers him when they
themselves to reason. They are more reasonable are in joy - celebrating. Remember that is the right
people. They accept ‘unreason’ too. The irrational moment to remember, because only when you are
is not denied instead accepted. This is where joyous, immensely ecstatic are you close to God.
modern psychology stops -- at the fourth rung. When you are in misery you are far away. In
And the fourth rung is just in the middle of the misery you are closed. When you are happy you
whole ladder. Three rungs or layers on one side are open, flowing. You can hold God's hand.
and three on the other.
So either you remember habitually. You have been
Modern psychology is not yet a complete science. taught from the very childhood. It has become a
It is hanging just in the middle. It is very uncertain kind of habit, just like smoking or drinking. If you
about everything. It is more hypothetical than smoke you do not enjoy much. However if you do
experiential, as it is still struggling to be. not smoke you feel you are missing something. If
you remember God every morning, and evening,
The fifth is spiritual. Islam, Hinduism, Christianity nothing is attained, because the remembrance is
and Sikhism the mass-organized religions remain not of the heart. It is just verbal, and mechanical.
stuck with the fifth. They do not go beyond the But if you do not remember you start feeling
spiritual. All the organized religions, the churches, something is missing. It has become a ritual.
remain at the fifth layer or rung. Beware of making God a ritual, and beware of
becoming professional about it.
The sixth is the spiritual-transcendental. This
includes yoga and other methods. All over the I have heard a very famous story from scriptures:
world, down the ages, many methods have been
developed which are less like a church The story is about a famous yogi. Once, the king of
organization. These are not dogmatic but more the state promised that if he could go into deep
experiential in nature. You have to do something Samadhi and remain under the earth for one year,
with your body and mind. You have to create a he would give him the best horse in the kingdom
as a reward. The king knew that the yogi had a soft silence. Your question resounds in yourself: ‘Who
heart for horses; as he was a great lover of horses. am I?’ and there is silence. No answer arises from
The yogi agreed. Accordingly he was buried alive anywhere. You are absolutely present, and silent.
for a year. But in the course of the year the There is not even a single vibration. ‘Who am I?’
kingdom was overthrown and no one remembered and silence overflows.
to dig up the yogi. In the process ten years passed.
Then one day someone remembered the yogi. The Then a miracle happens. You cannot even
king sent a few men to find out. The yogi was dug formulate the question. Answers have become
up. He was still in his deep meditation. A absurd. Then finally the question also becomes
previously agreed mantra was whispered in his absurd. First answers disappear. Then the
ear and he came out of the Samadhi. The first question also disappears. Because both question
thing he enquired was, about the horse. and answer exist in togetherness. They are like
two sides of the same coin. If one side has gone,
Even after ten years of silence underneath the the other cannot be retained. First answers
earth the mind did not change. ‘Where is my disappear, and then the question as well. And with
horse?’ was his first sentence after opening the the disappearance of question and answer, you
eyes. Was he thinking about God in Samadhi? He come to realize the transcendental.
must have been thinking about the horse. But he
was a professional. He must have learned the You know, yet you cannot say you know. And there
technique of how to stop the breathing and how to is no way to articulate about it. You know from
go into a kind of conscious death. your very being who you are, but it cannot be
verbalized. It is ETERNAL KNOWING. It is not
Remaining ten years in such deep silence and the scriptural. It is not borrowed. It is not from others.
mind has not changed even a bit! It is exactly the It has arisen in you.
same as if these ten years had not passed by. If you And with this arising, you are a Buddha. And then
remember God technically or professionally or you start laughing because you came to know that
habitually then nothing is going to happen. you have been a Buddha from the very beginning.
Everything is possible, but all possibilities go You had just never looked so deep. You were
through the door heart. Heart is the door. Hence running around and around outside your being.
the name of this scripture: The Heart Sutra. You had never come home.

Unless you do something out of love, with I have heard once Arthur Schopenhauer, the
involvement, commitment, sincerity, authenticity, philosopher, was walking down a lonely street.
and your total being, nothing is going to happen. Lost in thought, he accidentally bumped into
another pedestrian. Angered by the jolt and the
These sutras can become a revolution. Inward apparent unconcern of the philosopher, the
journey begins with an enquiry. When first you pedestrian shouted, ‘Well! Who do you think you
ask, ‘Who am I?’ the muladhar will answer, ‘You are?’
are a body! What nonsense! There is no need to
ask, you know it already.’ Then the second will say, Still lost in thought the philosopher replied, ‘Who
‘You are sexuality.’ Then the third will claim, ‘You am I? How do I wish I knew?’
are a power-trip, an ego’ - and so on and so forth.
No one in fact knows. Knowing this that I do not
This enquiry ‘Who am I?’ has to continue. You can know who I am the journey begins.
stop only when no answer comes back, not before
this. If still answer comes that, ‘You are this, or This is HOMAGE TO THE TOTALITY OF WISDOM,
that,’ then know well that a certain center is THE LOVELY, and THE HOLY! This is an
providing you with the answer. When all the six invocation. All Indian scriptures begin with an
centers have been crossed and all their answers invocation for a certain reason.
vanished, you still go on asking, ‘Who am I?’ and no
answer comes from anywhere, know this as utter
The Indian understanding entails that we are him, and he has written it. But he is not the author
hollow bamboos. Through which only the infinite of it.
flows. The infinite has to be invoked. We become HOMAGE TO THE TOTALITY OF WISDOM, THE
just an instrument to it. We invoke it. We call it LOVELY, and THE HOLY!
forth to flow through us. That is why nobody
knows who wrote this Heart Sutra. It has not been
signed because the person who wrote it did not
believe that he was the writer of it. He was just Only this much for now as prelude!
instrumental. It appeared as if it was dictated to


Cover of book on Meditation by Jiddu Krihnnamurti

The sayings of the Buddha were extracted out of the stories of Buddha's life to form
The Dhammapada, which means ‘the path of dharma.’ This book consists of 423 sayings of the
Buddha, grouped into 26 categories. One must take the title of the book with utmost sincerity.
The sayings of the Buddha are not meant to be a fixed, static, unchanging doctrine,
but rather a path which anyone can follow.

he Dhammapada is the best known and including editions by such noted scholars as Max
most widely esteemed text in the Pali Muller and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.
Tipitaka. It is the sacred scriptures of
Theravada Buddhism. The work is included in the From ancient times to the present, the
Khuddaka Nikaya (‘Minor Collection’) of the Sutta Dhammapada has been regarded as the most
Pitaka. However its popularity has raised it to the significant expression of the Buddha's teaching
ranks of a world religious classic. Originally it was found in the Pali canon and the chief spiritual
composed in the ancient Pali language. A slim testament of early Buddhism. In the countries
anthology of verses Dhammapada constitutes a following Theravada Buddhism, such as Sri Lanka,
perfect compendium of the Buddha's teaching. It Burma and Thailand, the influence of the
comprises all the essential principles elaborated at Dhammapada is ubiquitous.
length in the forty volumes.
To his followers, the Buddha is neither a god,
According to the Theravada Buddhist tradition, divine incarnation, nor a prophet who bears a
each verse in the Dhammapada was originally message of divine revelation, instead a human
spoken by the Buddha in response to a particular being who by his own striving and intelligence has
episode. Accounts of these, verses, are preserved reached the highest spiritual attainment of which
in the classic commentary to the work, compiled man is capable. His function in relation to
by Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa in the fifth humanity is that of a teacher — a world teacher
century C.E. The contents of the verses, however, who, out of compassion, points out to others the
transcend the limited and particular way to Nibbana (Sanskrit: Nirvana), final release
circumstances of their origin, reaching out through from suffering. His teaching, known as the
the ages to various types of people in all the Dhamma, offers a body of instructions explaining
diverse situations of life. Dhammapada is a the true nature of existence and showing the path
sympathetic counselor for the intellectually that leads to liberation.
overburdened one. It’s clear and direct teachings
inspire humility and reflection. And for the earnest Free from all dogmas and inscrutable claims to
seeker it is a perennial source of inspiration and authority, the Dhamma is founded solidly upon the
practical instruction. bedrock of the Buddha's own clear comprehension
of reality, and it leads the one who practices it to
Insights of Buddha have crystallized into these that same understanding which extricates the
luminous verses of pure wisdom. As profound roots of suffering.
expressions of practical spirituality each verse is a
guideline to right living. The Buddha The title ‘Dhammapada’ which the ancient
unambiguously pointed out that whoever compilers of the Buddhist scriptures attached to
earnestly practices the teachings found in the our anthology means portions, aspects, or sections
Dhammapada will taste the bliss of emancipation. of Dhamma. The work has been given this title as it
contains twenty-six chapters. It spans the multiple
Due to its immense importance, the Dhammapada aspects of the Buddha's teaching offering a variety
has been translated into numerous languages. In of standpoints from which to gain a glimpse into
English alone several translations are available, its heart. Whereas the longer discourses of the
Buddha contained in the prose sections of the then that heaven has no worth, no reality. It is
Canon usually proceed methodically. your fancy, it is your dream.

Unfolding according to the sequential structure of All great values of life grow in the climate of
the doctrine, the Dhammapada lacks such a freedom. Hence freedom is the most fundamental
systematic arrangement. The work is simply a value and also the highest pinnacle. If you want to
collection of inspirational verses on the understand Buddha you will have to taste
fundamentals of the Dhamma, to be used as a basis something of the freedom he is talking about. His
for personal instruction. In any given chapter freedom is not of the outside. It is not social; it is
several successive verses may have been spoken not political, or economic. His freedom is spiritual.
by the Buddha on a single occasion, and thus
among themselves will exhibit a meaningful By ‘freedom’ he means a state of consciousness
development or a set of variations on a theme. But unhindered by any desire, unchained to any desire,
by and large, the logic behind the grouping un-imprisoned by any greed, or lust for more. By
together of verses into a chapter is merely the ‘freedom’ he means a consciousness without mind,
concern with a common topic. The twenty-six a state of no-mind. It is utterly empty, because if
chapter headings thus function as a kind of rubric there is something, that will certainly hinder
for classifying the diverse poetic utterances of the freedom; hence it is utter emptiness. This word
Master, and the reason behind the inclusion of any ‘emptiness’ or SHUNYATA has been very much
given verse in a particular chapter is its mention of misunderstood by people, because the word has a
the subject indicated in the chapter’s heading. In connotation of negativity. Whenever we hear the
certain cases like (Chapters 4 and 23) this may be a word ‘empty’ we think of something negative. In
metaphorical symbol rather than a point of Buddha’s terminology, emptiness is not negative.
doctrine. There also seems to be no intentional
design in the order of the chapters themselves, Emptiness is absolutely positive, more positive
though at certain points a loose thread of than your so-called fullness. It is so because
development can be discerned. emptiness is full of freedom. Everything else has
been removed. It is spacious. All boundaries have
Gautama the Buddha’s whole religion can be been dropped. It is unbounded. And only in an
reduced to a single word. That word is freedom. unbounded space, freedom is possible. His
That is his essential message. Or his very emptiness is not ordinary emptiness. It is not only
fragrance! Nobody else has raised freedom so high. absence of something instead it is a presence of
It is the ultimate value in Buddha's vision, the something invisible. Take an example: you are
SUMMUM BONUM. empty your room. As you remove the furniture
and the paintings and the things inside, the room
There is nothing higher than that. And it seems becomes empty on the one hand because there is
very fundamental to understand why Buddha no more any furniture, no more paintings, no more
emphasizes freedom so much. Neither God is things, nothing is left inside; but on the other hand,
emphasized nor heaven is emphasized nor is love something invisible starts filling it. That
emphasized, but only freedom. There is a reason invisibleness is ‘roominess,’ or ‘spaciousness’- the
for it: all that is valuable becomes possible only in room becomes bigger. As you remove the things,
the climate of freedom. Love also grows only in the the room is becoming bigger and bigger. When
soil of freedom. everything is removed, even the walls, then the
room is as big as the whole sky.
Without freedom, love cannot grow. Without
freedom, what grows in the name of love is Such is the whole process of meditation - removing
nothing but lust. Without freedom there is no God. everything. Removing yourself so totally that
Without freedom what you think to be God is only nothing is left behind - not even you! In that utter
your imagination, your fear, your greed. There is
silence is freedom. In this utter stillness grows the
no heaven without freedom. Freedom is heaven.
And if you think there is heaven without freedom, ‘One-Thousand-Petal Lotus of Freedom’. And great
fragrance is released! It is the fragrance of peace, When you are awake, those same streams become
compassion, love, and bliss. Or if you want to great creative energies for you. They are rushing
choose the word ‘God’ you can choose it. It is not towards Buddhas too, but in the hand of a buddha,
Buddha’s word, but there is no harm in choosing it. dust turns into gold. The touch of awareness is
Meditate over these beautiful sutras: THIRTY-SIX alchemical. In YOUR hands, even if by chance you
STREAMS ARE RUSHING TOWARD YOU! come across gold, it turns into dust. You are so
asleep. In that sleepiness you impart your
‘Thirty-six’ is only a Buddhist metaphor. It stands
sleepiness to whatsoever comes to you. Those
for ‘many.’ Many streams are rushing towards you.
thirty-six streams he is talking about are gifts of
Each moment you are surrounded by a thousand
existence, gifts of great energy. It is coming from
and one desires, and they are all pulling you in
everywhere. Now, it depends on you whether you
different directions. You are a victim and you are
can transform those energies into a synthesis, and
falling apart.
thus transform those energies into an integrated
I have heard: a young man entered a hotel. He saw whole or create an orchestra out of all those
a very beautiful woman sitting alone in the corner energies. Then you become a song, and you create
drinking coffee. She was so beautiful and so great music. Your life becomes a melody.
attractive that the young man could not resist the
But if you cannot transform those energies, then
temptation. He went close to her and asked her,
you will be a victim and you will be divided into so
‘Can I join you?’ The woman looked at him for a
many parts. You will lose all integrity. You will
few seconds and said, ‘Do you think I am falling
become a crowd. You will not be an individual
apart?’ But that is exactly the case with everybody
is falling apart, even that woman.
Everybody is falling apart. You are not one. You LUST.... and so on, so forth.
have become many fragments, and all the
What is desire? Desire means greed for more. It is
fragments are going in different directions. That is
cannot be fulfilled. It is impossible to fulfill the
why there is so much misery in your life. When
greed for more because that ‘more’ has no
your parts, which are essentially your intrinsic
limitation. ‘More’ simply means an insatiable
parts, are being pulled in different directions you
quest. You have ten thousand dollars you want one
feel the pain of it. That is what misery is: the pain
hundred thousand dollars. One day you get one
of falling into different directions simultaneously,
hundred thousand dollars - now you want more.
or rushing into different directions
You want more and more and the process
simultaneously. That is what creates craziness,
continues. Whatsoever you get, the distance
and insanity.
between you and your goal will always remain the
Buddha says: THIRTY-SIX STREAMS ARE RUSHING same. It is never reduced, not even by a single
TOWARD YOU! Beware! Not only one but many inch. That is why beggars remain beggars.
streams are rushing toward you. And if you do not However emperors are also beggars. Both are still
take care, and are not alert, you will be possessed hankering for more.
by them. If you remain unconscious, or you remain
What is the difference then? No difference as far as
sleepy, you will be defeated by those streams.
the quality of their consciousness is concerned. Of
Those streams are not basically enemies to you.
course, the beggar does not possess much and the
They are pure energy, and energy is always
emperor possesses much, but that is not the point.
neutral. But when you are asleep those same
The distance between the beggar’s possessions
streams are dangerous.
and what he wants and the emperor’s possessions destroy. He wants to kill the whole world! That
and what he wants is exactly the same. woman drove him mad and hysteric.’

One is a poor beggar; the other is a rich beggar. One is mad because he could not get her, the other
Only this much difference you can make. But both is mad because he got her. This is the whole
are beggars all the same. To be in the grip of ‘more’ history of every human being, more or less. It may
is to be really eccentric. If you cannot see it then not be so extreme, so you do not see it, but the
you are not intelligent at all. It is such a simple differences are only in degrees. The man in the
phenomenon that just a little intelligence is grip of desire is bound to become insane.
needed to see it. In your whole life you have been
And Buddha says: PLEASURE! Pleasure means
trying and it is not that you have always failed. It
that you think the body is the only source of
only LOOKS as if you have always failed. You have
happiness. That is sheer stupidity. The body’s
succeeded many times, but each time you succeed,
pleasures are momentary. They are not real
your desire for more is projected again and you
pleasures. But everybody is caught in the web of
remain in the same position: miserable, unhappy,
the body. We are born as bodies, but we need not
frustrated. If you do not get what you want, you
die as bodies. If we die as bodies, our whole life
will be frustrated. On the contrary if you get what
was a sheer wastage. You have to grow up. And
you want, you will be frustrated again. It seems
remember growing old is not growing up.
frustration is the destiny, the absolute destiny, of
Everybody grows old, but very few really a rare
the unconscious man.
one grows up indeed. One who really grows up
I have heard a psychiatrist was going around a becomes a buddha.
mental hospital. He saw one man beating himself,
Growing up means you start becoming alert about
pulling his hair. He looked very suicidal. He was
bodily pleasures. They are indeed momentary and
kept in a cell as he was dangerous. He asked the
they can change into their opposite very easily. For
superintendent, ‘What happened to this man?’ The
example, you love eating and you can go on eating
superintendent said, ‘He loved a woman, he loved
too much. Then it becomes a pain. It was pleasure
her very much, but he could not get married to her.
in the beginning, but there is a limit to that
She married someone else. Since then he has been
in this state. He wants to commit suicide. He does
not want to live any more. He says there is no On your tongue there are little taste buds which
meaning in life: ‘My meaning was in that woman. If experience taste. They can be operated on very
I could not get that woman, then my life is easily and then you will not feel anything at all.
finished!’ Then the whole pleasure of eating disappears. That
is what happens when you are in fever. When in
Feeling sorry for the man they moved ahead.
fever your buds become dull, and insensitive. Thus
Further down he saw another cell and a man was
you eat but you do not feel any taste. People are
inside it. He was even more ferocious, and very
living for eating. There are very few people who
hysteric. The psychiatrist enquired, ‘what is the
eat to live. Millions are living only to eat. Humanity
case history this man?’ The superintendent
can be divided into two types of mad people: first
replied, ‘This is the man who married that same
are obsessed with food; the other type is obsessed
woman! Since he has married her he wants to kill
with sex. And there is a deep relation between the
her, and if he cannot kill her then he wants to kill
anyone instead. However he wants to kill and
The person who is obsessed with sex will not do not allow that. You have to be obsessed with
bother much about food and the person who is something or other. If you are not obsessed you
repressive of sex will become obsessed with food. will not go to the temples and the mosques and to
Whenever a country is repressive of sex it the churches and to the synagogues. That is the
becomes very obsessed with food. That is what has very secret of their trade. This whole business of
happened all around. For centuries humanity has religion goes on and on without any stopping. This
been repressive of sex. This is the reason Indians is so for the simple reason that you remain
have been very inventive about food variety of obsessed with one thing or other. The person who
new sweets. The world is completely unaware of is obsessed with sex will be less selfish. While the
all those sweets! person who is obsessed with food will be more
selfish! The reason is food means your survival
It is repression of sex! If your sex is not repressed
and sex means survival of the species. It is better
you will not eat such spicy food. The whole desire
to be sexual and to be after sexual pleasures than
has to move towards spicy food. But both are the
to live just to eat.
same. There is no difference. Food and sex have
one thing in common. Food is needed for the When celibacy as is commonly understood for
individual’s survival. Without food you will not Brahmacharya is propounded down the ages as
survive. And sex is needed for the survival of one of the greatest values the ultimate result has
spices. Without sex the species will disappear. been that everybody has become obsessed with
food. Whenever people are obsessed with food
they become selfish. Obviously they are no longer
interested in the species. Immanuel Kant, one of
the thinkers of the world, says: ‘This to me is the
fundamental criterion of all morality: that any
principle, if followed, destroys humanity. It is

If brahmacharya is followed by the whole

humanity it will destroy humanity. It will be a
suicidal phenomenon. According to Immanuel
Kant, brahmacharya is immoral - more immoral
than stealing, more immoral than dishonesty,
more immoral than breaking your promise, more
immoral than anything.

Immanuel Kant is right. The criterion is this: you

should think what will be the result if the principle
of celibacy is followed by everyone. It will be
suicidal. It will be a global suicide. There will be
nobody left to be celibate anymore. And the same
is true about the so-called old escapist Sanyas or
renunciation. This too is immoral. If everybody
follows the escapist idea and drops out and
The person who is living a natural life will neither
escapes to the Himalayas, the whole humanity will
be obsessed with sex nor will be obsessed with
food. He will not be obsessed at all. But religions
In fact, your so-called saints live because you are not against anything. Everything has to be used as
in the world and you go on supporting them. If you a stepping stone for the ultimate peak. I am
are not in the world and you too has moved to the exploring every possibility for the birth of a new
Himalayas following your saints and mahatmas man who is blissful. In order to interact with
they will be at a loss. Who will feed them? Who people at different planes of consciousness I use a
will support them? They will have to commit multidimensional approach. There is no plane at
suicide with their followers - and the Himalayas is which I do not operate. This is the effort of a living
a really beautiful site if you want to commit Buddha to bring transformation.
suicide, the best place in the world.
The body is beautiful and enjoying your food is
If you could not live beautifully, at least you can good. Just do not be obsessed by it. But if your so
die in a beautiful place. Your so called religious called religious ones are continuously condemning
ones are supported by the worldly people. And still it, you will be obsessed by it. Obsession is created
they go on condemning the world. It is an immoral by your so-called religious ones. Whatsoever is
act. Escapism is an immoral act. I agree with condemned becomes your obsession. In fact, the
Immanuel Kant. His criterion has something really more they condemn, the more attractive it
valuable about it. Pleasure means either the becomes, the more magnetic it becomes.
pleasure of the tongue, food which is very childish
I am not against sex, but I would like you to go
or the pleasure of sex, which is also very childish
beyond it. Use it as a stepping stone, use it as a
because you are not just the body, you are more
ladder. It is beautiful in itself. But remember it is
than that.
not the end, only the beginning. Do not stop at the
Rise from pleasures to happiness. Happiness is first ladder of your life. Life has much more. The
psychological, pleasure is physiological. Listening hidden treasures have to be discovered.
to great music or reading great poetry or watching
LUST! Lust is even far below pleasure. Pleasure at
a sunset or just enjoying a morning walk and the
least respects the other. If you love a woman, you
wind passing through the pines and the music that
love her company, or a man. You respect the other.
it creates the sound of running water it all thrills
But in lust you do not have any respect. You simply
you. Although it comes through the body, it
use the other. Lust is even more degraded than
reaches deeper than food or sex. It is more
pleasure. It is falling below humanity. You are
fulfilling. But that, too, is not the end because
simply using the other as a means. When you make
anything that is psychological is bound to be
love to a woman without any respect towards her,
what you really are doing is nothing more than
Beyond happiness is bliss which is of the spirit. masturbation. You are using the woman only to
Bliss is a timeless phenomenon. In bliss you go deceive yourself. There is no connection between
beyond time and beyond mind and body both. you and her.
Then you know who you are. Then you function
Going to a prostitute is not pleasure. That is lust.
from your center. For the first time you are not
You are paying. Love cannot be purchased. Only
eccentric. You are centered. For the first time you
bodies can be purchased. And remember, when
have roots in your being. Remember those roots
you purchase a body it is a dead body. The soul is
connect you with God, and thus the whole. You
not there. The woman is somehow tolerating you
become holy only when you are blissful.
because she needs money. She hates you indeed.
But pleasure prevents you. It prevents you at the She would like to kill you. But she is pretending to
lowest. I am not against pleasure. Remember I am be very loving, very affectionate, because she is
being paid for it. With her closed eyes she thinks of over him, ‘Mister, it is not necessary for you to feel
other things. She simply tolerates you. You are worried,’ she said kindly. ‘The operation was a big
using her as a means, and she is using you as a success. Take my word, when you leave here you
means. She wants the money, you want the body. will feel twenty years younger. Maybe more, who
This is a mutual exploitation. knows?’

Buddha says: All these streams are rushing But the poor old man only continued to wail, as
towards you - DESIRE, PLEASURE AND LUST.... tears continued to trickle down his cheeks and
Play in your imagination with them and they will losing themselves in his long white whiskers.
sweep you away. And you are all full of ‘Please do not cry,’ pleaded Mrs. Wilson. ‘The pain
imagination. Making love to your wife you are not will soon disappear.’ ‘Who is crying from pain?’
really making love to her. You may be thinking of sobbed the patient. ‘I am afraid I will be late for
Sophia Loren or someone else. And she may be school.’ Just look deep down inside yourself and
thinking of somebody else too. Both are you will find the child intact. It has not grown up.
pretending. And nobody will know what is going The ordinary mental age of every human being is
on in the mind of the other. Their imagination is not more than twelve.
somewhere else. If you could look into the minds
Physiologically you may be eighty. Psychologically
of people who are making love you would be
you remain hanging around twelve. Hence, once in
surprised. It is very rare to find only two persons
a while, you start behaving like a child in spite of
in a single bed. You will find a crowd. At least four
yourself. If you are pushed and pulled too much
are absolutely certain. It is always group sex,
you forget that you are a grown-up person. The
because their minds are fancying, fantasizing. Even
child is sitting there covered by many experiences,
grown-up people your so-called grownups are
but those experiences have not yet been digested.
really living in imagination. Not only children live
Under the disguise of knowledge that has not yet
in imagination. Even old people live in
become your wisdom as it has not been achieved
through awareness life goes on. You have been
People go on playing with toys and they never collecting and accumulating it in your sleep. So you
wake up. Their imagination continues to keep have accumulated much rubbish alongside.
them asleep. Once again we enter the time
Yes, once in a while you may have picked up a
capsule, and journey back through the sexy sixties,
diamond too, not knowing that it is a diamond. You
the nifty fifties, the fighting forties, the dirty
think it to be just another colored stone. Play in
thirties, and on into the roaring twenties where we
your imagination with them and they will sweep
stop. We are at that point in time when the
you away.
transplanting of monkey glands and other such
operations for the restoration of male vigor were If you allow desire, pleasure, lust, greed, anger,
in vogue. jealousy, possessiveness, violence and all these
rushing streams towards you, they will sweep you
I have heard that a surgery for the restoration of
away. Therefore do not play with them in your
youth had just been performed on a seventy-year-
imagination. This way you go on strengthening
old man who had hoped that, as a result, his
them, and you will get under their sway. And the
chromosomes would henceforth be bouncing off
miracle is that everybody can understand
the ceiling. As he came out from under the
everybody else’s imagination, except his own.
influence of the anesthesia he began to cry
When somebody falls in love with somebody else
profusely. Mrs. Wilson, the attending nurse, bent
you say, ‘How foolish!’
Everybody thinks this person has gone crazy. because you have to hold them on with your toes,
‘Look at the face of that woman. She looks like a between your toes. It is heavy. I asked him, ‘Why
Picasso painting! And why is this man crazy about this? What science is there?’ He said, ‘It keeps one
her? What does he see in her?’ And when YOU fall celibate. The pressure of it is such that it keeps
in love, then it is totally different. She looks like a one’s sexual glands nonfunctional.’ Great, just
Cleopatra! Nobody else will agree with you. It is great! So I said, ‘Then India need not bother about
always your imagination. And the same goes on population. Just give wooden shoes to everybody
and on in different layers, in different dimensions. and let them all grow chotis so sexuality will not
affect them. They will all be saints.’
The nonsense that is written in your religious
scriptures is absolutely right. It is scientific. The Hindus think he is doing a great service to
nonsense that is written in others’ scriptures is Hinduism. That is how it is with all the religions.
clearly nonsense. There can be no question about Your imagination is always truth while that of
it or any doubt about it. Hindus can see all kinds of others is only imagination.
stupidities in the Bible. And Christians see all kinds
A rabbi and a priest were discussing the
of stupidities in Hindu scriptures. But this seems
differences between the Old Testament and the
to be really a miracle. No Hindu will see in his own
New. The priest contented that the New Testament
scriptures anything wrong there everything is
gave more proof of divine cooperation because of
scientific. And not only does he think it is scientific,
all its purported miracles. ‘Remember,’ argued the
he tries to prove it.
priest, ‘our Lord walked on water, he raised the
Once a Hindu monk came to me! He came with dead, he fed hundreds of people with a few loaves
many followers. One of his followers said, ‘He is a of bread and some little fishes, he changed water
very great scholar; he has written many books. into wine, and he ascended bodily into heaven.’ ‘So
And his whole effort in his life has been to prove what does that prove?’ insisted the rabbi. ‘The Old
that Hinduism is the only scientific religion of the Testament includes such miracles as parting the
world.’ I said, ‘Can he give any example?’ He said, Red Sea, making the sun stand still, Moses
‘You can ask anything and he will say why it is ascending bodily to Mount Sinai to talk personally
scientific.’ I asked him, ‘Why do Hindus cut all their with God and to receive the dialogue from the very
hair but keep a small tuft as the CHOTI on the top hands of the Almighty.’ The priest nodded. ‘I
of their heads?’ He said, ‘Simple! Have you ever believe in those miracles too,’ he acknowledged.
looked at big buildings? They keep there an iron ‘But be honest about it - do you really think your
rod.’ I could not see the point immediately. He said, miracles have as much substance as ours?’ The
‘It is to protect the building from electricity. rabbi glared at him. ‘What is the matter with you?’
Hindus discovered it long ago - if you keep a choti - he snapped crossly. ‘Can’t you distinguish between
a little bunch of hair standing up on your head, it fact and fiction?’ Our fiction is a fact and your
saves you, protects you from electricity.’ fiction is fiction. Your fact too is fiction.

Now, what nonsense he is talking! But he is known Beware of imagination. It can becloud your mind.
as a great mahatma because he is helping your It can destroy your capacity to see clearly. Hence I
egos; he is proving that your religion is scientific. say: Unless you drop being Hindus,
He had come to see me with all his disciples. They Mohammedans, Christians, you will not be able to
were all wearing wooden slippers, - and making see clearly. Your imagination has been
great noise. The way Hindus have been using those contaminated for centuries. All your ideas and
wooden shoes for centuries it is really difficult ideologies have to be put aside so that your eyes
can face and encounter truth as it is. Imagination not a dream so they do not disappear. You can go
keeps you asleep. If you come out of your on saying, ‘This is a dream.’ That was just a
imagination you start waking up. method to practice. But when you really
remember in a dream that ‘This is a dream,’ the
Gurdjieff used to say to his disciples that the most
dream disappears.
important thing is to remember in a dream that
‘This is a dream.’ But, how to remember it! It The dream can exist only if it is believed. The
dream disappears if you do not
believe in it. Human imagination is
intoxicating. It does not exist. It is just
a subjective phenomenon. This is
exactly the meaning of the word
MAYA. Maya is a subjective
phenomenon. It does not exist. But if
you believe, it exists. It all depends on
you. You can make it function almost
as real. And there are many things
which never exist, but you believe in
them and for you they are realities.
You are surrounded by fictions
religious, spiritual, and metaphysical.
There are so many fictions
surrounding you and you have to
wake up from all these.


They are everywhere. They flow
everywhere. These streams are
seems almost impossible. How to remember in a powerful, and your sleep is so deep. It seems very
dream that ‘This is a dream’? difficult to wake up but you can wake up. My own
But if you practice the Gurdjieffian way, one day observation is that these streams are powerful as
you can remember it. The method is simple. You proportionate to your sleep. If you become less
have to go on remembering the whole day, sleepy they are less powerful. If you become fully
whatsoever you see, that ‘This is a dream.’ Walking awake, their power disappears totally.
on the street, ‘This is a dream’. The dog barking, If you are intoxicated you will see the same world
‘This is a dream.’ Go on remembering the whole but in a different way. Your imagination will get
day, ‘This is a dream, this is a dream....’ It takes mixed with it. You will not be able to make any
three to nine month for the idea to sink into your distinction between what is fiction and what is
heart. Then one day, suddenly, in your dream you fact. You will not have any power of
remember and you say, ‘This is a dream!’ And that discrimination. This is what exactly makes these
is a moment of great benediction. Immediately, the streams so powerful. They flow everywhere
dream disappears. The moment you say it is a
Buddha says.
dream, it disappears and you are awake, fully
awake, and even in the middle of the night. Of This is Buddha’s Dhammapada.
course, these trees and the people on the road are