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Name Mr. A.K. Achaibersing SRFHR0103001 Mrs. M.A. Amelo SRFHR0103002 Mr. M.P. Antonius SRFHR0103003 Mr. D. Brunings SRFHR0103004 Mrs. H.L. Cederboom SRFHR0103005 Mr. D.G. Chin A Sen SRFHR0103006 Ms. D.M.H. van Dijk SRFHR0103008

Topic A research on the financial reporting legislation and the practice of financial reporting of the insurance industry in Suriname Transformational leadership influences on employee trust and satisfaction in a Suriname context The case of CKC BEM The importance of service quality to the business customers in the mobile communication market of Suriname and development of a strategy framework Service design process modeling applied to IT services, with a quality determinants twist Service quality: A case study of DSB Bank Critical success factors for fast food franchises in Suriname Public Private Partnerships A tool for poverty alleviation

Thesis Topics, MSM MBA Outreach Programme, FHR, Intake 1

Name Mr. W.G.J. D'Leon SRFHR0103009 Mr. M.J. Elkerbout SRFHR0103010 Mr. D. Ellis SRFHR0103011 Ms. A. Emanuels SRFHR0103012 Mr. O. H. Ezechils SRFHR0103013 Ms. L.C. Fernand SRFHR0103014 Ms. M.C. Fleur SRFHR0103015


The nature and causes of Surinames poor FDI performance

Management competencies requirements for Suriname. Which management competencies are required to successfully lead a Multi Cultural Workforce The case of Staatsolie going into the service station market

Brazil, a regional cluster for biomedical industry to be Attracting U.S. biomedical facilities Small scale gold mining in Suriname: environmental challenges to sustainability

Privatization of the water supply sector in Suriname: The preferred option? How Sustainable Is Your Brand? Creating and sustaining long term brand equity in Surinamese manufacturing companies

Thesis Topics, MSM MBA Outreach Programme, FHR, Intake 1

Name Ms. D.R. Halfhide SRFHR0103016 Mr. A. Jagesar SRFHR0103017 Mrs. A.M. Jong Baw SRFHR0103018 Mr. R.P.F. Jubitana SRFHR0103019 Ms. E.A. der Kinderen SRFHR0103020 Mr. B.C.A. Koops SRFHR0103021 Mr. H.L. Kramawitana SRFHR0103022


A feasible corporate governance model for the Suriname stock exchange

The development of the Suriname stock exchange Inter company pricing as a management tool for the incumbent in transition towards sector liberalization Performance measurement in development units in Suriname

The influence of consumers ethnic identity on advertising responses Compare customer expectations with their perception of performance to determine customer satisfaction at CKC SURMAC NV Suriname The Suriname Seafood Industry Possibilities of processing seafood waste into marketable products

Thesis Topics, MSM MBA Outreach Programme, FHR, Intake 1

Name Mr. N.E. van der Kuyp SRFHR0103023 Mr. J.H. Lie-Tjauw SRFHR0103024 Ms. A.S. Nabibaks SRFHR0103025 Mr. M.H. Nijman SRFHR0103026 Mr. G. Raghoenatsingh SRFHR0103027 Ms. W. Ramautarsing SRFHR0103028 Ms. R. Sahtoe SRFHR0103029


Prerequisites for an air transportation hub in Suriname

The efficiency of the commercial banking sector in Suriname

The responsibilities of the supervisory board in a typically Surinamese Naamloze Vennootschap

The Suriname business society: The challenge to become a global player

Impact of dollarization on commercial banking in Suriname

Country risk management The relevance of country risk management for export companies in Suriname The threats and opportunities of trade liberalization for the Surinamese food processing industry

Thesis Topics, MSM MBA Outreach Programme, FHR, Intake 1

Name Mr. H.A. Telgt SRFHR0103030 Mr. R. Tjon A Joe SRFHR0103032 Ms. N. Vredeberg SRFHR0103033 Ms. K. Wong Fong Sang SRFHR0103034

Topic Water catchment management in Suriname, an assessment of water catchment tools and instruments in relation to the availability of fresh water resources

Privatization in Suriname: By strategy or default? Tourism in Suriname: Surinames ecotourism potential A request for higher standards An appraisal after ten years Productivity measurement and improvement for the manufacturing industry in Suriname

Thesis Topics, MSM MBA Outreach Programme, FHR, Intake 1