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The global business platform for medical travel

professionals to network and establish new partnerships

Bringing Together Key Decision Makers from the Entire Healthcare Travel Value Chain!
Co-located with: Featuring 30+ CEOs and Industry luminaries
Health Insurance Conference Dr Jason Yap Prof. Tan Ser Kiat
Group CEO
Dr Tyrone Goh
Executive Director
Director of Marketing,
29 – 30 June 2009 Raffles Medical Group, Singhealth, National Healthcare
Singapore Singapore Group, Singapore

Travel Day
29 June 2009 Brent Phillips Kamaljeet Singh Gill Dr Ayesha Abdullah
Introduction to healthcare travel designed International Administrator Chief Marketing Officer, CEO
specifically for travel agents, hotels and Mayo Clinic, Corporate Marketing (Global) Dubai Healthcare
medical spas USA Parkway Group Healthcare City, UAE
Pte Ltd, Singapore

Consumer Dr Surapong Vishal Bali Dr Jorge Cortes

Healthcare Summit Ambhanwong CEO Rodriguez
Chief Medical & Wockhardt Hospitals Medical Director
28 June 2009 International Business Group, India Hospital Clinica Biblica,
Officer Costa Rica
Phyathai Hospitals Group,
Healthcare Travel Exhibition Thailand
28 – 30 June 2009 Anil Maini Josef Woodman Wu Ming Yen
President-Coporate Author CEO
Strategy Patients without Taiwan Task Force for
PLUS attend the first 2009 International Apollo Hospitals Group, Borders, Medical Travel,
Medical Travel Association Strategy India USA Taiwan
Meeting. To attend this meeting you must
be a member so sign up today at Nellie Yeo Dr Claudia Mika Dr Ming-Keng Toh
www.intlmta.org Consultant, Joint President Head of Medical Services
Commission International Telemedicine for the Asia
(JCI) & Chief Quality Officer, Mobile Society (TEMOS), Medical Protection
FEATURING National Healthcare
Group, Singapore
Germany Society, UK

+ 30+ speakers from leading hospitals, Dr Steve Green Ruben Toral John Linss
clinics, government, accreditation bodies Director President CEO
and healthcare facilitators Trent Acceditation, International Medical Travel Medicaview International,
UK Association, Thailand & USA
+ 10+ leading healthcare travel case studies Founder,
Mednet Asia
+ 5 interactive panel discussions between Zahid Hamid Patrick Marsek Wouter Hoeberechts
key players in the healthcare travel value Managing Director Managing Director CEO
chain Euromedical Tours, Med Retreat, USA Worldmed Assist,
+ 2 dedicated streams on healthcare
marketing & patient care
Dr Philipe Barrault Sanjiv Malik Kenneth Mays
+ 2 interactive workshops on legal liabilities Group Managing Director Secretary Director of Marketing
and healthcare marketing – Asia Health Media Centre, Bumrungrad International,
International SOS, India Thailand
+ 1 dedicated healthcare travel exhibition Singapore

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Conference Day One | Monday | 29 June 2009
9.00 Chairman’s Opening Address 11.30 Dental Tourism – An Evolving Market
Ruben Toral, President, International Medical Travel Association & Founder, Mednet Asia, • Assessing the booming market of dental tourism
Thailand • What is the global market size and value
• Popular destinations and why are they popular?
• Including dental benefits in employee health plans
9.10 Global Outlook Of The Healthcare Travel Market
• Main challenges and issues that dental travel patients face
• How has the healthcare travel scene developed in the last couple of years and what is the future
outlook Dr Oliver Hennedige, Secretary General, Asia Pacific Dental Federation, Singapore
• Identifying the evolving healthcare travel routes and the drivers behind it
• How will the current economic crisis impact global healthcare travel, particularly patients, POST OPERATIVE CARE
healthcare providers and insurance providers?
Josef Woodman, Author, Patients without Borders, USA 12.00 Excellence In Post Operative Care And Rehabilitation Facilitation
Post operative care and follow-up care is an often neglected area although it is an essential ingredient
9.30 Riding The Challenges Of The Healthcare Travel Opportunity: Perspectives Of A Provider in attaining full marks from healthcare travel patients. This will be a key consideration for patients when
• Myths & realities surrounding the current healthcare travel industry deciding which hospital to choose. This session will address key areas in post operative and follow up
• Impact on healthcare providers care including:
• Future commercial and economic implications on hospitals, clinics and healthcare tourists • Ensuring continuation of care when the patient leaves the hospital
• Forming alliances with overseas hospitals and networks
Vishal Bali, CEO, Wockhardt Hospitals Group, India • Connecting with aftercare facilities and rehabilitation resorts to continue post-op rehabilitation
10.00 Networking Coffee Break • Engaging family members or friends to support aftercare
Dr Jorge Cortes Rodriguez, Medical Director, Hospital Clinica Biblica, Costa Rica
10.20 Panel: Attracting International Patients With Low Cost & High Quality Healthcare
• Identifying what employers, insurers and patients/ consumers seek in choosing a healthcare

• How can healthcare providers position themselves strategically to attract international patients
• How do facilitators match patients with the right providers 12.30 Panel: Developments In Key Accreditation Systems And Their Implication On The
• Weaving a multinational provider network to cater to global patients Healthcare Travel Industry
• How are healthcare standards being raised to meet patient demands
Panelists: • Telemedicine for the Mobile Society (TEMOS) certification as an important assessment of
Kamaljeet Singh Gill, Chief Marketing Officer, Corporate Marketing (Global), Parkway Group healthcare service for medical tourists
Healthcare Pte Ltd, Singapore • Updates on new accreditation criteria for Joint Commission International (JCI), Trent and

Accreditation Canada
John Linss, CEO, Medicaview International, USA
• The possibility of combining doctor’s accreditation with hospital accreditation
Senior Representative, Singapore Medicine, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore • The fusion of alternative medicine and traditional eastern medicine with western medicine for
improved healthcare treatments and benefits for the patient
Nellie Yeo, Consultant, Joint Commission International (JCI) & Chief Quality Officer, National
11.00 Insight To Upcoming Medical Cities Healthcare Group, Singapore
• An overview of upcoming medical cities around the world and its impact on healthcare travel Dr Steve Green, Director, Trent Accreditation, UK
• Analysing the blue print for a successful medical city Dr Claudia Mika, President, Telemedicine for the Mobile Society (TEMOS), Germany
• Leveraging on related market sectors: Hotels, Service, Travel, Tourism
Senior Representative, Accreditation, Canada
Dr Fatma Abdullah, Senior Vice President, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE
1.00 Networking Lunch


2.00 Chairman’s Remarks 2.00 Chairman’s Remarks
Mahatma Davis, CEO, Arab Medicare, UAE Dr Philipe Barrault, Group Medical Director-Asia, International SOS


2.10 Promoting Physicians To Attract Local & Global Patients 2.10 Best Practice in Patient Safety & Quality Care – An Insight to the Singapore Experience
Not all hospitals attract patients with their healthcare services. For certain treatments, the doctor's • Importance of patient safety and quality care for healthcare travel patients
expertise or practice pulls in patients. In session, the speaker will discuss the following strategies: • The right recipe for patient safety and quality care
• How can hospitals leverage on physicians to pull in patients? • Patient safety strategies and policies at National Healthcare Group
• Utilizing doctor referral systems Dr Tyrone Goh, Executive Director, National Healthcare Group, Singapore
• Promoting your practice, e.g., Gynecology and Obstetrics, Fertility Treatments, Skin Treatments
Ruben Toral, President, International Medical Travel Association & Founder, Mednet Asia, ACCREDITATION & INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARKING
2.45 Updates on Criteria for Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation
ATTRACTING INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS • How are hospitals being assessed for accreditation?
• What new criteria have been put in place to raise standards in healthcare
2.45 Panel: Marketing Medical Travel Destinations • Statistics on number of hospitals gaining accreditation
• Research findings on standards of medical tourism destinations Nellie Yeo, Consultant, Joint Commission International (JCI) & Chief Quality Officer, National
• Identifying upcoming medical cities and speciality in treatments

Healthcare Group, Singapore

• Analysing future trends in healthcare travel
• Developments in key cities to promote medical travel
Dr Fatma Abdullah, Senior Vice President, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE 3.15 Leveraging On Telemedicine Technologies To Enhance Post Operative Care
• Impact of telemedicine on post operative care
Wu Min Yen, CEO, Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel, Taiwan
• Challenges associated with providing post operative care through telemedicine technology
Senior Representative, Singapore Medicine, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore • How can healthcare tourists benefit from telemedicine technology?
Senior Representative, Ministry of Health, Philippines • Will telemedicine hinder or compliment the healthcare travel industry?
Dr Claudia Mika, President, Telemedicine for the Mobile Society (TEMOS), Germany
3.45 Networking Coffee Break
3.45 Networking Coffee Break
4.15 Panel: Improving Patient Safety, Service Quality And Standards
4.15 Riding On The New Online Marketing Platform • Common quality issues faced by hospitals
• Realities of online marketing channels • How are leading hospitals tackling these challenges and improving their standards

• How to leverage on online marketing channels to enhance healthcare communication • Key clinical quality & safety indicators
• Trends in online relationships between doctors, hospitals and patients • Infusing the importance of quality and service into the entire hospital
Patrick Marsek, Managing Director, Medretreat, USA Panelists:
Dr Teoh Ming Keng, Head of Medical Services Asia, Medical Protection Society, UK
4.45 Effective Channel Marketing for Medical Travelers Dr Tyrone Goh, Executive Director, National Healthcare Group, Singapore
The two primary patient groups that can be targeted for medical travel – the insured and the private
pay patients, have different motivations and needs. Strategies and tactics for engaging these different Nellie Yeo, Consultant, Joint Commission International (JCI) & Chief Quality Officer, National
groups must be tuned for maximum relevance and results. A multi-channel approach is critical to Healthcare Group, Singapore
success. Learn what healthcare marketers should do to effectively drive patient awareness and
conversion. Key areas to be addressed include: 5.15 Close of Day 1
• Effective use of channels for B2C and B2B promotions and marketing
• Using the syndication model for improved reach
• High tech and low tech approaches to success
• Case studies of effective strategic implementations
John Linss, CEO, Medicaview International, USA

5.15 The Evolution of Health 3.0 and its Impact on Healthcare Marketing Strategies
• How has health 2.0 converged with Health 3.0
• How is Health 3.0 transforming traditional healthcare business models?
• Understanding consumers from the health 3.0 market
• Maximising the potential of health 3.0
Mahatma Davis, CEO, Arab Medicare, UAE

5.45 Close of Day 1

REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6514 3180 Fax back to: (65) 6733 5087 Email: register@ibcasia.com.sg
Conference Day Two | Tuesday | 30 June 2009
9.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks 11.15 Process Integration: Bringing Together the Healthcare Travel Stakeholders
Ruben Toral, President, International Medical Travel Association & Founder, Mednet Asia, In this session, learn about the intricacies in the process integration of the various healthcare travel
Thailand stakeholders, namely Providers, Spas, Facilitators and Hotels. Hear case studies on healthcare travel
patient expectations and how all healthcare travel stakeholders met them by working together.
9.10 Preparing For The Future Of Healthcare Travel: Singapore’s Perspective Zahid Hamid, Managing Director, Euromedical Tours, UK
• Understanding the future of healthcare travel
• Analysing the changing needs of the new healthcare tourists 11.45 Partnership Panel: Banding Healthcare Travel Providers, Tourism Boards, Medical Spas,
• What kind of challenges will healthcare providers face in the future in relation to healthcare travel Hotels and Medical Tour Facilitators Together to Provide Top Quality Medical Treatments
• Evolving healthcare travel models • How can healthcare travel providers, medical spa operators, hotels, tour facilitators and agencies

• How should hospitals prepare for future healthcare travel trends & challenges work together to provide a seamless experience for the international patient?
Prof Tan Ser Kiat, Group CEO, Singhealth Group, Singapore • What are some current partnership models and how can they be further developed?
• What other industries can form partnerships with these providers
John Linss, Managing Director, Medicareview International, USA
9.45 Case Study On The Mayo Clinicís Award-winning Brand Strategy
Zahid Hamid, Managing Director, Euromedical Tours, UK
• Learnings from successful brand strategies of the Mayo Clinic
• Revamping the marketing model of healthcare providers Anil Maini, President – Corporate Strategy, Apollo Hospitals Group, India
• Case studies on successful medical brands Senior Representative, Singapore Medicine, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore
Brent R Philips, International Administrator, Mayo Clinic, USA


STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS IN THE HEALTHCARE VALUE CHAIN 12.30 Dealing with Malpractice and Liabilities: Protection Strategies for the Providers
• Avoiding legal pitfalls in medical tourism
10.45 An Insight into the Swiss Re and Worldmed Assist Healthcare Travel Facilitation • Understanding the consequences of malpractice and healthcare travel associated liabilities
Partnership • What can insurers and healthcare service providers do to protect themselves
• Key considerations in forming alliances with the healthcare buyers • Case law on malpractice around Asia
• Analyzing the partnership chain (including healthcare providers and end users) • Recourse for malpractice
• Understanding the intricacies in deciding on the most appropriate healthcare travel treatment Dr Ming-Keng Toh, Head of Medical Services Asia, Medical Protection Society, UK
• How can employers and health insurers as well as facilitators leverage on healthcare travel for
cost efficiency? 1.00 Networking lunch
• Coordination of medical care for the traveling patient
• Ensuring strict standards to ensure safety and protection against malpractice
Wouter Hoeberechts, CEO, Worldmed Assist, USA



2.00 Chairman’s Remarks 2.00 Chairman’s Remarks

Mahatma Davis, CEO, Arab Medicare, UAE Dr Philipe Barrault, Group Medical Director-Asia, International SOS


2.10 Analyzing the ROI of Your Healthcare Marketing Plans 2.10 Developing and Managing International Patient Centres (IPCs)
• Determining and qualifying KPIs for a marketing plan • How can IPCs help facilitate a seamless experience for the international patient
• Measuring techniques and tools • Fulfilling key requirements of a traveling patient
• Studying the value of returns and how to make your business grow • Guideline to developing IPCs
Sanjiv Malik, Secretary, Health Media Centre, India • Improving processes and operations within the IPC
Kamaljeet Singh Gill, Chief Marketing Officer, Corporate Marketing (Global), Parkway Group
2.45 Case Study on Apollo Hospital: Building Customer Loyalty and Improving Patient Retention Healthcare Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Applying and developing the 5 star service in your hospital
• Improving patient confidence through accreditation, doctors, nurses and postoperative care 2.45 Effective International Preferred Provider Organization (IPPO) Strategies
• Expanding your customer base through patient delight IPPOs are emerging as an opportunity for employers to reduce their exposure to high cost procedures
• Strategies to improve patient confidence which in turn increases retention that contribute the bulk of their medical costs by connecting to international healthcare providers.
• Integrating expertise, quality and service for the ultimate patient experience There are a number of components important to the successful implementation of an IPPO from both
• Understanding how culture influences selection of destination and how consumers choose Doctors the employer and provider perspective. This session will address the considerations and opportunities
and related healthcare services available to drive high value for all parties in an interactive environment. Key areas to be addressed
Anil Maini, President – Corporate Strategy, Apollo Hospitals Group, India include:
• Establishing an effective IPPO approach
HEALTHCARE GLOBALISATION • International providers: what you need to know
• Employers: what you need to know
• Aggregating diverse program components
3.15 Serving Multinational Patients: Raffles Medical Group Case Study
• Understanding price transparency
• Why is “Multinationalising” the key to better medical tourism?
• Technology considerations
• Understanding the branding mix for your hospital and reaching out to international patients
• Defining a roadmap for implementation
• Establishing an International Brand name for Healthcare to attract foreign patients
• De-mystifying the future of “Multinational Hospitals” John Linss, CEO, Medicaview International, USA
Jason Yap, Director of Marketing, Raffles Medical Group, Singapore
3.45 Networking Coffee Break
3.15 Integration of Care for International Patients
• Capacity planning for International Healthcare Patients
4.15 Panel: How can Healthcare Providers Position Themselves as Leading Providers to Attract
• Smooth transition of care from tertiary to secondary care centres
International Patients? • How care coordinators play an integral part in facilitating smooth transitions for the healthcare
• Analysis on unique healthcare travel expectations of patients from: travel patient
~ America
~ Europe Dr Surapong Ambhanwang, Chief Medical & International Business Officer, Phyathai Hospitals
~ Middle East Group, Thailand

~ Asia
• How are hospitals meeting these expectations? 3.45 Networking Coffee Break
• Tackling cross cultural challenges
• Managing cross border finance issues 4.15 Moving Patients Across Borders
Panelists: • Ensuring patient safety when moving patients across borders
• Providing efficient pre & post operative care for healthcare travel patients
Anil Maini, President – Corporate Strategy, Apollo Hospitals, India
Dr Philipe Barrault, Group Medical Director-Asia, International SOS
Kamaljeet Singh Gill, Chief Marketing Officer, Corporate Marketing (Global), Parkway Group
Brent Phillips, International Administrator, Mayo Clinic, USA
Dr Surapong Ambhanwang, Chief Medical & International Business Officer, Phyathai Hospitals 4.45 Tackling Manpower Shortage in the Healthcare Sector
Group, Thailand • Understanding root cause for manpower shortage
• Staff retention policies
Kenneth Mays, Director of Marketing, Bumrungrad International, Thailand • Alternative job scope arrangements
• Managing with existing talent
5.15 Chairman’s Closing and End of Conference
5.15 Chairman’s Closing and End of Conference

A MUST-ATTEND industry gathering for the medical tourism profession. Gather your colleagues today and join your industry
peers at the Healthcare Travel Congress 2009. Call us now on +65 6514 3180 or visit www.healthcaretravel-singapore.com
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Pre-Conference Workshop | Sunday 28 June 2009 Post-Conference Workshop | Wednesday 1 July 2009
9.00am – 4.00pm 9.00am – 4.00pm

Innovative Healthcare Marketing Minimizing Legal Liabilities in Global

Techniques to Attract Global Patients Healthcare Travel
Healthcare is changing. It is being transformed by globalization, the internet and Attend this workshop and learn:
consumerism. What does this mean? Consumers are increasingly going on-line to • Common malpractice and liabilities issues faced in the Healthcare Travel
search locally and globally for medical services. To attract this new breed of healthcare Industry
consumer, doctors, hospitals and advertisers must re-think their approach to marketing • Case studies on malpractice suits on Healthcare Providers
by developing new strategies that attract patients. ~ What went wrong and why? ~ Could it have been prevented?
Ruben Toral, a recognised leader in medical tourism and healthcare marketing, will ~ Lessons learnt
lead a team of industry experts to discuss • Protection strategies that Healthcare Providers can adopt to mitigate
• How megatrends are affecting the way consumers ‘shop’ for healthcare malpractice suits
• How doctors can gain more visibility and patients on-line • Effectively managing disputes
• How hospitals can attract more patients by selling solutions rather than specialties • Dispute resolution solutions
• How social media and PR networks can drive brand awareness • Litigation and mediation strategies

This workshop is highly recommended for physicians, hospital marketing managers,

and advertisers that want to discover new and innovative ways to reach new Workshop Leader
customers. Christopher Chong, Partner, Rodyk & Davidson

Christopher Chong is a partner in Rodyk & Davidson LLP’s Litigation

Workshop Leader
& Arbitration Practice Group. His main areas of practice are in
Ruben Toral, President, International Medical Travel Association, professional malpractice, commercial litigation, insurance and
CEO, Mednet Asia and Founder, Medeguide, Thailand medical law. He provides comprehensive legal assistance to various stakeholders
in the health care industry, including, hospitals, insurers, doctors and medical
Ruben Toral, CEO of Mednet Asia Ltd., is a recognised leader in medical
defence organisations. Apart from providing legal advice, he has acted as lead
tourism and healthcare globalization. With over 15 years experience
counsel for a wide range of both restructured and private hospitals and medical
in healthcare marketing, Ruben has built companies, brands, physician networks
practitioners in medical malpractice law suits, disciplinary proceedings, coroners’
and has distinguished himself as a thought leader in the area of healthcare globalization.
inquiries as well as in legal proceedings relating to patient rights, access to
As CEO of Mednet Asia, Ruben works with major international hospitals and US
medical records and consent for treatment. Christopher has served on the ethics
insurers, and as founder of medeguide.com he is at the forefront of connecting
committees for hospitals and is currently a lay member in the NHG Domain
patients and doctors online. Ruben is an accomplished speaker and writer on the
Specific Review Board for proposed clinical trials. He has chaired the Law
topics medical tourism, healthcare globalization and lifestyle medicine. His insights
Society’s Ad Hoc Committees reviewing the Consultation Papers of the Bioethics
appear in business, travel and trade publications like Fast Company, Medical Travel
Advisory Committee.
Today and BusinessWeek.

Do you have a piece of the booming

Healthcare Travel market share?
The event will bring together hundreds of executives as well as senior and middle management
teams from around the world. This highly targeted audience is looking for the latest services,
products and trends that will give them the competitive edge to set them apart from their
By Industry Self Insured
MNCs 10%
Healthcare Travel Exhibition & Congress presents an exceptional opportunity for your organization Healthcare Investors &
Law Firms 5% Healthcare /
to: Travel Insurers
• Stay ahead of your competition in this rapidly developing industry Hotels, Travel 15%
Agencies, Medical
• Interact and gain immediate feedback from key industry professionals Spas 15%
Healthcare Travel
• Cost effectively reach the global Healthcare Travel industry in one place at one time Facilitators 10%
Medical Equipment &
• Demonstrate your products and services direct to a targeted audience Service Providers 5%
• Launch innovative and new products and services to a dedicated audience Health Ministries /
• Benefit from tailor-made sponsorship packages, marketing, public relations and branding Tourism Boards 15%
Private / Public
activities Hospitals & Clinics 25%

For Sponsorship / Exhibition Opportunities, please contact:

By Geography
Andrew Keable Jay Bundalian
Divisional Director, Project Manager, Asia Pacific Life Sciences Division, Australia & NZ 5%
IIR Exhibitions IIR Exhibitions Europe, UK 10%
Tel: +65 6319 2668 Tel: +65 6517 4312 Middle East 15%
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Indian Sub-continent
Early bird promotion ends this 24 April 2009. To register, call us on
South East Asia
+65 6514 3180 or fax the completed form to +65 6733 5087 or visit 25% North Asia 15%
www.healthcaretravel-singapore.com to register online.

REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6514 3180 Fax back to: (65) 6733 5087 Email: register@ibcasia.com.sg
Discover opportunities and strike partnerships Hear insightful case studies
and presentations on:
in the thriving healthcare travel industry! • Partnerships between healthcare buyers, sellers &
In the current dull economic climate, the healthcare travel industry is one of the few which continues to thrive. The
healthcare travel industry is growing at 15 to 20 per cent annually and it’s estimated that total gross healthcare • Medical cities of the future
travel revenue will rise from $56 billion today to $100 billion by 2012. The reasons are simple. Healthcare is a necessity. • New frontiers in healthcare travel
And healthcare travel is all about seeking low cost healthcare with high quality and care around the globe. The healthcare • Hospital accreditation updates
travel business model is the only solution to battle against rising healthcare costs especially in these tough times. • Excellence in patient safety and quality care
• Best practice in post operative and follow up care
The uninsured aren’t the only ones discovering the benefits of healthcare travel. Self-insured multi-national corporations
• New tools for successful healthcare marketing
and health insurance providers are also leveraging on the healthcare travel model to manage high healthcare costs.
Partnerships between multi-national corporations and insurers, insurers and healthcare travel facilitators, travel agencies
• Dealing with malpractice and liabilities associated
and healthcare providers as well as healthcare providers and medical spas are fast emerging in the industry. Governments
with healthcare travel
have also begun to recognise the economic potential and are building medical cities as well as promoting their respective
countries as attractive healthcare travel destinations.
Why you should attend:
The Healthcare Travel Exhibition & Congress brings together professionals from the entire healthcare travel value chain.
• Be updated on the healthcare travel industry trends
and developments
• Hear insights to the latest partnerships formed by
leading healthcare providers, health insurance
providers, healthcare travel facilitators and tourism
• Learn how you can leverage on new media or
channels to reach healthcare tourists from the US,
UK and Asia
• Best practice on patient safety and quality care for
healthcare tourists
• Lessons learnt from leading healthcare providers

What’s going on
Consumer Healthcare Healthcare Travel Health Insurance Travel Day Healthcare
Summit Congress Conference 29 June 2009 Travel Exhibition
28 June 2009 29 – 30 June 2009 29 – 30 June 2009 The tourism industry hasn’t realised 28 – 30 June 2009
Leading hospitals and specialty The Healthcare Travel Congress is Healthcare globalization as well as the full potential of the booming The Healthcare Travel Exhibition will
clinics will give presentations on the flagship industry event which is the aging population and the healthcare travel market. This day run for three days and is a leading
managing critical illnesses, chronic highly regarded by industry leaders emergence of developing countries is specially designed for the travel platform which brings together
disease control and aesthetic and experts. This two day event have created new opportunities and agents, hotels, medical spas, macro level decision makers on
solutions. Topics include top has a stellar line up of industry challenges for the healthcare airlines and other related healthcare policy with payees of
treatments associated with experts who will address key issues insurance sector. This two day companies. It will provide an healthcare travel, specialized
healthcare tourists such as cancer and best practice case studies to conference is designed specifically overview of the healthcare travel medical suppliers, travel providers,
care, coronary care, diabetics ensure governments, providers and for health insurance companies and market as well as give insights to medical facilities and
control & management, cosmetic clinics gain a competitive edge in will provide delegates with the tools opportunities and challenges in this representatives from major medical
surgery, dental treatment and vision a thriving industry. and techniques to ensure they have untapped market. tourism destinations all under one
care. These sessions are designed leading edge strategies and roof. This exhibition presents
to bring together the consumers products to meet the changing healthcare travel players with an
and potential clients to healthcare healthcare landscape. exceptional opportunity to
providers. showcase brands, services and
products and network with key
industry players and decision
PLUS attend the first 2009 International Medical Travel Association Strategy Meeting. To attend this meeting makers.
you must be a member so sign up today at www.intlmta.org

To register, call us on +65 6514 3180 or fax the completed form to us on +65 6733 5087 or visit www.healthcaretravel-singapore.com to register online.

Who will you meet:

■ Public and private hospitals, medical ■ Hotels, resorts and medical spas
centers and clinics ■ Hospital managers and consultants
■ Healthcare and travel insurance ■ Travel agencies and airlines
■ Service providers for the healthcare
■ Government ministries and tourism and tourism sectors
■ Self insured MNCs
■ Medical organisations and associations

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Global Healthcare Travel
• exhibition and
Post Conference Workshop: Health Insurance Risk
Management for New Markets
• congress ground.
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Attract Global Patients
29 June - 1 July will be held on a database and may be
❏ Minimising Legal Liabilities in Healthcare Travel
❏ Healthcare Travel Congress + 2 Workshops 28 June - 1 July SGD 2300 SGD 2500 SGD 2600 shared with companies in the Informa Group Organised by: Platinum Sponsor: Gold Sponsor: Silver Sponsor: Media Partners:
❏ Workshop Only SGD 700 SGD 700 SGD 700 in the UK and internationally. Sometimes
❏ Innovative Healthcare Marketing Techiques to 28 June your details may be obtained from or shared
Attract Global Patients
with external companies for marketing
❏ Minimising Legal Liabilities in Healthcare Travel 1 July MEDICINE
purposes. If you do not wish your details
HEALTHCARE INSURANCE CONFERENCE to be used for this purpose, please contact w w w. s i n g a p o re m e d i c i n e . c o m
❏ Health Insurance Conference only 29 - 30 June SGD 1800 SGD 2000 SGD 2100
❏ Health Insurance Conference + Healthcare Insurance 29 June - 1 July SGD 2200 SGD 2400 SGD 2500 the Database Manager Catherine Shen on
Risk Management catherine.shen@ibcasia.com.sg Supported by: Held in: Official Partner:
❏ Healthcare Insurance Risk Management Workshop Only 1 July SGD 700 SGD 700 SGD 700 Ph: +65 6835 5141 or Fax: +65 6734 4053.
29 June SGD 300 SGD 300 Hospital & TM
❏ Aesthetics sessions 28 June : 9am – 12pm SGD 15 SGD 15 SGD 15 If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate
❏ Critical illness sessions 28 June : 2pm – 5pm SGD 15 SGD 15 SGD 15
For Consumer Healthcare Summit registrations only, please register will be very welcome in your place. If this is International Marketing Partner:
online at www.healthcaretravel-singapore.com not suitable, a 10% service charge will be Endorsing Associations:
❏ ALL AREA ACCESS PASS 29 June - 1 July SGD 2700 SGD 2900 SGD 3000 payable. Registrations cancelled less than seven
Includes access to Healthcare Travel Congress, Health Insurance, Consumer Healthcare Summit, Travel Day, Healthcare Travel Exhibition, Pre Healthcare Marketing
workshop and one Post workshop on Healthcare Travel Legal Liabilities or Health Insurance Risk Management. days before the event must be paid in full.

A 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all Singapore based companies. Fee includes luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include accommodation and travel cost.
IMTA and Life Insurance Association of Singapore members can enjoy 20% member discount. Thai Spa Association members can enjoy 15% member discount. Please quote your membership number when you register. www.healthcaretravel-singapore.com